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SWYC 2009 Question and Answer Session

Ivor Myers Adam Ramdin Taj Pacleb




  • September 5, 2009
    6:30 PM
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before you begin the root of the Reaganite introduces the lumen will have a word of prayer than the sons ever use Safari and by God 's grace is I learned a lot from it and learn more about the speakers and the ministries I guess the service of Utah just a little of myself and of the ministry is actually work on my get either my wife and I would have the great privilege of working in such a telephonic conferences the conference in accidents NBC we go around and help churches and revival and I ended is the outreach alluded to nap about couple years now and already keep you in and through Jesus comes in after I required my name is passed there I board Myers and I am testing that Templeton Hills have never discharged in Templeton California which is also part of essential California conference and I have been a excuse me than passing there for the last five years we also have a ministry called power of the land ministries my wife and I host as a faith on not breathing in and we've got a bunch of other ministries we traveled a lot of speaking revival and things of that nature and we also plan to be doing until Jesus comes in and what is Peter Gregory I am a director for either the missions currently we are located in Southern California in San Diego area but we are capable of moving around to the different churches and some including California I been doing this work for past ten years and we had a training program various locations like Hawaii North Carolina California and again California and dumb somehow I I we end up going back to California on the line but your yarn and we pray that God will continue to use us our main thrusts mingled is to provide biblical training and especially in the area area of how to study the Bible so that young people will have the tools to interpret the Scripture that they may be able to preach the Bible with confidence I never got around and I am from England look for the North England conference learning understood as in often subtle of the North of the method 's network is a pastor in the city of Birmingham as well as being the conference evangelists as well I want to tell you that good things are happening across the water evangelism is having a revival and God 's pouring us the person to my left Lauren McNulty he she was the one who approached me about solvency conference back in two thousand and five instead this is been our videoconference and you have a diverse Norman individual shout him because he agreed to go to Trinidad missionary there but you here and we're very thankful and will be getting your questions and I'll be moderating them as well will be proceeding so Norm Norman Edward Rivers father in heaven we come before you now I presence into this room I pray that the questions that are asked will be those that will stimulate our thinking as we try our best by God 's grace to become more like Christ and of the answers that are provided will be biblical and that will convict us T stay true to your word even if all the world around us is not so we thank you for this opportunity and be with us in a special wagering the next few minutes we pray this in Jesus and the first question know each of you have likes him and really question it and if one of you have a burning desire transfer first of more than welcome to also you can also chime in unless the question is specifically asked each one of you first question since our theme says it this question is for all of you what do you do for your morning devotions three o'clock tomorrow come to my workshop we talking about that for my morning devotions I do a variety of things and in their many different ways in which some can pray sometimes I spend my time meditating on one verse time meditating on one verse at other times I'm asking the Lord to lead me through a series of Scriptures in fact that just out with my children this is something if it is any young people that are wondering what can I do for my worships our two oldest children are now every day the video were specify the Bible verse and then begin to find other persons that relate to that particular verse and so when we have our morning worship together the family the leading us through all what versus the Lord led into as a result of the one person they chose that particular morning so anyway there are a variety of different things that I can be done in morning worship yes some people spend morning worship just talking to God and talking cannot talk to Jonathan Goodstein but your idea or create an run out of things to say to God okay let afraid about my job and afraid about this what else do I say I wanted his life encourage you to do is that prayer time is really a good time to just be quiet and listen for God listens for him minister to you instead of thinking okay what else can I say to God what else can I say that God and and some entrée time has become to a large degree my listening time to God myself I do a variety of things as well of course prayers is consistent thing is every single day before we open the word we are instructed that we must pray that the Holy Spirit would lead us and guide us in our studies we don't another spirit can come and meet us and got us into wrong conclusions that we can wrongly divide the water to soak praying prepared our hearts and minds to receive what God wants to communicate and after that one thing I'm doing right now is I like a really enjoyed reading to the Coptic series wears Florida Bible and see what she has to say going back and forth it's been a tremendous blessing on this and that I I do as well as studying and preparing for series and seminars and the messages I just praise the Lord that he is called me personally into ministry I believe that the reason why he's called me and anyone for that matter because he's wanting to save us as individuals and he knows for me may not be enough all of us were for you but God saw that the only way he could save me because