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22. Planning an Outreach Ministry

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • June 13, 2016
    5:00 PM
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I know there are others of you that had things that you could have shared and I wish we had time to tell you couple of things that were some drawbacks and that is we didn't typically we would come back from outreach everybody would share and specifically everybody would share the in homes in the drop offs I just want to see a show of hands for how many of you had somebody who agreed to a drop off study I marked down a number of them OK did we get anybody last night interested and then in home study OK Oh that's right you had your first Dan you had his first event out door to door many times and last night was his first time he had a yes and it was an in home so what OK so we had to in now I just OK or in homes now listen. Smoke most of you guys didn't even get out to but three or four doors we were out but a half hour and I want you to put this in perspective let's just say that we were church and our church went on this outreach and we weren't even out for a half hour at the doors and already we've got four in homes and oh let's say ten drop offs OK Now those all have to be followed up and typically I mean I can tell you typically because I can't I can't tell exactly last night with very limited time typically will go out in a manual session I shoot for an hour and a have we're usually at and close enough to the area that we get fifteen minutes to drive to our area we're there for an hour and we come back and also in a typical session we go out twice so you have the opportunity of going and doing the follow up at least once and that's important and I'll explain that in a minute and typically we have a club in our in our ten day classes we'll run about like I said last night fifteen to twenty students one. About you know seven or eight teams maybe. And we'll go out for an hour and we'll come back with about fifteen to twenty drop offs and in and into homes or something like that now you do that once a week for four weeks you think about what we you know some of you went out got nothing you know about was a bust we went out we got nothing but if you count up what we got collectively when we get all the interest we're going to need to share in following up and this is what a lot of people do and they make a mistake and they they they if they don't work as a team I think that what we've got to keep going out and getting a lot of interest and before you know it you've got so many you're not you know can't follow up with them it's going to take you time to go back to these homes and visit these people now and in the situation where you share what would happen in your local churches you know you might go back next week because it's in your territory a say have thought of some things I would say or you might if you felt that some guys would do better tell some guys in your church group Hey want to you guys go this week but it's you're here you're not you know you're here and you're gone but in your local church you're not to lose track of that and you can do the follow up and you have the ability to go back and connect with the people and then keep the relationship going there are going to be people that aren't interested in studies but you perceive a nother level of interest and so you can just say hey we'll go and visit them once a month just take a gift by or something like that or when our church does some kind of we've done something we didn't go balls or cookie exchanges and I forget where the idea originated. You remember who did it first I don't know but somebody got the idea it was some other church did it and just taking cookies to interest and missing members and all A's a church got together bake cookies got a nice little. Decorative paper plates nothing expensive some pretty sell it. Saying and wrapped it up made it look nice put a little note in there maybe sharing book and took it to people and we'd have people come back to em in a church and forever we have people who just who hadn't been to church and you go and they were like wow you know this first time anyways contacted me so you know you might include a person like that who didn't take studies on your list for that cookie exchange and maybe invite them to have a little listed and tell us different things your church is doing we have a supper club goes I have this at the other they may show up for that so there's a lot of things you can do in a local setting that we can't do here so I mean I'm excited with what happened just with a very little time we went out and one of the reasons I like to do it in every manual session is I have never we have never failed to get interesting I've had people say all this in this area stuff we can't get we don't get Bob's up nobody responds door to door you can't get people this way whatever every time we do this we always find interest and we're only going out for a little bit of time and most of you are totally inexperienced at this this is like for some of us your first time out your knees are knocking you don't know what you're going to say you're nice not more than the door knocks but but still the Lord blesses us with with interest and so I just want to encourage you I'm a saying that this is the only thing you can do I've already highlighted you can do mailings and stuff like that for interest but this is a very easy way for your church to get out there and I'll tell you something else if you do a mailing. And this is just from my experience in this if you do a mailing rate but you're not going to get near the experience and and