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Eric Walsh


This is the personal testimony of Dr Eric Walsh for his recent trials.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • September 2, 2017
    11:00 AM
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I'm a speaker who really believes in not wearing out the Saints. Probably because I've studied medicine and I know how long the human attention span actually is so the average human really only has about a twenty twenty five minute attention span so you need something in between to to bridge the music is actually next in a way to extend the attention span I live here and there is also but it's actually very difficult to hold people's attention in America the attention span is more about three or four minutes honestly. And that's largely because of the huge diet of television that we're on in the United States and now with the cell phone advent and Snap Chat and all that stuff you know it's gotten even shorter probably but so I don't want to wear you out but I'm going to just give a short testimony. About It's been three years exactly. Since I went through a very unique trial. I was at the time actually being considered to be surgeon general of the United States. As you probably would understand is pretty high position in America. At the time the president was Barack Obama and. His. Surgeon general had stepped down and I was running a health department in the city of Pasadena California Pasadena is one of the Gem Cities of the United States if you visit Los Angeles the Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful ugly cities in the world. And that is because we have some of the highest homeless rates in the world. Huge drug problems gangs. Historically high murder rates and many other problems that you probably have seen on in all kinds of other shows. So it's a tough place in Pasadena is one of little pearls of L.A. County it's a beautiful city very wealthy city I've had. Dinner at the houses of billionaires in Pasadena in my time working directing the health department for the city of Pasadena California. And we were doing very well in fact I took over the health department we probably only had about seventy employees by the time I was finished there we had one hundred over one hundred thirty employees our budget went from a six or seven million dollars to almost fifteen million dollars and most of the money I brought in are brought in to battle HIV AIDS among poor people in Los Angeles County in fact we started the first dental clinic. Probably one of the first if not the only dental clinic in California and maybe even the United States that was government run for poor individuals with HIV and we were doing pretty amazing work on a lot of fronts we passed. New legislation in the city against tobacco and secondhand smoke. And we passed nutrition standards for all city buildings that God was just blessing it I used to go to work and think that God had a Joseph effect on me and and whatever it was that we put our minds to do in a city God bless that was on the local television all the time. For different things not just the big T.V. stations but the local We have government channels in the states that just cover kind of small the municipality itself and so I would give a lot of talks on health and public health and social justice and fairness and different issues addiction and. You know so I would be out and people would you know I'd be coming out of a restaurant with a doctor was I on T.V. I had like a celebrity status. And to be honest with you that wasn't a good thing in hindsight. But God was a blessing and my career took off I'd gone to school a long time. I'll give you a little bit of my background background my mother. Was a single mother it was she had three sons my father left my mother when I was two years of age. And actually married her second cousin and had two more kids. One of my half brothers is famous here in South Africa was he was Courtney Walsh the fast bowler for the West Indian cricket team he was a captain of the West Indian cricket team. And you know so I want to go to Jamaica visit him and so we had a tough growing up we weren't very wealthy in fact I would wear what we call hand me downs. And you know it was a bad because the generation gap between myself and older brothers about seven years so in a very fashion conscious place like the United States to wear clothes that was seven years old was was troublesome you got pretty bad when you went to school and bell bottoms in the one nine hundred eighty S.. So I understood all of that now and my mother was a very devout seven event as I mentioned last night that her grandmother my great grandmother was converted in early one nine hundred my grandmother says at the time Ellen White was still alive I'd never been able to verify that but early in the one nine hundred Our family was brought into the admin is truth and remained in the admin is truth and still you know by God's grace hope to always stay in this truth. So I want to wait a college at seventeen I actually interviewed at two Ivy League schools I'll talk about this in my talk on how to know God's will for your life and I was want to go to an Ivy League school if you know anything about the higher education system in the United States America is a very divided country around things like education and we have the best schools in the world and the worst schools in the world. And I believe are among the best schools in the world I'd interviewed at two of them and my pastor kind of dragged me I got to go to public school my whole life I got my pastor dragged me onto a van almost literally and took me to small black seven eleven a school in northern Alabama Oakland University now the school is set up that way because in eight hundred ninety six when the school was founded Ellen White sent her own son down. The Mississippi River in a book called The Morning Star boat and he went to educate the recently freed black slaves in the south that's very unfortunate I'm getting off but maybe all of this will help make everything make sense in the end but the people have charged Ellen White was a racist in the United States and there's a book called The Southern work if you've not read Ellen White's book The Southern