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Culture vs. Spiritual Church

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • December 2, 2017
    1:15 PM
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Father in Heaven Lord we humbly ask that you bless us this afternoon it's tough I think some of them fall asleep in order I might even fall asleep Lord Lord we ask for not just energy and strength but help us to really get what you would have us to get and if it's a point that I'm not making Lord even make me even allow the Holy Spirit to meet that in our hearts. I know I am the limitation here father so I ask for that blessing I ask for forgiveness for my sins my shortcomings and upon my brothers and sisters here is a pretty Jesus name human. Soul in the Asian American church experience the experience the community. Many people hope and this is not an abacus thing this is also on the Presbyterian Baptist and all the other non of them in the mission of churches but it's hard to leave church not because of the doctrines or the Christ experience many feel they can't leave church because of the community they like oh you know Elder go he he babysat me since I was a baby. In the hay and this is Kim It's like half the Korinos must Mrs Kim and she you know bake me. Doc you know Big Duck but you know you big bread for me in so we have these connections in what's funny is many who leave the admin this true which specifically they come to church but they come to church to pay respects and to to to to say hi to all the elders that they like and then they just go home afterwards they show their face over or Burridge and see her in it's a weird phenomenon you don't see them in any of the nominees any other culture like if you're not going to go they'll go why do you go show you for them you're in and you go in the and sometimes you get good food in the process. So there are still different versions of church some people call it the Korean art museum like you're going and you're seeing people are like how. Oh I love you oh and there's the things about us going around saying hello to everyone and that's really not church although that's true for some people it's the ethnic cultural center a kind of made fun of it this morning church Korean churches are often the the headquarters for Korean language school for fan dancing for Korean cooking classes for us on what's call in korean I forgot but like you know like the the D.N.C. with a long sleeves in the wood everything in like they teach at church which I get I get because the Korean church in there but why don't we have a separate cultural center for that why is that in church and what happens is those two things sometimes get mixed and then lastly that you have a pseudo extended family where you call it fat syndrome where everyone in church is related to you. And a lot of her interest in like that's my Comal it's my and that's my assumption that's my uncle and what happens is like you have to go to church because it's your family reunion every Sabbath and if you don't go you're going to get called and that's very very common in many churches are created or split off due to extended family relations by the way disclaimer I don't know anything about college Dale So if that's true here I don't know what I'm talking about I'm assuming that's not the case right Chica or. If you were never happy at any church and you're looking constantly for the perfect church don't join it because you will ruin it OK So there's a search is a millennia old thing like the perfect church and we have a perfect church you should choose your church not on the basis on how good the pastor is or how good the facilities are or how much should in debt the churches your church should be based on where you can do your local ministry. So it makes sense so if I am a professional in the town of who'll to walk in and I would want to go to the to what church so that with my clientele if I were to witness to them I can bring them to a church nearby that makes sense so it should be a church where you feel comfortable in bringing your contacts or your people who are interested in Christ if you're going to a church where your being fulfilled or your being satisfied the reality is you'll never actually find that church they may be fulfilling in one or two of these aspects but the perfect church doesn't exist in the fact that you are searching for a perfect church you are not perfect so even if there were you joining in you would make the church in perfect so you're the problem. OK These things are bad but they are going to become more visible and prominent as the spiritual function of the church so you have a lot of barriers I'm going to go into this as a lot of this is kind of redundant We have a generational thing and I would really say that the millennial generation is sociologically weird because they actually like the older generation. Wal-Mart and for those of us from former Michigan Meyer There's another where you're nodding your heads why. They place senior citizens at the front when you come in. And they found out that a lot of millennial is to come to these big box stores and there's no one to greet them so they just feel like this is like this is a corporate enterprise trying to get my money all these things made in China to sell this to me but they have an old person they're like who came through was commuted put in. And so like that connection what happens in a lot of Korean Asian churches is they blame a lot of the cultural barrier on the generational Berry and there is a generational barrier but when there is good communication back and forth the older generation really likes talking to the younger generation the younger generation to older generation but there are there are others it's very complex this is the first generation generation X. for those who are generation generation X. or as hate old people generation X. or as hate everyone in life very in a generation the very small generation just very very very you know Nirvana and punk music. Are very apathetic and indifferent about everything and they've really lived in such an impure sort of generation that the majority of the parents are all the Bourse they don't know what it's like to have home cooked meals so they look back towards the Golden Years of their grandparents they look at that as this is real America is a row of values were that America is at its height now we're in a post nine eleven world and really this is this is the cards that them dealt to us and then we talk about the cultural barrier so the Post calls young single adults young married older married older single families with kids and you find we're segmenting all of us right so you go to church I'm like OK are you married if you miss you got to go to this section but then are you are you in the yellow where you know those I want thirty five and older was married but what if you're thirty seven you're not married then are you there in this section or this section so then we start specializing and we become able to minister to really anyone and you don't find that in the Bible and where age is never a demarcation point call the language is because you can't communicate you have tongues and different things but culture and age is not so that's something to be mindful of in the West I think therefore I am in the east I belong to. Therefore it's a very interesting thing OK in the Korean culture if I am the firstborn son of Elder