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3. Introduction & Overview

Jim Howard



  • June 12, 2016
    11:00 AM
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Well never let your brother go first that's the moral of this story. I'm get fifty what do we have to what's time's launch one fifteen time is lunch. At noon or twelve fifteen. Is there really noon like on the DOT new. OK I'm going to be I'm going to be incredibly concise here incredibly concise so and. You know this morning is sort of a little bit philosophical if you will inspirational. Wanting to give you a broad bird's eye view picture as well as kind of give you some compelling reasons why. Personal work and personal soul winning is so needed in the church so I'm going to kind of continue that main a little bit talk about about a few other specific areas of it and then we'll get a little bit more into some of the methodology and that sort of thing as we continue in your schedule but before we start this last session for the morning let's have a word of prayer together father heaven thank you so much for the opportunity and privilege we have to spend time just considering the work that you have called us to we want to be genuine disciples and that means we want to be like you we want to we want to be soul enters through and through in our heart of hearts and father we know that if the calling that we have is to make disciples then that means that we not only need to win others but we need to win them to that same soul winning work so please help us Lord to understand this cycle that we are involved in and help us to do our part speak to us through your spirit now we ask in Jesus name. All right see that part the Mark told me I was going to have time to do or ask what church you're all from I don't have time for it so if we could just instead of going around and finding out what church you from if on the count of three you would all just tell me what church you are from one to three. That's what I thought. OK I cut all that let's get started. X. X. chapter Let's take a Bob's turn X. Chapter eight. So here's the deal there is perhaps going to be some things that I share with you that you have heard before or maybe even heard me say before I don't know that's OK because I'm a talk really fast and be over before you know it so Acts Chapter eight and beginning in verse one this is right after Acts Chapter seven in which Stephen that first Christian martyr was stoned and there was someone standing by who was consenting to his death and who was that Saul and saw all we learned later in Acts Chapter nine in his conversion story we learned that he was kicking or against the goads which tells me that the Spirit of God was working on the apostle and he was resisting the Spirit of God and one of the key places where he was resisting the Spirit of God was in this story in Acts Chapter seven where Stephen is stoned and he looks up and sees the Son of Man Standing at the right hand of God and he says Lord charge not their sin against them and Paul soon to be Paul is looking at this and and you know he is supposed to be the one who's you know consenting to this awful person being put to death and he's seeing this spirit of Christ and the. Glory of God emanating from Stephen and he is convicted in his heart and as a result of the conviction conviction results and different things sometimes conviction will lead someone to fall on their knees and and to pour out their heart and to surrender their life but sometimes conviction lead someone to try to bury that conviction by getting even more or. Wicked in what they're doing and the Apostle soon to be apostle did that very thing so I decided to amp up the persecution that was going on and so that's what happens in Acts Chapter eight right after the stoning of Stephen you have the beginning of verse one of acceptor and Saul consenting to his death and then it says at that time a great persecution arose against the church which was at Jerusalem and they were all scattered throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria except to. Except the Apostles So who was in Judea and some area. Who was scattered throughout Judy and some area the church members OK and who stayed in Jerusalem the Apostles OK so you have the leaders the pastors in Jerusalem and the church members scattered throughout Judea and Samaria right. Now in verse four it says Therefore those who were scattered Who is that. The church members went everywhere doing what. They were now presumably the. Apostles were also preaching the word but they were in Jerusalem and so this isn't talking about them this is talking about the lay people going everywhere preaching the Word and Mark took you to accept eleven like you take their Again go to Acts chapter eleven and verse nineteen and you see the same group spoken of Acts eleven thousand nine hundred seven out of those who were scattered over the persecution that arose over Stephen is that. The church members those who are scattered of the persecution travelled as far as Phoenicia Cyprus and Antioch preaching the word to no one but Jews only and look at verse twenty one in the hand of the Lord is with them and a great number believed and turned to the Lord and it's for this reason as Mark brought up that the end of verse twenty six is the disciples referred first called Christians and Antioch so Antioch which turned out to be the home base for Paul and Barnabas and their missionary endeavors where they spent much time this home base was developed to the preaching of laypeople and Paul and Barnabas were just came later and were like oh wow this is really of God Just keep doing what you're doing and they help put some you know a little bit of structure to it but the bottom line is it was this incredible movement of laypeople that developed this this church in Antioch and by which quite frankly the work spread as fast as quickly as it did we always like to look at