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You Have One Job

Alistair Huong
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God has given us one job to do on this earth.  When we understand this, it will greatly simplify how to know His will for us in many decisions that we must make throughout our lives.


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • December 9, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you for bringing us together this beautiful Sabbath morning for the snow that fell to remind us that you can make us wider than Snell. And Father as we turn our hearts to you in your word today. May you communicate to us that which we need to know that which we need to hear and may you give us clarity on what your will is for our lives that we might follow that follow that will with all our hearts may Jesus be lifted up May the Holy Spirit speak now we pray in Jesus name and that you have one jot to. Begin I want to share a little bit with you about a fascinating human being an individual that I have taken the great interest in. And that man has the men the man by the name of Ilan Musk. Who here has heard of. A few of you for those of you who know who he is he is the C.E.O. of what company. Most people are like yeah Tesla. Roadster some my truck like so cool Well he is the C.E.O. of Tesla that just happens to be one company that he's in charge of and we think of Tesla as a car company and that's sort of how they got started but Tesla is a renewable energy company. They have solar panels they have invented a solar roof tiles that can generate power while being a roof tile battery packs they recently launched or opened the biggest battery system in South Australia and he's talking about rebuilding the power infrastructure for the island of Puerto Rico after the big hurricane that came through that's Tesla renewable energy That's nice I'm not necessarily saying that you should agree or not agree with him on just simply describing what he does while he's in charge of another company called Space X. stands for space exploration this company. Has a vision to take people to Mars. That's nice. They pioneered the technology or the ability to reuse rockets because if you are familiar you remember when we launched people in outer space to the moon that's the big booster rockets that fire them up out of the Xscape the gravitational field of the earth one of detaches it just falls back into the ocean and it's a one use thing so you spend millions of dollars to build this rocket you fly it up there and then that's it and the Space X. says if we are going to send people to Mars and to explore the galaxy so to say we have to bring the cost down and that's only possible if we can read. It was all rockets so you've probably seen the youtube videos now they are not to the sorry Space X. they can splice this giant rocket up into space deploy the satellites and then it fires the reverse boosters and it comes back and it lands back on its landing pad it's pretty surreal stuff. So that's a second company there's a third business if you will that he is involved with he's actually involved with a lot of other things I'm only talking about three. And this one is called neurally Noura as in like neurons and link what is the linking our neurons to well the simple answer is he's a big investor in this technology to link our human brain with computers the idea is to basically turn us into cyborgs and to make us have enhanced human intelligence Now why is that significant is because he believes that sooner or later artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence and so we need to keep up we have to be able to interface with computers that's his reasoning he's not the C.E.O. but he's a big investor in that technology he's also involved with what's called the boring company you know they drill holes into the ground to alleviate traffic the Hyperloop super fast supersonic transportation firing little pods that you ride in through tubes of vacuum space lots of other stuff days of all so why am I telling you all this this guy sounds like a. Movie hero or villain. But he's a real guy you can go on Google you can see interviews by him on You Tube. So when we look at his portfolio the stuff that he's involved with Space X.. Tesla Mir a lick let's just look at these. Three we look at them and they seem so random. It makes no sense why are you doing all of this stuff like for one person to even have success in one of these areas to make electric cars that seems pretty. Pretty amazing already but why is he. Going hither and yon Why is he just sort of doing all of this random stuff is he just crazy those he just have too much money they doesn't know what to do with it or is there a purpose is there a reason to the madness is there in order that makes sense of this chaos so let me step back a little bit let's talk about the big picture Elon Musk has gone on record to say and I'm going to be interpreted somewhat of what he said. He operates from a set a set of very strongly held beliefs. And these beliefs originate out of a very secular atheistic and naturalistic world view meaning he's not a Christian. He looks at science and you take science as the ultimate truth he does not share an understanding and belief in the Bible as we do. And he looks at the world around him and he realizes that this world cannot last for ever put in other words this earth at some point will become uninhabitable for the human race what are the reasons for that number one he believes in climate change I'm not here to say you have to agree with him don't shoot me. This is not a political discourse that's simply what he believes he believes that with the climate change and he does believe that it is a manmade phenomenon we are going to destroy the earth. And not only that he believes that the human invention of artificial intelligence if left to run wild. Is an existential risk to human survival. Maybe he's pleased to many video games maybe his washing many