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How to Study the Bible, Part 2

Adam Ramdin


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA




  • September 6, 2009
    4:00 PM
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father never alone we once again pools and inviting the Holy Spirit to be a teacher and guide of this time in the Bible we promise that your Holy Spirit will guide teachers and all things in Jesus name we pray amen how to study the Bible pot to ought to let us share about five oh six steps the basic steps we can use as we approach a passage of Scripture is a studying it as you try to find out what the passage of Scripture saying the chapter of the six of us is a few steps that you can use to try as you go through a passage of Scripture to see what the meaning in the Bible is and what God is trying to say through the Scriptures to you first step get ready to approach the Scriptures will try to be in a spiritual mindset of the mind uncluttered from in on what may be a studying in school the day before when I do mind and collected by the end of how much of buses in the pay you for the next two weeks away in mind I collected by when in the LA Lakers just one the what of it is the playoffs whatever abandonment click confession since for your mobile fully study a key things to be humble teachable and ready to obey your persons goods and a proud way of any see what I can make the Bible to send me enough to make it much on your Bible study as opposed to let me see what God is can I say and speak to me if I open the Bible different by different get ready you need some resources was the first resource you need but the candidates are several translations may not every time you study the Bible but it can be good to have them as reference when maybe you need them dated he is the King James version NK JV is the new King James version can be handy Bible to have alongside to King James it simplifies some of the language NASD new American standard Bible note the translation helping a study why else he wanted with it I like it now another one is Young's literal translation I like that one sometimes gets interesting phrases in Houston and I think Bible dictionary is good to have a Bible dictionary maybe you feel them read about your tribal something hidden in the Old Testament in the question will maybe the name of the place the Bible dictionary is like it's in the Bible dictionary domain the place and they give you a brief description of where that is what happened etc. etc. is a couple of dousing east of the Bible of extremism of local on this Bible dictionary you can pick these up in most shops today below the average Barnes & Noble law from Borders will do the bookshop you can pick them up there because it up if you know those folks is an excellent resource understanding the Bible to give you definitions on certain terms pipe places people tribes of things in the Bible you may understand and give you some background knowledge additionally can be good to have as well in English dictionary seek in this innocence on what you don't understand the pending three zero domain a chemical time at all the dictionaries you can get an old old old dictionary thing one the oldest picture you can really get the Webster's eighteen twenty eight dictionary was fun of some of the woods today was a change meaning they give you some of the all the meanings of the words in the English language which can help was change the meanings over time as you well know is good as you study your Bible you sit on a result of the results but the ones after the concordance strong the fine is the best components concordance can also order component is to take every word in the Bible it shows you where that word is repeated to me when I would come in every single verse in the Bible said he wanted to study think because you are going to look the faith at every single verse in the Bible with the word faith is mentioned then you could go intent to every single person see what faith means that what they mean that what made me than this with what I mean Annapolis gorgeous setting of us in any you cross-reference optometrist that can be a good resource to have as well several of them out there in the SDA Bible commentary which is a significant result that is fairly expensive we can get a cheap woman picking up again old one I find some time ago as I like to go to used bookstores myself in places where the in this ghetto let Loma Linda sometimes find that some of these older folks that may be have amended the one netbooks anymore maybe the past delay to give the book anything under the retreat is let you know my secret now though my animal but yet you can find them in on what messy code is at like ten dollars as a condition it was a little bit faded this saved me about three hundred bucks and then used bookstore vessels of the best presently defined the Bible as well but one that another defeat how much he got on the screen is and you can get this in the given the book taking notes then computer program committee can come you computer program can nullify all the above and a sense of common and little book I still think it's good to have the books as well but you can view the problem cannot hold that in a computer program in the local software was even obviously Bible John their accordance if you're a Mac user I bless you I would suggest the accordance is to be the best Bible program I believe is designed simply for the Macintosh computer I be combined the basic package in the Maya add-ons little to do for books as well be sought if I'm correct the free one month 's free lobby things on that PC study while at the food unlocking is in the vocal online something but as a whole other Bible problems you should if you have a computer on laptops in your access to the Internet you should not be without a Bible 's study computer program is using is