soft California church Therefore God's made fun of. Our people. Then we just kind of. Review it Asian performance plus American in chief equals workaholics you have a lot of young adults who are the most workaholics in American society Asian Americans are model citizens if they want to make a lot of money and you couple that with conservative Adventism and I would say even ultra conservatism they become really perfectionistic and when they get into weird forms of theology and become very burdened with a lot of weird theology you won't get into that and just as a culture we lack thankfulness and humility and you think that's an ironic Asians are superficially humble but we're actually not humble in our characters like humility is a cultural component to like those who are you please go for heat for sleep but in your heart like man I want to eat. And it's just the culture that's expected of us you tell other people to go so it's just it's just more of a superficial thing and we're also not thankful and so what happens is our kids grow up spoiled and that's a that's a reality that if you are an Asian American you have to realize that as an affluent American in North America we are all spoiled compared to what we accomplished to lessen our debt so that we can distain others in more debt and we're all comparatively in the same spot in the light of Christ a lot of buzz across so we're trying to forget there's a preacher that said we're trying to fill our homes with things that we hate to impress the people that we don't like to go to places where we never wanted to go so they impede the people that we never wanted to be. Some of the American. Lifestyle that we have OK So we have Asian Americans we live in a multicultural line. We're considered to be intelligent and educated I don't think Asians have a higher degree of intelligence I think that's a sociological. Falsity I think we're just persistence So there's there's this. Image that we're good at mathematics by the way if you look at the statistics Asians are not better and in mathematics it's just we go to one for that that's why this is a special school for mathematics that's where you are grades so we cheat. But there is a great factor there is a diligence factor we are more socially aware in that sense and we try to be non infant offensive as much as possible relationships are big hospitality is huge yes. We don't talk much talk too much about that it's part of our culture OK wealth is to be aspired for and pain is to be embrace Yes Of No it for those who are Korean and all the Koreans when they're not around here there's this thing called hi and I'm here to han. And it's only found in a Korean culture Han means or shore zero like the deepest of heart sorrow and in the Korean culture every Korean has it. So the happy thought. We had is hot in the US and you can get never get rid of it it's with you for the rest of your life and that's why every Asian drama one dies at the end. Because. It's in a depressing culture in that sense South Korea has the highest percentage of suicide and also number two in orphans and for a developed country of South Korea to have that many orphans is is kind of a contradiction it shouldn't be that way but it is. So this is where we come into church I don't just try to show you this is something I missed logo. And this was adopted some of the one nine hundred ninety S. you have the world there in caps late in the flame represent Holy Spirt based on scripture with a cross in front of the three flames representing three angels by the way you may think this is like an updated logo this this is not an updated look at this is the only logo that we had previously we had three angels and that was just kind of people doing in themselves. So this is a little bit a Bible study by I won't get too much into it I promise OK but in this is very important in Revelation thirteen there are three entities and Revelation fourteen there are three entities OK if we want to tease in relation thirteen our friends in the room by sixteen we're going to that's a little complicated but these three entities are three frauds. Three frogs go around the whole world and they're trying to do see the whole world next chappie a three angels the three angels going to whole world and they're warning the whole war and the whole basic premise that's all revelation pretty much encapsulated you can either be part of Chapter thirteen or Chapter fourteen answer world wide and so on the question is you want to be a frog or you would be an angel now you may ask why why frog money that's a Bible study later on we'll get into that OK So we believe in a global church there are our beliefs unite us and Fiala gee we have our practices in the church many by the way how many of you have read the church manual. OK We want to really encourage you guys to read the church man who It's a beautiful read you will fall asleep right away. You will fall asleep right away. But even so read it OK you are seven and I saw my assumption you are Seventh Day Adventists you should know how the church functions. Some damages them today for our generation the only expectation is comin to church will give you free public by the way. This is wonderful Paula amen if you have been coming here for four years and mooching off the potluck for four years bring something to a potluck. Amen where you don't assume I don't cook them bring some napkins. Bring some plates contribute in some way this church is very blessed that they do this but they actually spoiling all of us because what happens after forty years of a beautiful presentation such as this what's going to happen when you graduate and go to another church you're going to look for a church that's like this guess what this doesn't exist on and as it does and a P.C. It does and last year to get out the avenues kettle normal churches in the middle post Duncan Wisconsin or Nebraska. They don't keep you free public and there are only four people there and they're all older than one years old. True false story ality So right now while you're here learn to be an adult learn to be a what. And contribute. Contribute to your church now that's minimal min The moral in the mold bring something to public Maxima we're going to talk about here today we have paid time and we have Sabbath school which is the church in action we have the church in communication you have the reviews and whatnot so this is the stuff really really excites me so I don't know if excites you but I get excited there are different versions of church. Structure church what everyone something like. I don't like strict is going to boarding here's the thing if you have a good you need a structure that accomplishes that goal some people say well I'm anti organized religion and I always say you know that sounds cool to say but I always ask why and they're like. I really don't know why I saw the Internet somewhere is under cool. I think they're all about profit Davus church is not about profit. So than what the artist which is not a for profit organization that we're not we don't have wouldn't be awesome and I would miss a little bit later like if you don't come to church we charge you guys. Not be awesome. Yeah. When you all come to church then. You're going to remove your membership probably. So there's different structures and we'll look at what's the best structure the help of helps us accomplish our goal number one is the episcopal structure at the top you