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1. Orientation

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • June 12, 2016
    9:00 AM
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Good morning everyone. A couple dif different things here want to bring to your attention we have you might notice we have no lighting in here this is one of the exciting things about camp meeting there are always certain things that make can't meaning can't mean there are certain glitches that we work through through the week they'll be taken care of if we don't have a good sized thunderstorm this year it's not can't meeting so you know that I'm really pleased with the weather this morning this is great but if you don't have a sweltering day like yesterday it's not can't meaning so these are all little things that make can't meaning fun and so what we have is we have the video lighting here this morning because we're going to be videoing but we're hoping by tomorrow that these lights will be working in this room and but we'll see now this. Is the manual Institute can't meeting session so of you has got you in the gardening class or in the wrong room just want you to know that if you thought you're in the ministry of class and you're in the right place we've not done this it can't mean before our conference secretarial to Jim Mitchell If suggested that we do this it can't meeting and I asked him if he would come and as we start out this morning just share a little bit of why he felt that that burden and kind of kick us off this morning so I don't miss from Glad you can be here he has a billion responsibilities but he's taken the time to be here this morning I appreciate. Well good morning everyone good morning. I'm looking at the. Group of people that are just really. You know Michigan Congress has a lot of. A lot of. There's a lot of things moving parts. Are hard so is the word that right. In one of the things that we're beginning to. Realize is that. It does work when you just advertise people come that does work. A little but that's not the way we really I think the Lord has a better plan for him and I think if all of us were giving Bible studies and we're really moving we'd bring our interest and I think this were good. And then you know imagine what it would be like if every sure. Every member was leaving a preacher he meant it or we would turn this this were. Well we had a manual Institute here we have to rise before they act. It was the idea was to equip Michigan members for biased. Arise the Lord called someplace else and raised up demanding and we were just so delighted with him and and one Monday morning well we had been talking about how we could have more sessions for four Emanuel where we could get more people to be able to train three manual so that they could be equipped provided to get by. And we were talking about that we had a several month program and then we we reduced that down to a ten day program and then we started thinking about how we could take that to the churches and then one morning I was praying about it and it was just there was a birth. Is that I was thinking about the subject great resource How can we get that to be. And so as I was praying about it thinking. The Lord impress me that you know there are people who come to Camp me. And they think they make every effort to be a canyon sometimes that's the only opportunity they have throughout the year to be anywhere outside of work and so the thought came well why don't you have a special session at camp meeting. And so I thought about it. Continue to pray about a little bit more and then I came. Over and talk with Mark about it and I said Mark what how would you feel about that and he had other responsibilities at the time and he said I I be open to it I mean this is this he lives in breeze this type of stuff so him I'm talking to the choir want to talk about and so he was excited and the more we talked the more excited I got and so we formed a team around him. And we pulled him out of the other responsibilities and put him into this responsibility. And then we set it we set a limit on how many could be there because we want to have this equality approach where not that it would be quality but you know if you have a large group of people it's hard to get personal contact. And so he set the number of what he would would like to do and then he said well where we made it and so we talked a little bit about this this was even before the camp meeting project and we talked about this room we came down and looked at it and this room it was functional before but it just needed to be spruced up a little bit and so in the course of time. We have new windows on the side and maybe you don't know that but if you look at the windows on the other part of this building the real life unlike these windows I think you. Can we put new ceiling on. And then we put new lights and of course the lights are hooked up right now it takes a look there's close but we've had a lot of people busy doing other things that. This would be as are supposed to be hooked up on Friday but something happened and it won't get in until today but. By God's grace they'll be done tomorrow so for you but we're excited that you are here and and I want to Ella. Just say this trading this was this we. First of all let me say the. You're not here by accident that's right God has placed it on your heart to be here for a reason. And it isn't just to feel good or it isn't just to know a little bit more yourself God has a plan in your life and he has someone in mind for you to touch and not talking about that personal touch of bringing them to Christ and so as you sit through this as. The sessions understand here being equipped for service and God has has that service in mind for you if you feel a little bit intimidated don't worry about your child molester last night when he said he's intimidated and he told me privately that you know he is it's all he can do to step in front of people and he pleads with the Lord to give us something to be able to share so