and say the Apostle Paul did it all. Right apostle Paul he did all that he spread it to the known world know the Apostle Paul knew how to mentor people who went and did the same thing and what you see right here is that the work of the early church the model of church that you see in the early church was one in which the laity were preaching the Word then as churches were established in Antioch by laypeople and in other places then they they appointed elders to oversee Now let me help you understand what that saying elders you could consider part of the church structure OK the organization of the church so what drove. What here was it was it the structure driving the work or was it the work of the lay people driving the need for structure. You understand I'm saying so what can happen if we're not careful is that we can. Look at the church and its structure and think that it is the actual. Working body of the church and then the actual laity spreading the truth that you see in the early church model can disappear and it can create very big problems let me take you to something in your manual here. And I don't know Will exactly what page it's on but I'm going to find it and then I'll tell you where it is OK. And says Page eleven we really need to page this whole thing it's in your appendix is this the actual bookmark. Bookmark a mark is this the but later. Is this the one that they have to say OK so it's chapter. Ten. It says Chapter ten on the. You want to. Come here and show me this is where they are creating a culture of angels and yes OK And then once you get to chapter ten which is then you go to page eleven OK it looks like this. And it's in section three Section three on the bottom. Jabbered ten. Page eleven. Yeah if you're looking at the bottom it's a section three you find. Anybody not find it. So working on it and you find it you found it Yes All right. Here's what I want to talk to you about this page gives a picture of the work of the church OK and. So I'm just going to do a sketch of this way there's a box up at the top that represents the work the behind the scenes work of the Church as all sorts of things happen with one hundred Saints read to me a few of the things that are in that box at the top OK what else. Or and maybe there's me. Environmental me lots of meetings. Church planets MOA administrative Treasury this is all stuff that happens behind the scenes a lot of these are important meetings you got your board meetings which drive the strategy of your church as opposed to. You have your departmental meetings or elders meetings you have nominating committee meetings you have all sorts of very important meetings the drive what you're going to do it's all the behind the scenes preparatory work of the church we would call it. Preparation for ministry. And then out of that you have different types of ministry OK you have ministry to the church and let's be clear here any ministry the church also includes ministry to the community but it's fringe it's sort of incidental In other words you have all you hold a church service is that ministry to the church or the community. Primarily ministry to the church but of course you have incidental you know you have people who visit you have visitors you invite people that sort of thing but it's primary mode is ministry to the church OK and that's the same with a lot of other things that we have Sabbath school prayer meeting. Church School I mean these things we get people from outside but their primary function even Pathfinders other things as a general rule we often are talking about ministering to the church here there are other things though where we go directly to the community we advertise primarily to the community the main purpose is to try to connect with people in the community and those of course also benefit the church so we're not saying that is not incidental with the church there but their primary focus is the community in which one of those types of that. They cation Bible school you may have mostly your kids but you're advertising that to the community you're trying to get community people there else seminars evangelistic meetings. Cooking classes so you have some people some churches you know they have all this preparation Meetings meetings meetings and then they basically do this and they hardly have any outreach to the community so then there are other churches that are just beehives of activity and they're all kinds of community outreach that's going on as you see there on the right and so if a church just has these two that's that can get very inward focused can it if a church has a healthy balance of both of these. It's still way messed up. As totally broken. It looks nothing like the early church because there's a very vital central component that is missing in this church what is it. Yeah flip that page over and you'll see personal work. If you notice. Just about everything in here everything in here in this box here where we talk about these community things are all what type of work give me some words. But their group their corporate their corporate air events right so OK yeah we're real evangelists of churches we have evangelists at meetings every year and for four weeks we show up and then when those four weeks are over what happens to the interest list. I mean it goes somewhere but but you may not know where right it's the pastor's desk person is it his desk they've got to follow up with people whatever but but the but the sacrifice of the dear saints who spent those four to six weeks I mean they've they've given their all and they've they've whatever and then they're done other than that they will certainly be friendly to the people when they see them at potluck but that's different that's not laboring for a soul and you have to understand that personal work is what drives the church it is intended to be what creates the need for structure in the church but we have so many people who really want to hang