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14. How to Give Bible Studies- Part 4

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • June 13, 2016
    11:00 AM
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That was class this morning with Pastor Wes. Good stuff isn't it you know why he does all that if you're going to give him bible studies when you leave year. You guys are quiet I got one yep yes you're like this no no this is all good all right now I know that he touched a little bit on all I've got to do this year he taught us a little bit on the Daniel to study I'm going to be talking about Dana to the first lesson and some other things about it in general today I want to talk about the. I want to talk about the delivery of the Bible study. So morrow what we're going to do. Let me get my schedule out so I'm not misspeaking here. So morrow afternoon you're going to be giving studies to each other you're going to divide into groups and you're going to give studies. I went through yes. Or kill wait now so what we're going to do is now here's let me let me just fill in some gaps here you're going to give studies so we'll break them up in different places and this is going to you know we will probably they may know the weather's going to tomorrow. Because you. We're going to want to spread out a little bit for the studies just because they have everybody you know we can use the whole way but I thought you know it was nice. You got conference officers who own those empty rooms in your bade space they're so well figured out but you're going to be planning on here's what I want you to do when I go over this today I know you've got all kinds of time how many read your reading assignment good good good very good I know you got a lot going on now tonight what I want you to do is pick a study you can pick any study in that set and prepare it the way I'm about to talk to you about preparing a study today I will tell you that the the biggest difference in giving a study is your preparation of the study and I can tell with a student who's prepared for the study and who isn't and you know any time we've run a ten day session or short session like this. I know that there's a lot going on. And so for most students in a setting like this you really haven't had the time to prepare that you would if you were actually giving the study and I know that having said that though what you're going to do is when you divide up to give the studies we're going to go around and monitor you giving the studies. No what will happen charity for example is if you're giving the study to Julie over here I may come over while you're given a study. I may sit and you know I try not to be too. OK I may come over to try not to get right in here but you get you've just got to invision me or you know Pastor Cameron's going to be here and I think my brother Jim is going to be here and you've got to see us as kind like guardian angels helping you to deliver that right because you have guardian angels when you're given studies you know that right and in you know well we'll try to pick up on I'm going to tell you right now most of you are going to make some common mistakes in giving studies will point those out and. In a nice general way OK I'm going to call you up here and put your name on the board. But the but the point and purpose of that is to help you to understand ways you can give the study more effectively OK But anyway that's we're doing tomorrow so you pick any one of these studies and you're going to work on preparing it the best you can between now and then. But today I want to talk about preparing a study and then tomorrow morning we're going to try to pick up on that same idea like Pastor Cameron's going to talk about the great controversy study and one of the things I know Pastor West talked on a little bit is when you give a study there usually main points not usually there's always main point you're trying to convey you may have let's see what I have in this lesson again. Sixteen questions while you're you don't have sixteen points you're making a and so what will happen when you give in the study is you've got to be clear this is part of preparation on what you're really wanting to get across in that study OK if you don't know what you're trying to get across how is your student going to know you're trying to get across so that's that's going to be key when you're giving the study what it might really trying to get across that will help you to give more effectively Well Pastor Cameron's going to talk about the great controversy study and just walk through some of the things that you want to get across in that study if we had time we go through every want to be doctrines and we say you know these are the key points this is why this doctrine is important cetera yes. You know. Yeah. Well your but your points may not be the studies three points and I GUESS WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT ONE I'm saying to you is this. You can't let the tool do your work for you OK you can't let the tool do your thinking for you one of the probably the one of the greatest hindrances to us sharing our faith and giving studies is our own lack of ownership of our face when you come to a conviction of why you believe what you believe about each topic you'll know the points that you want to convey in the study and put That's part of the part of it I just recently did this for my church in prayer meeting I'll be honest with you at the end of two and it can be difficult to go through a doctrine and say now what am I really wanted to get across here. You know a lot of things you say there's a lot of point you make but what am i really trying to convey and it's a good exercise to have to go through and say What's the really important part of this thing. And I'll tell you this as well I could do Daniel to study a couple different ways depending on what I'm emphasizing maybe depending on who I'm studying it with. I may be starting with an individual where the more when you're doing personal bible studies you get to know an individual and the more you get to know that individual you'll tailor things to where you know they need guidance. That's why again this is a tool you are the labor that works with too and some of your Look at me now and you think and I wouldn't know how to do that oh yes you will I'm going to tell you when you are there are there are times I go to to teach something and I know the basic thing that I'm teaching I have notes and everything else I'm thinking the Lord what am I