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The Stress Equation

Eric Walsh


The stress equation gives the secret to handling the daily stressors.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • September 1, 2017
    7:00 PM
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This message was presented at the AMEN Missions 2017 Bible Conference: “Shaken but not forsaken” in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. For more resources like this, visit us at www.amen.missions.fields.za. AMEN – Advent Message to Every Nation.



Our message tonight is entitled: The Stress Equation. The Stress Equation.


Let us pray. Father God, we thank you LORD for this opportunity to study Your word. Ask Father God that You make me just the nail upon the wall, a rusty sorry nail, LORD. But upon that nail, I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ, that Eric Walsh will not be seen or heard tonight; instead, let us hear a word from Thy throne room of grace. It is our prayer in Jesus' precious and holy name. Amen.


So this was the talk, I was gonna do on Sunday. So a flip flop tonight with Sunday. But I'm not sure. I don't think it'll make a big difference; so just follow me. We're gonna go to go to the book of 2nd Kings, the sixth chapter.


2 Kings chapter 6 finds us in a part of time in the Bible where the nation of Israel is at war. Syria and the Assyrians are coming across the border and they are doing what? - border skirmishes with Israel. This is the time when the Naaman’s maiden, the little girl who tells Naaman about the prophet in Israel who could heal him of his leprosy. There are many who believe that she was snatched in one of these cross border skirmishes and it took her back to serve an Assyrian leader and she wind up with Naaman. And so this is that time in the Bible's history.


But the king of Syria as he's warring, he had to counsel with the servants who, who aren't servants like you think of them. These are probably more like generals or leaders and he's setting up camps and he's trying to trap the people of God.


One thing that is good to remember about the Old Testament is that every battle is not simply a battle between nations. Every battle is a battle between gods. And so as I talk through the week, you'll see that every time there's a fight, there's more at stake than the battles of many of our modern battles now days. These are battles over which god is a superior god. Which god is the, is the, is the right and true god? And so when Nebuchadnezzar was bold enough to ask the three Hebrew boys who is this god that shall deliver you from out of my hand. He asks that question because Nebuchadnezzar believes that his gods, in conquering Judah, taking the king and taking the princes captive, is already a greater god. So these battles are big in a spiritual sense - spiritual warfare. And once you understand that the Bible stories about these battles are more than simply military skirmishes, you begin to be able to better apply the principles from the battles to your life today. The king said, “look in such and such a place shall be my camp.” Verse 9 – And the man of God sent unto the king of Israel, saying, Beware that thou pass not such a place; for thither the Syrians are come down.”  So the king of Syria says, “look, we're going to set up camp over on this side of town, we go, we'll wait for them and ambush them.” The prophet calls in and says, “Hey king, God sent me a vision, don't go that way. I want you to take a different route and go around.” Now, he would do this. In verse 10 – “And the king of Israel sent to the place which the man of God told him and warned him of ...” And the Bible says that these warnings from the prophet saved himself there not once or twice.


Principle - God gives prophets to give warnings to save us. To save us from what? - The traps of the enemy. So in the modern times, oh don't miss this. In the modern time, God gave a prophet and the words and the writings of the prophet, if he did in the right context will warn you where not to pass through. So unfortunate that so many are giving up on the prophet.


Verse 11 says, “Therefore the heart of the king of Syria was sore troubled for this thing; and he called his servants, and said unto them, Will ye not shew me which of us is for the king of Israel?” The king of Syria said, “All right, this is enough, somebody in our camp is a double agent.” As they say on the streets of Los Angeles – “somebody is a snitch.” And in the hood, they say, “snitches get stitches.” So this is somebody is a snitch and we've got to find who the snitch is. So, this is, “which one of us is actually for them.” Because that's the only way the finite mind that bases its intellect and its intel on the flesh could understand what's happening.


But one of his servants in verse 12, the Bible says, “And one of his servants said, None, my lord, O king: but Elisha, the prophet that is in Israel, tells the king of Israel the words that you speak in your bedchamber. “O mercy, somebody.” The Bible says that this prophet was so powerful, he connected to God, that when the King is in the bathroom, while he's in there scrubbing his back with his loofah or while he's, while he's, while he's taking his time in and shaving in the morning, while he's in there humming whatever songs the Syrians, the prophet was being warned of his ideas and his thoughts in advance. In other words, the king's servant is saying, “When God is on their side, you have no privacy.” He said, “Listen, man, he knows, what you're saying in your bed chamber.”