that the easel .com .net eleven is an download one for free if you don't want to spend money on buying more expensive one that is no excuse when he view as of tomorrow when you get home Cinema Bible for the money computer if you have a computer I have the incident does go download bingo on you but you'll computer program that is some racism together and then the computer grow another reason become my problem with another good resource to have the school to treasury of Scripture knowledge which takes a verse in the Bible and then it will cross-reference the different sometimes words in that bus old media phrasing of us the different verses in the Bible is similar to a concordance but it's a little bit more intelligent than the components in some ways save you some time and you can cross-reference a lot quicker with a treasury of Scripture knowledge if you have a computer running an old windows open at once dispatched to drink then said he knew condensate you Strong 's concordance in it too done if a new Bible dictionary then you can of old than one screen just did them I must dominate a few these programs note well it saves you a whole lot of time and a whole lot of energy and also home of money so spiritual mindset resources the data sets that you got your politics you're a viable the first thing to do is to do what I second think that it would be very brief Moroccan signs that you study a possible script you should read this several times before you kind of in a move on from that to you it passes you read it through once maybe twice maybe three times a four times five maybe six maybe seven years reading the passage through nineteen percent of Bible study is observation your observing was in the passage to resume reading through the passage your reading through all first time then maybe after you read through and yet in AAA and yet you know you you prefer translation and maybe look for the translation then we throw in those ones as well and maybe read out loud maybe as well you may be listening to him on audio Bible as well be reading reading reading food several several times and eat any of his reading through the passage several times the main goal is to get the big picture was the big picture in this chapter was the big picture in these three chapters I'm reading through maybe on a note the cinema on the mouse what's an overarching big picture of them reading the seven on the map before you start maybe zooming in on the sly when this is less about the summons on you understand your meeting for the big picture asking yourself the way I understand this passage that is immediately stopped the last these different questions and these are all important questions that humans ask as a reading through the passage after you've read it then you go back and asked these questions North Austin was dubbing the Bible what happens is we do this we read the passage once and almost before we finish reading it which want to find out what it means straight away read Revelation people consult with conclusions apart from his Pacific is ready for us would have less what it says before you can is what it means it sounds basic but it's not in some ways Rita through what is a site ask questions Visual Basic questions that you have blessed you in the president of the Reuters group may go back to the question number one who was writing whose right of subscription who was the author when do they come from the weather when a prophet so-and-so has been a judge with acting within apostle with a disciple of Jesus was right to whom was a writing help you give a context or his like savoring the golf schools Jesus is speaking to you speaking to me said that what he's making the disciples was he speaking to the Pharisees was he speaking to describe us was he speaking for some Gentile woman and if you understandably speaking to a help to give you a reference as to clearly give them with the passage of Scripture he spoke Jesus spoke a certain way when he was rebuking the Pharisees and he spoke different when he was speaking to someone maybe it was a Gentile join us that to find out who was writing to let a writing next question when women writing what period of time when a writing it will have taken place before long was about to take place was happening when the person wrote you may also want to ask what else have the right to Richard Leftwich would also be written using some kind of reference point the reason for this job and you read about the lovable out what else is written the second benefit you can kind of know what I'm than to go there first before go elsewhere in the Bible to see what else he's written about this particular passage was subject or theme group is writing to whom whether writing when weather writing what was happening when the person wrote and what else is the right of writs to general questions you ask you with the passage of Scripture star Ryan Daniel at the city 's questions or at least be aware of in your mind as you're going into the text be aware what you're looking for I should looking through the passage of Scripture you looking for keywords maybe a word to the passage hinges on that investigates all you may be looking for repeated what's something from them over and over and over again the message of the twenty fourth repeated would afraid to come above and over again to see if several but there's even one of them the way that no man deceive you in the province come to see them receiving unit five at once he is another visiting as well etc. over and over and over again revelations of us that the most common one word or of Daniel chapter three one weather comes up several times in a positive script West Ridge United took a three-week worship worship worship worship at whatever comes up several times in the passage and he fussy when it made is a theme of worship to this passage the weather comes up several several times in