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Christ In You

Jeremy Zwiker


  • November 25, 2016
    7:00 PM
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Well you have. This is our perch. We pray for you will take our lives as well you know is. That everything that needs to be right. Jesus thing. How many of you have heard about the Baltimore and global south when it comes to if you are. OK some people have now a lot of the earth is everything that you see it on top north of this black line including the structure. Why is this important Well in one thousand sixty global not what is blue on the stripes nine hundred sixty there was thirty one percent of all the baptisms of the sand at his church were done in global markets that which includes and is actually to be sixty nine percent in looking global south. So that is an idea now the question is how does it look in two thousand Portie you have any and yes a lot of people don't know the statistics yet if you can guess what is the visit of two thousand and fourteen of baptism and the strange gold Mark and what. Tends to ninety yes tell you where in North and ninety South and other suggestions. Twenty four OK on the. Twenty. Twenty eight but. It is three percent of and I suppose. This is including this is all of North America is all of Europe is all of Russia and all of a struggle three percent of the city is church is being baptized in local. But striking statistic is. This is something that I learned at the G.C. So there's a very deep when they present the sums it is it's an eight and I ask the secretary of the G.C. If you could send me just chalk and I used his presentation and was so gracious and he did and it was really interesting information in it but this is a question anybody can have you have heard about ten forty five hit ten forty we know is this window here and we talk and and rightly so we talk a lot about it because it's really a missionary thing it's so important because in that ten ten twenty stands for turning to greatest. Night for the result. Or night and then the result of the greater that's like just this window where the pen where you notice is caught and it's the place where there is least amount of I have interests Yeah and the most and those half of the population of the earth is in a temporary rhythm and comparatively There's least amount of evidence. And we were just there actually and we're just here in Turkey playing through Turkey to come here was the cheapest way to get through Munich from my friends which was very convenient. But you were there and we saw our if something if someone has. Over fifteen million people living here it's a huge city we were just if we arrived and we took a bus to the place are going to go and we just. Drove for over an hour not slowly quickly and just saw city the whole time. As a city and suspect standard expand and you know how many percent are Muslim. Ninety nine point two percent it's out and it's all minarets all all over it was amazing because I have never seen anything like never been to such a city Richard and just really striking and that there's such a huge Gene such I mean so many people have no idea about crafts and what because of that. But. Is that that's the norm about whether this is a place where there is this amount of interest or so much like that but something not just this is like to show you is this these are the thirteen the visions of the island destruction worldwide. And. There are thirty divisions and these are the five years from two thousand and ten to two thousand qwerty Now can you guess which one which three divisions these are the battles that we citizens are in three European divisions. Yes. It happens often you recognize. Or get put up your hands when you do you think this is this one right now. You know unfortunately this is the reality. This is the reality that that we have we have a problem not we don't we have some of the still in year but could it be that we have a huge problem in Europe with actually I think that actually having people to come and somebody called it. The post Christian trying. Here. We are in one of the biggest mission was on the planet. One of the most difficult missions was this one year. We thought. This is not an easy place to be not an easy place to grow up some easy place so when people. Want to show you just. Because I believe that's what. I did you just hope. For your. The hope. I believe. Is in this one percent and I asked him to do it three last words that Jesus shared. With his disciples. John seventy. You over here by the. Last words that you shared with all of his disciples when they were still like John seventeen. The last verse. And I have declared to that your name and will declare that the love with which you love me may feeling you know and I in. That Who is. Christ in him that is who. In his. Disciples in that and also what I'm going to talk about is the message of the legacy and now where do you find the message of the ISIS. Revelation read very good. But this message that there is the answer is also combined with the mystery. And it's not in relation to. Where you sit down. And this is the Lucien's that is also a mystery that is somehow. A mystery. That you know there is more or. Less interested in the reasons than just in relation to. Yes they are just where you're going to. See. What happens. Afterwards which kind of as cautious as right let's go to the last of Colossians chapter one of. The book of cautions actually was written for the cautious yes but it was also to be read by that from here it seems now that you would see a motherly series. As we understand it as as I understand it. Who do we generally think or believe is in this world. Is The Last Church right the last trench of God on earth I live in since and unfortunately there are very. Badly described were described as being not so very much not a horror not hot right and not cold but while Luke was unfortunate unfortunate and it's really sad a sad reality but let's read what what what does God have to tell of his church what does God have to tell the newly cience. There I mean what would you bring for us to not write it would be something for us to actually look into let's go to caution chapter one and verse twenty six. Or even started and verse twenty four. I now rejoice in my sufferings for you and fill up in my flesh what is lacking in the missions of Christ for the sake of his body which is the church of which I am becoming minister according to the stewardship from God which was given to me for you to fulfill the Word of God that mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations by now has been revealed to his saints so there's probably about it a mystery that was hidden for a long time for ages but now it is being revealed or has been revealed