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21. Understanding Decisions- Part 2

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • June 13, 2016
    4:00 PM
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Father in heaven I want to thank you for. A wonderful day I want to thank you one here Lord. We service are you also and thank you for all of those on Q. One two heels reading themselves back home the more earnest working souls LORD WE NEED YOU who. Are just very poor now and more than we would be we would be receptive. On the we were told we live in the time of the early reign now every bit of holy spirit power we saw on the day of Pentecost vailable last. Word Help us the music. Help us. To be open to meeting of your spirit. Many souls and. It's. OK organizing for outreach Now if one of the one you know the reason a lot of people get nervous about door to door is just because of that awkwardness contacting people I don't know that kind of thing so another method that a lot of people like a sending out mail out hearts and you can go to places like a company or how a prat knows the press doesn't seminars unlimited there's a few different places you have a church and you call these guys up and they make these nice harvests a special gift for you or some some kind of offer for bible studies and you. Call them up and give them an area zip code number of zip code the city or whatever and arrange for however many you want to a purchase and they will send out. Those cards for you and people will get them so you send out a thousand of them and I don't know if the going rate is. Anywhere from. Five to twenty five thousand sometimes more sometimes less it's better than a meeting flyer meeting fire usually only gets one to two thousand. In just a plug just real quick I ventured member say oh why do we waste our money on that. Secular place that doesn't event sporting event or whatever else they don't get any better results advertising is advertising speak we're going to be interested people aren't so advertising cost money. And there are other things you can do to enhance it we just experience that revelation and with the collaborative effort we saw an increase in our attendance in the effectiveness of our advertising it cost money to advertise but it's worth. Somewhere around yeah you got to get people's attention and so you return on cards like that in infusing less expensive to send them out so you can send now ours. Well around two hundred dollars. And you'll get anywhere between like I said Five and twenty five interests from those cards you know that can be pretty good you've got to consider this I'm going to be going to see this tonight as well when you whether you're going door to door whether you're setting out those cards your initial interests are not all going to stay with you. Just know that you've got to understand how it works how the process works and not get discouraged when you see certain things happen like your numbers drop off or whatever says like an evangelist meeting you'll see people in your opening will come in and they will come back and the new people will come and then if you get to the heart of topics your crowd going to trail off don't be shocked but. Don't say it's a waste of our time and that. You're seeing that the soil of some is not ready for this OK that's all you're looking at. But the Lord is working on the. Now you do mailing in the benefit of the mailing is that they get the cards back you know Will Smith once. They send the card now back to you you get the card that Joe Smith filled out you go to Joe Smith house and say Joe I'm Mark with the such and such Bible school and and I see that you've requested this set of Bibles and now some people like that it's not like I'm knocking on the door and meeting somebody I've never met before this person asked me for studies OK that's fine I have nothing against that but it's going to cost you to do it and you can do the same thing you're willing to bear a little reproachful surprise and you knock on some doors and some people will say no and some will say yes and you'll end up with the same return maybe better depending on how fast that ministry gets to your hearts. Because I've seen this happen there may be a weak link that the ministry or it may be at your conference office or whoever the mailing goes and I've had situations where I get that car three months after somebody. Well guess what they are either now or starting with a job as witnesses that's been some of the worst case scenarios a ghost because somebody else got them because we didn't act on it they want to they really did. Or somehow or the other you get it late and they're just not interested so that can be you don't run into that with door to door because you're there and you know what's going on now some ministries are better are going to I think are the ministries I know of this have them recognize that and try to do their job. So anyway you're aware that now. You can do a talk about needing to Church has health meetings is something you find if there are lots of that but I like to how you know we just go out. It's easy. Just up and go deep cost anything except for the surveys are going to take some flyers are going to take with you we're going to take else talk. And go and you're going to find result so there are other ways you can do it but I'm going to tell you how we will do what we do tonight and how I would do it in a local church on the top of page forty six you'll see the chart that Pastor West showed us earlier this week where you have a super evangelist who wins a thousand souls Day and Jack or Joe avenues to wins one soul a year and teaches them to win one and you see the exponential growth that takes place over time. If you look below that number three this chart helps us make better sense of this quote from Helen White where she says Notice where every church is a stablished how many of the members of all the membership engage actively in missionary work they should visit every family in the neighborhood and know their spiritual condition if professed Christians having gay marriage in this work from the time when their names were first placed on the church books thousands upon thousands would stand today God's command and that's what we see in that chart it's exponential growth of people get involved it's funny because we sometimes we think we're protecting the new members from getting involved in out we well you know the new you want to get he says assumes they come and that's a part of what the people who come into the church branding people they're the ones that you've got to hold back they're ready to go in the thing is they often have more you know the longer you're in the church the you are not evidence friends you have not that you don't try but the reality is they live different than you in a new person comes in they got all kinds of non evidence friends and they're ready to tell. About what they're learning so he says right away people ought to be engaged in those who actually says visiting families knowing their spiritual condition. Work now I'm not going to go through all of this and organizing for outreach I'm just going to hit some of the high points I always want to begin your organizing planning where you want to be in your studies with VERY want to do everything on the Lord to be consulted on what you're doing but I want do I have it in here yeah I noticed this statement at the bottom of page forty six. Some some Christians even seven they haven't a survivor e if they get they fall into this lead by the Spirit mentality like we're just going to wing it and let God lead Well I want to let God lead but I want you to see how God leads the statement about of an age this is angels work how harmoniously perfect order characterizes all their movements