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You Know Enough, Part 2

Carlos Moretta


Carlos Moretta

Dentist and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon practicing in the Loma Linda area.



  • September 5, 2009
    10:00 AM
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him you know I have no business being up here but again I'm here and I would ask that Holy Spirit would put in my mouth the words that make you want me to saying that you would take the message and personalize it for each and every listener as such it would condescend to join us now this I pray in Jesus name amen Bibles to Luke chapter ten Luke chapter ten verse twenty five when you're there say amen twenty five personally five says and to hold a certain lawyer stood up and tempted him saying what shall I do to inherit eternal life twenty six he said unto him what is written in the law however he is now persuasive and he answered saying thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all that hard all I sold it all I strengthened all my mind and my neighbor as thyself I know I wonder I often wonder how how often you don't often think about this but I thought in the past how often Michael Jordan had to deal with guys on the street coming up to him saying that I can take unity one-on-one ghost with a simple bragging rights are you saying that you can arguably the best fastball player in the history of the NBA or that I just got the platelet of anyone a great story to tell your grandkids right so here you have this lawyer who is tempting more testing Jesus is the view looking for some one-on-one action with Christ what shall I do to inherit eternal life Jesus answers what is written in the law Italy his parables and Jesus was known to engage the people with their particular professions with fishermen he talked about fish with a sewer he talked about seed with the Pharisees he talked about the word and I with this lawyer engages in with the law not answering now answering answering the question with a question is something that were pretty used to seeing the medical center linens her that the term that we use this morning but Jesus uses it here this particular in this particular instance but I don't want to be mistaken be I don't want to think that Jesus goes into hairsplitting and I hear I think the hairsplitting thing pretty personally I'm on the apprentice sensitive about that overlook the other past few years I've become an advent hope and you know sometimes you have see our small groups break up we would have these wonderful discussions you know I was always interesting to see that rather than shoot his hands up in there who completely basically and then yelling to give an opportunity to speak you noticed as well he starts out as comment by saying well you irritate him wholly crazy about the way I see this but then he goes on to explain some unit is to get the corporate gas from the group or a whore wow I never seen it that way you know I I would have a word of warning well-established work church becomes a platform for debate sometimes they would go back and forth and back and if I'm right and I have biblical defense I was also remember to be righteous and deferential respect him there is something just a bit more important than having knowledge or even gaining new knowledge and that is living which already know this is much more important in convincing someone else at their point of view is wrong and yours is right unconscious of individuals want to engage in theological discussion chiefly because you know I'm more interested in the spirit with which we approach that discussion it's much more important to me remember our church often loses members has nothing to do with our theology or doctrine has to do with members it has to do with people who are talking the talk not walking the walk now if you ever visited before I'm painfully practical and so you know I often say things that I need to get myself so that they can so personal but if you need to take it personally so he squashes this entire disk this this question what could be an incredible debate in public discourse and that by saying how readers how to use the that interesting how the lawyer asked she desires a question about salvation in Jesus refers him to the law the Bible has been shown to teach with this concept of review in a large heavy advertisements yes reviewing a large receipt in the independent and the processes receiving Christ's parables as well and he's using it here as well how my saved reviewing large on three sixteen says you have to believe Mark sixteen sixteen says not a believe and be baptized and so here he says you have to follow the law do this and you shall live I don't see how you can separate them let me explain why easy it all happens in a time continuum they're not exclusive in the moment I believe in the next moment I show the world that I believe their baptism and in the remaining moments of my life I keep the law I'm saving my loving the Lord with all my heart with all my soul and all my strength and on my mind and my neighbor as myself before I will send you lose your right how people nailed a lot of the crosses and make irrelevant you know for us today is just beside me me the lawyer the lawyer asked this question Christ made it painfully obvious Christ said thou hast read well now go and do she is brief simple sometimes I believe the gospel is so simple in other words Christ wanted to say young man you know the law I don't a lot when we talk about here what are we discussing why don't you go and leave the law and let's stop talking so much you know enough Jesus saves you know enough you will seem as though there comes a time to stop talking and start doing a man and you agree with that are you a lawyer here this morning Eucharist and are you aware you know what I mean are you a lawyer here this morning I mean anyone was talking more than their share you know is that of reporting for lawyers in his day the very next chapter of the text that were reading and Luke chapter eleven in turn there this one page first to pit says like this while unto you lawyers for ye have taken away the key of knowledge he entered not in your cells and then the network entering you have hindered notice what Christ says to the lawyers are doing they had taken away the key of knowledge of the people they have to education they had the key to knowledge but they didn't enter themselves and they didn't let anyone else enter a what what knowledge visits the knowledge of the law which is what the character of God and those who wanted to enter they forbade in Spanish there's the same it goes little lights like this no call may need to have omitted to what is that mean that means he has food he does any way to let others either the Christ issue with this with the lawyers blended there is no no restriction on the knowledge of God that we can glean from the Bible in fact in the end of time the Bible says and have it to verse fourteen for the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea so my soliloquy this morning is entitled you know something know it's entitled you know enough it's