out in only corporate work in the church they'll help with events in the church they'll help as if you look at your church board or your person ministries council and they create a calendar for the year and you know here's our evangelism for the year and a system a list of events. And there's not often times much thought about getting the entire church involved in person all labor. Now I'm a personal labor out for you here in a moment but first I want to touch on the need for personal work here on this little Q. and A I handed out to you. And I have time to go through all these quotes but I hope you'll read through them this is give you a little substance for what I'm trying to say here about the need for personal work. Let me point you to the third bold question here corporate church outreach and personal outreach are both important but which is the most important do you see that now look at the quote rather neat there in one this is a very important quote. Your work may accomplish more real good than the more extensive meetings you know what would be in a more extensive meeting like in a big corporate event right evangelists experience or the like if they lack and personal effort when both are combined with the blessing of God a more perfect and thorough work maybe rot but if we can have but one part done let it be. Wait a minute if we can have but one part done in the church let it be. Personal individual labor of doing what. Of opening the scriptures in the households making personal appeals and talking familiarly with the members of the family not about the game but about the great themes of redemption as I would a Says So look. If you think about this the early church started primarily with this there was a lot of structure in the early church there wasn't nominating committees. Right there was no church manual yet hey I believe in those things I think they're important but if we're not careful we'll get a wrong idea of what the substance of the work of the church is. And and so what you have is that the early church started with primarily just this personal work. And that drove the need. For the structure and organization but now. We have the majority of our members spending time working in only group corporate types of things which are important let's be clear about that it says here when both are combined a more was. As a say in the quote. That's right a more perfect and thorough work maybe Raj So we know that there are some things that as a church Corporate we can do that you can't do as an individual and it's a blessing to have that that's why we do things collectively as a conference is because there are certain things that we can do conference wide that we can't do as individual churches there's a great blessing in pressing to get into doing those things but those things are not the most important part this is the most important part and it can get to the point where people just hang out here and the whole substance of the early church is gone except for maybe three percent of the church the pastor of the by worker and one or two crazy people. And then think about this at the end of time that we're living in it will not be long before the structure itself is going to begin to struggle. Because persecution because doors are shut because opportunities to publicly express ourselves are are limited. And suddenly what are we going to need to be doing. This but who's going to do it because everybody you know you can bring everybody together and pass out flyers and so what are we going to do. We've got to learn now to reestablish the substance of the work of the early church and get the personal work backward belongs as the heart of evangelism. And if I could just make it really simple for you. Literature and Bible studies and share your testimony these are the heart of evangelists corporate events are they supplement. But the heart is the personal work and we've got to recapture that. And if you look on here it says some pretty fascinating things at the bottom of this thing House House Labor searching for souls hunting for Lost Sheep is the most essential work in bold that can be done busy doing the talking praying sympathizing with people you'll win their hearts this is the highest missionary work that you can do it is not preaching that is most important it is house to house work reasoning from the word explaining the word over and over the Spirit of Prophecy confirms that it is the personal word that is most important when it comes to evangelism Now if you look on the back of the seat it asked a very important question isn't personal labor for souls the pastor's job was is that question absolutely it is. This is not just the pastor right and I'm not going to take time to read this quote but you really ought to read this big tall quote here talks about Ellen White says hey the work of the pastor is like the work of a foreman and the foreman is supposed to put people to work and make sure that they're working and he talks about this foreman who when there was a problem got into the pit and started doing all these repairs while all the workers six workers stood by watching the foreman do all the work and then when the owner of the company found out about it he called the foreman in and he said I'm sorry but I'm going to have to let you go in the forms and what are you talking about they said look I've paid you to keep these six men working and and instead you're teaching these six men how to be. And she says this is the same that we have with our pastors pastors should not be doing all the personal work but should be making sure that the church is doing personal work otherwise they will be teaching the church how to be idle and that's problematic because of some very real reasons I'm going to tell you about it Look at this page I'm not going to go into every quote but let me highlight a few of the bold statements here I'm trying to move quickly because I got more I want to say