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19. Bible Docs 101- Part 4

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • June 13, 2016
    2:00 PM
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Father in Heaven Father we do thank you for Max being here and what he's learned recently and what you're even now Lord rich are going to do through him and each one of us your plans are so far beyond us so much greater than we can even imagine but Lord we're just thanking you that we have been called to have this privilege of taking the yoke of Christ and seeing souls I want to lift up hope Lord I pray that you would be with the doctors in that situation and just give them special wisdom and father whatever. However this situation unfolds I pray that you would just guide it step by step ultimately Lord I know that you are seeking the salvation of every one of us and I pray that we would just be open to your leading and we ask and pray all these things in Jesus name for him OK We talked about the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing us conviction of right and wrong and leading to decision what I want to talk about now is spotting conviction and this is really important a lot of people don't realize but. We can't see the Holy Spirit we can't read the heart but we can spot a conviction I want you to see this in Luke chapter Luke John Chapter three Matthew Margaret John John Chapter three. And I need to do this more quickly than I'm accustomed to doing it I'm telling myself that now because I. As with everything in the camp meeting session just so just so you're aware of it if for any reason you wish that you had a lot longer session you could go to in August were doing fourteen days and were doing fourteen fuller days and we're going to cover a lot more of the Bible doctrine topics and what have you and if you're interested in that you can let us know Pastor Daniel is going to be here August July thirty one August thirteenth right here Pastor Daniel. Did you get the memo from it was you. Is Steve Silva for tonight. OK Talk to me after the break he wants to promote that and used it. It's one hundred dollars and if you come to this session and paid for this session and you wanted to do that we'll discount the amount you paid for this session so be like What is it thirty five years to be sixty five which is going to tell you something we charge five hundred dollars for the session typically And we are we are the conferences supplementing that amount because we were aiming at a young. Young people in general it's not limited by any means and they don't often have as much expendable income and so anyway it's how we decided to do it you couldn't even get the food that you get your lodging for that you get food or feeding you my wife's going to be doing the cooking which is fantastic. And the whole anyway so you can ask me more about that but we've got the August session coming up we've got an on site in Lansing we're doing for ten days in. September we've got a weekend at Camp A solve all coming up in November we have a speaker training in this next year so we have a number of things coming up a mark we have a session in March that is going to be here this next year so that we didn't i don't we don't have the dates nailed down for that you can check our website we have with typically do two ten day sessions a year this session is a lot more it's five days and it's less time during the day because we're trying to give you we you know some people have expressed in fact some people didn't even come because I don't want to miss out on campaigning or you want to be able to get to some of the seminars and do some of the things and even speakers so we've changed that up a little bit but. Anyway so I've heard some people ask I wanted you to be aware of that John Chapter three Jesus has this encounter with naked emas. The whole reason I'd started into that as I was telling you how short we are in time and everything here is condensed and I took more time to do then. I do that to most of all time OK So Jesus no noticed even read this before but Jesus talks about about being born of the Spirit look at verse five Jesus answered a Kadima said Most assuredly I say to you unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter the Kingdom of God That which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of spirit is spirit do not marvel that I say to you you must be born again and I was verse eight especially the wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes so is everyone who is born of the Spirit now what Jesus is saying is this is just like the wind I can't see when all I can see about I can feel the wind I can see the effects of the wind but I can't see the wind and Jesus says. This is the way it is when a person is under the working of the Holy Spirit the conviction what have you you can't see the Holy Spirit but you can see the effects of the Holy Spirit and this this was read This is one of the most revolutionary things I ever learned and maybe you already know it may be over you already heard it but I never realized this about conviction and the first thing out me to see was things in myself and then of course because conviction conviction has to start here before you're worried about anybody else's conviction and. I want you to look at. Your manual on page thirty. Is a section called recognizing conviction I want you to notice what it says about Jesus as he ministered to people. Under recognizing conviction there's a quote there from desire of ages it says Jesus did what. Jesus watch what he watch for Jesus watch with the burnous miss the changing countenances that's the expressions on the face the changing countenances of his hearers Why were they changing because of what was being said he's preaching he's watching any seeing what happens when he preaches the faces that expressed interest in pleasure gave him great satisfaction as the arrows of truth pierced the pierced to the soul breaking through the barriers of selfishness and working contrition and finally gratitude. Notice how the contrition and then the gratify know the gratitude J. Gallo more has said before that when you preach the Gospel often times the effects go like this First the people get mad. No no yeah first they get mad then they get sad and finally they get glad. Sometimes a person isn't excited right away to hear the truth but when they