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8. How to Get Bible Studies- Part 2

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • June 12, 2016
    4:00 PM
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All right just one more last ration then we'll move into some practical let me give you a lot of theories you probably already heard but that's OK Just suppose that every church member. Decided I'm going to give a Bible study when I was doing by work in Tennessee we had little kids and nine year old girls girl she was nine as she was out leading people to baptism. In our school last year we had our students going around giving Bible studies one person got baptized for that. We just suppose every church member said I can give a Bible study this one I was a Bible study take. One hour. Let's suppose you have you have fifty people attending your church all members are fifty attending members and every person is assists say every person was able to get a Bible study now typically let's say it's forty let's say you have fifty people turning but only forty can do it typically about one out of every four people will be baptized you study with. So if forty people are given Bible studies how many baptisms of that you know the year ten maybe more because that many people are working God bless you more I'm just going by the average So now I have in my church how many members fifty. And listen let me let me say this when I baptized people before I baptized them I asked them Do you have somebody in your family or friends that would want to study the Bible I want you to go ask them they will study the Bible because those newly that those new members they're not afraid they're not scared they're not like the Laodicean lukewarm advantage they're excited nice I want you to go out and find people to sort of the Bible with and let me tell you we baptize a guy in April of this year like two months ago and he's already given Bible studies the Baptizer guy in December in Lansing give him bible studies that ties another lady in Lansing she's given Bible studies to her best friend baptize a C. It was another one I remember but these people I asked them right before the baptized who do you have that would want to study the Bible there's none of this business of all we need to give them a year to get comfortable in the church yeah we need to give them a year to get comfortable not want to do anything because they hang around other lukewarm madness who tell them oh you don't need to to do this and that no we want them moving now because that's how you change the culture of your church and then so I send my Bible worker with them I say I want you to go and I want you to give to Bible studies and they're going to watch you and then after you do that you go with them again and you have them give the study and then after that they're on their own. I tell my Bible as do you don't go give a Bible study unless you have a church member with. That's where it sat in and as you become more experience you'll be the one quarter needing all those people in your church who are then giving Bible studies OK so now I have fifty members and let's just say I have another have forty that will still give Bible studies right. Forty so I go out and I win ten more and that's how you build growth that makes sense that's how you build growth so we're not now just adding members we're now want we're now multiplying OK we're now multiplying and it becomes exponential potential All right so how do we invite people to get to take bible studies is very simple is very practical I have little eight little scenarios here that talk about different types of people who you my ask Bible studies to get bible studies to what you have to remember is that. Everybody is somebody not everybody is going to say yes there's going to be some people who are going to say what no if you will go into asking people to take Bible studies with the mindset of knowing ahead of time that some will say no it won't freak you out is bad but make sense it's very easy it's very simple look what in life can you do. Were everybody's going to say yes. Nothing I saw this video on You Tube where this guy was going around to people in the streets trying to give them free hundred dollar bills and he was like I just want I just want you to know that you know I'm just trying to do an act of kindness and I just want to give you one hundred dollars and some people took it and they were excited and other people said they were looking at the guy and they were. No no no what are you trying to do to me you know they said no people refusing free money so people are going to refuse free money they're also going to refuse one but listen at the end of them saying No Did you die are you still alive praise God Now you can move on as somebody else so we are looking for I think I heard you I mean you heard Sean booms for a sermon on Sabbath morning right about you're looking for people that are convicted that are interested and there's going to be and there may be somebody that's not in arrested today but next month they might be in arrests that are next years and makes sense because people are on different journeys and the Holy Spirit is working on their life and they may not be ready yet but we're looking for the right warns that makes sense and some people say well I've been I've been I've been doing my evangelism I've been working with my with my neighbor for twenty five years and and he's still not there but one day but he's not ripe yet OK there's different ways God begins to bring convicts in people's life right but when people write so don't be don't be bothered of people say no just keep going OK because if you ask enough time somebody is going to say yes it's just the simple law of statistics somebody will say yes at some point if they say no no but they will it's not just let it roll off your back. If you knew that that your children were going to die. If you didn't go in because you didn't have enough money to buy food if you didn't go and ask for a raise on the you would do it. And you thought he might say no but you'd say you know what my kids got to eat and how much more important is the eternal value All right so be bold people all right so number one the person who doesn't know a whole lot about the Bible have either met some of them that's becoming more and more common and why might they say no to you about giving them Bible studies if they don't know a whole lot why might they say no because they don't they're they'll be embarrassed right that they don't know a lot so how have you know people like this you know that they don't know a lot but they don't want you to know they don't know whole lot right and you want to study the Bible with them so the way that I do is I approach it on the same level with them makes sense so I'll say you know maybe I've been in a spiritual conversation with them you know we've A I've asked them what do you think about these world events or whatever and they say this or that and I say well you know the Bible has a lot to say about