if you look at the fourth from the bottom here it says that the Lord calls on pardon the souls that's all Christians to make known the truth to others third from the last quote the devil is doing all he can to keep people in activity to keep them from acting their part in spreading the truth. Then the next one speaking about all disciples the truth is to be scattered by all who claim to be surprised and all three of these quotes there's a common element you know what it is the truth the truth is to be spread by all the truth is to be scattered by all the devil is doing everything it can to keep people from spreading the truth now a couple of reasons why this is look at the third quote from the bottom now the start Satan is now seeking I'm going to read the last part. It says he's trying to keep people from acting their parts bring the truth that they may at last be weighed in the balance what's weighed in the balance me. Judged. That they may be judged and found. What does that mean last. Right is that not mean lost the devil is trying to keep our church members from acting their part in spreading the truth so that when they are judged they will be lost I mean that's heavy stuff this isn't just about trying to keep people from being saved out there the devil is trying to take the people that have been claimed by Christ who have been won by the truth and make them so complacent that they become worldly in heart and lose their first love and are in the end lost this is what the devil is trying to do did you know that there's only two ways you can go you don't. You don't just stand still in the Christian life. You're either growing or as you say you are or no this is actually an L Y statement or you are retrograde. Going backwards now now this is important because of the next quote about to read to you and this is my favorite one on the whole pages why is it. Look at the second quote starting let ministers does it. Let ministers teach church members that in order to grow in spirituality OK Are you following that in order for church members to grow in spirituality they was an expert must. They must carry the burden that through. The lore has the laying upon them the burden of leading souls into the truth now that let's unpack this because it's full of significance this quote ministers first of all are to teach their church members this and then to teach them that in order for you to grow you must do what what she's saying here now if you're not growing what are you doing. You're going backwards you're dying. You're dying spiritually and risk of being weighed in the balance and found wanting this is the this is the this is the great solemn weight that rests upon the ministry is the fact that the church members placed under their care. Be weighed in the balances and found wanting unless they are taught to grow and the only way this says that you're going to be able to continue growing. Is if you carry the burden and let me tell you something minister I have no right to place a single burden upon any of you I can't put a burden on you Vera says try to do that but I can't put a burden on you but I'm duty bound to tell you of every burden that the Lord has laid upon. The Lord has laid upon you a bird and that burden according to this passage is not just what the others said which is to scatter. To spread the truth I can spread the truth of the Glow track but I must tell you that you have a burden and that burden that the Lord laid upon you is to lead souls into That's not a pass by witnessing that's that's thing. That's investing in people who you find who show interest and leading them to make decisions to follow Jesus every step of truth as it's revealed today. That is labor of love that takes time that takes process and praise God has given us a wonderful method an opportunity in the seventh church some demonstration do that and that's their bible studies there is nothing like bible studies to lead someone into the truth and so I personally have this conviction that God has called every one of you to get by now they can come in different shapes and forms and and different personalities are going to do them differently and sometimes it's going to just me and you know your so you start small and you're just inviting people or you're showing them. D.V.D. or whatever Hey look witnessing is just sharing what you have seen and heard right it's your own personal experience if somebody comes into the church by watching Doug Batchelor D.V.D.'s what is witnessing going to be. It's sharing D.V.D.'s with people and I right I mean that's how it works and that's praise the Lord for it if you are you know confused by all the texts about the Sabbath but then you read that one says If you love me keep my command. And that breaks your heart and cause you to follow him and keep the Sabbath holy then when you share with someone what are you going to share with. You take him to John fourteen fifteen you say this broke my heart I mean how can I read that and keep this commandment right you don't have to say what everybody else says you have to share what God has revealed to you what you have seen and heard but guess what every one of you have seen and heard the truth through the same source. Is the word you've seen it in the Word and witness saying for anyone is sharing the word and I've got news for you witnessing is not a spiritual gift you and I say when you think I said it really Mark Milley wrote it in your article you. Say where it is just so you know yeah it's in the appendix it's on page thirty four of the appendix called recapturing the passion I just want to encourage you. To read that article and the bottom of page thirty four the first sentence on the last paragraph on page thirty four says witnessing is not. A spiritual gift it is a calling God gives to each believer we are all called to witness. So you can look at. The spiritual gift list all you want and you will not find witnessing on there you