actually part two of a series that Brad Strother started at the end of actually the beginning of May and he stole my title so this is part to use given his testimony and it was that I've shot up booster so to speak for us to do something with the knowledge we have actually get active in evangelism and ministry to get active and do something to you know enough that you know enough of what what is this knowledge that you have second Corinthians turn with me second Corinthians chapter four verse six for God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness has shined in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of who seem simple right you all have experience with Jesus or maybe you don't so then you would have anything to share the point is this that experience she had that experience on the flipside you know the Bible actually warns of quite the opposite turn with me in your Bibles the Ecclesiastes the very first chapter Ecclesiastes first chapter verse eighteen the Bible says for in much wisdom is much grief and he that increases knowledge increases sorrow to go to the end of the book of Ecclesiastes chapter twelve verse twelve it says and further by means my son be admonished of making many books there is no way and much study is wariness of the flesh so you are starting medical or dental school which you are to read that before you came from there's sensing that is actually wisdom in that there comes a point where you have enough at least enough to share maybe not at the graduate that you have enough to share here's the point you know enough how many Roosevelt God move upon our hearts and we need to get involved in ministry that you need to start a Bible study you know you're so many mysteries on this campus Excel errors in ministries we we have here at Ivanhoe all takes is for you to discreetly and step forward and Sala get involved it changes your life you want a shot of energy in yours so why will you give all your uncomfortable he feels that this is down in a Bible study and someone asked your question you don't know the answer to man I see what you know it I don't know the answer that when Virginia week ago home I get closer to go back to share and another question comes if you don't know and not you think you don't know enough that's the perfect excuse to get involved giving in and getting involved you will learn you know enough truth in your Bibles to John four thirty nine just one short little verse here John four thirty nine and it says the Bible says this in many of the Samaritans of that city believed on in for the saying of the woman which testified he told me all I ever did a massive question how much knowledge of the Scriptures to the Samaritan woman at she had a brief couple minutes in encounter with Christ plus you have but all see how and how many people of of of that city were saved how meals people came to believe in Christ that's a pretty powerful testimony each one of us has the testimony of your concern is that you don't know enough maybe we just need to obey maybe we just need to obey the great commission the lepers that Jesus Christ field he said go oh show yourselves to the briefs and they went what happened the radio that I don't may maybe we need to obey the great commission and as we obey we are healed we are saved we are changed the story is the same for the pneumoniae except there that Jesus healed now all they had was a testimony you all have a testimony all they had was a testimony and and how receptive were they to Jesus Christ when he returned because of their testimony I don't know enough how many more sabbaths must must we come to church hope you have just a spectator just to glean some parole what she didn't know before God can use you now where you are with the knowledge that you have how meager it may be in a one time I was I was teaching the undergraduate oral surgery clinic here at Loma Linda Adventist student walk in and I was looking at something that all you had e-mailed me and stated that those are really good like discussion she walked in news student she looked over my shoulder when you read how the caucuses nothing I turn the computer so that she carries will assiduously not totally boring like I told them the Emperor is like until the DMV her interest in in spiritual things is important to worry about you know if God actually convicted me about what I've done and actually had a Bible study with that girl six months and three of her friends as well you know I'm close with a arm with a quote from Helen way MLS from a business like I was cornered by a brother who was incensed that I close with a quote from Helen White who has requested and we get into the Bible today and then pay it out if it wasn't for that sister we wouldn't be a Loma Linda probably and I think she has a pretty good advice and so I'm up in the pages of faith I live by page two forty seven it says this even happened here and here to everyone who offers himself to the Lord for service withholding nothing is given power for the attainment of measureless results for those God will do great things to young men and young women as well as those that are older you naturally good at I'm not making this up as well as those who are older God will give power from above with converted my inverted hands converted feet and converted tongues their lips touched with the living whole from that the divine altar they will go forth into the Masters service moving steadily onward and upward hearing the work forward to completion how is that bad advice how can I help you be incensed by that as of the I wonder if all the energy that we put forth into into bickering and and debating and saying the character of God the nature of Christ it always if we would just take that energy and put it into telling someone who has never heard of Jesus Christ I will think would be your sister do and thou shalt live that's what Jesus said this morning my challenge to you is to stop talking and start doing and for the millionth time I still understand how this is an issue for the millionth time that you not doing this to be saved it's because you are saved by grace and you're telling the world that has been granted to get involved if you have any questions on how to get involved I will be gladly at the end of the hallway over there shaking hands but the bigger don't tell you about own way of evaluating about a man whispered following that I thank you for this opportunity to share with my brothers and sisters here are Sabbath school has been my experience the things that you've done in my life would always have a testimony to give always have a testimony to share Lord if only he would grant us the Kurds to step forward in Faith and Lord we know that there is nothing that you can do with the word we don't say and there's nothing that you can do with an action that we don't do father please give us the currents to get involved with higher this place we want to be with you we love you father we thank you for are we thank you for saving us Lord show us what to do now give us the courage this I pray in Jesus name amen


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