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12. How to Give Bible Studies- Part 2

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • June 13, 2016
    9:00 AM
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All right well let's let's move into our next slot the slot you guys are been waiting for We've talked about how to get bible studies on a personal level we talk about how to get bible studies on a corporate level now we're going to talk about how to prepare the Bible study and then. We'll talk about how to give the Bible study OK and I were compacting in when I used to teach it after I took about three weeks to teach all this because we just broke it down and we would practice it so you guys are getting the crash course but the good news is is that you have a better teacher than me and the Holy Spirit and He will help you amen so my teacher the very core principles so before we have prayer and don't forget to remind me to have prayer there's a couple books that I think would be very useful to you you can pick those up anywhere pretty much at the A.B.C.. But when some witnessing by Gary gives. Used to make my students read that book it's a very practical book it's very powerful it's very encouraging inspiring and it's got a lot of good practical examples Mark Finley fulfilling God's own time Commission it's a newer book it's about twenty bucks I think it's a little pricey but it's pretty thick and it's big it's got a lot of good material studying together some of you know about this book he probably most of you probably have that book that's a great book at in the back of it it talks about the other faiths and what we have in common with them what's differing how to approach them is very good book you are my witness I don't even think this was in publication in more is a good one if you can get it answers is it still or did they OK OK. It's very similar to when some witnessing if you have it if you have a small budget you had to pick I get when someone is saying but if you can get both both are good answers difficult Bible text by Joe crews is a good one and evangelise answers. No one questions there's lots of books I think there's a book by Mark Finlay called persuasion it went out of print but I heard they're printing it again if you find a book on decisions by Mark Finley when it comes out you need to get the book there are some books by Louis Torres as well great books Mark Howard's going to write some more of her books when these days and you have your you have your manual whatsapp. Roy. But you also have the Emanuel manual which is an excellent resource as well all right well let's pray together and then we're going to dive into this next section. Father in heaven we thank you so much for this great opportunity to be here we ask your spirit to bless us again Lord we ask you to eliminate our minds we're thankful it's morning and I afternoon and so we pray you'll give us a special focus today and bless us Lord and teach us in Jesus name Amen All right we're going to talk about two easy ways to write simple effective viable Sundays. And. There's what we what I call two types of Bible studies of giving Bible studies one is the review method the other is the presenter method now if you think about both of these methods the says take the review method what do you suppose that that is a review method. They fill out the study ahead of time and then you go back after they they've done the lesson and do one review it right the presenter method is very simply where they don't have any idea what you're going to study with them until you get there you give them the last and you go through the lesson together right there are advantages and disadvantages to both what do you suppose some of the advantages are for the review method. OK. They're going through twice right once on their own and once with you they have their questions prepared ahead of time OK what else anything else but time can be shorter that you're in the study right also Yeah. Yeah that's right you have somebody else what might be some of the disadvantages they don't do the lesson and they're all kind of like well I didn't get my lesson done so I better cancel the Bible study right and that can be a problem what else that's right they take it so so as you're doing the Bible lessons and they're reviewing them you do number one Daniel two great they love it no problem right number two you know signs of the times three great controversy for salvation and they get on down they do the ten commandments but then what happens will comes after the ten commandments the Sabbath right and you get every by workers nightmare that you go back after you've invested all this time and there's a little yellow sticky note on the door this is thanks so much I talk to my pastor he's going to do Bible studies with me and thanks so much for your time but we're done right so that concrete proof present a problem the review method can it doesn't always but it can so what about the presenter method what are some of the advantages. Yeah so you can go the schedule time there's not the concern that they won't fill out the lesson because more and more people don't usually get their lesson filled with SAT. Yeah so when you're also when you're studying with them if they have questions or objections who's the first person to answer them you are you're right there with them when they have well I don't know if I I believe that or what about this or it cetera right you're the one right there with them to answer the questions and so there's a blessing so which one should I use well my answer to you is both and what I usually do is people that know that don't go to church and people that don't know much about the Bible which which it's it's a method you