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Division In the Home- A Divided House Is Not Able to Stand

Shaina Strimbu


  • November 26, 2016
    4:30 PM
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I'm happy to share with you Fox for closing out the Sabbath day. And I was beginning to feel sorry on my summer six years ago. I was driving with a car I was not right someone else took me in the car and I was right there was a half and we turned around the corner and saw the car and this was it this was our home to beat for that next few weeks I was doing this with you back to the program and in Austria in Syria and we were working as a church are we were the same church which had a very very bad condition. For. And then. They told us that they cross the sea here and there and the house. Was trapped if you look like there was a big wigs in English and a little. Crimson cracked Yeah and I was standing there with her feeling like. I SHALL WE SHOULD SLEEP. I mean I don't know what the formation of. A good foundation ought I mean maybe if maybe there are. People out there some really fun and who. Have injuries or whatever and when I want to talk about why this message. In the House of violence against itself that's how fluffy able to. Use words and I was a library experiencing I was what he was giving this teaching me how violent means to you not to be together and that's why I also sang the song because he pressed together to unite with one another to move forward together and not visually. And yet the scene where this took place is actually and I must surprise so Jesus and this is a house and he is teaching this house speaking Sherry and one fifth in this house. His mother and brothers. Are there and they are walking for the house and they want to go and get and this is told and Mark Mark free if you want to. See the verses for yourselves Mark thirty one to verify it. Yes. And Seth and his mother and brother came his then outside they sent to him and called him. They sent ingenius a carton and a crowd was sitting there and they said to your mother your brother are outside looking for you and he answered them who. Are mothers so strange we all see the fetus is a polite and very very. Bitter and heard some child perfect example right and only know that in Scripture it's actually on her parents and she says he said who is out there. Then the thing about those who sat around and said there are my mother's there are brother for where does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother. This is. Jesus cites the. Nursery cry out Oh if the cross. Currents ask me how it's passed they can just go there again I'll just do their part to him and whispering this year actually it says a few verses before and verse twenty twenty one if you want to follow him it's as if you once you know hone and the crowd get hurt again so that they could not even if. We take shifts out there because we can also go in that small room. You know what took place there I wanted to be in this house there was no room they could eat food there was something going on and it says and when his family. They went out to see him for being the same his out of my. Wife's choosing to. Hear his family says he must be insane he reminds minds his own family. What's their problem why do they react like this. That's. The last of John. John Sweeney brilliant of John Salley very pretty we learned not to let his private beliefs and. So here's a family of genius and here's a house for kids this is inside. A family comes to grab him because they think he's saying they don't believe in him they think what he's doing there is nonsense. And she's a says. The house divided against itself that house. This is not Jesus' own house it's true of Jesus' own household. Jesus own family was divided during the time when he was living on this earth and I'm not sure how many of you come from a home that's broken wire households actually not as happy healthy family setting Jesus knows how this is like because he has been in the same situation throughout his life he was on the surface his house was basically not you know that. He had a mission that his brother Stephen understood. That they didn't appreciate because he wasn't like them. He wasn't doing the silly things they were doing ever he was not there so badly is. Young adult that he had his mind fix the influence. So I want to emphasize again verse thirty five. As for whoever does the crowd is my RIGHT HERE IS MY SISTER He's my mother's house that is about it won't be able to sense Wiley's of who was about the will of his father while he was transpiring to build up that have been just a civil lawsuit after he built the church right we are also the people of guys like houses and buildings and if you decide to build this house one was on earth he laid the foundation and he said the foundation is doing the work out well I wonder if she's sitting in this house anyway. What she used to teach outside of nature this work of fiction right she was at the seashore I mean it's maybe on the mountain right at the mountain somewhere so they were carrying so they have somewhere on the mountain standing down there has to reach everyone it's like this or she was in the boat maybe everyone else on the shore and this is the pictures we have but she just says he sits in a house. I think there's a purpose. Mark the following lesson following versus We're back to Mark three. Still my freedom having. Seen its share something I'm in March twenty seventh now where Jesus passed and that. Speaking about someone entering and others have. First turned seven no one can enter a strong man's house and plunder his goods unless he first finds the strongman. Veteran. So impossible to enter any house he doesn't want to do and it's a person with strong needs to be overcome first and I lost hope which is Matthew six about the same message twelve twenty five and verse thirty there again Jesus saying every kingdom This is violent Ganso waits and no city or house divided against itself that same same candidate then it says in verse thirty whoever's not with me. And whoever does not get. So least giving the foundation says those who are with me they are united with the foundation of the House that those who are not this. They destroy or another gospel which is also giving us more insight. And then there's a there's a comma description this is look at eleven twenty one to twenty three. You may have a better picture of what they say actually the straw man the straw man had to fall on or so imagine not just a straw man but someone with in full armor he's a trying to protect his house and says he guards. His goods safe and stop here so what is his main intention Y.C. What did he put on the arm of the spectator. Guarding his goods while going to come back to that later he was good so I get that but when one stronger then he takes him and over constant. He takes away his armor in which he transcends and by it's a squad so what's taking place in there is one that is strong