increase your skill set like door to door with door to door puts you in an area of trusting the Lord mailing is easy I'm knocking on the doors I'm praying a lot more I'll just be honest with you I'm praying a lot more than I am when I did a mailing when some other company did a mailing. Your you have to as you encounter. The people it's a different kind of context when you're doing a mailing and then people send in a card all you got of the people said yes but meeting the people who say no helping there but there are a bunch of people we met last night who never would have mailed in the car but we said you know I think this person is I think we can follow up with this I believe it and so they're just experiences you gain good and bad and and sometimes when we go out as a team you know some people have to take one for the team. And let me explain what I mean we were in I mean I was talking about door slams and how most people don't do that well at least in America I'll tell you WE WENT TO YOU conference in Canada and Emmanuel Roth and I went door to door together you know a lot of HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO A G Y C or something they get the kids on buses and they put it to them in town you go around and so we are with X. for Christ is the conference we went out the whole bus the kids Emanuel we must go and we went to at least forty doors forty to fifty doors in Edmonton Alberta Canada one after the other Bam Bam I am I mean these were door slam and people in Alberta and we were you yeah we're we're just we're with X. for we're with that bam Hey I'd like to intercept them you wouldn't even get three words out of your mouth and it was tough and so we figured we needed it. And along the way what was here's what was interesting well I mean I'm like I've never seen anything so opposed to you know any kind of any way Finally I get a guy outside the house he's leaning on his fence Mocha a cigarette. Hey do you have a couple minutes no I'm busy. Like you're busy I said look what we've been up and down on pardon me for asking but I mean we've been up on those for you guys have a problem with a lot of people come around knocking on doors and bothering you here oh we've had you know anyway he said something very briefly the. Dislike I've never seen it like this so midway through this process or maybe two thirds of the way through we come across another group of young people from the bus you know that are out in the in the neighborhood so we went up to him How's it gone Oh not so good we're not fine on interest and we're like well look why don't we pray together so we came together we prayed together and then a man and I went on bam bam bam we got on the bus and the young people that we had like maybe when we prayed together after that we left we found interest after interest or like well God somebody did. So we took one for the team. And for ourselves I think the Lord works through that but you know you have that you have a good in your bed we did find the very last house we had a good conversation didn't go a whole lot anywhere but anyway that kind of thing will happen but you've got to remember you're working as a team and we look Aleck tiddly the Lord led us to people yesterday who are longing for heaven and the Lord lead us to some new look some people are skeptical I've had people say oh I'll drop off studies or waste time you know just go find them in home studies and if they don't want to do an in home study forget about it but I had in fact I had a young team of Bible workers work and win in one of my churches and they had that they had adopted that we're not wasting time anymore for people with drop offs that I said oh wait a minute I said how many of you and I had a group like this is how many I'm going to ask you how many of you if somebody came and knocked on your door. And wanted to study how many of you would study with. And knocked on your door I mean just you know the home and it at that and yet would you like a Bible study how many would be. OK there's a couple here you know OK Now tell me those of you said yes why. What are you going to do. That this right you're going to teach them the truth now think about it you're not going on the door and the people that are the media yess that may seem like a They're the best interests in this but these young they're the best interest well not necessarily It may be really grounded in what they're about. They're like hey I'm going to study with you and I'm going to teach you that you're the people who are the people like I'm not sure I mean you can understand in this world today why a person would be like like I'm going to get studies with this but I don't know you yet and so a drop of study may seem like well it's just a drop off but that's an avenue to begin to connect with that person and I have when I did my work I got some of best ideas from drop off because you know you go each week I take a lesson and you begin to chat a little bit more and then their defenses would come down and they'd say I can trust this person and it would turn into an in home study and so don't discount a drop of study but if we were hearing going back next week it's did there's a different dynamic going back the second time the first time you know you might the person was really excited the next time they may not be that way. The next time you've got to follow up on what you left and talk to him about that lesson so you want to be familiar with what you dropped off and I can't tell you how many times I've been dropped off studies and somebody else you know here's the Bible so yeah it will that's when my Bible says but you say yeah I left that lesson would you think about it you know what I didn't