the more closely we imitate the harmony and order of the intel a host the more successful will be the efforts of these heavenly agents in our. Business something. If we see no necessity for homeowners action and are disorderly and disciplined and disorganized in our course of action in jewels who are thoroughly organized and move in perfect order cannot work for us wow it has something at the beginning isn't it I want to break I want to bring this up and I want to think about this. There are always areas we can be more organized you know tell us something else the devil will always throw curveballs if you're trying to the Lord's work things won't go the way they are it does not what the. Point is. Because we know it's going to happen doesn't mean we should live by the seat of our pants and wing everything we should have a plan that's what we're going over as a plan you need a game plan of the devil may try to change it and I told you I think I told you here the number one rule for ministry the number one qualification for any kind of ministry is adaptability if you're going to have to that never going to throw things at you you can't let it stop. Just roll with it. But you want to make plans if you don't make plans and say well it's not a big deal if we see no necessity as it says inches are going to be able to work for us excessively in says they turn away in grief or they are not authorized to bless confusion distraction and disorganization all who desire the cooperation of the heavenly messengers must work in unison with. Those who have the young from on high will in all their efforts you courage order discipline in Union of action and then the angels of God can cooperate with never never will use heavenly messengers place or endorsement upon irregularity this organization. So that's why you may say well why don't we why just go out well the size of fact. I can tell you even planning ahead. It's chaotic and we're going to do our best are the first day out always is harder to like if we were together and we do this on a regular basis in a church. It would be better than one time the first time is always like OK my going with again OK where am I going wait a minute what you read and there's a lot of that happens it will happen today as organize. As we try to be you know what you're going to get this afternoon is going to get going to team you up you're going to have a clipboard are going to have a map of where you're going you're going to have the surveys and materials and a pen and everything you need that doesn't just happen. When you organize this in your church you want to organize it and make sure everything's ready if you're the point person you're in charge of it you're making it happen you want to make sure the people have what they need I mention this the other day and I haven't touched on yet but lessons for example you don't want to leave that up to people to pick out. You don't want to get people together say OK we're gone out received a I don't know look around the church find and this book tracks out there's the studies over there if you do that and people are going to be like that we're going to say I thought I was coming out that you were going to tell us when you organize that's what you do OK Now once you've organized in and somebody has their own direction that they want to go and well that may be to some degree you know up to them but you want to organize plan and we're going to talk about the different things the first thing. You want to pray obviously ask the Lord maybe not so obvious. Or for His guidance in your plan. In that's when you're planning not just when you come together that's a whole different time in another prayer but ask the Lord for guidance if you're doing this again in your local church of something. Like that now number two if you look at page forty seven about the steps here on page forty seven number two organized teams of two or three people may notice Jesus sent out a cycle to tempt him and want to among other places I want you to look at the quote who desire of ages this is calling the twelve about him use a spade them go out What do you into through the towns and villages none were sent forth alone brother was associated with Brother friends friend noticed thus they could help and encourage each other else Ling and praying together each one strength supplementing the other's weaknesses. It was a saviors purpose of the messenger for the messengers of the gospel should be associated in this way in our own time he Angelus to work we far more successful if this example were more calls. So you're going to go out in teams you want to organize teams if you're the organizer you want to find Here's a challenge or run into if you were to try to do this the local church if you're just to say Let's all meet at three o'clock on Sabbath you know you don't know who's going to be there so there's going to be something to hold the people together you might if you were going to do an outreach in your church start out with kick off Sabbath or whatever you're going to do whenever it could be an evening of the week or something but you might start off with a kick off find out who's interested and then put your teams together for the next time so that everything is ready to go because there can be some time involved in the sense of. What you're going to want to make teams and you want to put your teams together in two or three now we've gone more than three we've done I've done this a lot with you know well the other thing happens is you get to teens and then you're going to have people who show up the next Sabbath or some of the hair where you guys do and I want to help and you're like OK well this is it if you're putting them on a team or you might be making other teams up. So when you're making up in teams of two or three. Recommended. You have no more than two men together. Hey you can do three girls you can do two girls you can do one girl you can do a girl and a guy and you two guys don't ever do three guys two guys can be iffy depending on the neighborhood because it's intimidating to me it just is more intimidating to people now you'll have kids who will want to help OK Let them help they'll say I got to get a sitter so I can come out on outreach bring your kids they love to come and they'll disarm the people you know you might want to make sure you're with your coordinator and they don't stick you in the rough neighborhood over there with a kid but I want to tell you into the gotta be with you wherever you go when you go out in his name to take the kids now if you're pairing up teams you might end up with five on it he might have it's that's a little awkward I mean obviously we've had that happen where you have maybe two it all three. Three adults and two kids will be a little different you're getting you got to imagine what a person is going to now if you're just going to the door OK if you're going in a home visit second be different but you're wanting to put your teams together so you can get the work done but you're not. Not intimidating people to the point. That. And so. Does that make sense with putting teams together you get the general gist of that. Day and it is depends on how old the kids are two little kids I mean we have swarms of little kids who go out and that's it's different to adults and three or four kids if they're a little kid you really doesn't affect the people too much there may be situations where you have a somebody comes last minute so you end up with a bigger crowd of people just hold back say what you guys go to this like up on your door with a team of three. And maybe go three guys that's well that's OK us two guys this time you two guys next time and what alternate board just know and just imagine showing up at the door with three guys is usually. They're there