don't worry about that God can bowl. And he will make you Bowl this week that you are. Right here there that's right and that boldness is grow because as the luck rise comes and you can stop. And so God is going to bless you in a powerful way throughout this week as you're being equipped to learn everything you can but as you're here put it in your mind this is not something you're going to put on the show this is something you can put in action. So you want to you want to make sure you. I I do want to ask a special blessing on you so let's just. Bother haven't you brought each one here. I don't know there's thirty six that are signed up you brought to. You want to do a quick or easy. Profile that you would just do their hearts you would open up their minds so that they would understand what your present. Quickly and then review it just to their hearts with a lot. Passion. When they go home to hear help they're just constantly put into practice and then. Credited providentially reminding the people who are interested. In those interested in. The proof of your lesson that there were their way through as a result of. That as others in their churches it would be contagious and that they would not just go alone but they would of others to be able to multiply their or their training here and that they themselves would train personally someone else and then that someone else would train someone else until finally they were we have covered every inch of this earth and you. Must pray that you be with over how it is to be as you would open up their minds and loosen them up and speak to. Jesus and. And man does bless you thank you Adam it's just. All right. Well I'm glad you're here we have a few little housekeeping items to get started with this you would probably expect just want to tell you what's in front of you want to tell you what you're going to be looking at in the coming week I want to introduce our staff to you so you know who's going to be here. I am my wife Stephanie Stephanie want to come up here for a moment my wife Stephanie is our administrators secretary Emanuel Institute and I'll explain a little bit of our our staffing we have some transitions over the last couple of years and a lot of that comes into our Or is is connected with what Ellen Mitchell to say about our philosophy of training and really what we're trying to accomplish you know Elder Mitchell. We talked about this you talked about setting a limit and and I have a hard time saying no to people who want to be trained. You know last night. How many heard last night you know in the very last thing he said Well in a very last things he said was Are you in your memory that how many of you are in well you know it's all great to have an appeal in a sermon and say I'm in but this is the real deal here OK if you're in now this is commitment here and that's what this class is about well she's got that let me call Jim and pastored in his own Francoise forward here. Oh where to begin. Now most of you know. Or should know Jim Howard. He's my younger. I'll just leave it at that he's my other brother and. He's our personal ministries leader here in the Michigan conference and Jim is going to be instructing in fact he's going to be a structure a little bit more later this morning and something throughout the week Pastor Dennis on for a swap is my associate pastor and I'm currently pastor in the Cedar Lake Church as well as running an institute Dan is my associate pastor and is also associate with me here in manual institue and will also be instructing this week and I'll go over the schedule here in just a moment so you'll be see more of these guys I want to be familiar with and we have some other instructors will be helping out the Daniels. Our staff right now is basically Daniel as my associate in the church and then associate Emanuel and then my wife Stephanie She's our administrative secretary and that's how we're running staff wise. My brother Jim. Because he's personal ministries leader. Emanuel Institute is a late training program for the conference which has a lot to do with personal ministries department so in a strange. Painful way he's kind of my boss in certain things so when a person ministries Department wants to do something you know they theorize and then they say hey you guys do this here we are many of us do anyway no we work well together and. I appreciate his leadership I will tell you probably should wait till he's out of the room. My brother Jim from the time I'll tell you something about my brother Jim and myself we've not always been pastors we have. We had an early upbringing in the evidence our family totally left the church and left Christianity for a while I mean I guess we would call ourselves Christians we had nothing Christian about our lives and we both came back into the church as laypeople and we became actively people and the reason I'm sharing that with you is because it's not like and I'm not trying to diminish this but some pastors You know you get some young pastors they go to high school they go to an academy they go to a Southerner Andrews' they get their degree they get out they start being pastors and so you know in some way people say well you don't know where I'm coming from you know you want me to be active in this and that but I got a job and I got other things to do and you always want me at your prayer meetings and outreach and everything else but I got a life well I've been there and I was active when I did it and I went to prayer meeting and I was active in outreach in my brother Jim So we know where you're coming from we know what the challenges are we also know the Lord has called you to something greater and that's why you're here and so I appreciate. My brother Jim and I know him in ministry as even as a lay person Jim is the articulate one and I don't know how many of you know some. Ministerial characteristics but I'm more an evangelist type and evangelist tend to be you know kind of fast paced in some things and forgetful in others and you know that's me I go with the