have the archbishop on the second row you have bishops and they have a rector's and you have congregation and I basically it's a hierarchy and everything goes up front everything goes on top I should say and if it comes back down from the top decision one version of this is the papal organization you all know the people Roman Catholic Church OK So in this system let me ask you this how is this system bad were something having a so we should be very good at analysis and analyzing this why is this system bad. What's that it's the beast OK that's an obvious answer but let's actually give a more of a a real reason why that it might be bad yes or. OK bye bye look at as the Bible is but let's just look at just organizationally just from a functional perspective not with any any and if you hear why does this function that what is wise is bad one person makes all the decisions and then there's this possibility for abuse yes or no second question Why how is this system good. It's official it right one person makes all the decisions there's no committees no conflict so one person makes all the decisions about doctrine so the pup's as well it's what day should be we believe Sunday. So Sunday how to use our money we're to use this money for this and this money for that. Done. True or false it's very very efficient and if you have a good guy at the top every is good if you have a bad guy thought everything's bad and by the way we will live under that system in heaven. Amen now that there Jesus will be our own cities compare a pope but he he he will be the one in charge to make all these things and he is the ultimate epitome of goodness yes. So here in this is some local church or individual member has no authority in church administration So Pope Francis can come into this congregation and he can say I don't like how you look excommunicated. She not only is she out of the church she has no salvation you're gone. No salvation. Yes. Now in our church system we're get to attend Wilson is our is our conference President you see present he can come down he can be like excommunicate or it and what happens nothing. Now not only does he not have that power he doesn't have that authority or look at Liberal leader he he he's not even in the realm of that OK but another entity Dud's not in terms of salvation but membership will look at the leader Number two you have the flip opposite you have the independent congregational side and here is where many Asian churches and many Caribbean churches and then many ethnic churches underneath the radar or a. A bit more independent congregation the nature. If you are one of these churches I'm not here to find out I'm not here to do an audit but here the local church has a supreme authority they have authority and theology and personnel and in Thai and their localized in one spot meaning the church before that so we have the college days as you call this what's another city here. A Brainerd cape is an Eastern or church or have a kid there is. You know Bob can get bopped in church we have our church board and the church boord chooses the pastor is a problem with that. So we get a passion of her number a pastor it comes up and passed through what do you believe do you believe in Sunday to Sabbath seven this is well I believe that Sunday is the Sabbath Well that's not what we believe we all believe that Tuesday is the Sabbath we don't want to be our past All right Pastor be what it were but what they do believe the Sabbath is I believe to this great we believe that too we're going to argue in the pasture becomes the pastor of the church. Do you see how awkward that is who is actually determining doctrine at that point. It's kind of this there's just no no first the point is just kind of going wherever he wants to do whatever OK And then all the money by the interview and all this so we collect tide all the tide is collected together and in an independent Congregational Church all the tie goes to one person guess who goes to. Pastor So if I have a church of like four people made him my salary is really low but if I have a church membership of about five thousand by the way like Joell seen all that tide goes to him. He single handedly gets all of it now he distilled distributed to his you know associate pastor in his system pastor and youth pastor and a ministry to pastor and prayer pastor and then food pastor and then you know shoo pastor whatever but he has his team OK. Independent congregational a lot of Korean churches think that they are independent congregational. I don't know if you know this but when we build for example you build this building you Bill you guys have built of the building next door we are paying for this building Yes it comes out of Les people's pockets but the deed of this building does not belong to us belongs to the Commons another entity to prevent doctrinal independence from happening for example of the. Shirts that say we get all four hundred fifty or forty or fifty young adults here in the college students and all of a sudden the pastor becomes a super charismatic guy and you can say well now we are no longer Now we are the the cult of Pastor Kim and now this building is ours and easily they can go totally haywire and all these people will leave the church so they say make it so that the building is always in part of the conference system rooted in church there's security and and consistency there OK. The Presbyterian by the way the Presbyterian model does not mean a Presbyterian the nomination is just a different ward so for us and church membership through what. Assemblies and this is where the people get annoyed but assemblies and I work for committees how many of you love committees OK I work in the General Conference mean we have more committees and there flavors of ice cream like it is so many committees of their like we have I mean we have like so many acronyms like the sea has to meet with and go to any and it and it's crazy it's fun but it's it's pretty crazy of the local church is governed by one committee one assembly this assembly is governed by another somebody this theory of governance is developed by John Calvin John Knox most popular in the reformation movement of churches this governance was the basis for American Government of representation of American voting representatives had its roots in the Reformation is that awesome and that's pretty cool so you know what a bishop is presbyter or aspic a poster elder it's the same thing and biblically speaking an elder and a pastor same thing on the other much different you have executive responsibility is dedicated to represent of bodies so he had the evidence tourch is a version of this authority in the church rests on church membership executive responsibilities delegated to responsible represented bodies and officers and if three levels of conferences how many people think it's four is actually. Three It's the local conference Union conference and General Conference. OK we're look at what those what they what they all have to do global conference is a sister of churches you know common sister sisterhood of unions or conferences I should say and the general conferences the entire union of conferences there's thirteen in the world there's a lady who just got baptized and breast bless her heart she was like saying you know we need to have not so much divisions in the church we need to have more unions you know we're talking all these unions and divisions and really I don't