will find preaching on there preaching is just proclaiming. Preaching is just sharing those different ways of saying you have to stand behind a hope to preach when you look at Acts Chapter eight and it says they went everywhere preaching the word that doesn't mean they went everywhere setting up a puppet and delivering a sermon it means they were sharing what they had learned OK And God is called Every want to do that is not in the spiritual gift lists. We've got messed up idea about spiritual gifts is killing the church I'm just telling you right now it is killing the church we think that if I am not an extroverted sanguine person that it's not my gift to give Bible studies if I'm not the smart intellectual person then it's not my gift to give Bible studies get that out of your head just get it out of there I'm telling you you don't know what you are until you go to do it you do what God has called you to do something you would not have this Bible if it weren't for the fact that the disciples prayed for boldness. Why did they have to pray for boldness because they didn't have it what were they trying seminarians what are we talking about here fishermen fishermen who saw the call of God and felt compelled by the call of God to do something that was totally outside of their comfort zone if the early apostles had not come out of their comfort zone we would not be here today brothers and sisters you must come out of your comfort zone there is no witnessing in the comfort zone I mean maybe for two or three strange very strange people on this campground I don't know but for most people it is not natural to go and put yourself at risk and talk to somebody about something that you know is going to potentially cause you to look funny or strange or not be accepted or be open to rejection and all those things. Some people don't care about that and that it is rolled right off whatever but just because you may not be that kind of person doesn't mean you're not called do it and that's the point that's a pastor our sharing earlier that when it says we have to deny ourselves that's exactly what it say. We must deny ourselves in order to bear witness and we are called to do it every one of us is called to do it in fact we can't grow in spirituality unless we do that's the very thing that causes us to grow is when we stretch ourselves and come out of that comfort zone and God knew this and so he established a means by which the church could get involved now you've probably heard me say this before but just in case somebody has I'm going to give a real brief history to you. Elder Stephen Haskell. Preaching in Southern California and it can't mean eight hundred eighty three at that time the early Adventist church spread its message in two primary ways through literature and tracks or through setting up big tents and having Cantonese and having pretty. Just come in and invite people in to preach OK those are the two ways so they had this big tent meeting in southern California Stephen Haskell was scheduled to preach he gets up to preach and uncharacteristically there there's this huge thunderstorm and it is allowed and the rain and thunder and everything you couldn't hardly hear him and so there was consideration to calling off the meeting but Elder Haskell I believe was impressed by the Spirit of God to do something different he came down from the podium came down to the middle of the tents asked everyone to gather close around and he began to share questions and then throw out a Bible verse for someone to read so he would say you know who gave the Scriptures and then he would share second to me three sixteen and somebody would quote you know all script Scripture was given by inspiration of God. Right and then he would ask another question have somebody to read another question have somebody to read question Bible answer question Bible answer question Bible answer the people stating gauged they heard what he was saying and actually everybody could sense the spirit of God in the place. And the next day. Ellen White son who had been at that meeting told his mother about it she was it on the campground it was being she said no I want to talk to other Haskell the other ministers so that ministers gathered together and she expressed how this method that was described to her question Bible answer question Bible answer. Was divinely inspired that God had shown her in vision. That there were going to be people in the end who are going from house to house sharing the Bible in just this way hundreds and thousands she's now. Elder Haskell was very excited about this over Haskell became the father of the tract missionary society by the way and so he was at the heart of this and he started getting some training going by the way thank you Mark for sharing the book with me if you have one of these There's a chapter twenty five actually it's on giving Bible studies recommend you read it. But it goes through this history and it has a little bit about this vision that she had and about what Elder Haskell did afterwards I want to read to you the statement she actually writes and Page forty two of Christian service where she shares about this these visions of the night she had. She says in visions of the night representations passed before me of a great reformatory movement among God's people a reformation hundreds and thousands were seen visiting families and opening before them the Word of God hearts were convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit Spirit of genuine conversion was manifest so she sees this picture of a reformation and the Reformation looks like we prayed Reformation all the time right what's that mean that means no more. Movies and video games and cursing and swearing and smoking and drinking and that's Reformation right well of course that's reformation but when she sees a reformation it incorporates and is at the heart of what she sees laypeople joining with ministers going house to house