the strong one. Is in full armor but then. There comes a strong one. Who is the strong one. This is a parable Actually Jesus is speaking yes you know parable for the work of the battle and for his own work so basically that not the strong one the strong man has more on the protect against goods goods who. Is the goods why this one is meant to be goods Yes And I think goods this is also necessary for me time twenty four to twenty five the new trend there really. Are. I see you have forty hindsight and five people. Oh before you go there. Forty nine is a chapter powerful chapter of us. That God will never forget us like as a mother can never forget a child that says you were great forms of my parents even though my friend forgets the children I will never forget me and then the end of that beautiful chapter seven hundred twenty four twenty five can the phrase take it from the mighty Arctic captives of the tyrants the rescues. It's a question can't be done. But that says a lot you can recap this is my show and take it on the prairie fire you refuse but I will contend with those who you know that will save your children. We have great Satan the strong one holding us he's fully armored he's guarded so now moves us we have to pray. In another chapter I would say as they are very very different our stuff says Therefore I will devise an abortion with them and he should by rights fly. With them because point of assault. Because the deal is worthless won't attack we're no longer cry of the enemy because the prior God. House. Was not able to stand because of the shaky foundation didn't have a foundation of doing the will of God Jesus comes to help from the very beginning he lays out the foundation. Everyone does. My mother my sister my brother. Some amazing. No one not the family of Jesus how does that work together not of the physical family of Jesus. They thought he is out of mind. For me to get in. He's out of mind. The size of the Pharisees they told that his word was actually the word of the that all. Rights he was called were that that's what they said they said all he does these things because he says he's one of the Devils Yeah he's coming to us because of that. Actually this is a Senate against the Holy Spirit ascribing the Word of God to the evil one. And she's a still stresses he says it says another verse as John. King has come down. To this day and receive him carried from John. Cage's on they didn't receive him. The strong man a stronger one came. To take a surprise at the family of Jesus and come to reasonable that's why they're here they want to bring him back to to real thinking because if he is and says he needs their help and actually verse twenty one says they are trying to hold him and literally grabbing him maybe dragging him out of the house we see there's a real tension going on and I think this is also reality there is a real tension going on and. This is what a crack house called. There's real tension it's not just the same house and surviving in itself. Possible. From want do they fight against family Jesus why are they so aggressive about his ministry if you find out that I'm not sure but I guess that they have other planets which means they have different expectations I mean it was luck that in another family and suddenly he turns out to be not strange guy. Doing all six because of the will of God. The some familiar to some of us isn't the reaction that one gets when one starts to follow the will of God is not really learned in the son's life be normal if you're B.D.'s to the will of God but he says sitting in the house preaching the most part the Son is as though it's doing the will of my father they are mom's brother my sister. Amazing they actually patients of him were different and she says I think he's a man. Here sitting there and I think if you have a struggle going on in your heart because his family you can be just indifferent about but. Even if he felt rejected by his own heart once he didn't show. Even if you was upset because not only is not your service mission although she had promises for the confidence given to her. She's determined to beg you rather. Hear form an opinion of not. So I wonder now who belongs to the truth family she's us how big is the circle of those who really do what it says are leading them are a part that. Isn't the amount of just some sound for me aids fourteen for Save me is a smarter and I desire to do that I will create my heart your lies with my heart those who have the said Martin your life they are the true family of Jesus they are lost that he's not paid up to call them their brother their sister or even the sex and here his mother. Has moved here again hundreds and I think it's very nice to have a scene about coming together and he once sang songs well this is why we're here some to lay down differences to lay down right and to really come together and work together. Side by side working together because this is how the House will be able to sense the family of Jesus Christ is able to stand ever because everyone is following the will those crowds this ready is going to be able to stand against everything that will come from a follow on. Closing I want to share our progress from the one she likes her. Actually Paul who writes together with the feeds lecture and verse transcendent. If you think of this question of what it means to live a life that worthy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ he says first twenty one first chapter of. Only let your manner of life where you have the gospel of Christ so that whenever I come and see you where I am at since I moved here often dangerous standing firm in one stared with one mind's striving sign my sites for the faith of the gospel and not finding anything by your conscience this is what I think the lesson of Jesus about a crack house holds teachers living a life worthy of the gospel has a life we have coming Michael. Love a good look around and was aware of prayer. You have a Father thank You for this message for her the power of your words thank you did she do this you know sexual acts were going through if you come from broken homes for families. You have been rejected yourself. President has you know exactly how this relates to everyone's life tempted by that. There is a counter for you we have savings and we have started to work on our own behalf maybe you already have ferreted to stick together to press again you have not been. Following you could or as we should this forgive us or a forgiveness. Tension that has come up that his friend. And wherever we are not. Part of your true family and true counsel for his her mercy on us. I pray that you would do for us which we cannot do for ourselves at your feet no one knows you're not in house and taking us to No one in this work as you perceive or. As your work and way thank you for they come they should forgive us enough to know what we should. Praise you for. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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