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What to do With Doubt

Eric Walsh


Doubt may creep in at times based on what we are going through. How you handle it is of utmost importance.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • September 2, 2017
    4:00 PM
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Let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study a word and I just ask Father God that you would make me a right vessel I said she said Your Holy Spirit as we discuss this topic let the words not be mine Lord instead Father God let us hear word from the throne room of grace so our prayer in Jesus precious and holy name Amen. So we're going to go to the book of Mark the ninth chapter and to give you the background on this story. Jesus had just taken three of the disciples with him into the Mount of Transfiguration So Peter James and John had been asked to go up now so if Jesus takes three disciples up with him how many disciples does it leave below. Nine right twelve minus three is none and so nine of the disciples are left behind three of them go up and if you read the story of the Transfiguration what happens is that when Jesus gets into the mountain top he is visited by two people he's a visit from heavenly beings he's visited by a lie jump and is visited by who by Moses but you've got to imagine that as Jesus' life is unfolding on earth and ministry is beginning to wear on him that there are two people in heaven three total but two people specifically in heaven two who are Jews on earth that are very worried about the outcome of Christ Ministry You see if a lie John and Moses' know that if Jesus fails on earth they have to come back their ticket to heaven is revoked if Christ fails. So you can only imagine that when the father says listen someone needs to go and cheer up my son. Alijah and most were probably jumping up and down on a sea of glass send me send me send me I'll go and talk to Jesus because they wanted Christ encouraged so I get there and the three disciples I brought up the nine who are left behind are unhappy they were you know the disciples are always jockeying for position so the nine who are left behind are quite upset that they didn't get a chance to go up with the other three into the Mount of Transfiguration. And soul Jesus goes up Jesus begins to glow his transfigured Peter's you know jumps in the way I let me let's set up an altar for each of you and all of this starts to happen. And as Jesus coming down after this amazing experience mark nine in verse fourteen the Scripture says and when he came to his disciples meaning the nine he saw a great multitude about them and the scribes questioning with them. And straightway all the people when they beheld him were greatly amazed and running to him saluted him. And he asked the scribes what question you with them so the scribes are all over his nine disciples Jesus comes that it offends Why are you questioning my disciples like this and remember you've got to see yourself kind of in the story there's a huge crowd gathered waiting for Jesus' return because they know he must come back to the nine disciples. As this happens and it is this giant crowd. A man steps forward. With a child in tow he's got a little boy with him and in verse seventeen The Bible says one of the multitude answered and said Master I have brought unto you my son who has a word. Not a word dumb in English does not mean what it means in America America but some will cause you dumb they mean because they are calling you stupid is not actually what dumb mean dumb means and inability to communicate. So to be of a dumb spirit means you are you can't communicate in fact in many ways this is what we one of the characteristics of a big epidemic now in the world which is autism it is an inability for a child to properly communicate he says much about the child as a dumb spirit and and as father says and where so ever he takes it meaning the Spirit he tears him and he foams foam it and matches with his teeth and pines when he falls away and he says look at the last part as I spoke to your disciples that they said cast him out and they could not I spoke to your disciples that they should deal with this demon but your disciples were incapable of dealing with this demonic force now let's get deeper into the story. So the multitude is there it's like in a schoolyard a fight breaks out the father brings the son out to the center of the crowd opens up everyone stands around as a spectator now they want to see what is Jesus going to do the Father points out the nine disciples who are left behind and says those guys were here you were here those nine disciples are here and I expected that your nine disciples would have been able to cast out the demon out of his child I should have had to wait for you Jesus. Your disciples should have been able to do this work. But they couldn't now what we know is that the nine were left spiritually powerless because of their envy and their discretion to nature with the fact that the three went up and they didn't hope here in this thing you see when the church becomes divided. And when folks begin to fight inside the church the church becomes powerless. It was not a great feat to ask that the nine cast out the demon the nine including Judas in the course of Christ Ministry were able to work miracles. But because of envy jealousy hid anger they were rendered spiritually powerless. I want to great stories I heard about this and I'm talking to you all because you all represent churches and what happens in the church a lot of times that the devil will plant a seed of division and folk will begin to fight now you can fight along a different a lot of different lines the devil doesn't care that line you choose to fight over you don't miss this thing he doesn't care for us because he's black and white people can't get along the devil doesn't