I'm so seven percent call me diminishing and I keep shown here on it so spiritually there are many ways that you can do your devotions I have many wings but one way that I like the most just looking at few verses and spend entire hour or more just thinking about those verses and allow God to speak to me and at the same time I search my heart to see what is in my heart and to discover what is bothering me and somehow a search to see what is my heart and to see what God is trying to say about my heart through his work in order for me to get to that point it takes time for me to concentrate meditate focus until I come to that moment that I don't feel like there's anybody around me I feel like I'm having a conversation with God through his work to meet ours is the best way that can have my point next question are there any good resources to study Daniel and Revelation yes there is a book and is called the IPO I nothing is a really good book on the event revelation any of the resources because the Bible prophecy that you'd recommend Strong 's concordance I'd also recommend as a couple of other countries and that a revelation as one might rise medical and in Revelation three seven five three one by SM Haskell cold the cerebellum is the revelation of the done electing to school in the prophet Daniel Daniel at least is an excellent resource on none of IMS and Haskell doesn't you want to recommend you almost touching about the Bible or if you really want to study the book of Daniel Revelation here's my theory elbow of using my fury can be wrong but this meal in order to list in the book of Revelation and Daniel it looks like you have to study the entire Bible so if someone says I'll have time to say the whole Bible as one vocal case the relation because you end of study the whole Bible five and reflect the wishes of your conclusion of all things are yours comes the conclusion yet start from the beginning next question here we have disabled as of the atom the last thing this at first since you're in the UK I grew up loving and watching playing competitive sports now I wonder if it's okay what are the biblical principles the UK happened with him I heard you guys like the football rugby football Luigi with him with others with him and I grew up watching loving watching him play competitive sports now I wonder if it's okay and one of them who principles in regards to competitive sports and anything anything that distracts the takes precedence over my relationship with God via competitive schools be something else it is having a negative influence on my life if allowing you full will reduce the three that the main thing then we can set our priorities in artistic or Lebanon London England the day for full boys on Saturday foot own competitive football takes place on Saturday in the winter is no problem the sunsets at four o'clock so soon as the sun set aside when I was younger I watched the football and I'll check fiscal then the summer when the sun said that there cannot and then they really know what you price your priorities when it Saturday in this bulletin to me I realize in always put into his emphasis on the school when it was in synonym in a land have no wonder Republicans will not anything that supersedes our relationship with Christ this is a is you know we need to put priceless assize competitive sports I'll let us itemize it without you are okay well that CIC grew up playing football on Jamaica Plain soccer as well and when I became a Christian seasoning I remember questioning a lot of things in my own experience I remember I went to sit sit back and look at the basketball games and I love how the people were reacting and I like songs are right you know these people are like getting worked up in a frenzy and younger team loses their life you don't lose their minds and you're seeing people like breakdown I like so these beasties and the soccer games seen people die from riots and I'm going in I wonder if there is something to this spirit of competition and I began to research this concept of the spirit of competition in particular in the writings of Ellen White and I began to see while you notice something I mean we are all by nature competitive and I realize I don't need anything else feeding my competitive nature my competitive flesh and soul I guess setting up like will you know what I'm pulling back from this because you know you look at what the Bible says about some about Lucifer wanting to be high living God it was a spirit of competition and I've come to learn that the spirit of competition is not only present in sports he can be present in the pulpit and you can actually unite in an attempt to outdo one of your fellow preachers are wanting your enough ominous thing for Godot Kempen announcing you the whole thing is an abomination to God and so we find this principle not only in sports finally many played I believe that as Christians we know to be on guard against the spirit of competition some people say we got to compete in the world you have to compete here and there but I believe that you cannot see live as a Christian in this world without competing in such a way where someone else you have to step over someone else you know or something of that nature to get what you want to ask questions and Disney have this as well enzymatic it would just be good for those of you who have the writings of Ellen White to just go through and add check it out for yourself in it is one thing that will pass what you think about this what you think you know what you think about that and getting these different you know you know what I believe or what someone else please but I believe that you ultimately have to be convicted for yourself and your not be convicted off of what I see that's my conviction you got was the word of God to spread across the and search for yourself so that every conclusion you come to you can say what this is why I believe in contrast to my said son not because I studied it out myself and this is the conclusion I came to write next question and then just thought since you are evangelism travel around you probably get this question a lot so I wanted