work you should really read it but she was saying things that would be said by people like Martin Luther King or Mandela for years about the importance of education for African-Americans. And so I went to Oakland University School of very rich preaching legacy men like equally evil an easy ward of the greatest preachers the administrators ever produced I'm a little biased but I do believe that. And so I got the bug to preach in college I had no desire to be a preacher in fact when I was in high school to be a preacher I would tell the past I was like you're going to be a preacher you're going to preach and I said I'll never preach because if you preach you lose cool points and I want to be cool right so I find what I caused a lot of preaching to but I still remain pre-med and didn't ever really switch over to theology although it took a lot of took a few theology classes and religion classes. And I went to a medical school continue to preach left medical school when it's a residency training the two residences got a master's in public health after my medical doctor degree a doctorate in public health. And was just preaching I became a lay pastor working for two in a kind of different working it for different churches an overt and two different conferences in Southern California and I landed his job in Pasadena which really is really like my dream job after that upbringing to get into a position like that in a very prestigious city like Pasadena now everything was going well like I said they were looking at me to be this you know they were people that not a lot of people but they were people who wanted to submit my name to be the next surgeon general of the United States and things were going good I by that time I had served to president. George Bush and Barack Obama on their council as a visor on a Chevy UNAIDS. And I had worked with the Centers for Disease Control on a on some on some things and with the former surgeon general and so God was it just seemed as if God was bringing everything together and you know all things were in order and like I said it's like almost anything I touched God blessed it in a prime a professional standpoint Well that caused me to get a lot of speaking engagements in secular places Sunday churches I was speaking all over the place on different things I and in two thousand and twelve I did the mayor's prayer breakfast for the city and when I was done I got a standing ovation. I got really blessed the presentation went very well there were people from all faiths in the audience and it catapulted me so fast forward two years and sometimes you know you if you don't understand it a blessing is a come back to get you one day. And so two years later the president of the community college we call them community colleges that are two year schools in the United States a city college a government run. In Pasadena asked me to be the keynote speaker for. Their graduation service now I you know I had no idea why he chose me in fact I asked him I said you know I saw on the list you had Magic Johnson you had other celebrities and people in Los Angeles why would you pick me and is that what I heard you speak at the mayor's prayer breakfast two years ago and I thought he'd be perfect to speak to our students. I didn't think much of it but what I didn't know was that behind the scenes there was a massive turmoil and fight going on that I had no idea about Had I known I honestly would have told him no I wouldn't I wouldn't have taken a speaking engagement and this was that there was an activist from the L.G.B. community who was asked to speak and his invitation was rescinded. And it was because of something that they found on. Line some video or something I'm not even sure but the president unilaterally did that in an ax me to speak and then by doing that obviously he catapulted me onto a very large stage because this this activist said made movies he'd won I think Emmy awards and so I was a huge you know person in Hollywood and so some of the students at the school said OK if they're going to use the Internet to destroy to get our speaker pulled out we're going to use the Internet to get this guy asked to speak pulled out when I went on the on line to get me to get I guess dirt on me all they found research. Which if you understand how far left California is and the United States seems to be going. That was more than enough honestly and what they did was they basically went through all of my sermons they took out little bits and pieces of it and you know even ultimately the newspapers when they got a hold of it actually made up stuff that I said stuff I'd never said in my life and that was enough it got out into the into somebodies activist papers and magazines and before I knew it I was on they were talking about me at a editorial about me in the Los Angeles Times and I said I am not fit to hold a scientific office because I believe that God created the world. And he said that his belief as a creationist disqualifies him to lead any scientific office in the United States of America they also ridiculed me because of comments I made about Disney and Disney entertainment studios and what I said was in one of my sermons I said listen I don't want my children to wish upon a star if you listen to Disney you know that when you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are when you is upon a star your dreams come true and I said in a sermon Well I don't want my children when upon a star I want to trade to pray to the True and Living God Well that was it but you don't touch Disney in Southern California and they came after me very hard I'm. For the next week I was the subject of front page. Articles just just bashing my character making me to out to be insensitive of hater of certain groups of people and I mean just really attacked my character professionally I was finished you know my the city manager was like listen we got to we got to get you out of the public limelight so we're putting on administrative leave and I had never been in trouble in my life so I don't even know that being on administrative paid administrative leave was a bad thing I just figured out to be you can pay me to stay home I guess I'll stay home. And. I was on the nightly news in Los Angeles which is as you know the second