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An Out-of-Body Experience

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 6, 2009
    9:00 AM
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open with me if you will to Matthew chapter twenty six Matthew chapter twenty six verse thirty eight look at verse thirty seven says he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and began to be sorrowful and very heavy then saith he unto them my soul is exceeding sorrowful even unto death carried here and do what watch with me anyone a little further and fell on its face and prayed saying all my father if it be possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not not as I will but as I will and he cometh unto the disciples and find them asleep there was such heavy things going on in the garden that the disciples could not stay awake some of you may spend anything on the theater what could you not watch with me one hour watch and pray that you enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is one sweet spirit of prophecy buying three page ninety eight seventy is the evidence of the weakness of his disciples excited the pity and sympathy of the son of God he questioned their strength into your the test they must undergo in witnessing his betrayal and death he did not sternly upbraid them for their weakness but in view of their coming child he exhorted them watching free that ye enter not into temptation then his spirit moving in sympathy with their frailty chief framed as an excuse for their failure in duty to warn him the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak the time is coming when it will be a time of trouble upon this world such as never been seen and at this time the people of God cannot afford to have this verse be a reality Romans chapter seven verse twenty three Romans chapter seven verse twenty three and want to listen to what Paul says here but I see another law and my members warring against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members and they says inversely for all wretched man that I am who shall deliver me from the body of this death you know applause crime was to never meet from the flesh why because the flesh is one is weak how many would like to need to herd from this flesh I wanted to know that you do not have to wait until the resurrection to be delivered from it God has a plan to deliver us even now while we are in the flesh from the flesh this is totally necessary beloved because in the last days we cannot afford to be weak in the flesh we must be strong the in the spirit the time of our study this morning and out of body experience and out of body experience in the book of Genesis we are told that God made man in his walk in his image and we understand that the devil comes along and he destroyed the image of God in man by the way this morning is that it be an intense Bible study that's what we're doing this morning amen so you have your Bibles open and you're following the this this this on the enemy came in and destroyed the image of God in man what do you think God 's plan what's to restore his image in us is at this point that man became the subject to the flesh he became a slave to the how does God plan to restore man in his image heart of God plan to restore broken man because that's what happens once the image of God was shattered in us mankind became broken by saying God wants to do something with mankind he wants to fix mankind he wants to fix you how many you want to be fixed God desires beloved to fix this I want to the notice of the Romans chapter five verse one how does God fix on us Romans chapter five verse one the Bible says therefore being justified by a we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ was a need to be justified to be made right or to be made righteous God 's plan to restore man to to fix man is to justify two two two declare him as righteousness we want to be declared righteous weeds we are told that we are justified by what I think we're also told told down in verse nine much more now then being justified by his wife who did we shall be saved from wrath through him and so we are justified all we are made right all we are faced by faith and faith in his walk in his blood you see all this blood is leading us to a very powerful point but if I want to be fixed if I want to be made right I must be justified by what happened where at the cross in fact you'll remember in the Old Testament are all story always where God told Moses to make a brazen serpent and put it up on a pole and what were the children of Israel supposed to do when they were beaten they were to lose all at the circuit on the pole mini is another word for you they were two things there Davies upon the serpent 's on the pole and when they fix their eyes upon the serpent on the pole what happened to Dan you were one or see how we want to be fixed all our problems are one of the things I want to get to the end times and have and the weekend is less lower quality fixed on one of the right I want to be a strong Christian Lord fix me should the operator Jesus saw this that we must pick up our work cross and what fun we in other words with Jesus telling us we just pick up your cross is that so must die do you know that's the only way to be fixed is the guy in fact the way that God has designated to fix us beloved is the rule crews say the word remains to be fixed to a cross in all this is not what this thing God when he went to prove God 's design plan to fix off is through the process take it means to be fixed to the cross whether made to be fake to across his feelings he will not cross and they began to cry to him you don't a few be the son of God come down from the cross Jesus could not come down from the all because he was six to the crossing on December eleven what is the purpose of being system for the purpose of the mail he was fixed the problem wanted to write as I want to listen either forty one percent just right now so the problem to encourage the goldsmith and he that smooth the hammer in that small gamble saying it is ready for dishonoring and Heath Huston do with e-mails that it should not