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11. How to Give Bible Studies- Part 1

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • June 12, 2016
    7:00 PM
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We were a bit behind from losing an hour so this next section I usually spend a pretty good bit of time on but I'm actually going to breeze through it pretty quickly and I'm going to just hits a highlight some of them I might say that's pretty self-explanatory and move on. But I do want to get into the meat of how to write give Bible studies so we're all just blow through this but I don't want to just totally skip it because there are some important things in here and what this is is a section on how to we talked about how to get bible studies right we talked about how to ask and they'll be talking to you about that and what happened to it but that card that we will be using all throughout Michigan there it is thank you all throughout Michigan that refers people to Bible study offer dot com And this will be the card that you'll be able to use with all of your bible studies all of your outreach of ants and even if you're not from Michigan I'm quite sure you can still use this you can probably order them from Michigan and use them wherever you're at if you're in some folks are from Tennessee and other places and you'll still be able to use these and these are very powerful tools because it's the simple Remember we talked about yesterday asking what questions right now all you have to do with this card is ask people to come into your church ask people to come to your events is have you heard about a Bible school and you just kind of present the card as you asked that question they'll take a look at it we say we have this amazing Bible Study Course we think you'd really be interested we have a couple different options that will suit your lifestyle and your needs and you'll be able to sign them up right there get them enroll in Bible studies that's it's a brilliant idea it's very simple but the beauty of it is is that so many times church members seem awkward because it's like I'm trying to build that. Ship but I'm not sure how to ask them for bible studies I'm not sure if it's the right time this is very simple Have you heard of our Bible school and it's very easy it's non-threatening to the person it's not awkward for you and gives that tool right in your hand so we're going to do in Lansing where I pastor is we're going to actually have. Multiple banners we have we have Lansing's a large church there's a lot of moving parts there's stuff that goes on that I don't find out about until it's over with. And I can't go to everything I don't go to everything I go to certain things I meet with my departmental leaders my elders and but what we're going to do is we're going to have about five banners spa pub banners and we're going to have tables and we're going to store them in a certain place and all of our departmental leaders are going to be trained and says it doesn't matter how big your church is you can do the same thing you may only have one banner or departmental leaders are going to be trained that it every single of then they host we have a Tuesday night club we have school we have. Health of them we have all kinds of things where there may only be one or two or maybe ten minutes that come and we're going to put that banner up within a set that table up and we're going to have we're going to have probably a really nice frame that has both of these lessons in the frame and we'll fix it up somehow really nice and we'll have that sitting on that table we'll have a stack of these cards and every event we do no matter where it's out of us at the church we're talking about doing a five K. next year this past year we did a dental clinic for the community we had two hundred nine Avonex come through our church whatever we do it doesn't matter what it is we're going to have that banner up going to have that table up that picture frame up. And we're going to be having someone man manning that table saying asking the question you heard about a Bible school and it's a real easy way even during even on Sabbath morning during church we're going to have a set up we have visitors coming in all the time and we're going to have somebody there and we have all the resources there will have like to have a resource table whatever we're going to be asking people you heard about of lives when a visitor comes they're going to be directed there have you heard about a Bible school saw say that together have you heard about our Bible School Amen and so it's beautiful and you can use this magnificently So my point is with all of the things I'm about to share with you in this class it all goes back to this car everything I'm about to show you this card I've heard about a Bible school more time I've heard about a Bible school you guys are pros already you're ready to go so you need it all right let's pray together and then we're going to dive into this and last that was a blessing to be with us in the Holy Spirit to guide us let's pray Father we thank you for new mercies this morning we thank you for your compassion we ask for forgiveness for our sins that our hearts and minds might be in tune with your spirit we ask for the get the repentance and whatever it is we may need it for and we pray today dear father that you would open our eyes to new things that would help us understand the concepts and apply them and Lord help us to remember not to overthink it but to just understand it in a simple way that we may use it and apply it to others and it will win souls so follow these are your methods we ask your blessing now in Jesus name Amen I write what I want to do and serenely strive to do probably in the next fifteen minutes I usually take an hour and a half or this thing is go through this and show you different ways you can. I told you how to talk to people how to ask them for bible studies when I want to teach you some seed sewing things on how to generate Bible studies OK And these methods you may not use all of them and and let me just say this that it's important to understand that there's no there's no just golden method to say all I'm going to if I do this I'm a good five hundred Bible studies it's never happened it's never been that way and never will be that way because if you remember what Jesus said there's what types of soil how many different types of soil for different types of soil right there's different types of people and there's no one sure method this is probably about as close as you can get if you're about a Bible school right but if you do different things in