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7. How to Get Bible Studies- Part 1

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • June 12, 2016
    3:00 PM
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Well good morning everyone remember us so far and have you learned something new. Have you learned something you can apply and we're going to talk about the next two days how to get right and give Bible studies how many have given Bible studies before all right I mean you realize you need some help after you gave that Bible study you need some very basic fundamental things and we're hopefully going to help you with that and today we're going to talk about mostly how to get bible studies and then tomorrow we're going to focus on how to write and give Bible studies and by the time you leave tomorrow hopefully if we have enough time usually we have a little bit more time we will actually write a Bible study and I'll teach you how to how to prepare a Bible study from a lesson that you might use like the landmarks of prophecy or the it is written studies then I'll teach you how to write a Bible study from scratch all you have is a bible a pen and a piece of paper and maybe a can cordons. And I'll teach you how to write a Bible say from nothing on any subject that's good and we will step up just this all right so we're going to get started and we're going to probably in the next little bit we're going to do some review from probably what you've already heard but it's good I'll try to be brief on that but I see some of my church members here and former church members so it's a blessing and excited about that we're actually going to have a ten day Emanuel session down in Lansing September eighth to seventeen so if you didn't get enough here you say man I want the full version the all day version you guys could come to that and they'll be doing those all over the place so we're excited I did work in amazing facts for about five years I worked at the center of evangelism at a great time at a train a lot of students who are now working in ministry in different places as pastors and by workers and of Angelus even and so the Lord is as blessed and. The reason I can give you very valuable information is because I have made a ton of mistakes so if there's anything I can tell you it's what you shouldn't do OK So that sounds fair so I'll help you not make the same mistakes because we've all blown it so in time or another we've all made mistakes but do you think that God and his for knowledge knew that we would do that yes or no and the only way to avoid those mistakes and to get better from them is to keep what keep doing it and them or you do it the more God teaches you and if you read the Gospels you find the Apostles early apostles made a few mistakes didn't they and so God expects that but there is something powerful there something life changing and transformational when the God of Heaven uses you to win a soul to him there's something that happens not just in their heart but in your heart and let me tell you friends my faith probably would have died long ago if it had not been for me sharing it with others and every time I get in a spiritual rut every time a get find myself just kind of declining and becoming discouraged I pray to God God's Son someone in the my life that I can speak to about you and he does it every time and always revitalizes my face some of the times I've been the most depressed you know why a lot of Advena sore kind of sour and the kind of discouraging the kind of depressed you know why that's the case it's because most of them are not sharing the gospel other people when you do that you cannot help but become on fire and so God wants to use you he wants to do great things through you and you will change when you begin to do this you will change how many of know this fire them talk about already you've tasted it you love it and you just want more and more of it you just want to quit your jobs and just do full time by work I remember when I was. In college I became a Seventh Day Adventist when I was twenty two years old I was going to. State University This was back in two thousand two and I was an atheist I was a hardcore atheist I hated Christians I hated the Bible I wanted nothing to do with it I thought it was the most foolish stuff on the planet. And I used to ridicule Christians have this little campus ministry thing my brother Daniel back there they had campus ministry they used to come and talk to me and I would make them leave in two years that's how nasty it was and I got to the point in my life where I was going to commit suicide because I was so depressed and had no purpose in life my mother had attempted suicide when I was seventeen I walked in on her dying Fortunately I called the ambulance and God save her life and so I had all these all this baggage in my life and I was ready to kill myself and I actually studied the Bible to prove it false and the only Seventh Day Adventists in my family that time was my uncle and my aunts they were first generation Adventists gave me some Bible studies I took those Bible studies and I took a Bible that my grandmother had given me many years before you don't even if you're an atheist and your grandma gives you a Bible you just don't throw that away because Grandma gave it to you right I have a little box with all the stuff to my grandparents gave me and in there was this little Bible and not the dust off that thing and I started to try to prove it wrong so I went through the amazing facts Bible study guides and as I went through those truth began to be open to me and this stuff made more sense than anything else I had ever seen and so as I as I studied those prophecies I found evidence that the Bible could be trusted that it was true and you know the prophecies