think you get understand church or crazy all the G. divisions or the tech technical name is divisions of the General Conference OK so they're not an actual entity there's a at the same level of G C So this is the world map and this was instituted to help world mission around the world this is a fact you see North America there yeah you see North American orange you combine that with the Tudors two divisions in Europe I don't know why there's two it's just like the clay in the iron they can't you can't get together you combine them and combine them with Australia a South Pacific division if they account for about eight percent of the world avin is population. So that one more time you take North America you take that weird pink in the weird orange in Europe and you take the Australian yellow that all of that is about eight percent of the World Church. All of South America and intermarriage is about a third of the church. All of Africa is about another third of the church. And then the remainder are just cold water or whatever. OK there's a kind of give you a an idea of your world church OK in the light blue in the middle there is virtually almost zero avenues presence in the Middle East if every administrate what the statistics exactly were but if every adding this word to. Do outreach I think in North America we would reach every every every everyone in North America in one year if we did it in presume we could do it in about six months in the Middle East if every avenue did outreach it would take them about three hundred years to reach everybody. OK What's that. What is that why is that so in the Middle East has many challenges. Many many challenges. Yeah we traditionally have not had a presence in the Middle East we've have. Muslim. Culture or Christianity in you know Afghanistan Kazakhstan Iran Iraq. Not many Christians there to begin with. So we are now according to the Middle Eastern North African Union doing a lot of wall density in projects there and on the cutting edge of that by the way are Koreans. You know that and the Koreans do and I'm Koreans and there. I just pick up Koreans just because Koreans are always this small little asian no one no one thinks of Koreans who are you asian or you Chinese know or you Japanese know or are you what why don't why don't Koreans get a question we want to be part of we want to hang with the Japanese and the Chinese. Anyway that's what I'm talking about. So this is a you have thirteen divisions here you have one division this is the West African Division This is John nor Miss division but Africa by itself has three divisions OK North America only has one North America is the richest division but very small membership this is a an example of a union this is the North Pacific Union this is the Arizona conference and this is the local church this is a very ugly church OK so here you have the different levels the the local church is in charge of membership and local mission OK So the college still careen Seventh Day Adventist Church is technically in charge of reaching everyone in college there and may have some kind of Korean connection in some way but doesn't have to. The minute you go into East brain or that's of the territory of who the Springer church OK now to. Nice sisterhood in a relationship you're going to be you know going to fight over people I mean like all of them OK And but you also have the problem in Avonex ghettos you have like a billion churches in a matter of like five minutes all around each other and then there's an issue of that OK this is where people if they've lost their mission mindset they don't know why they're going to church they just go to church to listen to the nice and Isis message OK They're also in charge of membership so we see a sister here and let's say we drive on Sabbath and we see her coming out of the liquor store and she's she's like drinking and she's clearly in the braided and she's like singing hymns in a slurred language and I we don't know what she's saying or like that she's clearly truck OK as a little church it is our responsibility to guard her salvation and say hate we all of us hall of us have private sins and private weaknesses we all need to cover overcome and struggle with him and we all do in this room right but if there's things that we come out and open on it hurts our witness publicly as a corporate body so you being so comfortable and being open since I've heard that before that we need to talk to you but as we engage the elders come and we engage in a conversation not to plan around like you were drinking in the interim whatever that's not come in the Unfortunately there are churches who do that and they're wrong but the function should be the elders were like hey we're really worried about you we saw that you were drinking what was going on and on I was entering game that was just I was you know like I was water and you talk about these things and you know you want to work through this but it's for her salvation in mind but if she has the attitude we're like you know what I don't think there's anything wrong with alcohol and I'm going to drink alcohol until Jesus comes and help us find if she persists in this she's placing herself outside of the fellowship of believers she is not in a Seventh Day Adventist in public so at that point using discipline we disfellowship her she is not a member of our Sure. Because she continues not because like you're not like us going to kick you out that is not the function of this fellowship it is a form of punishment saying hey we really want you in really really want so we meet with her even more we pray with we have Bible study and want to see what the core of the problem is maybe it's not drinking maybe she's like the depression and she's a chemical whatever whatever we find what that is and then when she decides to come back we we baptize her into the faith it becomes a beautiful experience rather than just your in your out so make sense the local church has this authority. Your local church board has given a sign and so that's why when you choose a church you choose choose to transfer your membership you're actually saying I heard myself accountable to this church I like these people so much that they I want them to watch me but I'm going to watch them or to hold each other accountable that is the function of church question yes. Yes. It doesn't happen I deal. Yes And it's that's And I mean as I don't know what to say about that I it's a reality. It happens in developed countries more which is really weird but it's one of the she was drinking. That's just a craft. That's tough. And she's like what's going on oh I look no one talk to me you're not going to our church any market if we run away we were so non-confrontational and and it's actually rooted in selfishness we don't we're not looking for her I'm so picky and she's not even a drinker She's probably very young. We need to look out for herself it is it makes sense it's not that we're saving her it's Jesus that saves her but we have. This community that keeps her account of all of us and the one person that's not held accountable is the one person that falls off the wagon I mean did they leave church as a result and we all agog she's getting tired so I'll go keep moving them a little conference to look at conferences function is to choose and train pastors a little congregation cannot choose your own pastor OK or the conference so then the pastor has the freedom to preach