care the devil doesn't care because two tribes can't get along he doesn't care he doesn't care if the men can't get along with the women or women with the men he doesn't care if it's generational and the older folk can't get along with the younger folk all the Devil can hear us. Is that he can sprint to the church. Because once he can splinter the church and the church is divided the church is rendered powerless as happened to a church in Nashville Tennessee. And I told a story when I took eclipse of the great preacher's class he taught a class at Oakland University called the dynamics of Christian living and he tells the story missed in his class and he read a class like a church it was an amazing experience and so when you when he's telling the stories tell the story of the church in Nashville that he called into Hope Oakwood in Huntsville Alabama about an hour and a half from Nashville Tennessee and he said you got to come up here bring your powerful preachers because the church has become possessed and they didn't understand fully what they meant until they went and equally with the great preacher and sometimes preachers take a license you know they exaggerate a little bit. But but this is what he said he said that when he walked into the church the pews were floating in the air. He said The church was ice cold he says that the church was fully possessed by demonic forces so when the pastors that had come up from the university began to cast the demons out when he told us in the class and I've had a verified by someone who is a student at the time and someone who is a pastor in Tennessee at the time I have to verify the story they said that when they began to cast the demons out they said to the demon How is it that you are possessing an Adventist Church the demon said we had we were given power over his church because the church was divided. The cast out another demon he said demon What do you have to do is Why are you here the demon said we sing the choir actually school. The demon said that and they said how can you sing with the choir and the demon said we can sing with the choir because the choir does not sing to praise God they sing to gain attention. The nine could not cast them out because the nine were envious jealous. They thought the other start they were better than them and so their reaction was one that ran off the Spirit of God and invited in the spirit of the enemy verse nineteen Jesus answered and said Oh faithless generation. How long shall I be with you how long shall I suffer you bring him on to me. This is a lesson the generation is faithless my nine disciples of Faithless the scribes of Faithless the father seems faithless the crowd is faithless the generation is faithless is a bring the boy to me now want to boy begins the comes in the Bible says and when he saw him the demon straight way to spirit tear him he fell to the ground while Odin foaming and his and he asked the Father Jesus asked the father how long is it ago since this came on to him and Jesus and the father says to Jesus since the boy was just a child. Now why is that is not any great physician the form of the first thing they teach you in medical school as a medical school the first thing he teach you is how to take a good history you've got to understand the problem to address the problem so Jesus says How long has this been upon this child. The father since since he was just a little child. Now what we now know about human growth and development is that the mind of the child is a sponge so what you expose your children to they will absorb and they will retain in fact their characters will be developed based on what they are being exposed to at a young age specifically their personality but definitely because of that even their character I want you to get this so when you sit your child down in front of a television. And you walk away because now your towel has been hypnotized. You know television hypnotizes you to an extent any time you do something and you lose track of time you have and what you are really good movie and say boy and is it over already. It's a form of hypnotism you've lost control of time you lost contact with the with the time as you were taken over by the show right so when you sit a child down and the show is giving your child all this information you've got to understand that there are. Spiritual forces at work because Did you ever ask yourself who wrote the television show. You ever ask yourself what is the purpose of the show what spiritual ramifications the show has what work is being done on a child's mind on your mind when you watch the television show Jesus and listen for me was just a little. Problem started because of what he's probably exposed to what do you mean things about this story is that there's no mother mentioned. This is just a father and his son and it speaks to the importance of fathers at least indirectly in the story but as it happens is a child look at out how Paul says this in second Timothy process study to show yourself approved of to God a workman that need is not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth but shun profane and vain babblings for they will increase until what more on godliness I want you to get this. The Bible says the study shows of approved and to God Why because you can study to show yourself approved and to a whole lot of other things you can you can you can please the dean at this school or the principal at school or the teachers or the professors but we as Christians don't study to to impress men we study so that God is. Approves of it so that God is pleased with it and hears will the way the human mind works everything you do your study did you know that. Everything that goes into the mind stays in the mind it is stored in the subconscious Now you might say well I don't remember everything that's because you put new memories in front of it and you have