the same story in the context of the five defendants maybe do something to this idea of worship in Daniel chapter three reminiscent that they never any Go Daddy AEC was a company in a hearing and again again repeated phrases repeated works parallelisms as you look in a special in the Old Testament things that Paolo in other coming up I was in the especially in some Old Testament contrasts as you go ballistic notes up with them mocking Bible I believe his message of studying the Bible not some market we so maybe primary Bible business to take notes on the side knock on the rule in need of you market by was a cardinal sin thus it happens that the McLean Bible services front of light is no markings in the and it encourages me to kind of remember more by memory then maybe what's in the sum of viable go to Arkansas from a clean slate so to speak but you know if you've unlock new levels helpful for you and the Navy with the blessed to suggest the look of the keywords repeated words repeated phrases Taoism contrast is regardless if they can remember the Sedalia ninety percent of your study is what observation there observing what is in the passage who wrote when to the right with the rising of the lap and run so-and-so him without you look at all these questions in observing this out you going to the process used of the observations made it is the reading observing it looking the passage of Scripture does it mean what is a site such that the judges took three digits of the three approaches them honest at the one time that I would hope the time to go through the whole thing but it is one of nozzles of this lease principal values and I was studying this chapter had assumed from this very chapter focuses twelve of us that you want I was rented of chapter into the catheter into the catheter into the chapter and verse twelve the Truman visited evil this thirteen before the mystery of the King of England economically above a thing as inoffensive as fifteen with a passive observer and get something came out to me as I was reading a strange seems different it got my attention it was a keyword is a go back to the Abbasid keyword of the passage I thought he installed the reason of assisting us in the Lord raise up ego taking this idea of a benzamide amend left-handed by him which Madrid is an imprint of a haunting about the weather cannot never really was and the second and become a talk by David into his bow and arrow and something that he was right-handed here is that the man was left-handed there's why does the Bible say he left Sunday's what's the purpose of that the Bible doesn't waste was just something event it is a reason for it what is a left-hander within Nevis is right-handed it must be keyword the passage hinges on a Kazumi got through to those twenty two number sixteen the Bible has even admitted that growth to which is one of accumulated any put it on his raiment upon wet his right sock is left-handed he puts the dagger on his right thigh this is all interesting information that almost seems extra maybe unnecessary or is it in the Bible done of this twenty one says any to put forth his left hand and took the dagger from his right thigh until the king revisits the metals read through these the things that came out the mamas are left-handed right side rest hands right thigh it all seems a little bit out of the ordinary why does the right of judges put that in the attention he was the new repeat they would've left-handed left thigh right and left in a United so I started look for the place would left unmentioned by what I found as a mission twice so that I gained like my things and this is something strange to come up a lot times once I'm here once limited to twenty two visit vehemently the clinical methods known the baptism in a living scene the left-handed Renaissance owners of both next to draw preliminary what solutions you done your reading you go a resources you've asked all the questions who what where why etc. etc. etc. Matthew Russell discretion who what where when where why how etc. you then stopped for your delivery conclusions he stopped leasing the picture together concentrate on what you do understand the passage I what principles you can derive from the passage of Scripture so what's the idea what do you understand what's the picture that the righteous China that I was remiss by Cisco to digits at the prison was what's the point companies in the think is going on the amended the left and he puts it back on his right side he pulls her left hand and stopped the Met I stop these in the picture together rest I think we'll may be a something maybe God used him because he was left on maybe less uniqueness about the story the right side was on the right side why did he put it underneath his clothes is no question of sunglasses of them looking at a restaurant of these together what I thought was noncommittal conclusion or maybe the right side was instrumental maybe the fact that I just under the close not on top of the close is instrumental is read the passage or principles can you derive from the specifics identified with a wholesome you can listen to if you want thousands go to some of the principles I thought the one and look at the big principles upon which oddities in the passage the principle is not that God would use left people as I didn't want to leave with the conclusion of his inscriptions is left-handed represented something different this passive script that left-handed represented out of the ordinary to the Bible never uses that kind of people everyone's right and crazy looking history medieval history even modern-day history left hand it was something that was frowned upon start the told us together the left-handed was something out of the old me was something different it was something that maybe was never used maybe it was something that he wouldn't be according to the Army and yet Goss a company use