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Culture vs. Spiritual Identity

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • December 1, 2017
    8:00 PM
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Gracious Father we thank you for this venue tonight we thank you for the souls who have come in out come out and Lord some of them are here for credit Lord give them credit. But father more than a message more than a fulfilling righteousness boss to get something at this time so be with the foolishness of the speaker through the medium of preaching when we ask for a blessing on the end of the Holy Spirit can give We ask this inch Jesus' name meant. Bible says in chapter three verse twenty seven for as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither slave nor free there is no male or female and female for you are all one in Christ Jesus and if you are Christ's then your Abraham's offspring heirs according to promise I want to thank the elders of the stretch which I think is only one elder technically Jacob but all the other pseudo elders and people who think your leaders here Pastor Kirk and Pastor came on the other side of the world for coming I will be presenting this week on a series of messages that are not really sermons. OK and I presented them at Kota Springs I want or course brings us. And so this is the same exact material so if you're like oh man this is the same dog I'm giving you the thing here in some of this stuff has been the weighing upon me very very heavily. It started when I was a. It started when I was a pastor of a Korean church you'll know he's on hunger. And they also wanted us who were one hundred hung. Out of the deceased. Out of the US Which OK she's offended because they understand. So tonight is not a show is that OK if you. I mean very stereotypical Asians don't respond back. This is not a more it's kind of thoughts and it's formulated my mind and I pastored a Korean Korean church I was a pastor of The Battle Creek Korean church. And was therefore it was very difficult for me I was born here in America New York City many men American born maybe gays. Or right and then I pastored an American church and they say America is international Detroit downtown with about three hundred fifty members cautions mom was one of our members and she transferred out because she did and. And then I was involved in campus ministries for many years still M. and current My position on working for the General Conference I represent the world church in going out to different areas I'm an editor for the young adult collegiate quarterly and we're doing it we're we're doing away with C.Q. I don't know if you guys know of C Q It's called Quarterly we're doing away with it we're having a new thing all together we have a new T.V. show on hope channel and we have a Korean guide that's me and then we have a black dude two white people a Hispanic dude and we try to get all the colors of the rainbow in there. And so far the Lord has blessed but I feel a certain burden for the Korean American community and so I'm saying that as a disclaimer if that's OK Now this is a Korean church so I feel comfortable that that I can say that now if you're not. Korean or curve of some Korean derivative I don't want you to feel like I'm not trying to stare at you guys now I know boy them but but your input or your feedback is just as welcome but these are things that apply to the Korean immigrant subgroup but the principles that really apply to every call cultural group out there is also a pastor of a Romanian group in Iranians yes they're from Romania. In and I don't know about your experience but my experience is growing up in a Korean church I've had elders fight in my parking lot fist fight. Cops had to be called churches had split and Korean churches. Evangelist equally growth or church fighting Yeah it's biblical Yes Paul fought with John Mark and two groups came out and that's just the Korean way and growing up I was very embarrassed about being a Korean is old Korean and and and I thought growing up I thought. Sabbath keepers were Korean. Then I met a Sunday sabbath a Sunday the Korean I'm like. Your Korean you're keeping the wrong day and then I saw a non Koreans out of people like Why are you keeping our date. It was we have a very myopic as a Korean American So I mean that's not just that's not calling out Koreans that's really any ethnic group is a fair thing to say. In. Here is the standard Korean we're going to pick it is OK to respond Amen. If you feel comfortable or amen. Whatever you want to do you're fine with that sure in different fields I've been in and I had this burden to share these messages and I did a cohort of some of you were there some of your blast alert if it's your will open up another opportunity to. Then Eli elder elder. Said hey come and speak at. What church is this could still. College still and we're here my wife is putting the kids to bed so as we're here in I just want to say like this isn't a very it's not a very smooth message it's not a sermon proper is OK. It's just an informal talk and I want to put that out there and I want to talk from Korean to Korean OK I lived in Korea for one year did missionary work my wife is Korean Korean Korean made in Korea I made in America. And there are some. Juxtapositions between Korean careen and Korean American even do I think I'm Korean American and I was born in New York I love American history I'm all about the judicial So a system of America I'm all about you know. Help in America you know all that stuff I'm into that I'm very much into that but just as much I view a very strongly that we should embrace our Korean culture not for the culture seek. But for Christ. Now so he really got to know what that means I think I don't know what early I'm. OK I was very guy had dinner with some friends tonight a very very anti Korean school I'm going to. Do. It In brother I mean the trauma is on your face you know the. Communion it is horrible horrible horrible and my burden is after representing the World Church the General Conference my policing to you is this. The administration by sociologists have been known to be a revolving