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The Danger of Kingly Power

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • September 19, 2009
    10:00 AM
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good morning everyone and you can hear me okay are I also privileged to be here with you again this morning up and down the last few weeks we had a powerful week and two weeks ago appliance brings the Lord was very much with us in a special way Southwest youth conference if you were there I would suggest you listen to the messages on audio verse and that's office youth conference in various places people continue to ask when Joe Allah Meyer Gottlieb Loma Linda Somerset another opportunity to give you an update for those of you don't know what you're well and I are going to Trinidad to be missionaries at the hospital and paperwork oftentimes doesn't come through as fast as you think it should and I've continued to be here and work the Lord has provided a job for the time being some fine it looks like we will be here through at least November seven I guess I be two and half more months and that's always subject to change the PC is here in December January please don't get mad at us we are just trying to follow the Lord in his timing and when it happens we will get so at this time I would like to have a word apparently will get into our message for today father in heaven we thank you for this beautiful Sabbath morning that we can come together in a prayer session when he would be with me as I speak I pray that I would be lost side of the Jesus Christ would be lifted up and that at the end of this presentation Christ would be seen more clearly a more beautiful going I would be forgotten this is my prayer and uses minimum please turn with me to first John chapter C verse fifteen first John chapter 's youth starting in verse fifteen of verse that we all learn very well here's the apostle John says love not the world neither the things that are in the world if any man love the world the love of the father is not in for all that is in the world philosophers of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the tried of why is not of the father that is of the world should have want to talk to you about the danger of kingly power and the pride of life and I came across a news article this week that it minimizes the problem of the pride of life in the culture that we live in as Americans you often hear the term we pride ourselves in and I want to read an interesting article this is actually in the New York Times just four days ago written by David Brooks a fairly well-known political commentator and he writes is an op-ed column the title of the column is hi-fi nation is on Sunday evenings my local NPR station airs old radio programs a few weeks ago it broadcast the episode of the show command performance the air of the day World War II ended performance with our was a variety share that went out to the troops around the world on the jaded victory day at the end of World War II a number of celebrities appeared the most striking feature of this show was found of self defacement and humility that allies have on that very day completed one of the noblest military victories in the history of humanity and yet there was no chest beating nobody was erupting triumphal arches all anybody can do your thing God it's over one of the surest test said today are deep down feeling is one of humility he added going on this column this is later in the article uses when you glance back on those days the nineteen forties you see of people even the rich and famous celebrities who were overawed by the scope of the events around them that were pretty such monumental effects in such rivers of blood that the individual in egos tend heavy in comparison then you learn to say you also hear a cultural reaction as the times of one important point on the day of victory Fascism had stood for grandiosity pomposity boasting and zeal to hear you see a contrast the Americans their humble they just thankful that it's over and that it has previa the prevailed the enemies those you are on the other side Christopher grandiosity pomposity the listing and zeal and me going on this he says when you look back you look from today back to nineteen forty five he is looking into a different cultural ad hoc across a sort of narcissism wine humility the sense that nobody is that different from anybody else was a large part of the culture back to the humility came under attack in the ensuing decades he think he's right salty faith became identified with conformity and thought repression a different SS came to the forwards the sociology just call expressive individualism instead of being humble before God in history moral salvation could be found through intimate contact with oneself and by exposing the beauty the power in the divinity within this is interesting this is a secular columnist to send this note for even says as he closes in these last three paragraphs everything that starts out as a cultural revenue solution ends up as capitalist routine before long self exposure and self-love became ways to win shares in the competition for attention Mohamed Ali would sell all cameras that he was the greatest of all time Norman Mailer wrote a book called advertisements for myself today in modesty is as ubiquitous as advertising and for the same reasons to skip up just a few examples of self-indulgent expression from the past few days there is Joe Wilson using the House floor as his own private crossfire there is Michael Jordan 's egomaniacal and self-indulgent Hall of Fame speech baseball for volumes are now so routinely interrupted myself celebration you don't even notice anymore because I think this is in the death of civilization is just the culture in which we live in from this vantage point and display of mass modesty like the kind represented on the V-J Day command performance comes as something of a refreshing shock a glimpse into another world and notices last it's funny how the nations