wondering what you're there for going to come a break in or whatever else so. Use that kind of wisdom in your judgment when you're organizing your teams but you do want your team together also try to put your teams together if you haven't and don't put two very shy people together to go door to door. I mean you are you are you torturing them by sending them out there like knew them know what to say and so trying to put an outgoing one with one that isn't is out. And if you have you know again I've done situation like that where you have a case you have to shy people put an outgoing person with them or something like that I wouldn't go more than three so there is there are there are exceptions to every rule I think that. There are times are going to have a bigger team if I do that because I had young kids there something I don't do more than three. I should take that back it was one time and one time I thought it was an exception of year old just about we were doing we're doing meaning follow up though with a new man us to plaster falling up one of the college to let him over the library so we just went over and I had myself and I think it's do it's what it was in the studio it was in the school library so you know it wasn't quite the same as going to house and it worked out OK so there might be some situation real like you know this will this will work but when you're going to the doors two or three now go to the next page forty eight number three designate a team leader you've got to have a team leader because here's what's going to happen when you're going out door to door. Somebody has got to keep track of what's happening. You're going to go into surveys or whatever net we've got a survey called the Community religious survey and you'll see that and after a break but if you there are other kind of things you can do I've seen steps to cry surveys I've seen need surveys where you go around asking people what would you be interested in her church offered this or this or this this and it and you tell him we're just trying to trying to find out how we can better serve you so there are different surveys you can do. But somebody's got to keep track of the houses you went to the streets you went down you don't want to be going over a street and having somebody say you guys just came by here last week you guys just came but somebody came by here five minutes ago you know you so somebody's got a record where you've been and that's your team leader if you don't have a leader everybody is like. You know this is the but this is the bane of the pastors existence Nominating Committee when everybody is willing to volunteer and you're calling around well do it but I don't want to be the head all do it but I don't want to be did well somebody has to be the. Demon Pastor Mark that's the kind of people we are I'm preaching the choir right you guys are all heads of something right you would never say that to the nominee. Or write best to Karen so anyway you've got to have a leader otherwise service like. If you're if you're the coordinator of the whole thing and you have all these teens you know like this is great we've got all these people going out think about so where do you go they're all looking at each other well who filled out the you have a survey. I don't I thought again Oh I think they're in the van nobody knows where they are White House if you go to I forgot to write that kind of stuff you had a guy we're in Goebbels Michigan the meanest man in goals we never found him to no never found the meanest man a global great experience great story had one of our students go to this guy's house knocked on the door the guy opens the doors says Oh you picked the wrong house today you picked the wrong house today I'm the meanest man and go that's what it's all over a student that. Two young guys two nineteen year old kids went to this guy's house so the funny thing is I told a story earlier with minimax remember talk about increasing the the benefits of right doing well I didn't get into the consequences of wrong doing Mark Philly told a story I shared with the class of the consequences of wrong doing he had this guy he went to visit. In one particular place and the guy said listen I want to tell you right up front. It's a mess Richard has been here trying to get the attorney was unable and four days dead or more tried to give me to join a church he was unable to. Our family said I didn't know what to do I thought about it I said you know what I would want you to do it much or because you're so stubborn sour everybody in the bunch but let me tell you something you're getting up in years. And he says I don't know how much time you have left if I were you I'd be making my decision right he says not tomorrow morning I may be preaching at the Church of the seven hundred. And I'm going to make an appeal are you I would be there ARE YOU I come. He said the man was very last seventy came forward. So I told my students this story right so there they are with the mean and meanest man and go. You picked the wrong house to come to today well they began going through they were they were they weren't serving they were selling maggot bucks Well we've got this no got this one no how many times I have to tell you guys he kept trying to push it out the books and he said no no no and then Oh no I know what in means N O O means I know what it means when you put them together no. Well they're a little bit dejected right there walking away in one of the guys expect that story focus more. Pretty old where he doesn't make his decision. So he goes he said he turns his partner and says we need to go back and you guys like what you got to go back there and the thing it was right before the end of the day so we had our van there ready to pick them up. No no no we got to go back to the house it's like you go back that's fine I'll go back. Knocked on the door again nobody answered and he started thinking no is this Disney trying to get some glory for seeing if this guy and he said Lord if I'm not here for the right reason or something wrong about this just in or be I'm going to knock one more time or I open the. Book Sammy sees the van out there and he says. You some help out your man. I can see it out there and our student says to him. You know he says I know you don't know me this is your you're going to get enough they're in your health. You're kind of going up there in years and if you don't accept Jesus now. You're young you might be lost and I want you to he said. So the guy soften up a little. I like you kid you got pushed kids these days don't have any push and begin to chat with them and one of the things that a student told me one of the door is the guy said I'm the meanest man and go Well I don't have any friends I'm so me and he said well you made one today or you're going to make one something like that so the second time the student went up and I guess as I'd like to. Work it's like when I go to he walked him out with him to me and they were chatting. And he said you know he said. So the door about. Making a friend. And Ricky said student you're my friend and so was Carter. I mean his car anyway. The students were excited about excited about the experience and nobody wrote down the address. We had no way of find we didn't know what we can net we never found the man again he went through Bobo's again never found him again don't know what happened to me to write it or you know we make mistakes like that and that's why you need leaders who will remember where they were and write the stuff I know it's tragic isn't it but the Lord in charge of it I'm the Lord working. But you want somebody who is going to be take responsibility so when you're planning you want to team leader you're going to have a leader you go out somebody is going to be there before we. Number