reveal the truth of our world from ancient days until now speaks to twenty sixteen so as this just became real to me I began to go to my professors and I began to say look this is what I'm fine. Being from the Bible I know you think it's false and I did too but what do you say about this how can the the Bible and how could Daniel predict twenty five hundred years worth of world history with one hundred percent accuracy way before it ever happen and you know what their answer was We don't have time to talk to you about this so they don't want to talk about it and so I went back to my room I kept studying I came to the conclusion I came to this crossroads where I had to decide for myself is the Bible real cannot be trusted. Or is it really a book of faith fairy tales and so the conviction was so heavy in my heart I knew the answer that question and I accepted the Bible as truth and then I began to read the Gospels and I came face to face with Christ and I saw how nasty my life was and how righteous his life was and make a long story longer. I know down and I accepted the Lord twenty two years old in my college apartment former atheist on a state university campus and my life radically changed forever now what fueled death faith it wasn't just the excitement of receiving Jesus that's wonderful it's joyous but the greater joy became came when I began to see others whose lives were changed through a simple person like me God expects you to make mistakes he know you will he knows you will however he will teach you in the Spirit of God will instruct you angels of God will come to help you and God will transform others' lives through yours that's the most wonderful thing in the world if you can only take two things to heaven with you write your character and your and who was the people that you win to Christ you don't want to be standing alone in a sea of glass that day then you want to be standing there with a whole host a whole flock including your family and saying Lord These are the ones that you gave me. And they are here by the grace of God Let me tell you friends it's not just the work that you do your work will profit nothing you need to spin as much time in fact twice as much time on your knees praying for these people because it's the Holy Spirit that really does the work you're just the channel the greatest joy of doing this work is not seeing what you're doing it's seen what the Holy Spirit is doing through you that's the greater joy that's the power that's the that's the life that comes to your soul when you experience soul winning and then all right so with that being said let's pray together we're going to dive in because I'm already burning time here and so let's just bar has the Our Father we thank you so much for the supper tonight seem to be here we're excited Lord we see your hand working all across Michigan through the GRO Michigan campaign the unlock revelation and Lord we want more we've not seen the great things that you're willing to do in and through us when we consecrate ourselves to you Lord May we experience in our lives absolute total surrender that you might work to the fullness through us individually through us collectively in our local church and on the greater scale in this conference and so Father we dedicate ourselves to you just now asking you to illuminate our hearts open our minds and help us understand these very simple yet profound truths and principles we ask it in Jesus' name that all God's people say amen All right so how many of you have been blasted by the grow Michigan campaign and then how are you looking forward to the Bible study Reformation this fall that's why you're here right you're here because of that purpose and let me tell you this is something that's revolutionary I believe that this is what's Ellen White was talking about at the end of time when she said I saw thousands going out from door to door giving Bible studies and let me just say this friends would it is that possible. Then when she had that vision of people going door to door to door reaching out to people giving Bible studies sharing the truth with them sharing Christ with them is it possible that when she had that vision about the end of time that she saw your face in that vision. Possible isn't it it's possible imagined that so we're going to talk more about you guys have talked about I think Pastor Cameron that an excellent job yesterday going through the cycle of evangelism how many of you remember that the seed sowing and so forth so we talked about that when primarily what I'm going to do with the next two days of the cultivating stage and this is the stage that we often have the most difficulty with right because everybody's afraid to do want to get bible studies right I mean you're nervous about giving Bible studies but look the reality is this. Everybody gets nervous I still get nervous we all get nervous but the joy that we experience in doing it is greater than the nervousness that would prevent us from doing it and then the urgent need of the times in which we live today is greater then what we are worried about for ourselves right if we're Wolf we did not follow the command of Christ to go forward and to give those Bible studies and to be involved in soul winning then I do think let me just ask you I'm not telling you this I'm not trying to make you feel guilt in this asking you you think that's a pretty selfish thing to do yes or no to not do that which Christ has called us to do because we're afraid of what some is going to think of us or say about us you think that's a selfish thing yes or no it's very selfish and as Seventh Day Adventists friends we need to think on the larger scale I meant we need to be called in stepping out of our comfort zones and God calls us to that because when he does it it's not