be moved what is the purpose of it now the whole something in place that a son not be mold turn with me to Romans chapter seven personal Romans chapter seven verse five for when we were in the flesh the most ends December with me the what the most sense of saying which are viable not doing work in our members to bring forth fruit unto death without a God wants the now almost certain of things in our flesh causing a delay so now somebody says the man of like those shoes you wear you down and whereas before you and I want to say what now your life the things I was I can't do what him and what of course that's what I learned about SAP portals and and most of the flesh to the strength of the flesh so that in the end times when I click you know I would have to make an excuse rest of the spirit is willing they want to do right but the flesh is the wasteland was your cinema but now he says once you are fixed to the prompt the question is it cannot mold of board loving the you know that the cross puts end and to our criminal activity the cross is the place of execution because you understand each of us has been put under a death sentence a arias death sentence you see Jesus tells us that the flash files Don is not good news about his goggles good death sentence Marilyn God told him opt out of in the garden Adam they didn't even distribute you saw what shortly die and what was selling out with Avenue if you say that the result is your you must shortly but I think there's something much deeper that we miss in that very passage because not only was he telling them this is a result of say you must surely die but I believe that that Mars we might also see that God is giving the solution to sin itself if you want to come back to me you are Charlene there is no other way around you want this is your death sentence and many of us are running from we are we are convicts on the boobs of writing the place of execution so it's interesting how the devil comes minuses all you have to dine sound that's really all you have to die without any time you hear the voice of wife telling you you do not have to die you know that that is the voice of cool the devil in fact when Jesus was telling Peter Peter this am about to go to the cross them off to die in a theater at eight p.m. something feminist that will use shall not surely die and you know what Jesus said to him hit the behind me who was able to recognize that with the echoing the first time you don't have to die you can be a Christian and do your own thing you have to die to self you don't have to crucify itself but not at the cross I meet my demise at the cross sells meats he's a these verses then begin to take on music the against Psalm sixteen a.m. I have set the Lord always before me because either my right hand I shall not be moved to Santa Barbara twenty two cat hybrid upon the Lord he selflessly be the zone map herself at our rights is to be moved in fact found December seventh it is my hardest fixed O God my heart is fixed I will sing praise is to say my heart is made on you its face if not remove any way this works eight and he knew Arkansas 's concordance Hebrews three five five nine here's what this word is also used in Psalms fifty one verse ten is create a right spirit in me that's the worst thing you want to be right with God you have to be one of its use in Psalms one nineteen one thirty three RMI staffs that are not in it we have to be no meet how many don't want anybody to have to mean over you yes that must be already one of the order that God you must be one seeks some kind of your verse one the Lord rated he is clothed with majesty the North strength wherewith he has gotten himself the world also established that it cannot be moved that's one idea established is translated at Baptist family wannabes established in the Lord you got to be one Proverbs four eighteen the path of the just is not a shining light as more and more on till now prior that they same Hebrew word feast is translated as her anybody want to be perfect unity masters and within it is impossible for any living man to be perfect it is totally impossible I adhere to be perfect but that Jesus Atlas last month yellowcake a perfect man a dead man why he was into instead on that now hope you have never stood in Lebanon Athens is that you understand what I'm saying dead men don't respond first-rate in sixteen thirty share before him all the earth the world also shall be stable that it shall not be moved on if you want to be stable that's aboard their fix therefore but in the last days we must be perfect stable faithful states to establish order right in order to make it through the final conflict six righteousness by crucifixion are you following righteousness being justified by his blood he stick up your cross and follow me because it becomes a park because what happens beloved is when we are crucified the flesh dies we are no longer a science it took less it is and how of blogging experience how many would like an out of body experience this is out of pattern using gone for us to walk not in the flesh but in the wax spirit he's calling for an out of body experience measurement releases one forty eight here's the point says the new birth is a rare experience in this age of the world this is the reason why there are so many perplexities in the church he many so many who assumed the name of Christ are on sanctified and on hold they had been baptized but they were buried alive self did not die and therefore they did not rise to newness of life in Christ the new birth is a rare experience that I don't believe we understand just that the power that is behind the new birth experience Jesus wants us to die to the flesh and to leave in the spirit do you realize of the literature with me to the chapter one to chapter one to chapter one and verse thirty five and the angel answered and said unto her the Holy Ghost shall come upon thee and the power of the highest shall overshadow the therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of the Saudi called the lots son of God what type the sun of God you realize that the devil will challenge this title the Rockies this is whole life