that and. So maybe we've had some kind of spiritual discussion OK And I think that they talk to you about how to get the start there but I'll say something like this you know I have a great set of Bible studies and they look very exciting I don't want to do them alone I'm looking for someone to do them with me would you be willing to do them to help me learn more about the Bible. How does that sound the sound nice are they going to be threatened by that now they may not know much about it I mean they may be thinking how am I going to help them learn well maybe it's not you that's instructing me but you're helping me because we're going to do it together we're going to figure out what we can find so it makes sense so easy to do so come down to their level don't have to it doesn't always have to be you that's going to be instructing them you can just say hey we're just going to learn together because let me ask you Are you going to learn something from the bible studies through you are are they going to be exciting do you want to do them alone you know so you're not the seeing people you're telling the truth are you you're just being wise as a serpent harmless as a dove so that's how I respond to a person gotten tons of Bible studies that way hey would you help me because I really want to do this but I don't want to by myself I want to learn more about the Bible but it's just kind of hard to do it alone could we do it together and I'll be like Let's do it because secretly We're thinking I want to know more about the Bible too but there are too afraid to do it by themselves right so you're just going to learn together very similar easy about a friend or a family right think her Pastor Mark you guys have already done this. But it says I have just taken a course on how to study the Bible have you done that you're doing that now right or how to study the Bible of others one of the requirements is that I need to do a few studies with someone else would you be willing to help me by being my want I mean I part and I have a view of Welcome back to this in this minute all right and number three for the person who ask you a question you know one of the grave errors the add them as make is that when people ask you a question like for instance why do you go to church on the Sabbath or you know what do you believe about this or what do you leave out that one of the big problems is that we come up poor out all that we know to that person in five minutes or ten minutes or maybe the next five hours. When I first began to give Bible studies I used to invite people over to my apartment from when I was in college I used to feed them a meal because no college student would turn down a free meal right and then I would tell them the whole three engines message over the next six hours and I got to where like they were sitting on my couch like this and I was like standing up just telling them all about the Sabbath and the change of the Sabbath and the end of Christ and I was waxing eloquent and they were like this. And by the time by the end of the Bible study like they were just like I got to get out of here. And then I will go back to class the next day they would be sitting on the other side of the class and they would be avoiding me and I couldn't get it I was like Why could they not be so excited about this right because we need to share just what little snippets right little snippet so don't overwhelm them and what happens is this if someone asked you to use the Sabbath has a very simple clear cut example was someone asked you about the seven Why do you keep the several Why do you go to church on Saturday. If I give them. A complete answer on that. What happens. It may not turn them away but what happens is I give them a nuff information that satisfies their curiosity. And then they make a decision on the Sabbath without based upon my words without ever opening the Bible so it makes sense. So when someone asks me why do you go to church on Saturday I'll say something like Well you know because the Ten Commandments say so and the state will say what they do I say yeah I say so this is where is a said right in the Ten Commandments X is Jeff twenty I say oh and then the sort of assets and I will or will will tell me more about it I say well you know that's when I move into my line here that's a great question you know there's so much about this is it's much bigger than a five min answer can satisfy you I have a set of Bible studies that will explain it all there's no way I can tell you and show you I'd really have to show you from the Bible but I can't do that in five years but I do have a set of Bible studies maybe let's just say that your coworker maybe we could get together once a week during our lunch hour we can eat lunch and do a Bible study together would you like to do that simple. As that easy and most of the time they'll say yes sometimes they'll say well I don't know I don't know about that maybe not I was asking so that's OK if you change your mind let me know and then you'll have a daily contact with and you'll be able to begin nurturing that so maybe a week later I might say something like if they say no to me I might say So what made you ask that question about the Sabbath and then it gets me back into that conversation with them right and if you want to know more of got these bible studies so don't be obnoxious but be accommodating and be offering right so let's try not to give them a whole. A whole answer on a subject when they ask because you want to keep going the way. The carrot you want to keep day until Because your best opportunity for them to understand that truth is to get them sitting down in a true Bible study it's not discussing it with them because then they start making decisions without having the truth in front of them and that's bad real bad now sometimes I'm on a plane with somebody and I know I'm not going to see them again right so I might give them more information and then give them a website that they can go to but if I had daily contact with this person I want to get them in a personal Bible study make sense. In this beautiful it's so easy so easy and all these years you might have thought it's so hard it's so easy Our number four How about a person who has no interest in a subject. Or you know they have they just have no interest sometimes the people who seem to have no spiritual interest are the ones that have the most spiritual interest that makes sense but either they've been burned or they're very private person or they you know they they've had so much falshood presented to them that they've just employed some of the people that are the most reserved about religion are the people who have had so many bad experiences and they've said to God God I'm not going to do anything else I'm not going to I'm not going to go to any more churches I'm just going to wait for you to present to me the truth is I make sense I'm going to wait for you to do that and so sometimes those kind of people then so I will often probe people I will say I'll just throw out questions of all