think I use the review method right people who are. Church and who are well versed in their bible guess which method I use I use the presenter method so so that's what I've found to work the bass for those that are church in unchurched because it helps in most of those aspects because they don't have a pastor to go to right the might go to their you know their on call or whoever who is a Baptist pastor but it's not as likely case not as likely and I have found that using just one or the other is not the most beneficial but using both depending upon the person is what's best OK so there's also two ways to do Bible studies writing your own or using a prepared set of studies of lessons what I recommend to you in most cases is to just use of prepared set of lessons don't you don't need to reinvent the wheel OK but there are some times that you're going to need to do a study with that person on a subject that's not in that series OK and you need to be prepared and know how to be able to prepare a study to give them on that subject that makes sense and we'll talk more about that a little bit later so the first section we're going to talk about is on how to use a prepared lesson OK so we're going to use the it is written study guides here so you I want to pull out number one and we're going to come to that in just a minute but go ahead and pull it out now. There are certain characteristics of any Bible study that are very important OK certain characteristics of any Bible study that are very important we're going to talk about those here in just a minute just a few so what I need is I need a married couple to share and I need them to give me their extra one OK Thank you. We had to unmarried people to share we might end up with a marriage or a. That's how it all starts All right so a couple characteristics this is very basic very fundamental and then we'll move forward from here but number one the study must be relevant to the here in their personal life if this is not benefiting them if that truth that you're sharing is not is not impacting them in some way are they going to want to continue studying No it's got to be relevant you can't just be drawn on about things that are unimportant but that it might be high horses for you but it has to be relevant to them number two the foundation and the main idea must be based on the want on the Bible and were always referring people back to the want when they ask you questions you're always referring them back to what does the Bible say let's see what the Scripture says about this right and people will be highly impressed when you do that and it's not coming from yourself and we're not there to make jokes or use all these other things were there to use the Bible number three the study should be of a doctrinal prosthetic devotional or practical nature. Of void giving studies that simply satisfy an important Theriot cities OK so so like and I'm serious about this. You know we're not going to do a whole bible study on is my pet go to heaven OK we're not going to do a whole bible studies on why I was you know why were the why with the bells of the high priest in a certain place and not other places you know I mean just silly things like this things that are insignificant You'd be amazed how many people I've heard that do studies with people that have no benefit to the person but to something they want to do OK so make sure that your bible studies have a focus or you with me have a focus there doctrinal prosthetic devotional or practical and really they can also be all. Of those can't they and one they don't have to be separate distinct but make sure you have a very important purpose of for your bible study. Yes. I'm going to talk I'm going to talk about it yeah I'll talk about it come out here so why you don't have to know everything about the subject you need to be familiar with it don't try to do Bible studies off the cuff OK. Well I think most translations are probably OK. And except for you know certain ones like and I The They're missing text and so forth. But I will usually say to them what happens most of the time when I'm giving Bible studies is. I use the New King James and when I'm studying with them I don't use King James I'm not against it but as biblically illiterate as people are today it's very difficult for them to. Get that language OK so I use the New King James and maintain the purity and I'm not saying you shouldn't use the King James I didn't say that I just said I don't OK so I don't need a lecture about. Why the King James only OK Don't give me a Walter vice the I know all about it I'm good OK. And so if you use the King James it's fine I'm not against it. I just study the Bible a lot of people and it comes cross a lot easier when I'm using New King James but what I found is that as he's the New King James and they have a they have a King James is going to be pretty close that an I.V. or something after we go a while though usually asked me though usually say well what verse in the Bible do you have and also why use New King James and within a week or two Guess what they have they have a new King James or I might say well if you'd be interested the are usually the last ones actually use I think I think these use a new king james So I would actually recommend them to use it if they have it and if they don't you can offer them a Bible you can say well you know I can loan you this Bible here bring one from the church and after you go through you know five lessons I'll give you the Bible you know something like that OK use it as a as a tool but I would encourage them to use the same as the lessons but but you don't force them you know force them. All right moving on here there are certain elements that you need to include in every single Bible study