to see what you have to say about this can we wear jewelry and was the Bible say about it in first Peter chapter three beginning with verse three there is jewelry that we should know when they join it we should wear according to this verse first Peter chapter three verse three says whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning a plating of the hair and wearing of gold reporting on of apparel but let it be the hidden man of the heart in the which is not corruptible even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit which is in the sight of God of great price in the Bible is not a principle for us and that is God is more concerned with the inward than the hour and the principle is modestly if we are enjoying ourselves and in certain ways to attract attention to self does detract attention from our God I figured to study the sanctuary because the Bible says that we are the temple got right we are the sanctuary and if you look at the Old Testament sanctuary where was the gold in the sanctuary there was no vote on the outside all the vote was on the inside and so that's that's the principle and advantages it is because we want to be rebalance in our perspective we cannot say that wearing jewelry is a sin why because in heaven would be wearing golden crowns and there's not been any sin have no right but it had and will have no problem with pride our characters would be transformed during her right now on earth do you have a problem with pride and an attractive attention to ourselves and so we want to lay aside like the Bible says in first judge of the two one of the inside the pride of life and instead of adorning ourselves outwardly we want to allow Jesus to adorn us with the robe of his righteousness and we wanted a different from the world noted a severe time when you could tell us in Venice from Annan says that it's the wealthy church is not easy to every detail anymore and so that the principle is we don't live our lives by rules but my principles and so oh how would you say that wearing jewelry is a sin that will keep me from going to heaven is what I'll say not having a heart that loves God enough to lay aside everything that is a sin that will keep us from enter into the kingdom that is the issue of the heart not so much outwardly but the issue of the harness when you focus upon it and if you look at it Jesus the blessed Jesus laid aside all outward adornment and he came in the Bible says in Isaiah chapter fifty three verse two that when you look upon and there was no come dimensional beauty that meant desired him it was in his outward beauty that attractive people but it was the beauty of his inner lights the love is what drew people to the side of her Christians that all the all to be the same for unit next question what does the Bible means when it talks about keeping the statues to be about peace we keep these today relevant to go from one human to another through familiar with Isaiah chapter sixty six what does the Bible say about peacekeeping come to intense two thousand ten book of Galatians talk about that and the text-only service from Colossians seven two Colossians chapter two and move with me verse sixteen dollars just to make the follow study really short Tom verse six he says let at home and therefore judge you in meat or in drink or in respect of an holy day or of the new moon or of the Sabbath days so what are you going to do you say this particular bottle tax which got a do is suitable for remote places in the Bible where means drink new moon only day scientists are talking about right in the best chapter of the best hope is in the biggest sheltered twenty three and when you go there is all talking about these things and this is on this text has met the woman judge to meeting methanol man of force you to keep these things because verse fourteen blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that would but I was against us which was contrary to us ember seventeen says which are a shadow of things to come up the body is of Christ so these days were pointing to future events and when Jesus died on the cross and ever since then we do not have to keep these feast things next question is it ever right for a girl to approach a guy if she was interested considering being the right age and the right timing we should looking for a bottle text for this I only bubbled what is Google group I him I will comments at a major van I still read I don't come in on this question in the management of his eye yet is no you know a Bible verse you leave out who's protrude so you related to that is impossible for a seven a.m. and is male in a Catholic e-mail to marry and live together without compromising religions popular answers there is no him and Amos chapter three verse three can two walk together the Stevie compromise takes place in marriage already have the right fact that there may married that's a compromise began first he can two walk together except maybe agreed type issue before the even think about getting married this study the book of Daniel Revelation him next lesson do you think of that Jesus is coming in the next ten twenty thirty years in the business two thousand twelve ideas out right now do you think Jesus come in the next ten twenty thirty years if so why not we need to be careful about putting years and saying he's definitely coming with the industry of time on having said that means he is coming very soon and all men know the day nor the hour but I believe that he is coming very soon very soon all in all in almost every age people have looked for Jesus in their lifetime and we understand that in this time there are very few things left in Bible prophecy to be fulfilled and so Christ coming is truly even at the doors next question being a man of God how do you relate to the ladies that you encounter in the ministry do you allow familiarity with them second relating to that how do ladies with the proper way ladies to relate to ministers I always say to the brothers that want to use it I guess if you think you're above sexual temptation you have to be more perfect than out of yesterday wiser than Solomon stronger