four. Identify yourself with the ministry name you don't have to do this but this really makes it easier I'll tell you what I used to do this card on the left I modified it firm in you'll here but the card on the left at the bottom in it's in color this isn't in color but is something I made up by taking the picture off the Internet Internet making my own card for our people and I have their name and it was amazing fact because we are using and we will be using Tonight the amazing facts study guides one reason being I have a whole bunch of them in our manuals and stuff another being I like them besides a verse is a lesson that is fill in the blank because when I'm dropping off lessons or they're not going to get their vital outlook everything up so I'm looking for an initial entry entrance with personal connection and so that's what the miss in fact less as a colorful grab your attention I'm trying to grab your attention. In one thing that I'll do with this may sound odd but. That's him dropping those lessons off to Julie and his lesson of want to come back next week an amusing talk about drop off lessons and what I'll do is if I get in a home a public move off that lesson and try and Star is any different for. Me. It's just how I do as I I like some other less is better for a sit down bible study lesson those are like little magazines with Bible information in fact how many of you know what I'm talking about facts. I'll show you. After the break but. If you try to do a final study off like lesson study number one as one question deals with prophecies of the Messiah that's an entire bible it's a one hour Bibles you're not going to sit down with somebody go through hell so I use them for kind of getting interest so I use these amazing bang here's what I did and I wasn't this time I was this is before I was a pastor. And then when I started being a pastor I did the same thing for a while I would. Now we go. Yes. But what I would give the amazing facts we go out with amazing sex guides. You go to the door you know knock on the door you know I'm going with charity on his mark on this my friend charity and we're here representing the facts ministry wondered if you have a problem. Well they're still intact and they see amazing fact and what do you think that does for the person at the door what if I don't have that name tag and I'm not associated with anything well who is this person so it gives them right away it gives them a little bit more confidence and it gives the one going to the door more confident if you don't know why you're going and what you're going to say like right now a lot of you're like we need time to review what we're going to say I mean if I don't want to going to say I'm going to look like an idiot I'm not going to want to do it you get nervous about you want to have a reason. You want to feel you don't want to feel awkward going up to the door and so the Associated with something and having a reason to go there. Helps to disarm the people that want you and yourself now I think I made these up and then I took on the study guides I took a bunch of male late yet just the big sheets of the Avery labels. I found out when amazing facts aired on the cable stations in my area I typed that Al and I stuck all those on the back of my lessons and and at the time when I was doing Bible work I did that at the time amazing fact was airing on the family. Well you can't go wrong and you knock on door and what I would do is I'd say I'm Mark I'm representing this exact ministry have you seen our program. Well how can this be bad you've got a program on the Family Channel right and it would disarm people and that's how I don't have it stuck that in if they say some had seen some had seen and it's a no I haven't seen it well your time so who cares I wondered if I would get it. The label on the right. Is something that was developed in the Westerville some of the editors Westerville Ohio. It was a community wellness center and they made this little logo and that particular when we went out with the community wellness center that's when we would use your base to see if they're interested in. Something as exerts offer and so you know collecting and other things that we drive and so we would go out with that name tag but again it would associate So you feel like you have a reason being there you have a way to introduce yourself and that kind of. What we'll do today is will say. I would say I'm Mark and I'm with him and we're in this area doing a survey and I was wondering if you have a couple minutes. Questions that are easy to do again you're associating the softness even again it just disarms people so I would recommend that you can come up with something else that are recommend associating yourself. It this day and age it's not. Surprising that a person might be a little leery with something so this and again you have imagined three guys who have nothing you got name tags and you know there's you know then you have three guys with no name tags or anything you're calling the police and some neighbor like knock knock knock I'm not answering the door to nine one one I've got right so you don't want to have that anyway you want to identify yourself with a mystery name and this is when you do any organizing and then number five you want to map out your work area have a sample map here this is actually a map that that just in-ring staff may have been he was passing the lancing curates and you see how he put these different zones and of course they're colored on his map but he said he he put the sectioned off the city into out results here's what you might do. You might make up your teams organize your teams and go into an outreach territory but that doesn't mean you're working every I'll tell you right now the last in church isn't working every territory. So you you section off and you might say we're all going to start working in zones that. You might alternate and say we're going to go zone six this week and seven next week and back and forth and you don't want to leave a zone for too long but it depends on how often you're going out. And I'll talk about that a minute about setting a regular time and time limit but when I went out and organized it reaches and everybody does it a little different I would prefer to do it on Sabbath like every other so. Only because today I'm going to tell you this Sabbath is not the best a fine. It is the best it is. And what the people. What's going to happen is this when you find interests. And end up with people wanting Bible studies are going to have to be flexible enough to set some time aside. Michael. And have. Understand that your reason for going on outreach is not to go indefinitely knocking on doors for the rest of your life and that's one thing that lot of people I watched people I watch are to go out and I guess we got a bunch of interest that we got all these service filled out they go next week and next week you know and so far back I have one church that did this necessary. I would probably any people these people one thing you got to keep in mind is you've got to follow up your goal isn't just to get a bunch of service field you're intending to follow your you find the interest you're going to go back the next week you can go back the next week until you find the one who or ones who are wanting to study get in home studies going and ultimately need to baptise. Don't forget that your goal is you want to baptize a church so you want to go to look long term you know want to say we're going out. What your people to be thinking about that's our goal that we have in mind and if you get you got to be careful because let's say I go out I get my church going out I don't know what's going to happen I just I need meetings I've been working Elma. And we got a good sized group here too. I've done sessions