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Lessons From David and Goliath

Henrik Jensen


  • November 27, 2016
    7:30 AM
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Other things such as you believe anything. Was time to figure out whether this ridiculous you are saying. She's saying. Here is a vision we have. Forty ft. Long where if I speak too fast it turns out yeah it is caught I thought it was necessary for impact from the live. This is a well started to last and if I am going to love you really the whole thing we just want to do is with us and see what this story has for us and why did it shoot a story did well it's clear that if you really made an impact on our client and I was honest this whole you know if it were. Then I think there's many good things for us to. Learn. But others that are the growth this is a typical eyes really for me just from the last three years and it's doing this is that the Bible was given for practical purposes. What does that mean. That simply means that the Bible has answers for practical questions and personal problems here the Bible was given to us now to help us out here via So various relationships this family this economy schools whatever Bible has the right answers to that and so I think the virus has answers and there practical solutions for whatever purpose with next mission trips and so we're going to look into the little bit just go through a very thorough chapter seventeen. Resort. Centers and see if. There's a positive. And this year. And the winner the champion out of the hat of the fittest leaves neighbor life for get inspired to secure this inspector and he held her breast cancer said and you are the gold medal and the weight of the cost price I was just press and head readers of his legs and it was harder for us between the shows and the set our spirit was widely received mysterious head weighed six hundred shekels IRA and one being as she was twenty four or so you never very heated description of the appearance of the child's life and have to ask a question. How did this for it's no test the Spirit heads ways see the shapes of life. You see the other side other spirits then Spirit waste lives it was a few live as it will be there. How are there no then up. To this current draw on the bio you know to fill up the space. But. This is the Whoever has us for them. To feel. Them is the only reason that's the only outlet they must have to take it there are others slender JAT and late every piece to see hardly Now why on earth would they do that why is it my duty is to get to what's right. Now the regular meeting every day. I didn't do it just. Yesterday you're living areas of the story. Here on earth I have a lot of it most of them for sure yes I do very little valise but other work. I did because that was the biggest I heard it their city and their life and so they just wanted to see how big of us and just you know to know everything about us and I think this was the exactly the problem as it is with us. They were sort of enemies by the size of the problem that they just lost parts when they saw the time it was like oh man he's serious man like we haven't seen him for an hour he has just this is just too big for us and suddenly just a curse. Now are where they did when our media giants had to grow it more after forty days. He was doing the same thing right like the janitor trying to say. But they didn't look at that as he had another he had of course and we're going to look into this so this lead me to let Percival and wife. Let someone be going to the store if we become preoccupied with the size of our exclusive first visitor their next oh is this you know your last when we made that mission trips we always space problems this price sometimes they come from a surprising source and we think for ourselves if we did concrete occupied with the size help of how these remarkable Our problems are those cards you know we should not look at the size we should look at the solution you know meet we had. We had or I would have a big problem in Denmark this are where we had quite a few residents we didn't have a car the prime art didn't have enough space so what's a good health expert was Maxwell House way they could walk so we didn't know what to do and garden you know two weeks before one busbar to lease. It. So the tires or not it was an old line it was rusty mining over there you couldn't turn on the keys you had to use a screwdriver your. Head was noted the suspension was almost granted it felt like driving you know harps. And it enhanced by a lurch and it took us minutes ago and some of our kids through then helped us in the last minute but it just looks at the problem and the first person I face shows that he wanted to help us out of those places. This business are this is a good this is such a good start it's about. Fifty percent return to seventy mistreating as you might knows her members that. First. They said David rose up good morning and left the ship with the keeper and took away the suggested commanded he gave the precious a hold of the virus and charge for the balance because of the first trial first he says that this growth Furthermore just fiberglass the smart. And he left the ship with people that is very very sick. Did he have that responsibility has to to cherish and suddenly he was it and now the commission has to go to or to disperse the brothers. And he cannot be harvested both pairs of the same time so what we did was that he did. Sustenance to another person to a trust for the same people and so he learns. Is that rather very hard in principle Oh yes you learn out how many problems arise how do you made it rather rough from the fact that the years I doubt he'll really to their responsibilities. I have seen. You know are these you know you have leaders and they are like you know better the mind and it can lie away dollars should help and this is just hidden they are the station didn't you hear the list you manage if you had started out as if you're the shit in this world and nobody has to do with another thing and play hard all to this culture and bring from this there was a lot is NOT KNOW HE legacy with. You realize that if you had done that and would be a star here. Simple as that such nothing is hard. And the thought of brotherhood and so he thinks he led the sheep. And he didn't word harsh man he did it with steps the be part of time just a truck to the road starlings are. Sure holes this house here. You know you look at this map so he just left it and he just gave us busy and he went to the first new mission and he did that mission result but. Not up to date did it and then if dog is really just do it was perfectly proper people you could predict whether he was handsome and trustworthy people there are no harder and mighty Joe trying to do that OK. Then the very. We're going to be three of us. First twenty eight as the first one there are three people who talk to David there are four started about three people it was hard to say in the start and this reads. The first one. This is where the said today that there is about to go on his mission he says last Andrus kid living is dead different and he said why I came started out here and with coolness are in it those few words I know that I did not answer the house or garden the art thou haddest see about her that I saw this this week and started that are a good way to go against this