because he wants us to feel uncomfortable but he understands the end result the joy just like Jesus he endured the cross because of the joy that was set before him and that joy was your salvation in mice of ation but we need not be selfish and our salvation right we're not be selfish in the Strewth of the seventh Avenue the Church of the message that God has for the world in the last days and so we must step out by the grace of God and step forward in God to use us and it will be the greatest joy of our lives are going to talk about today how to get bible studies how many of you did you guys already cover this this quote yes or no mystery of you on page one hundred three All right let's just review it again Christ method alone how many methods one method and whose method is it. Do you think you'll let us use it yeah you'll let us use that warning Christ method alone. Will give true success now can you have success yes or no can you pack your church with all kinds of people yes or no you can use the world's methods I mean you can write you can use coffee shops you can use bowling in fact there's a church around the corner from my church in Lansing they have a bowling alley and a full basketball court they do everything to bring all the people in we just baptize a guy about three weeks ago who went to that church and he said you know they got bowling alleys and and all these different things he says but when it came to the spiritual stuff it was so shallow he says but there was like hundreds of young people there can you use the world's means to bring people into your church where you think and they'll be there and it will seem successful because look how many people were here what is it true success there's only one way to have true success and that's how it's Christ method now we have a twisted view of success because desex S. always mean large multitudinous are no no if you read the writings of L. Why she talks about that true success she said we'd be better to have one can truly convert a person than how many and how many ten or a hundred right so the numbers are always the indicator of success however if we do God's method will God give us numbers what he think got to give us numbers my father in law said a very wise thing once he said Success is not a number success is in doing the work and then because look the reality is this we want to win souls only we want to win souls for the truth but that's not always just the bigger picture the bigger picture is that we are giving people the opportunity to accept or reject are you with me and Jesus said ahead of time he told us so that we be prepared to understand it that there will be people who will reject the masses as it makes sense so that shouldn't surprise us. It shouldn't scare us it shouldn't prevent us from doing it because we're calling them to decision and we want them and we're praying for them to make the right decision but we're calling them to a decision to follow or reject Jesus so this may sound strange and may sound obscure or may sound weird but when people reject the message after they've received an understanding of the truth is that also success it is because because Jesus didn't call us to simply when souls he called he called us to reach the whole mess is the broader masses and make sense and it's up to the Holy Spirit to convict and bring He just called us to do the work the results are up to who they're up to him but when we're faithful in doing that God's going to bring results as any He's going to bring results only one of his own disciples was lost. That makes sense so we need not we need to to bear the weight on our shoulders of proclaiming the message of sharing the message but not bear the weight of the results as it makes sense and White says that steps of Christ I want you to understand something else. I had been a sieve gotten into a very terrible very very terrible mindset and that mindset is well we'll just so some seeds. And let the war do the rest right we're just going to sow seeds so we may as back up here. So ad been a smelly times zero little red thing on this point or. This right here or go administers have gotten stuck in this little section right here are you with me and we do this right here and I think you've heard people say that I'm sorry we do harvesting but we do not do this and this is the portion that everybody is scared of but that's the section that gives you the greatest results in your soul when. So do you think there's a possibility. That that's why Satan has caused everybody in the OF US or US to be afraid of it. Because he knows that that's what's going to bring the greatest results the kingdom of God what he thinks so we get it is so we as admin a say we say oh well you know we're just going to go out and give out some glow tracks and we're going to give out some literature and we're just going to praise the Lord that we did our evangelism for today. Or maybe for the year and we get stuck in this mindset that as long as I so some see the hum of you know listen I just plan of the guard my first garden ever. And I labored like nobody's business to get the thing up and going before can't meeting I built these boxes I put the soil in I.E. I built a fence around it to keep the rabbits out and I did all this stuff in like two days a weeks were like two days I was up till two in the morning working on this garden and then I went out there I put my seeds actually use a little plants was to say you seeds and I went out there I put those seeds in the ground. And I say well I did all that work to plant my seeds now whether they come up or not and whether I get any fruit I don't really care that's up to God I'm not really worried about it I'm just going to plant those seeds and be done with it and that was that was quite fun wasn't it I mean