this was a powerful title son of God like it it is also Sunday John denied that he was the son of God they often times you'll you find into the wilderness WY because he call himself the one son of God in the wilderness if you'll be the son of God is the understand of the reason why the Jews were so and when Jesus said on the front of God because what he was claiming was that the father was seized actual file how dare you you're making yourself able when God is what they were saying and she was indeed God we understand that but the title assumed that that the father was his shoe while father we don't understand what it means to be born again once you know to be John chapter one verse twelve John chapter one verse twelve is what the Bible says but as many as received him with the game he power to become whole signs of God and do you understand what that phrase means sons all God is I you are a son of God then who is your father but doesn't exceedingly write like he's not like really really your father well enough I know he's a son I had to know what he's not like really really really really your father is the easy one are you telling me that if you're born again and God is your father who might be any wonder then why Satan probably comes your releases you're not you're not really a son of God is not really a daughter got twelve ninety three currently your daddy I will your father is the stairs is a will experience but ironically because many do not understand what actually takes place in the new birth you see when we are born to our regular parents know we inherit and we cultivate we inherit things from that we just try getting an enemy called the Bengals being developed over years meet we practice those things and they probably spent another year of the other years and usually does common traits are what country about three veterans in John chapter three Nicodemus comes the video says okay you know our military men and that Europeans are from God and Jesus Johnson said Thursday except to be born again he cannot enter the kingdom of God but as Danny says something that's quite powerful he said that which is born of the flash is while Miami was mainly born of the flesh you you are descending you are a descendent of one of us would agree liking of our community 's children safe less of my flesh every monetary history and look at it shocking that it saw and say this is fresh on my flesh but that he says here but that which is born of the Spirit whom he that which is born of the Spirit is why it's very meaning beloved boyfriend is that if you are born of the spirit you will come a defendants of the spirit is eager to find two lineages if you will a lineage of the flash on the lineage on the scary and weird ha ha you know where the first we picked up a small mom and dad and that they get on our nerves not the appearance mean the things that we inherited because we want we want alike now wouldn't it be nice to just cut ourselves off of all the stuff that has been passed down from generation to generation sanity now all these things inside us that we have to fight against the barman says it it would be so nice I says that if you're born on the steering you are one scary when Jesus came whose flesh eating Mary's Mary could look at him and say what flesh out my flesh will resume work on a flaccid Marriott that human flesh okay we did nary have sinless human flesh nor Seattle single married to look into the fake online meeting beloved Jesus took upon the same the very nature that we have that's what he took from his mother when he taken his father okay so he takes on his father this divine nature unintentionally the mother this totally human sinful nature in a hand where told in sacrament meeting here on this amount here's what it says page seventy six was the human nature of the son of Mary change and the divine nature of the sun of Christ no the two natures were mysteriously blended in one person the man Christ Jesus in him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily she was honestly disabled market Street and seventh largest upon him the form of fictional clothing you've been financing with humanity but he was following even if God is holy if you have not been without Scottsdale said he could not open the failure all man kind so Jesus takes upon him this sinful human nature parts I have one of those of the group of women in combat is when you're born again who becomes a father God once you watch this overcomes your mother thought about that look on your mother if you are born-again in a young mother that starts you can read that a fallacious chapter four verse twenty six Laplace as the chart is the mother of us all so and ask a question if your mother in the charts and your father Ms. God than what happened to the lineage of less and are you in the extent of the charges your mother and God is our father then basically beloved what were understanding is that to be a born again is godly you are the lineage of the house and putting you into the new use of the spirit the new birth experience is a rare experience have you ever wondered asked yourself to come out Jesus didn't have children in a rephrasing what you are getting married and have children because he was the spirit he was on the spirit so if they sinful to marry no areas that Jesus did not come to promote the continuance of the flesh 's game the flash 's comes to a name in the fact that he is consulting out for and the Omega TV and the ending of the flesh and the beginning of the spirit of it this is what it means to be born again Jesus says that all you can no longer claim while my mom and my dad passes on to me and so you know this is why got all the pieces know when you are born again by thank you except make needed you to accept my book and now I put my divine nature within you and through divine nature you are now three from the combination of the flesh and sell Romans tells us that we should walk not after the flesh but after the want this it is the privilege of the children of God to be delivered from the control of the last of the flesh after preserved there she will your heavenly character which distinguishes