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How to Know God's Will for Your Life

Eric Walsh
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Follow the 8 steps to help with making decisions and finding direction.


Dr. Eric Walsh is a native of Hartford Connecticut.  He is a former faculty member at Loma Linda University in Family Medicine. His most important educational experience was at Oakwood University where he heard great preachers as he prepared for medical school. He went on to receive a medical degree from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, he completed a family medicine residency at the University of Alabama in Anniston, Alabama. This was followed by a Preventive Medicine/Public Health residency at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Dr. Walsh completed his Masters and Doctorate degrees in Public Health at the Loma Linda University School of Public Health. Currently, he is the medical director for Urgent Care and a Wound Care Clinic in Central California for a large medical group. As a highly sought after speaker, he has had the privilege to lecture and preach all over the world. Most importantly, Dr. Walsh seeks to continue to serve the Lord through his preaching and healing ministries. As a servant of the most high God, he finds great joy in healing others as well as praying with his patients. 


  • September 2, 2017
    5:00 PM
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Let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word and and study the words of of Robert Mueller and Morris vend and. And of the great writer Luke in the book of Acts as we study all of these writers and all of these and in the spirit of prophecy or realize that you are going to be our minds and our hearts to so that we can apply these lessons to our life and Lord allow us Father God to like you told Jeremiah to understand that there is a calling that has been placed upon us. That you knew of before we were even conceived so our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen. So I actually have to through the Bible says Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer being the ninth hour and a certain man lame from his mother's womb was carried whom they laid day Lee at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful to to ask of them that entered into the temple so. They're going in as a man who was been who's always been carried and laid at the gate his we was he was born without the ability to walk and he's laid at the Temple all this time and is just asking for any He's begging asking for any donation so that he can continue to live verse three says who seeing Peter and John about to go into the Temple Temple asked an alms he asked for some money Peter the Bible says fastening his eyes upon him with John said look look on us. As far as this and he gave you know to them expecting to receive something from the meaning he expected a monetary gift make it plain that it was in cash money. But Peter's response then Peter said silver and gold have I none but such as I have give either he in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. Now this man came and he expected something he simply would have been satisfied with the equivalent of a few dollars he would have been happy his day would have been complete and successful Had he simply gotten a little bit of cash. But let me tell you sometimes we come out come to God's temple and our expectations are too low. We come said Lord if you just find me a job if you just figure out my bills Lord if you just keep my children in church and expectations are too low now had this man simply been given what he asked for he would have continued to live a very difficult and trying life but let me tell you something most of us ask God only inside of our own limitations in other words our prayers are deterred by our own lack of understanding of what God has to offer so we are asking for cash when God can get us to walk for the first time in our life. So I'm challenging you and this is what this talk is about stop being placed in a box stop allowing the world to determine where you're going to stop listening to the words of your ex-husband or your ex-wife or of your parents who told you you would never amount to anything I came to tell you today that you've got a father in heaven who has set no limit on where you can go. This isn't prosperity preaching this is preaching that says like Jeremiah there's a calling on your life and there's a place that God wants to send you there are things you need to accomplish for his kingdom building but if you just take the cash. You'll never learn to leap for Jesus. Bible says. Peter took him by the right hand and lifted him up and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. Now you got to understand it's a simple ask a question that was healed. When Peter says to him in verse six in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth walk or did he actually get healed when Peter touched by the hand. I'm not sure it really matters what matters is that the bones in his ankles and feet regenerated. But you got understand he had a congenital anomaly he was born without the ability to carry his weight on his legs ever he had to be recreated mistress to him he had to be recreated to get what God was trying to give him he had to be made over in a moment. Some of you think that you've been dealt a hand that you cannot recover from some of you think that because you were born in a poor township maybe because your parents didn't have anything maybe because your real have relatives with wealth and you never had any Maybe you think because you didn't do well in school I came all the way from Los Angeles to tell you that there is no limit on what God can do with me. And I like what happens if the Bible says immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength and he says and he leaping up stood up