Yeah so it's it's a mystery that was hard to see but actually it is visible it was revealed to goop. So his sense of right to the people of God the Father of the God you see there in the text. So as it was revealed to his sayings and then becomes a verse twenty seven percent of Sciences so then God will make it known what are the richest of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles and now it says what this mystery is what is this mystery that was hard to understand or was concealed. Before just which is that we can rediscover which the Christ in you the whole Lord. The hope of glory this is the mystery and this is. What has revealed so since. New hope of glory. In Humanity. Is mysterious. To me and it. Is. Much easier to comprehend. Isn't it Christ in you the whole story and this is a very popular right now just like the unity that we have in Christ he says in us. This is the unity that we're striving for this is the unity that he has a church as a new C.N.N. is our culture. Christ in us. And. We were just reading I had just come together and this is called Care and talks about this very thing it says Christ abiding in the heart of the wife will be an agreement with Christ abiding in the heart that has been. This interested right so Christ will not be. Against Christ. Right cannot cannot be the cause of division what is the cause of the visions in the church. And then we are going to be really interesting to know what the cause of the visions are as any of you ever heard about a vision. The visions in. The church like in your local churches are surpassing your hands and unfortunately right there are divisions there are different differences of opinions and this in the other one is the cause of the things. We get in our because of division is or discord in the church is separation from Christ. And then he says this secret that is a secret kind of the solutions I. Think. The secret of unity is what. Union with Christ. So the cause of division is. This is the separation from God is the secret of unity coming together in fellowship coming together as one. Is union with Christ together with Christ this mystery Christ in you the whole you are. To be a Christian it means a great deal more then you suppose. This is. A Christian is Christ. This is really really hard to understand business. High handed highly highest in the park reach the scholars ideal for his children. And education after that statement when I was about just asking us. Our likenesses to go to be reached this is I'm comprehensible How can you understand this this is really difficult and it. I feel inadequate. To stand here and talk about it because it's such that something so difficult to understand it is in a sense and to see how does that work. Or how does that you know. You know the nations to twenty I agree somebody with Christ. Nevertheless I did but not I who who lives Christ lives in. Rest in new. YORK. This is what we're striving for this will be before here's a an interesting thing that we have. Thinking of all the nationalities that arson assembled here and I thought this is an interesting one to also share in this context says though some are decidedly French other is decidedly German and others decided the American baby would be just as decidedly what. Christ. Do we were we are different nationalities. We should be just as decidedly Christ then says they were God was a different nationalities to me not together to be one in judgment in one one in purpose then you know that there is in Christ will be an example for. The union that it will have in Christ good example five. When all nationalities can. Work to share. My work as workers together for God bread and his sisters lean heavily upon the iron of the mighty one flavor for unity may prefer love and you made become a power in the world. United. This is the prayer that Christ had for his disciples the last words that he told them he said I. I want to be with you I will be with you I will send my spirits to of you with. I will come. Has given his spirit. To be with us. I am really really excited. About some movements that are happening I would like to share some of these things with you there are some some movements happening where this kind of unity is being strived for among the largest Not just individuals but organizations as well as the hit status. And we have been thinking and talking about this for quite some time just from the beginning of that night actually our idea that the idea that you have this quote with such an army of workers as are you. And others I rightly treat my furnished house in the message of a crusade for a reason and soon considering my character that who are right with me how can this be how can we truly rightly train. Youth to be an army of workers to be people. Want to meet people I want to give them what is the best for you. Want to share what is the best. Really how can we do this how can we make it I can decide which a program or something something that they can rally people to the world. And this was the inception of in a way also impact and and we think we thought of him but we can do this just by ourselves in fact we want we need to you know people are not just going to come to the vision to build a first interview aspire for that and so we thought well maybe conferences are easy enough three four days maybe we can only you can be inspired this is really I need to change my life and I need to give my life to Christ I need to do something more right you can inspire it in a conference we have OK and. And that mission and the whole thing was to lead to this one. End result and result is to do you have LIVES FOR ME TO GOD. Not just not just. You know as you said about about to be called a Christian is more than many propose what many suggest to be happensis is more than many suggest it to me to be part of the people of God I believe has called us to put our wives and them. He has not called us to being the same. Going to church on the side I don't like going to church just other how bad for our culture is not cause. That's not Christian that's not my that is. I do this is and is to use all of our lives over time over talents in God's word because that will make you know that it will be purpose that will happen. Just because that's how God the Son He designed it to for us to when we minister to others we user accounts for others that's really this is the symbol of that and that's what missions for you that's what you wish for me and that's what he wants so that's where we want this to end up right. So I'll just walk you through that through the steps again the first responding with a different organizations joy as you're one of the words just then and just and then Mission this is what we're here at impact generation imagine if we have our vision is to