church with that means is weak. Come to the administrators poor people but we leave the administrators as rich people. Going to what is. Sociologically all we're trying to do as a people is get into Ave schools get to Loma Linda get a medical degree become rich and we leave the church. Do understand that is a pattern in North America where the World Church sixty two point five five percent of young adults are leaving the church and they just use the church infrastructure to get affluence is that compatible to the Korean immigrant worldview. Where our parents whether it's Korea Japan Japan or Madagascar wherever it is you read your mother country and you come to a new country and nor do you want to do a cop. You. Know a kid's nice to be successful and then I'm going to go back to Korea and be like Dude my son and I don't hear the Southern accent my son and my daughter is a dental or your whatever whatever whatever and fill in the blank as I make sense that is the goal Murray story of the Korean and in this immigrant and so here we're stuck so you go to church and church is like Jesus Jesus is BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE but you go home and come with me when the woman who would really rule. I want to be a medical missionary and take the Gospel to the ends of the ruled truly. Doesn't doesn't doesn't any of this is all the power point this is the point of this weekend's message I meant that we don't have a clicker doesn't work so we're going to do the old fashioned way of manual slave labor. There's a there's a artist's name young with you she is a Chinese artist and she lived in Germany and she saw this juxtaposition beast. The eastern world and the Western world now I mean sport as a cob yet some of you who are the generations you're born in the seventy's maybe early eighty's definite for the sixty's you come to America and you came during a time period where there were not that many Koreans so usually sociologically you don't speak Korean Very well you understand it perfectly you can be you really don't you don't you can't communicate in it and the identity is. An American. The problem is this the most American thinking immigrant second generation people as they grow older in an N.B.A. becoming church leadership they act exactly like the adult generation. This is not an abacus thing this is a Throughout immigrant churches in North America whether it's Japanese Presbyterian it's a presenter Japanese Romanian Presbyterian method is or whatever denomination this is entered into this is a this is a a sociological observation that we have plenty of debt data. So she had themselves using this as a as a mystery so she says like in the West is so different from the east and so as you see this I want to use it as a as a litmus test on how Eason or how Western You think you are OK for those you have the smaller eyes so in the U.S. you have people who think I am an individual just mean where it is in the east it's all about the what. The corporate body. Yeah so automatically automatically then this is we run my wife told me this when I listen to a sermon I'm like All right I am listening to the sermon is going to speak to me I'm going to get something out of it but when Koreans and know we are together or our community is and you know. And we sit together and we need to eat together right Chris always have to eat and then we say GOOD BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE and that is the communal form of worship. As the Westerners we come here to see God I don't talk to you here. And they marry me and he is an individual experience. This is some of this funny when when Americans are westerners or us Westerners get in line they get in line. When Asians get in line they just. Do that. Now you're rapping because you know it's true yes now this happened to me in Korea I was out of line and his grandmother like just wedged her way from like you're you're cutting the system is not functioning she's like I'm old you're young get out my face and she went to the front and it's like. Here in the individual it is big here in each individual is minor next in terms of communication the Westerners communicate straightforward. Do that when they're communicating now Harvard Business Review did a study on how North are North Koreans South Koreans maybe North Koreans Koreans how they knew good sheet business the American way of in every culture has their nuance the Americans just basically say hate these are my cards what are your cards and that's fine the way that we win in this scenario it's American form of negotiation Canadians very similar but they say sorry sorry so early in a little more polite and then kind of like negotiator in their Koreans or they go into the negotiating table they communicate exactly what the other wants either side wants to hear but they think they're communicating something else and they come out to different conclusions but they said absolutely nothing in the process OK this is making sense now if you know somebody like that is Sol whatever if your second gener third generation you lose this form of communication and if you can be a lawyer doctor or a businessman guess which claim of communication you're going to. Dop subconsciously. Make sense now this is the real me like no not me I'm a stripper no you're not letting the keep on going in a party in the western world this guy in the corner is friends with that guy and that by not friends with anyone knows that person is friends of the square but in Asia everybody is friends with everybody. Yes next one. The boss in the western world is a slightly ahead in Asia the boss is God next. If there's a problem in the Western world you go right through it you want to solve it as fast as possible in the east you want to tiptoe around it and there is a natural passive aggressive form of communication when it comes to solving problems OK Next parties when westerners party is going to little groups when Koreans go to parties ahead group teams right no one is is out as I want these to play together connects with people elderly seniors in their elder years they raise dogs or live by themselves in the Eastern world they