and walked and entered with them into the temple walking and doing what leaping and praising God he would have been happy to just be able to walk a little bit. When God was done with him he was jumping up and down for joy now watch this the miracle isn't simply that he could walk you see how long does it take to learn to walk. Misunderstand if you watch a child it takes a child months to be able to actually walk and even then they got that unsteady gait like Fred Sanford back on T.V. You know they can't walk too good. This man in a moment not only got the strength to walk got gave him the knowledge and ability to walk what God has for you he can give you everything you need to accomplish at the time it's delivered Moses as he stood before the burning bush had every excuse as to why he couldn't do what God wanted him to do he said listen I'm slow of speech if you want me to go back there and speak Egyptian I've met I haven't spoken to Gyptian in forty years and I haven't even spoken here Breaux in forty years so a lot of people argue that he it was because he was worried about speaking to pharaoh in Egypt and a lot of other folks actually his Hebrew wasn't so good he was worried about going to be that will speak to his own people he had every and skills as why he should not be recalled one and one of them was Don't miss this one he was eighty years old. He was called when he was a child his mother told him when he is a baby you're going to deliver your people. In Pharaoh's house his mother was explaining to him you're going to deliver your people so when he got a chance at forty Moses went for gold killed an Egyptian think it was time for him to liberate as people only to find out it was cover him the wrong. And God left him in the wilderness watching sheep for forty years in fact he had only learn and relearn everything he learned in Egypt so that the sheep prepared him to deal with God's people. And you know why right. The sheep are defenseless and are not very bright. So you had somebody missed them but it's OK so you have to learn how to lead God's people. Are you get misting at eighty years of age Moses began his ministry What are you waiting for. I spoke to a mother last night here to tell me she's a grandmother and she just went back to school and she went back to school recently let me just say is never too late to go and be sharpened and be made better so that you can be used by God. He's leaping and praising God and all the people saw him walking and praising God and they knew that it was he would sat for the four arms at the beautiful a gate of the temple and they were filled with wonder and amazement at that which had happened and to him and as the lay man which was healed held hell Peter and John all the people ran together unto them in the porch that is cause Solomon's greatly wondering and as the lame man which was healed held Peter and John all the people ran together unto them in the porch that is called Solomon's greatly wondering this man became a wonder can you imagine his testimony what he was able to tell folks about God and about Jesus Christ after this miracle in fact it's peculiar he was at the Temple all the time which means he was probably at the temple even when Jesus was in the temple could it be that Jesus probably stepped past healing him while he was alive and left him to be healed What is the cycle's could do it after his death so that folk would know that the disciples had the power of Jesus Christ and White says it like this in Acts of the Apostles page fifty seven he says the cycles of Christ had a deep sense of their own inefficiency and with humiliation and prayer they joined their weakness to his strength their ignorance to his wisdom their unworthiness to his righteousness their poverty to his exhaustless wealth thus strengthen and equipped they hesitated not to press forward in the service of the master. I don't care how bad your situation has been. Going forward you have God on your side there is nothing you cannot accomplish and one of my I have a British Isles produce a lot of great Christians we're talking about the British Isles and the condition of Christianity British Isles over lunch and I want to talk about it more tomorrow in my in my full presentation tomorrow but there were many great Christians that came out of out of the British Isles and I'm someone who when I go to England I love to go and visit some of the sights of some of these great people who one of my heroes of the from the British guy name Robert Mueller now Mueller is an interesting character I would tell you a little bit about him because he came up with seven steps that you should follow in order to know God's will for your life now I read a book by Morris Vanden and I've been his pastor in California I think it's past now but he added an eight step when he wrote a book about this so that's a good eight steps but to know little bit about Mueller Mueller for the first twenty years of his life was a reprobate and nothing to do it God wanted nothing to do with God. But when he was converted he started orphanages and he was a powerful force for God and Jesus Christ in the British Isles he never advertised his need he would simply pray he never went in front of a church and said I need money for this I need money for that all Mueller did was pray and the money would show up. It's kind of faith Mueller had now they tell his great story about Mueller that he was crossing the English Channel and he needed to get across back to get back to the English side of the channel in order to go to a meeting where he was going to help you know a move forward his ministry. When he gets on a boat under European continent side the captain he tells the captain listen you need to hurry because I've got to get across the channel because I've got work on the other side the captain says I'm so sorry Mr Mueller but unfortunately there's a fog layer and I cannot