And verse 13, “…he said, Go and spy where he is, that I may send and fetch him. And it was told him, saying, Behold, he is in Dothan.”  Now, I like this story.  This story tells you just how crazy folk get when they try and fight God. When you try to come against God, you get foolish. If He knows what you think in your bed chamber, can you sneak up on Him? Common somebody, you can’t sneak up on Him if He knows what you're thinking in advance. But he says, “Go, spy on him and fetch him.”


Now, what's interesting if you really look at the story is - if he's this much of a weapon, would you want to kill him? Would you want to take him off the set? But he doesn't because the king of Assyria, if you study ancient history is also at war with the Babylonians. He's trying to get a leg up on the Babylonians. He does not see Elisha as a threat as much as he sees Elisha as a weapon. He doesn't wanna kill Elisha. He wants to capture Elisha. He wants Elisha on his side.


And you know, it's funny when you look at our health message, its funny how much the world now, is listening to our prophet. I went to a restaurant in Atlanta called the So Vegetarian Restaurant run by a black nationalist organization called Hebrew Israelites. And when I went and they serve soul food which is black American food. It's actually a do, it's actually our derivative of African food mixed in with the process of being slaves in the United States. So it's, it's really good comfort food, that's the best way to say it. And, and so they made really good, very good vegan food out of it - plant based. And I was in Atlanta and I went there and I wandered into their bookstore and would you believe that in their book store was Ministry of Healing, Counsels on Diets and Foods.

Funny, they want the prophet we're trying to get rid of.


Verse 14, “Therefore sent he thither horses, and chariots, and a great host: and they came by night, and compassed the city about.”  Now again, he knows what you’re thinking in your bedchamber. So you come at night to sneak up on him. You see. You have to come at night. And you have to understand Assyrians had an amazing armor - that's one of the things they were known for. It was a metallic armor that is polished till it shone brilliantly in the light, almost like wearing mirrors. So when they would go into battle and the sun hit them the right way, they could literally blind the enemy and it was very overwhelming when thousands of these guys are marching on you and they light up in the daylight. So they would be seen from a long ways away. They had to come at night so that there was no sun; so their armor wouldn't give them away. The Bible says something else that's really important – “It came with horses and chariots and a great host; and they came by night and they encompass the city.” Why? They wanted Elisha to have what? - No way of escape. Now remember, he knows what you think in your bed chamber king.


And when the servant of the man of God was risen early and gone forth behold a host compact the city both with horses and chariots. Now Elisha’s servant gets up in the morning to go out and probably to boil a pot of water to make some tea. And as he's going out about his way, he looks up and as he looks at the hills, all around the city, the sun is coming up and the sunlight is hitting the armor, the whole city lit up with soldiers and this guy panics. He goes back into the tent, the Bible says, and he asks Elijah, “Alas, my master! How shall we do?”  There’s two of us. And there's an army of them and I'm sure Elisha’s servant is thinking, “And I'm sure, they figured out by now brother that you are the one givin’ away the positions. They're coming for us and there's nothing we can do.” He panics in the moment. Don't miss this. And his stress levels rise. His stress level shoot up.


Let me talk about stress for a second because the question in our era, we talk about health message a lot. And people say, “Well, why was this person eating the right meat and right stuff but still died?” Because of you stressed out, it will kill you; I don't care what you eat. You can eat your way out of stress in yourself to death. This is why one of the fundamental parts of the health message is trust in God. Ah you are missing this thing. So when they talk about the Adventist health study, one of the things they missed and we'll talk more about the Adventist health studies as time goes on and this is the study that documents Loma Linda as a blue zone in North America, which is unheard of that there could be a blue zone in unhealthy North America. But the reason it is - isn't simply because Adventist different, it's because Adventist believe different. And no one wants to talk about the faith factor in our longevity. They don't want to talk about the fact that the seventh-day Sabbath is an anti-stress medication like none other, if you keep the Sabbath. If you’re not sneaking up on your dry cleaners at nine o'clock on Friday after, evening, if you really prepare and keep the Sabbath, it will bring your stress levels way down.


So, let's get into stress for a second. The definition - stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize. Let me read this again. Somebody needs this. Stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that the demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize - that stress.