your church you may get two or three from this thing three or four from this thing half a dozen over here one over here for over here before you know you've got twenty Bible studies but it's from different things and the beauty of these things that I'm about to show you is they don't really cost much so if you have a small church and a small budget it's not a problem human and you don't have to have big budgets to get bible studies you just have to be you have to have big hearts you have to be willing to you have to have a lot of elbow grease or Holy Spirit agrees a man Holy Spirit oil right and the Lord will bless all right one thing that I do is we do what we call final events or cosmic conflict surveys and I actually have these we did these amazing facts we go door to door we talk to people we go through a survey with them then at the end instead of offering them Bible studies right then we actually offer them a D.V.D. because most more people will be more receptive to a D.V.D. than just straight up Bible studies so we give them a D.V.D. we ask them to watch it and ask them what they ask them to tell us what they think about it that we would like to get their input. Then we go back about three days later and see if they watch the D.V.D. you know they'll be some people that don't but then after that we offer them Bible studies if they enjoy if they didn't like it then and that's going to be the case sometimes but those are probably the people that would have been open the bible studies anyway OK but they'll be people that will be an arrest and say we have these wonderful complimentary Bible studies that go with the theme of this D.V.D. we'd like to offer them to you free of charge by then you can have one of these cards right here in your hand and say Here you go this is the offer that we have for you you can do this by this Bible Study Course OK this course would normally cost you know hundred bucks but we're offering it for people for free all right you can also do card mail outs you can call this number call the press or any of the printing Hamblin if you're in Michigan you can do a card mail out they're going to be doing some of those here in Michigan with the with the Bible study Reformation. You can do door to door house services if you have health professionals in your church nurses doctors with every can go. Door to door and offer just a very brief health screening and don't send two big hairy burly guys you know that are six five and three hundred pounds you know that sent to big dude say yeah we're nurses we want to give you blood pressure when checking blood pressure we'll send send people that I'm not saying you can't send one but send a nice nice lady with him as well OK very important do this our literature distribution good old fashion outreach right door to door passing out books because one thing that I want to mention about this that most people. They don't see a lot of fruit One is that you should do. Literature distribution during times when people are already together you try to get people together on Sunday morning eight o'clock they're probably not going to show up but if you have a a simple potluck lunch. On Saturday afternoon you can do that we've actually used Olson my He's one of our church members will confirm that we have taken some time to prayer meetings and done outreach in the community who is to say that you can't do outreach once a month for prayer meeting. And use it at a time when people are together also we the church manual talks about that once a month you should have a missionary Sabbath actually every seven of the missionary Sabbath right but you have dedicated outreach that is focused one time per month on a Sabbath afternoon like every first Sabbath or whatever and the church services design for visitors you challenge all your members to invite a visitor you have a nice sermon that day you have a nice gift for the visitors you have a nice lunch and then when all the visitors go you take the people out on outreach but also this is a this is a mistake that a lot of people make is that when you let's just say you buy you know five cases of great controversy you're going to pass those out this this week and or steps of Christ or whatever and they pass them out they think wow we've really done some wonderful outreach right but what have they not done what's not what's missing from those books contact right and so they pass out the books and the person reads of great converse in there like man this is the best book I've ever read I want to become a Seventh Day Adventist Christian right and they were so excited about it but now they're like All right well so so where do I go now what do I do who do I contact and there's nothing in there that they can reply to what you also don't want to do is what they used to do and they used to have this stamp and they would stamp the book and it would say something like Seventh Day Adventist Church whatever and they would and it would just be this big rubber stamp. And we welcome you or whatever. What's better to do friends is to put something in the book that they can reply to like a card that makes sense. Or really that's the best thing put a card in there don't put the church's name on to be honest put have some name like you know it is written or amazing fax or whatever and put that card in there and they can return that card and an aunt I wish I had Want to show you in Traverse City we made these and when we did outreach we would we would pass these out and we got numerous cards back you want to use a P.O. Box OK These appeal box and. On the back of that has options for them in fact I do believe that these cards they're going to have some of these cards created that can be Malins so you can just use this card right here and put these in every single book that you give out as it makes sense to make that mistake as your start getting interest you don't want to lose those interests and that are right during the prayer request work surveys we would go out on Saturday afternoon we would have the survey of about three or four questions we would ask people what if there is this is great for youth groups if there was you know five things around your house that you can get to that you'd like someone to do what what would they be you know mow the grass move this pile the rocks pick up this garbage get rid of this this brush trim my limbs whatever and you do that on Sabbath and then on Sunday you go back with a group and you do that work for those so they have a say in that. Then at the end of the visit you know you give the folks some bread and you say. I've heard about a Bibles we think they're going to