kinds I'll say you know maybe I've gotten to know Bill on the job and we've talked a lot we've talked about cars and kids and gardening and fishing and whatever he wants to talk about and we've built a pretty good relationship and I'll say Bill what do you think happens. A person dies. I'm not even necessarily have to talk about the Bible in that moment but I just ask him that question Bill what happens when somebody dies and I'll just I'll just let him talk. I'm not going to interrupt I'm not going to butt in and I say Yeah but the Bible says no no no no I just love Bill talk as Bill talks you know say well you know I've heard all kinds of things I've heard that we're reincarnated and I've heard you know you have an experience of going to an all or whatever you know and he's going to go on and on right but at some point he may go on for three minutes he may go on for three seconds he may go on for three hours. But eventually he's going to come to the place probably maybe not always but most of the time what he's going to do what. He's going to say to me what do you think. And that's my one now my going to probably tell him. What the Bible says about that and that little discussion probably not but I might say something like this you know Bill it's very interesting you should ask me that I've actually learned some things from the Bible that just blew my mind I just couldn't believe it I said it really makes more sense than anything I've ever heard and I just I've just been curious what other people think about the subject and that's why I asked you but I don't know if you'd be interested this this did so much for me it gave me peace of gave me help again the rest of it it just changed the way I think and it's so powerful and makes so much sense maybe you'd be interested in knowing that knowing about it would you mind if we shared that together I have a great set of Bible studies that will talk about that so yeah these are that is you guys awake. You guys are focused right making sure some of you look a little glossy I but. So would you mind if we got together and did that and I could share that with you I think you'd really enjoy it so I'm not proud I'm not pushy that makes sense and modern times I'm just very nonchalant and Bill might say oh yes sure we can do that now so how about if you know Monday we get together during lunch time lunch hour and we'll sit down and we'll will eat our lunch together I'll buy you lunch or whatever I always buy people out of lunches and people like free lunches and and I'll say let's do that and I'll say sure very simple right all right other questions I'll ask is you know maybe they're a Christian already maybe they're already Christian I'll say You ever wonder if the if the United States is mentioned in Bible prophesy. You know I just I just I just did a study on that I found some profound things if we could talk about them we would sit down and study that together sometime right and so it's very easy to do this and you have to gauge the person are they are they religious are they not are they Christian or the Muslim and you have to find those questions and you pray about this find those questions that are going to appeal to their to their particular life their worldview OK that makes sense it's not that hard to do when the Lord will give you this the answer is No No Do you remember I told you the best thing you can do for people is to do what I ask questions and you will get farther with people asking questions than you will making statements instead of always trying to tell people the truth I asked them about the truth and then eventually it opens up the window in the opportunity much quicker more quickly for me to then share the truth that makes sense it's beautiful it's beautiful all right number fine for the person who knows the Bible or expresses something spiritual you know. Sometimes I've gone door to door and I'm knocking on the door and I take people through the survey and I you know I go through the survey in the questions and then at the end I talk to him about Bible studies if you like your bible studies and they'll say well I'm a Sunday school teacher or I'm a pastor what what would you what would you do. Most people they're like they freeze in the like oh no because RA is looking for somebody who's was beneath us in knowledge right but how do you know there's many Biblical examples of people who are you know even Jesus when he was in in the temple and he still knew more than they did but he was twelve and they were blown away that he knew all these things right and so don't be intimidated by people who know a lot or who think they know a lot write a Sunday school teachers or whatever when they say that I say Wow that is so awesome I'm so thankful for that the church that you're teaching the word you're sharing the the Bible with people it's a blessing and I'll say to them something like You know I have these lessons and I'm always looking for feedback on them would you be willing to do them together with me and give me feedback on what you think about them and I think that's that's a blessing and then. I you know what I've found many times I've studied with these kind of people in the next thing I know that if they slip up and they say Yeah I've been doing these in my Sunday School class oh really they're like oh I don't want you know sometimes are very happy to do that but I will use that line as well to people say look you know a lot of times people use these lessons and they the truth they find in there is so powerful in that so compacted that a lot of Sunday school teachers are looking for new material and they use these in their classes you might that might be something you're interested be happy to show him to just free and use Tell me what you think about if you ask for people's opinion on stuff guess what friends. You get it and they want to give it don't they they want to give it so Also sometimes people might say oh yeah you know they'll say I just learned about. I just I just learned some new theory on the rapture or whatever I just learned this or that or anything it doesn't matter what it is it doesn't matter what it could be Christian it could be not Christian it could be anything. I'll say to them oh wow that's very fascinating you have to learn this this this particular line when you're doing Bible work that's very interesting or fascinating a say it's a go that's very interesting that one more time that's very interesting and whenever somebody says something bizarre or wild to you. And they're like yeah you know I just I'm into spirit science in and there's these tablets and and blah blah blah blah blah and I'm just sitting there listening and then they read it and then they finish and I say that's very interesting isn't it is it not very interesting. And then even though I mean you may not really want to but for the sake of their soul you want to I'll say I would really love to hear more about that. Because if you say I have this over here they may not be what interested in that because they think they've found the wide