and sharing the Bible using the method that. Elder Haskell demonstrated a question by will answer a question Bible answer and so elder Haskell taking the cue from. A stablished a ten day training program called a Bible reading Institute because back then they called Bible studies Bible readings and many of you probably have a Bible. Readings for the home circle on your bookshelf somewhere well they started sending in these bible readings requesting them from laypeople and whoever to send in bible readings where they would send in question Bible answer question about on any different topic they were on angels and on have it and whatever they sent all in and they would publish some of them in the papers that they had and what have you the first two that were done were on the Sabbath and the second coming the first two by the ratings that they they put together they were but they were each about one hundred fifty questions long. But I would recommend it but anyway this was a big thing they were having people write in they would have times where they would come together for a public meeting and they would read these different ones and evaluate them and it was it was a big thing they were developing and they still had this training program that Haskell put together and he put an ad in the signs of the times the leading paper at that time to invite people encourage people to come to this Bible Reading Institute training they training program and this is the ad I want you to read this and I want you to hear it not only young men and women are wanted but men of mature years even if their heads are sprinkled with gray hairs they are none too old to visit families and tell what God has done for them and read the Scriptures now catch that. Young men young women. Old young doesn't matter. What was all the excitement about when it came to Bible read God had revealed a method to the Seventh Day Adventist Church spreading this end time message to the world that was not dependent upon the minister you see before they had to go somewhere raise up a tent bring you know or pass literature but now here was a way to actually personally communicate the truth that was not dependent upon the ministers and L. what would later write the plan of holding bible readings was a heaven born idea who gave the idea to us heaven Heaven God gave us this there are many both men and women who can engage in this branch of missionary labor she said rather the sisters God has given us this method for not primarily the ministers but primarily the church members that's why it's given. God had that in mind the entire time. OK I've got ten minutes and. It's a quick work I want to share with you a couple of it. OK this is a funnel and it's a soul winning funnel. And people come in from all different places in this funnel. People are first introduced to the church sometimes through health ministry. Cooking schools and. Sometimes it could be a social event you could be invited to a concert or something like that they could come to B.B.'s or their children to. Various different things but down here. It's a little bit different see up here somebody could come into the church and you know down here this is when someone finally becomes a baptized member. Is watered down here so someone could come through health ministry and eventually become about that as member without ever stepping foot into a vacation bible school so much you come to a concert meet some people become connect to the church and ultimately come a member without ever coming to a church social or health ministry event but everybody has to go through this neck of the pole you know that is you ought to know that that's Bible study you know you can love someone. Into confidence in you but you can't really love someone into the truth. The truth is what grips on the Lord Jesus has to grip someone he has to reveal Himself through His word to someone in order for them to really have staying power. So Bible studies are absolutely critical for anyone no matter what they might you know have become prepared through all tidily they go through bible studies now an evangelistic meeting is a condensed Bible study OK and even that we usually follow up with more personal bible studies in order to have them prepared but ultimately that's what we're looking at here here's the problem in our church right now. You know I used to work in another life in. Accounting and managerial accounting and I worked for a manufacturing company and that manufacturing company had all different parts of its process you know we made cylinders that helium cylinders and other things and you would have to take it through this blanking press and blank out this steel out of the steel coil these little blanks circles and then you would take that metal and it would be shaped through forming presses and then you would put those together and go through the weld line and then I would go through this test chamber to check for leaks and then it would have to go through spot welding and they would have to go to the paint line to be painted and then I had to go the packaging line and get package and I went through this process right while the paint line you know I did financial analysis on all sorts of things whether it was worth automating and you know spending the money on this automation machine to take out this labor and all that sort of thing in order to get make profit on it well. The paint line was our slowest part it was it was the part that we would consider the bottleneck. So I could you know we could spend a whole bunch of money. Further our forming presses and it wouldn't make a bit of difference because it would just be stacking up shelves. Because because he's still got to get to paint line. Because a paint line is a bottleneck and unless you increase the output. The efficiencies of the paint line you're not going to increase your total output brothers sisters we have a bottleneck. In the seventh Avenue