what I really going to get across or what you know I just I'm it's not as clear in my mind as I want to be and then I get in a situation maybe it's in a Bible study maybe is teaching something and I get in a situation the thought just comes what I need. A award will do that for you when you spend your time with him you're letting it you're relying upon him. When you work with somebody in a personal study situation and you get to know them you're going to be surprised how the Lord will be able to work and help you to lead them in a way in ways that are really practical for them and their particular situation their struggles bring text to mind and all kinds of things. Now. I made a I need to make copies I made a hand out for you of all the different the new revised study order like I told it was going to but I did make copies of it yet I thought I'd have more time to make copies. There is something though that I need to bring up here and we're going to have prayer and we're going to go into this this lesson. I have an outline just trying to report on. It is OK. We're going to go ahead have prayer together K. let's bear heads Father in heaven we do thank you. For a lovely day and we asked now that you would guide us in this class. Give us understanding or to help us to be effective I was a learn how to be effective in winning souls to the truth it's your truth Lord it's your spirit that does work but works through us help us to learn how to be laborers the kind of labors you need for the harvest we ask in Jesus name him OK now I have shared with you you take out your lesson number one can God be trusted and I shared with you yesterday that. This particular lesson. The power in the Daniel two lesson there's two things you can do within two to one of the things that Daniel two will do is it a bring a person face to face with the imminence of the coming of Christ when you see that while Babylon's come and gone me to purchase come and gone Greece is coming on Rome is coming on Rome's been divided the divisions of Rome are there you've seen over history the nations trying to come together and form this you know union again in every time has failed there's only one thing left in the vision and that is the stone cut out without hands which represents the coming of Christ so healthy people to realize it wow when we look at the image where are we. Some people say we're in the toenails right we're way down here at the end and so that there's something compelling when a person sees that So the one thing that the danger to study does for somebody is help them to realize Jesus is coming and it's coming soon. But the other thing it does is it gives them confidence in what. Confidence in the Bible and so. Then your purpose of the dinner to study is to let me say this. And again I know I wanted to I wanted I had to go I had an appointment I want to hear everything pastor West covered today but I know we cover some of this stuff when he's talking to you about writing your own study if you give you an assignment on that for tomorrow. OK He hasn't come he hasn't communicated that to me yet. That I'm going to tell you again all of those types of things are very you know they're challenging but they're very good I member the first when I went to Michelle's evangelism we had a whole write a whole study series and I still have them because you know you do stuff on computers you say that I have my study series it's way too long study but when I look back at it I remember one of the hardest things I had to do was decide the order of my studies now I when I wrote my studies and you can do this when you write studies I don't know maybe told you not to do this and I'd be you know giving you something that I don't want to contradict your teacher but I would take other studies I wouldn't just copy them but I mean I would I would look at other studies if I'm doing a study and in it too you know what does historical study say about and if to what is what is a marker in the search for certainty do you know I look at different studies and see oh that's a good text that's a good tech so I would glean. In the same way I glean the order of the studies but just having a process through in my mind why is this why is this study you know at that point when I was writing the studies I mean I just would have had any study anywhere we talked yesterday about the D.N.A. too and following up with a great guy and I could have a great controversy here and then the mark of the beast year and who knows what I just dump them all in so I hadn't given much thought to why a certain study went in a certain place and I had to write my own. I thought it would be easier but when I had to really process it it really challenge me but that challenge helped me to understand better why things are in the order that they are and so these kind of exercises you might not have an assignment from Pastor Wes but to try to develop your own studies over time is a helpful thing for you to do. In part because we all think a different way even as you the more studies you get. Here it's going to happen naturally if you start giving more bible studies soon you're going to be like you know I just don't like the way this study does this. Or you know what you can do you can modify it that's the beauty of it because your it's just tool in your hand OK so. Even outside of Pastor Wess assignment I'd encourage you to. Spend time you know when you've got the Sabbath afternoon you're tempted just go take a nap somewhere I think you know I'd rather do some productive sit down with a topic and come up with a Bible study you know the good sources the Bible readings the home because they're all question answer Bible study and you can take you know give you ideas for or how to put stuff together. But one of the things you want to do when you're doing any study is you want to ask yourself what is the point of this study why am I giving this study do that for two reasons first reason. You've got to know where you're going if they're going to know where you're going. If you don't know where you're going you're not leaving any body anywhere number two when you come to the end of the study every study needs to have this I know Pastor West doc about what does every study need to have at the end. Some sort of appeal you're just appealing for them to make to respond like what you know here's the thing about a Bible study or sermons or these kind of things. You're presenting information in a Bible study. That's for the sole purpose of getting a person to you're putting things in