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Spiritual Food-like Substances

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • September 26, 2009
    10:00 AM
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I was so certain I would like someone throwing a room will have been here in a while someone will have as nice and full bloom I say when I want to turn me in the Bible the book of Matthew Matthew chapter four starting in verse one right before starting a verse one now reading your hearing starting with Matthew just before verse one the Scripture says that was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil we had fastest forty days and forty nights he was afterward an hungry on the tempter came to him he said if thou be the son of God command that these stones be made bread when he answered and said it is written Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God a message the Sabbath is entitled spiritual food like substances spiritual food like substances let us pray father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study a word and to learn your truths father God asked that I be not seen or heard to date but instead I ask that you would send a message from the throne of grace father God feature people bred in due season water us with the water of life Jesus Christ today we pray amen Jesus could come up out of the water of baptism is as John the Baptist the proclaimed Queen was a voice was heard shouting down from heaven this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased with this Jesus came up out of the water setting an example and in essence beginning of the ministry was purchased from his baptism is driven by the spirit of God into the wilderness to be tempted Sprint promptly lets us know that Jesus would never have knowingly walked into temptation instead this was a part of his preparation and training for ministry while in the wilderness Jesus embarks on a forty day fast in which time the Bible let's is no level of the spirit of prophecy that Jesus is so in tune with getting to know his father that Jesus does not even feel hunger one forty days the Scriptures said that after the forty days he begins the home I submit to you that one of the lost Arkansas on loss of power tools in the Christian parliamentarian is is the art of fasting many a Christian struggles with so many things for so long and never actually open up to the big gun as it were all out of receiving power from God in fact many no concept of what it is really fast this case something zero Jesus also taught us when the demoniac boy came before him and his disciples could not cast out the demon and when the disciples get them alone later visit how was it that you could cast the demon out and we couldn't Jesus says that some things only by prayer and fasting I the other thing than some of us are going through the if we would support them to God in prayer and fasting but God will show up on our bad even more powerfully there things that others around you are going through that you could stand in for them as if you pray for their souls salvation over their well-being or for that matter results over their relationship with their job if you stop and pray to have was the length of note that there is an extra amount of our release Bible says when he fasted forty days and forty nights he was afterward a number it's interesting that Jesus in the wilderness software out of any found in the garden is on the point of appetite that the temptation begins it is on the most basic the level of the basic human need that Jesus is first a cost some assorted verse three the Bible says and when the template came to him he said if you are the son of God than man's of these stones be made bread desirably as otherwise described in this attempt there is not a red suited bottle shock to the pitchfork carrying horned creature that shows up in an and would call you to be afraid in fact Satan appears as an angel of light beautiful Paris I be analyzing up his as this angel of light and as he stands there in front of Jesus he makes arguments to the effect that software that Angel showed up Abraham as he was about to sacrifice Isaac Rules of Court tries to convince Jesus that he has been delivering angel submit the religion got to be careful because the devil though that always show up that the polysilicon on my ability to rapidly revolting the difficulties owing to save their teeth down to implant gold caps overall breath to smell like quarters for the rest of your life you know just SRV didn't hit that at the tablets and results are well homemade on all terrible but also feels that the money would come to you and Jerry beauty I suddenly feel young lady that they are sold within templates in the money on the same young man is not uncommon while smiling inherent in their own list of teams the enemy moles of perception works a lot better when you believe that what is being presented to you in the God and not of the enemy and of how the serpent himself for even the first place such as numbness and defense of any call that Jesus in such a way that Wednesday is that if we give out the forty days of fasting the little bit of the state of the pulses of the brain would not have much of the only real fuel that the brain can you look is simple silver he would abandon up probably not a bit of a state of delirium he would've been a high may see a good week you probably been laying on the ground at the forty days on a week not moving in addition the angel of light like the angel of light is coming to the rescue when it is the angel coming to the strolling the enemy knows it's you when you're at your weakest point he knows that after you have an experience with God you would try you very quickly after he does not want this area is that this spirit that we haven't got the think in the morning tries to separate us from God so quickly the double Johnson and the Bible makes it clear here as you look adversely than what he finds in one of the things that he does it you doesn't environment to try and tempt Jesus and want to Joshua Jiang the deputy noted that the stones can be releasable I've been laying around on the ground in fact up into Israel to do well that is what is would've probably taken place that area and and and truly when you look around the stalled almost looked like someone think of and identify our strengths to look at the stalled and see an especially apt events for forty openings in the times are up you know a blonde looked twenty some and it was a difficult thing the lady there that hungry and I'm