the truth right so you may not be the best opportunity for you to offer them Bible Studies at that moment right. But I say well I'd be interested in hearing more about that could we get to go like I like you to tell me more about that. And so I meet with them now sometimes it can lead you on a rabbit trail and time will tell in the Lord will rule to but you pray and ask God God if this is a true seeker. Then let it pursue if it's not then somehow ended in let me tell you friends I can't tell you how many Bible studies I have prayed about and I said god of this is not a true person that's going to follow you then somehow bring it to an end and he brings it to an end because God doesn't want you to waste your time if you ask him if you let him be your guide if you pray about everything fervently God will direct to the right people there's never. In a day where I haven't prayed God lead me to somebody that can share the truth with that he hasn't done it never. And it doesn't matter where I am I can be at the mission conference and meeting and he'll do it you pray the prayer every day you're going to find somebody God's going to lead to somebody and so they may not be that now is the right time to offer those but I may say have like you to hear I'd like you to do tell me more so when they start to TELL ME MORE I'm looking in what they tell me for what. An opportunity but more specifically as they tell me what they believe about this for instance if it's a Mormon and they're telling me you know about their faith right I'm I'm looking for what's in agreement right but I'm also looking for what's not in agreement. And I'm going to star asking them questions about what's not really. I'm looking for the holes. The make sense does coincide so for instance. I was at the Cal Casco fair one day and we had Ari walls of health or booth set up and there's this girl that's coming through all the booths and she's just loving him and she's like nutrition and sunlight and water and all this stuff and I'm just watching her and her face is just like beaming she's probably like twenty two or something like that twenty college student Her face is just beaming as she looks at all these things she's gone for once she's is having a great old time she turns over and she looks at my booth the very last one which is trust in God and I saw the visible change on her face she's smiling as she goes. Like this and I said why the sad face you were so happy just a minute ago she says you had all these wonderful things and then you had to ruin it with God and I said Oh I said well I'm sorry about them sorry experiences ruin I says She said I don't believe in God I said Really I said why is that right why don't you believe in God and she starts firing off about well there's no evidence for God and there's no you know there's no science backed up with God and blah blah blah and I said really and I said OK I said so so then what you're telling me is you believe in evolution Oh yes and I said wow I said I studied evolution in college she was like you did because a lot of atheists assume that if you're a Christian you're just an idiot. And what you can't do is act like an idiot and you can't be a fool in front of them to confirm their Can their beliefs right and so I just very kind and sweet to her and I just said Oh so so tell me why you don't believe in God and she goes off and she lists all these things and I said So you believe in evolution She says you. Yes I says Well tell me what what. Evidence you found that confirms the theory of evolution and she starts going off on all this stuff and I said I said OK I said So you believe in these theories that your professors have given to you in the textbooks and she says Yes I says but have you actually ever seen the process of evolution take place I've never seen the confirmation of what they're telling you and she's like. Well no not really I said so so but you believe your professors Well yes I believe them and I says but you've never seen it for yourself and she says No I says and how do you know exactly that what they're telling you is the truth how do you know that for sure and she was like I don't know I said well let me ask you this I said can you tell me one example of I'm not you've got to be very careful you cannot be arrogant you cannot be cocky you have to be you cannot just why I'm going to show the safety as a thing or two you have the attitude you'll lose them in about two seconds OK and I'm very just kind with her I says I said I've always been curious of this because I also study evolution I say can you tell me any example either in the fossil record or living where one species has made the successful transition into a new species and she went and she went and she just died and I just I just smiled I'm just waiting this whiling waiting she's gone and she says oh I can't think I saw it all I saw this and how do you know for sure. That it's true. Could it be that you are also exercising phase and what your professors are saying but here's a question for you to ask your professor. Asked them Have you ever seen the the the literal evidence for that and they can come up with oh stuff I said but let me let me say this I said even if evolution was true even if evolution was true I said does that really prove that God doesn't exist. And she was like oh. I know and so so now what have I done I've kind of an illness and in a certain way I've won her confidence right I have all I wore contacts so so then I say So tell me about your experience growing up as a child did your parents go to church by chance and what you think your answer was they did I said Tell me about your experience in church going on well she goes off and she tells me about how her parents were hypocrites the people in the church were Judge Mental and blah blah blah and then I said Soul soul you never really experience a loving God growing up she says No I says So what you're really telling me is that you're really angry with people who believe in God Not not really got itself because you don't really know who he is. She was like well maybe that's true. And I said well let me ask you I said when you think about the Bible you think about. The promises that God gives us and he wants to do this he wants to do that for us I says would you want if if you knew it could be true would you want it to be true that there was a god who wanted to be your friend he wanted to be personal to you he you knew he cared about you you knew he had a wonderful plan for your life and a future for you Would you wanted to be true if you thought it could be true and she says what. Oh sure I would I says So what you're telling me is you're not really an atheist you're actually a seeker of truth is that right and she was like yes I want to know the truth. And listen there you go you start to pull back those layers. And some of the people whom you think would never be in arrests are actually the most interested and so then I said let me tell you my experience I was in the same place you were and this is what I found I told her about