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20. Understanding Decisions- Part 1

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • June 13, 2016
    3:00 PM
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Father in heaven I thank you so much again for the privilege we have of being here Lord as we're discussing the work of the Holy Spirit we need the Holy Spirit to give us guidance and understanding Lord we need to be able to see the conviction in our lives. And we pray you would help us to respond positively before we can see the conviction others lives or we need that as well as. Your witnesses you would see where the Holy Spirit is working so that we can work in harmony Lord as we discuss this decision making process we just ask for your continued understanding and wisdom we ask you to Jesus the. OK And let's try to go through this rather quickly it is outlined in the chapter again in decisions the first thing I want to talk about is you know what the will is according to Spira prophecy writings Oh my talks a lot about the will we think about the will as our desire but she calls the will the choice power of choice in fact it's a really good statements in the chapter hey there are three. And I'm what I'm sharing with you is is a lot of it's from a book by Mark Finley called persuasion it's out of print I will make a an electronic copy accessible Tomorrow I'll give you a link where you can you are somebody if you're not real savvy with this kind of thing can get the serials. The book persuasion is a little book with a very powerful book on it leading people understand the decision making process and one of the things he brings up in that book is The counselors of the human will that is there are three there are three counsellors that inform us when we're making a decision and that will make sense to you in just a moment those three counsels of the will are reason. And conscience in ideals. OK reason in other words when I make a decision when I choose to do and I don't want to go outside of Christianity for a minute OK The example I like to use is buying a car we're going to buy a car together OK. It's only fun Yes Pastor how that sounds like lots of fun OK but any decision a person makes. If they're going to make a decision and has to be reasonable to them and I emphasize to them because people make a lot of decisions that are reasonable but it in their own mind that is if it isn't reasonable in your own mind you're not going to do it and so the devil works at making things seem reasonable that aren't reasonable but that a person doesn't make personal decisions until it's reasonable never mind until it's right. In their mind. And till it's beneficial I just think a marker appeared so this counselor reason tells you what is. Reasonable conscience what is right. A moral standpoint right and wrong and ideals what is beneficial also what is best Ok so I'm making a decision I have these things in mind now let's talk about a car for a minute we're car shopping What are the kind of things that we're looking for as we're car shopping OK color. Right. M.P.G. right ups. M.P.G.. On. Yank signs of the vehicle. Like for Daniel he's not riding in Milo hond he got himself a. What is it a Tahoe or something yeah they groom OK Somebody wants four wheel drive. If functions well let's say reliability OK reliability OK. Yeah features are or are options you call it options right I want you I want the navigation system all how we're right oh let's change that so that we're clear. OK. Horse Power. Safety you and this one of course what's it going to cost to insure this. I've always wanted one of my favorite cars is a Ferrari Testarossa not because I've ever driven one I thought it be great if somebody gave me one but if they did I couldn't afford to insure the thing so I guess it would help Now think about this for a minute all of these things that we're looking at are answering one of these points OK OK with it see the reasonable now cut the conscious thing works a little better we're talking about a spiritual decision but not entirely from us from a Christian standpoint or even from a you know non-Christian to still have a sense of right and wrong and we'll see how that plays into this in a minute where it's colorful. Ideals OK that's what's best or beneficial or what I like OK what or where is this fault. Reason and it could be conscience as well right you know that's so a person could say you know I I I can I can afford this but it will make the budget awful tight maybe I can you know I want to pay for this program for my daughter for you know music lessons in America be able to do it if i'm so you know so that could be factoring into both of those mpg. For the most part what's reasonable right size that could be reasonable to write if I have a family and they can all you know hey I want to Corvette it's got two seats and I think that's roses to see the car you know you put the kids in the little luggage compartment. So you got leg room leg room is going to be kind of with the size there leg room is it could be both of those four wheel drive it could be both of those couldn't it if I'm living in a place where I need it but if I just like to do a lot off roading and stuff like that probably just for fun I could be there reliability probably going to be reasonable. This could also be a right thing if I'm getting it for my family and all just like safety safety could be. What's safety could be any one of them probably it could be a it this is I'm getting this from my wife and kids I want to be safe when they're in the car anyway you get the gist of it right. Now here's what I want to understand all of these things factor in and maybe subconsciously I think the orange for a reason. There is a guy in. So if you don't. Everything can line up here is far is reasonable and right but if it's not the best. You're not going to buy it unless somehow it's offset what I mean by that is if you have the when I was living in Goebbels as a guy. Jenelle and Tom know the guy Gina pumping me and doing the pumpkin man likes everything runs right ORNGE. Now I haven't given a lot of thought you drive by a house on on forty three. When you're going to tell on and he's got his big orange pumpkin out there purses a pumpkin man. Pumpkin sign and all this he also had a big bright orange Cadillac they grow. And you know if it was a if it was like an orange like that water ball kind of metallic or a little rust or something color that might be OK but it was it was not it was just a gloss on and I remember maybe some of your have your mouth watering at the out love loss aren't catalyze but I had the reason why I went there is I was driving by one day and there's a for sale sign and my immediate thought was. How to keep with that car have to be for me I mean the car's in good shape I mean it probably had a lot of nice options but I look at that color and I thought what would that price have to be to be willing to buy that any immediate conclusion they came to and you can probably guess is what. Cheap enough for me to repaint it you got it. Anyway not long after that I drive by jeans and the car is across the street the body shop and immediately I'm thinking somebody bought that car and they're painting that car. They I don't know what happened I do know that it wasn't that that car was gone and there was a newer model ORNGE. Black right there for gene for me it for me that's a deal breaker there is no way I'm in less and less the price comes real or whatever else but you see how these things work together in the decision making process we can talk all day long about how reasonable it is and how it's perfectly right for me to do and I have the money and there's nothing immoral about anything else and I just don't like and then in the reality is I'm not. OK Now why is that