movies but that's what he believes and maybe and he's smarter than I am so maybe he knows something that I don't know but that's what he believes the Earth this planet cannot last forever either we're going to destroy ourselves with climate change or we're going to destroy ourselves by creating machines that are smarter than us and as a result as a result what's the only solution in his mind. This is how he puts evil on must believes that the only solution is to make mankind a interplanetary species that's fancy for saying we need to be able to live on other planets. So taking a step back and looking from the core worldview that he possesses and the beliefs that he has this world is not going to last forever and the only way that we can survive is if we go colonize other planets all of a sudden all of this stuff that he does makes perfect sense so why have neural link because he wants to prevent. Machines from taking over. Why invest in renewable energy like solar panels and batteries and an electric cars so that we. Will not destroy the planet as quickly to delays the destruction and why why Space X. Why have reusable rockets why that's such a big deal because he believes the only chance for us to survive as a species is if we go and we live among the stars again I am not saying that I agree with him I don't. But I do find it fascinating that we can find so much order in so much complex city in the life of one man when we realize that his beliefs. Leads him to a very clear and defined life purpose he's a C.E.O. of many come companies investing here Board member there he's involved with dozens of initiatives but when you boil it all down Elon Musk has only one job. His one job in his mind. Is to. Save the human race for lack of better words long Musk has a life mission and this one over arching purpose informs it guy it's it orders it prioritizes all other decisions in his life want to invite you to turn your buy was with me now to Matthew chapter twenty eight be cuts. Here's the point of this message as you're turning it. The message I have to share with you today is very simple and that is that we too have only one job. God has placed us on this earth to accomplish one and only one thing and when we come to realize what that is. That understanding can also should also bring order priorities and a reason for every other decision that we make in life. What's that one mission Well my Bible tells me that when Jesus before he ascended to heaven he talked to his disciples and he gave them what we call now the great commission. What does what did you say verse nineteen Matthew twenty verse nineteen Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and though I am with you always even to the end of the age Amen. So right before Jesus left this earth he looked at His disciples the the leaders of this church that he is setting up the church to which we belong to day. So through those representatives of the disciples Jesus says I am leaving now and I have one task that I am leaving you to do and what's that task make disciples teach them to observe all things to boil it down Jesus says preach the gospel. That's the one thing you have to do. And guess what Jesus did when he lived on this earth what was the one mission he had to preach the gospel. And so this commission we have to understand we have to remember it's not merely a mission for the collective body on the corporation of the church. Even though that's true general conference sessions What's the number one agenda item preaching the gospel local church board meeting what's the number one priority of the church board evangelism. But more important than that is the individual mandate that we see here Jesus looks at every single individual says yeah. Decide you were once baptized into the church and you now are a disciple of Jesus now go and make more disciples so the mission that's given to the church at large but the church as far as individual church members go is the same go preach the gospel and make disciples. So that begs the question what's the big deal why why is this the most import. Singular mission that Jesus has given to us Well let's turn back to Matthew chapter twenty four. Reading the words of Jesus again Matthew twenty four in verse fourteen in beautiful simplicity Jesus gives us the reason verse fourteen Matthew twenty four and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations so if I could put it in these terms that which we just read is just another way of saying what Jesus said in the Great Commission. You see what I'm what I'm saying here preach the gospel to all the nations as a witness is the same thing as the Great Commission and then Jesus attacks on this at the end that explains why this is important. Once this gospel of the kingdom was preached in all the world as witness to all nations and then the end will come up the preaching of the gospel has a direct relationship with the coming of the end. Also known as the second coming of Jesus. When we look at the life of Ilan Musk and how he makes his decisions how he chooses what investors time energy money resources into we see that it is driven by a singular life purpose to save the human race as disciples of Jesus he has given us the mission and the mission is to see the human race. And the only way that the human race can be saved is if they become an interplanetary species the only way that this world of sin can be brought to a conclusion that humanity can move on is if we leave this planet can somebody say Matt. The reality is from his secularist stick atheistic world very long must realize is something that we have been told all along the solution he sees is we need to have battery electric cars we have rockets to fly us to space. We said the only way that we can get off this planet is that Jesus comes to take us. And the only way that's going to happen is if we fulfill our mission preach the gospel to every nation kindred tongue and people so they have a choice to accept salvation through the free