headlines and I run with things maybe sometimes quicker than I should in my brother Jim he hold on a minute he's got articulate everything else so a lot of times I can come up with a good idea and if I can throw to Jim he polishes it all up and gets it all orderly organized in and he's done that with this unlock revelation when I tell you how many of you took part in a long revelation this guy had much to do with that. Or at the level of planning an organization is something I've been in this conference to since two thousand and three I worked in the Congress before I've not seen that level of planning and that level of detail in planning brought success in this conference I mean I fear people give different that what I think is we prayed more in the Holy Spirit Yeah absolutely the Holy Spirit was working those spirits always wanted to work but were told the Spirit of Prophecy the Holy Spirit cannot bless disorganization and I just praise the Lord for for his ability to articulate some of those things and you're going to experience that this week is going to be beneficial to you in understanding how you can be a better soul in so having said that. Let me give you the me tell you what you have in front of you let me go over the schedule a little bit and then look into actually our actual training I'll tell you this let's go take your this is what you have in front of you have a in a manual is two training manual Now this is abbreviated from our full manual because this is an abbreviated session and I'll touch on that in a moment you got a set of the it is written bible study guides Now these are these are really nice Bible study lessons is a lot of Bible study lessons you could use to talk about that the saffron in that you got a set of the lesson guides you should have in front of you. You have a manual water bottle and I talked. Brethren there is no place in this building to get water except in the bathrooms but you can fill that up somewhere and you probably will need it this week you might have another water bottle but we have those from. Another session oh so anyway you've got you've got water bottles we've got some great Emmanuel T. shirts for you that you're going to get this week and. Not that we wouldn't have them anyway but we went to see this year how many of you know have you heard of U.S.C. When did you want to see ordered some T. shirts now our logo as you see it here on the manual is immuno Institute we chose the name Emanuel Institute actually throws back to Emmanuel missionary college that's why we chose that name not that the name is Jesus you know it's another name for Jesus so of course praise the Lord for that that's why I'm in a missionary college but Emmanuel Does anybody know what Emmanuel missionary college is called now called Ender's University and Emmanuel missionary college when it was founded it's very interesting I'm not going to give you the whole history but the bottom line was the philosophy of Evan istead occasion was that no matter what field you're going into you are a missionary for Jesus Christ it wasn't like oh it was a missionary college that minute trained all our overseas missionaries Well not exactly it meant whatever you were going into whatever field you're a part of right now you're a missionary for Jesus that was our philosophy and I thought I want I want to capture that I want to recapture that So Emmanuel stoop and Mark one seventeen is that text in the Bible where it says follow me and I love the way Mark now you find this in Matthew you find it in Luke but Mark one seventeen words it this way follow me and I will make you go ahead finish it for me See that says what we do make you fishers of men because that's how we think of in fact that's way here mostly repeated but Mark one seventeen says I will make you become fishers of men and what I like about that is a lot of times people will say well that's just not me her. You know I just don't have that gift I can't I can't do that's OK because the one who created all things can make you become what you're not he's going to make you become a fishermen and so we when you weigh what's this have to do with teachers so we get these teachers on the from the teacher it's a black T. shirt and it says Him in your all in white letters with this in that says Suppose a just like that instead of is a mark on seventeen Well they all said arc one seventeen. And the first thing you do when that happens is you panic and you say did I not look over the proof right because if I didn't guess what I just did it all those teachers I got I'm stuck with I'm well we sent the right thing. I did know what they're going to do because you run it through you get a set that prints this whole thing so how are you going to fix that so we can fix them send them back later they can take a marker and write on their whatever they came back they look great anyway so you'll have a manual T. shirts you're going to get in some of these things you already have some of you already have maybe all this stuff but the great thing about soul winning stuff is you always need more of it because you're handing it out to other people OK so you're going to get the discipleship Handbook How many of you went to the morning devotional this morning I should even ask that right I know we got all different schedules I haven't always made them but this morning is really good Pastor Dave Asia spoke about the discipleship handbook there's a great resource where you all get one of those with a mentor as a guide because it should not be used without a mentor as a guide and I'll explain that this week. And then there's a little book that many of you if you're active in so many you probably already have it but it doesn't hurt to have another one and that's a little book called I don't see mine right here studying together by Mark Finley and we'll talk about just it's a great handy resource to help you to know how better to work with people so that's the stuff you're going to get I got some things here too I was going to hand out to you just. How many of