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10. Bible Docs 101 Overview- Part 2

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • June 12, 2016
    6:00 PM
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Father in Heaven again we thank you for the privilege we have of of not only being here but for you being willing to use us to communicate your truth Father we ask his spirit would continue to guide us we ask him pray this in Jesus name him I will tell you this is the changes that I first change their proposed here and the other changes I will propose in these particular studies are really the way that most doctrinal studies work I'm not even sure why they put them in the order that they did here with the end of Christ way down where it was but I find the flow works better to put lesson eighteen after lesson. Seven And when I'm one of things I look through is you know you've got to be careful because if a team brings up something that prematurely you don't one thing you don't want to do and I'm sure pastor Wess going to talk about this is preempt or bring up something prematurely to use studying it so people will ask you questions during the course of the study and listen to what I'm going to say here people will ask you questions in almost every situation that they are not ready to hear the answers to. Don't be like well they asked me the question so it's divine appointment I'm going to give the answer people need a foundation and Pastor West talked about that a little earlier today when a person like a person may ask about the Sabbath you might want to have time to study but basically you know the Catholic Church changed or the Sabbath is on Saturday or whatever else. The difference in them hearing it that way is now it's your word not God's word. On that so I'll tell them Look I've got a study coming up on that or like to study that later I don't want to give them my short opinion answer of if that's what's going to be in their mind I want them to see it from the word and one thing I noticed during on the revelations series and every series have done is there's some a lot of people I mean we did our series here up at our elementary school I was a seven they have a stellar mentor school and. Nobody comes in they know it's Seventh Day Adventists they know we worship on Saturday but knowing a person worships on a Saturday knowing that they think Saturday is a Sabbath is not the same as sitting through a presentation where you see from the Bible that Saturday's a seven is not at all the same you are people are just like you know wow I've never this is incredible because it's from the word you want to get it from the word and so people ask you questions about things you haven't studied yet just say hey we've got a lesson coming up on that we've got an entire lesson you know love it don't get into the answer of that thing yet because you're laying a foundation so I had to make sure what if I'm going to bring eighteen all the way back up after Lesson seven does it get into something too early and it doesn't so I double checked it and so then the next one is on lesson eight the date disappeared this goes over the Sunday texts in the Bible so it just actually doesn't compare and it's a good follow up to the end of Christ study and that both of those studies following the Sabbath study help a person to see where the change of the Sabbath came in and make sense of those things for them prophecy. I don't know how many of you who happen to read. I think it's in testimonies volume two and Ellen White writes of a man named elder care you have to understand in the testimonies. The names were removed and then when they printed them they would just put it alphabetically elder sister be educated I mean Kellogg or something else don't conjecture but anyway so this particular man she says elder OK she said as she describes this man that he. Was uniting with the Dragon host against the commandments of God and then she says this As far as the Sabbath is concerned he takes the same position as the seventh day Baptists Now what are the seven day Baptists think about the Sabbath the same thing we think about the Sabbath and yet she said this man was uniting with the Dragon host and fighting against the commandments of God and then she goes on to say this so she says that and she says he you're reading it like wait a minute he's seventy Baptists and then she says this separate the Sabbath from the messages as being of the three angels and she says it loses its power. You see when a person hears about the Sabbath this seems like you're being making a big nit picky deal over a day until they see the connection with prophecy that God foretold an apostate power that was going to try to put itself in the place of God and divert the worship away from God Now the Sabbath makes all kinds of sense and that's why I like the flow of this this is the way like I said Finlay does it number of others I've been doing this for a while now because the Sabbath you get the end of Christ you get the first day texts so it puts it in that context a prophecy. That comes up with this one is a lesson on surrender great idea I haven't seen a well I can't say I haven't seen a series or been some other study but the study on on how to surrender to God that comes in after that and it's fitting because a person studied the Sabbath They're wrestling over that and they may not realize that some of their wrestling. Is due to the fact that they're not surrendering and understanding what Surrender means I like the fact that's a good anyway it's good placement then after that we come in to Lesson Number ten and I move Lesson Number Ten OK I didn't actually move that I move Lesson Number thirteen. Hold on thirteen I'll tell you why in a minute is the second coming lesson. OK Now now after thirteen Let me just show you after thirteen we have ten eleven twelve