important because this is the way people make decisions in everything and when it comes to spiritual things it works the same way and I want to erase my options here or my different points of my my car. And I want to talk about the process how this works in in the steps the steps and making decisions there are four steps we're going to look at well really three steps the first step is information this also comes out of the book there's. The second step is conviction. The third step is desire. And then that leads to action. You have to have one two and three if you're going to get to four OK four comes from one two and three now each of these steps is tied to one of these what do you think information is tied to. Reason OK What about conviction conscience you desire. Ideals this is doing OK so now this is how this works there's two things I want you to really get out of this. Nobody's convicted without information information needs to convict. So when you find somebody who's convicted what does it tell you. They at least have enough information to be convicted Why is that important. Let me tell you why it's important because you're giving that Bible study to somebody or they came to the evangelistic meeting and you're following up with them and they're convicted about the Sabbath and so you go to visit with them and they're not making a decision they're convicted but they're not making a decision on the Sabbath and so your initial response is I know what they need they need another text on the Sabbath which is what more information do they need more information no because they have I'm not saying they don't need more not it could be beneficial but they already have enough information to be convicted it would be convicted if there was another case but nine times out of ten what what what the unexperienced So when it does and I've done this I can't tell you how many times is there a more we're back to the pastor or somebody else I'm saying doing another text in the South has a marvelous person and they're just they're digging their heels in it give me another text why do you think they're digging their heels in they're convicted they got information that's why they're resisting it what they don't have more than likely is desire. OK And what I mean by that is this information leads to conviction but you've got to have they can know just like you with the car just like me with a car yeah it's reasonable Yeah that's right but I hate orange. I don't want to drive around an orange car. So if they don't see that what you are telling them about is going to be beneficial to their life I don't care how much information you give them they are not deciding. They've got to see that that decision is going to be the best thing for them to do. Now there are ways you can enhance desire if you look in the manual or elder friendly talks about what he calls the minimax principle understand that when you're trying to lead a person to make a right decision the devil is trying to lead them to make a wrong decision. And so what the devil does is he maximizes in a person's mind all of the problems with following through. Oh it's going to cost you everything it's going to cost you your wife and your kids and your job and everything and so he's maximizing this in their mind and their benefits are nothing the minimax principle look at this on page thirty three. Minimax Principle Number thirty three number Page Page three three rather number four for the top of the page says how to heighten desire notice the minimax principle this principle says that individuals will act on a given item when the benefits are maximum and the risk is minimal. Generally speaking maximizing the benefits of a right action will produce dramatically greater results than focusing on the negative consequences of following a wrong action however that's not always the case so typically minimax In other words the minimax that is you or what you're going to want to do is try to maximize in their minds the benefits of following the truth because the devil's doing the exact opposite and you want to minimize the cost of following the true what all you're doing there is you're trying to heighten desire trying to help them to see the benefit going forward for some people you run into this you try this and it doesn't work for some people it's the consequence of not following through to be maximized in the mind the consequence of not following the true not the cut not the consequences the devil showing up and say well you do this you need to let them see that it's going to cost and could cost them their their their children salvation or their whatever and for some people you'll find that that's affecting us all you know. That. You actually Kiran. And that's and that's where the challenge comes in because it's going to cost you something to do you can see you've had to study for two years you build a relationship if it was your daughter would you tell her that your son would you tell I don't know what children you have but. Why not the neighbors and part of it is well you know as a parent you feel a responsibility but the point is that's a classic response that I've seen happen and I've had the same thing happen to me and down the road I'm like oh how did I miss that people come to evangelistic meetings and you go everything that I want to pray about it and and so I got the point what are you going to pray about. I mean what is there to pray about FS today and what they'll do that and you know your initial response is Well what can I do they want to pray about it but they're there what is it what are they going to pray about that I need it did should I the Lord do I really need to follow what the Bible says they've seen and so sometimes I'll ask him at least I find out a little bit more we're really coming from if a person is what it sounds like happened there is they got more involved in the church I've seen this happen a lot of times up Bible study with people back then they don't go to church and learn about the Sabbath and everything else they're convicted they start going to church what do you think they're doing they're trying to save themselves by their work there's also sells well if I get back to church and everything else maybe I can ignore that other thing and you don't want to enable that. You've got to be careful being you don't want to be critical but this is where you making direct personal peels and you get to pray Lord what do I say but you want to say something direct and say you know I understand that this may be new to you but I think what the Bible says plain and and and you know this one of the commitments of you know it's not easy but you know and just. To speak in those direct words now before I do that we're going to go through a process of here's something else that I haven't touched on is that we're getting into is that when a person we're talking about what leads to decisions but when a person is not making their decision. There's there's a response and it's tough on the manual called the upper layer approach and the upper layer approach simply says this The reason people will give you for why they're not making a decision is almost never the reason because the real reason is personal and it's not something so they might throw out some text I'll give you an example of all of this here. Just let me reiterate information a conviction may be there but the desire has to be enhanced a minimum X. is one of the ways of it he has seen that and there's a few examples of of the benefits of right doing for example you got it you got to come to know the person people desire different things some people just want peace in their lives OK so some text you can use and let me emphasize this now when you're leading a person to decision you want to when you come to that point you want to use