you heard of audio verse. OK audio Verse dot. Is it dot org That's right here in front of me on the A Verse dot org audio verse is a place you can go online where you got a smartphone your computer whatever and you can get just about a gazillion free Advena sermons and they're good it's great it's a great resource Well they contacted us at Emmanuel Institute and said we want to do some training for people who can't come to him in a session so we want to do a video training format and we're calling this video is like a video classroom recalling it audio verse advance and so we've started filming that with them already we went through a first section of things and so they gave us a bunch of we got a bunch of audio verse advance pens and these little things here and so I was going to let you have those as well OK now I'm done with that let's look at our schedule. In our typical. I shouldn't even say typical let me give you a little bit of background for Emmanuel Instead you how many of you remember arise when it arises here in Michigan Well a number of these training schools are patterned very similarly arise after Go which I heard somebody miss pronounced last night or miss you it was. Amazing facts College of evangelism I think it started out as that and then people had issue with them using the word college because not really a college and so it's the now this is a after stands for amazing facts center of evangelism and. You've got Mission College of evangelism and a number of these types of sort of school salts out of Southern evidence University. The main programs were about a four month program and that's when Emmanuel's to the started I mean we are running a four month program here and we would take people for that Mormon program Pastor Tom Hubbard who was ordained yesterday was one of our first students in that class Pastor Peter Young Q Here in the conference came to our first session in two thousand and nine in our four month session and what students would often do is they would come to that and many of them would come to a program like that for months and then they go and become Bible work or somewhere and if you don't know what a bible worker is a bible worker is somebody who a church hires who goes around and gives Bible studies which is really pathetic in some ways because. It's like having to hire somebody to be friendly when you come in because the church should be full of people to give Bible studies like we're going to hire somebody to get bible studies now what we have done in the Michigan conference and I appreciate this is we've we've said we don't want Bible workers we want Bible work or coordinators or Bible work or trainers so they they don't just come in and get all the bible studies the member say who we got to work he's going to get a Bible studies for us know he's going and finding Bible studies we'll take you and coach you and help you to get active in the bible studies and we've got a great guy working you'll meet him later this week fine or Benjamin as our Bible work coordinator at Cedar Lake Church and I'll tell you about how that's worked out in a moment. So from the menu this to perspective here's what we found after several years of doing our four month program. I was well it's a hard it's a hard admission to make but the reality is this in my own personal ministry my baptisms as a pastor were never lower than when I ran a manual is to do. Now that's I'm running a training school my baptism should be through the roof never lower Why I'll tell you what happened we would run a program you get fifteen to twenty students come in and primarily on your outreach you go to an area whatever churches we would work with who work at different churches and those students would go out and they hit the ground and they're getting Bible studies and they're making connections with people and those people connect with those by workers who believe that we have an evangelistic series with every session they connect with the people of Angeles six series you come through the series you'd have ten fifteen twenty interests that are prepared for baptism and then the program ends and the Bible workers leave and we try to pass those interests off to church members but that just if you've ever tried to do something like that they're not bonded with the church members and so what would happen is we got good I mean we had good solid interests the problem was there was nobody to follow up all those interests and I've seen this I've been involved before manual I was involved with the rise training mission college and all this and it's the same across the board somebody may argue that with me but that's that's reality I've seen is until I mean I can't tell you the stories of have come out of the program they're all on fire they go back home or they go work somewhere and you get the calls and like Man My church is so dead what am I going to do I can't get you know I don't I can't testify to that in every case I'm just telling you the perspective there is this Bible worker versus the church. And I said that that's not going to finish the work we are what needs to happen is our churches need to revive our lady revive I can't it's great that I train somebody and this is another thing a pastoral training a pastoral send somebody to manual on a train this guy we need somebody to work in our church so the person would come they get inspired they get trained and then they feel like you know I'm called to something more and they begin looking at an offer comes in for by work and they go out to Washington. They come the Bible work or the church they're in the pastor who said I'm like oh I'm a. You know I just got this guy I was on fire and I sent him out is kind of like Chelsea with you guys. So you have now we didn't do that we center back Chelsea came to OK So but Chelsea new Abbott is came to our summer session a seven day session we had last summer but went back to a church and worked and what we did and this was a pastor manner off back here and he's working on audio but he was our SO