to climb over a lot of memories as it were to get to those old memories but you need to understand every novel you read. Every television program you watch every song you listen to on the radio your mind is being affected and God says don't study that foolishness. Study to show yourself approved of the god how by rightly dividing the word of truth that's what you should be sharing with your child verse sixteen speaks to the new hip hop generation it's funny because when I was in Johannesburg at a hotel I was trying to just understand South African cultures I was flipping through the channels and I didn't get a whole lot of stuff but out of it was American television so I landed on a South African girl who was a. Radio host and she does a hip hop show so just I grew up in listen to hip hop in the United States and let me see what's different and I will swear those guys were American that I Googled a minute wait a minute he's African and he's African and she's African all of them and they had completely in fact they took even the most negative words that black Americans use the N word as we say in America now and they were just spouting it out in these rap songs that are South African. And I said this is terrible the influence of the most ignorant aspect of American culture has been absorbed by our brothers and sisters here in Southern Africa and they are now seeing in a dance around. In ways that really shame us in North America crazy is only there to walk away from it and say The Bible says to Shonda mean turn away from profane and vain babblings young people that is the definition of hip hop music it is pro fame so much like I don't know what I'm talking about I'm talking about young people it is profane and it's vain it's I I would do this I got this I drive this I I just like Lucifer said. I will exhaust my throne above the most I will sit on the sides of the no I and that's the exact way hip hop is because hip hop many of you don't notice hip hop comes out of a bit of a out of a very. Terrible dark religion in the United States called the Five Percent Nation of Islam it is not Islam like in Saudi Arabia it is something totally different and what it teaches is that the black man is God. By Allah and just see I don't know your list the people I really listen to hip hop and understand it comes out a very dark place a religion that teaches that the black man is God and whenever these guys are trying to convert me when I was growing up as if you got me to have a job you should have a job if you got at least you should have a jump brother. But my point is out of that came as I did it you own everything and you should have everything and there are no moral laws for you because you are God. And yet this is the this has seeped into all the way down here into South Africa that I'm watching this and I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how did this madness that is plaguing us in North America. All the way down here in South Africa the Bible says to shun profane and vain babblings. Kanye West that I sold my soul to the devil and the price was cheap not to mention I saw my soul to the devil and the price was cheap livin life on this level and is twice is the day telling you in here that they've sold their soul to the devil the Bible says to shun this stuff. Became or for what you expose yourself to because you don't understand the demonic alliances which shun profane and vain babblings so they will increase and to mourn godliness a spirit of prophecy says it like this character building is the most important work ever entrusted to human beings. And never before was its diligent study so important as now never was any previous generation called to meet issues so momentous never before we were young men and young women confronted by peril so great as confront them today that boy dumb in spirit. Is dumb because he has been affected by the world in such a way he can no longer communicate with his father over this god. I challenge the young people what are you doing that is blocking your ability to communicate with your family and with your god. When the big problems in the United States right now talk more about it later on in the week here in South Africa but is in America is the legalization of marijuana. Parade is not happening here but the world is beginning to teach that the use of marijuana is harmless That is why. As all of these states in the United States are legalizing marijuana they're not fully disclosing what we know about marijuana from a medical perspective we know that if you start smoking marijuana before the age of eighteen you increase your lifetime risk of psychotic illness those are diseases like schizophrenia so already if you go to Los Angeles as beautiful as Los Angeles is and parts when you go down to a place called Skid Row And I think what I have visitors come to L.A. when I was living in L.A. I didn't just take them to the beautiful beaches or where all the big mansions are in Beverly Hills I took them to Skid Row I took them to where the gangsters are and I took them there to show them that this is not a land of glamour one of the highest homeless populations in the world is in Los Angeles California and if you spoke to them as much as nobody would want to confess this one of the quintessential reasons for his homelessness is mental illness secondary to drug abuse. And one of the key drugs that have made mines unstable over the last few decades in the United States is the drug marijuana combined with alcohol I could buy what a whole other stuff but marijuana all by itself and here's what scary that was before they legalized it. And the marijuana today is genetically engineered so it is up to one hundred times more potent than the marijuana of the one nine hundred sixty S.. Except now it's ubiquitous this time to a kid close to me just this week and as I heard you started smoking marijuana he