you planted a seed and you don't expect to get a tomato. Plant tomato seeds you expect to get what I made holes you plant some squash seed you expect to get what squash it's you know what different was soul winning you plant the seeds of soul winning and you expect to get watt soles and you don't quit gardening over the summer and so in the fall late summer and fall when you get the what when you get the harvest you don't quit late we don't plant the seeds and then go in and watch T.V. all summer you read that thing you fertilize that thing you water that thing until and it grows and you may have to tie your your plants to post and all the different things right so you expect fruit at the end of the summer why do you not expect fruit from our labors in Seoul winning if we're following the same process. We have and have must have a different mindset we must have a change in our thought process that we're just not about sowing seeds of AVONEX now we're about so it seeds aren't we we want to sow seeds but we're not just about that we also want to want and God do you think God wants to give us a harvest you know I he gives you tomato plants every fall you know he gives herbs to mate O's you know he gives you a squash and zucchini because he's been trying for years to get it through your mind that he wants to give you the same results and soul and. That's why he does it. You want to see the importance of it now I've gone on enough about this going back to Christ method alone will give you what kind of success we want true success I'd rather have one baptism who's faithfully truly converted than have ten that I can report to the conference who leave the next week I think all the feel the same right. We want disciples we don't want baptisms we want to sign pulls the Savior mingle and so how did he do it he did what he means what does it mean to mingle. It means to be available him to be where those people are you want to be with those people or he Neagle with men as one who desired their good he did what was a second thing you did he showed sympathy if you hang around with somebody long enough are they going to start telling you their problems yes or no we're going to start telling you the problems and listen friends add them as have become masters at Welwyn So we come into the church and we say what happy Sabbath how are you today and what's the good ole administration Ponce good old good wonderful so good but what if my sister says. Happy seven How are you today. Oh you know I'm so sorry I want to pray for you but God bless you and I go to the other side of the church and I only talk to write and also more importantly for visitors that come to the door so we don't know how to sympathize because we don't want to be bogged down but did you know friends that other people's problems are one of the greatest opportunities to be a witness of them that you know that we want to get involved the people's problems because as you meet all of them they begin to you don't show sympathy for somebody who's doing great yeah I just got a raise just paid off my house this week I just paid off my car this week I just bought a brand new boat paid cash for it you know my kids are doing well they got their on the honor roll all you know let me sympathize with you on that we don't do that Dewey we sympathize with those who what have problems and troubles and we need to by the grace of God make ourselves available to those people and then so he said he's sympathise with them for them in then he did what he didn't just say oh I'm really sorry about this he did what he did something about it now listen we can't solve everybody's problems OK I'm not suggesting that OK but we can do what we can to relieve and. Help them right you know they're they've got a whole host of problems and one of the problems is you know I don't know how I'm going to feed my kids this week I can do what I go by them fifty dollars for the groceries or whatever I can help them in some capacity and the key is not God's not asking us to solve all their problems is not asking us to support them he's asking us to sympathize and what Minister OK And when I minister to them what does it do it wins their wants their confidence I can't tell you how many times friends. You know just the other day just the other day and I go to Chipotle a Chipotle is one of my favorite places to eat in fact some I just got into gift cards last week from people now some of you might say Oh well there they had all that he cold they were sabotaged So poll is the best place fast food place they have real food there amen and there's one just around from the church so I go to Chipotle a and on there and I'm talking to this officer right he's a he's a police officer and behind him as a as an Army soldier. He's in the Army I don't know exactly everything about him but anyway I'm talking this officer and I asked him if he knows my church where my church member used to be head of the fire department there in Lansing and he says oh yeah I know him and I asked him if you knew someone else although I know him we're just chatting there and when we get up to pay guess what I did I paid for his meal and for the army guy behind I'm not saying that credit myself just tell me what happened and so the lady at the register she knows me and she was just so happy that I did that well the next time I could she sees been a regular basis I go there twice a week probably I went back the next time she says all and so thankful for what you did she says we're going to cover your burrito today they give me free food all the time and there is one of the reasons why I love it. And so. Minister opens up want. Opportunities she knows I'm a pastor she's watching me carefully and she's seeing how I respond in different situations on building that bridge with