Church. Everybody wants to work here. And it is very important these are important things I'm not negating it. But everybody wants to work up here. And yet the one thing that everybody has to go through is right here. And only a few people are willing to do this in any church. There's a reason why we have five six baptisms in a church and we're satisfied that a year right but what if we had thirty forty lay people giving Bible studies in every church I mean could you imagine if we opened up this bottleneck what would happen in our church the potential for growth in the Seventh Day Adventist Church is not some new innovative method. It is simply taking the divine plan and putting it into place and laypeople using what God has given us in order. To lead people into the truth. And I believe God is doing that. We're going to see it happen let me tell you something you will never see a reformation happen in a direction that you're not already going to. The Holy Spirit is not hit anything but a moving target if we believe that everyone needs to be moving this direction then we need to be doing whatever it takes to move in that direction and then God will begin to bless it and I believe that we're moving that way in the mission conference now I want to. You mind if I talk about Pastor Tony for a minute. OK let's say about my good friend passed on it's really on oh he's passed away now but Mark and I met him at the. Pennsylvania can't meeting many years ago and before we were both pastors. And. Pastor Tony had a seminar sort of like this it can't mean he was on soul winning Mark and I were in it and on the first day he told us that before we're done today I'm going to tell you about the big guy he had you know York it was it. Was you. Boss if you walk accident anyway but Bassett Tony said before we're done I'm going to give you a method that is nine times out of ten effective at getting a Bible study nine times out of ten you will get a said if you use this method and he called it Pastor Tony's sure fire method and so you know I'm not the most sanguine guy so the first time around I kind of chickened out he said OK He told us at the end about what the method was. He basically said this all you need to do. Is tell someone hey I'm taking a class on Bible studies and how to share my faith and. They're wanting us to find someone. To share these bible studies with and I was wondering if you would be willing to be the one to do these bible studies with me. And where. But some people say OK I'll do it about I don't they were how many was five to seven people raise their hand and say they were going to try it I didn't raise money. So he said I want you to try to night. And I want you to come back tomorrow and tell me about your bible study let me tell the story I got one minute. Anyway so the next day. You can do all you want to correct it later the next day. We come back is Tuesday of the of the class and the first thing he does is ask OK who has. Signed up for passage on a sure fire method I want to hear from you I want to hear from you and so they raise their hand and the first one says yeah. You know so it's on a as it were and I got it they said yes and I think you know the next but every one of them got a Bible study you know you think I'm kidding every one of them got the Bible study. So you know as I like to say I'm not the most am guy in the world but I'm not a coward either I've been playing for this. So then he says all right who's going to go do is going to ask tonight. And I raised my hand and I had in mind I was thinking about my little brother I was a worldly worldly guy for my conversion and my little brother grew up watching me and so he was a worldly guy and I felt always felt a little sense of remorse after my conversion for the fact that he was modeling after me and so I thought I could study with him and his at that time girlfriend so that night I went to the payphone about when it was. And I dialed up my little brother said Hey Ron Yeah. I'm in Pennsylvania actually at this spiritual retreat like weeklong spiritual treat call camp meeting and I'm taking this seminar on how to share the Bible how to share your faith and. And they are there wanting us to try to ask somebody find people that we can share the buy with share studies with and I thought about you and Danielle that maybe you might be open to that So what do you think. Which he says. Is this a trick and I said no it's not a trick look if you don't want to do it it's OK I'll ask somebody else that is thought I would start with you. I guess I guess we'll do it. You did I went back the next day to Pastor Tony you know I had my hand I got my BIOS that I was so incredibly pond I didn't have a clue how to do it I went home. I took the step book steps to Christ highlighted text and it kind of walked in there chapter by chapter and what it was all said and his you know he was really convicted by I could tell his girlfriend no interest whatsoever and I had a conversation with him about about halfway through it was like look you know I see it in everything but but she's not interested in you know I love her I'm not going to leave or whatever I mean I think so I saw that this was not going anywhere and I ended up telling him to read the rest of the book and let me know if they had questions where. Here's later after he'd been with her for seven years you know living with her everything else and they might have all been married they finally decided to get married and about a month before they were going to get married she dumped him and he spiraled got into a really bad situation. But he ended up meeting a girl she got pregnant he came and talked to me about how they didn't want this baby to be raised like their lifestyle and what have you and they were thinking about taking the baby to church ever more and so he wanted me to tell is now beyond say why they should go to church on Saturday. I said well look and she had a brother who was