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Culture vs. Spiritual Calling

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • December 1, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Good morning. In every avenue I go through and every Sabbath you do the whole good morning happy Sabbath thing only two people say you going to do it twice and you got it and people are annoyed and it didn't. Just you just greet. Loudly the first time. Good morning. It may seem like a formality to you but it does as a speaker as a guest speaker it does I feel the warmth. And even if you did I know that you guys are all. Morning many of you know all of your are loving. Are going to have a message today based on last night's message how many of you were here last night please read your hands how many were not here last night please raise your hands they would go. Welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome I did a search I was a cob disclaimer that. I am Korean I am not North Korean I'm not South Korean just just Korean and this is a Korean church welcoming all non Koreans but the message just kind of geared towards Asians and I presented this many times before and many of those who are not Asians have received a lot of blessings but it's a little bit more work as it's primarily can text just for the Asian context. But the principals here actually are needed for every Adventist especially those on university campuses some Assuming that many of you know all of you and many of you are affiliated with the university on nearby in some way to some degree and even if you're not you are part of its its momentum and its its existence message this morning is entitle cultural and spiritual calling and before we actually go and yes it is another power powerpoint presentation it's not a formal. The message is just as I said yesterday it kind of came off of my my thinking and my being involved the campus ministries for about fifteen years as a pastor of a Korean church pastor of an American International Church I lived in Korea as a missionary for a couple years and now work for General Conference and I have these are these are thoughts that are still coagulating in my mind and I'm just I just shared with some people a couple months ago and some people said hey you need to share this I called Still so here I'm here I'm here if you don't like the message that's your fault it's not my fault. I can't do anything about it and that's your problem. But we're going to try to make that this is a graceful mess message as much as possible can I ask though this is a very rude question to some of you but I don't really care how many of you are twenty years or younger please raise your hands. My dear born in like one thousand. Born in two thousand and one. People were born in two thousand and one that's kind of weird. How many of you are twenty to thirty years old just having a demographic I'm very into sociology twenty the thirty's twenty to thirty S. OK and then thought was a thirty plus thirty plus. Thirty plus B. proud people out there something really cool that I really like about the Asian culture I really reviewed the American culture and the Asian culture and Mrs Little last night but the Asians really like age it's an American point of shame in our times we think the Asians are but shaming dignity and not the Westerners are also just so much about shame and and their shame that a very interesting so you see a lot of women are like oh yeah I mean they look like they're ninety years old like their it's my thirtieth birthday and they're still living their their youth whereas an. Old and I can do. And I can say whatever I want you know and it's just I guess that's how Asians are and. As I get older I want to be like that person. So cultural in spiritual calling and I guess the reason I ask how old you are is some of you are ready set your ways you've chosen your calling and there's not much you can do about that there's others you're kind of in the intermediate stage and there's others are like I don't know where crowing is I'm just going to go one minute or so we're just going to maybe kind of do a bird's eye view on what I believe is the Asian problem and then our role as Adam is now my assumption all of you here are some fabulous if you're not you're totally welcome and leave it's a biblical message I think this is a burden I have for specific Koreans and for having this but including It was a fair of a disclaimer just so that everyone's feeling nice and warm and chicken soup be in their stomachs. There are a lot of Asian American pressures that we have if you don't know about them I want to introduce to you to them I love this man I don't know who this man is. He is the Asian dad mean. I met him on line and we've developed a nice relationship lately and you know I was just talking with Sara up on the pulpit and why is it that every Asian is born with supernatural musical abilities upon birth is a perfect Juilliard students and Asians are very big and I say Asians and I know none Asians are the same and if you actually look at a culturally many in Continental Africa have what we would call an Asian culture in the same values many in Eastern Europe we have talked a sister Yes night Romania and Bulgaria very similar basically the whole is the same except for America in Europe and Australia they just kind of do their thing. But you know we are very big and to music and we you know our dads are violent about that