the clearest most logical order that you can to convince them of what's true. Now why would you try to convince somebody of something that you have no. Intention or or no. Purpose for them to follow it you want people to follow the truth right and so that's what your appeal is and so all an appeal is is that's what you're asking them to do with the study so when you're coming up with your purpose your purpose really helps you with your peel your purpose is what do I want them to do when this thing said and done when I give them a study on the Sabbath What am I hoping they'll do when I get done with this study in the seven. What I mean by accepting the seven I want to keep it right I want to obey the Sabbath the fourth commandment I want them to put that into practice. One of the reasons I bring that up is we had a situation. Somebody here asked me the same thing the other day we'll talk about it more we get into conviction and decisions on Thursday but I had a church member who said I don't know what to do with this person I'm studying with you know the seem to they seem to be not doing and they're not moving forward and when you're tell you this this is important I understand. The Sabbath is a is a key study for most people if a person accepts the Sabbath. Then chances are they're going to accept most of everything else it's one of the biggest hurdles that people have now that's not across the board there may be something up with something else but here's the thing if a person's hung up on the subject of the state of the dead the state of the dead can be tricky if you look at the bible see our society has so change the language that when you talk about when he were talked about the soul they were thinking of some spirit flying through the air but you talk soul today and that's what everybody thinks so it's already kind of programmed in the mind so you read a text it says. In the King James Version. How does it word again in Genesis is. When Rachel was dying it says Rachel was dying for her soul departed something to that effect oh her soul departed she was dying well there it is she died and the spirit thing went well Hebrew wouldn't read it that way they didn't understand the word that way but a person in our day and age when they hear soul or they hear spirit that's what they think is some disembodied part of you that lives on after so when you get into a subject like that because of some of those things sometimes there's more work through but with a subject like the Sabbath the Sabbath is really clear I'm telling you the Sabbath you can show what day the Sabbath is on from scripture you can show that it's something that everybody the scripture kept the seventh day Sabbath Jesus the Apostles Jesus Christ his future followers to keep it it's is. It's easier to defend. And it's at the core of worship and my experience has been that when a person commits to the Sabbath they're committed. And when a person is hedging on things it's not uncommon that they're hedging on something way down here because they're really trying to get around them and I've seen that happen so I've studied this church member says well I've got this person and I'm just not going anywhere on the set with a ding what are they doing about Sabbath only love the Sabbath they said they're all about the Sabbath I said Are they keeping the Sabbath Well I think they try to keep it at home no no no no the Bible says in the video is twenty three The Sabbath is a holy convocation. You know what a convocation is it's a gathering you don't keep Sabbath by yourself I'm not saying you can to some point or the other but the point it's a corporate thing and I said Are they in are they coming to church to have a come to church on the Sabbath Well no I don't discuss somebody told me that they owe our except a savvy I see it's a seven day everything else well why are they following it. There's a difference and so when you're giving that study the Sabbath you want them to be following it OK And so you want to be thinking about what's my purpose that means your appeal is going to be in some way or the other inviting them to put it into practice. Now what's the purpose of the study do you think in Daniel two I'm giving it in a to study what am I wanting at the end of this. OK I want to trust the Bible now you can say I want to join the church but realistically which could be true but realistically this information should be adequate for them to just say yeah I'm willing to trust the Bible it may I mean it's one study so I would expect a person to throw even their whole life on the Bible just yet but if a person's been skeptical or whatever else I would want to ask something at the end of the first lesson that says Would you be willing. To learn more of the Bible to understand God's will for your life or something like that you know my dippy generally on Daniel too because it comes in in this case especially the first study is would you be willing to continue studying the Bible you see that God has spoken through His Word that it's God's word. I'm sorry it's I'm in a way sums someone out a little bit. It's this is God's inspired word it's God's word to you and me do you see that God is behind the Bible is not just the words of men it is words of the guy the God of the universe would you be willing to study that more that's going to be somewhat like that like I'm wanting them to see that the Bible is the inspired word of God and I understand if a person you know what I'm saying is I'm not walking if a person is like well I still have questions you're not going to have all the questions answered after one study but the one study should help them see the Bible's more than just a book written by men and are you willing to study more to understand God better that's somewhere where my appeal is going to be so that's my purpose that my purpose in me that people are tied together that's the point that I'm making you follow that so I want to know where I'm going with the study what's my purpose in giving this study that's going to help me know what I'm asking them to do at the end of the study that's part of my preparation don't put that off when you prepare that study you want that to be clear that this is what I'm giving it for and you know sometimes people put the appeal as an afterthought. And what that means is the whole purpose of giving the study is kind of an afterthought OK you don't want to do it that way you want to be giving the study. And be clear on what you're what you're trying to convey now down to two basic study have