grace that's offered in the life of Jesus Christ. And here in the book Education Page two sixty two. I read this. Success in any line demands a definite aim he would achieve true success in life must keep steadily in view that aim worthy of his endeavor such an aim is set before the youth of today. So when we think about these are the high flying concepts and principles and ideas. A lot of times we failed to apply it to our lives. And when we think about what God what do you want What's your will for my life what do you want me to do with my life. We get we wonder we pray we seek advice Well guess what. God has already told us what is Willis let me finish reading this passage in no uncertain terms it makes it crystal clear what every single one of our life purpose is this is the heaven appointed purpose of giving the Gospel to the world in this generation is the noblest that can appeal to any human being so both we read from the Bible Matthew twenty four Matthew twenty eight we deem and go the Revelation fourteen as well as the book education tells us the same thing every single one of us we do not have to guess what God's will is for our lives he's already made it clear that Will is for us to preach the Gospel to preach the Gospel not only some day but in this generation. And so. This should color every decision we make in our lives it should affect every priority that we have a much how so how so I want to share one more quote with you and then we're going to try to make things a little bit more practical in the book ministry of healing page three hundred sixty three paragraph one is this the gospel is a wonderful simplifier of life's problems it's instruction heated would make plain many a perplexity and save us from many an error it teaches us to estimate things at their true value and to give the most effort to the things of greatest worth the things that will endure I loved us first sentence the gospel is a wonderful simplifier of life's problems. And I think many of us particularly those of you who are now getting ready to conclude your college career life seems like it's one giant perplexing problem so many decisions so many options what am I going to do where should I go who should I marry what a career. Should I pick Why is life so difficult we wonder and is it true can can we take this promise at face value. Is a true that the Gospel can simplify all of life's problems let me try to illustrate that to you now I believe that gospel and the mission of preaching the gospel gives us an overarching umbrella a filter if you will through which we can run every decision and it makes very complex and perplexing things very simple to illustrate I want to look at the life of Paul let's go back to our scripture reading for the day in Acts Chapter twenty six. In Acts the twenty six chapter. The Apostle Paul is giving a defense before the court and as a part of his defense he's telling his testimony. The testimony of when Jesus met him on the road to Damascus what does Jesus say. Verse fifteen Let's begin in verse fifteen of Acts twenty six so I said Who are you Lord and he said I am Jesus from your persecuting but broad and stand on your feet for I have appeared to you for this purpose to make you a minister and a witness both of the things which you have seen and of the things which I have yet to reveal to you so when Paul was knocked off on his horse Jesus appears him and says Look get up I am giving you a job can you see that. For I have appeared to you for this purpose Paul you've been going one direction I'm going to stop you right there and I'm going to tell you've been doing the wrong thing. I'm going to turn you around and I'm going to set you on the right path and I'm going to have you working for me now I'm not going to give you five things to do I'm not going to give you three things to do I'm not even going to give you two things to do you've got one job one and only want what's that job. Let's keep reading verse seventeen I will deliver you from the Jewish people as well as from the gentiles to whom I now send you to open their arms in order to turn them from darkness to light from the power of Satan to God that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among those who are sent five by feet in me in fewer words Jesus says get up you're getting a new job assignment you have one and only one job and what that job preached the gospel. Specifically to the Gentiles but Paul here is receiving this purpose this mission the same mission Jesus gave to the disciples How does that affect the rest of his life let's take a look. Acts Chapter sixteen. This one mission that God policed before Paul now colors it impacts if a silicate every other decision he makes in his life Acts Chapter sixteen and verse nine. And a vision came to Paul in the night. A man of Macedonia stood and pleaded with him saying Come over to Macedonia and help us so what would you do if you all of a sudden had a strange dream or let's just say bring it to modern day language you get a Facebook message from a random person saying please calm and help us. What will be your response I know what I had to say Who are you. Is this a scam. Are you trying to yank my chain are you trying to say you know deceive me robbed me. And even if it's a legitimate call I'd be thinking OK well how might I support my family and I'm going to leave them here can I bring them with me how long is this going to be what's going up why do you need me to go what is there someone else that can do right we're asking all of these questions but Paul he gets this vision a man from Macedonia saying Come help us verse ten how does he respond now after he has seen the vision was what's the next work immediately we sought to go to Macedonia concluding that the Lord had called us to preach the gospel to them you see his reasoning process OK it's not explicitly stated but Paul says over Paul here is the vision he sees as a vision someone from Macedonia someone who doesn't know some places never