we're going to study. Study study study study study for those of you. Really you know like you know I mean I've heard. K. that's you you hear that a lot what are you doing are you sleeping no you should be awake studying and they were after you're studying then at a certain point when you turn about twenty five your parents don't care about you studying. They say stop studying now usually twenty five is the age where like you're really interested in your doctoral studies and you want to study even more and that's where you get married get married get married get married get married get married I want grandkids right now I want to die that's what they want to say and then they say after after you've married if this clicker works Oh yes children children children children children children maybe you stop generating me mincer generating. Grandchildren there is a diversion some American and Asian cultures OK Oh yes last night we looked at the east versus west this is sociologically documented this is not something new I'm trying to bring up the more humorous elements to make a bit more palatable and just give you sociological data and my job as a pastor is to say for that I see as the Asian American culture this has ramifications in our church. In the American culture this is our. Message is what you want to do yes or no now you don't really know that this is the problem of cultural studies of fish doesn't know what water feels like you don't know what the culture is unless you read the Roger Miller Lou this is like. This is really and you can't experience some of these things so it wasn't until I actually lived abroad I would really encourage all of you to live abroad to Mission work of some sort and you get a little more of a cross cultural perspective for those who are part of Third cultures third party cultures where you don't have a home and I am a Korean American America's not my home Korea is not my home I have no home that's what they call third culture it's nice to compare and contrast one against each other and you can actually cherry pick the best of each element but in America is overwhelming to read every. You really want to do and we have this the land of opportunity you may not think so but it is you can do anything whatever you want to with with if you put your mind to it America was created on the basis and in Europe Europe is very similar to ancient Korea full of titles full of family background whatever so if my dad was some kind of criminal I was part of the criminal family for the rest of my life I would come to America and I had the opportunity to start afresh and many Koreans start this week not to offend some of you Asians or Koreans but every Korean says I am from the Royal Caribbean blood and they are not for this immigrant say. If you're really royal Korean you'd be living in Korea OK why would you come over here you see that's your answer to something illegal that you came over to America I said a tongue in cheek in America be all that you can be in Asia it's different it's not the overwhelming message it is happiness is in where. Is an other people now you me says maybe think well that's very selfish and very very superficial well in America it's what happiness is in you the reality is both cultures are wrong and then it's not fair OK And I says Now this pastor that happiness is rooted in the holiness and holy says found in Christ we're not going to go there were a bit later but happiness is found in other people and they say and the way to be happy is when you hear how happy his parents how happy her parents must be yeah. This is. In Korea you say wow he is a doctor how happy is it parents how happy are her parents and then be all not the you want to be but be all that your family has sacrificed you to be. That is the overwhelming message No you don't see this on. On on the billboards but it is the overwhelming message that you see there now today I'm going to a little bit into into this and we're a kid away from the agent thing for a while and I look at it and current day twenty seventeen the modernist perspective is says that there is there is there is no truth that everyone can live according to the way that you want to post-modern say there is one truth actually that is the. That's correct that there is truth but is privatized in segmented away from the public practical everyday life and that's just really really dry and I usually use this in another message but my father used this illustration because it's going on I can think of and my father was a hippy He's six foot two he's going to tall screens I know I'm the only son that's still shorter than his dad in Asia and he was a hippie when he came over to the United States in one nine hundred seventy he had long hair I hate long hair I like short hair I'm a pastor I cut my hair short he has his hair long and he just live in that lifestyle the only hippies are you know you look it up in Wikipedia in the historical era and what happened was when I was little I went to my parents' house. Because I live there. And I went to my parents' bedroom closet and there's like you know the closet with all the junk in there you have that one room where like no one goes in to see all the junk and they get all the dry cleaning plastic there and I was like wow this is an ancient and then there's all these like like clothes and I open the clothes and I want to Narnia. So there was like a leather suit there a leather suit that was orange and I