go fast so you're not going to be able to make your. Meeting I'm going to have to take it slow because of the fog so if you want to call the captain and tell them to go under the ship and for them to pray in the belly of the ship but when we want to get the captain down there and I begin to pray Mutimer and realizes the captain is not a believer he doesn't believe in what's going on so we were actually sends the captain back up onto the deck of the ship and munis stays below the ship to pray alone powerful story by the time you are gets back on the deck there is a spot of fog anywhere the captain is converted because the captain understands there's miraculous power in the God that Mueller serves Mueller makes his reading on time and gets everything he needs to get for his ministry to move forward I'm here to tell you that sometimes the Devils go lay some fog down in your life. And some time to folk in your life like the captain aren't going to really believe that God can get you through the fog some time you got to Egypt some folk from the belly of the ship you've got to get some folks out of your life because they're only going tell you what you cannot do and you got to stay alone with God in the belly of the ship and have God show up so that the fog can be lifted Sometimes we hold on to folk we are let go of. Something I've got some phone numbers in your phone right now you want to be a race and that joke was phone number of your for so ya know what I'm talking about in the course of his life Mueller received from the pious and charitable no less than one point five million pounds he educated and sent into the world no fewer than a hundred and twenty three thousand pupils he circulated two hundred seventy five thousand Bibles in different languages with nearly as many smaller portions of Scripture he aided missions to the extent of two hundred fifty five thousand pounds and he supported one hundred eighty nine missionaries and he employed on a hundred and twelve assistance this man did all of that and had so much faith that he never ran up in front of anybody begging them for money. He simply prayed and when you had to make a decision he followed the steps the steps that I'm about to share with you now you want to write this down if you're someone who's about to have to make a big decision like where you going to go to college or university or or what you want to major in what your career fields will be and whether or not you want to marry or not marry somebody follow the steps now the steps don't make the decision for you and therefore who say you know recorded all right when I've done it three days and told me and then White says the god's will cannot be known I'm telling you that when you follow the steps it puts you in a spiritual place in order to make a decision you know what I'm saying so you not make them just sit it out of the flesh by God's grace your having died lead you in the spirit into your decision making because some of you are in business and you need some business moves made you can apply the steps to all aspects of your life say so Mueller and the Scripture we find eight points to help us know God's will in our life remember that you must consider all steps before you make a decision step number one. Have no will of your own on the matter step number one is that you should have no will of your own on the matter the problem with a lot of us is we enter into a situation all ready with our minds made up in which direction we're going to go so we leave no room for God to send us in the direction he wants us to go. Step number one. Have no will of your own on the matter Matthew twenty six thirty nine Jesus said not my will but your will be done John four thirty four Jesus says my meat is to do the will of Him that sent me and to finish his work whose Well his will God's will so have no will of your own on a matter That's step number one Step number two do not go simply by feeling for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a what sound mind I say I want to eight hundred says Come let us reason together now so let's look at it to text and expand on no go simply by feeling so the primary feeling in my opinion the primary feeling that people use to guide their decision making is not of joy or jubilance it is the feeling of fear. Missing this thing so many folk are afraid of what can happen if they try and fail that they never try at all. One of the great basketball players and I found some young men like to play basketball I love to play basketball one a great basketball player in the United States said You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take. There are some things in life you've got to step out on faith and take a shot you've got to step out where God is sending you and you cannot allow fear to paralyze you. Fear makes for a poor G.P.S. system. Fear gives terrible directions so I challenge you not to make this is out of fear instead it removes emotion and you know how many people fall into horrible relationships because they it feels right and when I was I was doing youth pastor at one church and a young lady came to me and she said she we had a basketball game or some church function on Saturday night and she said Pastor you see that boy over there I was a year to one with his pants sagging and looked like he about to rob a bank yeah I see him. OK Other bad youth pastor and I say yeah see him but as I get what about it like the past I want you to introduce me to him that introduces the home afraid of him from across the gym. She said the pastor he's so cute. You got to introduce me to him I would introduce you to see introduced she got introduced to him and that poor boy put her through the wringer over the next few years. And I would always tell the young women especially young when but it applies to young men as well I would always tell them when you get older and you have a household to manage the