let it when they reflect on it and the Holy Spirit works on them it says here Jesus watched in and. The berries of selfishness working contrition and finally gratitude it came about to where they were preaching the truth he said says the Savior was made glad as he saw this but notice when his eyes swept over the throng of listeners wises eyes weeping over the throng he's watching he's watching you need to be watching when you're working with somebody watching what are you watching for. When his eyes swept over the throng of listeners and he recognized among them the faces he had before seen his countenance lighted up with joy he saw in them hopeful subjects for His Kingdom when the truth plainly spoken touch some cherished title he marched the change of countenance the cold for bidding look which told him the light was unwelcome do you know you had that look before everyone in this room has had that look before at some point we don't think about it when we're going through it but it's what we do when we resist when the Holy Spirit is pointing out something we don't like it's not like we're smiling about it that's what we're hearing the sermon is a wait a minute or it could it isn't a sermon it could be something I hate to go here but it could be something your husband said to you or your wife said to you. The Lord uses a lot of ways to speak to us like how dare you and it may just be it could be something your enemy says to you. You know this is something you really need to think about. The devil knows where your problems are and sometimes he brings them to your enemies or your enemy can bring them up to you and you figure eight because my enemy said it I'm not going to listen to it and then he's just derailed you. It doesn't matter who says it when somebody point something out we need to ask one simple question Is it true. Is it true doesn't matter where it came from need to get out of our pride what Jesus saw here he spoke the truth he marked a change of countenance a cold forbidding look which told the light was unwelcome when he saw men refuse the message of peace his heart was pierced to the very depths he watched the response of people now what kind of responses do we have I've listed some below and I want you to notice especially there are two columns is a negative column and as a positive column what that is pointing out is simply this people respond to the Holy Spirit in two different ways. They either are open to what the Holy Spirit is pointing out or they're resistant to what the Holy Spirit is pointing out OK So in other words the Holy Spirit is bringing conviction and I have a willingness to yield then my response is going to be positive. But if the Holy Spirit is pointing something out and I'm resistant my response is going to be negative. But don't miss this next part both are evidences of conviction and anytime there's conviction it's a doorway to conversion. And the reason that's important is this look at some of these some of these evidences let's look at the positive ones first these are the ones we like to see I'm stuck with somebody coming to a series of meetings my friend is coming to church or whatever and what do you see in them Joy They're just they're more joyful than you've seen in a long time they're just so happy now. We had a we have a guy right here is backslidden member who started coming back to church and he told us you know he said forever I've watched people go around here church members and they're all smiling and everything else I'm like What's wrong with those people and he said Now I know you know I know he just feels joyful and he's coming back to the truth well that's great we love to see that repentance a person you know what shall I do to be saved they realize their saw their or their weakness and their sinfulness and they want to come to Christ all we want to see that tears of repentance and they want to reform the life for Jesus and want to turn make that turn. That's what repent means you know that I mean it's a turn. To do an about face personal application they're listening to things and they're coming out from the sermon last night and saying you know what I need to go and. Deal with some things in my freezer I need to go in and they're making application Well when you're teaching somebody and you're in the study and they're saying you know what I did this week. You do the study the on on health and you come the next week and they say guess what I did this week I go you know last week I told you about all that. Sausage I had in the I get rid of it all of it but what's that telling you they're applying the truth you're excited about that because you see that they're applying the truth sometimes they'll tell you about things or applying and you have even thought about yet. And you know the Spirit of God is working and they're making those positive changes can't stay away this is a person it all of a sudden they just want to be around their church their prayer meeting their any kind of meeting you have they come to your board meeting because it's an open border just because they can come they're all around all the time those are the All these are evidences excitement friendliness lifestyle changes making restitution they tell you about somebody they're wrong a long time ago and they did they. Took some farm yard tool and broke it in just figured well I didn't deserve it anyway that and now they say you know I just want them or they stole something and somebody and somebody never knew and they call their employer from ten years ago fifteen years ago to give money back that they took you know that something is happening there and that's those are all evidences to you people do that without the Holy Spirit. You need to learn if you want to be effective and so when you got to be able to spot where the spirits working because if you just be clear on this have the Spirit is not working there you're not going to be successful if the spirit doesn't have access you're not getting anywhere with it this is why when we. About category categorising your interest will talk about this more Friday morning tomorrow morning but when you're categorizing your interests this is what you're talking about is trying to find out who's really receptive to the spirit and who's not and you want to spend your time the bulk of your time and energy with the people that are making decisions that doesn't mean you cut off the other