screamed out loud Oh my God. What is this this is gross so my parents came up an only child they thought I died so that I wasn't I came up there and they said what are you doing and what do you have this this is disgusting third way and my dad says. This month. Facial expression and he said I wore that when I met your mother and it had all this whatever whatever so I said Dad we're it's. You were dead and then where that and that thrown away no can't do that. And you understand that's why this closet exists. This closet is an intermediate stage of paralysis. You can't wear it publicly and you can't reject it it's stuck. So we have this room and we put all of those things which we can't wear publicly and we can't throw away and it just becomes a store. But in Sisters the church can be orange lovers Jesus can be your lovers religion can so that we can wear our religion outside we can wear Jesus in public but we can't throw away either so we just kind of privatized you know you're free have a term before privatization of religion which is kind of like this is my personal believes and less as a millennial thing what I had to call the millennial tome where nothing's really sure anything goes up at the end because it's not a definitive statement but it kind of more like I'm kind of thinking about what may be easy. And what happens is you're not really sure of anything. This is where we're at twenty seven. Western society bifurcates the two on the left you see heart religion private preferences values individual choice non-rational non-con and postmodern subjective relative and how we act on Sabbath OK that's kind of the religious side. We do this and we talk about religious beliefs we often preface it like Well my personal beliefs are that oh well my opinion and we don't we have we feel awkward in our society to impose religion on earth that we feel like that's not a civil thing to do on the right side we have the brain science. Public knowledge facts public society rational verifiable modernism objective universal how we live during the week and this is the current challenge for our generation we live six days as six day non administers and on Sabbath we live as a Seventh Day Adventist. The two don't bleed. And it's as if when the sun goes down it's like. Friday. House is clean I'm now holy and Sunday on Saturday OK I'm no secular Justin and I need to know or Kimo my stuff and I don't talk about God and I don't honor the Sabbath. So I was cool. I don't know what's up with his I don't know what of this bifurcated life. The sharp line this is from Leslie Newman the shop line which modern western culture has drawn between religious affairs and secular affairs in is is itself one of the most significant peculiarities of our culture and would be in comprehensive to the vast majority of people me and every other culture to bifurcate religion and life does not exist it only exists in the Western world where you have let me talk to my Korean brothers and sisters. In Korea religion and life are one in India religion and life are one in Africa religion and life are one but for those of us living in here North America or Australia or Europe religion is here life is here. So that when I'm choosing what what what Call me what occupation I'm going to have my religion should not impact my major my religion should not impact my profession my religion does not impact how me money should that be the case and I would say this as a general conference representative sixty two point five five percent of our youth worldwide leave the church. Why is it we have not learned to integrate Adventism into our clinical trials into our classrooms into our nursing rounds into our our dental assignments into our daily work we have not learned to do that. We have a biblical message but we use a secular method Yes So we have Christian ministries who use the methodology of entertainment and secular industry should that be the case. What I'm saying is this the methodology should be just as biblical as our stance some of your like and what his methodology gets it is just very. Christian businesses are accepting secular management if you're understanding a Christian business is not a business where the boss just happens to be Christian a Christian business is in its methodology and its function in its intuitive all the fibers all of that profit making enterprise is found. Did on Christian principles. Today we say you know what. I'm going to be a doctor and I'm an avid interest I'm an evidence doctor you know you know. You're a doctor and you're an AT You're an ad in this but you're not adding this doctor should your Adventism affect how you doctor should it and it goes for nursing teaching go to the whole whatever it whatever you choose Christian hospitals are based on secular definitions of health question is this if you go to an avid this hospital and the principles of that hospital are exactly the same as St Mary's or some other atheistic based institution what makes an avenue to Tousen many of our advocacy institutions today namely Southern ANDREWS Well Melinda they are wanting to accommodate the principles of secular accreditation models now I'm not anti creation or whatever but they're wanting to be like the Harvard's and the Yales out there you know Harvard is not accredited there so number one they're like We don't need your credit anyone. We've created ourselves. Now then now they have modern you know associations and they're all overlap they