using our ten day sessions run about fifteen people. Give or take. And will take fifteen people out so you usually end up with a bow seventeen's or less. And with the seventeen's we would go out Hippisley two nights not typical as we're going to it's going to be shorter time we did shoot for about a now on at the door so we're going to go out territory so we get about an hour and a half or whatever drive out go to the territory about an hour come back and we review. In that hour. Or we would usually get in a manner you can check me if I'm wrong here but somewhere between let's say about. Four or five drop in home studies. And about ten ten to twenty depending on drop off. Day That's what seventeenth you want to know now you do the math on. That and you do that every week. Day or five in home studies get twenty eight homes then you've got must be on the low side of a stick or and sometimes. You take the course you get sixteen you know studies and you've got forty drop offs somebody's got to go back all those places people is going to do it. I'll tell you right now that you get an outreach group going on Sabbath and not all your outreach people are going to commit themselves to do. You know that ahead of time. So that when you're planning if you're doing this in your church you've got to keep in mind you don't want to keep knocking on doors if you're building up interest you're going to got to start thinking wow we've got Hold on a minute. We've got to do some follow up before we get back and get more intense as to Cameron. Yes we don't turn anybody ever your team away if you've got people who won't do the follow up a if they want to because you got members or like I get bible studies that I don't want to knock on doors OK fine well we'll round them up yeah yeah and it may not start out that way maybe an idiot so you can start out you're going to be knocking on doors of every else my point here though is that. You need keep in mind you're building up your interest some is going to have to follow up your intention if you're working you're. So you might have your whole group working in one particular zone of the city but you're going to find this is well here in South Haven Michigan Well it's a coastal a lot of people vacation homes so what do you think happened with the students who got the streets over by the lake. Nobody home nobody home nobody home nobody. Here. So you're going to have some of your areas your zones I was in one particular church and I organize a church we went on outreach you got everybody Saturday afternoon we go to church. We have we bring lunch. Because it wasn't fellowship meal or we could just bring our lunch and everyone to go out. And there was one particular that's really funny in retrospect is one particular street in the area that nobody wanted because I said that's an industrial area and there's a lot of business. So we started every get there different streets Well we had a guy come in he didn't have a street. He takes Well we come back together or tell the story and all the interest week after week after week a guy on the street. You know the name. Right. That was kind of funny but anyway you got different Some areas are going to be more productive than others and so what you may do so keep in mind that when you're going out on a regular outreach or your church may do a globe where you're just going out passing out well but that's not what I'm talking I'm talking about something that is calculated to get into studies and then into the truth Baptist So this is not a one time we all get together and going out can't do that so this is I'm going to go on a regular basis. I'm going to go and do the surveys and then I'm going to follow up those same interests the next time a go out and I'm going to those are my people and my team and we're going to go follow them up the next time and we're going to continue through that process so you don't want to miss you don't want to be if I go find a person who's interested in studies I don't want to go today and then my have my next outreach a month. Day That's why. Every week. Is better for that but when you're trying to get a church members going though I qualify do that every week is going to be I'm not going to have any saddest myself in this and that and then it is it and so what I've done oftentimes is just every other week it's also nothing gather your people continue to that I still have a time to get range of the things on the Sabbath and or I've had some Every Rekers I have some people who say and I'll tell them right up front you're organizing a tele people tell me what you can do just tell me what you can commit I'm not asking you to be everything if you say I can't do it every week tell me when you can that's when we'll schedule you and that way you want to get as many of your people involved in some of this want to do it every week and any way you get a process. A month is too long I wouldn't go more and I wouldn't go more than two weeks and I wouldn't go two weeks except for I'm trying to work with a group of people that's actually going out and they now tell you this once you get into Bible study it's once. It's once a week it may not be once a week outreach So let's say we schedule outreach on the first. Once you've got an interest you might be going Thursday night dropping off the next lesson whatever you got to you can't keep spread out what you want especially when you're in a hole you might be able to drop off every other week but once you get home studies it's going to be are. You. Oh no I'm sorry wait a minute you're. Yes. Yes and I would do you know now this is the pastor mapped his territory out you were going to work with your pastor and find out where territory is but the reality is I mean he was very in I would have done this personally. I mean you'd have to have a huge group about reach people he's bigger NG I'm going to have to cover this is my territory sooner or later I probably wouldn't want to tell the map it all out I probably would've started a little bit more with maybe six seven eight nine and ten. Or depending or my church was a church plus him a church is in Zone four I probably would have gone in Zone four five six. And then it would have worked out from there but I'm not saying it's wrong to you know he just mapped the whole area out and I don't know exactly how he did this I'm looking at it and thinking how I might do it. And all its own and then a little bit how I would how I would probably do this yes well administers Yeah yeah you're in very an area. That the reality is this though it depends on how much churches I've been close to other churches who are doing any outreach So you know and and and I mean to the AH. Outreach and I may talk with a pastor there and say if we get interested in your area and said Oh that be great you know so you can find ways to work with. Him. That's right that's right because your numbers are going to built. The ONLY A cabbie I would put in that is one of me you're going to have to have a court in the. Regular base right I will say this though it's going to be more successful So let's say you have people who are outraged but they don't so they might get the one who studies. But they're going out Rita cetera your best bet if that study is the. Right. So that is the idea yes there would. Unless you use that that's the whole point is sooner or later you're going to be in a study and you're not going to go now Lord or you're just going to find an interest and so if you have that in mind you've got to keep all of this in mind that we're talking about you've got to understand that we're going to find in this some of those are going to end up in the in home studies and we've got to be prepared for that and honestly. If I had people who were like well I just go out all the time and I like once a month I