her and God is opening the door because if well if you ever go to polar bears like people with piercings and purple hair they're serving and it's a great witnessing place and then but when you minister to people it wins their want confidence it wins their confidence you know I go to Taco Bell sometimes and I'll pay for the person behind me and then I have some glow tracks in my in my hand and I say I want to pay for the person behind me and it doesn't just impress the person behind me it also impresses who the window clerk right so I say I want to give these if you could take these and give them to the person behind me and then these are for you and they take them because it was that I've won their confidence now you could when someone's confidence in five minutes or you may take you fifty years so when someone's confidence you might now also you can also lose their confidence can't you you may spend fifty years winning someone's confidence and destroy it in one minute. By losing your temper can't you but this is Christ method it's not rocket science it's not that if it was rocket science I could be here teaching. If it were difficult I'm not a smart person I couldn't be here teaching. But it's simple and then he bade them was come follow me it's not hard guys it's very easy it's very beautiful and it's a method that only could be borne by divine inspiration Amen it's the method that Jesus used not to Jesus baptized very many people he didn't Diddy but he opened the door for who is apostles of that ties him and so making friends. When it confidence and want share in the world how many think you can be a friend of somebody I think you can sympathize with them I think you can minister to their needs and the Holy Spirit will help them to win their confidence and how many think you can invite them to say hey I got something more I think it would be a blessing I mean think you can do this it's very simple all right so only friends can be friends to Jesus bring a friend develop trust and then share God's word on the talk about real quickly the A.B.C.'s of soul winning we're going to give you these notes and somehow some way so I don't want you to stress out about right now everything down you can write if you want to but just know that you'll get these the A.B.C. is a Sony It's so simple friends it's so easy the way is what. It's acceptance and they're all you're good and there's two eighty's under acceptance agreements and then approval and agreement is very simply excess agreeing people with people where you can now add than us or lovers of truth aren't we but Jesus says I'm looking for a people who worship me and both spirit and want and truth right so we have the truth we know that but you know why the evangelical churches are filling up. One reason there are other reasons because they worship God in spirit I may not always be the Holy Spirit. But they are very spiritual and reaching out to people they love people do them and they take them then that makes sense and imagine friends if we could love people the way that Jesus commanded and we also have the truth how powerful that. Is a lot of ads and that's the have the truth there's a lot of Abu Anas I have the Spirit of God They have a spirit some of them is not always God's Spirit we want that's very man so when I agree agreement you know sometimes we're more concerned about correcting people and their understanding of their misunderstanding of truth than we are about winning their hearts if you win their hearts First the truth will naturally come what if you just slam them with the truth without winning their hearts it's going to put up obstacles and blocks Now what that doesn't mean what that doesn't mean because on the flipside we have this movie with an atmosphere today that just says all except in love everybody and it doesn't really matter what they believe just bring and then it will baptize them and and we don't ever tell them the truth as it makes sense you got to have the right bounce spirit and truth OK so let's just suppose you're sitting there with with some lady and she says you know and some a B. She said yes to Bible studies and you're on your first Bible study about Daniel two or whatever and she's sitting there she says yeah she says. I just so thankful for these bible studies because my heart has really been breaking because you know my grandmother she died three weeks ago and I know she's in a better place I know she's looking down on me caring after mean but I just miss her so much and you command you say no. Your grandmother is not in heaven where is she she's in the grave she's sleeping Don't you know the Bible says let me show you and you stop your Bible study and then you two and you go to all the tax about sleeping and what does that do for that person that's right you don't always have to correct people right in that moment. Right. Jesus didn't and she says so if she says that what can I how can I respond instead. I can sympathize I'm so sorry you lost your grandmother I know that must have been really painful for you you know Jesus promises us peace in whole and he promises that one day you can see your grandmother again he gives us that hope he puts in our hearts in fact in fact we have a Bible study that's going to talk all about that what happens when we die what is your grandmother been experiencing we have a Bible study on that when you talk about that coming up right you don't have to correct in that moment so make sense agree where you can you know I know that God has a plan for your grandmother when Jesus returns. When we are all in heaven together it's going to be a great joy. For you to be reunited with her grandmother that puts hope there and what does that do it with. Confidence doesn't it wins confidence secondly small agreements will win confidence