made was at its most humble when his actual achievements what were at their most extraordinary in you think that that attitude has stayed out in the world alone or hasn't made its way you see the church we just read in first John chapter she versus fifteen and sixteen so not the world and you may save yourself a lot of while the world I love Jesus but what about your personal life your personal experience do you have tree she recognition and are there certain things that you would only achieve if he would be the only way he would year would be directly recognized for your humble acts of service that's not humility and what John is saying in first-round you love not the world do not partake of that spirit of the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes the pride of life it's interesting Jesus in the wilderness was tempted on all three points of course cheaters for tells us Jesus was tempted in all points why does we are yet without sin so that's ample evidence that we do not need to partake of the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of why using Jesus was tempted to be proud here is Jesus on this earth and every time he was ridiculed every time he was sent down others that crazy man from master saying something again do you think you might an incentive to say don't you know who I am I am the son of God I need you now you listen to me as you can do that now this issue of the pride of why where does that come from forth we all know this Isaiah chapter fourteen verse twelve speaking of Lucifer this is where we first find these your friend Moses read this passage briefly Isaiah chapter fourteen starting in verse twelve Howard L fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning power to shut down to the ground which didst weaken the nations for thou hast said in mine heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation the sides of the north high will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high if thou shall be brought down to help the sides that said notice how the word I keeps popping up in if you find yourself saying I want to do this I don't want to do the careful you be careful of what spirit may be driving the thoughts behind these ideas that Lucifer a perfect being created by a perfect God developed pride and if Lucifer who was a perfect being created by a perfect God living in them in a perfect environment to develop the attributes of pride please don't tell me that none of us struggle with that very same issue because Lucifer is the father of pride to the foundation of sin in heaven was centered around the issue of pride and its pride that has weekends humanity down through time and ride is often times seen in its worst way in the context of kingly power and I want to take a look at that today were in a start in the book of Daniel looking thing that we can as a with respect to the issue you a pride and kingly power and we know the story not many composers on the skin highlight some of the key points here but in Daniel chapter cheated Nebuchadnezzar has a dream and God does not dream of you read if you've read Daniel chapter two you'll see that Nebuchadnezzar was sitting on his bed thinking what happen in the future what's the future of this world hole what can happen to my kingdom and got stuck in the region is earned in the dream and Nebuchadnezzar is given a dream and he forgets it and he calls his Wiseman 's wise men can obviously do not enable its own the interpretation of them even know what the dream as so what's Nebuchadnezzar 's reaction if you don't tell me that your dream on I am going to show all of me but somewhat a nice guy there yet if you've read on you'll see in Daniel chapter forward together that there was its time when Nebuchadnezzar is described as a as a small tree with large branches from which amendment and even the beasts of the earth you could rest under the shade of those branches and find relief and Ellen White even says that in the beginning part of Nebuchadnezzar 's reign as king he was a humble King Street Sharon about his subjects he looks out for the best of its of the subjects in his kingdom this was a pagan king and yet as he got used to being the case as you use to being in charge being in control having the power to make the decisions she develops a character that said if you cross mom actually if you don't do what I missed what I want you to do on a cut you down and God worked through that circumstance K management is a pagan king he doesn't know about the true God when he given this dream okay the wise Martin figured Allison Daniel and Daniel Gibson the interpretation and that was a miracle and that alone should have helped that he can answer to realize that God is the true God I am nothing compared to him he gave me a dream I can remember many Simpson keeper chapter to tell me the interpretation that God is powerful and amazing and I'm not before God was trying to get in anything is but in chapter three Nebuchadnezzar decides that he doesn't like God 's plan because it was revealed of course since then he can hazard that his kingdom the head of gold would be replaced so what is Nebuchadnezzar did he makes an image that is all goals he's like you have got I know you're saying that my kingdom to be replaced the IAM the Chang of Babylon you know who I am I am the most powerful being on earth and you may be God but on the king of Babylon he's forgetting that in Daniel chapter two Daniel told him God sets up kings and he takes them down many notices on all things set it's sort of like ask the day when we read the Word of God we read a prophetic message and we say I know God says this nonlinear this way God may be all knowing God may be all-powerful he may be all wanting he may know what's best for me but I'm still been it my way and that's what many conductors doing here in chapter three net because there makes a golden image and by the grace of God three Hebrew boys are faithful what would've happened if those three Hebrew boys about done with everybody else