like company the power company the water company the gas company the landlord or the mortgage company are never going to call your house. And say Mr or Mrs Brown or whatever your last name is at the time. Your bill is passed do when we're about to shut your lights off However if your husband is cute enough. To relieve your life. If you know if your ex your spouse is good looking enough will leave the lights on I've never heard it happen it doesn't happen if you make the decision cuz it feels right. But it is not right you will pay a price. That's right they could be they could be a pretty is beyond say as ugly as Jay Z. you better make the right decision. You better make the right decision. So to. Third step sort of second don't go simply by feel a third step is to study God's word. Like the Psalms one thousand nine hundred ninety one of us is die word is a lamp on to my feet and a light unto my path the Word of God is the light now the thing is the word provides a source of communication and that is a source of God And so you don't want to just take the Bible this is what some people would you do and flip the Bible open it's clearly a sticky hand on a verse because of it as God has spoken. Write that note that don't do that don't work too often and talk if you're not careful you flip the Bible open and into your finger and it will be and and you know you get to a text and he was a thief. And you closer to do it again and you get a text where says and Jesus said to Judas whatsoever do do it quickly so now to tell us will be a quick thief. That's not the way the Bible works you want to study your Bible every single day every morning you want to be going to passages of Scripture you want to be starting a Bible from three different angles one of them is a chronological you just read through the Bible one of them is topical you want to be studying different topics every month and every day and another way is you want to be studying the Bible for motivation and for and for guidance and then one day there should be three different ways you actually look at your word now the good thing is technology makes it easy I have all kind of devotionals I have sent to me and as the day goes on as I'm seeing patients I don't stop my devotion all day you know that as every now and every hour on the hour just about I stop and I get a new devotion in my email on my phone as I'm sitting there charting on so I will read another devotion and I'll read another devotion and read other version I do my Sabbath school in a more remote devotional book in the morning and by the end of the day I've read different different things on many different subjects throughout the day because I constantly want to be in communication with God and it takes reading the word. Constantly to get it sort of God is constantly speaking to you you get that this idea that you go and you get into a bind and I you will just flip it open a Bible and find a verse that doesn't always work so you have to be constantly studying God's word in order to get an answer now sometimes you need to make a decision about a specific thing and a Bible has instruction on that topic and you can use that topical research to figure out what it is you're supposed to do. But the fourth is to consider providential circumstances I like this one the Bible says Thou shalt remember all the way which the Lord God led you. So it's time for you to go to college you want to think about well how did God lead me in school in the past what did I miss what did I get you know when I was when I was when I was a need at times that I need to make decisions when I was finishing Oakwood. I was I was I had to delay my graduate. My applications to medical school by a little bit of time it was too late to apply when I wanted to open university produces a lot of physicians in fact even when you consider all Ivy League schools the United States Open is sixth in the United States and producing black doctors so that at Little had been a school that Ellen White son set up to this day is fulfilling the mission since the white had for the school if nothing else and just by the number of physicians that the school produces and I didn't get into medical school right away and it's interesting because what the devil does he'll send a distraction and you got to remember how he's guided you in the past as to where you go in the future when I was going to college that I interviewed Ivy League schools but I decided to go where God I felt God was sending me and I so I went to an admin is Christian school. Now the for the U.S. Fire Service the federal government's fire service and I was twenty years old twenty one years old came to Oak with a like to recruit from Oakwood because they like to get our students because our students for the most part didn't do. Rincon smoke and carry on they were good students and they knew what they were getting because we were it was a Christian institution. And they offered me seventy thousand dollars to take a job on the spot and go to Washington D.C. and train to be a fireman for the federal government seventy thousand dollars was more money than I had ever conceived in my life to have. A lot less than a physician would make but at the time I didn't you know I had not a medical school this was a nice option. But providential circumstance I remembered back to those opportunities to go to idyllic schools and how important was that I stayed the course and went to a Christian school just as God directed me and providential circumstances told me I need to stay on the path that God had given me I was in the second grade when one of my friends turned to me and said One day we should open up a medical practice together second grade and I said Sure that sounds like a great idea and from the second grade I wanted to be a doctor and I knew that if I followed the immediate money I would not be doing God's will for my life. You've got to think