Bible prophecy that one of the greatest evidence of the Bible is true is the. Is the revelation of prophecy that God predicted very specific things thousands of years before they happened right and she's like I never knew that I said wow that's something you should check out and she actually lived in another place so I got her information I guess I said and another thing she told me was all the atrocities of the church did I said Would you be amazed if I told you that the Bible actually said that would happen but that was not what God had planned she was like she was blown away I said here's an amazing book I think that you would really enjoy guess what book it was the kind of receipts and all the things you told me today are answered in that book you read this book it'll change your life and she took the book. She was going to take anything from me and she was going to give anything to me except a dirty look and I'd used it and then so look this is the powerful thing that's very want interesting TELL ME MORE and then ask what questions and then when you get when you when the layers of that onion the layers of the heart begin to peel back and people become more and more vulnerable to you by asking questions in a kind sincere humble way then you get to the place finally. Where you can say you know I think you're really looking for this would you be interested in studying the Bible makes sense it's not that hard takes a lot. It takes a little guidance it takes actually a lot of guidance from the Holy Spirit takes a lot of experiences to master it but God will do it all right what about the person who might be facing difficulties in life let's just suppose you have a coworker who just lost their mother last week right and they're aching their hearts hurting and you go up to them and what am I going to do I'm going to what's Christ method main goal with them and say hey you know. I know you've been struggling How about if we have lunch together we have once again for today about your lunch let's go where you want to go we'll go and eat so then I'm going to go them then I'm going to I'm going to mean that I'm going to sympathize with them right and I want to say you know I'm so sorry for your loss I know it's heartbreaking for you and know that the pain that you're experiencing is beyond understanding. I'm so sorry that I'm going to. Minister to them right what can I do to help you if you need me to watch watch your kids do you need me to feed your dog's ear animals do you need me to help you need to prepare food for the funeral what can I do to help you right and then I'm going to bid them one come follow him I'm not going to say do you want to Bible study write them but I'm going to say something like I'm so sorry you've had such a hard time you know when I'm facing challenges I often find strength and courage from the promises of the Bible I would love to share some of the things that have really helped me and so they may say OK so what am I going to do my going to give a Bible sort on the Sabbath right there no I'm going to show them one or two or three promises not ten not forty two or three that encourage me right that they give them encouragement and then I'm going to minister of them then some time after the I'm going to continue to do that maybe I'm going to send them a text every day with a Bible verse or whatever and then after that funerals over I'm going to follow up I'm going to take them out to eat again and say I want you know I've been praying for you I want to know that I care about you and I believe that there are answers to the pain that you're feeling in your experience and I have a mazing set of Bible studies that I think would really help you it will really help you to. Process the pain that you're experiencing. Why is that and what why is that going to be my ticket because they want to do what. They want to process the pain don't they I think this will help you to bring some hope to you to bring peace to you would you be interested in doing this we can do it once a week or whatever and what do you think if you've minister to them and they trust you what do you think they're likely going to say. That that takes time doesn't it takes time and sometimes you can get a Bible study with a person right there the first time I talk to them of the tons and they take a couple two or three visits but the Lord leads it and then the Lord leads it's a beautiful thing all right we've got a few more minutes here about the person who doesn't want to commit you know you have these people that are always be like oh well you know I just don't want to commit They'll always ask me how many Bible studies are in the lesson or in the series right and what do you say well there's forty two lessons and you're thinking Man that's so exciting and like oh no no no I'll think you right I never tell people how many lessons there are you know why because it drives them away if it's twenty four thirty two or whatever it is what I'll say to them is I'll say well there's a number of lessons in the series because a lot of subjects to cover I says but you can stop any time you want we don't we don't have you don't have to do all of them unless they WILL I don't know I don't want to if I want to commit to all that and then I'll bump it down and say Well how about this how about if we do three lessons together can we do three lessons together and we'll see how you like it after that and if you like it will keep going one of the time if you don't like it we can quit but the truth is that if they are really open in spirit or God's work in their lives once they do three what's going to happen they're not going to want to quit right they're going to be excited about what they're learning and and so oftentimes they'll say oh yeah could do three let's do three or so right will set up a time the next three weeks will do this time together right what if they say no to three. How about one right let's just do one see how you like it if you love it great if you don't maybe we can do it another time but most of the time I would say nine out of ten times if I can get them to just do one. They'll do more I mean they'll do more. You know sometimes when I'm talking to atheists they'll they'll say well you know I don't believe God exists I'll say what if I could prove to you in three studies three meetings that there is a God he exists and He cares about you and he's guiding the course of this world what if I could prove that to you beyond a shadow of doubt I've had people say that to me all you know I don't believe I say I can prove it to you in the kind of laugh and I say I'm serious as a heart attack I can prove it to you. And they will do it just to prove me wrong and they'll do it just because they want to good laugh and I'll say three one hour meetings give me through an army and uproot the the god exists and let me tell you friends I'm not saying this to both but I have baptized a ton of Formery Yes. Because I've been one I know that I know the thought process would say yeah I was coming to that so the three studies I