filthy supplier Are you the man crossed. And the further to live man dark to leave the stage and the Philistine Christie by surprise visit of their culpability and are given their flesh onto the flowers of the year and to the beasts of the fields so these were the three. Hour yet it. Did seem much encouraged moves from this even. When he was about to do its mission by you name. My birth. It was like Christmas it was very short and you can do this is what you do now and that is it and you sit in line and saw him as recently did an ass he was hot they were supposed to party and they were just you know framed our SO life says you know what are you doing here you should you know Monsieur responsibility this is too big for you get your shit and so he said you know it's. You too dark just how I listed this time raising. How I was in year out. I did. Their best guess the most qualified guess is that far between their fifteen anything. Maybe further pretty consistent Yeah so didn't love her with little for sure but he was teenager he was then the art yet again you. Are. You did. You fuck you fuck cause you do anything and certainly started it fair for public about it he said you know good too nevertheless you just get justice river. And it has a life the burden of our people I spoke about from blood was not bigotry so that part is this David we see only criticism and discussion probably people are as he was a part of this header when I say oh yes it is obvious you see. You see me face many times. Yet as I said before we face challenges and criticism from from start from the place where we expect of us this happens from within just like I just did three years into this this is the first and we see how did he just had a mission and he would not be discouraged if they would listen to other people telling him what to do my pastor he would never. Have politely which is out here so first we need to be united we have a mission we need to go over it really to say how far we need to also supervise him. If there is something else so I'm going to say Mission close all of us Chris is an artist we should not be fired any house she stuffs Let's hope it doesn't vary by Lucky book saying you know what you're preparing for sale of English goods. Now are. They supposed that I think. My time here or. On. He did get a fire Yes Yes All right here's a. Verse thirty is a high of his love of a very vigorous little bit of the. Hour thirty verse thirty. This is if this is the key to success it is a part of the larger the dear me are the heart the light another part of the bear he would it really out of the hand of this Philistine and so certitude caught under the happy that. Did it yet implicit trust that bug him now my present to use this how do they know for sure. God with her. He had never set up before. How did he not change the model patient privileged person has made it are his experience from the past with the smaller slice of said very limited Highbury little hands hearts are crushed by their lust it was his if serious from the past his trust he saw God help him in the dark and therefore he would also help in pressed he needed our space and that's why his heart. Has It is a part of us as hears our feet har Jesus is. Trusting in Carter he's thirty four and most of the way to that is to think about how this person needs to have to use this or that in everyday life it is every religion to the very people the very little doing their religions is that enables us to do things not have to others. That hardships last. Did it yes I'm still alive. There yes hearted you see it in you say right out it was terrible and it. Was shit you are not good there then here you see you see Actually no I have lost and this is also with us here it is easier to trust we see no possible. Reasons I'm. Sure that you are to be disgraced. Many times it does we just were just putting our struggle against working and no hips and it seems like no one thinks that way. But you see this shit is very experienced so out in the loveless prepared him for the big things little soldiers in the US There's no for it is the business of the day duties enough to cause the other plans that are under our noses rubbed us the struggles of a cigar cursed with rust I think there's a little boy as I would like him Michael Meyers as our mother said. I thought that. There's going to herds. Yes. I'll be amazed by all those in charge was an inverse Alex's example and I read about the Hughes have you know if you read about it here was a bit of his message might prevent this life regrettably there were there also the natural world if you like it here live it isn't life killing it was after it is that you are here for the first. This valuable land and you kill Edition who has I think it's well very recent her toes are so similar like. He was growing year. For some soldiers this has. Never before never ruffles. Generation that this are just you know it seems as it is in that if you know families lay giants that hear something every day to disappear because that first thirty of numerous I can ask where are these people they are going and if you look hard enough and they are it was hard for you predicted. Why suddenly this this emergence of the general feels when. It happened it happened because they had to. Fight. For what the killer was before. To see friends one person can have and in. Their process because he had a mission had. This trusting God raised him to do what he did and that inspired whole generation now to these people doing the whole car is your family so I believe the last happened was I believe that. Cars right most are smart people to profess but it all happens they are family of the old theory your child like a future. And so this whole generation came up at these guys they never last. They just dreadful vicious vicious and it was all a husband up he was a teenager. Was. Just much more severe. He said the right thing has got how did it have trotted out it was because he stated that he thought he knew the governor Seders was. So happy to read it or is just incredibly inspired and it just shows you that we get it you know there's a lot of there are splitting. And it marches to be like this and we can I believe are still at it because prior changed history the same power to Mark has and that. Is it here that it spite of us disaster the Japanese horses the society. So that is my wish that my prayer is that it is a prayer job if you like there is to be a desperate for a whole generation this is my prayer or there's. Many things in life for me to mistrust. And decide to expire certainly if you didn't remove your doubt in the view or kind of rational cause problems I do think in those you sure that you can work through these best probably mid that we are we are being nice fishing. As much of the value that you have just as you can be people even consider people who have no business what was in this world who you are I just I just was a journalist. We mean all of us to have this experience of other than created and used in the system this is us help us to be faithful in our day and I think that incident you just just didn't receive. Help us to know that we have to do that for us to live in has to know that you are. Yes they say this group. Is this when the. Russians the Kurds this year most of us just read it in with the. Help of. Our. Nations. 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