be warm and receptive to that. Is so you could say no if you want but we want to offer this to you we want you to know we care about you physically and what spiritually Alright some of these things you can put up you can put up these display boxes with final of then it's you can put in newspaper ads offering Bible studies. I'm going to keep moving here because our time Chamber of Commerce you can they often have welcome packets what say it's not in there but we're going to get it to you we're going to get you the Chamber of Commerce you can you can put these kind of Cards easily have welcome packets for people to move into the area you can put these cards in their funeral home ministry you can send people from your church to. The funeral home don't send weird people. I'm just telling the truth every avenue has weird people. Our message draws weird people don't send the weirdest people in your church and those are the ones that I want to go OK you need to hand pick those people that are good normal people and you just observe the newspaper and it says you know so and so died in the service will be in this day and at the funeral home or whatever and you send somebody there was some flowers and with a nice card from the church says we just want you know this is a ministry of our church we just want to know we're sorry for your family. Your family's loss and we're here to help you in any way that we can put the contact information in there and give them some kind a little gift and just we just want you know we care about you we're praying for you you need anything. And you can put a little piece of literature in there don't put you know man sleeps. Death magazine or something like that but put something nice and you'd be amazed you know the administrators down a little Lando has offered to do free funerals for the families of the victims so it's a pretty nice thing new baby ministry works is saying you go to the hospital you can you know talk to the bring a First Bible or something and you know there's a lot of times these old women that will knit these hats you bring the nice little hat then you talk to them about that occasion Jesus was dedicate in the temple and offer to dedicate their child in your church and that will bring them to your church you can even set up a date with them and talk to them about the importance of that these are just simple things that some people may want to do that small group Bible studies in the doctor's office flea market simple set up a table put your literature out you could probably even sell it and offer free what have you heard about our Bible school in nursing home ministries same thing you can work with the staff one pastor did a GED program in his church. He offered free GED classes you can get trained it's not very hard to do that's like eight hours of training or something offer that you're in your church he grew his church from eighty to two hundred people by doing this because you have them a couple times a week for several weeks and you're building those relationships with them and when you get to the end you can offer I've heard about our Bible school yes. When you don't graduate and it's the C. equivalent is that a poem of your from Europe everyone graduates in Europe. And the U.K.. So you can do the same thing offering English classes to folks in your community free music lessons I mean you play an instrument I may have people in your church of play instruments you can advertise free guitar lessons you know ten free guitar lessons for ten weeks open to five people you get those five people you pray about who the Lord would send five people every hour for an hour a week for ten weeks isn't that beautiful and after you've built that relationship with them you can ask them what is going to drill it in your heads folks write a weekly article in the paper or you could do an evangelist X. erase in the newspaper. I follow the law that that's your own article started with Daniel too went through our entire message in the newspaper he had like three people that he baptized from that from that deal right there I meant people walk into his church he had more people come to the church but they had like three baptisms from that takes about an hour a week to do that there's are three bible studies right. Advertise everything you do in your church. Put posters up put the new Put you can there's all kinds of papers out the complete free stuff in right it's not that hard but you'll have one or two people that will come from that little deal and you can visit with them and read about a Bible school before you know are you going to have twenty something Bible studies All right let's keep going here bakers of men you know have women in your church bake a hundred loaves of bread and go out to the houses that are directly in and in a circle around your church deliver the bread and say we just want you to know we're from the agonist her children here we just want to get to know our neighbors we just want to you. You know we care about you we appreciate you and have you heard about our. Go family make overs if you church one do a big project you can. You could redo a roof for a family in need or do something call the local newspaper they'll come down the probably do a story on that and there's your church on the front page of the paper heard about a church doing that and they started having people in fact we did the dental clinic last year or this year actually this year earlier in the spring. It was on the news we had people calling our church who didn't even come to the clinic thanking us for doing it and we had a couple of several people actually who came and visited the church because we did that in a clinic one lady that I know of is doing Bible studies now and she didn't even go to the clinic she just saw on the news she came to our church she said I want to be a part of that a church that does those kind of things so it's very powerful. You can invite local officials to speak at your church for special events now when I say that don't bring not that Avonex and to preach sermons OK but on a Veteran's Day on the Morial Day Fourth of July invite a city councilman or something to come in and do a ten minute talk on on Liberty or something simple like that not the sermon OK. And then invite them to stay for a launch and don't don't give them special kalo don't do that don't give them these weird Avonex concoctions OK don't give them that she meets you don't give them the cook something that's with like Ozanian like have your best lady in the church cook you could probably hide a little vege in the crumbles in there and they're not going to know the