and prepare the way for for bigger agreements so I agree where I can and I don't have to correct them because we don't need to correct them do we as we open the Bible in a continued series of studies what's going to happen Rense. They're going to be convicted of the truth and you can't convict a single soul even for one second you can't convict them but the Bible will convict a man the Spirit of God will convict don't fracture relationships with unnecessary or harsh disagreements approval Secondly Jesus demonstrated acceptance by agreeing with people where he could approving them complimenting them and by appreciating them they don't have to approve you before you approve of them and so Jesus would approve you give me some examples of when Jesus approved someone. I'm not and I'm not referring to when they do something wrong but were what other places does he the woman at the well. Right what else. Sagan. The woman with the two months right Zacchaeus right who else. In the world. Oh. Yeah the seven churches right the seven churches a revelation he he approves them right about the how about Mary when she came in poured the oil on his foot Judas rebuked her and then he that's right the man the fig tree right so the G. Jesus knew this he knew that come and yet in the Faneuil when he I think was in it then you'll was in it he came to him and says there is an Israelite indeed a man who's who has no guile in his mouth right so Jesus complimented people he approved people and you will be amazed friends how quickly people's demeanor will change when they're nasty to you and you respond to them and kindness is just mind blowing to see it it's only by the Holy Spirit so I'll tell you you know this one time I was in California and I was I when I worked at amazing facts I lived in this duplex and I lived on one side in this other family lived on the other side of me and this guy was like something else his name was Joe and Joe would smoke pot he would smoke cigarettes he would drink beer and every day he would start his beer drinking at about three o'clock and you'd always hear him and his wife next door just fighting and carrying on and you'd hear dishes crashing and a couple times I ended up calling the cops on him because I could hear him throwing her up against the wall and stuff but Joe would come over and he would talk to me and he would flirt with my wife and and I'm just like this this is like What's America's guy one time I I had to pick up a suit from the dry cleaner for a international trip I was going on and like I had no one else that could do it. Like no one else and I and I just my only hope is Joe right so. That's desperate OK so I go next door and I say to Joy I said Joe did you know I so I really need a favor I'd be even be willing to pay you ten bucks for it he says what's that he says I says I need you to pick up my suit from the dry cleaners just down the street takes two minutes to get there all yeah yeah no problem man what do you need when you need me to do that I said I need to do it tomorrow like five o'clock before five o'clock between three and five he says all Noman he says I'm sorry he says I can't do that I simple why not you have an appointment he says Well I says that's when I start drinking he said and he was so proud he says I don't ever drink and drive he says so I there's no way I can go to because that's when I start my drink and I'm not going to be on the road I'm just thinking what in the world. So I start praying for Joe. And one day I get a knock on my door. I open the door there's Joe He's got a cigarette in his hand I've got a beer in his hand and he says you know he says I've been watching you how you conduct yourself he says I believe you're a true Christian I said why preceded. And he says I'm wondering if you would study the Bible. He came to me. Came to me even after I called the cops on him. I told him I did I said Brother I was thinking of your wife man you were in a rage now the time a call the cops on him another time he was out in the street trying to fight when the other neighbors he pulled his shirt off stand there without a shirt on just screamin in the middle of the road. And he says could you come sort of the Buy With Me What do you think my answer was of course you know I'm going to come a sort of a buy with you so we started the study in the Bible we studied Daniel Chapter one we talked about what it means to give our heart to God. That Daniel gave says when Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself to the actual a more accurate translation as he gave his. God gave it God. And I said Joe would you like to give your heart to gone and he said yes so when I when I went over to study with him he's sitting there and he's got a beard and sand and smoke a cigarette while we do our Bible study so you know I didn't say a word to him. After two or three meetings of studying the Bible he says to me. You've never said anything to me about smoking and drinking during our Bible study. He says what does the Bible say about that. You imagine. I said Well Joel let me tell you something. I says when a man invites me to his house. I don't go to his house and tell him what to do is your house you whatever you want to I'm going to stay there by with you no matter what. As long as you're able to mentally do it. And he just looked at me he says no one's ever been like dead to me before and it wasn't me it was God. And he says what does the Bible say about smoking and drinking and said we'll talk about that. Who was convicting him. Holy Spirit I did a simplified Bible study with him because I didn't want to wait that long I did a simplified bias I didn't hammer him on all the unclean meats and all this stuff I just talked to him about what the Bible says about. The body being the temple of God