been he realizes Macedonia has a gospel ever been preached there no it hasn't What has God called me to do with my life to preach the Gospel OK I'm going. There was no. Vacillating there was no discussion because the mission God has given him was in harmony with this option on the table so he did it. Well let's take a look at another example in his life let's go to accept a twenty eight after twenty eight Pauls in Rome no way later in his ministry he's a prisoner he's under house arrest he's supposed to wait for a hearing because he appealed to Caesar he's imprisoned and he's been imprisoned for a long time he doesn't know or is ever going to get released he doesn't know if anything will change with the circumstance whether he'll ever get to talk to Caesar it all for all intents and purposes his ministry looks like it is over it looks as though he had made a mistake because. They were brother and if you remember the story that said don't go to Jerusalem you're going to get captured there were people who pleaded with Paul for the sake of your mission. For the sake of printing the Gospel don't get yourself caught Well he went and got himself caught. Verse thirty. We're going to begin reading Paul is in Rome he has he's he's under house arrest he's under great perplexity there's no it's uncertain whether or not he will ever be free in a moment like that I would be discouraged I would be questioning myself saying Have I made a mistake and have I compromised Have I gone the wrong way. That's not what pulp verse thirty then Paul dwelt two whole years in his own rented house and received all came to him preaching the kingdom of God and teaching the things with which concerned the Lord Jesus with all confidence no one for bidding him. Because he understood the mission that God has given to him Paul said even though I'm a prisoner I'm going to keep doing what God asked me to do and as a result he was able to minister and to preach even to individuals in Caesar's household but you must be thinking well yeah that's Paul. Has the gift of inspiration he solved visions he was an apostle that's not me. How does this really impact my life practically. OK Well let's take a look for lack of time I'm not going to go there but you can look in first Corinthians Chapter seven in verse seven. Actually the rest of the chapter as well the Apostle Paul is talking to those who are widowed and those who are unmarried and the Apostle Paul actually implies strongly that it is better for the sake of the gospel to not marry. He makes that strong implication and even says I wish that all men were as I am meaning unmarried for the sake of the gospel. Now let me make this clear. I am not saying neither is Paul saying and the Bible does not say not to get married OK. My point is that Paul looked at his life through the lens of the mission that God has given him and in his particular circumstance he believed and he followed through with the action of not being married because he believed that was better for the sake of the gospel now how many of us would even dare ask that question Lord. Surely. You haven't called me. To be single but should not we be asking the questions Lord what is best for the mission what is most expedient for me to accomplish the one job that you have given me to do The point is even in something so intimate something so close to home Paul made the decision of his romantic relationships subservient to the mission that Jesus gave to him Well let's keep reading Let's take a look at another one this one's fascinating and asked after eighteen turn turn back there with me accept eighteen in verse three. Paul is in Corinth I believe and he met he meets a queer law and Priscilla he becomes friends with them and verse three gives me something very interesting tells me something interesting about Paul verse three says so because he was of the same trade he stayed with them and worked for by occupation there were ten makers Paul stayed with Priscilla and a Quilla because they were tent makers. But wait a minute. Paul was given a mission to preach the gospel what is he doing making tents it says his occupation which it wasn't like a hobby it wasn't like once in a while this was a regular mode of earning money for Paul he was the tent maker The Doesn't the seem contradictory were making a big deal about him living under this one mission the one thing that God asked him to do and here you go making tents. It's like we talk to some you know world class evangelist and he's like well I can't make it today I got to go pick some cookies I got to run my health food store. Gotta you know so some scarves to sell some wares on e Bay or Etsy right. We're thinking that like Paul what are you doing you're wasting your time you're supposed to be preaching the gospel but wait a minute. Let's ask the question. Is it possible that Paul chose to do this to be a tent maker because of his mission let's take a look at the book Second testimony and second Testament chapter three. The possible writing to the first alone eons. In second festoon and Chapter three. Beginning in verse seven. For you yourselves know how you ought to follow us for we were not disorderly among you receipt nor did we eat anyone's bread free of charge but work with labor and toil night and day that we might not be a burden to any of you verse nine not because we do not have authority but to make ourselves an example of how you should follow us. So the Apostle Paul explains here why he chose to work for a living. It was so that he could be a better example for his can. So in other words the Apostle Paul chose to work as a tent maker to earn his own living to inhance his gospel ministry so even investment decision it was filtered through and subservient because of the mission that God has given to him he says I could have I have the authority to expect you to pay me from the tide than everything else but no I believe it is form better for you for me to live in this way to enhance his ability to win souls for