this person not a company is a son of Benjamin was the smallest tribe on value someone who's from the left-handed maybe he can get into the Army because he was left-handed and got take this person to use him to deliver his people and the phrase left-hander developed in the original man a man shot of his right hand when he was kind of power lies in his right hand and he can only use one parent of South Dakota states together of a man is left-handed whose disadvantaged to was probably overlooked the military service and that's the man that God uses to deliver Israel at two blood uses smallest five left-handed disadvantage deliver my people what the message going to try to teach with I believe the conclusion that I was looking to discuss a script eight in symbolism was that God can use anybody and he often uses us because of our weaknesses out weaknesses do not give us an excuse for most of them gone all weaknesses are often the reason why God wants to use us because we probably ought to be appreciably given beside unlike your uncle all week this is also what qualifies us to look for God that until the conclusions of the launch of the Google project is not just unique to that chapter would you suggest these are the whole description that is the path in the Bible you start to realize that God uses people that quote unquote underqualified ultimate about disciples on the road booklet on the seasons that can be wrong it would be under in the sense when you look at Jesus would you expect him to be Messiah baseless as the qualifications no David Goliath on the overqualified you get the idea that those looking the judges typically in a method wasn't as if a lot of the people picked up yet it seems that there was a lot typical picture that is a housing of God doing this bolt Scripture Moses always go speak to federal archives speak doesn't matter how can you ask if it's in with a lot of typical picture was not conclusion unique is a conclusion proscription as if it was there probably can you send can you find esteem status or prophecy or visit it it does the spirit of prophecy particularly right on the passage of Scripture and NUS is the question whether the Bible commentaries say what were the people 's known in the Bible commentaries I have is on the legs likely upon to get to it you should see a Bible comments regional friend rather than specifically as a teacher and it is a nonsense 's Bible commentary the closer you get the passage of Scripture the deal specifically may want eschatological prophecy of Daniel Revelation enzymes you find the list of the help they are generally a book that has been sealed by Goss until the end times is probably not a book you can find best understood in a common treatment was written before the book was unsealed if you understand to be Catholic to accommodate but is it okay if I was looking for historical context and background that can be good to say is funny desolate with a people site so is good to test your knowledge of what you studied of the conclusion that usual and with other people as well see not just coming up the private conclusion that seem way out of whack but as visits with a lot of of the book exhibits there prompted the Bible commentaries that I would hope that spiritual money frenzy have would agree with as well apply listen to the voice of the Spirit examine your own life mother people is a key point in studying the Bible to examine myself to other people you study the Bible to know about TCU values not like I'm giving my all madness the point I need to share that would run X he needs to hear that awesome apostle point I need to present because that is a deacon in Chesney to hear that the tenant is studying the Bible to examine your life primarily the other people 's life in me when I see so the question is replied is a rookie vessel you should memorize this can help you apply the lessons your life as a latest account a member of us about it you are you studying passes keep us as you look in the spirit letter you want to have sorry makes there is an effort to apply the principles and pray and should the density of like the Dead Sea the get fresh water every day yes gallons and gallons of fresh water every single day come into the densely but because it doesn't give anything it dies the Sea of Galilee get the same freshwater the Dead Sea gets River Jordan River Jordan flows into the sea of Galilee of the Cedar Valley I stays fresh when Jesus was around the fish that you can go to the bank is selfishness by efficient essay will the Philadelphia Valley goes down the River Jordan flows into the Dead Sea fresh water laden lost the nose into the Dead Sea as he goes into the density because it doesn't go anywhere it kinds as they would a Bible study when you pray what his spiritual life you can receive receiver zebra zebra zebra zebra say you've a you can be on the Sea of Galilee and sale life you give give give give give give your Bible study what vibrancy do it if you are receiving the studying the Bible and you share with other people this is just something you hold yourself eventually it becomes very insula varied conclusions I just kind of his drives up sharing is key to staying alive it's keep your Bible study for the seven things was the first one was almost a get ready for two months second molested that he resources that almost two reads several times different translations the federal laws to the question of the fourth with an asked questions the fifth almost the be aware keywords and key phrases repeated words powerhouse etc. the six almost a joy of preliminary conclusions from the passage more these questions are you going to my seventh want is to find the conclusions they do fit the bill but once like they do fit with a lot typical picture they do fit with the spirit of prophecy it seems that the conclusion that state did yet they make sense seventh that is until plan