said Yeah well it's legal now. You think exactly think it because it's legal all of a sudden it's harmless in America every year over four hundred thousand deaths can be attributed back to nicotine another four hundred thousand deaths or more can be attributed back to alcohol those are two legal drugs we're adding marijuana as a third drug and no one understands the consequences we are going to have minds and I honestly believe as a Christian and as a physician but as a Christian that when you drink and when you smoke weed and when you do drugs you open up your mind you we can your mind and it's the fences against the monic forces. So that when you get high that's why you always are to say well you know Biggie Smalls and say well you know what I wanted the right to do crime I couldn't think of anything I'll go get drink alcohol and smoke weed and get prostitutes and out of the eyes of because when you do all of that stuff you stop writing the song you are misunderstanding and the demonic forces write the song for you and everyone in church ought to know that the greatest musician to ever live in the universe is Lucifer in fact the Bible says He was built with pipes and tablets he was a living breathing musical instrument and his ability to make music that the whole world loves Barry Manilow pointed for him best Many years ago in the one nine hundred seventy I write the songs that make the young girls cry. Remember also something to remember that old song but that's how Lucifer works he writes the songs. The father is dealing with this and Jesus is looking at him the father goes on he says and oftentimes not only is that when he's a child but often times these things try to kill my son cast them into the fire and into waters to destroy him and then he asked this question. But if you can do anything. Have compassion on us and help us now this man journey probably a good distance to get to Jesus he carried his son with him a son who was not well behaved clearly by his fits and and foaming at the mouth was difficult to probably manage him he had enough faith to get to where Jesus was another faith approach the nine disciples and asked for healing another face to wait for Jesus when the nine could do nothing and another faith that and step out into the middle of the multitude to ask Jesus for help but when he asks for help he asks with that if if. Jesus if you can if you can do anything have compassion on us and help us he came to Jesus with a broken face became a Jesus with a faith that was weighted down by doubt you know watch this. Do you set out to him if you can believe all things are possible to him that believe it now watch as he got to follow Jesus a brilliant person when it comes to words so Jesus says Jesus response basically says Who are you if NG Jesus pays and it's not on me the F. is on you. If I can do anything hold on Brother I can do all things I was the one who stepped out Oh nothing and stretched out the stars I am the one who in a stepped into darkness and said Let there be light and there was light I'm the one who said let the herbs of the ground grow where they are and that the animals be created after their own kind I am the God who bent down in the dust and form mind out of the dirt of the ground I can do all things. It is a way to me who you F. and. The ever told you if you can believe. All things are possible to him that does what. You know many things how many bad behaviors and attitudes bad habits secret sins we all are wrestling with because we keep it thing Jesus. Instead of standing and just realizing that Jesus can free you from whatever it is that's binding you if you can believe church everything becomes possible. Does it only mean. If yourself. If you can believe all things are possible verse twenty four says and straightway the father of the trial cried out and said with tears Lord I believe watch this help the child my word. My unbelief this is what you do with doubt Don't miss this thing this is what you do with doubt when doubt comes upon you you take your doubt to Christ you take it out to Jesus when your professor tells it the whole world is an accident a statistical In possibility and you evolve from some lower form of life you take your doubt to Christ. When the world tells you that you should not be a Christian because there is no way that a man died on a cross and and in roles on his own volition three days later you take your doubt to Christ when you have more bells then you have money you take your doubt to Christ when you don't know if you have a go find a husband or wife don't take your doubt to the World Match dot com will find you a joker Mary. You better take your doubt to Jesus. Out there match dot com down here. They have Match dot com in America Big Eat harmony and Match dot com Everybody funny people online nowadays they look like they orders shirt who shows up in the mail. What I'm telling you is. You have got to learn to trust God in every small and large aspect of your life you can't doubt God for groceries and expect to trust Him for salvation or you are missing this thing you misunderstand you can't trust you can't doubt God for a job and expect you'll be able to work for him and serve him you've got to trust Him in every aspect of your life. What do you do adult take your doubt TO JESUS TAKE YOUR doubt to God and later petitions before him praying now denies that God plead with God for victory and for deliverance take it out to him. Because of the world as it is that you doubt away from him and what you notice is folks stop coming to church. You start staying home you figure you can solve your own problems and you start to try and pacify yourself with the things of the world with the music the entertainment with the lifestyles of the world and that begins to bring up a great a rift and your doubt like a medicine that it cancer begins to grow and spread within you until