about how Has God led you in the past and actually help guide you as to how you go in the future. So to fifty on the fifth step consult with godly friends consult with godly friends Proverbs eleven fourteen says where there is no council the people fall and where there is a multitude of counsellors there is safety Psalms one one the first verse of the Book of Psalms says bless it is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly it's really important that you understand that you need to have a consultation with God from here so that means. I mean you actually have to have some godly friends Amen. And you can go and ask the kids that are in complete rebellion against God for your advice because they will send you in rebellion against God So do you have godly friends to ask you to find some and hopefully you have a my church but they will help you as well because sometimes you know when you're in the situation is difficult to make a decision and you need someone outside of the situation to help you to make the decision you get in this so consult with Ghaly friends now look how far into the process Mueller puts prayer. Number six is asked God in prayer to reveal his will. James one in verse five says If any man lack wisdom let him ask of God and gives to all men liberally and it shall be given him take time to listen to the voice of God as well as asking for his direction sometimes when we pray we jump up off the ground so fast and we're off on our way let me guess and when you finish praying sometimes you want to just stay on your knees a little while and just meditate just sing a hymn and ask God to speak to you sometimes during your day instead of having the radio on even with Christian music or the Bible playing which is what a lot of us probably do some time is going to just turn it off. And have no noise so that you can hear the voice of God. So you definitely want to listen you want to ask Him in prayer and then listen James four to three sets to the three says he lost and you have not. You kill and desire to have and cannot obtain you fight and war yet you have not why do you not have because you ask not. There's so many of us that are SWACK and around whoa is me I don't have this I don't have that and you have never really taken the thing to God in prayer. You complaining about me and alone and you've never really taken seven straight days to pray and fast with God about finding a companion. You want a better career move and you complained at length about your current job but you never really taken time to fast and pray with God over what God can send you into you have not because you ask not. That number seven Step Number seven. Make a decision. You say wait a minute eight steps in a morally make a decision hold on your horses there's a reason for this James one it says a double minded man is unstable in all his ways weigh the evidence and commit to a decision based on the first six steps and the evidence before you tell God your decision before you tell anyone else that this is important because what I've learned. Is that when people need to make a decision many people suffer from the paralysis of analysis you haven't noticed that you've got people that will sit there and want a Quander problem think the problem debate the problem reanalyze the problem reconfigure the problem and never do anything about the problem do not get the paralysis of analysis do not sit near on the sidelines so long trying to figure the thing out but you never actually make a decision I've got some guy friends like that. They just never make a decision fifty years old and they still alone. Because you could never make a decision the folk who never finish college because they could never make a decision about what they should major in. At some point in life as my mother would say you've got a seven eleven or twenty one you've got to make a decision at some point you've got to make a decision so when you deal with it and you say look I'm done with college and I'm going to go to you pick a college at some point you pray about it you weigh the evidence you go to the sixth EPS and say OK I'm going to choose this college because the A step is God step the answer says to proceed with your decision. Ask God to stop you if you have not chosen according to His Will you get in this thing and you apply what is called the open and shut door theory to your decision making Now watch this. Revelation is where it's described to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia right these things say he that is holy he that is true he that hath the key of David he that opens and no man shuts and shuts and no man opens. Them this I when these steps have been applied to my life so many times over and so many decisions. When I was finishing medical school I. Only applied to residency program so in the States it was probably the same in South Africa when you finish medical school you have to apply to a hospital based program where they train you in a specialty I see finished medical school you go so one of the ones that are not as competitive is family medicine so I decided I had to stay in south Florida and do family medicine or go back up to Huntsville Alabama or Oakland University and do family medicine I had I had I did not do step number one I had a will of my own I knew where I wanted to live and I never asked if you want to live somewhere else. And so I only applied to the two program that I thought for sure I'd get into one of the two programs family medicine is not very competitive. I didn't get into the program and what is called the match process in medical school and so what happened is very embarrassing by the way to not match into a program to a hospital program so I had to go through a process called the scramble and what this is is all of hospitals in the United States that did not fill and all the students in the United States that didn't find a hospital to