been to is The Rise and Fall of these world empires. That God foretold what exist. And the purpose of course of giving that is that I can look through I can point somebody back to it is storable source me most of your most people are going to study with have had enough of a knowledge of history. You're not going to have to get a history book out and show them they may go home investigate after the study or what have you but know that most people have enough of a knowledge of history that when you go through Babylon me to Persia Greece Rome while they may not have all thought a lot about Babylon some more know about Persia but almost every body knows about Greece and Rome so some point you they're on with you and they're like wow I see that. You're just conveying that historical picture the Bible gives in prophecy to give them confidence in the Bible now. You get your question answer format and honestly to go through a quick. As a Bible study and I've already brought this out. Is a matter of. Well. It can seem simple. But it's not and it can be but it's not often and I'll tell you why this is the biggest mistake I'm tell you the biggest mistake people make up front so you know it so you don't do it and even as I do this some of you are going to do it because that's just what people do OK I see it happen so many times I emphasize unlike say the students embarrassment we're going to talk about this don't do this don't do this and they do it anyway and that is let's just look at the study for a minute and let's. Depressed or West talked about when you get into the study and how you start out the study when you get in a person's home you socialize first and all that you talk about that don't socialize at the end you going to socialize first don't keep socialising out I remember when I did Bible work. It was brutal not tell you for a couple reasons. You don't want to go too long to study. But I remember being told by some that I should be able to have everything done in forty five minutes I just couldn't do it and I felt I mean I guilt myself over that so many times because I go into a study you know people want to chat with you and there sometimes is learning how to curtail that conversation and move into the study but still I would I was using the stork rules of prophecy Bible studies when I first became a Bible worker and historical studies take for ever to do with somebody because you have seventeen questions and they all have three or four text with each one you try looking that up you tried just going over film in the blanks and explaining it well I didn't understand at the time I really didn't understand at the time preparing my study what I would have done preparing a lesson like that is I would decide which one of those three or four texts I wanted to go over and scratch the rest of them so I could get through my material but I didn't know that. And I would try to get through that study and at any rate I tell people that my the limit that I personally would recommend not going beyond you'll hear this you hear different unfortunately from from one standpoint Unfortunately you hear a lot of different everybody has their opinion this is my opinion but I shoot for an hour. Fifteen minutes total time including including so about an hour for the study in about fifteen minutes for socialising Sometimes it's less than that but that's just where I aim for I get to the home and the more you get to know somebody and I study with this one young lady who is not a conversationalist. And you may know what I'm talking about you may have studied with somebody who they just don't talk much some people will chat you're off it's all you can do to get into the study they'll be talking to you for four hours before you like OK let's get started with the study but this particular person would not I had to draw them out all the time you know what I mean I don't know if you've ever had this where you're talking to somebody so how is your week OK that kind of thing everything's like this well so incidentally if you have. If you have a problem talking with people like that and in the you know your like you know charity How was your week OK. Well what kind of things happen to this week yeah exactly the same thing Well tell me something that happened this week I'm just going to keep asking questions and what happens is this when you start studying depending on the person initially some people are going to be very reserved your studies are going to go real quick they don't engage a lot you ask questions they still don't talk a lot you get to draw them out but inevitably as you build relationships with people they'll open up to you and that's going to change OK. So a tendency in a study is we get into the study socialising can be real short depending on the person but once you've been in the home and I want to finish up this hour in fifteen minutes thing the way I learned it I it was like get in there study get out in the socializing was really played down and I didn't realize how key that socializing is so I think I really got the part on don't socialize at the end of the study you want to leave him with the impression everything else but with that for some reason that communicated to me it just don't spend a lot of time socializing. The thing is a socializing is an aspect that builds the relationship. And if you cut that out you lose a lot of influence you have as a you know I have a worker Bible study or whatever to do you want to call yourself as you're kind of coaching them that's where that relationship comes so I would be you want to make sure you have that time what would happen is over the course of time I find out how the week is going and inevitably Oh I got this test at school this week let's pray about that and then when I come next time what do I do what do I do when we start socializing How is your test how to go all great and then you know and so. It may not be long before the person is opening up and now you're like how do I get into the study and so what I would always do you're directing that and some people feel uncomfortable. You got to learn this as a person giving as somebody who's giving Bible studies you've got to learn to direct the conversation OK you get your the teacher. I don't know how to say this there's a lot of there's a lot of. Facilitator mentality I've heard it I'm not criticizing you if you've done this but I'm just saying I hear it a lot in our church as school class teacher I'm a I'm the facilitator what that means is we're all going to have a discussion always going