ten is death eleven is a thousand years twelve is hell now that's a good order because death. It goes into somewhat of the resurrection and then the thousand years from a chronological standpoint takes place before Hellfire the lake of fire culminates I mean a thousand years culminates in the Lake of Fire so chronologically it fits well but the second coming study to me put a better it seems kind of random keep in mind too that oftentimes as you're studying as a seventh Avenue you're studying someone from a prophecy standpoint and when you go into the second coming it puts you in a good framework for following up with death and resurrection and a thousand years in hell the second coming comes before the thousand years and then the other so it's just the flow I think works better and again of run this by our personal ministries Department this is how I would recommend Now if you want to do it in the order Logue if you want to do in the order that they're in you can do that that's how the lessons are written but I think it flows better this way and you'll find most studies tend to work this way so number thirteen so you've got number let me let me go through this so far we've got one two three four five six I'll give you a list with these and you can put it in your box OK One two three four five six seven eighteen. Eight nine thirteen which is the second coming and then ten which is death eleven which is the millennium or a thousand years twelve which is hell and then fourteen because it went over thirteen we move thirteen fourteen which is baptism OK that's how where we've come so far. Less than fifteen is living life to the fullest this is on the subject of health health is one of those subjects I'll move around an evangelist experience depending on where I am with it. If there are some studies that aren't as critical to put in a certain order but for example you wouldn't want to you wouldn't want to present the subject to hell before you present the subject of death. Because the immortality of the soul when you learn that the soul is an immortal then how could help in forever because people don't live forever it's a natural. Progression and so there are certain studies you don't want to present the Sabbath before you present the law and I'll tell you what's going to happen when you present the law before the Sabbath almost every Christian you study with will be all about the law they're not going to be arguing with you about we're into the new covenant they're not going to be arguing with you about legalism when you're doing the last already and how we shouldn't steal and kill and sinister AMEN AMEN AMEN I'm going to they're going to a menu all the way we did a series I don't know if you guys remember the series we did an elegant several years ago with a man who institute and there was an older couple who came in all about the Ten Commandments they were passing out pamphlets to everybody about the Ten Commandments they were talking to us about they can we pass these pamphlets out on the tank a man says go ahead knock yourself out Oh we ought to be keeping the commandments of God What do you think happened when we got to the Sabbath. Who they were so excited about the Commandments of God anymore. And they were dear couple our member the the wife came to me one night late in the series she said But your church is so small. And our church is so big and we've always kept Sunday and I don't know why God would expect us to do something different in our life now and that was her you know her whole thing was when you're going to get the smaller church or what does the Bible say but I don't think God would anyway but they're all about the command was when they came to the meeting initially. When you present the commandments most Christians are right on board with that and so you don't want to present the Sabbath first that's more controversial they'll be resistant you want to they're right on board with you with the law of God and what that does is because you do the last thirty and then they commit to it you want to be faithful to God to keep his commands Oh yeah and they made a commitment so when you get to the Sabbath you know what that does. Conviction conviction conviction because they just got done saying they saw in the Bible all God's important it's a standard of right wrong God's standard right wrong it's in his commandments it's Or it's written on the two tables don't with God's own finger. And so you know there's a pretty There's a reason a some studies go before other studies some are not as dependent on where they appear the baptism study you know I've done this in different places you want to get to certain core truths before you get to the baptism study because they're making certain commitments and incidentally the baptism study this is about conversion is not just about baptism so again we don't just have salvation the salvation study there's a surrender study there's elements of it through all different the great controversy study and then the baptism study I mean for me the main passage in baptism and in the lesson is Roman six where Paul talks about coming from the old life and burying that behind and coming to the newness of life and this is great it talks about having a new life in Jesus. And intellect can come in different places like I said in the series but it usually is going to come after you've presented some of the key testing true so where comes in this lesson series I feel comfortable with it yes. You're going to hear it in just a minute. Or yet there were a number fifteen and number fifteen is living life to the fullest and this is on health and like I said the topic of health isn't as directly tied to some other things although it is tied to a person's plate. And you've heard the saying that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach and you want to take something off a man's plate