would just plant up literature blast you know have them take part in that versus the door to door because when I'm knocking on the doors trying to get the studies Ultimately I want to personally go to that door meet the people connect with the people get into studies with the people. And ultimately that's what we want for all of our members ultimately if they're just taking in doing a go up on or something like that that's not going to give them the experience they need in getting there but you're not going to have a whole participation right away Jesus if you go back to her book these did not start cycles. He didn't wait till he had twelve horse or work he started out and he built the number you're going to have as well. Going to people in a church to say mean this is great I need to do something like this I didn't think I could this person C.N.N. And I think I'm going to go ahead and so your number may Bill but what we're talking about is a very specifically. A ministry where you're finding interest in Bible studies the fourth in the context that you may do well you might say I want the whole church ball periodic Lee but you're going to have to have the people that are going to work their way through yes. Yes I can tell you statistically he does I'm not a prophet. But usually. If you're in a home studies Well you drop off in and home studies. If I had a sound went out today and I turned in home studies you're probably going to. Might only have one of those with you. Might not have that but you. I don't know every every place you go every it every street every neighborhood is going to be different it's so in some ways it's the law of averages you just don't know every demographic is different your goal is to find the ones and the thing is you're going to start studies you don't know if they're going to stick with you you know if they're going to drop off and here's the thing let's say I go out I find an interest to study right we're going to begin studies three weeks later they're done what do I do now I go knocking and I get another. So I'm not knocking on doors forever but when I was my study I'm going to go find another you know how to do it I don't need my church group be honest with you I can just go find me but if my church is doing this work in a certain area now let's just go back to this chart different zones Let's say that we do this this is our church and we zone now this is Lansing So there are a lot of people here in this little picture. And the reality is in a typical church your whole church could work in one zone. So what I would probably do personally well if I was doing it every week I was doing it every week I might do to results just to catch you know one's going to be maybe more a different type of people are more interested in other I'm going to play with that see where's the more and oh I get a lot more interest over this you'll find that on days to you different reach days. Let's see in a minute or two we were doing Sundays and. So this Thursday and then we changed over to Sabbath and Tuesday and Thursday. Because Sabbath is better for the members but. From my recollection and this was always a time of earth and I seem to be better to weekends people in their mind they're taking the day off and here you come and disrupt in the day are there is a work day and so anyway then always happen that way but you'll find in different areas things that work better in one place and another and that part of what you're going to do over the course of time as you say all this market when you decide that you can only learn as you go but I would probably alternate between a couple areas in this particular case if I'm going out every other. I don't want to work in zone five and then work in zone six next time because that means I'm not back and zone five until much later so I might divide my team into two groups and have one group work in zone five work and it's just you get a feel or I may put them all in the same zone and if I were inclined to do one of the other I would personally the problem. When you start going out and you have going out or door before you're nervous as all get out and I want to make it as easy for you as possible and I'll tell you ahead situations where. I did bubble work and I was thrown out on some street by myself when I divide up by workers a lot of times work by themselves very I'm by myself. It sure feels good when somebody on the other. You just I don't know and Casey grab me and pull me in the house or somebody over it as I don't know what the thinking is I mean I'd probably but there's something about having the team out there so when you're in an area and you get different people in a church and sometimes I'll say let's do this three and I'll do the side my team of go the side and your team about that side and then you guys go down the side and decide you know or. History go something about oh you know you see everybody wants a while you just there's that there's a feeling of security and of camaraderie and so a lot of times I'll just do that especially if there's the only reason I wouldn't is if there's just not enough character and I might not do all of them on the same street like that I mean you decide what and you guys go the next week once I knew the other and that kind of thing that's how I would typically do it and I'll work in my zone if I'm doing it again if I'm doing it every week I mean alternate zones or I'll just work in a zone until we get that. We get the next zone or I have one group in this. Well finished design and we've got a track where we've been so we're not overlapping with. So that zone has been covered. And something I need to throw out when you're doing a street and people aren't home. I mean I've seen this happen time any instance. When you go back and they're going back seventy nine times that street trying to Finest you know where whole night is a waste or make sure those who are. You know I can solicit the enemy may divert people but the fact of the matter is you got so much territory to cover generally you just gotta keep going to go down a street people are going to hold you maybe you'll need to hit that street later once you finish the zone or whatever else but right now. Now there might be I've had cases where students like that there is one. OK. But don't go down the street and you're like OK there are five people well most of them. You because you're not out of her. There are more and more people buying that's typically what I would recommend otherwise you confuse yourself you like let's see which one will have it becomes more difficult and the reality is if you just keep at it your goal isn't to get every three area both fine and one on the interest you get. To a study that's the goal I don't know what the order was over here and over here their hands before so. Yes Number one no soliciting book you go quarter your conscience I have one of the door and I've said I'm not selling anything so there you go but if you say I wouldn't want to do that don't do it don't do what you feel the need has where there was one place where students went in and there were you know signs up like this property protected by Smith and Wesson to get the dogs and fences and everything everywhere dog you know man eating dog and all this kind of stuff I don't know what they were all on that one you remember when. Yeah. Yeah and in any way back didn't back out of the way but the students said you know what I think the Lord was here when back East students said there was a dog bit a big Rottweiler and they had a fence and director of the port and he said that dog was jumping over that fence every time you jump to the only knew how high he jumped he just jumped right over it but he evidently didn't realize he went up to the door there and he said the people who will knife that with