largest news center in the United States the L.A. Times when a second largest newspaper the United States before it was all over I was on the Nightly News in New York I was on a nightly news in Atlanta Georgia. And and I'll tell you it took me to the brink. And worked very hard to get where I was and in a literally in a flash of a moment because of my beliefs everything was taken from me and I can't even begin to describe to you the everything of the everything. Interestingly enough in January of two thousand and fourteen so about five months earlier because this all star April thirtieth the first article came out May first it exploded on the front page of everything of twenty fourteen but January of two thousand and fourteen I began the process of interviewing for a job to be a District Health Officer because my job my rt my title in Cali and California Pasadena was I was the director of the Health Department and the health officer two jobs rolled into one in Georgia I'd begun the process in January of applying for a job to be a district health officer for northern Georgia I thought it was a good career move because it would land me closer to the Centers for Disease Control. Which is probably the world's foremost public health agency besides maybe the World Health Organization and so I thought was a good move to be closer you know it's much less expensive to live in Georgia than in Southern California so you looked at a lot of things and thought it might be a good move so I don't through two iterations of face time interviews so I didn't fly I just interviewed me through Face Time and so I was able to do it to my mom office on my i Pad and I talked to them and I got rave reviews I later on was able to see what they gave and I mean they actually said we'll never get another candidate like this you know make sure we get this guy. The third interview happened in between the time those articles dropped. And the rest of the story and so when the third interview happened I flew to Atlanta GA interview in person and by the time I got home they offered me the job and I said Look God it's so good here I am being persecuted in California but the good old Bible Belt of Georgia is what we call the South the Bible Belt and Georgia was known as the buckle the buckle of the Bible Belt and so I was ready to go to lose to Georgia to live in to work when it came out in the papers in California that I had accepted a job and been offered and accepted a job in Georgia the activists in California went on into the L.A. Times and said We will follow him wherever he goes he will not get that job in Georgia we will call ahead and before you know it that the Health Department in Georgia was being accosted by individuals and turned out later on there were individuals inside the department probably wouldn't want to be there either. And they started to get pressure and I had gone to preach war and Haitian Federation. You know a little island of Haiti in the Caribbean so some Haitian Americans up in New York and I'm gonna speak for Federation for them and on the way to J.F.K. in New York their big airport in New York. When I landed and I was checking my voicemail I got a call from Georgia. With them saying listen we're not going to be able offer you the job. We can't give you an explanation and they forgot to hang the phone up and they began to laugh and mock and you could hear it in the background of them laughing and mocking me me not getting the job. And I was when I that's when I finally broke down and I actually wept and I cried because at this point I said Lord this is this is got to be more than I can bear I mean this is ridiculous must now I'm blacklisted I mean I literally will never get another job. And everything I've worked for is for not and I was just you know I was down in my spirit I'd still go preach and I went and preached that weekend and I got back and I was like I don't know what I'm going to do you know and I began to pray so by this time now you know it's all over the Internet it's all if you don't hear articles written blogs written. And one of the things that happen in the interim in between that time is that. The advantage church pulled support for me so well as the as this thing got national attention the Los Angeles Times passing the Star News actually put out an article and it said quoting the Southern California Conference of seven event as even I now noted that came from D.C. It didn't actually religion eight in Southern California saying listen we this man is not ordained we don't support him. And we he does not speak for us. And so that was gut wrenching as well so it was layers of heartbreak honestly. And I could get more into that but I made up my mind to touch not the Lord's anointed and do as prophet no harm and so I don't speak ill of what happened in that regard except to tell you that it actually did happen. Now by this time people. Praying for me from all over the world I'm getting e-mails from Nigeria from Uganda Kenya Australia Canada all over the world people are praying for me and literally in the darkest hours I could feel their prayers as I was laid out on my bed weeping and just by myself I could feel the burden lift as the saints of God were praying for me when you say you're praying for someone understand it carries great weight. Understand it your prayers move heaven move the Holy Spirit move the angels of God. So at this point I'm stuck and I'm at my friend's house one of my best friends Derek and I'm at his house and he's we're sitting there and I'm we're just like like job and I was in there like OK well I have nothing I've lost everything I've no idea what I'm a do my friends and where are you going to go what are you going to do now and I said you know I've always wanted to be a missionary and I said I always want to be a missionary to Guam they reached out to me maybe a decade ago and I wanted to be a medical missionary to glom but I never had a chance my career was doing so well I thought maybe I'll go to glom and he said as a good idea you know I never really thought about it too long within a half an hour. I got an e-mail from the physician recruiter at a bomb seven events clinic. Within a half an hour I was on the phone with her in Hawaii and I was was basically hired and was on