So, I break it down into an equation that I tell people in the states that they should write down on a on an index card and stick on their cubicle at work and that is an equation. The stress equation says that stress equals demands minus resources. Stress equals the demands on your life minus the resources you are able to gather to deal with those demands. Right? So, why is it that really rich people live longer? They've got a lot of resources, right? They get in trouble with the law, they can hire, I mean, I don't know how it works down here, but in the United States, we've got enough money you can fight and walk away with a lot of, you could get away with a whole lot of stuff. If you're poor, you call for plea; you don't even get to a jury in the United States. The resources you have will help you to lower your stress or the lack of resources will raise your stress.


Now, we do also have some input on how much demand we place on our lives. If you're intent, I hear some of the young docs, doctors that I work with and they want to buy these fancy cars. There’s one guy who just finished residency and went and bought a one hundred and twenty five thousand dollar, US dollars, thousand-dollar Mercedes Benz truck when he still had 400,000 dollars in student loan debt. The man can’t, he's always looking for extra shifts. He always wants to work. Demand, he added demand to his life, right? So, his stress levels are up.


But here's what the Spirit of Prophecy said, in the book Prophets and Kings, page 207, she says, “When the people of God are brought into straight places and apparently there is no escape for them, the Lord alone must be (what?) their dependence.”


I'm here to submit to you that – there are. We can heap demand upon ourselves. God sometimes allows the demand. Or you’re missing this thing. Sometime God allows the trial. He allows the difficulty because God knows that for some of us, unless we face difficulty and trial, our knees would never meet our carpet. So God allows it because in allowing it, we become more dependent on Him.


So I know a folk that left the church. He said he nothing to do with God and his kid got sick. O my word, they are back in church in a flash. They won't miss a meeting, praying for the Lord to take away the illness from of their child. God sometimes allows it.


I like how Elisha answers his servant. 2 Kings 6:16, “And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us (are what?) are more than they that be with them.” Now, what you got to do when you read of Scriptures, you got to do sometime, you've gotta put yourself in the, you've gotta actually put yourself in the story first of all. So, I like when I read a story of Jesus, I stand  in the crowd and I just watch the story from the crowd and I imagine the woman being drugged in the middle and thrown down and the stones in their hand, you get what I'm saying. I try to get into the story. So in this story, I'm like I want to be the servant for second, because the servant is the one of this one as perplexed. He's the one trying to figure this whole equation out. And the servant is looking around and he said, “Wait a minute now.” Elisha is saying that I should have no fear because there's more of us than there are of them. I'm sure the servant looked over his shoulder. I'm sure he looked back into the tent. I'm sure the servant walk through on the back of the tent looking for anybody else and he kept counting one, two. One, two, one, two. Countless, one, two and I'm sure he's standing there scratching his head, rubbing his head. I'm sure he's trying to figure this thing out. And as Elisha watches his servant perplexed when he ought to be trusting, confused when he ought to be convinced, stressed when he ought to feel secure, Elisha says to his servant, “LORD, I pray thee, open this boy’s eyes, that he may see. And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.


Now again, sometimes we read the Bible too fast, slow down. You say slow down and eat; slow down and read your Bible. Chew on it. Chew on this thing. I want you to see this again. Elisha stops as they are about to be seized by the enemy and he prays. There's a lesson in that. When the enemy seems like he's got you, stop and pray - number 1. The second thing he prays is that this servant would be able to see because early he can't see fully. The Bible says that then God opened his eyes. Now what that means is: God then tore down the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world and in ripping back the veil, this servant now could see. That means some of us aren't fully seeing things because all we can ever see is the problem. Did you get that? All we can ever see is the trial. All we can ever see is the difficulty.


I came all the way from Los Angeles to tell you, stop looking at the problem and start seeing what God wants to show you. The Bible says, he saw. All the looking he did, he wasn't seeing everything. The Bible says, he saw and behold the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire. So we gotta pause there.


And remember the Syrians have an armor that is polished metal that looks like a mirror, it's so shiny. So they can only reflect light. Don't miss this thing. When God's army shows up, God's army is dressed in light. They're literally chariots and horses of fire. The devil spooks you with an imitation of what God is. Spooked.