work in have to scramble to try and find a position before the awful lot so you get this big book I'm sure now is all computerized but it is giant book and all by specialty all the hospital openings all across the United States for that year are listed. So it's actually can work the advantage you can say all right now I didn't get in maybe there's a general surgery program and I go jump into a program and then think I could get into before and you might get into the hospital need somebody to work. So one of my classmates and I again very embarrassing process that is humbled me many times in my life this is one of them and so I'm flipping through the pages of his thing and is ironically during my read my medical school all of my electives were around public health or Refugee Health and were going to HIV clinic and with the health department tuberculosis stuff all in public health but I didn't. No you can specialize in public health so I didn't choose it as a specialty so I'm flipping through and I find a page of his preventive medicine and public health which is one of the residences I did the first hospital listed is Loma Linda University Medical Center not a girl with me is Christian but it had been his and I said. That's where I'm going like Jonah I knew where God was trying to send me otherwise he's like how do you know I said that's what God wants me in fact this is what happened and I don't like telling this to People think I'm crazy but I'm actually not crazy this actually happened. He's going to think I'm crazy but I'm saying anyway when I when I open the page and I saw Loma Linda light came from the page and I heard age. Five. I don't. I know I sound crazy that only happened one time so I'm crazy a lot of crazy temporarily. But I do it what am I trying to say you make a decision what you will find is that God was shut the doors you may be humiliated and embarrassed he was shut the door that person will leave you at the altar somebody missing this thing sometimes you got him and you will God luck allow a door or window to shut so he can open the door or window you are too prideful too arrogant to blind too self-absorbed to notice was wide open with your name in me young lights over the window. You get what I'm saying. So you gotta trust that God if you're putting your hands in his if you have no will of your own step number one what will happen is that God will then direct you where he wants you to go like you directed me I would never serve two presidents never have been on the Centers for Disease Control Panels never would have been running a health department none of my testimony I gave you this morning what happened had I gotten what I wanted. Or you get what I'm saying Joseph was a great example of this if Joseph had a simply got what his dreams told him he had just been made chief over his whole family received his father's inheritance and that would have been the end of the story the reason his brothers all mattered sort of minutes later is because they were older and they said wait a minute just Jacob can't give Joseph all our stuff this arrogant little kid and so they sold him into slavery they didn't understand that by selling him into slavery they sold him into his purpose. Misunderstand they didn't understand that it was by did rejecting Joseph that they actually said Joseph told what the dreams really meant. I know some of you feel rejected I don't some of you feel dejected I know some of you have been through some trials and I'm telling you to read the story of Joseph I wrote when I was going through my trials I read that story all the time because you can be falsely accused and imprisoned. What you know the spirit of prophecy says about Joseph he sees spirits here probably says in fact it was the time as a slave that he learned the customs and traditions the table settings the manners and matter isms the language of the Egyptians he would have to learn that if you will ever run a country it was as a president Don't miss this as a prisoner that Joseph learned the legal system and the way the judiciary of Egypt work while he was in prison. God gave him a first hand experience show education into the workings of Egypt so that one day he could run the country. Which is I'm your slave experience might be Chapter one of what God is developing you for your future use your prison experience the difficulties you go into might be God teaching you what you need to know so that one day that which now in slaves or in prisons you you can master and rule over. Sometimes the door shuts So the God can open the right window. Let me go back to the eight steps again number one have no will of your own number two don't go simply by feelings no matter how cute they are be careful the cutie played a billion. Number three study God's word and before consider providential circumstances number five consult with godly friends Number Six ask God in prayer to reveal his will number seven make a decision number eight proceed with your decision why because Psalms one three eighty two of God says The Lord is merciful and gracious slow to anger and plenteous in mercy you know what it's funny because a sister was just telling me how she was told all these bible verses about how terrible God are there are for every verse you might misconstrue that makes God out to be a tyrant there are dozens of verses that tell you he's merciful and that he's long suffering in fact the Bible says His mercy is new every morning. And at his mercy is everlasting. He says he will not always chide not only keep his anger forever he have not dealt with us after our sins nor would it us according to our iniquities for us the heaven is high above the earth so great is his mercy toward them that fear him you know sometimes we you know as I've been a sub that we're bad with this we think that God is constantly looking for some way to punish us and so we think we're not getting where we