finally you get to a point where you can't stand God. And don't realize God was never the problem you were the problem the whole time a White says it like this. He says it is faith that connects us with heaven. And brings us strength for coping with the powers of darkness in Christ God has provided means for subduing every sinful trait and resisting every temptation however strong but many feel that they lack faith and therefore they remain away from Christ let these souls and their helpless unworthiness cast themselves upon the mercy of their compassion and Savior look not to self but to the Christ he who healed the sick and cast out demons when he walked among men is the same mighty Redeemer today faith comes by the Word of God then grasp his promise him that comes to me I will in no wise cast out cast yourself at his feet with a cry Lord I believe help down my non-belief look at what I've been right says after this you can never perish when you do this never did you get that if you're willing to take it to Christ if you're willing to plead with him it's a lot I believe anough to show up at church but a lot I don't really get all of it. The father can't get enough faith to come to Jesus he didn't have enough faith to fully believe but guess what he was blessed because his doubt was introduced in the presence of Christ and Christ could deal with it. Look not to self but to crush you know the problem a lot of us have we are so busy looking at ourselves and watch what the devil does the devil get you to constantly think about all the bad you've done in your past all the sin you committed the devil works that convince you that you are worthless that you're no good that you fail God and he drills this in drills this in and like a tape as the ad like I want an addiction medicine the drug addict would say it's like a tape playing in your mind all the mess you've done all of foolishness you've done and the devil want you to focus on your weaknesses but here's why here's the trap the more you focus on yourself by default the less you focus on Christ. And your deliverance does not come in looking down at yourself you have the leverage comes in looking up at Christ if you turn your eyes upon Jesus and look for his wonderful face the things of earth will grow strangely did in the light of his wonder and Grace are you getting this so I want to challenge you that when the devil comes and tells you all the mess you've done all the mess you're in how broken you are what he reminds you of your past I challenge you to remind say in of his future. Lord I believe help my non-belief you can never perish when you do this never otherwise is a great quote a white prophets of kings page one seventy five a great quote another one to put up in your cubicle I hope you guys use the term cubicle you might think I'm crazy. Use use cubicles the word you cubicle so when you go to work and you know how to partition up the workspace and you get one little tiny cube to sit in that all we could have been saying put this up on your cubicle. What do you call it here oh it is a cubicle OK so put it on your cubicle so when you're at work and you get discouraged you can read this quote nothing is apparently more helpless yet really more invincible than the Saul that feels it's nothingness and realize what holy on God nothing is apparently more helpless yet really more invincible than the Saul that feels it's nothingness and realized wholly and completely on God. The Scripture says When Jesus saw that the people came running together he rebuked the file spirit. Saying on to him You dumb and deaf spirit noticed communication dumb and deaf you see that. You dumb and deaf spirit I charge the come out of him and enter no more into him. And a spirit cried and rent him sore and came out of him and the little boy was as one dead the Bible says in so much that many said he is dead. But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him up and heroes when you have an encounter with Christ. And the sea and the weight of sin in your life is being dealt with when the devil is going to one thing the devil he will try and tear you to shreds before he lets go of you. So folks often want to you know and some of your might be get baptized today when you go move towards God you want to get baptized sometimes the trials and the tribulations in your life increase. As the devil tries to destroy you before you give yourself totally to God. And sometimes you will feel as if you are dead but watch this when you come into the presence of Christ the old self has to die. If you allow the all self to die he will lift you up into newness of life. And you will be and you have you will be a new creation in Christ Jesus the Bible says Jesus took him by the hand and he lifted him up and heroes. Now the story twists here because the disciples of complex especially the nine they can't understand what just happened they thought they could have the power to cast out as the American figured out so they are embarrassed but as I can imagine Judas is like listen and nobody can cast this demon out you mustn't forget about it when I got to the house as disciples asked him privately didn't mean that I was shamed Why couldn't we cast that demon out. He said unto them this kind can come forth by what nothing but by what prayer and fasting there are some things in your life that you need to move. For some of you had secrets and you needed to move for some of us had secrets and we needed to move for some of us it's a dream it's a purpose that God has placed upon us something that we're supposed to do with our lives and we can't figure out how to get from where we are Point A to Point B. that Jesus has for us I challenge you to fast and pray over that thing. Some things can only move when we pray and fast so better probably says if you have faith like this. You will lay hold upon God's word and about all the helpful