knowing that Jesus actually have the power to submit to you on a recently written a couple of books by author name Mike okay and one of them is entitled the omnivore 's dilemma the other one is in defense of Jan was the event that the number of the Google New York Times bestsellers you almost think of this author was that all was not obviously but we really space-time plant -based diet and and and timing your meals and how you eat he speaks heavily against the system the reason this is corporate capitalist system that will figure out how to not only mass-produced meat with the mass-produced meat so that the meat itself is dangerous this piece of dreams and volumes about the stable the staple food of the US economy now which is genetically modified corn and almost everything you did when you look at a carbon carbon atoms in the food that the department from corner the aquatic valent carbon and so you wanted to a mass spectrometer a bottle of soda for mass spectrometer all of the carbon atoms in the Bible sold it will come from genetically modified informal high fructose corn syrup and when the government on this other stuff in this stuff you can't pronounce adding powerful arguments like what you really should never buy that advertised the fact that they had the time who is assigned to you what not to so much book he makes the argument that anyone in the grocery store just the things that are around the outside of the store that actually seen from the aisles in the middle of the store he makes the argument that is not making me that if that makes a medical claim and he argues against spiritual objects on which scientific nutrition is in fact we had gone from food culture in the United States the science haven may not have been as a water that is I did it that you want to take stuff from one place and an fortify something somewhere else in fact he argues that the United States of America has become a culture that does not really for a long we had been at the meeting like substances like twenty bucks we do not really formatted with the video and I want to do this by thinking as we can put it up in the shelf in your closet where no one will read it to even put away and I eligible back every week or every month and is on in second I want to notice out at twenty thousand K even with McDonald's french fries it works just as well hit and the point being that that that is what makes Louisville was that is a horrible live microbial organisms like bacteria and fungus I even put for myself and sit there and break down around the wheel will I use that the microbial in their infinite intellect figure out that linking is actually not in United States he speaks about effectively no longer die we need any he talked about the fact that one third of US children will eat fast food on any given day and that ninety percent of that one third would eat there fast food as they drive in a fast car and it had fast car will be at least in part powered by the very same genetically modified corn that eating in their McDonald's legal in the United States of such a massive surplus of coordinate our government to the detriment of the economies of many nations around the world have begun to you lower tax payer dollars to subsidize the industry of core so much so that house in the this is no longer eat grass well I went to look want it they don't you would be out of it by default makes them unclean but then I will just drive instead genetically modified corn and how are designed to go neither what are you supposed to eat each other which is the other thing maybe the court without digging the fat from the animal that you without letting the times a week even when you run particular nuggets and a mass spectrometer I'm a large percentage of the carbon atoms in the chicken comfortable not really supposed to genetically modified Wednesday what Stephen Libby denies the argument that on this sheet I always felt like high fructose corn syrup which is the nicotine of the food industry that what happened the Americans have bought into teaching and drinking for life substances and actually drifted away from eating out but it does Latham asked our Bible story in fact what happened if the devil is duped into believing that own is bread he has been a nation that's only if bread Scripture says when the tempter came to him he said if you be the son of God command that these stones be made for a unlike verse four Bible says that Jesus answered and said it is written notice that when you go to do battle with the enemy whatnot speak your own words you want to quote Dobbs word it is written Man shall not live by bread alone another but by every word that proceeded oh God man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God one of the most important words in this is the word one of the conjunction that said I know what I just told you but want to them about the value it what I just said and so Jesus is a man should live by bread alone that's important to understand what I just last for forty days even more importantly Jesus that we live in a word that God comes out of the mouth of God now lots is the word I want to hope that is the word every Scripture says Jesus speaking that man shall I not in God 's word but Batman Carlton and I am really single one of God 's word the wounds of war watch this to see the point is we live in a time when we have been duped into just as these multinational corporations holding Americans into believing that their children will do better on public health and point even in honey buns and and and and McDonald's happy meal and have built them into believing substantive on who I think you that that that that that that that the population of the enemy is managed in the charts I believe that they can subsist on spiritual food like substance I submit to you that you had a spiritual and nutrition nutritional science is that you know what the actual nutrition of them that is taking place and people are pulling out the doctrines they want to believe that the ones they don't than enough money in the street I can convince you that you want to buy bread that is been enriched with a very soft they struck for printing the Gallic is the spiritual sense that's what happened the apple of better and it is not the only do not and I would like what he do with his wife in the bookings that don't include that make medical claims as they look we've people about the omega-3 fatty acids out of the freezer women to get in from it's really quite the primary product of plants from the ocean when you reply without any thought given