don't start out as a credit service Christian families have the same divorce rate as the secular world should add when this have the same divorce rate as the world. Should. Christians have jobs that commit murder. Let me ask you this Ken. I think Aris here can add in this work at nuclear missile facilities. Will I make a million dollars I can pay to live and a church will benefit Yeah but you're bombing people and you're killing people. The methodology should be seven day adding biblical days there are in Las Vegas there is a ministry anonymous ministry prison lord but a Christian ministry that believes in sexual evangelist. If it's about baptizing people and it's about the results that matter what they do is they have a worship service and then they have girls lined up and then they make the girls dress in ways that are. Women you know whatever OK And then so then they go out into the streets and these girls I've been given a canvas this is not Amis canvassing by the way this is a different version and they go like hey you want to have a good time and the guys are like really up and they come to church and this is because these are like it is this and then they have like worship services and want and they baptized one or two people. And that one baptism is a justification that this method is legitimate. And that's an extreme version yes. But is it legit. Now we don't do that we do. But we may use secular methods ourself and just put the label Adventists on top if this is clearly same in. Secularist respect religion they deny relevance to the public realm so you have Ph D.'s maybe those on campus university campus maybe even southern they have their doctoral degrees and they pay tide and they may even be a good more Adventist they're excellent in their field they're number one in geology number one and whatever yet they don't believe the basic tenets of Adventism are they a good ad in this profession. You got to ask yourself in our institutions today we are sacrificing our core beliefs for professional expertise the question teacher is not only someone who is only a good example but someone who teaches from a biblical world view. So question is we looked at yesterday identity who are we or region where do we come from how do we get there meaning what is the purpose of life destiny where are we going as you all choose your calling for questions must be answered and this is the problem in the Korean Korean and Asian cultures they don't care about these questions. Oh. Just make some money. Take care of your parents who cares about where you came from where you go what's the meaning of life Koreans don't care about the meaning of life. It's want to be taken care of. And here is adding this we are living within a time frame we're living in a world view and we have these answers that we need to ask and we have these questions that we need to answer the term worldview describe to search for answers to those intensely personal questions everyone must wrestle with the cry for the human heart for purpose meaning and the big truth truth big enough to live by no one can live without the sense of purpose and direction a sense that his or her life has significance as part of a cosmic story and I mention this last night but sociologists have criticised the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the book seeking a saint sure they call the administration a revolving door church revolving door church meaning those who come into the church are poor people or marginal people and we go into I Cademy system we go into our colleges and we go to our graduate students and all we're trying to do is get into Loma Linda Medical That is our goal as a denomination and once again to level in the medical and dental were ever we graduate and the far majority leave the church. Meaning we're coming to the church we we have climbed a ladder we get rich and we leave the church it's a revolving door we need to learn how to not only become doctors and dentist but learn to be have been a stalker having this dentist Avon's teachers adding this whatever's whatever whatever you want to be. So here you have. The different have different philosophies out there I will get into this but I think it's fascinating different different different worldviews think of human beings as different do they define human beings in different ways in the Marxism they look at the human being as you are just the means of work you are a human body you have hens you've got muscle tissue carry this over there to bring it back they only look at people in terms of the labor for it says no no no this is she's not Lee I don't want you to feel I'm not going as a human being. People are just manifestations of my sexual projections so I see a group. That is a weird perverted stuff. Behaviorists says hey we're just these autumn Aton robots and then when we see a stimulus we respond and we just we don't do anything which is that we're just we're all living automatic and like. We school one thing to another OK And lastly there is the biblical worldview that says we are the. Combination the aggregation of our choices. There's a guy named Alvin planting and he said he I don't know if you know he's a big philosopher when he became. A university professor in philosophy almost one hundred percent of the philosophy professors were atheist. Or percentage. So because he becomes a philosophy professor in I don't really understand what his Ph D. thesis is and try to read it and