including all the other Hebrew chapters Uganda I guarantee you there were other Hebrew chapters there and he has of their faithfulness Nebuchadnezzar goes from receiving additional cream from God to seeing the Son of Man in person we see this and Daniel three twenty five every transit in some low I see for Mendes walking in the midst of the fire and they have no hurt in the form of the forces like the son of God so now Nebuchadnezzar this proud King Reese has not only received a dream he receives an sure Rex visitation where he sees with his own eyes the Son of Man notice what Jesus was trying to do or what God is trying to do to reach Nebuchadnezzar God is doing everything he can to save nebulizer from his pride and pomposity and he'll do the same thing for us but remember that he and other didn't have as much and why back then weeding and for sending another says hey this is the true God Blessed be the God of Charlotte Micha and then again in a mix of the criticism if you speak against the style Sony not why you so unanimous after four and many commands are actually writes this chapter and were in a thicket of inverses many hazards starts off by talking about how he wants to install and praise the God of heaven and he describes how he has a dream and this time he remembers what it is he calls them his Wiseman and they won't tell them with the interpretation is and I called and Daniel Wallace read in certain person thus for the visions of mine had in my bed I saw and behold a tree in the midst of years and the height thereof was great the tree grew and was strong and the height thereof reached into heaven in the site thereafter the entity of all the years the leaves therefore fair and the fruit there is much and in it was neat for all the beasts of the field had shadow under it in the files of the heavens while on the bows arrows and all flesh was set up with so this is the part where Nebuchadnezzar was a good scene she checked share of his subjects verse thirteen I saw on the visions of my head upon my bed and behold a watcher and holy one came down from heaven verse fourteen he cried aloud and said us here down the tree and cut off his branches shake off his leaves and scatter history wildebeests get away from under it in the files from his branches and he goes on to say that a stock 's last and will be passed over seven times and Daniel comes and gives in the interpretation and tells him that he's in a deep cut down the kingdom will be taken from them that he will become like a wild beast for seven years and then he implores the game Kubrick he tells the King please use this as an opportunity to break off licensed by righteousness the first twenty seven minutes what happens to Nebuchadnezzar first he's given a dream by God about the future the kingdoms of this world then he and the finest the god of prophecy Mexico image and the Son of Man visits indirectly than the third time God is in another visions is what if you are rich you are going to be cut down the insurance into a wild animal now if it we we would all like to say voice isn't God sent me a vision like that I would definitely change how could Nebuchadnezzar be settled down I mean you know telling them you can shut him down take his kingdom away from them make them crazy and I would definitely change a mean come on the composer and yet he's mines does God reveal things to us we know that God is speaking to us when we go back to the same old thing so must not point fingers at Nebuchadnezzar must look at yourself and ask for God have mercy and grace upon us the notice what happens in verse twenty nine at the end of twelve months he noted a measure walk in the palace of the kingdom of Babylon the Cheney stake in said is this not great Babylon that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power and for the honor of my majesty while the word was in the King 's mouth there fell a voice from heaven saying okay not because rigidity it is spoken the kingdom is the target from the notice because there has received a dream of the prophetic future of the kingdoms of this world in defiance of God he built an image and yet he sees the Son of Man with his own eyes then God sends him another dream and says you are not to be cut down you don't change in return Eleanor tells us for a time Nebuchadnezzar actually do change a little but then he went back to his old ways for I seem into his heart and he was walking on the Palestinians like wow look at this amazing city this is the first great prophetic superpower of Bible prophecy and I built it wow look at me this is so amazing I'm so proud of myself for what I have done for my mom for my glory and for my Majesty and your God cannot stand that comes a spirit of bringing glory to yourself taking the glory to yourself when God has clearly revealed that he sets up kings he takes them down and so Nebuchadnezzar was cut down and he became a wild animal for seven years for the Messiah to be whole reason you imagine them George Bush or Barack Obama something like that happen to them I mean not because it would never work through today's media scrutiny if that happened but yet at the end of chapter four we see that Connecticut has recanted the kingdom was given to him and at the end of the chapter she gives praise and honor to God and we have reason to believe that we'll see Nebuchadnezzar in the kingdom and if there is any of you who are struggling with pride today okay if God could save Nebuchadnezzar after all of that he can work with you and help you to change as well that what I would say don't test got three or four times a week ninety two hundred and listened in the first time now what's interesting is your chapter five and Daniel Nussle followed Babylon Bill Shatzer continues that same spirit he worships the god of gold silver brass wood and iron drinking wine out of the holy vessels from the Temple in Jerusalem anything that night that Babylon is pronounced as fallen kingdom given to the Medes and the Persians L Shatzer he had witnessed everything