training to be a pastor and non-denominational church so I said look you know before you decide where you're going to go to church you really ought to decide what you believe so maybe we could just meet like once a week and we could go through some of the main topics of the Bible and we could just have to get it by now I knew a little more when I. And we did and we started a study and they had a lot to come out and it was very you know they still had to get married I married him we went through the whole process after a year and a half. The day before I packed up the truck to move to Michigan to start my ministry here in Michigan I baptized. There actually here in Cambridge we. Now have three little boys and it was all because it all started with Pastor Tony's sure fire method you know what I learned I learned Pastor Tony trekking because after that I started teaching a Sabbath school in my local church and I had somebody come in my Sabbath school who was interested in the Sabbath school seem to be somewhat interested but she had not been coming to church brand new person and so after this happened I walked up to her Take notes have a schoolteacher this is what I walked up to her and I said hey listen if you you know I I know you've missed a lot you know it's your first time here whatever but we have some great awesome Bible study series that I like to take people through and go through them study with them and if you'd be interested I'd be happy to do something like that oh I've been looking for some now wasn't pastor Tony's method but then it kind of dawned on me it's not about how you. Then ask. And it positively just gave us a tricky way to think. That we were you know somehow this tricky way was different from just asking somebody let me tell you something I'll say to get a mate auditorium. Later this week but there are really only three ways to get a Bible study. You can ask in the morning and asking ave are you going to ask in the evening but just ask that's the moral of the story. Now this week. This week. Who are you going to ask I want you to think about it you don't even need. A payphone you've got a cell phone who are you going to ask with Pastor Jim sure fire method. That coined that I don't know. I want you to think about it. Her. Remake if you missed part of it asked Tony sure fire method was also buddy up say I'm taking this class in order for me to successfully complete I need to study the Bible with somebody I'm a little nervous and I was hoping maybe you would help me you know I'm going to tell you people don't say no to that I can't tell you that because when I call somebody that it's and. So I was thinking of me but I thought in earlier that about twenty five you must mean the only one is that everybody else right now you're the Emanuel director. That's right that about you know you're probably got twenty five people that you've been in class and I want to say twenty at least twenty. I just doing that very thing and you can do it right here and this is. In your prayer time tray or tomorrow Lord Lord who should I hear people are there people you want to study with for ever you know like not that person because they'll say no no who should I ask and then just do what we said I'm taking this class or really complete it. Was probably a little bit nervous you doing that's a woman at the well thing you're putting yourself on you're putting them up higher yourself you know not like hey I'm going to teach you something. You know. Fries with that you know that may not finish the study like with run it will get you started and all or. All right so what we want to do is is tomorrow. We want to we're going to give you today. But tomorrow we want to see who has used Pastor Tony sure fire method I know there are some saying ones and hear this and brave people in here who are thinking about it be the one be the one is there somebody right here right now who are already is thinking about somebody they might ask. All right so so I want to hear reports back tomorrow OK All right that's fantastic look this is the direction if I had time is what I was going to do but I'm not going to tell you now I'm going to write something up. The conference is going to be. Working on a Bible study Reformation. We've been doing unlock revelation a bent focused up what we want personal work and so we are going to advertise across the state Bible study offer dot com and you are going to see it in Bible studies all over the state Bible study interests and we need people who are ready and prepared to get. We need to labor that's really what it's not it won't be until probably September. So it's all under development now but we're going to give you the plan here it can't be any become the main auditorium I've got something that I'll be sharing with everyone next Sabbath I'll be sharing things each evening a little bit about it so just stay tuned you're here for a reason because God is going to use you as first fruits of the labors that we really really desperately All right thank you let's have a word of prayer as we close more in session Father in heaven thank you so much for the time we've had. We just pray that there would be this mighty reformation in which hundreds and thousands are seen visiting families and opened before them were I pray for every person who was in this room there are a lot of nerves that are stirring in people's hearts stomachs I pray Lord that you would give them the piece of heaven help us to remember that it's not about how we cast the seed it's about the ground in which a fall and so if someone doesn't receive everything that's OK help us to learn how to find those who are interested in the things of heaven lead them to us help us to be brought into their pathway and then give us the courage to share our faith be. True. So bless each one of these people and bring us together Lord as we join together in the actual birth of. 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