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How to Study the Bible, Part 1

Adam Ramdin


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA




  • September 6, 2009
    3:00 PM
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on a minimum we pray that as we spin these next few moments meditating and talking and discussing how to study the Bible such an important subject we just love your spirit to guide us we just love your spirit to speak to each of you one of our hearts and a cradle that you may instill within each and every one of us a deeper desire to study away in Jesus name we pray amen how to study the Bible in the yesterday the message that I gave in the morning was entitled what's I started as a message and I said that today we live in a now generation and today we also live in a while degeneration now I made there is enough of a generation meaning that we like to put a question then I will document this spot out right away unfortunately when you come to studying the Bible is not quite as simple as Google is not just like I cannot hit yesterday while it is done I'm going to give you an answer like this this is amiss in this wing is studying the violin yet you committing to study the Bible in a sense you have to view it as you're in it for the long whole but it may not just be a quick snappy Ancel you have a question you study you get the answer you read a passage of Scripture on any leads on to the fire although never glanced on the whole thing done when the joint of the six is not always a straightforward as simple as that studying the Bible different you have to kind of you along both the gourmet GQ of a period of hours maybe weeks maybe the months on a particular passage in the way that we study the Bible is not the same way that we would study Shakespeare is not the same way that we would study history bookings goes on the same way you would just study from a market example we get the formula and I you can do it on and so move on a little bit different so we can under the sheriff some principles of Bible study wants why how which is the most important would why to watch I think God is more important more interested often and teaches the whys and the house any as always and given us the walks some thought leaders on the one God was to teach us how he wants to teach is why and how to study the Bible don't worry I'm not sick to my e-mail I just learned I can control my slide presentation from iPhone so please don't get distracted and think I might sending text messages to my family and now I can go against I thought is because obviously anyway are you ready Isaiah twenty nine this night and said what is the Bible say him is as close entities knowledge and so shall you make to understand doctrine then that a lien from the middle and drawn from the press for precept must be upon precept precept upon precept line upon line line upon line pterodactyl and what does Lewis can be thought was a Bible site those that are weaned from the milk and drawn from the those on you stuck those on the London depending upon somebody else to be said for those that can now speed than cells will be those abilities able to teach we need to parade a witness broke additional condition that would not only depending on other people cross spiritual nourishment and strength but we are moving on the flood and you come into this workshop to find out how you can feed us out at all your spiritual food is not come to you via listening to us that when you have someone else preach the night you want to get the date for yourself and find Samantha squeals out notice what Daniel chapter twelve as Kan says as many shall be purified and made white and try but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall do what no ability to understand but the wise shall do what understands those that God is able to teach all those that have been we indulge rolling away from human dependence for this spiritual food those the Bible says all those who are wise to us we approach the Bible as when we sit down as we get ready to study the Bible watch online Sydney as we are approaching and studying the Bible Ezra chapter seven is make investing Bible tells us as you did something that he did this for as I have number one prepared his hot to do what to seek the Lord of God and Sue Jewett and Sue Tate 's short of keywords is not in the list would you say prepare sexual honest they would be seek the third word that is the keyword in the enough buses do and the fault keyword is turned to each he prepared is not to seek many wanted to do it then he wanted to teach it for steps from that one of us for principle you can believe that we can apply in our Bible studies as we opened the Bible study and we need to prepare off pots as we seek God 's will I Weiss found in the script is you just don't get the theoretical understanding to know something clarify always studying the Bible so that we can also then do what we study and not only so that we can do it and so we can note across South but a final step in the key one that we could also teach other people is my teaching other people that you really love and being the best for yourselves you said that you learn you remember I forget exactly is five or ten percent of what you hear roughly could remember eighth is around six percent if you teach somebody though the percentage goes up to like sixty or seventy percent you remember what you thought about sixty percent when you hear five oh six percent on the best ways to study the Bible to learn the Bible to know the Bible the final step is to get so studying the Bible in a how we study the Bible is very very important wrong method of studying the Bible gives us wrong conclusions if we have a wrong method would have wrong conclusion that we can have inconsistencies as we study the