the message and does not have to appeal to kowtow to the congregation they can preach the message the way it should be preached they have that autonomy and independence and if any discipline needs to take place it takes place on the level of the local conference not the local church OK and they have a local union conference to ensure their policies and in the General Conference was in charge of mission yes. Or. Yes. In North America there is a. A friendly understanding that you don't need to have service requests and you know us from California to Florida Oh. The decision behind that I mean many people surmise that there was a political and with the background of women's ordination and and so that was a political maneuvering in that they violated that understanding of the whole ship and. That's that's not normal practice it's policed by a source happening between. Two conferences of two different divisions or so the police by the division. And where the division polices that or not that's not the question. Here. If you and the con the current conversation in the General Conference is what happens when the divisions don't do they're supposed to do and that's what that's in this case were not today so before to this point before the woman ordination point there was a common understanding in and people kind of worked towards together it was a general on. The right word is a in accordance But now we're getting into the nitty gritty and people are using the the powers that they have for mal intent or for political intent or for whatever intent and erodes in the church is based on the Fellowship in the brotherhood of these if these churches and. That the way now Florida does have that product to do that they do. All right this is from Spirit of Prophecy here still OK this afternoon Amen is my stand up stand up stand up and stand up. Touch touch the ceiling reach reach for the stars. Stretch stretch to stress stretch stretch it please turn to your left. Please turn to your left. Put your hands on the shoulders in front of person in front of you on your left. And just massage the. The muscles out of them. OK please shut your right and priest retaliate. Thank you please be seated. OK eighty two three sixty three seven every member of the church has a voice in choosing officers for the church this is where your membership is very very important. You have the choice to choose them impact the whole world now you can't be on the level but you can choose the people who choose the people who choose who to serve the church I know that sounds very wary well very far removed we still have a say there is that you have a responsibility to choose the church chooses the offices of a state conferences then gets chosen by state converses choose the office of the union conferences and the delegates choose and by the union conferences chooses the option of the General Conference as makes sense just that once choosing of each other by this arrangement every conference every institution every church and every individual either directly or through representatives as of voice in the election of the men who bear the chief responsibilities of the G.C. OK you don't see this in any other nomination. In this I'm very proud to be a seventh they haven't been completely. OK God has ordained the representatives of the church from all parts of the earth when it's someone General Conference shall have authority this quote is too long so skip it and then our goal our purpose in existing is Matthew twenty eighteen yes that go in there for teach all nations baptizing them the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost so our job is to baptize our job is to teach people our job is to disciple people is the function of Archer our structure should serve this Ark This is an example of and I don't know how it's worked here in Georgia Cumberland the local church gives one hundred percent of it's tied to the local conference the local conference gives sixteen percent of that to the division nine percent goes to the union and the local union give ten percent to the vision so what's happening is everyone's kind of tiny tiny tiny tiny thing and functioning through tie Ok how to get involved in the global church and they understand us typo I know it's I was going to much more like a calorie but I didn't have a stretch of the Glow cultures were very focused on local and the local impacting the global OK Couple things you can do is when a soul to Christ if you don't know how to do this ask your pastor this is the primary function of your pastor your pastor is not there to preach good messages every week if you have a good preacher I'm sorry you have a horrible preacher but every pastor should be a great trainer in winning souls to Christ if your pastor is a bad winner of so call your local coffers. Simple as that we want someone to train us how to win souls and if the conference has a problem and then call your local union and then just call the branch OK I would choose get involved if they're satisfied I'm proud to call Department that's why I'm very passionate about Sabbath school I believe status quo is the most important point an important part of the church many students are asleep during Sabbath school and it's horrendous I was here about six months ago in college still and to do a study and this is a travesty that the local university did this southern Abas university thought all the local churches were housing the students during Sabbath school or the local churches thought the university was doing something about Sabbath school so the entire area no one has been going out to saddest pool for the last twenty years. And just now the university is coming to to to to this conclusion it maybe we should do something for Sam a school and now the habits have existed for so long people just sleep through satisfy because they're tired a sad a school as it was an opportunity where everyone can get involved together in the most exciting part for me for seven school is V.B. Yes I think the B.S. people are the craziest people in the world to like insane They're like the Green Berets of the evidence church like in one week to go to. Be like. Our nurses that we need we need to know five game stand get she may we're going to miss Nast get the fish Now now and in a one week they go out and every kid loves E.B.'s Amen even the badly done B.B.S.'s kids are like this is awesome I got. B.B.'s is awesome there are communities that revolve their lives around the B.S. you know. Blew my mind their families are like OK from August eighth to thirteen we go to the Baptist church for fourteen to the seventeen to go to the Mr and the eighteen to twenty third we go to the Presbyterian Church and this is how their whole summer planned out B.B.'s B.B.'s Q Yes we've Yes but here's the problem we could all ever be and I don't know what you do here for callers here we go all out from B.S. and after B.B.'s has done what we do we're done. Those guys and we're done we need to connect to the B.S. to Sabbath school so Thursday afternoon or like you guys let me be a we love you be asked do you want to be us where we want to be B.S. forever there we're going to have the B.S. forever. When school starts you guys going to school from Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and my let me go to church on Sunday so we'll have it on Saturday at nine thirty to eleven o'clock. And it's called Sabbath school not B.B.'s and it's the same as a