I can't understand he said he's brilliant but he's basically saying that for proper thinking. For proper thinking there are these basic elements in your brain that you need to understand and if you don't understand it you're insane. So he says like for example numbers just a basic part of the program you can't prove numbers. You can't you can't you can't make numbers numbers quantity it just exists and your brain naturally needs it to process things and if you don't believe in numbers you are what insane and then his contribution is well I believe God is one of these things so if you don't believe in God you are insane. Well at the time I mean people made fun of him he was derided as he was just made fun of and he developed his fault even more and now to know that today twenty seven because of this one minute thirty three percent of all the philosophy professors in the United States are theistic. Is he a Christian philosophy. Is making sense here is not a philosopher who just happens to be a Christian he is a Christian philosopher. We need an admin this diversion I interchange Biblical with with I've been is we need an admin a science out there yeah I resign should be based on something biblical ish should be part of an end in this world view when adding this politics in something to combat trump and bring in some biblical I'm not saying a good combination of church and state I'm not saying that but there's an admin is theory of politics when adding this economics avin this bioethics agonists theory of general admin this fashion we should avenues fashion you know there is one lady she is Amish and she decide to go to the best fashion institute in the world somewhere in France and she said instead of me being an a fashion designer I'm going to bring my into the fashion world and she said what if modesty was actually fashionable and she had entire shows based on dress which I don't know how that's very fashionable but she did it somehow and then kind of went and she was creative and they made the headlines for. Short time but still she's trying she says we need it ave this theory of fashion would it be cool to have avenues to fashion what we look like. We will be wearing the same things right now. Administering of literature and history of technology administering a food Amen What if we were on the cutting edge of food coloring development in the off with the haystacks. That's not adding this food it's just taco salad I don't know why why we call it a stack. What if we created it what if we were on the cutting edge of food that looked good. Amen so some of us when it doesn't look good like special feeling and then there's other food that tastes good and that is also healthy for you. Because if we don't do it there's other people who will do it for us. And we need admin and theory of everything so for this to occur some of you are going to live in the this is a large picture for this to occur. Asians cream brothers and sisters. If you may be God's gift to the journalism world. You may be God's gift to the fashion you me you have these themes that God has created indeed your individuality and you need to shine forth and stand up and give glory back to God in this one field but the culture says no suppress that don't serve your gawd serve mine up. Well to medical school and dental school or whatever make a lot of money and then give your money back to your parents now you understand I'm not anti medical school or anti dental school I'm just saying that because all of us are there any way you. Can agonist businessmen sell alcohol. Ken administrators. Write novels in living after death. Can add in a scientist work on nuclear missiles this is making sense we need a rule view that is fairly Biblical and thoroughly happens. So prestige is not central to the life of the Christian believer whereas in Korean culture it is hoarding money is considered foolish we should be concerned for parents well being but we should plan well for the sake of provision and laziness leads to shame and poverty so there are elements in the Eastern world that are biblical I'm not dogging Koreans there are things in the Korean culture that are wonderful that America needs to learn from amen there are Americans need to learn to respect elders. They really do need to learn about diligence and persistence and hard work America used to be a country like this now we're all into being in the receiving freebies here in there and entitle bit. But Korea and Asia has a lot to learn from America as well the whole point is this I'm not saying that Korea is better America better is we need to transcend that and isolate which of our cultures every culture has been given something special by God and we create a composite picture of God with our cultures. Isn't that working on ever so big some of your thinking. This is a little too abstract for me I'm just going to go home with sundown and with study organic chemistry and I want to get my to my taxes and my my resume and I just want to get them I don't want to think about this this is like little too much OK the message here tonight is shoot help you or ask you to Rio valuate everything and your largest barrier may be your parents. Your parents who may have sacrificed all for you and your thinking pastor are you. You saying that I should call my parents upright know me like Mom Dad I hate you. As Jesus said as I just in him said so I'm going to now become an artist. And live in Bahamas No I'm not saying