raise their grandchildren next. In the west weather is very psychologically important when they see sunshine they are happy when they see rain there sat in the Asia they don't care next. And the rest when you're sad you look sat in Asia when you're sad you look happy next. When you think you an apple Westerners say an apple in the east if you're thinking of a pear you still say an apple because that's what you think the other side expects you to say that you understand it it's a communal culture next in a restaurant Westerners are very quiet Asians are very loud next. Westerners have been is a general understands very generalized but for artistic so it makes a Scots kind of funny breakfast and dinner lunch is hot he says all three meals are hot next these you see the shapes whatever that's pushed me next. OK in west we see trees on a tree birds on. Tree in the nice we eat the birds on sticks next hate in the west when we see sunshine we want to get a ten in the east we see sunshine we put ourselves underneath an umbrella because we don't want to look darker next case are for the adult version here in the West having a darker ten is considered aesthetic in the in the east looking like a ghost is a static X. in the West we watch T.V. in the east we don't know the next we watch we see things with our eyes when tourism agents take pictures with everything in there Wes We used to drive cars now we try to drive bicycles to be environmentally meant minded in the east as the other way around. On the west time is very specific trouble clock means trouble clock in the East you know you're TO SEE YOUR she means you know. She will go in and see going to the gods home on cinema nada OK so that's what happened so this is for this are funny yeah it's not it's not real but there are some stereotypes that are generically can be attributed to some form of reality yes or no OK So here's what happens in Korean Americans and let's just say this was brought on the now it's easy in Americans and that even includes I went to India Indians Indian Indian friends here. Indians are very Korean OK very Asian in their way and then you know Africans in Continental Africa very respectful of parents very very similar to Korean Asian culture very interesting OK so here you see that you see two sides here and lot of us have the identity crises that come to the surface during our collegiate years during when everyone. And they come to impact and graduate years and marriage and if you have kids definitely how you raise your kids. In the east everything is situational centered OK we're look at why that's the case and live in a collective. A group identity achievement of good by others obligation to group the group is number one my my grandmother who is a million years old. When I went to her and said hey grandma I want to introduce you to the girl that I would like to marry. And she said I don't need to look at a picture I don't need to look at you know what what you what whatever she does who's her father. Yes or No I was you can listen if. I want other than that of. Course. I took sort of go and try to create a very very very spiritual very very well known popular we would be honored to have our two families unite and like do you want to meet her do you want to see her individuality no. It's all about the group it's all about the group as honor and as duty and obligation relational responsibility duty to others motivation based on obligation do you off he'll this is this is universally Asian do you all feel obligated to your parents in some way or another I mean engine obligation not your parents raising you for eighteen years but I'm talking about your parents leaving their country and had a dry cleaning center for for thirty years and they bled every night in their fingers are gone from the toxic chemicals and they sleep only two hours a night and then they pray for you and then they're just barely alive so that you can make it through high school. And they want to have be happy. But we field with guilt. Asians don't have the five love languages. You know gift giving time what are the ones. Service. Physical definitely a physical touch a what. Words are different words affirmation OK but it's through sacrifice. Hung his head on the on and he's hanging. He's saying let me put you much guilt. So that you have no choice but to take care of me when I get ill you are my Medicaid you are my Medicare you are my retirement you little are my future I will live with you for the rest of my life. And you have neural free will or choice for ever for rest of your life now they will never say that yes you understand they don't say it but it's implied. Yes or No as I mean your oh so we were crying right now because this is so real some of your laughing because you're like I think this is kind of real and if you haven't encountered it now you will encounter it soon and for those who are third generation you don't deal with this because your parents have gone through the abuse of sacrifice and I say that with tongue in cheek as I know how much your parents love us You do understand that I'm not making fun of their sacrifice but the third generation doesn't experience us they just live normal lives. Sociologically speaking. Is a hierarchy submission to authority where you talk about this a little bit little bit little later and assist on positions and relationships accepts rules and propriety I would be very raw with you I am thirty six years old I'm a pastor OK in the Korean world an Asian world it's all a hierarchy Yes You know yes ah chips on the. Way. But if we only have these dickin. Elder and pastor yes or no right and if you're the head pastor then you can you can pull rank over your products are right you're a slave to your church right right Kurt No Kurt OK in the world well I won't talk pastors here won't put a call in here. So here I am and here in the Korean world there is like does not compute because. I am thirty six years old I'll talk to someone in Korean or like you who are thirty six years old you are a young un Right you are beneath me but your own looks are so mixed on me. And you know from the General Conference so you are from the