now I'm going to go off on a short tangent OK People often say why do we always have to study these subjects you know in talk. The ones in the bible studies it can we do Bible studies on love or or you know other things well I don't know any of these bible studies that don't present Love OK People say why we always have to share the doctrines of people well the reality is is that if you know if you know what you're doing you can present the character of the love of God and you can deal with very specific issues in their life. When you study these lessons you can just incorporate it within K. let me give you a quick example of this. Remembering to deal with felt needs what is a felt need what is that if if if it's twenty degrees outside I don't have a CO was my felt need a coat if my mother just died three days ago and I'm crying my eyeballs out what's my need. Comfort and peace right and encouragement Yeah if I just lost my job two weeks ago and I just spent my last five bucks on gas to look for a job but my cupboards are empty and I have six kids that are crying for food what's my felt need it's food right and so as you talk and interact with your bible studies you're going to come to understand what their felt needs are OK and it's your job to prayerfully and spoke by the leading of the Spirit incorporate. And Scriptures from the Bible into the bible study that will speak directly to those issues that make sense so for instance let's just say. That I'm studying Daniel Chapter two with my new Bible study it's our first study together and we get into the study and he says oh man he says you know I just found out that this week here is my last week of work they're laying me off or he's what. He's having some problems is and some struggles as any so I'll say man I'm really sorry I'll sympathize with him I'll minister demo use Christ at that but then we get into the Bible study we're going to study Daniel today and I'm going to say you know I think there's going to be some things in this Bible study that are really going to bless you that if you're really going to speak to your heart OK So as I'm going through Daniel to what's the theme of Daniel two it's Well the there is a there's multiple themes but one of the things is that Daniel is his life is on the line because the king is given the decree right so Dan you knows a thing or two about what being in a tight spot doesn't mean you've lost your job Dan was about to lose his life but what the day no do he went and why he prayed to God and God heard his prayer and answered his prayer and I believe that the God the answer Dale's Prayer is the same God that once answer our prayers today so what do we pray about the situation right so so God provides through answered prayers I make sense and you may not know where your help going to come from Daniel didn't either I mean he knew it come from God didn't know what way. But God always has the answers there's a God in heaven that reveals what secrets he has made known to the king what will be in the latter days let me tell you as you put your trust I'm speaking to the man now as you put your trust and hope in God. God he's going to reveal to you maybe not in every moment that you're wanting it but he's going to reveal to you as you need it the plan that he has for you he's going to take care of you right then I go through the statue right go through the statue and I make the point to this man that the God of heaven revealed to Daniel the world events that happened thousands of years in advance so God holds the future of our world in his one. If God could predict the rise and fall of world empires down through the ages and did it with perfect accuracy do you think he knows your future and he has the power to take care of you as a provider our power to provide for you is the power to give you all and meet all your needs you believe that today I'm going to ask him that question right meeting that felt need in my still still stuck the truth with him yeah see that makes sense let's just suppose you know it doesn't matter what the Bible study is you can weave in these Bible promises so I might in my Bible study when I'm talking about how God's going to provide for your needs because he knew the future of the world I might flip over the Philippines for nineteen and given that bible promise what is it my God shall supply all your needs because God knows the future and he has the power and he he provides for those who put their trust in him and then so is in this beautiful doesn't matter it doesn't matter if you're studying the end I tries you can still meet felt needs in the Bible study Amen so now you're not just speaking to their minds you're also speaking to their wives speak into their hearts when you think about that so should we stop studying the doctrines of every doctor not to reveal who the to reveal Jesus or not revealing Jesus then you need to get to know Jesus and then the problem is not with the doctrine because Jesus said all doctrine comes from him right. The problem's not the doctrine the problem is with us separating Jesus from the doctrine amen and so if we're presenting doctrine we are presenting Christ as well but don't stop resenting the doctrine resent Jesus because you can't separate Jesus from the teachings of Jesus Amen so you can do it all together and that's when it becomes the most powerful All right so within your Bible study you remembering to deal with felt needs using two to three additional Bible texts for this within your bias you may only need one but as you talk with them as you interact with them you're going to get to know what the issues are that's why it's important for you to memorize what Scripture because sometimes you may not have the ability to prepare you know the