teacher's same exact everything and so it is familiar to you. If you don't have young people in your church find him and bring him in. V.D.'s has been known to revive churches it's amazing to them he also plant plant status quos because when the kids are there can say parents instead of waiting in your car for P.B.S. to finish come into our adult program and you don't want to do like the beast in fourteen seconds OK but that's not the Bible so they were talking to the Christianity one hundred one or cooking schools or something more. You know just an income and then they can be part of that. P. part of a church visit and reclaim former elderly missing forgotten backsliding members visit each other for this year in the universities visit each other in the dorms number for. People to be part of that welcome guard K. the three first impressions of a church Number one is your church sign number two is your website and number three is your welcomers. From these three things the millennial generation gets a picture composite picture of the church so like man. I got invited to call it a Korean church let me go online and see the website this website is awesome this church must be on this website is horrible this website was made by Compu Serve in the one nine hundred eighty. First impressions if your sign up there is like you know family and hang it in is rust everywhere does that show something about the church I've been to churches where the welcome guard there just looking at me in the window. And so awkward so I'm coming out of the car or backing them to looking at me and looking at them like hello. You can leave the lobby and meet them outside and then I've been to one church they really needed their welcome Guard they had a golf cart. Went out. And when it's raining the guy comes out has a number allowed his welcome to the good old US of the administers My name is Joe And we welcome you are you are you a first time member here you are hating come into our lives things removed it was raining and all this is your why what is your son little cute little nearly in the thing you don't come in. Hey Mary this is the Kim family this is a first time here and then I will talk to Mary married and marry introduces to at least five people studies show that if you know at least five people and have a meaningful discover station with them on their first visit they will return. But what happens a first visit is like who's that person I don't know. They're pretty good looking let's go talk to them OK. They're pretty ugly let's not talk to them what's what happens to. Rejuvenate consecrate the walking guard and lastly participate in church board meetings Amen. Amen Kurtz like I don't know about. I don't know so this is the last part and this is where I'm very passionate about and I believe every young adult should be part of leadership to some degree OK the C.E.O. of Burger King is thirty six years old. We have young adults who are old enough to kill people in the military they can hold weapons and they can press nuclear bombs will come sadness churches like you are twenty five years old you are too young to be an elder you must be at least seventy five years old to be an elder that's what Elder means elder means to be old you know that's what they say in an Africa the continent of Africa the church is going to fast this the average age of Elder leadership is twenty three years old. Church is growing like crazy there's some energy there whereas by seventy five there's not that energy left and there still is but not not that much so be part of leadership be an elder to some degree church boards chief concern is the spiritual nature nurture of the church and in the world the work of planning and fostering what. So Church is not the time to gossip it's not the time to to debate about the color of the carpet and by the way I was part of a church we debate about the color of the carpet for like two weeks it's horrible I was driving the pain in my wrist because as more pleasant than this conversation. It's about planning evangelism and then when I direct church board were done in an hour or. An hour Korean church we have church board mean. Still at four o'clock in the morning. It's not a prayer vigil it's a literal church I've been I've been in one of those two K. and I was in the pending when the board devotes its first interests and its highest energies to every member of vandalism most of its problems are what are what. I don't know he said Bice alleviated or prevented very good the church will study local field Committee recommendations for evangelistic programs and methods it will determine how these can best be implemented by the church pastor and the board will initiate and develop plans for public evangelist campaigns so if your church you know enough money what you do do have Angeles people come in to donate more money if you don't have enough people as you do do evangelism you get more people if you have not enough spirituality or she do evangelism your church becomes more spiritual OK So the problem to every church is a solution to every problem church is evangelism right board meetings board meetings are like suicidal to many people Yes Curt OK. There's a general order of board meetings number one you have a call to order in the minutes reports from your office or an infinite unfinished business new business announcements and a call torture you all should be part of your board you should go to one and see how it works OK now here's the thing many of our church boards have like people who are older than ninety ninety years old there and they've been in this same exact church board with people for ninety years. Do you understand so it's like the usual suspects so they talk on a level that's far more familiar and so they go at it have you heard of these church boards they go at it now if you show up and you're an idealist. One thousand year old like I want to serve the Lord Jesus Christ then we are poor reading I don't mind much invoice appears and your there is these people cannot fight. Me like group think oh you I think you are a nice person. I think we should reevaluated this motion and so you have a function there so make sense use your you use your innocence for the Lord Jesus Christ. Lingo is a couple things there are going to get recognized you want to do the small one something called emotion I'm even made a motion when you make a motion. You move the mountains. You change the world. I dare you go to a local church and make a motion. To do it. And everyone around you would freak out. And you will earn respect like no other quickly go to a local church and say I would like to make a motion that we use all of our finances for the youth project. Now I want you to get seconded. What I'm saying is we're not being facetious make smart motions move the church forward use motions. When I make a motion after I make a motion you want to someone has a second I mean if you make a ridiculous motion I was going to second it but if you say instead of all finances can we I move that we use a thousand dollars for a new young adult project and here's my one year plan the second most likely So you're in the second and you talk have a discussion and there is a large group people rule restate the motion OK There's also something called moving the question how we were this moving the question meaning when you have emotion people talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk and there are some