you know. I would never make us to go in a situation like that but they felt like going there so typically the no soliciting and all that you've got plenty of territory to reach so we've had people that warning the Russian But. Now if there is something that's posted you're not to be on the property I wouldn't. You want to obey the laws of LAN are you just you showing you're showing them your religious faith that you're about to share with them has no regard so you want to regard people's another thing that I do and this is the fight we have in the Maghreb Nagra Booker's their goal is get as many houses possible to tell you run from on the lawn we don't run. Off. The fence so I can keep my lawn and your track on through and so I want to do everything that is and then the will to the person's. Personal feelings respecting the property etc. You know what if the police. Yeah some of these. Yeah it our country does. You know we've done we've run into those kind of things unless it's a private gated community or something like that. But we rarely run it like that we have had situations where the police have come out or you know somebody calls so many calls they have to come out and this you are doing there's nothing. So it's not an issue. But if if you let's say you're in an area and that happened. One thing we did in one place I was in this before and then. All the local paper said we're going out we're doing serving in the community and we wrote this. AD and said you know going around this ministry. And I go to the door and say perhaps read. It was there and so did the authorities police officer want to say something which didn't happen because it's in the paper so there are a lot of community papers that will do that kind of thing so there are things you can do and that help members feel better because. Paper people thinking it over you say oh yeah every time they read look you know well yes it doesn't happen then yes I will always leave something go track or something or don't leave anything in the mailbox it's illegal here in the United States not in some. You know find a way a lot of times a good place to put them is or handles just pull the track and. Operate a door handle on the casing. So yeah or in put it in the door in the screening screen door whatever else. Newspaper box you can put in there just. So the problem in the newspaper box is. At any rate. You know who. You're asking it. Depends on the area. It used to we have gone in all different times. I mean people these days were night shift or people who work different shifts. So. What about the police. Yeah and they won because a you're not a quarter currently at least you were but we like the N.S.A. we've been doing this a long. It is a very rare. So anyway with the outreach area you get a little gist of that if you look at the top of the next page there's a sample map. You want to make individual maps for each zone now this is a small area with a few streets and it's segmented off the reality is I just did this for illustration purposes but I would probably have all of these as a section for it. Because there's enough streets there in the reality is and I know this neighborhood you would you would spend it would take you. To knock on every door if you were going out let's say an hour every time you went out. It would probably take you about eight to ten times to go through these streets. Maybe longer. So you know you can if you've got it it takes a while to get through the territory so you want to but you want to make individual maps so having to do maps so that your people know where they're going to have a way to mark off where they went. And then. Number six you want to plan a door pro whether you're using like we talked about some of them amazing facts a community well the service or whatever you don't want to leave that up to the person to say hey go to the door you want to play in the throat This is how we're going out go out as a man who institute Institute students said somebody was like Ron says Hey what if you go ahead but I have a plan approaching that and approaches. The student Institute and we're taking a class right now part of our you know part of our class is doing community service in your neighborhood and I was wondering if you had a couple you know I don't. I have a canvas and I'm just winging it there but I've got a canvas you can but I I just want University of the only reason for a campus is to help you to be natural you know know what to say but not to read and quote It's good if you're more natural just basically telling them I'm with this. You have and I always ask if they want to help me out you know you're asking for the favor I wondered if you know this I actually in fact they always say when you have a couple minutes and they'll say I'm really busy or something like that I'll say look. You know when I say that I mean that it doesn't take long to go through the survey Now listen carefully We'll get to this we talk about. If they start talking. And expounding on now I'm on the air call and I can go for her. So I'm giving him two minutes I'll do the survey but if you interject my survey and you want to talk a lot great we're past the. Reality is once if they've done that they themselves have opened the door for more calls. So. If a person says you know I only have so much time this fine I'll get him in service I want to have people tell you that they have more Everybody has. And if they make time for they get in a conversation they forget about. It's not like I've ever done that like hey wait a minute you said two minutes now they open that door but they're telling me is you know people get an initial response Well I'm real busy because I don't want to do it once they're doing it usually they have more time in their. I just I am there's no need you just you just know it's. Identifying yourself with something so you think I would say music past radio T.V. news. Sacramento California. Yes it is. You're actually back there. OK choose which literally you have touched on this before literature or whatever going to use you can use whatever studies you want to have this ready for your people you've done this. Once you've got all that together then you come to your outreach OK and that's on page fifty one I'm going to go through this quickly you're pretty organization is done so you can hit the ground number to plan a regular It's really should be because the one isn't the first plan a regular and consistent outreach time and time limit hey you're going to have to work or like I said seven afternoon is the absolute best time to outreach but you're taking several factors into consideration I want people to be there as well and best time when compromising all factors is the Sabbath afternoon usually Sabbath if you're doing it on Sabbath Sabbath around to do it somewhere between two. Thank you time once people get there. Did nothing else. But if I plan to so let's have a regular and I want to regular I don't want OK the Sabbath we're going to meet at three o'clock oh next next next Sunday will me at one thirty and then the next Thursday will me at you want something consist because I'm going to tell you as a pastor I have board meetings here every Thursday or Thursday at seven o'clock and people still don't get. I'm the new guy here they've been doing it for thirty years in this church and they still don't remember when Boardman So if you switch it around all the time do you want a regular and consistent outreach time. We're going to meet on Sabbath require. Every other sound first and third something like that you also want to have a regular time limit system time live now with a manual and do we got into doing our outreach nights we would go out for several hours students would be we would go we would get together in the classroom wreath there ready