my way to Guam would in a you know for six weeks to go to go and and serve God where I worked as a missionary for eleven months and preached on the island and really God really use that a lot and I call it the rock and it became my rock it was my rock and my fortress for a while to to bring me out of the trouble that I was in and interesting enough the religious liberty folk for the seven evidence church never came to my aid. However God sent someone else and the way I do what I pray and I deal with God I just say Lord if this is what you want this is what I need to see because I don't I. Sometimes can't discern and so I said Lord it's by this time many non Adventists religious liberty groups are reaching out to me like this is crazy we will come to your defense we want to fight for you but I knew enough to know not just anybody could take the case I knew that it had to be a very sophisticated and God fearing group of individuals or else we would we would be destroyed and I knew that up front so. So I began again I prayed and I said lord whoever wants to come everybody's calling me or sending me emails I said the group that is going to that I'm going to go with will be the group that takes me to lunch so as adults the group I'll know is the group of course to go with and so this group called from Dallas Texas and said listen we're not asking you to make a decision on the phone we will fly to California to have our attorneys and we're going to take you to lunch. And when we took and sure enough I sat down with them this is before I went to go and I gave them my side a story I said you know and they left me this voicemail and they laughed at me at the end of it and they said that is a sign that what I mean that's a sign that I was laughed at and I said yes he said every case we take that we win God shows us a peculiar aspect of it a tangible piece of evidence that tells us in advance that God is going to work this thing out for us all remedies are not advocates. He's a Sunday keeping event Jellicoe folk who didn't know neither of them knew anything about Adventists God worked it out that in the time we worked together over the next year and a half hour they were introduced into the Sabbath and to many other truths just because of the discussion that they had to know what I believe in order to defend me. Now they took the case I won't go through all of what I went to the time and one was tough lonely at times difficult I mean a lot of friends we hiked on Sabbath we we had a really good time there but it was still troubling to me that so much of my life had been shaken so that you see this shaken but not for a second. That's literally what happened in and the talk you gave this morning exactly on point the quote from the verse from job so use this morning exactly how I felt you just get to the point where you think God can't be with me. He can't be and I I mean I would agonize a bit Lord I used to I paid out of my own pocket to go to some of these places to preach I'll I mean I was once I went to Jamaica and you know Jamaica is poor and I would I stay there for almost a month preaching out to put my career on all preaching in the woods out in the sticks and a church of fifteen people became a church of seventy five people by the time we were finished and I said Lord did none of that matter and I never really expected any return for that work but you just thought there'd be some protection or something. I mean if that's where your mind goes I mean just like the talk is more did you start to question everything this is why when I do the talk what to do without somebody other talks I'll be doing while I'm in South Africa next weekend this is what I'm telling you now I will give you to the understanding of why the talks exist. So. What so the timing was going by and the case was moving forward finally a year later I said well I got to come back to the States for a lot of reasons and again I said Lord you know I'm now behind missionary pay was low. I did leave the city and they were trying to keep my skin my severance pay I had done nothing wrong in fact they were violating the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States which is a constitution that guarantees your right to free speech free religious affiliation and your right to religious freedom which is the whole point of our religious freedom department in North America I mean you have a right to believe what you want to believe nobody can take that from you or punish you for it. So they want to hold my severance but I was able I told got to listen and I'm going to need my severance and I want to marinate and they the woman came in there with a paper the. Head of H.R. for half of my severance to for me to sign which she didn't know that I'd already gotten from a from someone else I was a who one at the whole severance So she came in and said You going to sign as there was he said there are people who don't want you to get any severance as I don't care if you don't give me the money that's rightfully due me. I never said it before it actually feels pretty good to be like you know. So she said well I only have a paper for half and I said Boom what I got a paper for the whole thing and we signed that document then but even with that I was running low on funds body ended a year and really depleted everything I mean I was out of everything I don't have a property anymore I didn't have anything. And. The coming towards the end of it and I came back from Bob and I said to God I said Lord I know the job I should take when they offer me this much money I'm going to lunch and I was the salary I said this much money and so I began to take a little job here now working in different clinics I was working for a homeless clinic with Christian or Muslim which was really rewarding for a little while but they didn't have a lot of funding so that I only had twenty hours a week worth of work. And so I started moonlighting up in a town called biggest field which if you go to California you will never visit because feel there is absolutely no reason to go there. But that's where God sent me to moonlight and while I was moonlighting there did the chief executive officer the chief medical officer of the company pulled me aside and said listen we want you to be the medical