difference but but feed them normal food OK. And treat them well give the. Some nice guy they're going to go back and they're going to and they're going to talk about your church believe me my father was done this and the whole town loves their church and in fact the ministers that there's their church is so hospitable in the normal way that ministers from the other churches in town. Tell their members you should go visit the administrators because they do it right there. They're the example for the whole community imagine that if the ministers of all the churches were telling your their members to come visit your church. If if they did that right now they did that this Sunday and the people came the next Sabbath What would they experience. Think about that those are the changes you need to make all right. Small events in your church like. Like a said you know Christmas programs bike rides softball games those things are great Those are seed sowing things we did this a couple years ago Lansing we had three softball games throughout the summer we invited all the the non admin a speech full of the spouses and what not to come children to come a number of them came and none of them come back to church because that one guy walked up off the just walked up from the park said Hey can I play with you guys sure Bible studies Bible studies with them so when when you have these kind of events you have that little table with your booth and with your your banner and with these cards and you you talk to people you have the pastor at the end say you know we have a free Bible study course you probably be interested in it have you heard about our Bible school and people over there these kind of events will draw the spouses of the members who are not members in your church and that's how you work with them and you appeal to them for bible studies OK. It's a very beautiful thing all right small groups I mentioned that local radio you're able to put you can actually contact amazing facts and probably most of the other media and they will send you if you don't have your own radio station if you don't pray about that too but if you don't you contact amazing facts and they will actually send you ready yo programming that you can buy air time on your local radio station and you can put that on there OK or you can make your own I can't talk about the visitor Sabbath Co porting program there's another one it's called cars this one they did in Sacramento central church and it's Christian auto repair service so they had a bunch of people that would on a Sunday. Offer free oil changes and free tire pressure checks and just your basic services fill your window washing fluid and whatnot they offer that for like single mothers elderly people actually offered it for anybody but those are the people who mostly got. And they had a line out the door I mean they had a line across the way people were coming to get their free oil change that one costs a little bit of money but you can you can work it out raising money for it and then they would have prayer with the people as they were in line they would talk to them they would give them literature and then they would do what you heard about a Bible school now imagine if you had one hundred people in line and they were very open to you because you're doing something free for them and how many then the think that you talk to them for five ten minutes while they're waiting and you said have you heard about our Bible school how many of you think that they would respond positively and then you going to sign up some people revival studies Amen All right I'd die just did that faster than I've ever done it my life so you guys are blessed What's that all ya done prison ministry we had prison ministry up in tribes who said we haven't Lansing as well and I'm not against it I'm very much in favor of it yeah local jails the thing is this though and I want to make sure we don't want to neglect those people OK we want to minister to them but we don't want to just make the prison ministry like our sole Ministry of the church because then you're not going to grow because you you might grow on the books when you baptize those people but you're not growin in your church so it's a good thing I think we should do it but I think we have to do the other outreach stuff as well OK. He's going to. Start ministering to the families Oh yeah absolutely absolutely. Or you can do that the challenge with that on a larger scale is going to be most of those families are going to be all over the place they're not going to be in your community where. Everything is church and yet and I think there's really right in between us and that's where I miss I couldn't tell you I can tell you. Yeah I get what I don't know what I said let me. Back up to the slide here. I think I came back I'm not sure. If you're going to get in writing so. Let me just hit this real quick and then we're going to move on to writing Bible studies. If you like that picture there small church small budget no problem. I mean the how many of you in your churches have small budgets. We're in the yeah and the Lansing church it's the largest church in that little area there and everybody thinks Lansing has all the money and the reality is that the larger your budget the larger your expenses right and we have a bigger parking lot the Haskett plowed in the winter we have a bigger school that needs funding and so really the proportion proportionally it balances out OK but you may have a small church in a small budget that does not limit your soul winning the understand me because it doesn't cost any cost five bucks for a set of lessons to give this somebody and to and to study through with them OK it's all those things I just showed you mostly free these cards will be exceedingly cheap you'll be able to buy them and and and do this and so if you're evangelism budget is very weak in limited that needs to change in your church you need to go to your board and say we need the vans and budget to grow because we need to be doing outreach because if we don't do that then all the other budgets are going to shrink over time because you're going to not have people yes. Well I don't know what I don't know but you can order them from the conference or them from the conference I don't know they may be a little bit more than that what's at. The it is written lessons. I think I think during I think during unlock revelation they were they were a little bit less than ten. They're like what's at. Five and six dollars I think they're subsidized to the. Conference right so if you buy them at the A.B.C. they're going to be full price but if you order them