to really learn anything it doesn't have to mean that way but in a lot of places that's what it is we're just calling share pinions now I'm here to learn something when you're in the Bible study Don't be afraid you're not putting yourself up on some high and mighty chair to teach because that's what people do Soko I don't want to Sam the teacher because it makes me better than them no it doesn't it doesn't and doesn't mean you can't learn anything from them but somebody's got a lead. And what happens is in the social time you're the one who's going to gauge it if you don't gauge it and don't control things a little bit when I mean control things what I would do is we chat a little bit and then my transition my way to get out of the social time into the study was prayer I would find a place to say well we got a great study why don't we pray together and get into the study and it was just it was a good way to go from something that was more secular to I'm going to move into the study time we're going to pray together if it wasn't offensive it would have been more brought up to say at least for me it felt maybe more brought up to just say OK enough of that let's go into the study so prayer to tended to be a transition a smooth transition and what you're find is if you do that as you're studying with somebody it doesn't take but a couple times and they just learn and you becomes a routine and they flow right with that they know that we're going to talk a little bit and you're directing the conversation if you don't what can happen is you spend your whole study time and now you get ten minutes left to give the study because you've been socialising the whole time and you're afraid to turn you're afraid to stop and change and switch gears so I'm just telling you when you're giving a study your giving the study you read it out it's not mean to say OK now why don't we pray together we get a great lesson and you can even say Well you know I have another point after this I'd love to talk more but we really need to get into this lesson I mean anything like that. There are certain people who will talk a whole lot. And I'm just going to tell you something now this will happen in many aspects of witnessing a person who talks a lot is already used to being told well let's move on. And just tell you they've had that in life other people told them I don't have so you want to be kind about it but just remember you're there you've got to focus you don't want to socialize the whole time because you're there to give a study but you don't want to cut all the socialization out because you bond during that and now work within your parameters as you lead out and you you learn things about them you want to incorporate the as you talk about things and they share with you problems you want to say let's pray about that you want to ask them about those things and then when you wrap up the study at the end it's not like you finish the study and say OK I'm going to go and you know you can say OK well K. Next week we're in for the same time right I'm going to be praying for that test this week you know you know it's not like you will have any dialogue whatsoever but you do most of that from the study so I'll transition into the study with prayer. And before I go on to talk about that I'm going to go into the study itself any questions I want to talk about so far. So I'll just yes. Yes. And. Remember you know here we. Write I write or you know write and they're like. Yes. Well I'm not not for them I would write in there less I would write in my lesson and in I'm going to tell you right now you're going to give that study different I'm going to give a study in there's nothing wrong with that OK the beauty of Bible studies is God is you know in the Bible tells us the word became flesh that Jesus the Living Word the written word became Jesus the living word in. The word becomes flesh through each one of us and God uses are different just like the gospel writers were all different he uses your uniqueness is to connect with people that are like you and so when you're preparing the study you're going to say hey wait a minute this study does make such and such a point somebody else in this room may never even thought about that and would say yeah well it is going to be made in general in other words they may not think the same way but when you're preparing the study that's the whole idea is when you're preparing the study and you think you know this lesson needs this or that jot it in there you might look at a text and you might say you know this text says this but I know a text that I like better than that you may add the text or replace a text you know switch and you can do that that's all part of the preparation process. Yes. Right you're going to find that as you're preparing your lesson you know more about them you're going to maybe think of something you think as your is about is a lesson sitting on a certain topic or certain question you might think well you know attacks really be applicable to their situation and it just it's all in the preparation and the Holy Spirit will guide you in that preparation. But I want to talk about the delivery of the lesson now so I'm We've come to your house we've socialize together and now I say OK well we got a great lesson today and I usually get up on the lesson today we're going to talk about today we're going to look at a prophecy an ancient prophecy that was written six hundred years before Christ and told the future. Right on point right up to our day it is a great study one of my favorites which I say a lot with a lot of stuff but it is I like a it's a lot I have a lot of favorites so let's pray together and we'll dive into it. And so we pray together before the study and you're not giving a long drawn out prayer. You just assume. Bull Lord you know Father in heaven thank you for I usually think the Lord for the person and this you know my new friend or I thank you for. Tom and the time we're able to spend together I just ask your Holy Spirit would be with us today to guide us in this lesson and his name and I mean something brief it's not you're not. Some people feel like they've got a pretty really long prayers in and a study situation which can be awkward so I'm not saying you can't at any time I'm just saying you're before you're just asking for guidance in the study from the Lord Holy Spirit yes. Sure sure in your socializing time you might say Do you have any prayer requests before we pray today and you can bring those in as well sure. Absolutely. So we transition