Scripture. Because me telling them what they ought to do is not the same thing as them seeing God. And neither does it give them encouragement the word give them encouragement that their strength to do God's calling them to do so in the context of what I'm finally calling for the decision I want them to I want to employ scripture he is almost five one. Says having been justified by faith we have peace with God OK. Isaiah thirty two seventeen. Says I forget off the top my head as in thirty two seventeen I'm thinking of Psalm one thousand where a says no is it as if thirty to seventy maybe that does say I don't think it is it talks about how. Let's look it up that's always the easy thing to do you know OK that's not yeah and then Psalm one thousand says Great piece have those who love the law so those are texts that you can use if you perceive that this is where the person this is what they want then if I say you know I'm talking about following the Bible keeping the Sabbath but I'm not giving them a Sabbath text here am I I'm giving them a piece text why because they got the information on the Sabbath they're convicted about the Sabbath but what they want in their life is peace so if I can point them to the passage where God says Great Peace at those who love well I want. What I'm doing is I'm. You had asked it in your someone nineteen great piece have those is it one seventy two one sixty five you have it there is did somebody confirm that. One thousand one sixty five is the one that talks about how great piece of those who love the law so those are. You know in their other text it may come to mind but the point is if you want to emphasize peace if you perceive that's what the person needs then you can go there maybe they are somebody who you know has a strong desire that they have the Holy Spirit's guidance Well the Bible says next five thirty two The Holy Spirit is given to those who obey God So you know that may be a text news happiness Matthew five all the Beatitudes happy bless it are those of us that means happy you know heaven and so you you get the idea there that if you perceive that the desire is tied to happiness a desire for happiness or desire for peace or maybe it's a desire for their children of their family. And you go to X. sixteen where it says believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved then your household. You know something that what you're doing is they know that they've heard about the Sabbath but why do we keep the Sabbath Well they're convicted they know it's right they got the information but it's going to destroy my life it's going to lose my family I'm going to lose my job forget about it and so as you bring something that will enhance the desire they see well there's benefit in me doing this so you're minimizing the cost or maximizing the benefit then you're tipping the scale and that will help them Ward says yes. Yes. Yeah because you're what you're see that these these are pretty easy or Bible studies full information you've got Bible study guides you've got you know the perp the conviction is going to come when the information is shared but what is the what is it where is the desire for them what is it that they're longing for that's where it's going to hang up and I'll tell you this too the issue. Of making a decision is very rarely. Use a different koan is very rarely a. An issue of information it's almost always the issue of application. You know in other words I know about the Sabbath and I know it's true I hear what the Bible says about my health and what I eat and drink. But what's going to happen when I follow it. They're counting the cost they're looking at the application and usually that's the hang up the hang up isn't that you need more information but most of the time most inexperienced and sometimes experience all waiters will try to go and give more information so I was going to give you this example elder family shares an example of when he was doing a field school which is you doing evangelist meeting you have young seminarians and you know people being trained that are going with you the experience to Vangelis where he went to visit a couple in their home and this couple had been to a series that he had done and they'd been coming to church. For about a year. And he was talking with them about membership and why they had become members so he went in with these two young seminary students and he said as he sat down to visit is talk to the couple well you know you've been coming to church for year now and you remember him every coming of the series everything else but you're not membership what what if that's what's holding you back if you thought about that at all and he said as soon as he said that he said the husband. The husband began to say well the Bible says Let no man judge your regard to the Sabbath. Now his stated reason for not becoming a member is this text in Colossians two by the way. Didn't go to food or drink or Sabbath so he brings this colossus to us. He says immediately the two seminary guys are like they got their Bibles out because we didn't take the time I wish I had had the time but it was in the end out but cautions to me is one of the first things you learn when you learn about the Sabbath and what it is all I know where to go and they got their Bibles out there ready their turn in along and they're going to go and show. Well they got their Bibles out of it out of Felicity kind of looked at him as like you know well boys well in a minute you know what were they getting ready to do. Information OK information is most generally not the case and he perceived you know this is the thing when you're going to gain a decision when you're in that situation you are detective and a detective acts on a hunch OK what that means is when you go into a situation you're going to perceive what may be the problem you could be completely wrong and I'll give you a practical example that a minute you've got to have an idea well her family had an idea that there's got to be something more why do you think he thought that why do you think the Sabbath he didn't think the Sabbath was the real issue. They've been going to church for a year on the Sabbath day you got to be thinking that when you're going into a situation saying oh hold on a minute you know look at all the evidence so he said this he said well we can look at cautions to you know if you'd like to do that but as or something else that may be holding you back is there some something that you cannot yield to the Lord yet maybe some lifestyle practice in this is from a little bit of knowledge of the couple and to some perception. And he said as soon as he said that husband or wife are sitting there is a sin and he said that dropped his eyes and the wife took his hand and she looked at him said we've been smoking and we could keep it so what was the issue for them and nothing to do with the sabbath what would happen if the two seminary guys were gone looked up collages to spend the next half hour or whatever going over all those objections would have gotten anywhere no it wasn't even the issue OK so it wasn't even tied in this case to you know talk about some things that maybe a desire issue because I'm worried I'm going to lose my job or whatever with keeping the Sabbath there are people who you think they're hung up on the Sabbath and they're over here on some other thing they're struggling with. That's what's that's what makes gaining decisions difficult because you've got to find out where they're hung up. As a story. Well that is where the Holy Spirit comes in. The Holy Spirit better be in the whole process but I'm going to tell you I'm going to tell you from experience the Holy Spirit's not just no work all this out for you and you're going to sit there and you come back next week and next week and next week what's going to happen is there's a window of opportunity you know let's go back to the words of Jesus no message this will have more impact right now. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are you pray the Lord of the harvest will send laborers where that know how to get decisions that's what Jesus said there are people out there you've got the Holy Spirit but he said he needs you pray for people who know how to lead people to decisions as you know. Yeah but when things will change when you get to that point let me just make something plain everything we go over here doesn't guarantee this is nothing we cover is going to guarantee this is you're good you're going to do the best you know how to do you're going to be situations you go through you're going to learn you're going to look back and say I could have done better here and there and it still doesn't guarantee a decision. There are people that you've done everything you know how to do and they're like a study with them and maybe they love everything but they're still smoking in a still smoking in a still no I want to become a member it may be five years down the road maybe ten years down the road you do your best with that the spirit's got to do his part you're doing your part but people I mean I think regularly encounter people who become a Seventh Day Adventist after they've gone through several sets of meetings and men hanging around for ten years or more and so I know that may be a little discouraging you're thinking of but it's it all starts with or you know it is starts with somebody like you or you're in the midst of the process it's not. Your labors not in vain just understand that you know we're dealing with souls here and there's a battlefield there's the forces of good and evil so you know when you get to the study on. Health you know there are a lot of people have bad health practices but they didn't know that they were immoral helpings. Had a lady come to a meeting in cold water Michigan that idea she was seventy two years old and had been smoking since she was eleven she tried to quit before and never quit she hears what the Bible has to say that this isn't a more practice this is the temple of God You Destroy this temple God will destroy it put a new level of understanding in her to conviction and we had a follow up class right there well during the series we had a stop smoking class for those who want to stop five days she came to day one stop coming I mean she came to the meetings but she saw it coming I thought you know I really wanted. She came in one day to stop smoking class and then she quit she's never going to quit smoking no she came to day one realize I'm going to do this and she didn't come back to classes she quit after sixty years of smoking she quit why because there was a new impetus put on her because she realized this was something that was not in harmony with the Lord's will she just didn't know that before she had new power to do it that's why sometimes we have churches that do or say I just want to stop smoking I'm not opposed to that but there's more power when it's tied with something spiritual because it's when people realize this is a moral obligation it's different than you know everybody knows everybody knows they should be healthier you know I think every one of us here probably think you know I could probably exercise more in a little better whatever else but it's different becomes a moral issue and it has an impetus there anyway. So when of course he found out the issue was smoking then he was able to address what the problem was. There's a story of. I forget which King in Europe Henry Ford was selling a Model T. isn't in the days early days of the Model T. is not like you had a lot going there was a lot of foreign trade going on at least at any point he had this model T. sold to a king in Europe who he knew. Because the person was a Kenyan The company was sold to Khartoum but this man had never met and reported him for the report happened to be as the story goes happen to be traveling in Europe and he saw this Model T.. Broken down by the side of the road and he asked his driver to pull. And went over to the car and noticed this Model T. in the keep he knew it was a king the king of nine hundred forty never met so he goes up to the car and there's a king as attendants in the cars broken down and apparently those Model Ts had this little glitch in them and they had a a tool box on the running board with a mallet in there and sometimes a crank shaft would seize up and it was a crank at the front of the car anyway and. Ford knew what to do he saw the car he goes up to the car and the guys are at that open they're looking at their scratching their heads I said he says what's the problem is that you know anything about these a little bit didn't tell me was he said. I can't get the thing to start he said let me look at it it's under there ask one of the guys get in that tool box and to me the mallet takes a mallet he gets the other guys is going on the from the car he says now and I tell you when you crank OK So the guy gets on the front he puts his hand on the engine he says go ahead crank it but sand in there feels the engine was cranking it is OK stop for a minute it's him out he says OK go ahead do it again whacks the end and boom things starts right up it starts purring very late it everybody's a lady the King is looking is all thank you thank you so much or what was the cost for this service and he said one hundred silver shillings which was quite a bit of money but he knew that he had it. But he was a little insensitive one hundred so over shillings on his overselling for for five minutes work he said no no no no no ninety eight he said to Silver still in five minutes we're ninety it's over since. And you heard it. In the skill in soul winning is knowing where to hit where is this area where is this area that's hanging them up they're telling you all it's this cautions to text is that really is what's the real area what I want to do with you now is walk you through a process to determine what you see your detective work here when somebody you're in a study or you're visiting somebody after a meeting and they're not making a decision. How do you come to find out where that spot is that that you know if I were to take a. Nail and I wanted to drive it into this pulpit or this dist desk or this table and say the table and I took an e-mail how. Many swings would it take me to drive that think flush with the top of the table well you know you can ask what kind of hail is it is it is it a is it a ten penny nails of a sixteen penny nail what size your hammer is a fifteen L's hammers twenty ounce hammers a sledgehammer right all that stuff but all of that is irrelevant if what I don't hit it I guess we may hammer all day long and some of us when they hammer all they all but we don't hit the nail knowing where to hit what is it that hangs a person up I don't know you don't know so I'm studying with them and you come to this point and you've studied me got the information they're convicted but they're not moving on it how do I get them to move on now let me introduce a question to you you can ask this in different forms but this is the way that I learned it and it's a it's a good way to ask it what would keep you can ask that for just about anything a person struggling with what would keep you from choosing to honor God by worshipping him on his seventy's. What would keep you from following the Bible principles of healthy eating what would keep you from accepting what the Bible says about death and life and immortality and Jesus alone is immoral but we rest and what would keep you can now you can word it differently if you want but it's very simple very straightforward and that's a good it's kind of a diagnostic find your way through