director for urgent care and it took me to lunch with a sign. And I said Well. I said well OK I'll think about it and I said were here this is what will pay you and when they showed me what they would pay me it was exit to the number exactly what I told the Lord I would need to see to know that that was the job I should take and so I took the job not as the the lawsuit so what ends up happen is that we begin to we start a process with first liberty is the name of the of the of the law firm that took up my case and out of Dallas Texas and we start a lawsuit against the state of Georgia I couldn't go after Pasadena because Pasadena I signed something to get my severance saying I could never sue them so I went to so we went to they would have to George and they had by this time another one of the groups thought they were going to represent me and other religious liberty law firm not again not a dentist and they've done a public service request Act which is you can do in the States and they had to turn over all of their e-mails and everything and when they turned it over it was in my opinion super incriminating they really did they did they'd they'd. They they'd conspired with people even outside of their agency to take the job from me and and it spoke to. Qualification how much they really wanted me to work there but when they found out what I believed again they the job was rescinded really I was fired is the way my lawyers like to say it so that case is going on by now it is December of last year the case has been going on not much of it happening but they are in the fall of last year the state of Georgia said listen we need every copy of every sermon this man has ever written even if he wrote it in the margin of his Bible we asked the turtle if he wrote it on a there's no way I'm on my attorney's explain it if you wrote on a napkin while you sit having dinner and he wrote notes we want everything he's ever said not that was their mistake actually the state of Georgia because in Houston Texas I don't know if you noticed there was a mayor who said we want all of the sermons from any randomly picked five pastors and used in Texas were to floods are now to take their sermons to go against them if they didn't believe in certain things especially some of the more popular things nowadays and so they had come out against it and she lost and actually lost the election and had to leave the city so my attorney said if they're asking for your sermons they are violating your your religious rights all over again and they took and I didn't want to do this but they took it to the state capital of the state of Georgia and right in front of the governor's office basically right around the corner and in front of the attorney general's office for the state of Georgia Georgia we set up a press conference and I was flanked by people from the Missionary Baptist Church Southern Baptist church leaders from the Christian universities in Georgia all of a sudden I had support of the church and hear what I'm saying. When I saw the number of Christians not wanted Venice not only had been in the room and I saw a number of Christian organizations say wait a minute this is not to be tolerated in the United States of America and they stood up with me that night one organization put out a. Something for a petition to be signed in my defense and then that night forty thousand people signed a petition. That night forty thousand people on how many people signed it finally and that changed everything now the governor was backtracking He's afraid I mean this is George he could lose an election everything turned it but they wouldn't give in because I came back from a lawyer you didn't know just settled I don't really want to go to trial you know I really kind of he said in court and all that kind of stuff and he said well we'll wait and see what happens I was finally so tired of it that last December I was on my knees and I was agonizing I said Lord I've carried this thing for almost almost a year and a half now I said it is ripped everything from me and I'm tired of dealing with the legal aspect of this especially and I said Lord if it's enough now take this thing from me while I was praying somebody. While I was praying I didn't know that already Georgia had reached out to my attorneys and said we want to go to to. Moderation we want to go and we want to discuss it and so they want to go and we want to discuss this thing and try and see if we can come up with a settlement. I was praying for release that god it granted the day before somebody ought to say. While you know what was it while we're praying about stuff God has already sent the answer some time. And would in a few weeks I went to the moderation. In Georgia and I was I was shaking in my boots I watched all those you know I watched all those court things on T.V. and I thought I'm going to be like that so I was all geared up trying to you know get my wits about me poker face straight things you know and I get there and. My. Lawyers are laughing and joking like this was so funny this is serious stuff and you know their day when four runs in the mornin an error I can even eat I skipped breakfast I was like I'm fast and I'm serious about this thing. And when we get to the actual table to do this the moderator comes in mediator he's in matters mediation and moderate and mediator the mediator comes in and he's all friendly and smile I'm like What is odd This is our friendly This is weird I'm expecting. Trauma and chaos and then they said well and we have to go sit across the table from the opposing counsel and so we're going to go into a room and Internet like what a doctor was do you want to say anything I don't want to say nothing not a word in fact every time when the media came out against me in Pasadena and all over the country and every time I thought to call N.P.R. National Public Radio try to get me on the radio and T.V. stations were calling me for interviews and every time I thought you know what I'm a defend myself I'm tough I'm from the hood in the film was a you know God whispered in my ear like a lamb led to the slaughter is done so said he not a word and then and then the Spirit of God would say I will fight your battles. And it was deep because literally I mean I didn't say hardly