into the lesson Now here's what I was about to tell you which is the mistake that you don't want to make but happens all the time so I'm giving you less we sat down to give the study and I would sit down actually in the chair to give the study but the cameras would it would be mess things up so. But if I was sitting down and we're at a table or whatever else it's nice to sit at a table sometimes you're usually going to give you a study of some of these table or in the living or in their living room or these days a lot of people don't want you in their homes and sometimes they'll be coming to your house for the study or you meet at a place where the study and just I'm going to interject this here because I wasn't here to hear it Pastor Wes talk about girls studying with guys and guys are good. Yeah just be careful about that and I'm going to tell you this day and age all somebody has to do is make an accusation and have to be true in the slightest degree I had an accusation made about me at one point and I realized I was unguarded and it wasn't there wasn't a slightest bit of truth but I had no alibi or there's nothing more unnerving in that cage it could cost me my whole ministry so just go in pairs or pub study in a public place or something like that OK. So you were sitting together in the study Ok question number one now I'm going to do it the wrong way and maybe you can see what the wrong way is question number one in our lesson you've got your lesson there number one the question is how does God demonstrate that he can be trusted and then Texas Isaiah forty six nine and ten let's look that up as if forty six. And verses nine and ten the Bible says Remember the former things of old for I am God and there is no other I am God and there is none like me declaring the end from the beginning and for me eight from ancient times things that are not yet done saying my counsel Shell Stand and I will do all my leisure So you see here that God is saying. That the way he can be truster the way we know he can be trusted is that he can tell the future you see that OK question number two. In the story of King Nebuchadnezzar How did God reveal his trustworthiness Now the text here is in Daniel Chapter two verse one. Now can anybody tell me what the problem is. Monologuing in there is nothing that makes doing all the talking myself there is nothing that makes a study more of a drag than the person giving the study doing all the talking and what's more the person you're studying with learns very little. And I'll highlight that not told students this before and say look you're doing all the talking you need to do you need to ask them the question let them read oh I got it right so this is how we do I tell a student that let's start over how does God demonstrate that he can be trusted. Isaiah Chapter forty six verse nine in ten Another thing I did. Somebody over here should be able to tell me something else I did wrong there. Yeah I heard people turn and that's when I started laughing at them like I would never do that in a study where the person they get there at the end of the text. So they don't I want them to see it in their Bible OK Now in this case if they've had a lesson ahead and they filled in the blanks all read it from the lesson but I want them to see the Bible text some point the other No I plowed ahead and I didn't wait for them OK so so remember when you're studying with somebody it's for their benefit not that you can't give us their benefit not you plow through and show how great you are and what all you know and so OK I give the council the student I got it. How does God question or one how does God demonstrate that he can be trusted let's look at Isaiah forty six nine and ten. Now Isaiah is in if you open your Bible the middle you'll be close to you might be in the Psalms or proverbs or or somewhere like that just keep on going through the Old Testament toward the back of becoming the book of Isaiah it's pretty big book you find it there. As if forty six verse nine and ten. Are you there. It should be there because we have plenty of time to look it up from the last time but anyway remember the former things of old for I am God and there is no other I am God and there is none like me. Oh I did it again tonight so you forty six nine and ten the wrong way again OK so. Who am I going to pick on here Ron. Would you read that for me please I was a forty six once in. I am God and there is no money. So. I was. OK so you can see there that God is to be trusted because he can tell the future right you see that OK question number two OK. OK now you're derailing just a little bit I want to come back to you but I did that one wrong too by the way so you can think about what I did wrong there while I'm answering this question or you asking. No go ahead. You can use whatever bible you want to use. I like them to use their Bible I like them to have a Bible I heard somebody asking this morning about Bible translations I never make an issue of Bible translations with somebody it makes you sound cultish when you tell somebody oh you need to you really ought to have this Bible then they start to think why do I have to have your kind of bible even if their bible is not the best it could be a paraphrase I mean you could have been with something like the message which is not a bible. Message Is anybody know what the message is you familiar with it Eugene Peterson I mean you got one guy that is paraphrased OK but you gotta be careful not to dog what they're using because that you know it sounds to them like you are telling them you got to use their You're certain kind of bible Now if somebody is using something like the message and if you've ever done a study. In a manual Institute we would. After we worked with the students for a while one of their tests was to give us a Bible study and we have a group study with myself and Pastor Roth and Pastor Tom already said Lapham back there your members their group studies and in the student and Emmanuel would always use the Message Bible because it's a. It's a very strong paraphrase so it doesn't sound anything like the verse you're so you know you're trying to fill in the blanks and you're just like this doesn't even sound close and you know we did that to challenge the student because you run into that but if I have something like that happen where the person is using something that is so far off then I would recommend to them now what I'll do initially is if I don't read it in their Bible and then I'll say now is now my Bible words that that's all say. So