My family comes from a little island the Caribbean called Jamaica. There are a lot. Down in that island, there's a practice that we don't call it, I know in Western Africa it's called voodoo but in Jamaica they call it obya. And these are people who used the dark secrets, dark magic as it were, to try and spook you. My grandmother was converted to Adventism with her mother back in the early 1900. And she was a girl, my grandmother was a woman of God. I said, I can look at some of you women here and I know you would, you know, cut from the same cloth as my grandmother. And my grandmother tells us the story that when these obya women would come again, they could not stand her because she was a Seventh Day Adventist Christian. And they would some nights; they would sing and do all kinds of stuff to try and put a spell or cast a curse on my grandmother and her children. And my mother, my aunt tell the story of how, one night, when they were doing this, they could hear them beating their drums or whatever they were doing a little off in the distance near their house and my grandmother got all of her seven children on their knees and they began to pray. And she says that then they could hear a horse running around the house; but when you looked out the window, my Mama said, “there was no horse to be seen, you just heard it runnin.” She said, “After a while you could hear the horse running above the house.” And the kids were praying and my grandmother, my grandfather was a truck driver in Jamaica, so he was never around. He wasn't around that much. After a while, the whole thing stopped and they went to bed. The next day, my grandmother's out hanging clothes on a line. And one of these women come over to my grandma and says, “Mrs. What kind of magic you workin?”. One of the women says, “Wait a minute now, you had about twelve of us, all night long trying to put spells on you and everything we try to put on you came back on us.”


Let me, let me, let me show you something out of the text, “When the armies of the Syrians came, they surrounded the city.” Notice the way the Bible words this thing, but when the Army of God comes for Elisha, the Army of God does not surround the city; the Army of God surrounds Elisha. You know why? Because God is specific in His protection of His children. Did you know he dispatches an angel especially for you? And sometimes we get into such a mess, he lets go a few angels on our behalf. Some would say just a few angels? Don't you remember from the scripture that Hezekiah prayed and in one night one angel killed 180,000 of the Assyrians? One angel. And you've got one by your side.


Let me ask you a tough question. What you’re so worried about? What are you so stressed over? Did you not know that the God of the universe has dispatched an angel to stand by your side? Job 23:10 says it like this” “but He knows the way that I take: when He has tried me, I shall (do what?) come forth as gold.” Because stress equals demands minus resources.


So what does the world do? The world offers you false resources. One of the things that's- one of the practices, one of the habits, one of the addictions that are gonna, are exploding in North America specifically in states like California and Washington and other parts of the country that have legalized marijuana more and more Americans are smoking marijuana than ever. And the marijuana of today, we'll talk more about that this week or and one of the, one of the segments of the film, but the marijuana of today, in the North America has potency some argue up to 60 to 100 times stronger than a marijuana from the 1960s.  The T.H.C. content is that much higher. It has been genetically engineered to be stronger and more potent; often laced with other chemicals and other drugs. And more and more people are trying to smoke marijuana to escape life, to escape stress, destroying themselves. The studies show that if you start to smoke marijuana before the age of 18, you have an increased lifetime risk of psychotic illness. Those are diseases like schizophrenia. And let me tell you something, no drug can remove stress from you. All it might do is make you stupefied so that you don't remember you have it for a while. But I had one patient tell me once; the worst part of the hangover was coming, waking up and realizing, he still couldn't pay his bills.


I challenge you. You see, I had a patient when I did addiction medicine. And a patient said, it was a group meeting at the Veterans Hospital in Loma Linda, and they chanted at the end, and one of them chanted, “God made the human heart so big that only He can fill it.” God made the human heart so big that only He can fill it. And I asked him, “What does that mean?” He said, “You see, if you try and fill that God-sized hole in your heart with cocaine, you'll become a cocaine-addict; you try and fill it with alcohol, you become a alcoholic; you try to fill it with marijuana, you become a pot head; you try to fill it with sex or gambling or materialism, you'll become addicted to those things.” He said, “The only way for you to ever truly know peace on this earth is to fill the God-sized hole in your heart with God because God gives the resources.”


The Spirit of Prophecy says, “Take the word of Christ as your assurance. Has He not invited you to come unto Him? Never allow yourself to talk in a hopeless, discouraged way. If you do, you will lose much. By looking at appearances and complaining when difficulties and pressure come, you give evidence of a sickly, enfeebled faith. Talk and act as if your faith was invincible.”


The Lord is rich in what? Stress equals demands minus (what?) resources. God does not own a thousand cattle on a hill. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. What are you so afraid of? What are you so worried about? What is it that God has for you to do in your life that you are holding back from like the servant asking around, how shall we do? Don't you know that God has everything you need to go forward and do it now? I believe that God's army was standing defending Elisha before the Assyrians ever got there.