people but you want to put your energy where that energy is is is needed because I'll tell you this when a person comes under conviction you have a window of opportunity. If people stay convicted forever if a person gets convicted about something they're going to make a decision one way or the other and when they do the conviction wears away if they go the wrong way they could if they could be convicted all about the Sabbath they found a way around it. Then the convict they've learned how to do that put off the conviction and then we're back in her old routine and you know what it's that much harder to awaken conscience on that area again. And that works that way with you and me too that's why when the Lord reveals something I say you know I'll get to that later that's dangerous you're playing with something you don't want to play with and so. When conviction comes you know these are all evidence we want to be able to spot that conviction if we can spot conviction then we can see that the Holy Spirit is working there and then I can know that that's a place where I could have success I can the Lord can use me in the context of in cooperation with the Holy Spirit to lead somebody to decision restitution peace in some of these things or something somebody would express to you in conversation perhaps you're not necessarily going to see that they have a sense of peace they may just tell you I just feel more peaceful than I have in a long time well you know that's an evidence to silence silence you'll notice on the thought this silence tears and questions on both lists the last three things two years silence silence can be reflective silence or silence communing or. Silence silence tears can be tears of repentance tears be tears of anger and frustration questions can be earnest questions or questions can be irritating questions like naked emas when it could be told Jesus so what am I supposed to do crawl up in my mother's room and come out again. This man was not an unintelligent man that was not an intelligent question that was irritated question it was a sarcastic question OK but it was conviction it was his response of conviction OK So you see those on both lists but positive that's what we want. When I say we that's what we want the reality is we want both we want either or But personally you know I don't want the negative side but you have to understand that the negative side is what happens with a lot of people some people there are some people whose personality doesn't know how to respond positively to anything and you may have met negative people you might have a negative bent yourself that's all they know how to do with responding to the Holy Spirit and initially understand them so some people they're going to respond with sorrow. They can be said when they hear the truth they're not following it they're going to be discouraged because the rich young ruler What does the Bible say when Jesus addressed the rich young ruler and told him what he needed to do to enter into life he went away sorrowful because Jesus said the wrong thing oh jesus at the right thing and don't miss this see here this this is why this is important for many of us if you brought a friend church and they heard the sermon and after the sermon they were crying and they were hurt what would your initial response be. You know full well what it would be you're going to sympathize with them and you know we're doing your sympathizing with the devil exactly what you're doing the Spirit of God comes in works on their heart brings conviction they manifest evidence of conviction but because so many of us don't understand how this process. We end up on the enemy side all there I don't know what happened I don't know why the past he should've never preached this sermon and we just took the conviction away. Yet to be careful and I'm not saying that pastors don't say the wrong thing or something might not be said wrong sometimes don't don't assume because somebody is upset that you did everything right but don't assume that if somebody is upset that everything was done wrong you've got to learn to understand that people respond differently to conviction. Oh absolutely don't don't be like hey I'm not going to give but don't what happens is. It don't side with him if you one of the one of the best areas for you to find interests to study with are missing members if you have the missing members under church books as ministers and wow is a great place to find somebody to study with a lot of missing members are missing because they were hurt by something that happened in the church and so that here's the challenge when you go and visit a missing member you're And as soon as you say you're from the church whatever happened probably happened when when the people aren't even there anymore that thing happened under they don't go to church anyway whatever else but you visit that person and you say you're from the church you do they're going to unload on you nine times out of ten you know what here's why I don't go to church but they need to get it out the danger is this I've had it in Don gray out of you know the name Don gray but the late great this point he he's put together a whole lot of soul winning materials but this was a big emphasis of his was reclaiming missing members and there are two ways that has anybody look for I think Wes shared that book the other day Pastor Wes. You are my witnesses by Don gray and you may look for that the A.B.C. Anyway it's a great book a little book on soul winning just going over the basic stuff we're going over here but dungaree always said there are two things you want to say when you visit in those. Situations because people will tell you their problems Well I was there and this elder did this to me and or this person did that and I and the problem you have is you weren't there you don't know what happened and you're getting one side of the story and what you don't want to do is sympathize with what allegedly happened you may be saying well that Elder never should have done that well that or maybe never did do that you understand I'm saying when we get her we can kind of slant that story a little bit so there are two ways of approaching it either say when they talking to say you know I'm sorry to hear that or that's too bad that way I can sympathize but what I'm not taking sides I'm not giving because I don't know and in the same way in all somebody