that had happened his grandfather Nebuchadnezzar and yet he decided to live according to the unconverted way of Nebuchadnezzar and take his chances that way even after he had seen what happened and he got one chance and with that one chance he blew it and God said that our sick weight in the balances and found wanting now here is what I want to focus on Daniel chapter she is known as the chapter of the image of gold silver brass iron feet of iron and clay and we use that to describe the kingdoms of this earth prophetically what's interesting is that Babylon is the head of gold in the kingdoms and Trevor twenty three seven sultans as a man think it in his heart so is he if you look at the shooting comes of this earth that follow the kingdom of that one one seven gold you see that same spirit of is this mod rebound woman I am still unsure what the word of God says Morgan again at the way we wanted it looks to us in our mind and our Majesty don't look to God you see that spirit coming down through the kingdoms of this world to the very end of time it's the spirit of Babylon if this spirit of chain-link power that fits trust in man that such trust in the glory of man in the power of man in the wisdom of man and ignores the power of God and it's in that spirit that God so desperately wants to you destroy them to get rid and yet we find that spirit even among the professed people of God if you go down through time after Babylon when you come to the time of Christ Jesus comes to the nation of Israel to the cheese Jesus humbles himself lives the life of a common man and yet teaches things of the world had never heard the Jewish leaders who were used to being in power they were used to having the authority they were used to making the decisions they expected people to look to them to tell them how to interpret the word of God so that when Jesus came and rightly divided Word of truth the people instead of following Christ allowed their leaders to tell them for them how she respond to the teachings of Christ and so this issue of hi seemly power can clearly be seen how the Jews related to Christ the Jews expected saying to come and sit on the throne of David and to bring worldly honor and glory wealth and power to the nation of Israel they would be looked upon by the rest of the world as the great nation of Israel come the Messiah hasn't blessed with the best blessings in all the world and all the rest of you heathens on the so sorry for you and yet Jesus came to show that the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost not just the Jews but to the Gentiles in the whole world and yet the leaders of the Jewish nation didn't want to hear that they wanted to ride glory and power they expected the Messiah to prop their pride and power up and Jesus was not here to view the you go down through history we have that called the dark ages the one thousand two hundred and sixty years from five thirty eight to seventeen ninety eight when professed Christianity told people we interpret the Bible for you and you can't have the Bible you can only come to church to hear the Bible preached and where the once he will tell you how to preach the word of God and when we speak we are infallible it's the same spirit the same idea anyone who tried to study for themselves to read the word of God for themselves was cut down and you see the Spirit continued down through time in the eighteen forties God raised up a humble farmer Benigno William Miller she truly was a humble man well anointed not want to go out and preach William Miller would rather State Farm so be quiet not make a big scene just their mom teaches family to love and serve God and God does not go out and preach and William Miller said no I don't want to go out and preach that because he was humble he followed the call of God and it got colony or via William Miller today go out and do that but I do get worried sometimes when some people think that they are the modern-day William Nolan God has called and noticed God called Willie Miller to speak God invited in well he noticed he was the one that even the invitations William Miller did not invite himself and when that message was given many people respond to it in a very positive way and yet the majority of Christians during that time went said their church leaders and said is this message true or is it not and so instead of receiving the first and second Angels message during that time they listened to the Kenyans other leaders you were used to being empowered to her use of the people listen to them instead of studying for themselves and so God work through the people who stayed for themselves to listen to his spirit leading and they let his spirit help them to understand how to rightly divide the word of truth and the spirit has continued even among God 's professed people a day of strike eighteen eighty eight what happened in nineteen eighty eight you have a lot of debate about certain theological points that Pearson 's clear things that did happen the president of the General conference was named George Butler G.I. Belair and he worked himself up into such a frenzy about what EJ Wagner ECG dealing that he actually got sick over FSU got so sick but he couldn't come to the new general conference now yet understand when the General conference of the world church meets in session you have a representative group of church leaders from the world church and so when decisions are made in session with church leaders and there you have a representative group of leaders but the way God designed for leadership and church structure to be in especially a very good structure while elder Butler could be there but Johnson Wagner were there and certain things happened the issue of a long Galatians got agitated and so brother so of course was his name gets up before the delegates and this is what was interesting at ease General assembly meetings non- have-nots were also in the meetings it wasn't just the delicacy also had nonanonymous and newspaper reporters and elder children