you've got to be careful and so you want to gain some level of confidence before you getting into real lifestyle issues like this but our society also has a lot to say about healthful living and so people are somewhat already of that mindset but I wouldn't do this too early I like where it is in this particular lesson now. We come after that when into the subject of the sanctuary number sixteen lesson sixteen. And the sanctuary is followed by the twenty three hundred days the twenty three hundred days talks about the cleansing of the sanctuary sometimes I've done the twenty three hundred days before the sanctuary just from a standpoint of under two thousand three hundred days in the sanctuary because what's the sanctuary Oh we have a lesson on that but in this particular one they go over the sanctuary first incidentally with the sanctuary study on salvation thank you so you know I'm just trying to emphasize that salvation is all through the studies in different ways OK so you get the sanctuary lesson and then the twenty three hundred days I'm OK with the order of that and it will make sense what I really want is a flow that's going to make sense to them and things will unfold for them in the lesson series OK thanks for a study twenty three hundred days and then they've got the mark of the beast OK I don't like the order of that. I go to twenty two. With Babylon. I doesn't make sense to me to present Babylon after the mark of the beast now tell you why for a couple reasons first of all this is one of the most powerful studies that you can give. Because it you know you've talked about the Sabbath you've talked about death you've talked about Hell you've talked about health you've talked about a number of distinctive teachings that people haven't heard before. But to this point in your study here's the thing you get understand your studying with people who love their church who love their pastor who love their church members and even though they're hearing truths they haven't heard often times for people just hearing these things it's like the man who Jesus healed the blind man and he saw men as trees walking your remember that and he needed a second touch from Jesus they're seeing things but they're seeing OK OK I know my Church doesn't teach that no I see it's in the Bible in my Church doesn't teach that but we still love the Lord I mean ultimately we love the Lord we want to do the right thing and they just oftentimes haven't seen the importance of stepping out on the truth yet you get to study in Babylon and this is God that says to them OK listen at the end of time there's religious apostasy we've seen it in the Church of Rome but you know what Rome has daughters in those daughters or every church who follows the practices in the teachings in the distorted teachings that came from the Roman apostasy and if you're in one of those churches it's time for you to come out wow that is a heavy duty study it's a hard thing to deal with but it's an important thing to deal with and to me this. Personally this I always present this before I get to the mark of the beast the mark of the beast is another one that's calling people to stand on a particular issue but I think this prepares the way incidentally. Ellen White also talks about the three angels messages being presented in their order well let's see what's the first angel's message have to do with. What you have to do with the judgment OK what's the second angel. Babylon was the third angel. OK I'm not doing mark of the beast before I'm doing the Babylon message personally it doesn't make it to the flow doesn't make sense to me I think I want them to get the Babylon message before they get the mark of the beast message so I've moved this to get seventeen then twenty two and then nineteen mark of the beast and twenty us in prophecy now I've done these both ways I've done the US in prophecy first and the mark of the beast last and I've done the mark of the beast first and us in prophecy last. In this lesson the mark of the beast comes first the way I would present it here. I'm trying to remember this is how I this is. Yeah this so I did in my this series this time you present the mark of the beast with the mark of the beast as is this you presented the Sabbath to them with them in the study you present the Sabbath to them you talked about the change of the Sabbath one of the things that I don't do when I'm studying with somebody I've made an appeal on the Sabbath they know about the Sabbath which day the Sabbath is a cetera but I don't make a real strong appeal the first time I share the Sabbath because it's so new to them and I don't want to push them too hard you push somebody too hard on something they haven't had an honest opportunity to investigate they're going to back off and that's what I would do it's like look I haven't time had time to evaluate a book make a decision now if I'm going to make a decision now in fact if it comes to buy and sell the ever have an opportunity somebody comes up as a this thing's on sale because today it's only today I don't fall for that when that when somebody does it to me I'm just like forget it because it's going to happen is I'm going to make a dumb decision and it's the same thing with the Sabbath I want them to have time what happens is you do the study the Sabbath they evaluate when you come to the mark of the beast what's happening is you're bringing the Sabbath around the second time and putting a little weight to it and this is where the decision comes on the Sabbath so far they've had a chance to evaluate it but now they get to see that this issue of the Sabbath is the test at the end of time it's a test of loyalty. And so what happens in the market to be study is it shows that the Sabbath is going to be a test of loyalty the USA study shows them how it's going to unfold OK how is it going to become a test what's going to