them from the numbers of the world in their moral taste in their habits and customs they are separate from the world who are the children of God they are members of the Royal review and Herald August one eighteen ninety three do you understand that the claim to be a son of God is to clean that you are in the lineage of the spirit what amazing saw behold what manner of love them please should be called C when sound all that he is going out looking understand you don't understand what it means to be called a son of God by the way who was inevitable come in the last days sons of God sons and daughters of God was a beloved just as in the flesh we inherit things from our parents so in the spirit we in Henry the understand what this means willing to inherit something from your parents it means you are born waiting you were born lady should answer all you saying I wanted and those of the second Peter chapter one second Peter chapter one seventy chapter one verse two Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God and of Jesus on the according to his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness through the knowledge of the Internet has called us to glory and virtue whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that might be you might be partakers of God divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world who loves you realize that when you are born again God has given you all beings pertaining the godliness are things my faith in his blood in a you got your father 's good yeah just like the reluctant were born again begin new blood cells this is an antichrist block isn't enough who are we going to like what I divine nature crafts that's one of them doesn't want you to understand the history not need failing of attaining in his sphere to perfection of Christian character by the sacrifice of Christ provision has been made for the believer to receive all things that pertain to life and documents calm upon us to reach the standard of perfection and places before us the example of Christ character in his humanity perfected by life of constant revisions of evil the thing is so that you cooperation within the divinity human beings made in his life octane pepper that's so of character this is not a story and two walks that need to be obtained complete victory acts of the apostles page five thirty one all things when you are born again this is why it is so important to understand some people are trying to understand the perfection with not having been born again on then this is hard she says no you die get fixed to the cross and I will bring you to life the resurrection beloved is a thing that only the spirit you can resurrect yourself but you can sure pick up across and bowtie so we die and we really die through Jesus power anyway and then Jesus said to my resurrection you aware of our resurrection that mean Lori about resurrection so too gotten to know Barth gives us everything we need for the perfecting of character and taking we might say in fact limiting phase on the market one another the thought that the righteousness of Christ is imputed to Y not because of any merit on our part but as a free gift from God is a process fall the enemy of God and man is not willing that his troops should be clearly presented for he knows that if the people receive the money is power will be broken into the devil knows that if we understand that the righteous is that God is in you into what in everything if you will do not even we've done it with you I get like a birthright is the end and once we understand that now God says listen your edification of why because I didn't see you already acted I will have a this is where we begin the process of sanctification thing okay God you have given me righteousness I believe that I say therefore I will act upon the sea of the Bible told that we must if we all face says that we must come to God believe that he was he is and that he is a rewarded and that that the reason he a man we must believe that God is and that he is in turn beer he is and he that money really I am that I am willing to believe that John is I am what I have not got this letter because it is Jesus who said also I am in Jesus is the I am and the eye and says I want to be in you then the IM is a new and now you can say with confidence I have a child of God I have loving by his grace I am I I am long-suffering you are claiming the attributes of infancy by a knot in my eye Jesus on the twelfth that it is finished not even finished what are you people talking out the reason why this even have to take sinful human nature in all its fullness is that he didn't have led to the problem selling us the Red Sox on what it means to be born again and to be in price didn't take s admitted to the prop of sinful flesh and said this is what I can do your sinful flesh if you that I am eating you the power of self-restraint grows by exercise that which at first seems difficult by constant repetition becomes habitual and easy on till right principles right actions enter into and become a part of ourselves and through the grace of Christ mold the sooner into a new character he becomes a new creature in Christ that which at first seems difficult as we cultivate it becomes natural menstrual releases twenty minutes of releases page fifty four Jesus SBE therefore perfect as a father with heaven is perfect my remaining when talking about perfection I see that when we hear that word we get sales we get scared I know people who have who have been diehard all you know believers in perfection in an incorrect manner and have the charts as a result if I seen one more time that seems at and that one Synvisc because listened the nest is one extreme the other extreme is we cannot be perfect I was talking with someone someone some time ago and he said you know there is an additional rendering of that saw Matthew five forty Beta for perfect in the other verse it says be there for what a merciful as her father is merciful the person you not think that I like that better I began to think since when the nasties on a view that got a choice between being perfect unmerciful which one would you choose mercy