and that whatever we eat or drink do all and I said So Joel I want you to answer your own question as we look at the Bible I didn't tell him so the Bible says you shouldn't smoke you shouldn't drink you shouldn't do that I said so after we've looked at two or three verses here Joe what do you think the Bible says He says. I think it tells me I shouldn't do this that it's harmful to me into my family I said only God could reveal that. And then I said do you think that God would want you to stop and he says yes and I said do you want to stuff and he says Yes I says Do you believe that God can give you the power to stop and stop and just pause. And he says I've been drinking says I was twelve years old I've been on crack cocaine. For like twenty years he said I I thought I was doing good to stop drinking I'm going to stop crack cocaine and be drinking and smoking said I thought I was doing good pizza but now realize that God wants to take me further I said Do you believe God has the power to do that. And he said yes. And by the grace of God He began to come out of that pit that he was in. And what I'll tell you is this is that one of the most important principles you can learn about soul winning is not to make statements of people. But it's to ask them questions if you look through the Gospels you find how many times Jesus asked questions do you want to be made well do you want to receive this do you want God to do this for you and if you learn to ask questions the Spirit of God begins to convict them and it's like a million times more powerful if they speak the truth out of their own conviction then you just telling it to them so in most of my Bible studies I usually ask more questions than I make statements and let me tell you I get farther one Bible study or one visit by asking the right questions than I do in forty visits or forty Bible studies making statements I doesn't mean I don't make statements OK I still make statements but the most important statements the most important truths I want them to know I ask it in the form of a question and they respond if they give me the wrong answer then I say well let's look at it from the Bible here and let them read the verse and then they respond again I ask them again now what do you think now what do you think every in this verse and then they usually come to the right answer but it leaves such a more more much more powerful impression upon them if you ask them questions you read to the cross balls I will challenge you read the Gospels and count the number of times Jesus asked questions and you'll see OK All right so approval and an acceptance except people where they are don't expect them to come to you overnight All right the second one is once believe there's a very powerful verse and Romans fourteen that essentially says God calls those things which are not as though they are what does that mean. Filming That's right. He's right you know when Jesus sees people not as they are but as they can once become. Think about that you and your sins when you were desperate without a hole before you really accepted Christ. God didn't see you as you were I mean even though he does do that he does see you as you are. But he sees you as you can one that's become That's why he sees the value in investing his own life to save you because he sees you as you can become through the power of the Holy Spirit a minute he sees you as you can become as admin as many times we forget to see people as they can become we see them as they are and we think well there's been people have said even a person would never respond to the imitation of God Guess what some of those people are now deacons in the church deaconesses in the church elders in the church right they were baptized some of the people I just about gave up on and gone made it clear to me not to give up on that person they were baptized some of the people I thought man this person is for sure going to come into the church never make it NEVER me because these things are divine they're not human are you with me only God knows these things how does God see today when God saw when Jesus saw Peter down by the sea shore how they see him what was the visible was the human the human sight there he stunk probably had his back turned to Jesus he was probably cussen he was a sailorman right save his cuss Yes he's probably cussing and he smelled bad and Jesus came up to him and he said and he's just standing there and maybe Peter turns around and he sees Jesus and Jesus says Why come follow me he didn't see Peter as a stinky fisherman who was swearing he saw him as one of the greatest preachers in the day of Pentecost right how does he see you today what put ten. Does God want to do through us not what lies within you is what lies above and then but if it's going to come through you or not and then the last one is see confidence Jesus didn't just see people as they could become he also treated them as they would become so make sense so Jesus treated people as if he expected them to make the right decision there's a difference and and speaking to someone and hoping they'll make the right decision versus speaking to them and expecting that they're going to make the right decision or make sense. So when I study. The Sabbath with people. I say when they when I recognize and I don't say until they're convicted that this is the truth when they convict this who I just say to them I know that God's going to help you make the right decision I know that you're going to experience such joy as you make this decision for Jesus there was a man in our church in Lansing Church in fact he's he's the husband of a conference one of the secretaries of the office and this brother has attended the atmosphere for more than twenty years or than twenty years and he never made his decision I can