I won't I will say all that's terrible I say that's interesting all right as it is now my Bible words that and then we'll discuss and whatever but then I may suggest to them that when you're using a Bible you know you might have found some difficulty filling out the lesson you probably want to work with a Bible translation The message is a paraphrase and that's fine to use for you know when you're comparing with things but I may explain to them the difference with a paraphrase in translation and I'd recommend if you translations that they may use I personally use a new King James etc so but electronic Bible or whatever you can use what you want to use I know some people are not going to tell you that I've heard it I've heard sermons Recently I heard somebody tell sermon I forget who it was said you know when you come to church you should use your you should really bring the bible was pages in it I like that I prefer that I preach with my i Pad and i still use my Bible but you know when you're given Bible studies if you want to use an electronic Bible I don't think there's anything wrong with that as long as you're conveying the same Bible truth so yes. You got to walk them through I'll tell you when I do a prophecy seminar I don't have it here I have a. Yeah I have a set I just got I just got it Nelson publishers makes a hard bound. You know they make a few Bibles and if you've ever done any search for these kind of things hard Bibles for your church I was trying to get some Bibles for meetings week if you Bibles cheap but they have this really tiny print that nobody can read so I paid for our Bibles and I think I paid like ten dollars a Bible I've seen one Amazon for that was a harbor and actually the Bible I chose to use for my evangelistic series is the very same Bible that's a new it is written if you've seen the new it is written study bibles it's the same Bible and they have the it is written notes in the back but I didn't I don't like to use Study Bible I just want the Bible with the Bible text it called a giant print and it's not anywhere close but it's page the same and so what I've got is I've got the seminar Bibles and then I got one with a different color cover but it's the same Bible but it's pages the same and you might have a Bible that you use when you're giving Bible studies. For example I mentioned the other day I've got my Ellen White Study Bible I don't use that when I go on a Bible study I don't use a study Bible when I go to bible study. You might have a Bible you dedicate to Bible studies where you know you can get other Bibles may not because you can't afford to. Pay a fifty dollars for a Bible every time you go to Bible study but you may find something you say I can afford a nice seminar type Bible to ever it's pages the same that can be helpful or you just walk them a lot of times of this walk them through the text now if we go the New Testament we're going to book at the feet ins so you go Matthew Mark Luke John acts Romans verses second Corinthians Galatians efficient and then sometimes I give them the George Electric Power Company or Georgie's popcorn or I don't. Never heard that before the acronym for elation George elations. Olivia's corn cautions so you know the order of because some people get mixed up and it sounds corny no pun intended but it helps them remember they don't forget that anyway so sometimes I just walk them through but you if they're new to it you take time for them to get there and you might for a you know you're leaving a lesson with them you're going to have to cut somebody and say you know you've got to. A table of contents in the beginning of the Bible and as a filling out the lesson they can go to that table of contents and they'll get it what did people get excited I've seen them in seminars they come to seminars and one of the things that excites them is at the end after turn to so many tasks they kind of know their way around the Bible they feel real good about that and they're going to feel that way the same way in your bible studies. You say you know. Where So I go to. Work on. Years. And then I turn. That way I don't. Make the point. I don't really know where my some about you are so. Sort of don't. Answer this way. You don't really know if you were both on the same. Only drawback to that is you could lose their confidence and you leaving out the Bible study. So. But you but you basically want to make sure that they get there where you are new to you several methods of doing that. Now what did I mess up on that we can chat for a little bit what I mess up on the second go around on this thing. Well what. Then. OK. Yeah. Right so what's going to happen is this here's what you'll see I've done this before I mean the reason I know how to do in the the example here the wrong way is because I get a lot of wrong way Bible says God uses wrong way bible studies by the way and he can work through that too but it's not as effective your goal in the Bible study is twofold you want them to learn the truth for themselves and you want them to learn how to get the truth for themselves and what happens is if I'm reading or even if I'm having them read the text and then I give the answer you train them very quickly so that from now on you'll go to question you'll be in study three four five Question number two you know read the question I'll say can you read that for me Tom Tolle read it and then when he's done Riemann he's going to go like this. And what's he looking for the answer and I just become the pope to him I'm going to interpret everything form and I'm going to direct and you don't want that I want that person to learn how to get the answer out of the Bible OK if you do the bible studies right when you get done not only will they have learned the truth they'll learn how to find the truth from scripture they're going to be more competent in truth because they saw in Scripture and they got it from scripture and there's a little coaching The happens as you do that. So the way I would. Go this a third time here. How does God demonstrate that he can be trusted Genelle the text is Isaiah forty six nine and ten could you read that or us please. OK now if I'm giving the lesson. Let's just say I'm not I don't have a lesson guide here not just in a question answer once I'm done with that I'm going to say OK General of the question is how does God demonstrate that he can be trusted from that text what is the answer. So I'm going to ask the question again and I want her to answer me from the text you know you're going to get there with