people who are very very mischievous that they keep on talking to where you out people do that and that's that is a strategy this is not because they're all it is a strategic thing that they're doing they're making you suffer so what you say is like I'd like to move the question and when moving the question means no more discussion we know that's what you're saying and you need two thirds vote to do that OK So be a lot of people get mixed up in this in general compensation one you need to vote if you're to move the question and then once it's voted then you actually vote on the original motion so make sense. Yes people get mixed up they don't see what that is and that's the of the voting announce the results here's three other interruptions you can make a point of privilege because it make you sound. Really really smart point of privilege your Power Point is not working I can't see you I can't hear you you're too soft point of order Mr Chairman you totally skipped the whole pastor's report we need to go back and do it in right order and I see a point of information you said like ten thousand dollars we only have two hundred dollars in our budget where are you going to find this money that's a point of information that I could have you can ask that question OK right now this is going to be this is this is the fun part but this it was a lot of reading so bear with me OK Satan attends every What. Every board meeting every business meeting and sometimes he's the only person there because Tony don't comes out the business meeting every business meeting every committee meeting if he can impress anyone's mind to make objections and to throw in suggestions that will delay the work hours and weary out those who are called upon to attend these meetings he is wonderfully pleased so here's the thing good meaning should not be this bad but saint in is making it that bad and that's that's my point. The middle part there the business which should be pushed through with dispatch yet in an intelligent matter is made. Because of the sort of the human unsanctified element OK Number one we want to do this before you go to a board meeting you want to analyze your motives do you have any bitterness in your heart do you have an agenda do you hate the Board Chairman do you have do you hate the other elder who have been fighting for the last ninety years these are all things you want to look at and pray for look at number two she says excessive amount of food eaten or the improper combination does injurious work some may ask what does this have to do with board meetings very much the effects of wrong eating are brought into council and board meetings the brain is affected by the condition of the stomach the disordered stomach is produced a productive of a disordered uncertain state of mind in Korean churches What do you do we have a banquet someone's house. We we come in come to my house I want to show you how much money I have how much food I have is all my food that's a board meeting here what's going to happen to people fighting in those board meetings you have this every time every church time in time through OK I present this as a cause of the situation and many Council on board meetings where questions demanding careful study have been given but little consequence iteration and decisions of the greatest importance and three dispositions for this position to say we things that will create a laugh when the wants of the cause are under consideration whether in a committee meeting board meeting and any other meeting for business is not of crisis so sometimes we try to make too many jokes and make it very frivolous there are four we should be praying through these through these these these. Board meetings my whole police at the end of this. Hopefully. Is grow up. And men. Grow up we are Seventh Day Adventist adults and technically speaking the minute you are baptized. And you come up you are a newly created being in Christ and you are a disciple of Jesus fully capable of church leadership now not a lot of experience. But still keep him in bring something to potluck. Event Now I say facetiously tell the deaconesses if you can do that is to make it mad and cream deaconesses every. After today's message what are some things your take away from this afternoon what are you left impressed with I've done this many times using non-criminal speak up first and in a criminal speak up later and then after we finish and Koreans come up at the end of that I wanted to say something but you're leaving and we're talking the car it's always that the way so don't do that because we're leaving and we want to talk to you so what will you take away from today this or. That we are individuals we are a body of individuals. We're like every pipe organ. A God given proper organ Yes Order order order yes this. Amen amen you know this or you take away from today. If you're interviewing me like man I should say something but I want to say something that made fun of me don't we're all women funny trying to make fun of you share this. Board meetings be involved people. You're never too young to be involved or you were you I mean there there door ages when you were young like like one month. That's a little young but you have been there as cradle we're all so there's that involved And yeah I get Yeah I get a good point yes yes or. Embrace each other in love. Bring each other back yeah. By the way there's nothing like Piers that can bring Piers back sometimes or like the pastor should be doing the pastor Pastor Pastor Pastor or sometimes a pastor is a ninety five years old and he can't connect with a twelve year old but if you're twelve years old you can connect and no one says that the greatest calling of youth is to reach out to the youth of your own generation we have a special gift we can only do with each other so use it so. Can he once. Was open it up we have a Q. and A session any questions that you have any comments any conclusion any insults that you have acquired through last night into day that you'd like to to share if not we'll call it quits Yes. No you cannot. But I can give it to you if you can use it for private study only the only problem with that is a lot of his images are not illegal. And if I use it for church it's fine but all Google Images and I got to go to contact each one I'm going to convert this kid into a can a user picture I don't know this kid is. If I put it publicly I'm breaking the law if I use it for church it's not. And that was recorded anyone that's anyone Oh yes yes. Yes yes very excellent question the question is what happens when you go to a church in your young and you don't you know they don't perceive you as a competent capable soul winner and how do you get stuff moving you want to be smart you want to be smart and one way to do that is talk to your pastor talk to the chairperson talk to the head elder there is in the leadership laws of John Maxwell there's called the law call the law call the law of E.F. Hutton I don't know if I mean is he just a big guy and when I was a pastor of the Korean church I was twenty five years old everyone else was nine hundred years old. Right and that group there was someone who was a thousand years old. And that thousand year old person was the defacto leader now I was the pastor I was the leader but he was the head in the and in every group there was always someone like that and usually they don't talk right and so I remember when I would be like