take that full story but I take too much time but I just. Just a couple of weeks ago he was about ties made his decision and that's a miraculous story I don't have time to tell you now. However. I used to come up to him and I used to use the confidence like for instance one Sabbath he was standing at the door of the church with us with a suit on I came by and I said I just kind of Tatham I said Bob You look like a deacon and then I walked off. I treated him as. As a member as at the like I saw him as he could become he'll probably be a deacon in the next next Nami committee but when you treat people as they can become and you expect them to make the right decision God opens the doors doesn't now we're not talking about being pushy we're not talking about being you know what's the word. They're. Not rambunctious but noxious we're not talking about being I'm not sure this but very sweetly very kindly very lovingly raising people up because that's what Jesus did man all right now. More than ninety nine percent of all people will never make a personal effort to come to Christ you know that So what does that mean that means that we need to what. We need to come to them and then we need to go to them and White says Go to your neighbors one by want one last Christmas I took my son we visited all of our neighbors. Yes we took them some nice Braddon and some and some cookies or something I don't know but we went to visit all of our neighbors and I had him give you have kids that melts hearts and then go to them one by one and come close to them to their hearts are warned by unselfish interest and love sympathize with them pray with them watch for opportunities to do them good and as you can gather a few together and open the Word of God to the dark and minds this is how revival begins this is how great soul winning efforts begin it doesn't begin with great speakers standing up and preaching it begins with God's people lay people getting serious about the calling upon their lives to win souls let me tell you the calling upon your life to win souls to Christ is just as urgent and these times is just as important as the ministers call to be a pastor or being in full time ministry you realize that in fact I would probably say it's more important because the work of God is not dependent upon the pastor as opinion upon the people all right let me just keep moving here and we talked a little bit too much in the other section. That I'm just going to jump ahead here. And let me say this. I get all this if you look at this bottom statement says you cannot reach a thousand and two you reach one. For so many people used to come to Africa and they I want to be an evangelist I want to see an up and preach on to be like Mark Finley whoever you can't reach one person around the world begins across the street. Around the world begins across the street say that with me around the world begins across the street it begins with your neighbors your coworkers the people coming to church and so forth. This is a soul winning chart and just quickly tell it so you. After If you have a very talented evangelists like Mark Howard and after a year he could if he could win a thousand people a day. At the U.N. of thousand people a day at the end of the year he'd reach as many people through and sixty five thousand right after two years how many. And it goes on down the line and after eight years man he's hit like three million people he's the best known speaker the evidence true it's already true but. He becomes even more popular but you have Joe Smith over here who reaches out to his neighbor and says hey would you like to sort of the Buy With Me as a neighbor says Sure us out of the buy with you and so they begin Bible studies and at the end of the one year his neighbor Bill gets baptized and at the end of that year Bill's excited Joe's excited their faith has been revived and and Joe says to Bill or whatever the names are I don't remember number one says Number two how would you like to learn how to share this with somebody else and he says Sure that's part of being a Siple isn't it so he trains his friend to share with somebody else so his friend gets a study with his coworker and then he finds another person to study with the second year and so at the end of the year you're two how many people have been one of the Lord for seems like it would be two but actually it's four because not only did the new people say that were saved but who else the ones giving a meant so you go on down and after eight years you win one and train one at the end of a years two hundred fifty six people doesn't seems like Pastor Mark Howard's going to just right on down the road right. But then look at this it begins to what exponential potential Amen exponential growth compound interest some of you might be wealthy in your because of compound interest I don't know he's almost caught up with brother Mark hour but look at this in just. One more year what's going to happen to this number. It's going to double and then it's going to quadruple and then after twenty six years sixty seven million euro is seven times the great mighty Avonex of Angeles let me make this point clear it is not Doug bachelor It is not Mark Finley it is not Sean Boone's draw it is not three A.B.N. it is not a F.T.V. amazing discoveries T.V. or any thing else like that is going to finish the work of God but it's going to be a means that the world would say it's ridiculous. It's going to be through you. And the power of the Holy Spirit because God doesn't like I mean he does use those things I'm not saying it doesn't. But if you're dependent upon those people. Going to be sorely disappointed. Just going to just keep going on. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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