best Bible studies or the ones where you get put in a crisis and you don't have any idea what to do you know those are the best because then the Holy Spirit has you leveled to the floor and humility and then he can do something powerful Amen and but you need to have those text memorized because the Lord is going to bring them to your mind when you need them and then I can't tell you how many times he'd done that boom it comes into my mind I show them the text they start crying and the like does just what I needed and you know it's from the Lord amen All right so you're asking questions to them How's your week then how are your kids doing how's work doing I'm doing that there's a there's a specific time that I do that which I'll get to but so this is how you find out what their felt needs are then you're weaving those promises in and you can also share with them a similar experience you had but don't spend two months time on I mean don't spend the next forty five minutes because you only have about an hour for the Bible study but you know people I've had cancer I've had twice cancer twice two different types of cancer almost died so any time somebody talks to me about cancer. I got an experience to share with them right this is what the Lord did for me right and it's how the Lord got me through that they say all you know I broke my leg Oh I broke my leg when I was a kid and you're sharing some experience of what God has done for you as I make sense right so you're doing that all through your Bible study not diverting from the Bible study but adding to it adding to it so how long do you think these kind of things should be. If you try to do the whole Bible study and you to be short sweet but power packed day short sweet but power packed All right the next thing that you want to do with an ever Bible study is. You want to have three to four key ideas three to four key ideas that you're bringing out throughout the whole lesson OK. So let me just say this the Bible's Bible study lessons they do speak to the heart but they don't always speak to the specific issue that person's dealing with that makes sense that's why it's important for you as the Bible study giver to. To mold that Bible study to fit their individual life to make sense I'm constantly talking on the felt needs thing but that's what you add to it OK because you can have a great Bible study but you still have to adapt it to every single person OK three to four main points are ideas and here's the thing how many of you how have you heard Sean booms for a sermon last Saturday. There's enjoy that was a good that it impacts your life yeah but can you tell me every single thing he said in that sermon No but can you tell me two or three things that you remember from that sermon three or four maybe. You can yeah same thing is for you doesn't matter what how gifted have. SPEAKER You Are people will not remember every single word that you said the Sipos couldn't even remember everything Cheesus said Good day they kept forgetting it and they didn't get it right it's the same thing in a Bible study people are going to remember everything you say so before you give the last and need to do is just kind of the. Overview of the lesson and ask yourself the question when I leave their house after I've done this last and one of the three or four things I want them to not forget with me and I want those three or four things to click in their minds during the study and then I want them to stick in their minds OK And there's ways to do that which I'll talk to you about but let's just take day of two for example what are the three or four main things that we once people to remember. Think about dates you all should know Dana to you don't have to look at the lessons think of a subject. OK God knows the end from the beginning that's a good one for you OK as a plan what else. You can trust him with your future right he's the Bible so relevant today anything else what's that Ramos at the end and Jesus I heard earlier Jesus is coming soon right so there's several of them down if you just flow through the chapter number one. The Bible is still relevant can be trusted right God answers prayer through Daniel's life Number two God knows the future of this world Amen amen and he has predicted the rise and fall of those in pyres number three I mentioned this earlier but I'm putting as number three the Bible still relevant for Act It's the road for us a number for Jesus is coming again soon if they remember those things from Daniel two they don't have to remember all the dates I mean it's good. They do I'm not telling you to discourage them from that but they don't have to K. They know those four things God It cares about me hang out he'll answer my prayer like Answer Dan's prayer God knows the future of this world therefore I can trust him with my future or through the Bible so relevant because of prophecy and before Jesus is coming again very soon I make sense and you don't what less than three are more than four OK not less than three more than four and sometimes you might have good points that are good points to bring out as you go through the lesson but they're not they're not big enough or broad enough to be that key points I make sense so with the three or four points you have to think what big is the think on the large scale OK on the large scale now those points also must be very personal So usually what I do as I make the point in a sentence and then I have another sentence that wasn't makes a personal For instance number one what was it God answers prayer today because he answered danced fair how do I make that personal he wants to answer your prayer right number two because God holds the future of this world in his hands. We can trust him to also what hold our