at the ship is a some basic principle that you can approach a different set passage of Scripture with studying me that evening at devotions you can use his new devotion BS is staying in the Gospels maybe you don't see a study in the story of John Gospel of John is nothing you can do the cup of the point is a couple of other pointers whether we hear some ripple we looks at this one is the point is the kind of summarizing something to look that up is because of these lies fairly quickly and read through them if you have any questions excellent toenail is going too fast so maybe slow down those always complained that I had when I was an evangelist such slowdown also like me to listen click the beginning is actually don't understand it Vanessa is resident you can visit some basic pointers as we pray for help in understanding read the passage in context if you need to read repeatedly you know proclamations areas with a familiarizing yourself with the Scripture I am asking to be a channel for God 's blessings on the go through the love quickly because someone asked me think of my presentation I said no you can't his mind but I mean something is going on the website is going to go on A/V equipment the presentation own events anything is download and that was to be easily me gain five hundred memory sticks and put them on my computer so you goes oleoresin and give them the presentations and you can download the presentations from that use the best tools you studying and the results of the ring the Bible sparrow prophecy Lebanon the wretched is on that song 's estimate for sexy navicular devotion the discrepancy in the Bible together and studying as well is a good way that it units the conflict of the ages say that if you break the conflict of the ages which is picked up some profits prophets and kings which covers the Old Testament desire of ages this covers the Gospels acts of the apostles which covers the inner acts angry controversy with covers kind of from then Revelation into the world the five plus there is a cover the whole Bible excellent way to study the Bible devotions about you can be reading safe chaps in oh six the desire of ages and it will tell you that the footnotes this chapter correlates with John chapter ten Luke chapter six and then you can go to this passage of Scripture read the chapter is that it are two of them together way to go to the Bible God has given to us a divine commentary on the Bible that we should not ignore as we study the Bible is an excellent film I been hunted on the on the screen is an excellent tool to use looking for the parallel passages meditating and then this one I just can't do myself the fine inspired comic in the passage you can find spiritual prophecy on the old and New Testament all you can be read in the New Testament and it confirmed something from the Old Testament athlete to bring the testament together look at a process in the Old Testament and you see a fulfillment in the New Testament or in your meeting and where is a you read in Matthew chapter two surround this will feel fifteen eight twenty three this is always good to the back of the context Timothy two wrestlers and fourteen when the Bible says in a rose until the young child and his mother by night and deposit into Egypt and was that until the death of Herod that it might be fulfilled which was spoken although Lord by the prophet Ellen that when the New Testament says that it might be fulfilled which was spoken all the Lord by the prophet you know what you want what's with that event to go back and see where the prophet said in the Old Testament or New Testament says that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of by the prophet is a quilting directly the Old Testament the raid see the context when Jesus says it is written go back and look at a text was using was quoting a tax on the Old Testament see where it comes where to start see we can match the two of them together and you start to see that the the testament so to speak they all join together what should you not do it to studying the Bible cover things not that it number one do not exist there are prophecies a substitute for Bible study study the Bible for reprocessing to confirm to back it up if you only when you can prove the twenty three hundred days of the tenth chapter holy of holies in the great controversy and you missed something is easy to sweet accords a somerset on the twenty three hundred days finishes in eighteen forty four but the other Bible study that goes along with it dying is a store prophecy as a crutch or substitute for Bible study Bible should always come first in our study escrow to life point number two was a reluctant tragic shock value or quantity to try and prove your clip when we study the Bible to see if I can find something really we really different and no one else's study noted a Scripture to the Bible says there is no new thing under the USA and you would in your original thought has a zone of the studied up for is not in don't study the Bible justifying something you will original just stop coming assembly and wacky conclusions you stop making jumps in your Bible studies on sound rediscovers an hour and then you just jumping smoke soundest focus system with sales in the East and follow men's thought uncritically solitary soul with you yet I'm exhibited I believe that check it out what is the Bible sent back seventeen with eleven with the debris instant they check local said and the Bibles available noble second thing you should do is reject someone's development of thought without even getting a hearing solicited about me to share them with you and is rejected outright given a hearing check it out go to the Bible see what I have to say message another listen to teachers that are known to be causing division and problems and all the best people to teach you everywhere they go they seem to call division and