study with them are Daniel two. Signs of the times and great controversy. You know why. Because I'm Daniel some of you might laugh let me say this friends I have I have a I have a I have a whole series on this of atheism and these kind of things. But if you study the history of atheism atheism was birthed basically through the French Revolution was something ninety's and that was a horrific time as prosthetic is Revelation Chapter eleven but God's response to the birth of atheism in the seven hundred ninety S. was the Adam movement in the eighteen thirty's and forty's OK that was God's response to that because every argument that atheism makes Adventism has the response to it makes sense and every argument I've ever heard an atheist give we have the answer to it is at best because it's always but they have all these different umbrellas of arguments and so forth what the core the handle of the umbrella is the character of God. And the admin as message has unveiled the character of God like no other movement history OK And the reason atheism was birth and regret conversely is because of the Catholic Church's foolishness in the Dark Ages that's what led men to reject God and then here came the Adam movement right so at the same time men are rejecting God and some of the ninety's gods were filling prophecy three hundred ninety eight he was giving them the evidence that they were looking for that god exist and that he didn't approve of that of the Catholic Church in the dark ages either and then so anyway so I say to them I can prove to you in three studies that the ad that not they have a church that God exists so I study Daniel two of them because A it gives credible evidence that the Bible is true and can be trusted. Because I draw a line across that statue at the chest and arms of silver after I've gone through the whole statue I draw a line across the image of the chest and arms of silver and I said you know what this line represents and the like you know I'm like This line represents the proximate time that Daniel would have died and yet he revealed with perfect accuracy the fall of of. Me to Persia to Greece and in fact in chapter seven and eight as Chapter eight he mentions Reese by name and they were not even in power when he died. And the rise of the fall of Greece to Rome and the division of a Roman into those ten parts and those parts are what are existing in two thousand and sixteen so this study this prophecy speaks to two thousand and sixteen so it shows the relevance see and the credibility in the trustworthiness of scripture and I asked him the question how could a man. Unless he was. Been had had it revealed to him through divine revelation how could a man be able to know those things. So secondly the signs of the times because it speaks to modern times people think the Bible is irrelevant that it's all that doesn't matter anymore signs of the times and I have a unique study on that and I don't just give the general ones but we don't have time to do that today and then thirdly I do the great controversy because the answers there are there are there are frustrations about what. About the character God how God can be good and yet there's evil in the world those three studies then I get to the end of those and I say I'm not asking you to believe in God I'm asking you Do you think that there's enough evidence that we could put some kind of confidence in the Bible and we could have some kind of trust towards God if these things are true what do you think and they're like yeah I think so I say look let's keep studying then because what you saw in these three studies only gets better it only gets deeper and only gets more thorough and they're like OK I'll do that and friends I'm telling you it's a beautiful thing to see an atheist accept the lord those are the things that led me to Christ if I had not been for Daniel two I would not I'd probably be dead so so so so many times we think that what we already have is like well we need something else we need something you know we just need to be serious we need to believe in what we believe and believe it was such an Uzi asm and such conviction that when we share it with others they're going to believe it do the problem with the message is not the message is the messengers that's the problem we're not convinced that our message is true we're not convicted about it because we haven't studied it ourselves but when we get excited about others we get excited about we'll see the power in it and then we'll see the power in it. So I went through that one for the skeptic what can I prove I mention as well to prove to you that the Bible is real in three studies why not give a shot what do you have to loose and I'll say them sometimes if nothing else you get a good laugh out of what I want to tell you I like. It whatever All right we have ten minutes you guys good for ten more minutes what if I said we could stay til like six o'clock tonight would you do it yes you would of course. All right those are simple easy ways to ask right now where do I look for interests what do I look for interest star internally with your church visitor the list. You would be amazed friends how many people are coming in and out of your church. And you don't even realize it every Sabbath even if you're in a small church you know you're a small church now what I did is at Lansing as we pretty much did away with the church guestbook it's useless The only people that fill that out are other ADD than a sick on the way church and and to be honest with you and I'm not trying to be unkind about it I'm really not interested in sitting in my office and flipping through the book and seeing what other admin askin of is in my church is not my favorite pastime OK what I want to know is who were the visitors so we kind of did away with the Church guess what because it's very hard to get the visitors to do that and we have a car we have a visitor card it's in every pew of the church and we have a gift bag when people come to the door it has. The card on it it has a loaf of bread it has a couple of papers I put I have something like Do you know these seven incredible facts about they ave us and has seven points about something Evans talks about we have the largest we're the most widespread church in the world other than the Catholic Church we have the largest hospital Network Rail arts education system and just some simple facts about admin It's like that most people don't even realize and there's this card that says you know my name is so and so. How did you hear about it you have a standard card and I have a stack in my office of cards like this of people who visit our church some of them rather than asked but the stack just keeps growing and we've baptized some of those people and you have on there I'm interested in the church news. Letter and then arrested in. You know Bible studies I'm interested in health of them whatever you don't have one of those in your church it's the simplest way to do it I can even give you the one that we use is very simple but follow up on those