future right number three the Bible is still relevant today you can we can trust it to guide our lives right number four Jesus is coming again soon and he wants you to be a part of His eternal Kingdom that makes sense. Are you with me so the Sabbath you know the Sabbath the Sabbath is a day of rest peace and. Joy and Jesus wants to spend that day with us' I make sense. Jesus State of the dead. Jesus under the bible text Jesus wept Jesus understands the pain of death because he suffered and therefore he knows how you feel when. You lose a loved one right Jesus has power over the grave therefore he has the power to resurrect you and those you love and then he is the is the resurrection the life right makes sense so in all those points I'm making the point but then I'm also making it personal that makes sense so every single lesson you do you ask yourself the question what's the three or four things out of this lesson that I want them to remember not for get and then how do I make it personal make sense so as you're going through your lesson so in order to know that what do you have to do beforehand you have to do the lesson yourself right now you have to say OK what's the big picture here let me pull out the top three or four main ideas and as I go through the less I'm going to go through the last and make all the small points too but as I go through the last and I'm going to make those bigger points that make sense I'm going to emphasize those points because that's what I want them to remember OK So as you're going through lesson maybe you know the number the number the number two that God knows the future he can control my future that's not really going to be revealed until I go through what and then go to so I go through the statue and I demonstrate that God revealed history for it happened are you with me make sense so then when I get to the end of that I'm going to be able to make that point a God knows the future so those points are going to be scattered throughout my lesson after I get to the. Area that talks about that there be following it but it confused seems pretty simple but as you go through the lesson and the idea is brought out in the lesson then you nail it right there because you're going to then review it again at the end of. Clear but practical and personal don't go on for like ten minutes making that point one sentence to make the point one sentence to make a personal that quick and that's how it becomes profound so then at the end of the Bible study guess what you're going to do with those points. You're going to you're going to review them why are you going to review them. Make sure they stick and do what was that you're going to that those points are going to move you into your what. And to your appeals I make sense so how am I going to do that it's going to take me between fifteen and twenty five seconds to review those points I get to the end of the lesson I say so and our lessons a day we learn for really important things number one boom number to boom number three number four and as you've seen those things revealed in the bible study that I move into might be a would you like to make the decision today to give your life to Christ or whatever people are going to make that makes sense so easy but it's so profound to do that because. Those points are going to give them the confidence to make that decision that makes sense so review them in their minds takes only fifteen to twenty five seconds All right secondly you want to use within your Bible study illustrations what are illustrations picture right there there are things that reveal truth there parables do you think that Jesus used illustrations yes or no. And he did in fact some are going to read this quote here as soon as somebody read it but were recording so I'll just. Read it it says from Christ's object lessons page twenty one Jesus sought an avenue to every heart by using a variety of illustrations he not only presented truth in his different phases but appealed to the different hearers their interest was aroused by figures drawn from the surroundings of their daily life none who listened to the Savior could feel that they were neglected our forgotten the humblest the most sinful heard in his teaching a voice that spoke to them in sympathy and wide tenderness and then amazing I noticed this one cost as a teacher's one seventy eight in his teaching Christ drew his illustrations from the great treasure of the household ties and affections and from nature the unknown was illustrated by the known sacred divine truth by natural earthly things with which the people were most familiar these were the things that would speak to their hearts and make the deepest impressions on their wives on their minds so what did Jesus do he made he help them understand the unknown from things that were want so he took things that they were already familiar with and then he explained things that they weren't familiar with through the context of those things that they knew that make sense given example of that what it would he do for the human example from the Gospels. Shepherding sheep what else. The flowers of the field the farming of farming he also talked about fishing right fig tree go and live in a That's right these were all the things that people were constantly familiar with so when you are beginning to give a Bible study to someone. You are going to get to what you get to know them and you going to find out what they are interested in right so I am asking them as I get the. Meet them usually not always but sometimes before I do a Bible study was so many before I started Bible study makes that makes it so much easier to actually do the Bible say I'll just take them to lunch for an hour and just talk to them before I give them Bible