gets up from Adam the synonymous and says this is just so unfair our general conference president is not here he's the one who understands how to study the Bible and we shouldn't be setting this up she's not here because he's the one that really understands this issue and Ellen White got up the next day and said brother over was not speaking by the leading of the Spirit when he said that now why not because what happened was the leadership of the church of that timeless fostering the same spirit that we are the leaders listen to us we make the decisions we are the ones that tell you how to the Bible we are the ones that understand and am it elder Butler actually had before each immediate conference Ashley said Nina Johnson one of those guys from California those guys are just fledgling minister they don't really know what they're talking about and so when the Lord brings Johnson Wagner into get a message to prepare the people for the coming of the Lord that the people at the leadership missing what you think is this good know those guys are fledgling through them and talking about same spirit the same idea that we look at some man instead of to God to rightly divide the word of truth and I thought things were so bad that the leaders of the General conference were telling people that Ellen White was under the influence of James Wagner some Willy why and yet she may have had you know speech impairment speaking to the voice of God in the past that you can't trust her now she's under the influence that's what seemingly our and tribal deity so here got send the message of righteousness by faith we understand righteousness by faith when you're proud of you think you're better than other people and I can understand righteousness by faith because righteousness by faith cuts to the very down and points out the issue of self and are wise and calls us to surrender allies and ourselves to Jesus Christ now I want to talk in the last ten to twelve minutes about a burden that I have for God 's people a day and I think everybody men and women alike all of us struggle with pride in different ways the issue though of chain-link power and the Troy that goes with kingly power I believe that now especially struggle with this issue of the pride and why for example your minister of the gospel and you look forward to preaching sermon so that you can get compliments afterwards you look forward to teaching and preaching so that you can hear the praise of men so that you can hear people say while nobody can explain the Bible as well as you can and you believe that I can really break it down that's not according to God 's will you also see people in ministry people and leadership to have pride in our private physician authority and influence people have come out directly and say things like this you can see in the spirit of such as the NY on a three conference presidents and I can pick you up if you need something that's not the humility of Christ that slide of power tried of authority prided down the director of the Oberon that the director 's office you can't enter you name it in on the one he makes the decisions about don't tell me what to be that's not humility that's tried of power authority and influence I read a quote and this is something that Ellen White talks about it's from the session called the danger of applause testifies line three page one eighty five she says I have been shown the great caution should be used even when it is necessary to lift the burden of oppression for men and women less failing to their own wisdom and failed to make all their only dependence is not safe to speak in praise of persons or to exalt the ability of the minister of Christ in the day of God many will be weighed in the balance and found wanting because of exultation I would warn my brethren and sisters never to flatter persons because of their ability for they cannot bear it did you know that salt is easily exalted and in consequence persons lose their balance I said into my brother and sisters if you have yourself clean from the blood of all men never flatter never praise the efforts of poor mortals for it may prove their room she goes on to say and this is speaking about ministers some ministers of ability to her now preaching present truth was approbation of loss stimulates them as the glass of wine does the inebriate place these ministers were they have a small congregation which promises no special excitement in which provokes no decided opposition they will lose their interest in zeal and appear as languid and the work is the inebriate is when he is deprived of his dram these men will fail to make real practical labors until they learn to labor without the excitement of applause what is your motivation for being in the Lords work it is so that Yogi be recognized by your shares is doing this and gray in wonderful work it is so that you will be known as the current shaker of the movement and makes the important decisions and allows God to use you to change people 's lives and quietly like all on so important in this movement does not looking for men and women to have that kind of spirit and you are not only my personal testimony in the last few minutes you have been here for nine years I know many of you just by the fact that I've been here for so long it is many of you that are needed to downtown needs get a couple of points that relate to this issue of horizon and so forth was in high school I went to Highland Academy in Portland Tennessee right now the teachers and not to get education every year graduation they have for the graduating senior class I gave an award to the male and female student of the year and I sent a penitence monotony my sophomore year in public maybe when I graduate from Academy I will be the student of the year hot it really talk to anybody about the value that would be noting that and so I just finally thought to myself of all the reasons why I was more qualified than any of the other guys in my class for why I should be student of the year and I think one