to put it back and somewhere out the nice like tractors with omega-3 fatty than it and on a positive this would make you hot healthy the web along I think it went on them along that if you can sell a product watch this this is what's happening with the gospel is not exited the stall communicant but in its complaint I was better at Apple even then yeah about five hundred lot of vitamin D stupid stupid blowout on the other antioxidants inexcusably applet the piece of evidence that little piece of the mix will supplement that I was able supplements really does make a uterine expense for me it's limited to get over it it'll be a busy meet with them as well completely a lot and I'm telling you this is trying to do with the gospel as fast as possible in its gestalt and testing on the process rules that we've been given and leaving them as Jesus said I'm required to complete all older women out the site now the state of the pulling out the spirit of prophecy tidier and have been his breach is not the twenty third of April I cannot be the problem doctrine of a rapist answered without they missed a few family says that while doctrine called in from the people that are not all afternoon and spiritual light substances they want psychology I wanted to the brand of Christianity we become the church would be made better not to serve God better you come to learn how to get along on your job rather than learn how to live for your Savior if I'm the type that doesn't do better with your finances rather than learning to submit everything you have to the Lord these are spiritual food like substances were now even in all institutions have those luck times a day the theory of evolution that genetically modified corn to try to think that the hospital I had any aspect of praise and implement and genetically modified so that you would believe that somehow really it wasn't six literal days it was it was really six million years gods of heaven and read a lot probably spiritual like substances and the enemy is going to make stolen more and more palatable as we move towards the end of time script that tells us that no model for even Satan is transformed into an angel of light how important is this book of Matthew chapter twenty eight Matthew chapter twenty eight the last few versus of the chapter of the book of Matthew verse nineteen of May twenty eight thousand going therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Ghost with the physicist teaching them to observe how many things I have never given a story at Ivanhoe before where we had a revelation seminar will be my family medicine residency of errors in Alabama and in the top town working in about eight people were going to baptize and he was thrilled by the baptism which I was the was great I didn't say anything so we got if they actually went out to the pool the city pool they people and we go out and we have a beautiful ceremony wonderful time hold what a brother got bought titles by mid as possible to separate me about a related problem he could be with your article before you move up in a divisive out a lot we would miss either we did maybe SoCal talk to one of the suite we have certainly a potluck in the brother brings like pork sausage dishes on the line looking with a set am I doing I got to be nice and loving thoughts on Lenola isn't what it'll be only zero dollars park known as the clean unclean thing to remember is that they give you one on on the health message and been fooled into one health message that I went to the less than one oh one on my Christian living a something and and and not go into the lesson but because they felt it would be to want in Alabama the breached identity Dworkin spoken cigarettes but they are all I will think about the one explained to his brother I mean I noticed this guide is normally done in a little small reason on the map got so angry because I have been buying people of the last day we saw you can't take the gospel apart try and appease people Jesus have to take time to teach people will just be someone you feel like there's a piece of you don't did everything I will get the numbers up quickly but maybe was amended to focus on numbers as well in the five people Twinkies rather than real bread because they want numbers rather we want people more prepared and ready the time of trouble at the second coming of Jesus we got in the cabinet when not selling it at all as it were of old substances from the pulpit we got to be careful that in love we don't make the mistake of only giving people the love part of the gospel and none of the rest of you know what people often face is that they appreciate the fact that the Bible defines boundaries for them the people don't know that something is right or wrong until they are taught that it is right or wrong and we ought not have an opinion economy must say of the Lord the name is chapter eight Amos chapter eight Amos chapter eight start members ten Amos chapter eight verse fences and I will turn your face in the morning and all your songs and the lamentation I will bring a sackcloth upon all mornings and then was up on every head and I will make it as the morning of an only son in the end thereof and the day-to-day behold the days come saith the Lord God that I will send a famine in the land with the families of the ultimate famine in the land not a famine of bread at North first of water one of hearing the words of the Lord and personal assets and they shall wander from sea to sea and from the north even to the east they shall run to and fro to seek the Lord of O'Rourke and they shall not find me I submit to you that a time is coming when when there will be those who do not know even where to get real spiritual and I will be available this spiritual food like substances because the gospel of prosperity I become so popular I was greeted not talking about going out on a Mercedes-Benz dealership in speed to the Mercedes obligor Sigrid Mercedes-Benz prevented problems we got the net people were trying to push doctrines and beliefs that simply make people feel better and I submit to you that when Jesus was laying there on his face it would've been a leader in his power to transform the stone of the bread modified Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie 's thinking the third installment of rent and song we are the world Michael Jackson written by Michael Jackson the minority red said like God has shown us by changing stolen the bread God was Jesus Jesus in Reagan ever John one one and beginning was the word worked with God Word was God verse fourteen thousand