need to get in life or not our marriages that we're supposed to be our careers and we're supposed to be whatever it is it will be because we've done something wrong or God is punishing us if God punished us based on what we did we cease to exist. God allows the trials to perfect character that's why you're going through what you're going through his mercy says you will have difficulty because I want to perfect you as far as the east is from the West so far has he removed our transgressions from us as a father has compassion on his children so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him for He knows our frame and he remembers that we are what he remembers that we are just dust you know what's funny we beat ourselves up some time about all our failures but you know that one of the reasons the Old Testament and the New Testament in a different ways give the same message here and some that says listen he's merciful because he understands your frame he knows how weak you are inherently he understands how broken easily broken and how broken some of us actually are so he's merciful and he keeps giving you chances because he understands how messed up you are and then he sent his son and in Hebrew the Bible says that Jesus was tempted in all points like we are but he didn't see so we have a high priest who is not unfamiliar with our infirmities So in the Old Testament says listen I'm a creator I understand you were created broken and you're made of dust in the New Testament as it's not enough that I know it from a distance I came as the earth in flesh and experienced it myself so that he can be even more merciful and all that means when it comes to you choosing for your future you know what it means it means you need to trust God because he understands your failures he understands your weaknesses he's asking you to trust him with your weaknesses and with your failures so he can bless and prosper you and I don't mean it in the in the way of the churches where they say look and if you sow a seed you get money back that's not what I mean by prosperity he will prosper prosper your ability to build his kingdom. Yes for I know the plans I have for you says the Lord I have plans to prosper you not to harm you I have plans to give you a future filled with hope that sound like a terrible tyrant type God he says when you seek me in prayer and in worship you will find me a vailable to you if you seek me with all your heart and soul. You'll find him if you seek him. If you ask he'll answer one of my greatest heroes was my mother and I can tell you it was she was an amazing woman. She raised the three of us by herself. And kept us where God could reach us grown up young black in America the assumption even by our own folk is that if you've got three boys and you a mother bias of you raise you don't you probably will raise three criminals. Three thugs that's the assumption. And my mother would have to hear that kind of thing but they didn't understand that my mother knew God and she understood the power that God has in the lives and color doesn't matter to God God is He that lives above the pigmentation of skin these are simply this is simply the product of mulatto sites that release a chemical called melanin that gives all our different hues God created them a lot of sight so he's not real confused by your color. So he was not upset. With my mother it wasn't her fault she ran up in a situation she was in and God bless her and we were raised in his fear and admonition the time came about twelve years ago now no actually I was told about fifteen years ago now that my mother was diagnosed with a terrible form of cancer. The disease is called multiple myeloma it is a bone marrow cancer. And what this cancer does is it grows and drills into the bone now your bones are some of the best and most innovative part of your body meaning a lot of nerves in your bones which make sense right because if you break it you need to know you're broken so you break a bone you get a lot of pain this cancer is all over your body all at once because all your bone have marrow and as the cancer spreads the marrow begins to the cancerous marrow begins to break into your bones so my mother was suffering with pain from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. She could barely walk and move she was such a proud Jamaican woman and she was raised under the British system of Jamaica as it was one of the former colonies as well so she had a lot of pride in a way that a British raised you know it in the British culture my grandfather her for her grand my grandfather's father was white British actually and so they were raised in a certain way that you you are stoic I mean so you couldn't show that you were suffering I don't know where it comes because Americans don't have that they would suffer quickly and loud. And my mother was so in pain that my brother would actually any work at the University of Miami whether he would actually carry or to the steps of the hospital where she was a hospital administrator and she would be doubled over in pain and when my mother stepped into the hospital or people could see there she would straighten up and walk as if nothing was wrong with her three years she suffered with this disease I will talk about health tomorrow and when she went plant based the disease began to retreat and when she stopped me and plant based on her diet the disease would advance. But when she got to we got to a point where the disease was really winning and my brother I was called in California I had to fly back and it was tough because as a physician my mother would call me son figure out something to help me and I was calling hospitals all over America trying to find new treatments I flew into into Miami my old my younger brother's a tough guy he used to run he knows all the rappers and everybody's met all of Jay Z. and all these guys and. When he came to pick me up from