to do the mission church affected by it also to see a generation quite and to see people give their lives completely to God It's not just about a mission in five years not just about which impact is about seeing people becoming sight. Seeing people giving their lives not just rush. By finding that life she that my life is here for a purpose of survival. That night. And then missionary training and I'm so happy to meet you guys here at the side missions. I love your side missions I was happy to have A.J. It made me say I love missions. It's such a blessing you know it's nurturing is it's so necessary. To see you so do so if you can was so few places that actually do it this way. President of the ones. But as I have so I mean I'm looking for them you know you guys here I just missions it's a privilege to meet people but instead see that hey my life you know even though I will not get out credits or whatever you know life is more this is more about I have given her this and this mark more in life and just. Going through life without thinking and thinking why do you have me why is my purpose what is what is the purpose of life. And then again this last step and we've been thinking and I've seen. What I want to say I've seen these different organizations and also this last set of trying actually to find places for people to serve you know it's not so easy it's not. There's really an organization like like a side and those you are in the Senate and the church obviously where you can use your profession in God's work and I've seen recently that this is different organizations What do you I see here and I see here is about we were very happy for it to be here and impact and also violence which is a live school is there in Africa missions goes and O.C.I. and inside Europe. They're all starting to think how can we you decide together to make. Certain you're better because there is such a great need to stick together we needed to do this mission today. And I have good news that I see. By the end of the time of the time that these groups are coming together in saying. This I say this. To this meeting tonight we need to put away personal differences we need to put all we are all in this all in whatever I need to come out whether or not it's about getting people into be sure it's about getting people. Into service I'm very curse I was just at. This for their Savior I mean I thought I was very encouraged. To see the spirit of wanting to do more. Laying out a strategic plan saying you know how can we do for you god or. God can use every person just in proportion as he can put his spirit into the sort of. The work that he will accept is the work that reflects this image. Now as we come to. The end like I said OK how can we. Give our lives to God. How can only pray. How can you know. Every person God can use this is important because I feel God can use every person just in proportion as he can put his spirit into the sort of had not so God looks like from this statement that is limited but when he said in that city. What is the limiting himself by. Just as much as you can wipe. It with. Yeah how can how do we know God. How can you know you've got. To go. Through what Yeah exactly exactly for his fear of interest rate we can then go out and do it when. We live in God because God I'm going to see him in this here is. Right. There is no evidence of the usefulness of one of one who by putting self aside makes room for who the working of that Holy Spirit on his heart and lives a life wholly consecrated. This is an incredible scene right there is no limit why is there no need because. It's history. From Spirit has in the right hands not only. Is unconference away it's a mystery in the whole world. How can it be. In. The work if you will accept is the word that reflects usage. Was nothing else he wants to be able to put his spirit in. Question is. Are we willing to let go we willing to give our self away because it's correspondingly our self how much we mortified self I crucified with Christ and the more we actually puts up a site. The more his spirit come. And well yes. If we don't put self aside. This year it will be very. Cannot. Because. Just in proportion just in proportion I mean just more self you have a. Lot. Less than the worst period. More like myself you have yes you seem so it's it's just a question I think it's really interesting and this is something we need to examine how can we how can we. Self know right to be filled with the spirit. If all were really all would be filled this is not a question of hearts ability to be hard wanted to believe it's a question of our will it's a question of our own decision if we want to if all we're willing is the promise all will be destroyed. I must live. I think Luke eleven says. Your father's and mother's right I mean student good gifts to their generation how much more are you going to live by give the Holy Spirit because that. Once again. Are we asking God would pour out his fear upon those who respond to his call. Prayer is a hidden word Dean means of success and this is where I would like us to close to spend some time in prayer together. Because according to the second what is prayer. Prayer is that I have been pointing examining having heard it what does that mean. Every day means it's not something that. The pastor said or that anybody else said on the earth. I mean are they nice it was actually decided to help. Having decided prayer will be. The key to success. Had intervenes of success and you know those fish and the interest is between man and man move back. And acts as a part of controlling the affairs of nations but pregnant was what. Happened. And I just. Like the culture of. Prayer he's had and we see no no when he's out for different things. His way is going you see always. And I have a situation like that a long rest I find myself there's no way I don't see how it's possible. I've got I will go through but I know he wants to ignore me he will because. He wants us to reach out to these. Situations than. That. And bring. The pain because this is the key that moves have. That our own icons in answer to prayer will make men wise. In the wisdom of heaven. And involve them to work in the beauty of the spirit. Trying to get it right once. I see. Your god is here this week. I would like. To put the foundation that I would like us to spend. Time in prayer. Life just. One too many of our plans if you. Want us. In the. Bible with us and how us. Everywhere. Thank you Father. This is something that actually desired the. Country. For a fight. With us changes. This is. Real life. This media was brought to you by Adil first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through for. Sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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