titular. Does not compute good does not this is because it's from a cultural perspective as makes sense and so when they go into and this is we you think you don't have a B. you have it in your programming in C. plus a somewhere that when you go in you're like how do you or your older me a new. And yeah I was hit on something that we've got to do to look up we high archaeal eyes the world around us if you think you don't do that automatically the fact your professors on Southern's campus love Asian students why all magic respect automat OP professor. I am your student today and in order everywhere where we don't we don't go to that extreme but we do fall into that camp yes or no OK. We defer we are very passive yielded in this adherents to social politeness emphasis on self a face meant very very very big so I mean this is very interesting I've given this presentation and other places I've asked for a response and I always get especially from an African American congregation I preached in a black church downtown Detroit I was like oh I be. Like oh OK well we're going to open the Bible. OK let's open the Bible. In Korean churches Hello. I have a Sabbath. Exactly very good very good very good very good. I pastored occur. Church and I made a mistake I made a mistake and it was a very bad mistake and I'm not entirely mistake is none of your business but I made a mistake. In an American church that's a pastor you made a mistake you need to fix it like that about and Oh OK Oh I didn't know OK let's let's let's work at it but in the Korean society it's. And they don't look at you. The quieter they are you know something's wrong yes or no. We are parenthood that way. Yes or no. So it's about how quiet what you say and what you don't say it's all in this mixture of a culture and in order to survive you need new Nancy. Yes or no I don't know what translation for which I mean the third or the and the ability to see things with or social intelligence I don't know what it is but it is the ability to survive in these kind of environments in the US what happens individual centered individual autonomy achievement of individual goes trying to be individuals So what happens is you go to southern campus and I'm a freshman at Southern where you are I made a study I'm going to go to I'm going to this major and I want to find my fulfillment as especially in that I don't know as an Asian I've been a snow white to my parents want me to do. I'm not going to study artistry and when I start biology chemistry organic chemistry physics and become a do you know that yes or no. Very quiet in this room. Because in the visual isn't trying to be individuals as rights and privileges When's the last time that you set your parents this is my right. You do that in an Asian circle you'll get hit. Again equality dislike for rules and control to play down superior inferior This is very interesting that when I became a. Pastor of a Korean church and mediately by title people. Who went to American church it just it was going oh man. You're a pastor do you want to call are you frowning bro you are a Pastor Justin pastor kids it's all about individuals yes or no you go to some of these other churches and you as a don't call me Pastor call me you know whatever what do they do that OK South assertion aggressive expressive open and accessible to move articulately you or the mayor of a powerful leader and influence you are in American society whereas in Asia if you articulate well you are going to be exorcised out of society we're totally looks like a first generation they work really movie very hard. They go to the most difficult positions drycleaning traditionally has been the Korean occupation because all sure liquor stores in Sunday churches and the Avonex equivalent as dental technicians who make you know. That and it's because of Sabbath keeping But you see that they willingly go to the positions that are hard very difficult children should know gratitude for those struggles children are children until marriage and then still. OK And I'm telling you I am mere eat I am thirty six years old I have two birds two kids I am not an adult in my parents' arms I will never be in it and some of those they were my parents like that when you're not korean No you don't understand. You have no autonomy as an adult especially when you go to in-laws OK how do you watch korean drama. The mother daughter in law relationship is the backbone of Korean dramas. And they always say this for the sake of the children I guess on she added I don't know why is that somebody do OK second generation it's all about some of actualization independence they're grappling with and my American and my Korean or do I do it my Western world or whatever they learn English language and many times they lay a lot of articulating in English and they want to get away from Korean and it's really cool phenomenon that the third generation is now learning Korean which I don't know why but that's a very interesting observation should instruct begin dating outside their culture. So the eleventh commandment like you should not date a non career. And then you're thinking is inherently American but your communication style is inherently Korean So there's a lot of no problems with our generation is this fair to fair thing to say yes I meant yes or no. Third generation they're inherently American Western and and lot of people say well what happens past social logically speaking by the third generation they're inherently American this has happened in the Japanese circles it happens in Chinese circles by third generation your great hour and some of the adults your grandchildren were not speak korean they will not like to see and can deduct it will not like anything Korean They will be. Ok to a American that doesn't make any sense and Western Civilization you may be wondering why are we this way and Russians of. This puts a little bit boring but it's very interesting OK and Western civilization is this guy's name Plato and Aristotle and their whole thing the whole thing was we need to find truth we find what. Truth what is true what is real. And they're very into being accurate what is truth all of the