studies because I'm finding out all kinds of things for them then then sometimes I don't have even offered them Bible studies I just say I get to know them and they know I'm I'm a preacher or whatever and to say let's go to lunch together I want to always want to get to know you better I want to chat with you and and get to know you and they are much more open to that than to initially doing Bible study so I'll go out to lunch with them and well talk with them up share with them my testimony I'll ask them about their life and and then at the end I say you know I think is feel like we have so much in common I think you're a person who's really intelligent and open to things you know why don't we do these bible studies gather and almost always it never fails that they say yes well they would say no previously if I haven't gotten know them right so my first study with them is just that that kind of orientation time I don't tell them that that's what it is but I have my plan but I'm not telling them right and so so I'm getting to know them they might be in arrests and horseback riding or fishing or hunting or gardening and so I have illustrations from those different things that when I do the bible studies with them I'm going to make those parallels from those illustrations that make sense are you with me and so if they like gardening that's were not doesn't mean that every single stray should has to be gardening because then you're going to Qana are going to kind of wear it out OK But you know often I'm going to do that based upon their interest OK make sense is it beautiful and I'm going and so what happens is when I present let's say it's on the Sabbath when I present that truth on the Sabbath and I show them the text within. I give them an illustration of the gardening or whatever that they're interested in every time they go out and do that gardening or are they going to remember we're going to remember the Sabbath for the rest of their lives. They're not going to be able to forget about it amen because it's now stuck in their minds I think it's Amen that's why Jesus did it because it would stick in their minds because there's something powerful It's called cognitive dissonance there's something powerful in attaching new truth to something that people are already familiar with and then they don't forget it I mean found that the BE TRUE your own life right all right so the purpose of illustrations that makes abstract truth is more comprehensible you're not just waxing eloquent with your theology and all that but you're actually having a purpose it maintains interest because everybody likes a good Want story right as a way of deepening impression and it is perpetual reminder in all future time that's what I said that every time they do that activity they're going to remember that truth right because they've attached to that so your illustrations should not be too humorous they shouldn't be so ridiculously a joke that it overpowers the truth or makes sense doesn't mean you can't use some humor but it shouldn't overpower it should be truthful don't use false things and it should help make the what make the point so were some places I can find illustrations stories poems news amazing facts stories about other people personal experience some of you have kids. If you study was somebody else who has kids you have a million illustrations right there right nature. Illustrations you've heard other people use like you know it's an example of. The on the Ten Commandments you've always heard the mere illustration you've seen the evangelist get up the. Here and he puts a mark on his face and you know I'm talking about it's a real common one illustration of great so how many illustrations should I have in my study. One two three of the very most depends on how long they are but they can go on for fifteen minutes and need to be two or three minutes OK and that doesn't mean you have to bring props and all that you can just be a simple story OK simple story that makes the point OK at least one no more than three K. or be with me. There you do good I can see it all right. What's. Going to face I I actually should go faster so pray for me. Yeah you'll get all this you'll get all this don't worry we'll get it for you all right another thing you want to include is personal testimonies. The difference between an illustration and a personal testimony is what what is it the the testimony something that happened to you right that's right and you can have a testimony without a test and then. In America Western civilization we don't like tests do we don't like trials do eat that's why many people don't have very many testimonies sometimes you go to church and say well as a testimony our boys like. Right. So a short story about how God has worked in your life personally and answered prayer whatever I mean I have I have a million of these I remember when I was a new Christian brand new Christian had only been baptized for a couple of months and I locked my keys in my car and I was out there and I had a little coat hanger and I was you know rock in that thing trying to get that thing unlocked and and I'd sat there and fought that thing for about forty minutes and then it occurred to me had not was not prayed and I prayed and I said God please if it's your will help me to get this thing open and I'm sorry did Asprey for and Jesus' name and then I went like this. And it popped open. There you go that's of what how long does it take me to tell that story about thirty forty seconds right but does that have an impact on people has a powerful profound impact on people and it what it does. Is it takes the promises of God from being on paper to becoming real in the life and as people see what God has done for you you can encourage