Bible is the Bible is bye-bye gorgeous women if the Bible is inspired by God should therefore be consistent yes one of should be consistent it was studying the Bible only come to inconsistent conclusions we cannot conclude of the Bible is inspired why would suggest to you is if you come to inconsistent conclusion in your study may be the methods you are using for your study on not correct all consistent with each other Pentagon of firing in the wrong direction so fancy with the study of the Bible methodology the menu takes maybe people talk about what before a sister fancy with the methodology the menu takes a hermeneutic how to study the Bible the study of the methodology definition of interpreting the holy Scripture 's in short you could save a science and of the correct interpretation of the Bible to the basic task when you studying the Bible to do two things number one to determine what God said in the holy Scriptures and number two to go on from that what it means for us today what did God say what does it mean for me today to basic overreaching question that you have agile studying the Bible so as we look at with that in mind a menu takes a study of the methodology of interpreting Scripture five basic principles for approaching the Bible and understanding it as a book that we got the study number one sending a Bible to first Thessalonians chapter to this that the Thessalonians trip into and within the Glover the first Timothy second Timothy Festus Loney in chapter two and verse thirteen versus Williams two verse thirteen first principle of a menu takes as of the Bible is the inspired in Erin would've gone vessels in his two thirteen the Bible says for this cause also we thought will this cause also thank we God without ceasing why because when you receive the word of God which you heard all of us you received it not as the the man but as it is in truth the one of the word of God I was his mother one of man but if the led off it's the wood off going the second Timothy chapter three seconds and he took the three seconds and keep up to three and in Rivas thirteen the Bible says that evil men of the judicious wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived but continue thou in the things you have learned and been a showing of knowing of whom you have learned that I'm not from a child you have known the holy Scriptures which are the Bible says able to make you wise unto salvation through faith was in Christ Jesus all Scripture is given by what inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for approval correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be prospects already furnished unto all good works first point the Bible is the inspired in errant word of God is that his mother would've meant is that would've brought the Bible tells us how much of Scripture is inspired all scripturally missed the point number two in the sixty six books of the Bible when we study it they are a whole we don't pick and choose what we studied as we study the Bible and I was like I'm just in a study of the New Testament I'm open to study the Old Testament some people say I just want to study the Gospels could have left the woods of Jesus the Bible is inspired word of God first the first beat the second beast of chapter one verse nineteen those the prophecy did not criminal time of the will of man the holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit inspired word of God they form an indivisible whole the old and New Testament to get we can't separate the two a few basic facts you may have heard about the Bible this is the six books as you can see how many authors in the Bible forty it is with the Bible written and three which Hebrew Aramaic and Greek army consonance with the Bible written on what to bring Africa Asia Europe three confidence three languages for the office sixty six books over time fared of one thousand five hundred years writing about a common theme that goes to the Bible creation fall redemption salvation for all writing on probably the most controversial subjects you can ever have after all and you find the old agreement each of all possess never met before is going to decide who is why believe in Saigon at the way the Bible using spy unit when you have such unity admits such diversity when a mystery the Bible is both Chrysler centric and theocentric brought the Bible God 's character is revealed through Jesus Christ to uphold Scripture the character of God revealed by the character of Jesus Christ is the underlying T-Mobile script that the joints of the five John testifies and Vista two nine John five thirty nine the Bible says search the Scriptures for in them you think you have what is known a life and they are they which testify of the Bible teaches us about golf through the life of Jesus Christ as he interacts with God 's people if an underlying theme throughout Scripture you find the oldest little is all the different books as you go through them but number four the Bible is understandable as we study the Bible we take the Bible to belittle understandable except when the context may be symbolic may be powerful with the context demands otherwise the Bible we take as little we read as it says we take it to be God 's word to us and you read about Noah's flood of Noah's flood flood with Noah you take that intellectual you understand the Bible said he think is a literal flood the context suggest that I'd only when the context seems otherwise maybe when you're reading in the books of Daniel a revelation when you read about beast and then Daniel himself says what the beast is a kingdom would you read it not literally but you would read it symbolically all you really may be a powerful and is clad it is a powerful and it's it's not at a literal story for example Luke chapter sixteen when you reading maybe about