than Sansom Sansone and more holy than David we need to make sure that we have good boundaries as measures and what I'll say to the note to men of God is that whenever you interact with someone of the opposite sex yet they treat them and speak to them in an act around them as if they are husband is standing right next to the if you would say if that person even if that was an American a sing with him a single lady it imagine that she was when her husband was standing right next to her you need a treatment as if that was the case you would want to say anything that's the proper way of ladies should answer the ladies for any lady when does it as a minister the setting is a view son principles of the needlelike when you nearly opposite sex and income for vinyl studies will find at least for myself just rule out whole admonition in old time alone with someone else where it can give an appearance of something else even it is a Bible study take someone else along with you it is a home visitation you take someone else along with you Jacob in a situation where you know people often enough entrapment this is all you can say my house is at the site sorry presented on your single woman from a single standing house because I have so she was okay with him I think that I am and was homeless by the inability blame ahead of us to thinking of the diminishing put them up as as as as I enough money number because the offerings was never alone with a woman ever he was an elevated woman on the numb in a month when I was astounded on the same easy careful for nothing another important thing is as now ministers there is a tendency to you know come and if you're married as a minister to have your own separate life from your spouse feel your places she doesn't know where you are or what have you and you know sometimes it is confidentiality thing which you know can be definitely abused by you not ministers of the gospel so now I'm in between my wife and I know she knows where I have every amusing was an easy target everything you know would we hold no secrets from each other because sin grows in under the cover of secrecy and when we begin taking or have secretly knowing this is my business as your business you my dear as I'm in that kind of mentality is is a dangerous mentality especially for the minister of God but the question is should the females approach is different and on and I think of the answers are there I just want to add to the ladies of practical counsel learned the difference between appreciation and admiration and how you do that with your eyes so learn to check your own spirit there is a fine line between truly sincerely expressing your appreciation versus animal ration at best were the ladies can do their part of withholding and check thank you since what biblical bases there if any for theistic evolution is there any what is the model have to say that theistic evolution is an oxymoron in my mind and something son thirty three best six thousandths by the word of the Lord would haven't made whole host of them his matter this knife is least they can do with that humanity is the fastest of leave as soon as gospel things agreed this idea that God would would you pull something graduates amigos again very nature of God increase in his creation itself slow if we believe that any readers we are made in the image of God so even God is evolving Hebrews Chapter 11 verse three is also very brave off when this is through faith we understand that the worlds worlds were framed by the word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of the things which do appear and those I got through the world he was not dependent on pre-existing matter he speaks and it happens and if you look at Genesis chapter one verse one in the beginning God created the heaven air there we see God created time space and matter in the beginning God created in the beginning this time God created heaven that space the earth that's not and so he is not God is dependent on pre-existing matter is word has the power to speak worlds into existence as same word has the power to speak a new heart and all eyes this question is for outliers was the trust that drums made for jazz and is there Biotech select yeah I have not studied out that the history of the trust seventy when the instrument was made and for what purpose it was made I mean in all what saw sticking a genre of music was the New Zealand created for by the instrument itself is used right now for one purpose and one purpose only it is using market is using R&B is used in all the popular styles of music Jazz is a hybrid of these different kinds of music and in fact I have a presentation entitled the beast from the abyss which speaks about the origin of jazz music as well as many other are different styles of music a sonnet they are really came from the same place and so on I didn't answer the question in terms of the art of the drum I have decided out the history in terms of where it originated who who originated the trap set what have you but bites shrewdly looking at me look at it today and see this is what it's used for and it is primarily used in the dance music no it is solely used to believe for the best music right this is a question that I have great learned here that was you comfort we have a number of new attendees but obviously some of us have also seen unfortunately some more friends backsliding me the church and for that as been heartbreaking for a lot of us question for you what can I do to prevent myself from backsliding in which you what can I do to reach out to my friends were backslidden the Bible says in Hebrews chapter twelve verse two looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith will God is begun in our lives he is able to finish it but the conditions that promise is was keep our eyes fixated on Jesus not all are say not upon others not home with the majority 's doing but as we gaze upon him as we do holy and we become changed and he has the power to keep what we've committed to him but so that they and for those of us were friends I remember when I was baptized ten years ago I was baptized with the chronic friends