nothing ever I was quiet and so we go into his room and I'm expecting hostility it's the opposite the opposing attorneys are saying Dr was great to meet you nice to meet you they're all shaking my hand online and this is weird man is this some kind of trap you know so everyone I sit down at the table to further Doug was do you want to say anything. I don't want to know that I would allow my attorneys to speak for me that actually feels good to have by the way. And so. The whole thing started in earnest are defending me and I went to the. The room let me tell you I'm going to make a long story short. We got a settlement. That was staggering even my attorneys couldn't believe how much the state of Georgia settled with us for now the attorney took a nice NOT religious liberty attorney but they were another tourney that we had to use it in a big chunk of money I really could care less. It was the principle. And that settlement says wait a minute you can't do this to people and it not read because especially not a government agency because the truth is I don't hate anyone I didn't dislike anyone in fact many of the people were coming after me were literally the very people I was serving as a physician and a public health officer at my job and my track record showed I had no anger against anyone I was it was the spirit of Christ that I had learned in in how he dealt and healed and reached out to people was what drove my entire medical career you don't say and so it was very difficult to deal with people calling me these names when in fact nothing about me fit the names they were calling me I can tell you that was a very very difficult trial to go through God ended the trial and actually I'm going to D.C. to speak and I'm hoping to meet some Supreme Court justice and do some other things in a few weeks but I give you that testimony to tell you that one time is really winding up. Time is really winding up to if you can't run with the footman you're not going be able to run with the horses. What I went through was really like the canary in a coal mine as we say in the States it was a it was a it was an it was an example and a test for what and the direction this world is going in there is a time of trouble coming. That if you are not rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ you will be shaken out. Just as Will said as well you will literally be shaken up and watched and it will be difficult to shake you out because one of the things that happened while this was going on is that many of the people who. Many of the people who I used to work with very liberal people you know some of them liberal the atheist some of them liberal they went to some of the very liberal liberal nominations in town they called me and said listen we can make this right for you we'll have a big session at one of the big liberal churches not advantaged of course in churches. And they said listen if you go up in front and basically what they said is if you just recant. If you just go and say you don't really believe certain things will get you your job back will Willis really reestablish your position. And I said you know I don't know what's going to happen I don't know how I'll make a living but I can't go against the Word of the Living God. It's a nonstarter it's not negotiable the Word of God to me is everything if without it instead of being a doctor I could have been a gangster Eunice and I'm saying it was the Word of God that kept me from the criminality that I watch so many of my peers stumble into it was the Word of God that when my mother had we had no groceries at our house at times poor single mother and she would collect us into the living room and would fall on our knees and pray and ask God and before we finished praying the door bell would ring and we'd go outside and they were big bags of groceries sitting at the front door of the house I can't turn on that god because I've never seen him for sake me. And for that reason if it means I go to the rock or to the stake it doesn't matter what you do to me I'm going to stand for Jesus Christ it's not negotiable and I have to live with a consequences of that. And I can tell you if you study the scripture there are consequences to standing for God but there are blessings and benefits to standing for God as well it is a my relationship with God now. It is like nothing before because one of the things that God showed me to try to job was perfect before the trial but during the trial you see that even he had stuff he needed to work on and bought it and God as I wait a minute where were you you know what I think when I created the world I had that where were you experience with God through my trials and all of the success I had in my career all the money I was making all of the accolades I received I realized they were they were they were working against my spiritual life in many ways that without being rooted in God success itself can be the devil's tool to pull you from God writes of these of you are jumping up and down and prosperity God is blessing and you don't realize the devil will pour gasoline on the fire of your success if you are successful separate you from God. I came out of the whole thing very humble. And Marley's of God Now I was in London a few weeks ago preach it and I was in a house preaching and it was probably about this many people there and the pastors that are you are you sure you're OK preaching here I've seen you on internet preaching from eight thousand people I set out the number of people I speak to is irrelevant what is relevant is the God that I speak for. I don't care if I go to a village and there are seven people if I can bring them a gospel I am not such a big high doctor physician guy that I won't get dirty on my knees to go where the Gospel needs to be taken. And I challenge you to try to really assess your relationship with Jesus Christ because when the trials come and it's going to be your livelihood that they attack. Can be very easy to say you know what I got to feed my children I got to keep this job I'm going to have to bend on this issue but a scripture says David says I was young and now I am home I have never seen a righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W. Dot org.


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