I would use maybe those expressions but that's not to say if somebody brought a friend a church and they're upset by the sermon that you don't say show them sympathy put your arm around the whatever else but you want to encourage them to say well what was it upset you well you know that well I don't think that's what the point the minister was making I think that what you're saying is you know we need to ask ourselves if our hearts are right with whatever else and try to compliment the point is you want to compliment when I compliment the pastor compliment work alongside the message and what the Lord is trying to do through the message the point is understand it when people are upset or have a negative evidence that they're still it's still conviction of the Holy Spirit it's not evidence that something was wrong and that's going to come closer to home for you because it won't be the pastor they're crying over to be you so to be the pastor they're mad at now it's going to be you who gave that Bible study you know when you when you're the messenger of the truth people don't understand the Holy Spirit. They can't see the holy spirit anymore than you can see the Holy Spirit so guess what who do they see you who becomes a bad guy you when King Ahab was under conviction. And the Lord withheld the rain what happened when he saw all I did is you you trouble of Israel Oh yeah I withheld the rain for three and a half years and what did Alija Do you remember what he said King a have said is you you trouble or Israel and allied you responded how did he say. No it's you who travel to Israel in your household and turning the people to bail so see what happened there what all I did was doing was pointing he didn't allow Ahab to put it on him he said look your issue isn't with me it's with the Lord this is conviction and he put it back on on a have but that can be a tendency of response for for us when something happens and people get if we say something in teaching in a Bible study they don't see anybody but us and so you'll notice is sorrow this self justification people start to look what is justification. If I say you're justifying yourself. Yeah I'm making your cause just so what are you doing if I say you're trying to justify yourself what are you doing. You're making excuses you're saying Yeah but you know I don't know what I'm doing is so bad I mean a lot of people whatever some kind of justifying now don't miss this and this on a broader scale in Christianity is really important especially as seventy evidence when people talk about justification and you haven't if you believe in the law nobody tries to justify himself or herself without an accusation. Right why much of why I need to why do I need to justify myself nobody's accusing me the only reason justification comes up is because somebody is accusing me now I got to defend myself right. Well in the terms of Biblical justification why do we even need to talk about justification unless there's condemnation where is the condemnation come from the law of God well of God So the Christian world that you have is your about the law we believe in justification why do you need justification because you broke the law. So you don't have there's no justification no need for it without an accusation and the Bible says what the law says it says to those who are under the law that every mouth may be stopped and all the world will become guilty before God that's that's where the condemnation or does need to condemn the law stands there as good that's why we need justification but anyway in the context of conviction if a person is just trying to justify themselves what's that telling you. OK they're feeling what. Or condemn the cues they're feeling acute so already when a person begins to justify themselves that's an evidence to you that there's conviction going on there they're feeling accused their conscience is accusing them. Objections people make objections Well you know I don't know why I should have to do this nobody else does it well you know you said to keep the Sabbath but not come up with a text or something but when a person tries to object and argue a point it's an evidence of conviction. Avoidance this is one of the big ones I mean how many of you had a situation where you. Try to present the truth to somebody that person was used it hang around maybe they came around the church maybe their friend at work and you got into a conversation that was uncomfortable and all of a sudden you only see him across the office and they. Are On the other side right they walk on the other side of the street and this you coming whatever else have used that haven't that's that's classic conviction. Ginnell you remember the. There was a lady in Pullman who came to she going to have kids come to school and had conflict with her husband I forget her name your memory I'm talking about it in it when all of a sudden avoidance and classic conviction when a person begins you know you've got to ask yourself why are they all of a sudden of voiding and why they voiding mean because they don't see the Holy Spirit what did they see when they felt uncomfortable Who did they see and so you well then they're saying this person makes me feel this way I'm just going to void them and then I will feel that way right OK irritability rationalization resistance. Restlessness. I can see this when I preach there are people that will be sitting there and when I get to a certain point they start to get they just can't get comfortable. Can't get comfortable and you know that their being is conviction when I start making appeals I watch this happen and people sense an appeal coming there are certain people that will get up on the go get a drink never come back in the sanctuary they think I don't know that your pastor is know that they want you get up and walk out not come back in and they know you're under conviction that's just how people do you've got to learn how to read that so you'll see people get on. I'll start making an appeal and what the appeal does is it makes you know depending on the appeal certain pills or more point a bit of our to make an altar call people start get real fidgety because the altar call is more it brings everything home it's making that personal application so I've been listening to sermons and yeah that's true that's true that's true I know a lot of people need to do that in any people's gumming but the people's