question now in the process just let's say that you have somebody that you're studying with and they are not making a decision on whatever topic so they've got a reason and you're either after the study asking them or you're on a visit you know their evangelist meeting a coming and you're visiting with them and you're wanting to know and they present this is in the context of somebody presenting an object Well you know here's the thing. Doesn't the Bible say in Romans fourteen that one regards one man one day of above another another man OK whatever here's the thing you're just here's the process that you want to follow number one you want to. When they state the objection you want to I'm going to review myself and. I'm thinking I'm missing a step in my head here so. This is all in your manual on would you say. Oh OK Yes I thought you said eighty six I'm like no it's not an eighty six. Oh yeah see i was i was going to restate the question you want to Lesson number one obviously you want to listen carefully to what their objection is OK because sometimes in them telling you what it is it's holding them up you can. You can get a clue OK Now keep in mind here. When you are facing this situation you are a detective and you are playing your hunch this is key I've learned us from working with our students I wish we had time one of the things we do in our fuller session is we have decision labs and what that is is we have real scenarios where we encounter people who are making decisions and we make up cards and you have one of you plays the person who is not deciding and one of you plays the person has to figure out and each of your cards is different and you're not allowed to compare them and so the one giving decision you only know what we happen to know about the person but they know what it is it's really holding them back and I'll give you a for instance of that in a moment. But when you're going into a situation like that well I'll give you that for instance now. There was a lady who came to series and heard about the Sabbath she was coming to the meaning every night love the meaning bring in the kids the kids are coming love the meaning. And. Came to the issue of the Sabbath and did not end up making a decision on the Sabbath and she was approached about the issue she said. You know one of these you know collage and Stewart ever else of you know maybe one of these Sabbath you know get this out of the action to. The issue the real issue behind the whole thing was that her grandfather had this right was like a Baptist minister something that died and in her mind she felt that if she accepted the Sabbath and Grandpa going to be lost by accept that this is true that he was wrong and he was keeping the wrong date is going to last that was a whole hang. So keep that in mind you're trying to work through that and you don't know it so you go into that how how do you know how to deal with that what do you do you go in there you're trying to figure out why should I can't understand we've gone over Sabbath text I know I've been on three visits we've talked about the Sabbath I've shown them in the dictionary of John a minute and they're not making a decision what's happening here and all the while they're throwing this in people will play this up you'll be like well here's a test you know kolache and said Well what about this text or what about the you know keep throwing things that you did take you off the trail and you're just scratching your head they're not making a decision how do you get down to that because that's what you're going to have to do is you're going to have to find out that what's really holding her back as a situation with that OK So this is the process you go through now listen carefully because sometimes as they're telling you what the objection is they might say something in there that doesn't seem to fit OK but first thing first if you're facing that situation you have to have a high. And I I'm forgetting some of the details here but I think this person came to every night there were kids came there excited the whole time so you know going into the situation until maybe it was until maybe it was until the seventh because I've got another story that I may be mixing up with in my head because a lot of times this happens a personal comments to say the person comes to the meeting the interest in meeting up and to the point the Sabbath could be a Bible study you're going to Bible studies everything's been great you do seva study office on the calling council here and there they don't put a note on the door yet they're not telling you because a lot of times people don't want to be rude so they're just like oh I have something up this week and then next week something came up and then the next week it's like you know maybe we're going to have to hold off for a while just have something come up we're out of here or have happened well you've got to have a hunch you could be dead wrong but what's on the BE something about that last study I gave me the study was something on Helen So that last study and you know something different you gotta have a hunch because otherwise you don't know what direction to go you're just kind of aimless So for me as an evangelist I'm going into a house to visit with somebody I'm going to have an idea of where I'm steering it that's what my hunch is doing OK For example I had a lady and I'm getting away from this but I'm not the only sense of it but we had a we did a meeting in Kalamazoo Michigan had a lady who came to the meetings every night love love love. I did the Sabbath presentation after the Sabbath presentation I did the unpardonable sin presentation and then after that she stopped coming. OK we and I and during the meeting we had a lot of people to visit I try to get her for some reason didn't get or right. After she stopped coming but I ended up making it I think the meeting had finished up and I went with two students from arm in your class into her home now I have a hunch and my hunch was that it's was the South I wasn't sure about but this is where the hunch comes in. So I'm going in there and I'm talking with her first she was very nice very warm Oh how are you guys doing oh it's because it is good to see it come on in we set now we're chatting she told how everything was going well I said you know we're out visiting people came to the meetings and just wanted to know you know you came to a lot of the nights how it was always great it was great a loved it I love it was there something you had any question on about there no not at all it was great I loved all of it you know it was well you know we missed you yeah I know it's a kind of get busy with something you know all the kids my daughter this OK you know and then we're chatting about other things in her life and we're there for forty five minutes just chat and friendly and everything so great and I asked her in that step I kept just like you talk with the woman at the well let her talk on the bring back well was or was or anything new that you you know heard in the meeting or no you know and then we go on and talk forty five minutes for and. OK now I'm steering it I got my hunch though and I probably should have done this a little sooner but we chatted and what have you and after forty five minutes and he was Marsyas as Marcia. You know wasn't anything like questions about it do you think of any what do you think about the sabs presentation. You know now that you mention it she says now we're forty five minutes I gave her several opportunities but she was not going to bring that thing up to save her life she did not want Tom Fuentes. If I didn't have a hunch I would have just been we haven't had that forty five minutes we've got about our we would have prayed together would have left scratching our heads and I don't know what the. Day So now I