happen well United States is going to unite with the papacy and use the laws of our lands are in fact religious. Is going to use the church to say it's going to unite to act religious laws are going to. Challenge your freedoms and. By late your conscience and urge you against your conscience to follow the law as a land of laws of God and in this course the US and prophecy spells out the buying and. Selling the different things that are going to be imposed to get people to in this context follow the false Sabbath because you've gone over you going over the Sabbath not going to the mark of the beast and now this study will just flesh out that this Sabbath issue this Sunday issue son is going to be enforced by law this comes out in the study if I were to do it the other way around then I would have to present the US and prophecy as the uniting of church and state but I really wouldn't be going into the Sabbath Sunday issue because I haven't gotten here yet. So I guess I would prefer this way this way we really clarify the test at the end of time the final test and we're told very clearly in the spirit of prophecy that the test. I'm trying to remember the wording of it testimonies volume six always says the. Here's what she says the mark of the beast is exactly what we have taught it to be. She says not all is understood or will be understood regarding this issue until the unrolling of the scroll I mean there are elements in this thing that are going to surprise us like a guy like Donald Trump running for president that took me through me for a loop I didn't think that would happen so anyway you got things coming down the pike that we don't know for sure about we know this the issue's going to be the Sabbath we know that and so the market beast issue this clarifies the issue and now we know when it comes you know us in prophecy when over looking for it looking for Sunday legislation that's the that's what's that's what we're heading now in context of all this you could move this around to a different place but I use the present it here in just a way that I've shown the only thing I moved was a Babylon following USA you have study number twenty one which is on the remnant church. And this actually is answering that question the the Babylon study basically says come out of her my people what where am I going to come out of her and what am I going to go where my going to go I come out of her well you're not just coming out in the nothingness God calling you into something to and he's calling into his room movement. And I could put this right after Babylon but after the mark of the beast in the USA and we see where the issue is not only do you see where the issue is you see where the people of God are in the message that they're giving and when you see what's happening in the world and I'm going to tell you what when I presented the subject on the U.S. in prophecy I mean I don't know how much you guys been paying attention the news I don't know how much you paid attention to Pope Francis and. What I look at it was it was the fourteenth it was the fourteen hundreds I want to say. Was the last time a pope resigned since Benedict the sixteen who is the one right before Francis you go back the papal history and you'll see that the papacy has always been more political than religious The whole idea of the papacy was just in you wanted to save the empire it was a political move to save the Roman Empire and so he put gave the complete conferred the power of the state over to the church. And under just any is decreed begin the reign of the papacy OK that's what we're dealing with today it's not about. Religion as much as it is about politics it's a political move and that this move to get Pope Francis Why would Benedict resign and then you get pro Francis And incidentally if you look at the two who has more pull with the people I mean Francis of all popes I've ever seen is the people's pope people are falling over backwards they're like This guy is he's so kind he's so gentle and he's downplaying some of the you know some of the stringent rules of Catholicism don't even think that's happening around the world in Catholicism that's happening in American Catholicism to dupe American Catholics and in some of the Western countries but my point is when you see those things happening and people are gripped with what's happening and you present the remnants like Look God has a people and these people are presenting the messages preparing the world for the coming of Christ it's compelling after you go through this stuff so you know the REM and let me make this point too don't be a ashamed. To call yourself a part of the remnant church this is not a pride thing I was tell people we have the double badge of honor a seven day evidence we get to be the remnant Laodicea at the same time so as not to bragging thing but God did not leave this world without a witness he has a church on the earth is presenting the truth and it's not because we're such great people but God is using us in spite of our weaknesses because he will always have a church on the earth and anyway the remnant study comes in and it gives people a place to go you know young people. Young people across America. Have been joining up with this group ISIS are you aware this we say our teams are leaving the church yeah they're leaving the church and they're joined in ISIS Nonis and a bunch of it is kids are doing this but I'm saying to young people of America why are they join in ISIS because ISIS is a is a religious they're trying to set up a caliphate a religious. When I say. They're still the callup that is this is a Muslim. I need a dinner it's yeah basically it's they're setting up their government to come the world ruling power in what's happening is a speaking out against certain evils the we had the worst terrorist attack in hit Well honestly worst terrorist attack would make up