state director we worked together there in the area and with Tom Hubbard and we all agreed that you know this fourteen we thing is not accomplishing what we want to accomplish we also knew that if we tell a brother and that we're going to cut back on the fourteen we're going to say why do we have all you guys in this area and they scatter south across Michigan which they did and so we relocated here to Cedar Lake and we focus now on this shorter sessions and so the can't meaning session kind of birthed out of that and one of the reasons one of the drawbacks. And I'll tell you this now it's not a total draw but it's a kind of a give and take one of the benefits we have of a session where people come to the session I mean fourteen week was unparalleled in what I'm about to tell you this effect but even in a like a ten day people have to be pulled away from their regular routine that was one of the most to put it apart from anything else we taught now our classes before we were running out of Pullman Michigan how many of you been to Pullman. Pullman we call Pullman the black hole of communications in Michigan you get to you get within two miles of OK Vin and all cellphone reception you're off the grid it's like not totally but I mean you get out there and so students would come in guess what no internet I can't check my Facebook on a regular I can't do the Twitter thing I can't and you're there in this place and you've got nothing but the focus on spiritual things and soul and evangelism. And even for a ten day program we called it the immersion effect you're immersed in it and so you eat it you drink it. You sleep it for ten days and it's you pulled I mean I would tell the students and it'll be somewhat this way here but your IT CAN'T me it's a little different it can't meeting because it is there's that same atmosphere it can't be that spiritual atmosphere when you come out of your business to anything like this it takes a couple days for the fog to clear I mean watch students not tell me come in and we first they come to the first class and they come that day they register and we start class at three thirty after lunch and I mean they're just we go three hours and it was just too much they were just zoned out and I said look you guys can be foggy for about two days and all of a sudden coding and you say wow this is awesome and it happened every time but there's something about getting out of your element and so we believe we've switched to doing on site trainings on the occasion trainings and this and we lose that a little bit but I think. It's still been super effective because. What you're going to be exposed to here in this week. You're going to expose to things that most of you know you've heard but just getting it all together is going to reaffirm something that the Holy Spirit has been telling you all along especially now I believe the Holy Spirit is drawing on God's people now more than ever in earth's history and I'm not trying to get political here so if not trying to upset anybody but personally Mammon when somebody like Donald Trump is about to be president of this country I'm telling you things are things are going to wrap up quick All right I it's I shouldn't I shouldn't even say this about Trump so much but this whole presidential election has had so little. Not substance to quote respects reduced decorum it's so it's so it's like a mob mentality and it's telling us what our world has come to and I told somebody the other day if you go to the book the great controversy. And you read the chapter on the French Revolution what happened in history is the French Revolution they basically the Roman church ruled with an iron fist for so long anybody who thought outside the box anybody who tried to think and believe for themselves was either killed or or sent off somewhere all you have left in society where the yes people they just went along with whatever Well the problem with all your yes people is it depends on who ever leaves them they're going to follow one leader today and another one tomorrow and they finally all decided they were sick and tired of the church ruined things out they set up a good team and began to put to death although he fears and you read about it in the French right what I'm going to tell you our country. You know we haven't killed everybody who thinks for themselves and sent him off to another country but our media has just basically pulled our brains out of our heads and so that we have a presidential campaign going on like this one now and people are actually OK with it. Until the Lord is coming soon oh there's a lot of other things that could bring up but the Lord is coming soon and in preparation for that coming he's stirring hearts of people like you to do an amazing work you don't even realize what God's going to compas through yet I'm going to tell you some of the most amazing things you read the stuff in the book of Acts. And if I'm reading my Bible right and I have prophecy right you're going to be doing that kind of stuff. You're going to be doing that we're going to see Jesus come in the clouds of heaven so I mean that's what we're here for I'm glad you here are shorter training programs are we want to revive our local churches we want to see our lay people get active in soul winning and that is where the key I'm convinced that's the key a real success I'll give you a quick story of that here and then I want to take a little break before we go into our next actual class session. It was last March. Now I had at that time I we had finished I talked to the conference office about our Emmanuel fourteenth session that we're going to change things up and I knew changes are coming from them and so then they began to communicate well here's some things we're thinking about. And one of those was moving my wife and I to new pastoral district had no idea where OK at the same time. Well actually at the end of the previous year. Pastor Jeff Marshall who was here at Cedar Lake asked me if we if he wanted to get as many of us church members as possible to