recession civilization all of Europe all of America is based on this planet is for those who want to get in Ph D.'s and doctoral candidates you will have to learn the basic premise of Plato and Aristotle means the search for truth in Asia Asians could care less about truth. Because Asians have another philosopher next one. Have another guy who's this guy here. Confucius he's not a fortune cookie guy he is eight in ancient philosopher and his whole thing was not truth it's harmony. Why because China's fighting in Mongolian fighting in the current By the way Korean should've been extinct a long time ago. You understand like the Japanese should have taken us over the Chinese who can do the Russians good I'm among them but we still have survived to this day Amen so we're very into harmony so even if it means that I lied to you to preserve the harmony so be it. Yes or no. Sabbath keeping has been a very difficult thing for Koreans why because that doesn't cause disharmony in my family what do I do. So it's not a matter of truth and falsehood it's a matter How can it be harmonious or not so there is a social structure and a hierarchy so next next thing here American Korean Americans have to decide am I going to pursue truth or am I going to pursue harmony guess which many Korean Americans do. Or to Asian Americans choose. Harmony so they marry the Korean green green green they go to medical school they take care of their parents and their model citizens. And they suppress any individual. Then you have the a small minority that goes against the grain they marry the the Caucasian beautiful person and I was like oh you want something but they're so good looking you know that and they don't become a doctor become an artist somewhere and they go on these nontraditional rounds but a very small percentage and there's this almost kind of longing like Man I wish I could go and that wrote but I can't I need to harmonize with my. EX like this I think we many many of us know this but when I learned this and I saw a church it just blew my mind. These four relationships need to be adhered to for harmony. Yes Number one the ruler and the ruled if anyone's above you you obey them whether they are right or wrong they are always right now in Glasgow wrote a book called Blink he did a piece on Korean Airlines where the Korean Airlines crashed in Guam I forgot what the flight number was. And they have the fun of black box you'll know black box they got the transcript. And then they looked at the transcript and very interesting the copilot there was the main guy. And you just he was I guess he was just sitting there and then causes. We're at three hundred feet which is very low. And he couldn't say we're very low we need to get out of it he couldn't say that because you need to defer to authorities and we are at thirty three hundred feet and we're going to two fifty. We're at two hundred. Fifty and you see his just he just he's using passive aggressive communication and he can't say to his bass he can't call him out for stupidity he can't say anything and then they crash now every American is thinking when they read this from the F.F.T. airfare what the flight. Whatever it is they said the F.S.A. is F.S.A. the F.A.A. and they said why is this and Korean Airlines had many many many many crashes and they analyzed all the communication styles all higher Arkell all very passive aggressive and they could not communicate straight So what happens Korean Airlines got an American flight trainer and retrained all of their pilots and they they mandated that all communications inside the cockpit had to be in English. Because even within our language in the Korean language you know there are five verb tenses depending on which level you're at. Mogo. Most in the. I don't know what they are by the bubble but a house at night I mean there's all these different weird and I don't understand. And so you got to think OK he's older than me and no in English there's only one verb tense we're going to done. Up and then you cite a second one husband while some of you are from a traditional Korean families and you know that your dad always pulls rank on your mom. This has ramifications on your marriage that after you have seen years of dad doing this to Mom guess what happens regardless of the gender that you all are you play that same exact role in your marriage very interesting very very interesting so he's Korean boy and they call this the Korean mama's boy syndrome OK. Korean dad Korean mom Asian in the chinese japanese same exact cultures in terms of this they fight all the time so what happens is mom she's thinking. You know she's a street crime OK So she has a boy she says been on A and wanted to raise the perfect boy I barely was like my nonprofit. And I'm going to give him everything that he wants I'm going to make he's going to the most polite board on it and he grows up guess what he becomes exactly like his dad and he looks for someone like his mom replayed the system all over it. Now the funny thing is this you see this in a piece of I'm not saying Korean pop and these are obese obese and abusive households where Mom had done the same things or played in kids and the movement you try to fight against it guess what happens. It becomes fulfill. Their interest. Father and Son It is not a surprise that many Asian sons have issues with their dads. There's no communication level cannot inaudible. Sons often have very good relationships with their moms and then daughters you see a good relation with everybody because I knew everything's fine. But sons and fathers there's always a barrier they just can't compete so in L.A. our Presbyterian Church did this they had a father son communication seminar interdenominational and they asked all the dads to write out stuff right and this is very very very Korean I don't know why but when it comes to these things there's a lot of emotion right and independent camera and every time you know like they never say this face to face but when they're in front of a camera they just just confessed their sins coming you know. And all this stuff is coming you know OK And then they had these relationships some winners and