word was made flesh and dwelt among us Jesus turned to stone bread our hope was always one of them lost at spiritual substantive that as an American I would apply to go up with one would want and what above all our government step in and reason got one glove on two and a gallon of my labyrinth anything sounds like we all know where anything solid like the man looking at the man in the problem you are looking at if you want to the Jesus this is spiritual like substance orchestrated emotionalism when working to the universities and tell us something to make you all I thought but it doesn't sustain it on the glass as soon as you move changes it that being the way were the subjects nothing that will sustain a marriage of long term one last fix from second Timothy chapter four verse one of chapter four says Paul speaking to Timothy Paul speaking to the last generation of he said I charge thee therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ who shall judge the quick and the dead of second Timothy four first one which could judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom first and says preach the word the instant in season out of season reprove rebuke exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine please let me feel that something is wrong with you if you don't have actually it is a spiritual food like substance developed what they call themselves nondenominational and lets you what you want to believe pre- tribulation major relation Post tribulation smorgasbord and run the trade out of nothing a little bit of that righteousness by faith but I'm open back with the no premarital sex one Catholic Church is being will boil down to select you I think of the gentleman does the videos which was behind hip-hop jake regulars and I've stayed friends and brought them out here years ago any each contact me just last week a sentinel .com people just keep sending the church not have been assailed Italy's given up cleanup cleans up on the unclean foods of any easy moving along at this time he called Lisa in a big autonomy of the church what will the jubilation but I'm starting my Bible and it doesn't makes I wanted it to the amazing facts free library in an address attached a couple of Bible study straight from the website irrelevant wrote me back and he said this is true eleven I thought that's what got people to be explained in the thing is not that complicated they got a notebook that's a pretty smart guy beautiful gave me a very smart guy if that is what I believe I will teach this from now on it on my seminar that all of a sudden it does not go through and across the country we the church will suffer persecution to tell you that you can't want down and back down to let you know when it is because you are not the Holy Spirit convicts people of what you did was not to I was out of the hold up the light problem with Christians are too afraid to hold away and you will not like the government the light I is the sample of what we preaching we got seldom unimpaired and able to ruminate at this point in a hot as this person is looking over the precipice of heaven down on us and the brothers were right there don't understand the second coming of you understand how to teach but there is a better day coming but that is not forgotten your login using cruelty W was disbanded in anywhere without a biblical of the word and just like Paul says preach the word begin season out of season reprove rebuke because exorbitantly set with all long-suffering about that as we can be an architect to be right we can be too harsh we can be too cold calculated and don't understand that the system sometimes that that that that individual for my brightest authority will thought you got to give people a chance that the understanding students themselves were not the Holy Spirit we got a lot of people regardless of where they are into submitting one of the most important children you do remember is still righteousness by faith not continue to teach people that they ought to fight the fight of faith will fight the fight of works preventing cement and whole work is to draw closer and closer to Jesus as you study a word as he fasted and prayed as a communal one another as we draw closer to Jesus being the only hope for mankind to draw closer to him the things of this world will grow strangely dim submit to you that we he continued a hold of the life of the church we cannot afford to begin to peddle spiritual food like substances Jesus is about to return is coming as mayor of acting ability it will be able to stand the last and dreadful days is not only spiritual twenties that are need of food that God gives them the enemy to be a nourished on God 's holy word then I got out their faith exercised by knowing prophecy and understanding what is coming upon the earth submitting the days of each of us needs to make sure when it comes to our own spiritual walk we reject spiritual food like substances let us pray father God we thank you for bringing us together on the shoulders out of a father God we thank you for your word for your precious truths father God all we like sheep have gone astray we asked right now father God that you would apply upon each of us hears humility father God we would be teachable to avoid your word would be the light that guides our pathways in the father God ostensibly ordered after the steps of Jesus Christ father God let us not think of ourselves with father God let us put you first seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness father got asked the special blessing on those why here were going over to difficulties with Sabbath issues with some Lord Webb the children who are having difficulties with this precious truth God is father God like air locks having issues with doubting the living God of the universe and is and is precious word I'm about I don't know who was who I was so glad you do will show up in their lives and their situations father God allow admit the continue to be a light burning on this campus and that's what I has around this ministry and send extra angels Leviticus seven wisdom and strength to be given charge of the leaders of this ministry that regardless of what else goes on in Loma Linda University and it is medical Center let's even as the world comes to one and let this light shines only the more brightly but there would be those here on this campus would know that there is a God who sits on the throne and was coming back for his people this is operator and Jesus is precious and holy name amen


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