While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. I believe that God sent the answer to the problem, before the problem ever showed up. Talk and act as if your faith was invincible. The Lord is rich in resources.  He owns the world. Look heavenward in faith. Look to Him who has light and power and efficiency. God does not ask us to do in our own strength the work before us. He has provided divine assistance for all the emergencies to which our human resources are unequal. He gives the Holy Spirit to help in every straight to strengthen our hope and assurance to illuminate our minds and purify our hearts. He gives the resource.


Let me tell, some of you are here tonight, you going through some tough stuff I have no idea what it is. But if you're gonna be able to be shaken and know that you're not forsaken, you've gonna have to remember that God sends chariots of fire. The devil has nothing for you. Only thing the devil banks saw is that he can scare you out of trusting God when there's no reason to be afraid.


Spirit of Prophecy - the power of trials. “The experience of men who walked with God in olden times agree to teach that the Lord cannot fully bless a man until he has first conquered him. The degree of blessing enjoyed by any man will correspond exactly with the completeness of God's victory over him. We might well pray for God to invade and conquer us for until He does we remain in peril from a thousand foes. We bear within us the seeds of our own disintegration. Deliverance can come to us only by the defeat of our own life; safety and peace come only after we have been forced (where?) to our knees.” Did you get that?  


Safety and peace comes when you've been forced to your knees. God rescues us by breaking us, by shattering our strength and wiping out our resistance, then He invades our natures with that ancient and internal life which is from the beginning. So He conquers us and by that benign conquest saves us for Himself. By that benign conquest, He saves us for himself.