they says you know you don't say oh fathers please stand please walk over to your sons and you sons are like what's going on here now please hug them and he was well here. They just didn't know what and you know Korean homes it's not like this warm up this is a. Yes or no. They had to train fathers on how to be affectionate and in the sounds are like. But guess what's very interesting every single one of those sons after training getting used to it they all appreciated affection from their dad it's. Very funny. Ones one young young man and he wants his and he's like I'm going to hug my dad and his dad actually said. And he pushed them away and he pushed away many times that later he committed suicide because he couldn't overcome this barrier in communicating with his dad. Very interesting that we get this with the first generation this will a ship is reproduced between a second generation and the third generation as well. Lastly older and younger and you guys know this you know when you if you're Korean friends I hate how you I was born in the ninety two ninety. You got to get all the food in the paper everything and whatever. Confucianism were in the family being in order to society fill you'll P.L.T. parental authority and on our social hierarchy there's male dominance duty and obligation kid that is basically Confucianism OK and you have to see it if you're an Asian of some flavor in the Korean American context this is what happens in Korean America you honor the family amongst the community OK so it's not about getting into medical school that's not what brings on or it's about getting into medical school and then your mom and dad can gloat about it in church because it makes sense every Korean needs their group and in their group be like. Oh no we don't get up then they feel like I wrong about us or you know they've got. The I've got the best education in America now I'm dying No I'm dogging some of these things but this is the reason why Asian Americans have become the model minority very successful in all that they do many times but there's there's these values instilled in us there's a higher proportion and proportion of doctors engineers business lawyers there's not that many farmers in Avin and Asian Americans yes why we left that society why would I come to America so that my son could be a farmer that does make sense artists writers actors and then now teachers very interesting thing is that teachers in Korea are very very well respected and they receive a lot of money crazy thing my brother in law is a teacher. Universities come to him and they give him concert tickets to sporting events saying we want your best students there scouting and we do this in America no we do this for our putting agents right but here to punish the smartest kids so my brother law is like. Well I got this student here I mean he's a straight A student and you introduced him to choreo or young or whatever or whatever OK but in America teachers don't make money if you don't make money not much a lot of. Their last meeting care about and last last thing is here is stay in the community and this is where I have a problem OK. Asian American Asian parents don't want to for you to stay in church they just want you to stay in the community. And I have huge problems with. Doro and he is need Bible or something don't you can believe in it you can get into it but don't get into it too much just stay within the community just marry her that you can go to church for fifty years with just a together next life. And sometimes we put Bible verses Yeah Leviticus one thousand to Donny five proper six if he's NS six we pulled Bible verses to the Korean culture and we make the Korean culture seem biblical. Serve others before self emphasis on family peace harmony and love and very weird thing is this in North Korea you have the same exact society. Very much into family very much into belonging but are they Christian society they are not so what makes them different from the college Dale Aves Kareen. Excellent I would say Matthew ten Matthew nineteen mark ten Luke fourteen someone look at these verses OK Look these look these up right now so look at Matthew ten Matthew nineteen Martin Luther fourteen or so write them down and what not what not OK The Bible says If any man in. Front hates his mother or father yes you're from movies versus someone someone read Matthew ten for us thirty five thirty seven I think we're. To take initiative. OK when's the last time your Korean sermon on that. We don't hear those increases from the next one Matthew nineteen twenty nine where he was quick to point to the sky really fast Come on. This is a very entire career in verse Jesus speaking next Mark ten seven. Yes man should leave his mother and find cleave to his wife in the Korean culture you use and they become all with you too but they don't look for thirteen Lou fourteen twenty six and twenty seven really quick for the quick yes. OK that's not hate is mother now by the way to know it use these verses against her parents. OK so my apologies I went to the sermon last night and asked him said I don't hate you so I hate you that's not what Jesus is saying amen I need a clear from every one of you amen what Jesus say when he uses the word hate the same root of hate is mean to put second to make sense so mom and dad are second to who was first. God spiritual family before genetics them is the whole point of feeding stew and we're going to talk about women and that's time so the whole point is Jesus is not korean this is a mean Next Next slide. We have pressure unlike any other culture out there that we have means out there says we are not be easy in your season but we are. So you must get straight A's Yes I'm right and we get we get pressure from our parents regarding education yes or no classic story I got a minus one time when my dad said I got a a minus he got the report card is like. Now it has any other culture to be like a job or do you go straight is a minus was a. Minute. And he went on then I got hit and the number two should. You cannot make your own decisions. Adults your parents will be in there and your decision making for the rest of your life