them he will do the same for you right now doesn't mean we won't have problems it doesn't mean we will have trials and difficulties but what it means is God will give us what we need to get through them Amen amen All right so this also helps keep the Bible study interested have a goal make sure that you have in mind what you want to cover ask the Holy Spirit to help you don't get so distracted by visitation you never have time for the study but some people that want to they want to visit for forty five minutes and then they want to they they have to go right soon to make sure these same folks and I'll talk about what how much time city spent on that here in this the next one all right so using the pre-made studies that's the basic that we're just going to run through this real quick was of already talked about it how to prepare the study make it Christ centered What does it mean to make it Christ centered. Does that mean you're saying the word Jesus and your bible study why you pound that doctrine no what does how do I make the state of the dead Christ centered. Christ. ROMANS OK. OK All right that's good so. Making the state of the Christ centered You know I always go to John Chapter eleven the verse that says Jesus what Jesus wept Jesus understands the pain of death both an experience from those that he loves and experiencing it himself. And Jesus wept and so the emotions of death Jesus experience he knows how you feel he knows all the pain you experience you know as all the emotions you have about death that he's the one because he's the resurrection the life he has the keys of death according to Revelation one he's the one that the only one that can give you true comfort during this time make sense Christ centered OK Christ centered not just the dead know nothing the dead raise when Jesus comes it's all those things are true and good but you've got to speak to the heart as well amen if you don't speak to the heart people will know the truth but they won't be free of the truth such you free but one week you have only the only the facts and we don't speak about Christ and what he can do there only have half the truth and they're not free but still bound and then we have enough of those kind of people our church well that's our lemons look like they've been baptized in lemon juice All right so how do we prepare that study once again we're drawing out the Watts through four main points right we're including at least one want personal testimony when that where I put my purse on wherever it fits you go through the lesson and you'll know God will speak to you about it maybe in the appeal maybe in the introduction and maybe in the middle the Bible study doesn't matter but use that person's Usman any time it does not have to be the person tells me does not have to be some great miracle that happen in your life you know God rose me from the dead or something there have to be that it can just be you know why I was having such a rough day and the kids were going insane and I just prayed that prayer Lord Jesus I just need your help now and then somebody knocked on the door and there was my help whatever it could just be anything you know I look for my keys for an hour and I prayed. God help me find my keys whatever it is it doesn't matter it doesn't have to be a miraculous thing just simple is better even I meant include as I mentioned to illustrate you can use one you can use three but not more than three and at least one at least one testimony at least one illustration but remember they can't be ruined long they have to be pretty short and focus into the point but they will be powerful OK yes. I wouldn't do it for every question no I wouldn't do it for every question but I'll talk about that but I do it a little bit through the viol study but not every question because it gets kind of burdensome it's going no no it's fine I'm glad you asked that wedge ass then we'll talk about it though all right then any additional Texan comments you need what you don't want to do is you don't want to use more than about ten to twelve at the very very very most fifteen Bible texts within your Bible study and the reason for that is what was the reason for that was the reason you don't want to mean we have a habit as admin it's of whipping out our spiritual machine guns and we're just like I don't have to you got it. Can do in this class right poor and Anya and before you know we got those people pinned up against the wall and they don't know what to do with themselves right you ought to have a hundred Bible verses in your mind. But only share you know a handful at a time because people can only absorb so much and in this day and age it's true more than ever people don't think they don't they don't process they know they don't do any of that they just sitting in front of T.V. so you gotta take it. Now don't be don't withhold the truth but you need to take it in steps OK ten twelve Bible sex is plenty and. When I say that your your your last and may have a little bit more than that and that's OK. But you're not going to add twenty more to it OK you can add your one or two texts for the felt needs OK the struggle they're going through then that's it OK that's it the lesson is enough all right then again your summary the end I've already talked about all these things were just reviewing them. Your summary at the end what are you doing in the summary and what. I'm reviewing those three to four points and how long does that take. Thirty seconds but how powerful is it is very pivotal right now how do I how do I do that so so how do I insert these things in my bio so you can do it a couple of ways you can rights within your Bible study you know let's say I'm going to do my purse a testimony after Question number three OK so I'm