Jesus. How often God or how often we ask God what is your will for my life. Well God has already told us what his will is for lives to win souls but preaching the gospel. Cannot be there sometimes we find ourselves in a quandary because we're not willing to accept that fact. We're not willing to ask the question maybe the conflict we feel wrestling with in our hearts is that we know what God has but it's not what we want to do you know not long ago I was a G Y C I was backstage I was going to have the privilege of introducing the speaker of the hour who was none other than Pastor CD Brooks. So I was backstage in the green room as they call it sitting in chairs like this I was sitting next to him waiting for our turn to go up on stage I could really go anywhere and he was sitting right next to me and a stream of young people were coming back stage to talk with the brooks they wanted to get his wisdom they want to his prayers and there was one young man and of course I was sitting there so I couldn't help but eavesdrop on some of the conversations but there's one young man the company came in and the young man was clearly distressed he said Pastor Brooks. I've been dating this girl. And I just don't know I just don't know. If this is the right one please can you help of see the perks right. I got to get to that man he knew what to do at the you know free counseling with Pastor Brooks so he came to the back. And without missing of be Pastor Seabrook said something that I will never forget he said Young man I'm going to try to imitate his voice. Is a young man when you accepted Jesus into your life on that day you have already made a decision they you will never marry a woman that's no good you've already made that decision when you accepted Jesus so the only question now is is this girl good better or best. That's it. And of course this young man's odors are how how do I know. This is what is. He said ask yourself Will this woman in able you to follow the Lord and carry out his purpose in your life you do have a choice in who you marry. But how you measure the worth and the appropriateness of the relationship must first be evaluated on the scales of how well business you knew in helped me accomplish the work the one and only one job that God has placed in my life to do and is it possible that sometimes we have a relationship tension. Because we didn't ask the question. We made a decision because this is this girl makes me feel good. We look so good together we just have so much fun together but when the moment comes and you're saying all right Lord I'm ready to serve you all of a sudden you've got this anchor tied on to someone else who never had an intent to go along with you in your mission to serve Jesus Is it possible that maybe life would be simpler if we just accepted the rule. That God's way is always the best way. Well what about our careers the Apostle Paul looked at his life and he said it is better for me to work with my own hands because it will enhance my ministry so that tells me something. Just because God called all of us to be soul winners to preach the gospel it doesn't mean we all have to be full time missionaries Bible workers call boarders pastors. Can't get at least one name and I mean like you guys are like What do. We want to do. And guess what you can be a doctor as long as you ask the question first is this the best way for me to use my skills my talents my abilities to win souls for Jesus. If we're going to be a doctor because we want to be filthy rich let me tell you something you've got a lot of heartache down this path lot of student loans. But if you want to serve the Lord because he has placed the skills within your toolkit to be a doctor to make Man whole like Jesus did then by all means please don't let anybody stop. But if we're making these decisions of a career choice occupation without first consulting was my job. I can guarantee you somewhere down the road this can be a small still small voice that says hey what two was here a large. And making that you turn them is going to be a whole lot harder than making that decision now at the U.S. conference not long ago there was a list Speaker time I was one of the speakers and there was a a couple that came they had young children and they needed some advice and they were asking advice about country living we have young children. Fathers a lawyer worked in the city wife was a professional they got kids involved in church but they were convicted what do we do should we move on to the country and they were just rattled off all the stuff you know the time of trouble is coming I need to learn how to grow a garden I don't know how to do that but I'm my kids they've got school and how my going to raise my kids because I'm I'm not going to job it all of these questions right logical question I said Wait wait wait stop let me ask you this question Which of these locations will be better for your ministry for Jesus. Because let me make something very very clear when we re Council about country living a lot of times we associate that with we have the SUV ourselves. They're coming for us. They're going to hunt us down. As though living on a farm they can find you there. You still got an i Phone right I mean you know they can track you. The point is just this when God calls us to move out of the cities Why is it it is to enhance our ability to fulfill the great gospel commish. It is not salvation by country living because that is the same thing as salvation by works. If God holds us to move our families to another location it must correspond with making us better small winners. Gives us the better opportunity to win the souls of our own children and to make them small winners so if we're thinking oh I have to save myself up the scale of the time of trouble we are not consulting the one job that God has asked us to do. And when I share that thought with this couple all of a sudden the light bulbs went on and they said Praise the Lord I don't know what the ended up deciding