could have brought up especially Oh I loved it that was a great well if you thought about it we could've gone on with their day I could have been dead wrong in my hunch but my hunch helped me to not just be aimless when I went in on the visit or in the particular study situation the hunch helps me to know how to ask questions and lead to finding that nail you know where's the hang up point so I'm going to listen carefully something may come up in the conversation initially that says this isn't you know it kind of goes along with my hunt. Does not ring is not fitting right with everything else I think this might be a problem or maybe I'm off track but you want to listen carefully once you hear the question stated if you want to restate. The question why. You know like OK See this is an objection situation they have a question or an objection they tell it to you you want to restate it. Yes so do so let me if I understand you correctly what you're telling me is that. The challenge you have with with accepting the Sabbath is this Colossians two passes Do I understand that correct. Yeah yeah that would be great too because then they would have told you that but they didn't tell me that one I did figure that one out but yeah if a person brings up knowing brought it up that's what the real issue was but they didn't tell me that they said the real issue was. You know coalitions to Romans or whatever fourteen or whatever. So the reason you're restating is this let's just say I ask them in and they say well you know Doesn't the Bible say Colossians that I should judge me regarding the south Well let's look Colossians two so I go there and explain for the next twenty five minutes only to have at the end of that them say Well that wasn't exactly what my whole issue that happens all the time maybe because it wasn't or maybe because they didn't want it to be they didn't think you could answer it you didn't answer it so you want to restate So do I just let me just make sure I understand you correctly that this is what you're challenging. They're either going to say that's exactly it yeah that pretty much or whatever they say no no no no that's not it oh could you tell me again this is just getting on the same page so I don't waste the next twenty five or thirty minutes trying to answer something that isn't even the issue. So I'm getting a same page now I restate so I listen carefully then I restate the question. And then the next one is. Probably the most important step and that is. To get a commitment so I restate the question Do I understand correctly. Your concern you understand the Sabbath but this text in collages to appears to say that maybe the Sabbath has changed. Is that what I understand you yeah that's it well let me ask this if I could clear this up from scripture if we can look at that and I can answer that in Scripture would you see your way clear to choosing to honor God on the Sabbath. Would you see your way clear to accepting this Bible teaching on the south OK I'm getting a commitment why I'm going to tell you what people are going to do. If I don't do this and I answer their question and it's not the real issue which usually isn't they're going to throw something else out they're going to throw something else so if I ask that here's what's going to happen here's how I've seen it happen most of the time. It people they're playing you with their plight that they think they're doing it as a Christian they see themselves as a Christian they don't see themselves as avoiding truth so you go to get the commitment well not to lie to you. If it's the real issue then they're going to tell you yeah I mean I yeah if you can answer that in the bud be great but if it's not the real issue I'll tell you what they're not going to do most of the time now if you can get up in the violence don't go follow. They're not use are going to do that sometimes they will but then they'll say you're not going to follow because I just don't think it's well why not then you got to kind of process through but what they'll do most times. Is you begin to press them and they get uncomfortable so if I can answer this from Scripture would you see your way to cleave is you know I don't know why you ave speak such a big deal about the Sabbath I mean I don't know why I like you have it together like that but the whole world keep it they answer my question No And I've seen that happen many times where they might be IRA. They might not be irate but they might be kind of out of the say you know you guys are always trying to push people things out and trying what they're doing is they're getting away from answering the do like a woman at the well someone a lesson in this. Well you know I understand what you're saying but listen if I can clear that up and if they're still in a tirade I might say was or is or something else is this you I mean I asked you you said it was quiet as to is this is something in addition to that that that I need verify Well I just don't know why you guys say it's so important and you might be into some dialogue here you might say well I want to remind you in our study you know the Bible the sporting memes of God I would be very verbose because I'm not I don't want to keep up a bunch information to the know they have the information they're just trying to. Avoid But I want to get back to this commitment and usually this pressing this commitment area is we're going to find out what the problem is because if they if it's not what can happen is and I was in that particular situation with a young lady had been similar ones so her it was a grandfather thing. What happens is they kind of lose composure sometimes you're if you press it and you're like you know you guys always think you don't go on the tirade you think everyone has to keep the Sabbath you think it was going to last who ever kept Sunday. Like anybody and that right there you should be you're should be open. And they bring that up in the Lord and put ideas in your mind you just think you just think if somebody doesn't keep Sunday they're lost you think all these Christians who lived in the past are lost because they don't keep Sunday Well no I don't think that you ask a question do you know somebody in your family who. Kept Sunday are you concerned about that I mean. So as you're going through you're thinking of questions to ask. But getting this commitments and asking for the commitment so let's say you have dialogue about that and oh wow somebody in the maybe this is an angle maybe this. Is something have you had somebody a loved one that that died keeping Sunday that you're concerned about well I mean I'm not I'm not concerned about him they're a good Christian but are you concerned that if the Sabbath is true that they might be lost and you hear this when you're processing through this thing. Then it might be changing OK So let me let me make sure I understand this correctly your concern about the Sabbath really is a license to. Your concern about the Sabbath is that if you accept the savages then that means everybody is lost who keeps on is this Do I understand it correctly now you're getting to yes you understand I'm saying but it oftentimes is going to come in getting this commitment this is key and the thing is a person if a person so that they know that if they commit to it most of the people you're working with in this context are wanting to follow the Lord that's where the convictions are in everything else so they're not going to commit to you a law in most cases that's why you get the little bit of you can get the agitation here you press for that they make the commitment they know they've got to keep it now and I get the commitment let's just say that I state that and I say yeah if I can if you can show me in the Bible you can help me to understand that yes I would keep keep the Sabbath