time I talked my mom about it as a sub afternoon walk and for those of you who know my mom bless her heart she is about as humble as they come in shoes it's like nine in we should be thinking about things like that the Lord will bless associate does but we should be striving for recognition but unlike hacker said he knew it was right but I continued really want that award so sure enough graduation morning comes and they announced the award and went to Norman McNulty and I probably set up and I receive the award and with like Yep I knew I deserved that one and looking back you know it's it's a little bit embarrassing shouldn't that though I felt that way that I went to college and with cream and force people into those of you are medical students your many free matters in a professional photo related this will allow your free matter on you you must be smart while and psyche on Wednesday while on you I came here and alone when the and it was your mom wanted I really have my conversion experience and it's also where the Lord begin the process of humbling me some people can go through medical school is a piece of cake when I was not that person now I got through four years and passed all the tests and all that but it's only by grace of God and I realized that apart from God that I am very weak and even though I think that I'm so great apart from God humanly speaking that really variety love of power while the physician is the worst possible thing that I could be consented to have and you know those temptations still continue I think many of you know that I was in leadership here in Ann Arbor for many years unmoving awareness on stepping away from and there is this sensation this ascendancy for the devil took the thoughts in your monarch while Norman malware would be if he hadn't been here and I'm sharing that with you because I want you to know that all of us resent all of us struggle with that sensation to exalt ourselves to lift ourselves up instead of lifting gone on in life that people come in some e-mail you really break down this book in such a clear way or this or that are whatever and it's easy to start believing that if you don't stage in tune with God because God is the source of all wisdom God is the source of all power and I'm not saying that I have arrived a month singlet it at me as the example of humility is what Barack Obama gives this speech at a dinner where they were making fun of themselves and he said no one of my greatest attributes is humility so I'm not saying that on not saying that I am a shining example of humility what I'm saying is through my life I have been centered to be proud I had been sentenced to have this spirit of cell phone exaltation shoe except the accolades of human beings instead of pointing them to Christ as the source of strength and power because God is the source and strength and power of our hope or of any other thing that is happening his word is not any one person and if other people long after my time after I'd moved away and the Lord is able to work through them because there are more humble and their more surrendered in the God and God is greater straight since you're not wanted I create a happen and you have heard people say will mount you know Norman you're leaving since Artie Leffler and happened them up also you what if you have leaders here at your surrender to the Lord and you trust him completely you don't have to worry about what happened because knee or anyone else and never been the leader that God has and so I sent you to Jesus Christ not to any one person here now I'll close with Philippians chapter two you know we want we identified the spirit of Babylon the spirit of pride humility self exultation those things and yet Jesus she was shooting of James and Lord of Lords he is the one who is worthy of honor worship praise and adoration this was his experience was starting in verse three what nothing be done through strife or vainglory but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves look not every man on his own things but every man also on the things of others you have all status let each esteem other better than themselves our character the present of the General conference review I see the leader of or you're a humble way person out in the middle of Nebraska the only thing God cares about is whether your faithful to God and serving him with all your heart is you could be a high position of leadership and the only reason you're there is for you to get praise and adoration from the end God is not pleased with the God is looking for people to in the humblest walks of life will be humbled and allow God to lead in the negative verse five let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and check upon the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself and became obedient unto death even the death of the cross my friends as I close that is the fiction that I want poignancy Jesus Christ she is King of Kings and Lord of Lords he humbled himself came to this Earth became a human being surely as we serve we can partake of that spirit and not install ourselves because we are nothing without God you have a committee message the purpose of it with the way the glory of man when the dust but the leadership of the church didn't want their glory to be laid in the dust and if there's any of you here today that free she the year 's human glory your accomplishments your power your ride God is saying to you let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus I pray that each one of us will have that experience with clothes of her father in heaven we fray that we want the mind of Christ one of absolutely humility forgiveness for looking sure ourselves exalting ourselves patting ourselves on the back for all that we've done really you're the one he's done everything forgive us for our sins help us to be humble and to be vessels that you can work through you to finish your work here on this Earth this is my prayer in Jesus name


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