pointed at me and then people start to get fidgety anyway evidences a conviction now the importance again is. We need to learn that those negative responses. Those responses that in the past you thought was evidence that you weren't cut out to give Bible studies that you weren't cut out to witness because I do this and people get upset Well maybe you need a little polish but the reality is it's probably because it was conviction there and when you learn to understand that you can work alongside the Holy Spirit you won't find yourself fighting against the Holy Spirit sympathizing in a way you shouldn't and you won't count yourself out of the game because you thought you did it all wrong. You see what I'm saying and the benefit the icing on the cake is now you're going to start to recognize when you're convicted when you didn't realize you were. We went over there to get me thinking something was going to happen and you might start to get mad a something you say wait a minute we heard about this in class so I want to build on on that now there are some examples in the Bible the Bible examples I mention the rich young ruler we look at the woman in the well woman of the well as interesting because you see first of all the avoidance right she changes subjects. OK But it's interesting I love in that story because Jesus doesn't let it sit there he brings the subject back and then what happens. You know what she did. How how did she feel when she went home. She was excited. So look you might have somebody who is avoiding you or they're upset but it's not done yet that doesn't mean they can't be brought about now that's what's important to resist the negative side is because they're resisting the spirit with all that saying is you need to recognize that conviction and pray that the spirit use you to help that become a positive response to the Holy Spirit and that can happen and we see scripture examples of that OK Anyway I've got some good quote. I will read to you. Two of them just for sake of time but you can look at them later on page thirty one. Down you've got a big quote in the middle of the page I want you to look at the one right under that the one before it is just more detail but it says similar to what this quote says when persons who are under conviction are not brought to make decisions when. At the earliest period possible there is danger that the conviction will gradually wear away this is why when we talk about categorizing and I talk about how you can go over this tree and pick certain apples and these ones will ripen later I mean I'm known people that I've studied with that they're just not they're not making those decisions I can go six months and go and see him it's like yesterday but if that person comes under conviction on a subject and I let six months go by Forget about it the convictions going to be gone if I let two weeks go by convicts is going to be gone that's why I'm not revelation I mean it's been we've been super busy after the meanies because that's where the conviction is hot and you've got to be continuing to follow up if you don't you'll lose that interest that's why you categorize your interest and you focus your attention on the ones making decisions and some people say oh I can't do that I've got these other people you don't have to abandon them but the point is if you if you say look I've got somebody over here that's not making a lot of decisions you know I'm going to hold off for a little bit or I'm not going to spend as much time there I'm going to focus my time here because this person is making decisions you're not going to lose any ground you're probably going to gain more ground because you get the decisions here you would a lost and then sooner or later this other person working with hopefully will ripen and we'll talk again about that a little bit more tomorrow I saw some I see some hand yes. Yeah. You know if they look you can't there are times when you study with somebody they come under conviction and Pastor West mentioned you go back to the house as opposed to the door says I don't want anything more from you now I might in a situation like that still try to meet with them. Another time but the reality is you got on a people's decisions you can't you can do all you can do and then you pray pray pray here's the beauty of it though don't forget this that when you're gone the Holy Spirit is still there the Holy Spirit does not let up on people and all you got to do is think in your own experience and your member the Times a Holy Spirit and you wish he would go somewhere else and he didn't he'll continue to work with you. Just in the so that I read that just to say you know just so we understand that importance of what a person's utter conviction working with them in that situation which was what we're going to develop here in a moment. Oh no good. Lord speaking about the woman at the well chapter Well yeah that's the chapter just give the chapter so you want to read it the name is Jacob Well as you can read you grow longer there's yeah. You know yeah so already which he was being prepared for by the Holy Spirit. Now I want you to look at one of the quote here and I'm going to get two other quotes now so good number two down on the bottom of the page the need of notice when it says direct personal peals the secret of our success and power as a people advocating advance truth will be found in making direct personal appeals to those who are interested having unwavering reliance upon the most high I want to go back to something I said earlier this week do not be afraid to be spiritual I'll tell you that we would have more decisions if we would simply ask for them don't be afraid to be direct with people and when I say being direct with people I'm not talking about being rude to people but don't be afraid you're talking to somebody even in church when you talk to somebody in church and let me throw this in here when you get to a point of calling somebody to a decision. Especially more difficult decision. I mean I can call a congregation how many of you want to commit to spending more time with Jesus Well that's an everybody can do that but when you're working with somebody on making certain decisions you don't want to do that when a lot of families around or something like that like there be times you're going to a house you've been doing this study this week is the week you know I'm going in and we're going