upon me to the merchant 's merciful SI live the easier mother thing honestly speaking enough that okay perfect mercifully so I say I think outdoor merciful and already then I don't decide on the merciful but that's a question have you tried be mercifully he prayed Disney I'm if your salvation the one you being merciful father you think you would make into heaven razor hands is not strange that being merciful now appears to be just as difficult as being perfect lobby I can deal with loving I rather be lonely than the perfectly loving that's a nice loving God guys you legitimately scared enough of it is addressed to the lobbying then be perfect all being as it was how do you try loving your enemy lately to a W Google is on what is described on him in the Bible as as you know these attributes of God being loving being merciful being time at any one of those things beloved outside of the nature of the divine nature of God it is impossible to be anyone anything to the loving is to be perfect to be merciful is to be perfect and management is possible with out a true conversion from the nature of the flesh to the nature of the spirit now that's for one extremely do with this but extremely CRP what if the concept that in order to need to be perfect in the eyes of God that means that from this day forward I wound never seen again I am perfect forever 9/11 limits on something that is the wrong concept until you are because the monthly citrus way for Jesus says to know thought for tomorrow unit to deal with your character with perfection said that a dog okay I write from busy day forward but acknowledges that deal with that day he will can overcome that day get overwhelmed with the future deal with today so not relatively okay okay I'm just picking up a small paternity on the broad visibility so now cannot hold microphone by the grace of God and they cannot think by the grace of God I should be able to list kitchen I'm not get angry at someone say this will like this this is powerful but not in the truth of God that show that God received into the heart is able to make you wise unto salvation in believing and obeying it you will receive grace sufficient for the delays in trials are today this is a sentence please grace for tomorrow you do not need the craze for tomorrow will you do not need you should feel that you have only to do with said they overcome forth that day then I South Fork today watch and pray for today obtaining victories in the day he testimonies for the church volume three page three three three is not announcing here my cell phone can you be perfect today what I mean about tomorrow can you totally lose your mind tomorrow even though you are perfect today and if you are perfect today but you lost your mind it is Tony does what all out and then you're like oh my goodness what I've done in UK some Lord forgive me please on the one I was thinking the devil got the best of me one of Lord restore you into a correct standing with him what he said get up and fight the good fight of faith on wash away all your sins will and sin no more of a blackberry eight blackberry it is the absolute worst cell phone in the world the blackberry storm many clarify that the the ones I suppose it anyway I'm on my blackberry in four months okay when I got my blackberry I young the first time actually dropping a K at and when I talk to you before I dropped the phone was working what perfectly I dropped the April assent of phone into the manufacturing giving you full they fixed the phone and sent it back to me the phone was again working one another listen to me perfection should not be measured in a matter of weeks and days and years from here on out that's what make people go on since I became a Christian this is much for time sitting unfinished this thing doesn't work no no no no no that's not how it works God says we worry about today you can overcome for today and one other thing Anna which indicates that God is able to do what keep you from falling by Farrar with Marilyn and using it to fall Jesus doesn't she can insert on the pitch looked at the signal perfect novel by his blood he says okay you've messed up kid cannot come than a white wall dusting off an essay on the state you get up and keep walking you can overcome for today and this does not give us license to go all in and I'll just keep sending everything else in the repent sinner and that is not the ideal for us his ideal is not the house just keep sending in repentance any repenting is ideal is for us to overcome and outdated age and every day and by the way if God can do it one day then guess what he can do any other day and he can do it every day amen pray that you answer not into temptation the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak we have only one choice be crucified the crucified and be born again Jesus says I will give you grace to overcome for a day you can have total the net me state clearly in case anyone missed it you can have portal victory in Jesus Christ over every known scene four dollars of the every know if you know to do it and you don't do it then it becomes what seen God judges you based off of what you know to be right and he said look at a perfect sermon right here whenever I says he doesn't that's all perfectionist when I tell them he doesn't unifying argument debate it is nothing she doesn't is no debate there's no war how many you would like to be perfect in Christ heavenly father we thank you for speaking to us this morning we thank you for taking the sinful human nature your son taking sinful human nature and nailing them to the cross we thank you Lord that you desire to put an end to the lineage of the flesh in us to be the own makeup of the flesh and the outflow of the spirit grant us Lord victory feast day may we put all our energies into the state may we overcome for visiting by your grace we pray for her helpless and wrong is wrong and you are a media list is my audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio for he would like to know more about how the universe is like the more so than please visit www. on universe .org


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