agencies he has appointed Thus your faith will strengthen and will bring to your aid the power of heaven the obstacles that are piled by Satan across your path though apparently as insurmountable as the eternal Hills disappear before the demand of faith. Nothing shall be impossible to you nothing I gave you all my testimony this morning and I can tell you as you go through an experience like that doubt creeps in. And you begin to question God and you begin to wonder where is God. And you feel as if God is for sake and you he's turned his back on you and you are all alone you're wrestling and you're trying to figure out what is God trying to do. There's a song I says when you can't win you can't feel his hand trust his heart. And you know what I learned in the whole process God had me the entire time. Even when it was at its darkest moment when all same laws and I say it is a sermon to do later on probably in Cape Town next week and there's a sermon to do about it Alija one after he had after he had beaten just the bells prophets and called on fire and rain was going to come and it seemed as if the whole nation was going to come into a revival and it doesn't happen they have becomes even more. Entrenched in his ways. Just about makes a threat on his life. Alija begins to run. And in First Kings nineteen in verse four Alija says something powerful he says Lord take my life he says it is enough. And then he says for I am no better than my ancestors. A lie is that I asked God. To snuff out his life that's how destroyed illogical and lives it was a man of great bravery clearly if you read just the story on Mount Carmel you clown in them I like him you know we trash talking as we call it trash talk when you play sports we talk junk and so he was trash talking them where is it done maybe he's on the toilet where is he maybe went on vacation but when the trouble came back around to Elijah all his confidence disappeared let me challenge you. Some of you are going to some great things for God So if you some of you young people sitting and listening today your call to preach this gospel this eternal everlasting Gospel some of the young people in this room some of the older folk have held down the fort these churches have been built and for decades people have been worshipping here and part of the reason that happened is so so many young people in this tent right now would be inspired to come forward to finish the work that you all started and some of the young people here are going to travel the globe preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ that's why you're here today to hear my story so you can know that you can do it I was the child of a single mother with nothing except the Bible and the church that's all we had all we had was the only way I went camping I don't have a father it was the Pathfinder leaders who took me camping as a poor innocent kids where I live just outside it is that he was poor kid and yet I did not know when I was a child that one day I would sit in the circles of presidential advisers I didn't know that one day I would be on national television. Defending the faith that I have I didn't know that one day God would call me to travel the world to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ I had no idea never thought I was able or worthy of such a role. Let me tell young people I don't care what your background is I don't care where you came from I don't care if it's Bob background of wealth or background of poverty What matters is your future in Christ Jesus His call some of you to do great things. All your life everything you've been through all of your experiences is God churning you he's charming you he's trying you in fire he's preparing you for great work do not let the devil convince you that you can't do it God has called you to do. Some of you don't even know what you're called for yet the you haven't even received the calling one day you're going to get a call and I want you to remember this day that you have been called because God is able to use you Abraham wasn't ready when he was called but what it was all over he was the he's the father of the faithful. A challenge to young people and so on our next session in the next half of this I will go through a little bit more of a seminar approach and we're going to talk about how to know God's will for your life there are eight points that we're going to go over. And we go through the eight points when it's time for you to choose college choose a spouse find to the job choose a career path choose whatever you need to choose there's a steps that you can go through and if you follow the steps it will help direct you in a way that God wants you to go that's the next session so I'm challenging you I'm going to stop here I think it's almost time to stop anyway we're going to take a break until the next hour starts so in about fourteen minutes we're going to start back up and we're going to do the presentation how to know God's will for your life let's pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study your word. Lord I ask that you constantly remind us to take our doubt to you we're going to doubt when trouble struck struggles come when trials come when difficulty comes we're going to doubt Lord when we can't pay the bills. Or to Ishan. When our job is just overwhelming and and no and we seem so underappreciated. But Father God Let us always remember that like the father of that demoniac boy we are to take our doubts towards you and leave them with Christ Jesus. Lord as the father said we believe help vow our unbelief but the spirit of prophecy says that if we do this we will never perish never. Lesser people that they would be not a nation of doubt. But a nation of believers and do. A prayer in Jesus present only made this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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