I had a patient once, a young lady who I was working at in a town called Wedowee. Have a couple good stories from this town. It's a town in Alabama where I did my family medicine training which is about 45 minutes south of Aniston. Anniston, Alabama, that's pretty far from Oakland University which is in the northern part of Alabama. And I was the first black doctor in a town ever. A matter of fact, just a couple months before I got there, they had, they had marches in the streets. And the Ku Klux Klan, I don't know if you guys know who they are. Unfortunately, they're back in America, but they had march in this town. I'm not that old, so this was not long ago, this is a Dr. King with long gone before when I, when this happened. And they marched in the town. Just a few weeks or months before I got there to be the first doctor at the hospital. The first black doctor. Now, I had no idea, I was just trying to make an extra buck, trying to pay some bills and do some stuff, but you know sometimes God sends you where He needs you. So, and the reason the Klan march, I think the reason is interesting. The Klan march because a white boy had asked a girl who was half white half black to go to the prom and they marched over this. Seemingly innocuous on our end, but they marched. They were upset. I didn't know. I had no idea. I was trying to make a little money. I go to work at the hospital. And one night as I'm working, a woman, 42-year old woman comes in, in full cardiac arrest. A white woman. And now, this woman had decided that night, she was gonna get in shape. Like that night, she was gonna get interesting. So, she went to the gym. She was, she had a 20-year smoking history, 20-year plus smoking history, and I don't know, and in Alabama, they, everybody's so food. Black, white, everybody’s so food. So, she'd been eating chitlins and pork back and fried chicken and all the stuff, they like down there. And then she smoked, but she decided that night, that night she was going to get in shape. So she went to the gym and got on the treadmill and she began to run like she did when she was 15 years of age. She forgot to tell her heart what she was doing, so she gets on the machine and she just starts running. I mean, she's, I mean, you know for about 20 - 30 seconds there, she made you, some both proud. I mean she was running. She was there with a guy. And she, after about two minutes of this running, begins that crushing substernal chest pain. She gets lightheaded, nauseous, faint, she's having a massive myocardial infarction. She drops onto the treadmill and is thrown from the machine onto the floor unconscious. They call 911; an ambulance comes; picks her up and this guy, her guy friend, jumps in and was with her and take her to the hospital where I'm at. I don't want anybody to die on my watch. I think you realize why? Right?  The Klan had marched; I’m the first black doctor. I'm just saying, I’d rather everything go smoothly, the first run to this hospital. So, I'm there and I'm really worried ‘cause she's really sick. In fact, when we hook her up to the machine, her E.K.G., her rhythm strips, not even a fully, what we call tombstone signs, this giant ST segment elevations on E.K.G. and I'm like “oh my goodness, I'm here by myself, the next big hospital is in Birmingham, which you have to take a helicopter to get to in any reasonable amount of time.” So I call Birmingham, and I started, the interesting part of the story is the Rad Tech, the guy who shoots the X-rays at the hospital, is a Sunday-believing Christian, wonderful young man. This man studied the scriptures so much, I want you to get this, he began to keep the Sabbath on his own. The county where we were is what they call a dark County, I mean, there were no Adventist churches in the whole county; but this man studied his Bible. He kept going to church on Sunday; but on Friday at sunset, he would keep the Sabbath till Saturday and he picked us up all on his own by studying the Word. So, I said, “Listen, I need somebody to pray.” I said, “Man you need to pray. I need you to pray.” So, I sent him back into the radiology room and I said, “Listen, while this is going on, so that you're not distracted, I need you to pray.” I called to Birmingham and they said give her T.P.A. which is a clot-busting medication so it goes into the bloodstream and wherever the blood is clotted and blocking off the artery, it will pop it open. But the danger is: if there's a clot holding, an aneurism in place, so that it's not bleeding in the brain or if she'd ever had any terrible surgeries or anything and that they would bust all of the clots and she could bleed into our brain. So there's a risk. But I'm looking at her dying in front of me and I've gotta take the risk. So I said, “Lord, please...” You know, sometimes, you just pray that prayer. You say, “Lord, I know I don't deserve exactly what I'm asking for. But Lord, don't leave me out here on this one. This is a limb; I need to come back from. I need to get back from off his limb, so Father, if it is your will, I know you have the power, I know you have the resources, deliver this woman.” And sure enough within the medicine has given, this woman goes flatline. I think I did too at the same time. I can’t let anybody know, she went flatline. And I said, “Lord,” I literally mean in my mind, I'm think I’m okay if you got to pull Lazarus right about now, Lord, I'm OK, I'm OK with it. I said, “Lord, deliver this woman.” Within ten seconds normal sinus rhythm. Normal completely normal; but it's time, we've given what we've given. The situation morphine oxygen nitroglycerin and an aspirin. So I've given her some morphine and I said to the nurse, and she's still lying there, “Give her two more milligrams of morphine.” Morphine, we don't give it to make you pain free, it helps dilute the arteries. And I figure, if we do that, we'll get her to Birmingham, a helicopter’s on our way or whatever was coming to pick her up, it was a helicopter. And I said, “ok, we'll get…” And this guy, the guy friend, who hasn't said much on to this point, comes running into the room and says, “Do not give her any more morphine.” This woman who's been unconscious. Hasn’t said a word the whole time sits up on the gurney. “That man is not my husband, give me the morphine.”


Let me tell you something. He has resources. I was so worried and so afraid and I didn't understand fully how much resources the God of the universe has. Came all the way from the states to tell you, there's nothing that God has for you to do, that He's not already supply the resources for. Young person, if you need to go off to school, if God wants to train you to do something, to be a doctor, a preacher, a nurse, a lawyer, anything, He has the resources.


And I challenge you tonight; when the enemy comes against you, write out that stress equation. Circle the word resources and begin to write Bible promises underneath that word because you serve the true and the living God. And He has all the resources.


Let us pray. Father God, we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study your Word and to remember this stress equation. A stress equation that says that, “Lord you have all the resources.” Father God, when the demands come against us. When our children go astray, when marriages fail or seem as if they're going to fail, when our job, our finances are out of whack, we know you're calling us to do something; but we don't necessarily see the way. Lord, when the demands hit us, let us, let not our stress levels rise, let us not go into a fight or flight mode, but instead Father God, help us to trust you for the resources. Father God, the time of great trouble is about to be upon us and if we can't stand these small trials now, we won't know to use those resources when the big trials come. Prepare your people for that day, Lord. This is our prayer in Jesus' precious and holy name. Let the church say, Amen and Amen.



This message was presented at the AMEN Missions 2017 Bible Conference: Shaken but not forsaken in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. AMEN Missions, a supporting ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It’s a youth-lead ministry seeking to inspire young people to be Bible-based, mission-purposed and Christ-centered Christians. Our aim is to assist in taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world in this generation. For more resources like this or to find our how to support our work, visit us at www.amen.missions.fields.za. AMEN – Advent Message to Every Nation.


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