OK Now so what's next thing I do. Next thing I'm going to do is restate. The truth. OK this is brief but let's say with the seventh through this process the devil's brought something up in their mind to make it this all this huge mountain so even though they've seen a billion tax on the Sabbath all the son they've got this one thing in their mind and the devil magnifies it so before I go I guess I once I got the commitment I want to reaffirm in their mind the truth now I just want to review you know we talked about the Sabbath how this is something that originated a creation right I mean God wrote it on the Ten Commandments with his own finger and tables of stone point to its permanence we know the patriarchs and the prophets kept We know that Jesus kept them you know the Apostles kept the Sabbath you see the New Testament church kept seven this Sabbath we know is going to be kept in the New Earth. So I'm just briefly reviewing. We know that's it's it's our sign of loyalty to how we worship God However it you know I may not be have gotten into that just yet so I want to restate the truth and then. I'm going to ask for the decision so once every say the truth I'll just simply say we've gone over it I've asked him for the commitment to restate you see this is the case for the Sabbath. Would you be willing to commit yourself to keeping so I can ask it that way I could say what would keep you from choosing to honor God on the Sabbath and if you I want to say if you've done your work well but that's not really fair because it doesn't always work this way but and if they're you know not resisting they'll say well sure what we keep you nothing will come praise the Lord then you want to. And I missed one of my steps and here is I think as. We do that sometimes pastors. Answer the question oh yeah but. Oh yeah we never answer the question. We've got to answer the question right here and you get the commitment and then obviously as I took that as a. And I'm asking you're trying to write this down it isn't really you know once you get the commission you do have to answer the question that you said you would answer for them if you were do you have it. Oh yeah you do you do sorry I'm just nothing that bell toll and knowing him over time and processing them you know you do you want to answer you want to get a commitment then you want to restate the truth and then you want to answer the question the tendency is to just want to answer the question but restating to reaffirm the truth of the mind sorry about that and then you want to answer the question. Then you want to ask for the decision and then you want to pray and I always like to pray and incorporate the decision whether it's positive or negative and I'll talk about that in just moment so I restate the truth I answer that question and you might go through this process a few times and it might be a few visits in other words you might not you might be in this discussion and you don't want to drag it out for hours and hours you might say well you know look we'll come back again you've got to be careful because when you're in this area of conviction you don't want to drag it out too long but. You know you might not get to the heart of the issue right away you'd be scratching your head and praying to the Lord but you will get to it if you think this is going to help you save you a lot of legwork and every time you go through it if let's say you visited and you didn't feel like you got anywhere you need to come up with your hunch again you may need to revise your hunch but you always need a direction because you're going to be asking along that that direction that you're thinking you're like OK like I did with. That that other visit asked her with Marcia you know what about the South what about so if you have an A C. going through all this and you have an idea that there's some other thing you say well what about you know. Trying to think about what could be hey you know about the TO BE job situation well you know is there is or challenge person perhaps you perceive that there's a challenge with them follow you because of a job situation well let me ask you this Are there other work complex that you've run into and thinking about keeping the Sabbath and they may say well no I don't have any problem with that in other words your hunch is going to lead your questioning a little bit don't. Let If they say well in it they're not going to say smoking is keeping me from keeping Sabbath so you're down to joining the church and they say it's smoking and I'm going to say well let me understand if Let me see if I understand a career. Actually are you saying that the thing is holding you back from church membership is you have the smoking habit you feel you can kick it. Yeah that's exactly I'm saying well let me ask you this if I can help you through that if we as a church can help you through that is there anything else hold you back no not at all OK very good and then that's the process I'm going to follow this is trying to get me to where the issue is and once I know where that is who knows how long it's going to take to work through that it could be answering a simple question it could be trying to help somebody through habit or something like that we have a a lady right now who has been coming to church decided to get baptized when she did she was smoking when she quit smoking she's changed other things but she's living with a guy and I'm married you don't want to get married they've been living together for what twenty how many years Daniel. Nineteen years a pastor Daniel went by the house with her and visit with her her husband said you know your wife was get baptized during the church we believe it's because all the public is married this is holding her back your husband you don't want to hold back I'm just paraphrasing here. You got to get married so they're going to get married. OK it didn't go that quick and easy but I'm just saying. You sometimes when you find out what the hold up is that doesn't mean it's just going to be like. You know I'm done it doesn't go like that all we're doing here is understanding the process I'm telling you what we've looked at here is going to change how you look at your whole working with people and it's an you're starting to started on a new journey but it's not going to make it like overnight you got it all down this is the science of soul winning in the science of salvation but if you stick to this process we would do our decision labs and I'd have a student a two weaknesses I noticed is they wouldn't go in with a hunch they're all over the place and they wouldn't ask for a commitment I listen to it time and again and have him in the labs and the person would start off with their objection the students start giving him texts and the giving of the information that I'm in they're all up here and I haven't gotten anywhere this helps you when you just. Try to narrow it down but be careful so I would I would instruct him and I would say OK this is what you're doing and tell me just what I did what I told you you guys need to get that commitment Well then he became very abrupt and you don't want to do that either so you're talking with somebody else like no no no what's the problem you know what OK this is cautions to OK Well will you follow this if I show you cautions do you know just. You want to just you want to let the woman at the well you want to steer the conversation gently and so I know where I'm going when I have my hunch but that doesn't mean I'm cutting them off in every sentence and saying no no let's go here we get this going to get through this process this is just guiding me I'm restating the question let me talk for a while before I can even ask I'm listening to them explain their issue and then I'm asking OK. Why understand correctly thus and so and when