go through Emanuel session so we're trying to think about the logistics of bringing them down how many is it going to be Jeff and well if I got enough people would you do a session just for our church I want to just focus on church I said Well OK Well yeah I mean if you get the people we fill up a session will do one for you and so he began to work on that the more we processed it was he made an appeal to his church. And asked how many would be willing to go through a session hour remember they've got to take time off to do it I mean we're not going in the evenings we're doing it through that's one thing that I really haven't done I don't want to sale never do it but I hesitate on just you know you go to work all day and then in the evenings we do a session because that you're just too much distraction you're going to notice being here and being able to be into this each day is going to really help. Solidify this stuff for you but he asked he made the appeal a church and had sixty people say Yeah we'll do this thing. Praise the Lord so I said OK Jeff now you want to go through those people see who's really going to come and a lot of people have responded to the end and I sense a fire they respond and then after they say well you know we're under the influence of that emotionalism and everything else maybe it wasn't a good idea by the way. I see Pastor Dave asr back here how many were there this morning he married off a couple and put a man and I assume Safire issues I mean that was a quill and Priscilla and. What was. Yeah yeah yeah it's it's been a blessing you I tell you what anything you can do to get to that morning to vote and I've been there it's hard to schedule I you know can't meaning the problem with campaigning is you're all up late last night talking to friends and stuff you haven't seen forever and so seven o'clock comes real early but I want to tell you the morning series on The Book of Acts is going to go hand in glove with what we're talking about here really appreciated the message this morning you know he said he had married a couple and he wanted their minute he wanted them to visit they were at ministering together and he wanted them to be able to minister together like a quill and Priscilla and he said he made the folks in the message and you know if you've ever done any public speaking you can do this and never catch yourself and he said you know we prayed I don't need to pray to preach that they would be able to minister together like nice. And those two were killed with the because of the and actually after five anyway. Did they get back on video that. There would be a band. The point he made this morning is none of the guests caught it a few of them a man did and he was talking about we need to be making sure that we follow along in the word and. So. Anyway Pastor Jeff Marshall may this be I suggest you go back through and find out I want to know how many people really would be committed to doing this thing and he had about forty people forty five people somewhere in there anyway so we ended up deciding to do it here at Cedar Lake So we it was March it was during a home leave or spring break we met in the common So this was during spring break we had some of the staff here we had a couple of students here we had other people in the community but some of the statuses took their spring break to come to the manual session I was real pleased with that we had sixty people come forty five from this church and then the surrounding area because it was close they came to that and we did a nine day session start on a Friday and went through the following Saturday and. Unbeknownst to me at the time I was going to end up here at Cedar Lake with Pastor DANIEL So I get the call from the conference this all happens we move up here to Cedar Lake what happened is we did this training in March finer Benjamin the by were coordinated then followed that up took the interest we had gotten from going out door to door and began to work with the church members in giving personal bible studies some of the church members gave Bible studies to there were students at the school who wanted to be baptized there were community interest who want to be baptized long and short of the story it was around January this year Daniel by January or or February this year we had baptized twenty people well now Daniel you have four of those had been people he had contacted students with the school here but but people who had sixteen of those studies No twenty one sixteen of those this is before long revelation sixteen of those baptisms came from Lay given Bible studies OK Now let me just break this down for you of the forty five who came only nineteen of those members actually engaged in giving Bible studies. OK. So you think about that you just got nine thousand people given Bible studies and within a year you got. This isn't even a full year you get twenty baptisms think about what would happen if our people all got active in giving personal bible studies I'm telling you that is where it's at so that's where our focus has gone as a manual astute a person Minister's Department you've heard a little bit already about the Bible study offer dot com This is where we're going in this conference this is where you're going to come to understand if you don't understand it yet this is a this is where we have one of the greatest needs in our church is active laypeople leading people to understand Jesus and His message for this last generation. If we're reading prophecy right he's coming and so this is why you're here and the Lord's going to use you to do this not just he's not going to use you to give studies to other people he's going to use you to inspire people in your churches to do the same thing to Hey this can be done we can do this thing we can all get on board the conference is making this super easy with Bible study offer dot com and hear more about it this week. To get involved in giving Bible studies you know the only thing that it doesn't take care of is that little fear we get when you think about