that at all there is a difference between honoring your parents and obeying your parents there is a difference here you see Honor is a position of out attitude and obeying it is a position of just behavior on the outside Christ is to be who. Or what I should say will be a. Honor is protecting parents all dignity of shipping weight to parent to counsel acknowledge a parent's higher social position and respond appropriately to a parent's love and wisdom that is on her meaning Dad Mom what do you think what do you have to say to this I really value your wisdom Mom Dad you live for one hundred ninety years in those two hundred years what do you have to offer me. And then buy at the end of the day you need to obey Christ. So make sense sometimes we take that honor thy father and mother and then we said minister that's the fifth commandment that means whatever mom and dad says I have to do. It just means to honor them not obey them now in honoring them there may be some good wisdom and that you should definitely obey OK There's also such thing as honorable disobedience Yes Ruth and they all mean Ruth said Naomi said go away but you said no I will honor you by not calling she's going away no I'm going to I'm going to argue against you I don't mistake with you there's also Johnson and Saul Yes Jonathan was anti his father's positions and he respected his father yet you still be friended David you have Jesus and his parents who he was still respectable as parents. And. He still did Lord's will we need to learn to forgive and this is the last live here this morning that we're going on the last of this more John stop this is a very good one that help me here the submission required is to God's authority delegated to human beings if therefore our parents for example misuse their God given authority for example by commanding what God forbids or forbidding what God commands then our duty is no longer conscientiously to submit but conscientiously to what. Refused to do so. In the nation well it's all about security economic security and you know I have these conversations with my mother. My mom worries a lot. I'm thirty six years old she says hey we're jacket it's cold it's no no it's good so because I know everyone here and I should be a better son like Yes mother but I don't I was given a little I know. I did I'm only child like I feel like and you know. We're going to cause a. I was about to hear my seatbelt now that then if I put my seat but that means I'm putting up because I'm listening to you but I have the independence and the free will doesn't do it anyway. We just visited my mom and dad he eat your vegetables I'm a vegetarian that's all I need as I don't want to be invisible you don't have to tell me that. Koreans are very much into worrying it's not a Korean thing it's a parent a parental thing but there is in the Western culture there are boundaries and it's very it's a foreign concept to the east when you are eighteen you are gone to the mind this is a foreign concept because when you are one hundred eighteen years old you are still my child. I will micromanage everything in your life. I don't care what the law says I don't care what the culture says you are my psyche and I'm going to tell you whatever I want to do it is I said yeah. Very big on economic security when my parents I went to Harvard Medical School for one year to do medical research and stem cell research I hated every moment of it but my trajectory was to go to medical school I had the recommendation letter from the chief of admissions from Harvard and I was like This is pretty pretty cool gig right and then I told my parents while working at the hospital Mass General I didn't like any of the research pretty much people died who were like eighty years old and they came up with no contribution to science the only contribution was what doesn't work and I didn't want to pee part of it so right at the hospital I was giving Bible studies to the receptionist downstairs to the Catholic lab supervisor I was having religious conversations with a Swedish girl who was kind of like post-modern and atheistic and I really enjoyed having the apologetic campus ministry type or into conversations so I said hey maybe I'll go to seminary so Dad Mom I'm going to go to summer it's pastures I play. The role make any Monday like day therefore less all the time we turn up almost like and I'm not going to go to nothing to be a pastor I'm just going to seminary and just learn just a little bit and then about going. So I went for one year and then after one year I said to my parents oh mom dad it's a two year program in. One year why don't I just do another year like then you want to go to medical school yeah I will so I did two years and then I got a master's degree or basic requirements for it and then I tell my parents mall I have filled agreed. I should use it because I don't you know. And and you may think and I've heard people people say like hey you. You are a very good speaker I've never wanted to be a public speaker I was very shy people I don't like people and. I really don't I just like sitting and reading a book by myself and I never want to be a pastor be a public speaker and this is all been developing last fifteen years OK and what I don't want to do this and the Lord called me to ministry. Part of a campus ministry like this near Andrews University some of them are actually say in the back row that open my eyes I love to preach the Word of God He bible