to talk about this particular decision and lo and behold my sister from out of town came in and her husband etc and they happened to be there forget about it you're not going to ask him for that decision today if you're there and you pull the driveway and the you get it and this is a situation somebody else is there find something else to talk about and do not reason for the decision because a person is not likely going to do that they're going to feel awkward and uncomfortable don't put them in that situation. But when it's talking about because you're the direct personal peals this is where you get down to calling for decision and your reasoning with them about their spiritual. Asians and personal the whole idea of direct and personal this is where it maybe even somebody in the church and you go up to somebody and this is something if you do this it's in fact I want to courage you to do something I don't care for elders in your church deacons in a church or whatever you can visit people I wish our churches visited more people I it's put it's been pulling teeth since I've been in pastoral ministry to get elders to visit people I know why it's so hard your elders in the church so you know what I say let the grassroots rise up and start visiting people and be don't be afraid and here's what happens when sometimes we do visit people it's like we don't we just how you do and you know. The nice weather you want to make spiritual visits don't be afraid in the core I mean so fine to talk about their hobbies and everything else in the course of it say so how are you doing your spiritual life. Are things going well for you How is your relationship with the Lord how is your devotional time now this again a more of a pastoral visit kind of thing but you can ask that I mean I wouldn't write off the cuff but if you're building a relationship with somebody you're going to come to a point where if you care for their soul. Look at this next statement. Many times minds are impressed with tenfold more force by what kind of Appeals personal peels than any other kind of labor any other kind and notice an expert the love of God in the heart will lead them to make earnest appeals if God's love is in your heart you're going to come to point you're not I'm not saying to be comfortable about it you might feel uncomfortable but something is going to urge you if you're concerned with somebody soul to make an earnest appeal and personal notice tenfold more force I'm going to tell you that if I'm up here teaching the class OK I make an appeal to the class and I'm bringing something up you know somebody here today perhaps somebody here today has something in life has been keeping them from Jesus and today and listening to my voice and we're thinking about conviction and the Holy Spirit is talking to you about something that needs. To be removed at it OK I can make that dinner appeal and there's some conviction there but if I come up and I say Paul you know you've been studying for a while together maybe there's something that you've been wrestling with in your life is that a little more yeah I mean personal peals Why is that more effective do you think because if I'm sitting in the sermon I could be easily thinking to myself I know charity needs to hear this she really needs to respond is it I'm crazy I'm praying that she responded this way but when it's one one guess what now it's coming to me and it makes personal application and that we all need personal application of certain things and especially when you're studying with somebody you're the one the Lord is put there to lead them step by step and there will be through that process times when you're going to make those direct personal appeals and direct in other words you're not beat around the bush can talk about specifically what it is is personal one on one or maybe one on two or whatever but you're also it's also going to be the love of God in the heart that prompts said it's going to be with love and tenderness knowing where you were when you made those decisions but this is where. I mean this is really the heart of giving Bible studies is when it comes down to decision time and appealing to people to decide on what they're hearing. I want you to look at the next page top of the next page. The second quote is talking about evangelistic meanings now what we're going to says here after the meetings are through there should be a personal investigation with each one on the ground OK that's investigation on interrogation OK I went over this with my my church members before meeting because no one says Each one should be asked how he is going to take these things and he is going to make a personal application of them five words spoken to them privately will do more than the whole discourse is done. Now let me just reinterpret that for you what that saying is that you just listen to the sermon by Doug Vassar and you speak in five words to somebody afterwards are going to do more than Pastor Doug in the whole sermon. That's what I said that's what the prophet the Lord says because it's a personal thing it makes it personal application and the investigation where explained by church members before meeting was something like this you're not going to shake them down after the meeting you're going to say wow that was a good message really gave me. Gave me some things to think about there's some things I know I need to change what you think about. So you're but you're not judging them and you're not preaching at them you're not talking down to them but what it does is it brings it personally to them makes them think and when they hear you say that a person may have sat through the whole sermon Maybe I should've been thinking more about what I should do personally I don't really in it brings it home. There's a lot of power with that saying is there's a lot of power in your words and what you can do for the Lord Jesus even more than the preacher. And so with that in mind I'm going to take a break and we come back I want to talk about the decision making process and. What to do somebody asked me what to do when people are deciding I want to understand how that works with the decisions and then what we do when people are objecting to making use of. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you first if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W dot. Org.


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