going to write personal testimony about losing keys then when I get to number three I know what after I share that question and answer I'm going to share that was testimony and then I go on down and after Number six I have the illustration about gardening I'm going to write it in there illustration about about the beats or the onions or whatever right or the weeds and then after question of a six oh it's in my notes here I'm going to share that thing about if you need to write it out you can write out the whole thing OK but don't read it to them. You just know what it says and you tell it to them OK then down at the end of my Bible study you know I've got my three points right here the it is written lessons look like they already have those so you can use those OK but you can just use those to make sure you remember the size those Ok then I have my appeal and I would encourage you to write out your appeal so that you know exactly what you're going to say the Holy Spirit may change that the moment and probably. We'll do that more times than not but at least you have something prepared let me just say that the appeals that are in most Bible study lessons are typically not enough not enough to you need to go a little bit more and they'll talk to you about gaining decisions I don't I'm not talking about that today but they'll talk to you about that but you need to go a little bit more so you can either write these things out and mark them in your lesson or you can you know write them on a separate piece of paper and you know you could put after Question three my personal testimony after Question seven illustration you can have it on a sheet of notes and if you have a lesson like this you want to print that off on a half sheet of paper and just have a right in your lesson right there. You can do it however you want to do it they do but you don't want to have them things falling all over the place you know you bump them and they yeah. Yeah. Basically in your early bible studies your appeal is going to be. Smaller. That makes sense it's going to be simpler so in your first bible study it might be this is says the why will demonstrate your god can you trust are you willing to live tell God you trust him that you would like to moan or about no more about him and his plan for your life and the answer of yes on your first bio say that right there is probably good enough OK but as you get further down the line your appeal like for the Sabbath you know when you make an appeal for the Sabbath you're not going to say do you love Jesus and want to follow him. Why why is it not OK It's not what the it's not specific your appeal has to be specific to the subject now. In the Bible study on the Sabbath it may be that it may ask them to keep the Sabbath the probably will but they may have objections and there's some questions that you go through with people which I don't have time to go through the day but I'll just list them but I can't discuss them cause or time but they will cover them and decisions class OK Thank you guys I have a class on that but I'll ask them was the Sabbath new to you. Was the Sabbath did it make sense from the Bible that the seven days a Sabbath do you sense God Calling you to keep the Sabbath and is there anything that would hinder you from doing that and making that decision today those are some questions you can ask them to process that process that with them because you may say was a clear to you from the Bible and there they may say Why no it wasn't I have questions about this this and this well if they have questions of my going to then say do you want to keep the Sabbath No because they're not ready to they need unity clear of the obstacles in the process to do that which we don't have time to do now but as I said they'll do it with you later and some of those books will help you with that as well I would love to do it I have. I have three weeks where the classes on gagne decisions but we don't have time today all right and I wish we did but I'm sorry all right the appeal you know you write out your appeal in Decision question. And write out your prayer you don't necessarily have to do that the prayer I made my students do it made them right out every single word because I wanted them to get used to it your first few times of doing it you may want to do that so that you're familiar with it but as you gain experience you don't have to. All right that sounds good so you're really not adding a whole lot to the Bible study but you're you're making it was a personal series speaking to felt needs writing testimonies guiding us ration your making sure you emphasize those summary points throughout the lesson or those main points throughout the lesson and then summarizing them at the end as you make your appeal that makes sense yes. So most most lessons don't go much beyond that like how many ever use the storage holes. The store calls have like fifteen questions and they have like eight Bible verses for each question don't do that usually one verse per question is enough and when I say a verse or maybe like OK like if you look in this one Daniel are numbered number twelve this is Daniel two forty one and forty two that's like Count would count as one verse like one passage of through three four verses that would be counting as one verse not four OK makes sense but you don't want to for one question you don't want to look up a different passage and then do that for every question is going to wear out saying you're going to become a little horns we're not. We want to be a little horn and we want to be a little. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you first know if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio or.


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