studies I became pastors of different churches here and there and last year got called to the General Conference. And the whole time my parents are thinking here so people are so so so. But now after fifteen years I can look back and I have a testimony of a record of a testimony that God has never let me down even once in those fifty years. Now this is my story as a pastor but this couldn't take away passion it could be whatever whatever you insert fill in the blank there whatever you do there will be tension with your parents but if you give it to the Lord you can still do it in a Christ like manner you can still on earth them. And you obey them in the areas where they did that they should be obeyed but it is not a hundred percent mindless obedience just because they're your mom and that is a fair thing to say is that make sense it's All Things and balance. In the east all the economic security and so when you know we claim Psalm twenty three God provides Matthew six don't take thought thought for tomorrow proverbs balances that saying plan and prepare so the whole thing is don't really buy up but plan to make that. The job verses of vocation in a nation course you there is all about getting. High education is high priced each get a high paying job in the city get a nice car a nice house superficial shallow really should with God very busy stressed out use all your money on Netflix and you become a yuppie OK this is your admission this to me. It really is. And I heard in is if our generation continues now NDIS round. We're not going to see the next generation of evidence. There are migrations and I'm not anti Southern and I'm not at Loma Linda you understand we're coming from. But there's this migration to Southern California then you marry because all the avenues are glee you go to the Presbyterian Church and you marry someone there who leave the church and you have a lot of press between kids and then you peer presbyter. You see this happen all the time. Takeaways from today this is my last live from Rome for sure this morning tell God everything. I know this sounds very sorry very simple and very very very intuitive but God is not stupid. He created our parents he created the Korean culture in many ways his name then our Korean grandparents. He is the old. For those who are not korean don't freak out I'm not saying that God is Korean I'm not I'm not saying this just don't think you understand where I'm coming just tell the Lord like this is so hard like my parents have like they only sleep two hours a day like might might might my my dad like he just sacrificed so much for me and he just wants me to do this and I gods how I'm going to say just tell him to go and everything and God will cause it. Number two don't just talk at him listen for him so we're an Adventist we're very good at praying bore not good at listening. God will speak and if these opportune times where it is just you feel overwhelmingly motivated to say X. Y. or Z. to your mom and Number Three see confirmation through wise counselors OK if your dream is and if you think you're the next you know a karaoke bar specialist and you want to be an avid this care Yochi bar specialist and you want to go out there and anyone or start a franchise of care karaoke bars who are people Laurie to God to carry the bars I would question that a little bit I really would. Now to be convinced just by yourself is not enough ask other godly wise people do you think you know we can do a karaoke bar you know and we close on Sabbath for sure it was be done sundown and then we open again on Saturday night like a big lot of money we give back to the church we'd have you know a decaffeinated and all these smoothies and only know him no I don't know OK no. That idea that you so ask why his counselors around you what your thing is and before God has the best plan for your life and then this is where my mind. Peers who are now living in Southern California who have gone the route of finding worldly wealth through the avenue and have left the church many of them regret the choices that they have me. God has the best life for you in mine I know this sounds very cliche and it may mean Bible Belt Chattanooga this is nothing new but God has the best life. For those of you have chosen your careers your path your your callings already God still has the best years of your life in front of you. God will use your press. This your profession your your clientele and bring them into the kingdom of God like the most exciting parts are still ahead of you number five Listen to your parents even if you disagree listen to your parents always listen that's the right that they have they have a right to speak to you and it is your honor your duty to honor is always you don't have to agree but always listen to them or six don't use the Bible as a weapon Amen don't use look fourteen twenty seven and my pastor just said I do hate you no no don't say that don't quote that don't use the number seven take advantage of advocates in talking with parents and this is where it's been very powerful in a Korean culture I am a young idiot of a kid my parents are super old and wise there's a hierarchy there so all lames all I can say if it is just a little speaking to this tower of a people there's a higher so lured like men all my talking doesn't work on my arm doesn't work I'm not using the Bible as a weapon in the war what can I do and the Lord has always. I had the privilege to start with my friend