doing it but Jesus will take care of that for you again. It and you've already broached a little bit of it by being here and so this what we're going to do an arm in a session by the time we leave here. I want half of this class to already have Bible studies scheduled. On Oh you're like well how is that going to happen you're going to hear about it this week we did a session in. Allegan Well we did one of our men a session is in when we were in Poland. One of the ladies there a lady named Sue had come to two of our evangelistic series before she ended up making her decision to join the church fairly new administers Well she's a brand new administers she'd been through she'd been around been coming to church for a while that kind of thing but she had just become a church member came to the Aminul session one of the things we did there was challenge them to try to get themselves a Bible study ask somebody asked anybody you know that you would like to study with and she puzzled over that and prayed over that and ended up think thinking oh I don't know in fact she was I guess she was talking to her daughter and about it a little bit and say and I just don't know I'm supposed to get a Bible study I don't know when to study with my daughter while studying with you mom. So she studied with her daughter. Then her daughter just came through on the revelation and got baptized. Her daughter and her daughter's husband and more to come right I mean that's how it works and she was brand new had never given a Bible study before. Like maybe some of you sitting in here and within a year somebody two people have been baptized because of her employment I'm telling you the Lord will use you and there are going to be souls in His Kingdom City not and I'm not I'm not talking that generic way we do with this councils the kingdom will know when we get to know your know here you're going to see people make decision for Christ because you let him use you I say praise the Lord Jesus for that so that's what we're here for we're what I'm going to do is my goal is. Oh good our clock is working. It wasn't working to start with we didn't have a battery in there so my goal is will go roughly and following roughly fifty minute class Piers take your manual turn it over and look at this. You'll see that the way that we're I have that morning devotional right there just to highlight that for you in the schedule. Pastor Cameron will be teaching here this afternoon noticed a Sunday schedule there J H Is Jim Howard I made his mark Howard if you look at Monday Debbie P. That's West peppers pastor Wessel being here on Monday Tuesday. And I have some other changes D.J.'s as Dan is on Francoise but he's not in the I don't have this is not the updated schedule he'll be doing some Bible doctrines class the Bible talks one on one so if you look at the schedule we meet here from nine to noon OK And then once time there is a seminar track in the afternoon from two to three fifteen we will not meet we try to figure how to schedule this and get in what we wanted during can't meaning without taking away a can't meeting so we wanted you to be able to have the whole you know get the evening speakers seminars even speakers going on who want to be able to get in on that and then some of the seminar time so we left one of those seminar slots open. And it's kind of. I don't know it's kind of backfired on me when you're when you're a pastor your seminar speaker the slot you don't want as a two o'clock slot you know why that is. Is a right after lunch you know Abba's after lunch in the words of. John Ross with amazing facts after lunch you just eat and so you've got food in your stomach and your stomach expands and what happens is a pulls the skin down over your eyes. Always like very. But anyway so I left that one open I'm like well we'll leave a seminar time open will get. Impression thirty. And so now. I've done some speaking on The Spirit of Prophecy we just did a mock revelation a lot of new members have questions about I don't want the Spirit of Prophecy so I talked to the brother and I said you know we probably ought to do this Peter prophecy seminar and they said well we got a two o'clock slot. That you know because because that's what I left open. Anyway so be it so I've got a two o'clock slot on The Spirit of Prophecy that I'll be doing. And they will me here from three thirty. To five fifteen is now that is just means sometimes the speakers have more to say and supper is not to five thirty so you'll survive it so there's there's things the afternoon it just depends. On the time the class periods like in the morning the goal is to go about fifteen minutes and have a ten minute break and you spread your legs and do whatever fifty minutes ten minute break OK that may change it may go sixty minutes and then a ten minute and a forty minute game may go to sixty minutes and you come back for end up twenty minutes before whatever we're covering depends on what we're covering because you're in the session that we're covering is like tomorrow for example it's how to get give Bible study this is the whole thing so it's not like he's doing three different classes so that's how we're generally going to run with the ten minute fifteen minutes of the ten minute breaks morning until noon afternoon we're going to go from three thirty five thirty you'll notice on Thursday evening we have outreach we want you one of the this to lab type things we're going to do Now normally that one of the things we have a lot more of an enemy in session is the labs and. There's a reason for that but with we just are limited on time of what we can do here so what we're going to have instead of labs is assignments. Every student likes an assignment right there are things that you can do let me tell you this for example when it comes to giving Bible studies I've had members tell me this this I hear this more than anything else I've never given a Bible study. I'm like how long you've been in the church and you know I get answers five years ten years twenty years thirty