a lot of people. Silence because they don't know how to get the answer out of the text I mean you just read it but they're looking at it and how does God demonstrate that he can be trusted I don't know I didn't see that in there I mean they just may not get it now my temptation. Is going to be to say well. What's my temptation going to do is going to be just tell them. But I don't want to tell them because if I do that I'm creating that situation again where they're just. They're not wanting to tax their mind or they don't know how to do it and they're just if I tell him they're going to be like hey this is cool and they'll be glad to have me tell would be that you tell them so how do I get them to the answer without telling them. I can ask them to really read it but air probably going to get the same result. So I'll coach them OK now in the lesson in a in a in a fill in the blank lesson usually the blanks are put in places to try to emphasize certain points. That will draw out the answer but either or let's just say I'm using it I'm not going to use a lesson at first let's say you're doing a question answer and I don't have this lesson in front of me like it is well you know if I did I might do it that differently. I asked an L. and she doesn't know she just not sure well let's look at the text again look at verse nine. Now says Remember the former things of old for I am God in there is what. No other I am God and there is none like me so what's God saying here. Is one of a con there's nobody like him that you know they could give any number of answers but I'm going to I'm breaking it down I'm going to ask Him So God is saying there's nobody like him he's about to tell us why. Why is there nobody like him why is he so unique verse ten. So is declaring the what. The and from the. Beginning. And from when Ok now I know I'm doing this my way but you might do you might have read the declaring from ancient times or I might have her read again and in doing what Jenelle did was an expert say declaring them from the beginning now what do you think that means from ancient times. OK what happened in the past so God says He declares. The what the where does it say there versed in. The end from the beginning and from the past things that are what. What set the future so what's he saying what makes him different. When. He knows what's going to happen in the future when does he know it before it happens and that's what the Bible calls prophecy OK so I've asked the questions and I'm going to ask until I get the answer from her and I may have to coach a little bit and say well let's look at this again and you know it is kind of odd wording from ancient times things that are not done well we don't necessarily talk that way so you might have to do a little coaching but when it said and done she's going to learn how old they're Yeah I see what the Bible saying and now when she gets done with the lesson and we get out of the study she saw saying well this is what you teach or your church teaches or this pastor teacher this person teaches she's going to know it's what the Bible teaches and that's your goal are you following what I'm saying there more than that it also engages them and keeps them active in the study so one of the things I may even do if I'm giving a study I will usually So let's say I'm giving Jenelle and Tom a study what I'll typically do is I'll be studying in. I'll read a question and then I'll read the text I have Tom do the next text I've been ill do the next text it will take turns or I may have them go back and forth OK but one way or the other will rotate around and if either I'm reading or they're reading and this is just how I do it sometimes so this may sound rude to you I'm not sure. I'm going to practice and you know on verse nine again go ahead and read verse nine Ginnell. Remember the fourth. OK Hold on just a minute there Ginnell No What's he saying. I may interject in the middle of what they're reading especially some questions you have a question to answer and you may have a long passage and if you just haven't read that long passages are probably going to get lost in it you might get lost in it so sometimes I'll break it up and all you know where are we so far so is the same thing I was doing after the fact when she didn't know the answer but I may just pause in the middle of a passage say what you know what does that saying to you and then we'll dialogue about it until we're on the same page and also OK Want to go on to verse ten and reversed in now you're giving the study they're kind of expecting that to some degree because you're the teacher and so it's not me you know you may be like well that's kind of rude you're kind of cutting in on them but I've never had people say well that's rude they like I said when you're teaching they're kind of expecting and they appreciate it if you're helping them understand. I'm not telling you you have to do that I'm just saying that's one of the things I'll do to keep from long passages a monotonous reading to keep the engaged people engaged in the study. Yeah I think. I what I. Would do instead is I would say. So we read verse nine of course I just had her read it so that already is an incorrect say so do you know what is that how do you how do you understand that when I say you know then you know her husband Ron Ron wouldn't be answering if he didn't answer I may say at some point you know. You've got to be a little careful with that because you don't want to be so if you're a let's say that I am had John L. Ron in their setting and I ask the question and Ronnie answers and I say OK that's good nonjudgmental Did you see that or what how did you see that text so I might just include it that way OK and you want to be inclusive in the study it is not uncommon that one person may be more the talking and then just address the person by name who hasn't given as many answers just make sure they're on board and periodic Leigh you can ask for the study now are you following this does this make sense you don't want to do that all the time it gets to I mean can you imagine every question a question answer OK or does that make sense OK question or to does that make sense you can overdo that but you do want to make sure that they're with you I've seen people study all the way through a study and they've lost the person they're studying with one question. And that's easy to do when you're doing all the talking when you're engaging them in the process then it's easier for them to say. 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