through as a personal ministries. You'll get them cheaper OK under you more. All right so the culture yes or no. I don't think so but I gave it to I gave a. Personal ministries we can a couple years ago cams so this is what I used to share with my students at Africa. The point is this what I just gave you all those ideas. You're not even limited to those I'm just give you examples of hundreds of things you can do but the most important thing you have to remember is we're not we're not changing or oil and smiling and just saying well I hope they they know that we're Adventists No we're actively engaging those people those are seeds sowing things but we've got to make sure that we are following up with the spiritual OK The N A D is pushing this thing called the days of compassion I mean you heard about there are so wonderful idea there's nothing wrong with it but if we if we go and put physical bread in the hands of the homeless but we're not putting spiritual bread in their hands that's a big problem and and just hoping that they're going to want to become a something to give a loaf of bread is not a reality in a stand that they have to have the bread of life as well and so that's why any seed sowing of that you do you must transition through to the spiritual and this is a such a simple way to do it have you heard about our Bible school and people once you've met that need they're going Jesus would always heal people first and then he would say that when He healed people would he ever say go on your way he always appealed to them one spiritually didn't he and he educated people and so we've got to make that that transition. And from seed sowing to cultivation I meant are you with me so any of these things you're doing or not to do because I always want to be nice nice Christians and help people well we do but if that's our only objective then we've missed the bigger picture right we want to make them Disciples of Christ will we want Christ to do this we don't do that but he does it through us but you've got to make that next week in the cycle OK so three principles and I'm going to move on. To follow in a small church Number one I call it the stick the stone and the coin it's very simple it's not complicated OK the stick in Exodus Chapter four God says to Moses what's in your hand. And what was in San the rod and then once he asked him what was in his hand and he said my rod he said throw it on the ground and God began to do wonders through that through that rod a simple stick that makes sense so in your churches do an evaluation and ask yourselves. What's in our hands. OK we we got we got twenty five attending members in our church how many not having a spouses do we have all we have thirteen or we have five or whatever so do an inventory how many youth do we have in our church that are unbaptized how many friends and neighbors do we have that could study the Bible what's in our hand right you might you might have all the bible studies you can handle just from asking the question what's in our hand right how many missing members do we have the need to come back to church all we've got forty people on our books that haven't attended in two or three years oh we need to go visit those people before we drop their names. Don't just send a low. Letters to them Go visit them and then so what's in my hand God you'll you'll be amazed at the wonders God will do with what you already have OK Secondly the stone What do I mean by the Stone who used to stone David if they even had a hit Goliath anywhere else other than where he hit him what would have happened he would have been smashed right because that giant would have gotten that blow David would have been done I mean the Lord probably would have delivered him right my point is that David hit that giant in a specific spot he had focus he had direction he had aim and it brought that giant down most of our small churches are facing all kinds of Giants aren't they budget Giants manpower Giants you know we're struggling to keep the doors open and you have to decide that we're going to let certain things go in the church and then we just say this I'm is going to preach for about thirty seconds here in the oven a search is we have these these little idols that we have to all we must always have prayer meeting Wednesday night seven o'clock and we must do this certain format even though it's the same three eighty plus year old ladies that come to the prayer meeting and no one else comes. And we must but we must and the same people that don't come to the prayer meeting are the ones that will fight to keep it the same as it's been for the last fifty years are you with me. We'd say you know we're going to do something different for prayer meeting we're going to have maybe a supper you know six o'clock and then we're going to have a season of prayer for thirty minutes and then we're going to go out and do outreach for an hour we're going to make it a family night and we invite the families to come and have a dinner and we'll have prayer time we'll have a three minute devotional. Then we're going to go out to outreach we're going to that once a month and we're going to change some things that make sense and when you're doing a vandalism we're having a meeting you're not having all these other things going on in your church you know I'm saying we're not having school events we're not having Pathfinder events we're not having all these other areas of focus crowding out the event of when we do evangelism or what we're focused because the evangelists at meetings are already wearing you out so make sense OK so you're taking aim you're taking aim OK you're focused we're knowing exactly what we're doing we're at where we're at we're going and then thirdly the coin which of the coin and Luke Chapter fifteen What does she do she sought diligently she left no stone and churned when she was looking for that coin right and we're constantly reevaluating ourselves and this is what's useful in this is you'll hear it probably talked about this week is the master plan of evangelism for your church and you're constantly reevaluating yourself in asking the question Have we turned over every stone here because God is not going to bring new people to you until you've turned over every stone that he has provided already that makes sense so if you follow those three principles the stick stone and for. God's going to do great things in your church. And you don't have to have a big event. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you first know if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio or.


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