to do but the Lord somehow spoke to their heart. And not only that why how do we spend our money do we really need to spend twelve hundred dollars on an i Phone ten with my i Phone six as works the same. But why should we why how do we even make that calculation is because God's work means more support. Why spend the money on ourselves when there is a mission field the needs are money. Those decisions must be filtered through what is the one job that God has given me to do every single decision our choice of friends and let me tell you we should have known having as friends because that's how we win souls to Jesus a man but they were having none of us first because we're becoming like them guess what that's the wrong reason why do we come to church so I can be fat no it's not. Is so you can get trained to Cofield others I met. I WAS SAME You conference and we had a panel discussion questions and there was a question that came in scribbled on a piece of paper and this young person when asking and I can tell the frustration and the genuine ness of this question this question came in is it OK for me as a young person as avid as to get involved with these types of social causes black lives matter. Blue lives matter that whatever other you know acronyms they have out there you know climate change save the animals social justice type things they had a list of them and the the question was genuine in the question how do I know whether it's OK for me to participate in these things I don't know that I can't give you a specific answer but what I told them when I was given the mike. Was does participating in these things enhance your ability to preach the three angels message and. If it does. Do it if it doesn't that's not God's will for your life. So even in these types of decisions of how to get involved in things that matter to us the mission that God has given to us must supersede and be of be above all other considerations. The gospel is the great simplifier of life's problems if we will only ask what's my job. We look at guys in the world and they have the discipline to ask themselves this one question. If I spend this one billion dollars Will this move us towards the goal of saving humanity. As Christians who have the true solution for a sinful world. Should we not ask same question so ladies and gentlemen. What is your job are you performing it to the best of your ability. Are you making your decisions the smaller decisions in everyday life in harmony in accordance in priority based on this one job that God has given you to do I know him rather tell him but I have to see this. And that is sometimes. We ask God to just. Open the doors or go through the open doors and we frequently associate that with whatever is easiest. Whatever is the most convenient Lord yeah that's the way out I'm going to do that person. But the easiest way the most wide open door may not be the will of God for you we have to ask the question. Is that really. Going to help me accomplish the one job that God has given me to do. The door was open before bailing to go with bailouts meant it was the easiest way but it certainly was not God's will. On the flip side of the coin the more difficult just because something is difficult or door seems closed it may not mean that that's not God's will for you it sure looked like a gigantic closed door for Jonah to go evangelize than in the bites but that was one hundred percent what God's will was for him. You can look at the lives of every missionary every worker for God They had off the coals they had door slammed in their face figurative Lee and literally but what drove them was the understanding that God has given them one and only one job to do and even if it means I have to knock this door over to good to do God's work I'm going to do it. Whenever you got baptized into this church maybe you're not baptized but whenever you accepted Jesus into your life. You have been given one job and one and only one job how is it with you and your Lord. Have you been faith have you followed his expressed purpose that is outlined in his word for you. Maybe some of you are struggling with decisions where do I go next what do I do next what about this what about that Lord help me understand I appeal to you today. Come to the Lord come to the feet of the Cross take a look at those outstretched hands see the cost of what Jesus paid so that he could fulfill the one jot that his heavenly father gave him to do. And ask yourself the question. Am I not willing to do the same for him. Whatever those decisions may be that you're wrestling with ask yourself that one important question Lord. How can I better fulfill the one mission that you've given to me to accomplish. That's one point one question Lord help me to do my job and if you want to make that commitment to the Lord today let me see your hands God bless you let's pray Father in heaven. Your word is very clear. The work that you've assigned us to do. Is black and white. And Lord we are thankful because we are so weakened by sin our minds cannot grasp one hundred point plan or even a ten point plan you've given us just one point to remember. You have given us one job. There is one task for which you have placed us on this earth to accomplish and Lord may we be faithful to do it. Or maybe preach the gospel with all our might with all of our influence. In this generation. Or we want you to come soon. We know you are the only solution to the sin sick world and may we do our part to hasten that day and for the young people in this room who may be confused maybe concerned maybe perplexed wondering asking questions. Lord we claim that promise that the Gospel is the grease simplifier of life's problems. You have a thousand ways to provide for us of which we know nothing and so lead these young hearts young minds into the path you have designed for. Each be found. That when you come. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W dot. Org.


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