the rich man and Lazarus in you but I'm not an held in Amman in heaven and the mountain heaven is talking to the man and held it doesn't seem little you understand it's a parable so we must understand and recognize it in a the Bible 's understandable we think it is mutual we take it as gauntlets unless when the context demands otherwise the fifth point is a very important point and is this that must be a willingness to heed and obey what you understand what you study more baloney show you so much if you refusing to obey what he showing why would let us a lie upon lie upon lie up on life online you if you just rejected rejecting I'm a following the way he's taking you doesn't make sense of the mechanisms you get as you obey as you followed and also I believe you get more as you share more you get more you shall in that fuel sharing why would argue more just you can get fast spiritually constipated spiritual constipation in the maybe some funny feeling that you learn all this stuff and Sharron angle 's ability doesn't do you any good the key point the Bible is given by inspiration of the Spirit and the Bible must be interpreted on the direct action of the spirit as well as a studying the Bible he was given by the Holy Spirit to the men the relative as we study what the men wrote we do so under the direction of the Holy Spirit as we as we deleted his thoughts were members who study the Bible but it doesn't specifically because we only have two works of the time to go to all the different things in that God has given to us as Adventist beliefs and themes in the Scriptures that we must keep in mind as we are studying the Bible saying great and grand you find from the holy Scriptures that we as adamant Disney to keep in mind as we are studying the Bible as we going through for example the theme about the unit testing if I prevented throughout Scripture that is kind of unique in some ways an understanding of the Scriptures the sanctuary title spoken about it quite a lot I believe over the weekend the sanction is a theme throughout Scriptures I believe God has given to us as a Adventist understanding of the century we can see throughout Scripture as any helps us to understand particularly as you're reading the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation the century helps you date certain prophecies to Greg is a grand thing to keep in mind in a present when you read Revelation and you see Daniel John envisioned NEC that you see the author covenant timeframe helps you know what time frame wearing human history that he is talking about another Grand Prix in the wheat we understand the seven-day Adventist is the theme of the great controversy with the law of Christian denominations but really have a correct understanding of these themes the Yukon of overreaching themes I just think about Peter month as you study the properties of another in other themes of the covenants in Israel and so on so on and so forth important to keep in mind John seven seventeen promises the Bible study if any man will do his will he shall know of the doctrine have a willingness to study and a willingness to follow what God is teaching you then you will know what the doctor whether we have gone over the ice speak of it myself Ephesians chapter three and less sixteen to nineteen says this that he would grant you according to the riches of his glory to be strengthened with might by the Spirit in the inner man that you may be up to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and depth and height and to know the love of God which passes knowledge a question for us though just letting the Bible is what is the purpose of your Bible study with the purpose in the context I what's the time to study but yet looking at timeframe and so on you study your devotions is that when you studying for it at the time to study in the only time you study the icon you study the Bible in the morning we have devotions maybe maybe not I just do the devotional readings needless thematic studying devotion is studying for general biblical knowledge that you are it's not your devotional time to get set aside and now the day you want to study say for example I want to understand the book the new covenant and the old covenant is studying that spending time doing all you study for this study for apologetics and in the sense of apologetics means defending the faith are you studying just the kind of answer particular objection to someone is given to you you may not be doing any devotional tribunal spending the devotions try to defend how you can defend the secret rep to theory maybe but maybe do some fun else in the day in my mind at least in the helps electronic divide my time I don't mix the different times another one if you may be printed as well I study the seven preparation please let me I don't like to mix my sermon preparation time with my devotional time it just doesn't go well I keep my devotional time set for this devotional time me and God just devotional time looking at my own spiritual life studying that sermon preparation keep a separate something different if you do most of the system in preparation then I would suggest to you that you need to rethink how you studying the Bible not usually subject to the devotional time for summer preparations immodestly holding emotions on Tolkien talk with the people know how to talk to you that you can use a devotional time to help you saying you cinnamon preparation all of the Bible study glad there is a slumber to my devotion than on studies of the Holy Spirit Joseph thought my money honestly good while to come out right and nothing computer console speaking of section Simmons to prevent this type of the point in reference to know to come back to that subject up for that idea at a later time when I maybe set aside a time for my seven