visitors when they visit your church even if they don't check anything go to them and say we're so thankful you came to our church here we want to give you a little gift stay at their house for like five minutes when to give you a little gift want to thank you for coming or church and you can take this card right here and you can say I don't know if you've heard about our bible school or not is something you might be interested in you have this card if you talked about this card you guys you're going to talk to a lot of going to talk to They'll talk to you about it but this is part of the the Bible study Reformation you see have you heard about our Bible school we have a free course in Bible studies you might be interested in very simple very easy and show them this card and they can begin to check off if they are interested in Bible studies it's so easy to do that and we've gotten so many bible studies that way number two missing members you know how many go have missing members in your churches right last fall at Lansing we did three Sabbaths in a row where we went out we saw in our church members out and we did visitation of missing members and we had a list of them we had about forty members that went out visiting in teams of two and we sent them out with a gift bag full of bread and an invitation to the dog Bachelor series that we did and I have a whole class on how to reach out to missing members give you the notes will have time to do that today but missing members many of those people have come back to church and are coming to church now because of that outreach it's not hard to do you just have to organize and do it number three the youth in the church when I taught Africa Oh. We had we used to go into churches and we would you know spend the semester. With them then we do the meetings with them we do Bible studies in the community and one church we went to we always asked them for a list of unbaptized to use in the church and we would send our students to connect with those families OK And I remember the pastor we started engaging with some of these young adults who are like twenty five twenty eight twenty nine years old never been mapped ties still coming to church they're almost thirty years old and we said to the pastor Pastor how come these people have never been baptized and he said well they've never asked I said how come they're not doing Bible studies or they've never asked so I went to the youth I went to that I can't say youth like young adult right there I almost thirty they got jobs as a how come you've never been baptized no one ever asked me you never asked me. Well would you would you be an arrest in a matter that would you like to be but oh yeah I would love to but no one's ever asked me it's not their job they ask it's whose job. It don't don't they're say the pastor it's our job to be monitoring those people are you with me so the youth in your church you might have you might have young adults that have gone through never made a decision you're thinking in the church a sinner think all men I really hope that they make a decision sometime and they're thinking man a result of some of that for me to be baptized some time and the two need to meet then so you look in your church spouses of faith or family of a stablish members. You've got you've got single men single women coming to church they're married but their spouses don't come. You know you need to reach out to them go over their house and talk to them and say you know I just want to stop by and get to know you a little bit and I've never really gotten to chat with you much. What are your interests What do you like to do remember this one guy. He used to come to church with his wife every so often he was a nasty guy nasty mean guy and one time I try to greet him during potluck and I said Hey Jim how you doing I stuck my hand out and he had his fork in his hand he looks him and he goes I'm eating don't bother me and he took the bite and I never shook my hand but I just kept being friendly with them and with them and finally he comes up to me he says I want you to come shooting skeet with me. And I said OK let's do it when you want to do it so we did it and we set it up and we I went to his house and this guy was like the big time hunter he has like a shotgun for every hunting day of hunting season is a different gun we get out there and we're shooting and I beat him three times in a row after that he's my best friend at the same time on study. In the Bible with his wife and son stepson and prior to that time he would just come through the kitchen I would say Jim you could come join us he would look at me go and he would just be walking sitting there watching football and stuff but after a while I could hear I could notice that he was like coming through more often right I suggest you can join us any time now now more often more often then finally one day I came and he sat at the end of the table as a gym you could come down here if you want to no no I'm good right here all right no problem but he sat through the Bible study and then the and then the next week he was in the same spot with a week after that he was coming I half way between where he was in his wife Come on down jet No I'm good. And after about two more weeks he was sitting right beside his wife and then and we had the privilege of in and baptizing that guy. Because we went. And stabs a relationship with them and then. And we offered and so many of these people's houses family members go just get to know them go fishing with them and do that and then offer them Bible studies and you'll find that God will do it number five media interests or people who have gone through previous series. Before I get to that I want to mention this some of the other how some of the best interests are if you fit the people that are newly baptized you ask them just what I told you earlier the have friends or family before they go and tell them about the mark of the beast and they cut off all family ties right you have anyone that would want to study the Bible. And they say well there's this this and this I've heard I say let's go visit them let's go visit them we go visit them and we ask them they'd be in arrest and Bible studies and sometimes they say no but sometimes they say yes beautiful way to do it your way that I mean we want we will go out knock on doors but many times you just looking right here you can find a ton of Bible studies right there right so there are media interests you can call amazing facts you can call it is written any of the media centers and you can give them your zip code and they'll give you a ten mile radius of people who have done Bible studies Yes but here's let me just let me just pause right there that's true to a degree but I would guess somewhere between eighty and ninety percent of the young adults that grew up in the church don't really know or message. They've never really been through yeah they know the Sabbath is the right day but they've never studied prophecy. What's it. So some of them may have and the so I'm not saying to all