what they call it is the worst mass shooting in history with the shooting of this gay nightclub Well what happened look the Muslims are saying this is immoral in God's eyes and we're taking care of it and whether people agree or not what's happening is young people look this is the same reason people vote for Donald Trump they're tired of the political wrangling and Hillary and Bill and all of their well it wasn't technically this or that and all the dishonesty in the e-mail system and everything else the same at least this guy speaks his mind. Young people are young people they're joining us. Well I says because they say at least there's a purpose here and I'm telling you God has a greater purpose in the ram that we need not be ashamed to say that God has a church on the earth with the greatest purpose you can read it tonight in the reading in the chapters that I know you're going to read. Anyway the remnant study. Is followed by prophets and prophets and prophecy obviously going to touch a little bit on the identifying characteristics of the remnant is the gift of prophecy you'll have a study that gives a little more detail on that. And then so you twenty four is on stewardship now you're getting into the pocket book so that's a good one to put down toward the end but don't shy away from it some people do I'm going to tell you that our giving is a religious act of worship OK A lot of you all now churches have abused this and so in in my meetings we don't offer I don't usually ask for offerings not that I haven't give people opportunities in public meetings and stuff but but you know people get the idea churches are out begging for money and so that's been abused by churches but just because it's been abused it's been abused for a reason because the enemy knows how powerful truth is when it's not abuse this is this is this this is God's means of helping get the gospel to the world and it's a lesson that he's be included in a series and then. The last lesson is on the gift of the spirit and. One of the things it tries to address is this issue of the gift of tongues because that's the the false gift tongues is a popular thing in a lot of churches and so you're just trying to give people a Biblical framework for that anyway there are twenty five lessons you'll notice that there is not a lesson in here. On yeah hold on a minute. I didn't I didn't mention the war is over did what oh the war is over that Lamarr going to be as well as the war is over oh that's that yeah that's right. The remnant I think in the remnant I'm trying to find. I know in the series that we did the revelation I know we're out of time here so I just want to. I know in the series we did there was one on Abin is lifestyle and I'm a senior on lifestyle and here at all. It's on to help them I'm wondering if this is something included in that yeah let me look through I think there's something online but there's not anything on the aspect of life has to do with Christian dress like I said if you're study that's fine but if you're going to get somebody ready for baptism you going to have to cover that at some point and so what I'm going to do is I'm going to give a supplemental lesson on that here that you will end up giving somewhere either in your series or in a baptismal clearing and I didn't put where I would put this in the set of lessons I don't see I need to find where they're presenting lifestyle in here and what I'm talking about lifestyle I'm talking about Christian living I'm talking about our media choices and our When I do Christian lifestyle talk about our media talk about our relationships or associations. I'll talk about. I'll even get in it especially when working with young people talk about the biblical teaching against premarital sex and relationships and. Talk about Christian language and just different things that people need to be aware of the Christian lives differently from the world but I'll look into that a little bit you see the basic flow the lesson do you see why I move the ones that I did. I really just want you to understand the way a lesson set progress is now you may do you may give a lesson series differently I'm just in you may see fit sometimes to modify especially with somebody you're studying you may figure some. He needs to go a little bit differently but I would say be careful changing things too much understand the way that they're presented the order that they're presented in and that there is a reason for that and if you are going to change something you know do it wisely we're really just wanting to present the truth in a way that makes sense to somebody and it helps them to continue to go forward in their growth and in their decisions for Christ. OK. Well thank you for your patience and when a little bit longer today I think I said by fifteen years though tonight so let's have a word of prayer together. Father in heaven father again I just ask that you would. You would bless us as we leave this classroom I pray that you would be with our speaker the c evening I pray he would be with all of our interactions and conversations in our fellowship with thank you for the privilege I pray Father you would be with those who make phone calls tonight even I pray even now Lord you would be working in the hearts of all of those who these students will be asking if they would be interested in helping out by giving by by by studying the Bible together pray you would soften the hearts and open the minds with of each. Person for readiness. To receive your true Lord we know Jesus coming is at hand and we want to be found thankful in giving the gospel message and we want goals are we want those that you send us to our loved ones when the family or workers you know. Them say in your. Father help us do this and. Yes it is all. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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