preparation for the Bible study but no the difference between the other different types of Bible studies of the different times of Bible study phenyl making devotions with enough study and how you can answer your friends in school about creation evolution or medicine that you keep in a different time separate and so on elegance that wanted to look at devotional time company the devotional time is one of the foundations of Bible study the foundation of our spiritual life is the foundation of our outlook for the Lord and I lead a healthy devotional life and healthy Bible study and devotional life leads us to healthy healthy Bible study Laura I don't want to assume that everyone here is having devotions every day or is not having devotions everyday everyone here is having a vibrant devotional life or struggling in a double-click below Monday was sheriff you point I believe is a look at these general principles for Bible study a few things to help out in your Bible study stunned the beginning of the day second one on the lookout us if I was six steps in Bible study as you approach a particular passage and when I look at a particular passage and see how we approach in a six oh seven step process but I wanted at this time out of look at foundational time to those of the last fifteen minutes of this presentation also a few pointers that I believe will help you give you extra time for nitrous on to give you more meaningful time with you as you spent devotional time is important point number one select a specific time he often had people say the morning is a good time I believe it is such a price page eighty says countries of the goat in the morning the initial very first work related your nice if what the new look nice if the made in the mornings of the best time and he cometh in the timeout isolate Michael Timon morning found in what the devotion to come off shift leaders like Sony for a twelve hour shift and hospital and from the applicant a real look into it some other time but it find the best time for you whatever time you did get stick to it find the best time stick to it and the key thing for devotions in the o'clock watch the something that we design everyone stand up if you want to commit to make America motion if one stands no wonder feminism in our devotion to tweak the teasing and devotion is not an Bible city is not your quantity of the time you spend but it is the quality is the quality that the time pick a place to the special place wedded you don't he often went to Mount of olives as we often went nothing to the special place modesty and most of your Bible study yet of them the mind sometimes builds up as you see necessary emotional psychological and spiritual cues you associate said things that license your study of idling office you will study the Bible in your bedroom you will study Bible hero that as you get get ready for your devotion to get ready for Bible study time gather the resources that you need prior to doing a Bible on notebook a songbook if you can sing arena because inducing them to yourself using up about the sing anyway and spray snow book study materials database things Brian Susa was he doing a devotion of you doing a Bible study is a general print with your running around looking for all the things every time you have to go look for something to cut the trucks the mind distracts the month am almost in front of their ready with you and follow a simple plan you don't have to do this as a suggestion and I believe you will visit us this is the principle used in Bible study devotions as reports in the Bible as you open the Bible is rated class step is the fault slowdown to allow God to speak to your frontline supervisors is done by my feminism today open to support from Guinness book of frame of mind as you approach the Bible of Outlook to speak to hot and then rate we carefully looking to see what God is saying to you and if you are reading through particular book begin we left off the day before but he backtracked if you visit a few bits credible black women and then go up to you read you pause read point number five three sorry I can't count reflect both read reflect or the text me to you with the full the idea was caught talking to you about polis read reflect the fifth step apply rules read reflect apply out of it let your life and write down exactly what it means to you and then pray to God about what you've read anything back is a simple five to the process I found in devotion helped me out post read reflect apply break given me give you more structure of the practice of practical suggestions you look at a level book by book 's ambitious amigo from Genesis to Revelation it ended up together yet evading plan with the folks on several chapters per day okay maybe a little slow to make you want to be devoted by topic prayer of faith to get it recorded the look of the word faith and youth everything will take some of the faith maybe heaven up with a create your own devotional components as you go through the Bible as it is stunningly think you got a bring of your own concordance of the passages of Scripture in these there is public and what they mean to you zero thing as an assessable meeting industry in the strongest one off-the-shelf another fractal suggested as a studying the Bible of view devotion is to do in all facets made young to study the book that John is written with the books are done hundreds of John John John John Revelation is a book that John Opel to be a long-term voting for the Romans Corinthians Corinthians Galatians and so on on Luke Luke and the ax while most incidences Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy or David's books Omega study Bible stories and look at the parallels between the different writers for example in the Gospels let me look at the account of all the young of the