years and you've never given a Bible study and so the thing is I don't have Bible studies this is what the context is I don't give Bible studies because I've never given a Bible study I don't know how to give a bottle study Well here's an idea for you find three friends in the church find two friends find one friend in the church say hey Sabbath afternoon when we don't do anything else anyway sometimes let's just get together after potluck and let me give you a Bible study. The reality is you can practice things and learn things and gain efficiency and things and pro fish and sea and things by. Assigning yourself well I'm going to sign them here and then you have to sign yourself those things but for the labs and things we can't do here you can do this in your home church and start practicing in my very first church one of the things we did and I didn't even know what I was doing I was a new pastor and I just look back on and say the Lord really helped us out there but we got together for a Friday night small group meeting and we decided to go through some Bible study guys and we just had everybody take a turn so we get together Tom and we'd say OK we have this this week is we scheduled it out you're going to have this lesson we'd be like going through these lessons here and saying. OK I'm going to take lesson number one here can God be trusted and then. We'll you know we're pleased This is planning week next week I'll do this one and then seeing the signs Tommy will cover that lesson and then Julie why does God allow suffering and that's what we did and none of us you know I was a new pastor but I was doing this with my members most of whom had not given Bible studies but that's what we did we got together is a small group but we learn from doing that how to give a little study you can do that kind of thing and I'm going to sign some of those things that maybe you haven't thought of that without having the practical lab here you can still have it in your home church and you can get other church members involved in it as you're seeking to be more effective for the Lord and so in the outreach So you've got a Bible study lab Wednesday and that afternoon time period. When we're doing when we're doing a two o'clock session that I mean you know institute that's what we like to do is we do the labs in the afternoon and keep people awake. But we've got training things that we've got to cover so we're going to a Bible study that on Wednesday afternoon that means you're going to pair up and you're going to Bible studies to each other during that lab time Amen pastor Howard I'm excited about that. OK And then Thursday we're going to do it in an outreach and the main purpose of this is to give you an idea of what you can do to find interests to study with there are only a gazillion ways to find interest I'll be honest with you we're going to go with very simple and direct way to find interest to me it's we're going to go door to door going to survey people that we're going to do you're going to be right now just brace yourself and you're going to do it and you have to do it because part of the class you know a lot of drop can't mean there's no drop in class this is something this is one of the most effective things like we do in a manual session I interviewed students before they came What's your what's your what's the part that you're dreading the most. Outreach you know after the session what was your favorite part what do you think across the board outreach that's where you meet the love that's your read see experience I tell people we live our Christianity so safe anymore God is never after work a miracle for us because we don't we don't we don't go there but when you got to step out in faith that's where the Lord says I've been waiting for you and boom you have a great experiences and so but door to door outreach you can do other things to get interest besides door to door but Door to Door is like learning how to drive a stick shift once you've got it you can drive anything so it's simple it's cheap anybody can do it and I'll tell you what I'll tell you something I don't see you know most of your little ones lot of people say we get our kids in the church I have Paris I we can't go now because you know we got our kids with us you know who is our raise the kids do and Tom seen we back and go will you watch our kids and he take them out Pathfinders you Pathfinder leader and Goebbels are still passed finally now to praise the Lord and he helped take the passengers on our way they love that kind of thing. It's you know the pair of adults are nervous the kids are like you know chomping at the bit to go so have an outreach on. Thursday afternoon I'm not going to go over all of what we're covering today except for Friday Friday we're doing something a little different and I was talking with my brother Jim about this. There's a lot of different things we cover when we have more time but we could cover things sometimes we can fear as a teacher to cover something that nobody really has a question on like I'm answering all these questions that nobody has and so we were talking together and there are some main things that people struggle with when it comes to success and personal soul winning and as a church and Saul winning and that's what this keys to success is Friday morning and leaving Q. and A time Friday afternoon we want to make sure you're clear on. What is going to help you to be successful in the cause of Christ and that you get your questions answered because my goal our goal is that you leave here with your gospel shoes on ready to work you not just you know when I'm in show on yeah we're in none of this this is not just an intellectual thing I'm going to go home and think you know I really should be doing more. No more than a you can't meeting and we're going to be doing more for the cause of Christ by His grace. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you first or if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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