going to I mean I was like a little puppy and I let the little know and the ones like the old look towards the one thousand year old man and he be like. It was I get a good idea that's good idea good idea now let us do this this is the through this and I look over to the one thousand year old man who like. And actually think that's a bad idea but he never talked he just grunted in a Korean man fashion ancient Korean caveman So you want to be smart you want to find who are the people of influence who are the leaders who are the movers and shakers as a young person we are young people we are in experience we are idiots when it comes to a lot of stuff so with the position I want to learn more I want to have a burden for this and rather than me like I want to do this and if you don't do this you're not good Christians rather than do that let's build a bit more smarter and in Christian humble attitude and like hey if I were to do this would you recommend it how would I get this going across you know what can you help me with this and and. I mean nine times out of ten unless they're super evil they would they will help you they will help you. It wasn't until I learned that component just be a little bit more socially aware and here's the thing we are all young in this room we're all younger than about you know seventy years old but I think maybe. He used brings with it brings with it arrogance we are arrogant and we don't know how arrogant we are and with age there comes humility in sometimes we may have good intentions good passion good energy good ideas creat to beauty but if packaged the wrong way can come off extremely arrogant and that's I think a lot of the divisions of the generational stuff by Christ that one thousand year old and a twenty five year old has the same. Tumble with each other working together and that's that's the hope Yeah and I've seen that in churches I've seen it in churches. And it's a vague answer but it's it's it's. Current. Yeah yeah good good good question how do you get more young people into status quo I don't know. I know what doesn't work we know that many churches who change the time from nine thirty ten o'clock they think ten o'clock is when everyone come out the Sabbath school but what happens is people don't come out the status quo ten o'clock they come out ten thirty and then these churches move to ten thirty and they don't come and then they come on eleven o'clock so these people are always there's always a thirty minute lag whatever time you set it that OK so then more then time and that's that's the solution number one which I believe is faults solution number two is hell let's make food if we have food that's why people come up for church service if we have breakfast they'll come out for the first Sabbath school but here's a go back to my foot methodology how you win them is what you're wanting them to. Repeat it one more time how you win them is what you want them to so if you're going to win them with food you're going to attract all the people who are hungry and have no money for breakfast like poor or stupid I mean facetious. The reality is and I think this is it does take it takes more time but in our culture today twenty seventeen millennial generation with Amazon Prime Netflix You Tube all around we are sensitive with quality programming quality programs so that if we have a status quo program and it's it's a low class it's ghetto even by one percent black man I rather sleep in for I don't want to sit through this I got up for this so they don't come out so in church settings What is the best programming programming that you have it is getting into the Word of God really getting into exposition the Word of God really practical stuff really fun stuff and then make it worthwhile to get up at the early hour of nine thirty or nine o'clock whatever OK there is a there's a decline of commitment you know there used to be a generation that would come to church at nine fifteen now we come in church in nine eleven forty five. There is that but I think the word of God can build us up to build that up that level of commitment for us. That's not indicting all of you you guys are all part of the remnant of the rent. He wants questions comments. So I'd rather you were speaking softly in my my ears or. If he meant. Yes the logo. It's just a logo that some committee put together it's like it's not a conspiracy theory the cross is an upside down these are not Jesuits and they haven't a search we're trying to promote it's just a logo the function of the logo is so that the Methodist logo is probably a well known church logo it's a cross with the red flag on the side of the Cross and the church is wanted a world why a branding that wherever you go in any country if the words Seventh Day Adventist Church is in a different language biographic you can still tell it's the seventh they have this church that's the function of a logo there are a lot of conspiracy theories like six six six and it is by the Jesuits and please don't will google and try to look for SIX SIX SIX Now you can all do it but it's just a graphic interface they're updating the logo it was created in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight but they're updating it in this one micro mentally updating. Case he wants. Questions Yes. Yes yes. You you could yes yes you could. It may require a little bit of fanatics especially if your church board is going like ten people and. So how you would do this is you talk to your chairperson and say hey I have an idea talk to them and try to get it on the agenda if you chairperson as your head elder or the pastor say hey sister so and so has an idea and he'll give you the time of the floor to speak and you pitch me like I want to do this with a thousand dollars we use nine hundred out of our and I understand that this is and then you would think is that van to say young people have is use your naivete as an advantage you know I've never done this before so can we do like an absent bounty about clothes ballot like that would be fun when that you know just just play a play off and go. Oh yes we don't want to stifle the young woman's zero PIN and then they'll go do it I mean that's sort of damage if the elderly have their advantages the youth have their advantages too you can gas for clothes about the usually clothes ballots are requested in case of a high by us or pressure by certain people like you like an example that you cited. A good question good question OK but mechanical questions yeah I think I wish someone had told me this stuff as a young adult the very practical things yes do you want to be part of your administration. Be a proactive component in your local leadership and then please stay with me a moment of prayer if you stand stand stand. Let's pray together. Father in heaven we thank you for the strength that you've given us this afternoon. What I've seen people have been very interested in Father we ask that you translate and transpose this interest into church leadership. And it's take that church leadership and to push evangelism further not just for the mechanical process of baptizing people but really fulfilling Jesus's words to be His disciples and to have the church get bigger and larger not just in terms of numbers to fulfill the great commission and to see Jesus come in our lifetime and pray in Jesus' name this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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