of them I'm saying that many of them and there are some people that are just going to know the truth and there's going to rebel against it so your best opportunity is to be on your knees for them OK to reach out to them and to love them and to try to bring them in. So not beat them over the head but many young adults that I found they never they've never really studied our identity they've never studied revelation and they do know what Revelation ten says. Revelation Chapter ten Revelation Chapter ten the angel comes down puts his foot down the as the the book that's been sealed. I mean you know what that is. OK So there's a lot of there's a lot of faltering even in this room Revelation Chapter ten tells us where the birth of the administrators came from OK. And so and so a lot of our young people they've never studied our prophet message but let me say this every young person that I know. Who has studied it who has studied it in depth and they've studied the fullness of it not just your little standard but they studied it in depth they become very excited about it because they realize they have an identity so so many of these young people they have not and so we're trying to win them off these little you know Joel Steen devotionals and that's not going to do it it's not going to do it and the only way because our message is so contrary to the world is is the only way they're going to buy into his if they have total buy into it that makes sense total buy into it and so anyway I don't mean to cut you off and. Well sometimes sometimes a pastor can visit them and help them but but it's going to be the members all to Milly that need to be reaching out because the pastor is not going to be able to get to them all and he's not going to be able to do everything that they need it's going to be need to be a combined effort and so. You know I would encourage those young people sometimes like I said Jesus had Judas Judas know the truth and Judas the rebels who is always going to be young people who are going to leave the church they're just going to doesn't mean we can't reclaim them OK but yeah you need to go out visit them and when people are young they're from the loads of not fully developed yet so they're thinking about everything that they want to do in life always thinking spiritually so praying for them staying close to them and sharing the truth of them as we can not be than not saying you know you shouldn't be doing that you know you shouldn't be getting that tattoo that's not what I'm talking about but invite them to do Bible studies if you invite them to do Saudis some of them will say no some will say yes some of them probably want it but they're too I guess the word would be prideful to ask and they're doing all these things but they're not happy in what they're doing so different people are different stages some young people are going to be happy about what they're doing reconcile right now but they're going to come that place you're always looking in that for that place where what they had a hope for has let them down that makes sense what they have hope what they would again as let them down and that's the time the time is not to ask when they're still excited ambitious about their plans and they're pressing the forward but when those plans kind of crash same thing with like Jehovah Witness the time to ask them to study is not when they're going whole when they become frustrated security in the church that's the time you're looking for those moments and windows of openness. Where either God has brought conviction to their life or they're experiencing a challenge in a trial in their life in a difficulty that makes sense and so sometimes that takes time takes time a lot of prayer but if they study or full prosthetic message most young people respond to it because it's a message for young people the message for all people but young people get excited about that they do and I could say more but we don't have time and we're going to finish in about thirty seconds here so you can call any of these media centers and you can give them your zip code they'll give you a ten mile radius of what people have done those lessons. You can mail them a letter the Says resell thankful that you do in the bible studies Here's an offer for a free D.V.D. or whatever you're going to offer them I would offer them a D.V.D. and if you'd be interested in this mail it back put when you do a mailing like this you have to make it as easy as possible for the person to respond what I mean by that. You put a you put a novel Open there the has the return address even a stamp on it because you're not probably going to get thousands you're only going to get a couple dozen So you can afford to put the stamp on and make the make a little sheet that separate fill up the sheet put it in the on boat mail it in and we'll get your D.V.D. when you get those back what do you do you go visit them three interests a month free interests you go visit them and you say we're so thankful you responded Here's your D.V.D. We want to give you this free gift as a D.V.D. and maybe even take them some cookies and say and have this card with you and say to go along with this D.V.D. We have a wonderful Bible School of your ABOUT OUR Bible school and we'd like to offer this to you as a companion with the Bible study and in fact one of the one of the options is a D.V.D. set landmarks of prophecy and they'll go through with you how to do this card when you go through that card with them given the option boom Bible study it's that simple yes. They'll be in the notes but you can. You can even Google it online amazing fact contact us but we'll get to this here all right what's at Southwell Howard. All the class actions. We will get them to you though one or another so tonight to get a Bible so I have I have more we got a little bit behind today I have twenty five ways that creative ways of get bible studies that. You know ways of going door to door and different things but we'll cover some of that tomorrow and we'll just push through and do as much of the camp was helpful today and you got something out of it all right let's pray we're going to go to lunch Yes sir one more question OK yeah I'll be available here if you need to talk to me let's pray Father we thank you so much for this opportunity we're thankful Lord that it's not that hard. You didn't want to make it hard because you want to do it and we just need to and when we do it you will provide so we ask for your blessing now as we you develop that courage within us to share with others and Lord by your grace and by your Spirit working on their life and ours. Will bring souls to you and they'll be converted they'll receive your truth and their lives will be changed for eternity will be able to stand with them in the sea of glass and present them as evidence of your love of your power work you know so we praise your name yes replies give us courage strength. And power Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot Verse dot org.


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