an organization called Generation of Youth for Christ in the first year we had about four hundred people second year but eight hundred people second third year about two thousand and forty four thousand and four and global during the whole time I really know how far thousand people came accord to convention center today it is the largest Christian gathering on an annual basis in North America there are other denominations that have it on a by by annual or others but our seventh day adventists organization is the largest Christian gathering of young adults in America and it's a global phenomenon well her whole time like hey mom I would like to do the church newsletter you know the Herald or the the visitor when you have over here a room on the internet and my dad my mom and her leg just a small little boys club girls club in your backyard is theirs as anybody. I had the privilege with with going around the world Korea heard about this and they said Hey let's talk a little youth project over there so they started a little spin off over there and I was I was asked to be a speaker over there and through some weird connections it got ahold to my grandmother and my grandmother was she's a very small frail N.Y. kind of lady and she's living in the middle of nowhere in Korea. And she heard wind of this. And she heard like wow my grandson is a speaker she singlehandedly tells everyone in her village. Now that I think it's awesome to give. My grandmother she's the nature of our spiritual family. Where one of these villagers heard about it and they came to America and they meet my mom and dad and it's like you know lad we are in this in this in this in this in this so this is the funny thing I can tell them all I can tell my parents all the numbers into this is how big we are it means absolutely nothing but someone from a village in the middle of nowhere. Tells about how all the villagers are going to forty people OK small little you know that they look like bamboo farmers they they all. And my parents were like wow. This thing is pretty big. Yes. Now you understand it's not about the name it's not about the bigness you know it's about I need to fulfill what God has asked me to do my parents were the barrier to that if you understand and so got as close as weird you know Village thing going to the and my parents work it took ten years for that. To ten years now there's a lot of some other stuff that needs to be ironed out but that's OK God will take care of. So whether it's about who you're going to marry well. Profession you're going to do how you know raise your kids these big questions what the meaning of life is what you want to want to do in life. Talk to parents. And while you're talking to them fulfill that destiny that God has given in your individuality. And then on my favorite books is pretty prophecies called Mind character personality volume two I mean one is and whatever well you. And you can weave I mean if you're if you're a sci O.C.D. even while I need to be buying one No just read volume two there's a whole section on individuality that God has made her unlike any other person in the universe and she needs to fulfill her individuality. Is make sense. And she's feeling desperately. Ashamed right now so we want someone else he's also an individual. And you want to send all of us and we need to fulfill God's destiny as individual. Rather than all of us be the same exact person and it seems that profession. And then. It's not a sermon it's just the thought that I have my burden for my Asian brothers and sisters let's be the best that we can be. And meant let's be administering par excellence the best thing that's very. Precious father yes for your mercy here this morning. We ask that you have compassion. Not only in our immediate circumstances. But with our future trajectories. And what have you that we are to choose for the rest of our lives. And father at this time if there are individuals who are. Anxious curious. Anticipating. Conflict. With choosing their future profession profession I would ask that they raise their hands up to heaven right now as a sign that these individuals would like to receive an extra portion of grace or we don't know how this grace will happen. But we know that in your kindness it will be manifested in some way. Farther with such an esteemed group is this we pray that a new revival a new worldwide movement and new revolution take place of having its. Conception here in this church. It is not by chance. That this Korean church is not full of Koreans. We think you that we have sisters and brothers from all we thank you that Adventism is a global enterprise. Or I asked you bless each of the students here in their studies. After now thanksgiving break is over. Preparing for their final exams. Father may you grant them success. Made a success not be in terms of men's eyes or parental eyes but yours. And Lord Grantham the courage to choose that profession that course of life that is have been ordained. For the not just only for our colleagues but in our significant others are our future spouses and how we raise our children and how we use our money Lord all the aspects of our life as we just have saying we surrender to you. We ask that you take full control of our lives we ask that you finish this work quickly. That our hope and they may not be in nice homes in this world but in the world there after you pray only Jesus. In. 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