and we might not get Mark on this so nine or nine. So we had outreach and that's after the students what was happening is we found interest there going out and giving probably two studies and so we're going to drug go to this study they're going to go to the neighborhood they're going to go to their study and then they can walk to the next on YOUR they might your ride to the next day so we have to transport. But. Initially And what we're talking about here we can go out door to door what we've always done with our own here ten days or something we always plan an hour and. I said Always didn't. Like the camera. So. We always generally. Anyway. So an hour and a half worked well in most places to get to your territory have about an hour knocking on doors in to get that and then we would plan for a follow up or about a half hour so I always planned for about a half hour training hour and a half going out. To get two hours. And about a half hour afterwards about two and a half hours in my time and that included our organization going out coming back and review now that helps when your people know what to count on and you know that every time we go I know what to count on I know we're not going to drag and if you did if I tried with new members I mean you going out we're going to go out like we do with the manuals do relieve three thirty come back at nine thirty forget about. You probably wouldn't go no way but when we go out the first time so you're still nervous you can find those pretty quickly to say I can do this and you want that's what you want if you want to keep it within a framework where they feel they can do. The people with it so you want to plan that time record time time for outreach for a good time limit. And you might have an outreach Sabbath or outreach sabbaths that you. Planful you want to practice your door approach we're going to do this in just a moment. Your campus at the top of the next page. For the community religious service. Hello my name is no state your name here well my name is Mark and this is my friend didn't know we are students at new institute we're on an assignment in your area conducting community religious service sometimes I say community with a disturbance and. Know about that not and then I'll throw something out like you know book is just a it's just opinion all regardless or they may say well I'm a you know I'm not a Christian that's OK Just getting your opinion and once you do that they're usually OK with it but sometimes I just say we're doing a survey and. Find out right away religious is is very. You're. Could you help us out by answering a few questions and you know it's as simple as that in most people will be nice to you whether they do a survey or not. Some a chat with you saying you know I'm. Told really where or where is that you know I have had a little bit Never. But most people are going to be fairly polite others another option there for the neighborhood survey that I'm not going to go over. Number four avoid chasing the Devils rabbits I want you to notice the devil will throw up if you if you have a person who's interest on knocking down the street here I am I'm going down door to door you all are a house and go Max at the end of a row he has the array or you know. Reveal Himself to him oh sorry I'm in you know so I'll go over here over here and hit the video camera Yes I was going to get the videotape and who I was raptured so I'm. Knocking on doors and I coming now what's going to happen is the devil's going to either he's either going to distract me with somebody who just wants to debate it and an atheist is going to debate me we're just going to be talking for forty five minutes and then my time's up right or I'm going to get in some kind of Brenda's going to the you know what are you with me and slam the door and discourage me and back all of everybody on the row is going to discourage me and then I'm going to be like forget it I'm just ready to go home before I get mad if that's the way the devil works I just want to know that when you find people that are rude you're probably getting close to the entrance no you're definitely getting close. So notice point number a pray for what. We're going to pray for speeding if they're going to slam the door let them slam the door quick so I can get on to the entrance. Braver speedy rejections God does have people who are looking for a light and that's what those quotes say underneath love these two quotes. They need here letter B. There are always be people who are willing to talk with you who are interested in spiritual thing of just soak up your time well if you have plenty of time fine and you can have interesting conversations that are still sharpens your skills but you want to find interests because it says here the first statement actually Apostles there are many who are reading the Scriptures who cannot understand their import or to import all over the world men and women are looking wistfully that is longingly towards heaven prayers and tears an increase go up from souls long for light for grace for the Holy Spirit many are on the verge of the kingdom waiting only. For out there we are going to find. And then number five be enthusiastic if a person can be I hope I'm not stepping on somebody's stones here but if a person can be enthusiastic about selling you back into your neck of something all the dust out of your pillows or whatever else you ought to be. At least excited enough about the Gospel OK Your enthusiasm is going to they're going to respond to your enthusiasm I want you to notice the statement at the top of the next page when God opens the way for the accomplishment of a certain work and gives assurance of success the chosen instrumentality that you must do all in his power to bring about the promised result in proportion to the what enthusiasm and perseverance with with the work is carried forward will be the success if you got it you got no reason not to be enthusiastic get them out of the Della brings people slam doors because there's somebody else why this really looking for it and so you want to be asked. Remember what Jesus said at the moment well you know I've got a pastor who has paraphrase here he realized who I am and what I can give you coming to me instead of they they don't realize but you realize. What I remember that when you're going up to those doors last step here remember we're not the last next last remember that victory is promised I want to share with you some of the most powerful and encouraging statements from one of inspiration first one says heavenly angels have long been what waiting for human agents the members of the church to cooperate with them in a great work to be done they are waiting for you now think about this for a minute this is the angel of God but they can't go to reach the people without you going and so they're waiting all the churches like I don't know where America Hears again is there just like. Somebody. Somebody go in a sin if you're like OK I'll go you've got the holy angels there you want to remember that angels of God are going to use your work. So vast as the field so comprehensive the design that every sanctified heart every sanctified hard pressed into service as an instrument of divine power and awesome powerful you are an instrument. Our. The man is right well the next one when we give ourselves wholly to God and you know our work follow his direction he makes himself responsible for. He would not have us conjecture as to those what success of our honest endeavors not once should we even think. You're to cooperate with one. So every new patience and perseverance must be exercised be not disheartened at small beginnings it is often work. You know look like a lot is happening a lot is when I was. Ninety nine. 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