crucifixion Matthew 's over-the-counter prescription among the cataclysmic salute and you notice differences between notice similar themes between maybe look at the books of Kings and Chronicles and you see as you look into Kings and Chronicles different stories soffit area and finished a stop to this one finished in this one any read as you go through a championship is a practical suggestions now what about the problems that you will face as you do your devotion number one problem of devotional life is a problem with discipline I did help that those that like easier said than done I give up right about the wake you up in the morning feed and study the Bible have you got out of you have rated not to wake you up and you can get up I felt guilty that all of Brighton was a wake-up Iwo Jima five o'clock fresh and bright twenty five only signaling to begin at eight o'clock breaking at the wake up and oftentimes he will I'm afraid by the quality of my final point number six get up straight away is the best one does get right out of bed get up when you can some fifty versus one to three from distractions get out of bed I tried it I've never really succeed of never really succeeded out my devotion than that look in your face something 's on your side as well understand down the role Mattila hour ceremony favor two minutes get out that always best to get out that you can't stay awake than just open your eyes when you pray nothing sacred about closing your eyes constantly can open rights keep a journal pray about the thing is distracting you and God to devotional time these things can kill your devotional time don't check the e-mail before you do devotions or Facebook notification see you commented on the pictures before you close enough weight afterwards the notifications to be that although anyone ever if the mind wanders we must bring it back by President at that habit will find you make it what easy the problem dryness disobedience of God can be a promo dryness openly going against God rushing your quiet time to let go to get immigrant in question in the key is a quality not your quantity get into a rut doing the same thing over and over and over again maybe a prey like the same thing over and over again in the praise of boring you out my sharing insights with others is a key remember it's just something you lose it concerning a life another problem to me the problem of diligence make a covenant will buy with God as you approach in your devotion to pushing a Bible study that is a realistic one if you can only afford twenty minutes in the morning before you go to work and make a common old balance that cannot be done in a ten minutes to commit fifteen minutes whenever this estate to whatever you vow scheduled on the daily planner be prepared to face Satan 's excuses can yield everything to get distracted from Bible study to distract from the devotion to distract you from the will of the Lord if need be lead your Bible open the morning on the study of Jeremiah fifty nine hours later might that do not even open it right by event ready to wake up and Abby devotes not in your best but enter my thirty nine couple things to remember it takes about three weeks for you to become familiar with a new task but another three weeks before come the comfortable habit another this one in there as well it takes about another three years before it becomes a way of life popular culture and the just do it instinctively focus is extremist we can have it it takes longer than that before it becomes just like you stick to it victim to study energy going through in studying the Bible Galatians six was nine thousand and let it not be weary it let let us not be weary and what welldoing fringes season we shall want reap if we faint not the Bible says you reap what you so don't expect the so whole lot of information a whole lot spiritual life if you're not reaping much eat if you not reaping for the inevitable you mentioned up when people know pedal don't then I'd really want to study in depth later will develop into a simulated time the knockout of mixing your time up to devotionals understanding that with the Lord is spending that systematically quality time not quantity time in reading imposing and reflecting you go to the Bible step-by-step maybe a particular theme maybe it was a good subject I believe as you approach a devotion in make a commitment to God out of eleven devotion regularly in next week tomorrow morning you make the commencement upon the Lord all the next week I don't as you continue to find I believe I know you'll find that your spiritual life will grow your understanding of the Scriptures will grow your understanding of the themes of the Bible will grow as you spend that time with the Lord particularly in the morning thickly whenever that personal time is the finest books like this grows and grows and grows and grows stick to it Jesus often spent time in prayer we also should often spend our time in prayer and in Bible study they would look at devotion to look at a few principles on its presentations Namibian about fifteen minutes to close this window is valid for whatever father in heaven will we thank you for the Bible which love given to us a book that can be studied a book that can be understood a book that you wish for us to spend time in the process we studied the Bible it tells us of Jesus Christ it reveals to us the character of God we see the life of Jesus Christ I pray love reasons that everyone of us gathered here look at we would take that time to spend with you that I spiritualize may not be stuck in a rut but that they will be a vibrant Earl remaining meaningful and then it was wrong in Jesus they were in this media was brought by Nautilus is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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