or three marriage selection process they are not into you know you find your own love of your life no they are part of the celestial make making process because effects their glory their their honor of that community and lastly they say stay in church stay in community next one from the culture we also we see pressure we have the mind Madam minority yes or no TIME magazine it all special on us that Asians or subservient or quiet are really coming. When we're all nice all the time we have free Rahman always in our dorm rooms or some more obedient way of internal pressure there are many Korean subsections of Adventism that a perfectionistic that are conservative and they say not only do you have to be smart and get into Harvard but you need to be perfect in this generation for Jesus to come and if you can't you are the reason why Jesus is not here therefore you must give up a all your chocolate and all your coffee and only drink water for the rest of your life OK they're doing there's a lot of weird abuses that happen is the Korean culture they also have a different understanding of love where sacrifice is a language so you are burdened supernaturally burdened with the sacrifice so that what happens or about resisting my mom and dad sacrificed so much for me and you come to church and look what Jesus' sacrifice for you but not let my moment to moment as it rose more than Jesus did. With we don't understand the sacrifice of Jesus because we filter it through our parents. And because we're so burdened with guilt from our parents we don't want to go to church we get different Should off they all day why do I know the church guilt makes sense yes or no. This is the reason whiners a lot of Korean churches non-denominational Sunday churches instead of going to guilt now the preaching on Shane. It's a huge new wave of happy on shaman and glory and you on on are unless it is unspoken responsibilities many of your parents are expecting you to take care of them but they dared not articulated they don't want to say it there's a lot of stuff stuff that's it's there but it's not said and so you're like Will they never said anything does that mean it's there are none and that causes stress as well it's like. We all are two other Americans we are Asian but to Eason's we are American. We are stuck we call the third culture yes or no how many of you have had this experience hey we're you from men I'm from Maryland where you really from oh yeah well my parents are from Korea or North or south of. I mean if you've ever had that I get that all the time and I always say we're you from there do we're no where you really from. From America north or south and they're like. Northmen I just don't get it OK. When we go to Korea Yes You know when we go to Korea you are not Korean. Already the way that you dress already the way that you speak Korean and Young has a you know Arabic G.. Jaji now some leader you know we can't speak Korean ferry. Guy pulling in and they say it's so we have no home. We don't have a home. We aren't a passive aggressive communication. Or my friends I mean this is a clear example she said you know aggressive form or like it's cold in here can you go close that door you know Koreans communicate. It's big cold in here. Exclude. All these that window by you would think. Yes you know. I've heard stories for those of you have a roommate strong means Korean Americans are very passive aggressive and when the Koreans are known to be very frisky it's very clean and if something is dirty you give them the silent treatment yes or no I'm not going to talk to you you don't do the dishes so I'm not going to say anything and by my silence you will feel my wrath. Yes. We do this in our marriages too unemotional unresponsible into dignity decorum we can assign the treatment and I mention we are in. Age different respective elders and higher levels individual listening expressive yet tone down this I'm making us a thesis and my next slide here. Won't let me read a lot of the stuff here we have well thought out and work through implications and social results I want a very status very very clearly every culture has been given by God a certain gift one culture is not superior to the other but many Asian Americans feel in this minority status that they have to give up their Asian ish to become an American but what I want to say is this God has given Asians a particularly gift and I want to say that the more Korean you are you've been given the gift of. Careens can predict problems from happening you in advance. Like Koreans we come into a good way like OK your friends are going to do you do we do the really good now a system that he did not say hi to her. We're going to do that in four years these two families will be fighting for years they're fighting. Now you may be thinking I'm exaggerating the last time I presented this one guy became an elder of his church and he predicted things from happening and all the Westerners in issues like do your root good leader like you predicted that stuff from happening is like done. In a Korean sense Korean culture are so sensitive to that we can see it right away OK So what happens is our stuff is well thought out we talk to the professor we already know we're going to say how the response is going to be if they say this we have a condition and some point I and I we have all planned out you're laughing really hard which means you've done that. We're into saving face OK Next slide this is what I want to get at we call this the bamboo ceiling if you don't get anything out of this system whatever passion for Asian Americans must score one hundred forty points higher on the S.A.T. because they're. It is because we have a higher average of test results disproportionately we have more physicians dentists lawyers compared to the pop general population we are five percent of the American population but only three proposing three percent of the corporate world. Thirty three percent of Silicon Valley is Asian but only six percent of us are board members higher than average number of doctoral degrees but we're only two percent two percent of college presidents and the and I each has twenty one point