young people my age and on and where all are forgot is about a dozen of us route would go wrong and free agent but now I know that crowd friendly to our silly Jesus name it breaks my heart is unsure your heart is breaking okay when you see your friend but the thing is just keep praying keep an example I keep leaving out the life of Jesus and and and and by God 's grace in a sometimes method pray that God will bring affliction into people 's lives that they might recognize their need and wake up and that's a scary prayer to pray but God is so desperate to save us thank you allow us to be afflicted if that's what it takes to save sinners King I have something and when I first came into the church and this is like cat means in the church to this latest illustration by my friend gave me who is not officers himself and we were sitting down somewhere in Kansas asked me a question on who he said hey listen what would happen if you took a stake and put it in the midst of a bundle of burning sticks so elastically get on fire and he said good old when he took that stick and set aside were separated from the bundle of burning sticks I said finally go out and he said always surround yourself with people that are on fire and I thought while I was pretty good having him in a use that one day but from the moment I've always said Lori surrounded by people who are on fire and even there were times in my experience and I was baptized with thirty people thirty of my friends from from you know we used to hang out on the streets or whatever from the group thirty was about ties and only to remain us my brother and myself and maybe one it's whether you can remember about him but since then there's been times in my extension early where I was surrounded by anyone that was on fire and so I would just listen to people that were on fire young gay in reading and you know Jo Cruz Little books I was surrounding myself with people owned to cruise off I can't wait to be blended in the Labor Day can we do not even when I have no one around I was surrounding myself with people that were on fire and so I think one of the key things for you to remember is to surround yourself with people that are on fire on it it's critical you hang out with surround yourself with people that are connected with the fire that's right that's right the device five Jesus Christ statement is afflicted add a few verses that Hebrews chapter ten and verse twenty three twenty four and forty five the Bible says that us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering for he is faithful that promised to let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together and then at the end of the chapter thirty seven other users knowledge of seller by faith but many men drawback my soul shall have no pleasure in him if you are a friend of action is hot to have an influence on them if you cut them off completely electronic procurement when some way in London masonry way to keep the lines of communication open so that maybe when I said they go through a tough time who will equal religion I think that's what the one who condemn them in aluminum and go to hell as soon as on the friend that stayed in touch with them and was still a friend Susan in spite of what they were going to so it's important that if you have a friend that has left shows a you still are when some friends who them variable last question feeding regardless of the hundred forty four thousand being literal or symbolic what part they play in the end times are the only ones that will be saved and what practical tips can give firm is young person so I can strive to be like I think the most important talk she when you're considering the one hundred and forty four thousand is to look at the characteristics that define the one hundred and forty four thousand and as you focus upon those characteristics really that is the key whether the number is literal or symbolic the key is Lord make me is where tolls try to be he as they are strive to be among that number strives to be one who has no guile in his mouth who follows the manliness of Eagles I mean I don't need the statuses of his distantly forget about the number look at the characteristics of St. Laurent keys means those characteristics and then God will take care of the rest just to finish the question asks are they the only ones that will be saved in what publicly in the intense assess the literalism as far as we know the art the only living things that will go through the time of trouble in the last things the living Saints however when you talk about starvation redemption the Bible speaks of the great multitude so there will be other people will be in heaven on Celeste I think that only under four thousand would be say in terms of the final the outcome however whatever dolls and they play a very important role in the last things because they didn't ask the exists to vindicate that golf small can be kept through the grace of Christ and thank you very much Peter can you pray for us to close and specify for young people here that we can be part of that generation loving heavenly father a week thank you so much for giving us this precious time to to ask and to discuss and to search your word for the answer and follow me you continue to keep our hearts tender and humble that your string testimony we will not reject maybe embrace them with meekness and willingness that Jesus can live in our that we may become like him encounter that we may behold his glory and in change into the same image so more as are experiencing does spiritual revival and Reformation may you continue to provide spiritual friends spiritual influences and spiritual blessings that we may continue to walk in the light some you can mean contribute with us is that young people as they face so many different temptations more every moment help us to have this conclusion without Jesus are things we asking a media was brought by Otto Perez a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading seven audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than in the www. audio source .org


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