they say that you know this is just it's conversational so you don't you don't feel a need to be real abrupt with them don't feel the need you got to get everything solved right away don't be in a hurry rush people into decisions but this is going to help you know where the issue is once you do the rest of this fall is fairly smooth once the hang up is that they'll just tell you what the issue is. Around and you might go through the whole process OK you get the commitment restrict truth yes or the question then you ask for the decision and they don't make a decision. Like what and then they bring up another objection you think and I just asked them up here if there's anything else and they said no but people will do that because they want to avoid deciding they see where you're going just know that and OK well we'll take the top and you process through it it's working with people that's what it's like when you pray what I'll do is when I come to the prayer I will incorporate the decision in the prayer good or bad so my prayer is very simple I always pray for the person I thank I always thank the Lord for the person and for their commitment to him the worst thing is a people will perceive that if they're not doing what you want them to do that you think they're less are Christian. You know because you want me to keep the Sabbath they know they're not making a decision I think if you think I'm not a good Christian so when I pray let's just say that I'm praying here and charity has made a decision and I say you know so we work together and she said well I just not I'm not ready do that OK well you know let's meet again next week we'll talk and you know and then we pray and the bar has fallen heaven I want to thank you so much for charity I thank you for the commitment to you and her love for you and more to she's considering these things that we talked about today your words I just pray your spirit would make this matter clear and urge her heart in the right direction to use something like that so I have condemned her for not making the decision now she did make the decision Laura thank you so much for charities decision today I pray that your Holy Spirit would especially empower her to continue moving forward in your truth and that you're into the bus or a set or whatever be with her in the situation work as she goes and talks to her employer whatever may be the case I'm going to employ that decision in my prayer and and that's the process I'll go through when a person has an objection now if they don't they're not always going to have this you may enter Bible study may go through the study and you get to the appeal when you're appealing to them to follow and then if they're not if they don't have objection they may just be like yeah. In some cases they may have an honest question where they're like I just don't understand this text and you don't necessarily have to walk through all this you may perceive that this is just an honest question and you may go to that Texas talk or take a long look at it and that may do it it's all cleared up and they're good. You follow them saying OK but sometimes you've got to go through you know if you've got the objection your issue your issue is going to be application more than information. Don't get in the trap of thinking here through a bunch more text that if they're trying to figure out how am I going to do this my life is not going to go to pieces it's because the devil's tell them that the truth is going to cause. Church members say while we're going to get in the truth and they're already happy as a Baptist and I'm going to make a miserable but I don't get in your mind it's the truth is going to make them miserable Yeah to a degree going to the process but it's only to give them a better life. And to give us wife and give more abundantly so anyway. I wish we could have gone through that and have had a little more time but I think you get the gist of it and just taking the principles of what we looked at understanding conviction spotting conviction. Understanding that the people that are mad at you or avoiding you may not be doing it just because you did something wrong maybe because you did something right. Understanding this process that people go through that just because they have all the information and all the conviction in the world doesn't mean they're going to decide so don't be scratching their heads and I don't understand they gave me Every text I know doesn't have to do with the text has to do the fact there are people who have real lives they have real feelings and they have real situations they're in they're processing it all and you can help them in that process new especially can find where the real challenge is for them when you find that you can help them through it and when you do is a section in the manual here. Where did I put it it's in the appendix that has a bunch of texts that you can use in connection with different objections. And one thing I didn't touch on I need to touch on in the Mark Mark Finlay also shares the three F A scenario feel felt and found feel felt found stary goes like this I know how you feel others have felt the same way but let me tell you what they found all you're doing there is you're you're asking for the decision you're bringing in when you give the answer you're showing Scripture you're lying or scripture to you know to guide them in that decision you know so for example let's say a person's hold up on the Sabbath is that they're worried about providing for their family going to lose their job so you go to Matthew six thirty three and it says that God knows all these things that you have and you need but if you seek first the Kingdom of God His righteousness all these things will be added unto you. You augment that let the Scripture have that that's going to have force with Will I'm worried about and you share with them what it says in Psalm thirty seven twenty five as if the says I am I was young and now I'm old you know I've never seen the righteous forsaken or his children baking bread What a powerful promise they're worried I'm not going to revive my family look David says in all his lifetime he's never seen God for sadism that's going to have power with people and then what you want to do the icing on the cake you can do feel felt found with somebody else yourself you know what I know you're going to say you're still struggling with this I know but you can say I've worked with a lot of people are going through the same thing or I remember when I myself was in your shoes I know how you feel but let me tell you what the Lord did for me let me tell you what I found how I found God to be faithful and so that you're giving the scripture then you're showing how it works with sharing your own experiences and that would go a long way in helping them in those decisions but here's a bunch of text in Appendix B. for different situations that you can use with a little summary of what the text says that you can use in different situations to lead a person's. We are not going to spend spend very little time on that on tomorrow morning. The scientists of Hamburg Let's go ahead and pray. And we'll look forward to seeing you at three thirty Father in heaven we thank you for the Holy Spirit. And his willingness to use us. And Lord as we have meditated on these things today in learning about the work of the Holy Spirit and conviction in leading people to decisions I do ask or that you would teach us and train a US in being more effective in helping people to escape the enemy's grasp to make their decisions for Christ that their lives may be that fullness of joy want to. Be with us now as we go to lunch really brings other. Lessons to. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W dot audio verse or.


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