fracturing created problems it's probably best not to go and study with as a faithful was questioned that require speculates announces there's something to the Bible just haven't given us the answer to two thousand the question that we don't know the answer don't find full of an ounce of out of the text is so vague it makes you look like I'm studied the Bible well there's nothing ashamed to be safe what you don't other thing about is the question will find a maybe we get to heaven says the Bible for evidence to support your position as noted we decided about in other words I have decided this is what I what the Bible to say now find a text that supports that not sound rather don't even take the position until the evidence is it me see what the evidence have to say I'm seeking what the Bible has to say now I notices or use an obscure passage to try to explain it clearly no decrease in Laguna Bible studies he sizzled at finding you a clear text and you got one for him maybe not as clear only stick the clear ones if he's maybe studying adoption the Schiller prophetic issue don't use the unclear ones to try make you seem smart as you've brought out something that no one else is seen before additional thoughts study window let's not focus fresh start with the appropriate there memorize keep your mind and collected from wicked old veins for find a private place is coming up with the study of Bible deciphering the television eating your dinner while you listen to iPod but a private place uncooked of mine give yourself sufficient time and remember like this at the beginning it's not always about quick answers when you study the Bible but always unity mulling overpasses of Scripture for a while maybe more the one day maybe a week you still mulling over the passage of Scripture to see what God is saying it and so you reset your payday is always in the end not the beginning those you the research really stories the new meeting study passages rather than versus he stopped to see the connect them of the thoughts that I was reading through UNEP I don't always think the chapters and eighty if you study except with regard to the next topic is the chapter divisions were given by the government knowledge reason to Johnson the faulty and stings a little inside when I read about a topic divisions John fourteen says let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me and my father 's house in many messages when also I would've told us a question who is Jesus talking to music you say hi to the disciples he spoken to us it wasn't because to go back and read in the chapter thirteen euros it Jesus was speaking to pick up and tenets of the destinies as you will deny me three times he says no I won't confuse this talk will not out of the cook will not grow three times and you will deny me let not your heart be troubled to me again this was more understanding of the passage when Jesus just as you do deny me that not a hobby troubled for interactive user read ask God what a phrase means how repent if needed I definitely a carefully use faith-based commentaries one that may be on Adventist and even the SCA pineapple tree common tree as a friend the teacher remember the closer you get the material that was once sealed the less helpful long as you come into for example the book of Daniel Chuck three the Bible says it was NBC eleven so went time of year eighteen hundreds you read a Bible conjugate was written in fifteen hundred is coming up and help you items that cover the things curiosity even a question about something maybe God has put the question your mind to study the passage people complex passages you can sometimes work in reverse it can help you out use a Bible dictionary for unfamiliar words either oldest small point that can help you in your Bible study after study the Bible as you go through these different passages of Scripture additional thoughts that will bank all these are just a few points will help you first presentation you devotions and generals Prince was a study type of vibrant devotional life section one of the lookup basic principles of Bible study seven steps questions the West as you approach a passage of Scripture put these in practice you never have this week tomorrow today pick a passage of Scripture pray for the Lord to give you insight into one and approach it in a prayerful humble like asking what one can teach you to be measured loosely defined spiritual life will grow your understanding of the Scriptures will grow as you look at these big and grandest scenes in the Bible you'll stop the seed of the Bible is not isolated books on their own but it's a grand theme the big picture stop the Seattle old pieces together operate it easily one of you in a months time in a years time the knowledge of the Scriptures to walk with the Lord will be close to a more vibrant than it is today as well as because the web friend father in heaven what we once again thank you for being on guide my feet south of as a humble prayer that as we venture out as we go back home after these youth convention love we have been blessed via we have had many messages that have up listed us to inspire those the drawing us closer to you in the same time what we don't want to slip back into this may be the same rut that we were in before we gain I pray love as we go back home and the Bible may be become real to each one of us individually they may stay real to each one of us individually and that we may continue to find precious gems of truth from you what we may continue to have a vibrant walk with you even one with just our own in our bedroom and living room without Bible in the continual attention died in Jesus name we pray amen this was brought by Nautilus a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me send an audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. audio verse .org


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