five percent of Asian scientists only four point seven or directors why is this the case meaning we get into the best schools where smart we get we graduate with honors but we have horrible leadership skills. We just obey nit nit and we don't say no it was a yes or yes or and we think the horror that we work because our parents worked hard that if I worked just as heart that some day my boss will see me and I rule I will be given a promotion you know what that doesn't happen in the Western world the harder you work on a particularly task they give you more of it. Do you understand. Next flood success in the cultural West is dependent on personal initiative risk taking aggressive networking self advertising assertive habits outside of the box creativity and the frequent breaking of rules thinking how something can be done in a different way from a different angle or out of a new paradigm is considered to be leadership material this ideal as manifested in the quintessential quarterback cowboy or conquistador how many of you when you're in high school you were part of the nerdy group yeah you were the best at what all you are you know the academic team and the T.V. and whatever you would have that you did and then you always like and then there's always that you know Brad or you know you know the cowboy and the the quarterback and I wish I could be like him he's so popular and you know everybody we've a hard time getting to that circle. The cultural East you got to with me tonight. The cultural East values hard consistent purchased into work the perception of peace harmony loyalty and cooperate contentment are pivotal keeping your head down the Chinese have a proverb The loudest Duck get shot while Koreans and Japanese both say the nail on the nail that sticks out gets what. Sure falls. So if you're a little bit to a leadership mentality everybody. You must be average. It's true. You see this in Korean culture all the time. And what I want to say this is my burden is this. We're looking in this generation. For some people to take the Gospel to the ends of the world if you understand in our Korean American immigrant worldview that doesn't exist. How can I talk county to county to county. And I day and night and. And. Get into school make money get married have kids and die by the way that's not the Korean American worldview that's the American we're. Going to stand. In Christianity we need to have a Tolly new operating system. Take the Gospel to the ends of the world guess what one country left that's the end of the world. What countries that were formally religion has not entered into that country who's going to do that Mongolians. Indians Pakistani. You know being having an American citizenship gets you access into North Korea in ways that no one else can you know they actually love to pull do they actually love Koreans born in another country and they want to welcome them and repatriate them back to North Korea. Right now North Korea is in the news all the time because of our president. An opportunity I'm not saying get on a plane go to North Korea right now I'm not saying that so don't do I'm not. But I'm asking you Do you have a burden for this. Is it in your mind. That goal and go to medical school go be a lawyer go to the dental thing in the heart what whatever it is be an engineer do it but don't do it for your parents don't do it because it's your cultural operating system do it for the gospels. Learn Korean. Speak it well. Not because you want to find that K. popular looking girl marry or. Not because you can show off to your in-laws some not so they can preach in Korean and wow all the whatevers so they can actually use it for the cost so. You understand. Your time here at college still your temporary four years are coming to the college you have Mr Crean church this is all a training ground for the future for those who are young professionals you are being trained now for something in the future you're mortgages is not the end game your car payment is not the end game taxes is not the end game we have a different mindset altogether my plea is this there is no Jew nor Greek or male or female there is no Korean There is no American There's only those in Christ Jesus how many of you today want to say Lord I want to use my career in this I want to use my American this and Lord I don't know what I am actually kind of I messed up I'm a jumping. Jews might jump on this how do you translate jump on this. Use my messed up cultural background and use it for you going you know what he does. He's done in the bast he's done with Paul he's not with Moses he's done with all these inter-cultural characters and he'll duty in. How many want to say Lord I want to be part of that group raise your hands. Now you're raising your hands because the group is raising their hands. Every eye closed and we had about. Christmas father Lord we ask I asked for special mercy upon this group Lord it's only a little late at night and I've shared my heart Oh father I asked the use of the foolishness of what I've talked here tonight to pierce hearts. For those of us who are already well developed in our lives well established or cause a paradigm shift for even us. But also Lord those who are here. Who are so early in demarcating the future trajectory of their lives for the freshman for the high school students. For them and you bless them in a very special way. May we all be found part of that generation not that which is perfect in and overcoming habits in these little lists but really reflecting the character of cheese us in this generation for the may have a special blessing on my brothers and sisters here who are not of Asian descent but maybe of another mind on minority. Or has a burden for missions. It's not about the Korean this it's not about the Asian this or the American this we learned from here tonight that culture is nothing compared to Jesus on the cross. So how do we have habits that right habits in our mind we ask you take them away and cause us inspire us open doors help us to walk through them in the ways of us to go we pray in Jesus and let everyone say. Amen. 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