the airport my brother was crying and I instantly knew it was bad and see my mother and several months by this juncture and so he took me to the hospital and I want my mother was to skin and bone it looked like. She had always enter here just perm her natural hair and I was only just a little bit here and here was short on her head and I said man. She's hooked up to all of the devices and I.V. and I.V. morphine pumps and all of this stuff. And I just it was tough. And I sat there with her for a while and her favorite song was what a Friend We Have in Jesus so every time the court the folk would come in and we'd all sing that song and and when I was alone with her and she fell asleep I snuck into the bathroom and fell on my knees and I began to agonize or God I said Lord how could you allow this this woman was a Pathfinder leaders he was a master guide this woman was the church accountant I mean she made sure that the books at our churches were pristine with the best books in the whole conference I said Lord she labored for you she worked for you see she was so faithful How could you allow my mother to suffer like this. And I heard a quiet voice one of those times I'm not crazy but I heard a quiet voice. And the Spirit of God spoke to me and said she has been perfected. And it was all it said but it was as if God was saying you need a lot stop worrying about your mama and start worrying about yourself because the next face she's going to see as the face of Jesus Christ on a great good morning. But you friend have work to do let me taste something I put that story at the end of my How to know God's will for your life talk because at the end of the day God is not trying to make you the next billionaire God is not trying to give you the C.E.O. ship of a great company he's not trying to make you the next American Idol. Or South African idol he's not trying to make you a superstar celebrity God is working to save you. And sometimes the past to salvation is one that means he drives us to our knees. And it won't be easy it won't always be pleasant it will be sometimes a paved with difficulty and trial but God understands that if he can purify your character he will not allow you to pass through the valley of the shadow of death he'll allow you to have to face evil because guess what I told you in my testimony this morning when I went into that mediation one of the things that happened I went to a big room it was as if the Spirit of God said to me I will present a table for you in the presence of your enemies and I say exactly what God did I challenge you young people especially. Hold on to God's hand he has a purpose for your life and it may seem bleak and dreary like there's no way out but I'm telling you David was once in the sheep out with the sheep all by himself shut and bears and lions and it seemed as if that would be his lot for the rest of his life so much so that when the prophet came to annoy or of Jesse's sons they didn't even bring David out Moses most of the livers people like I said he was until he was eighty years old and didn't even want the job anymore when God came to get him. Esther had no intention of being a queen. I want you to understand it when you study the Bible a reoccurring theme about the lives of the Bible's great heroes is this. When you submit yourself to God He will lift you up he gives you two promises I will leave you with one in Malecon one in Isaiah and one in Malakai says that if you return a faithful tithe an offering he will open up the windows of heaven and poor you are a blessing you won't have room enough to receive some of you don't have the blessing you are asking for because you have not opened a window of heaven because you hold on so tight the what little money you have that you are not leaving any space forgot to put something in your hand. How to know God's will for your life you better return if you tithe an offer and. The second one I say is and Isaiah says that if you keep God Sabbath and you call a Sabbath a delight and turn from your own ways on God's Sabbath the Bible says that God will cause you to rise up on the high places of the earth if you want real success in this life remember those two biblical promises if you return if you support God's work with your finances and you remember God with your time by keeping the Sabbath God will in increase your territory and what seems impossible to you now God will make an easy thing for you later. Let's pray Father God we thank you that you are the god. Of second chances third chances and Father God you are merciful and longsuffering as the psalmist said Father God or young people here who have called to finish his work and they don't even know it. They think that their their background their family origins their finances are are so much that they they can never overcome those obstacles. Father God put a spark in their heart. That if they follow you and do you will do you will cause them to ride upon a high places of this earth and they will be able to proclaim the gospel from the tops of mountains. Father got there are some who are older who think that the time. For great things to happen in their life has passed. Or Father God remind them. Abraham was probably in his eighty's when the child was given him a promise Moses was eighty when he got the call to go and do great things that in fact if we study the scripture you are you are you don't care about age either. And Father God you call men and women you call young and old you call us of all nationalities and backgrounds and Father God there are some here tonight who are being called father pray to to point them in the right direction if find their purpose in you and if they follow your will is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name but the church say amen and amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W audio verse or.


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