even have time to read you know I lost my kid threw it away something or yes yes what I'm prepared to do well here get another want to leave this or you may come back and now I've done that and I go on a few weeks yeah I didn't get to you know what just about time to tell you they're not really interested but before I let it go I'll go through the lesson myself and I highlight some key points and I'll say well let me share with you something I really think you're going to like this lesson I want to courage I want to show you something here that I think is so neat and you go in get their interest in the lesson and say So listen I'm going to I know you're busy but I'll stop back when I'm in the area again and now they know I will because I have been and hopefully they'll say you know what I'll check it out if they don't there's comes a point where you know the person is it well we're going to talk about that a little bit here this afternoon about categorising interest but you know those drop off lessons. It turned into good solid lessons as you build relationships with people it's just a matter the most important thing is that consistency you learn as you were reward will give you the right words to say stick with it and keep at it and we'll win souls you ma'am OK I'm going to turn the timer the attention to my brother Jim and he's going to start out giving you a little over you and some of you heard this in his he's I think what he's doing is releasing some pent up frustration because they only give him seven minutes in the main auditoriums and he's trying to share this exciting plan he's worked on for our conference with everybody in the conference and he gets seven minutes and I've heard the gripes about it so I think he just wants an opportunity to let loose a little bit. My. OK. Morning. Yeah let's see how I want to do this is kind of funny where I'm standing it's almost And over here you also you know both in the. At the minatory I'm I've talked about this a little bit and just so that you know. Are you all going to be there for church on Sabbath. We're going to have a little handout that has the master plan of evangelism that we're going to have for the conference so you'll see that then. I can share it with somebody if you're leaving got a couple here. Yes. But I'm not going to you were all there two nights ago so I'm not going to go through the boughs that operation but we want to Bob's that operation. So this was just to review what I talked about on Wednesday night if you were not in the auditorium I'm going to show you briefly if you were to be review but really. What we're going to do in the conference is have every church set up a Bible school that has two options OK it's going to be the landmarks or prophecy series and it is written series only those two options we wanted one that would be good for one on one studies and that sort of thing but we wanted a D.V.D. option for people who like D.V.D.'s so that's really all we have what the one that we're using for a one on one primarily as it is written and then D.V.D. option would be the landmarks of prophecy we like the landmarks prophecy because. He actually walks through the lessons so you can have small group studies and basically have the studies passed out go through the lessons with Pastor Doug basically presenting and makes it nice for church members or one just get their feet wet in studies. The sign up card to you all get this when you came on Wednesday night OK. Which ones it is written are. Those are in Spanish. But this I don't think so. Yeah and I'm still working on exactly how we're going to address that to be honest we had. Talked about it just a moment OK So the sign up car side of card is right here I showed that it just basically shows that there's two options and it's your choice because of these two options and again the landmarks we offer the group study that is written we offer one on one study or they can choose to receive. Studies themselves for personal study now on a personal study you know what Mark was just talking about that's really like a drop off OK So if somebody marks that they want personal study then you're going to bring them. Lessons well. I you know draw. Studies are tricky because you chase a lot of rabbits I mean you went door to door you found different interests and that was a good thing but majority of them usually did not end up coming all the way through it. It's very difficult but it's part of the process to find ripe interests would talk about a little bit but one of the things to try and help that is we're going to make this intensive so you're going to take two studies to them a week and they know it's that's how it's what they sign up for they receive two lessons a week two D.V.D.'s a week and if they don't keep up you know it might be like one two three strikes you're out you know and then you give them something that they can do on their own or what have you but we want a process where we're finding people who are hungry should if somebody is interested they should be able to do to Israel and studies a week it's twenty five minutes to do a study basically on your own. Or to watch two D.V.D.'s in a week if they're hungry if they're interested they're going to do it and those are the ones you're trying to find so we're having it be a little bit more intensive so what that means is that this course would take twenty one weeks this group study this would take twenty five weeks this would take ten weeks. This would take twelve weeks. And anyone who does a course will get a free it is written bible at the end of it and certificate so that's the idea one other thing that we're going to work on is one of the difficulties with a drop off study if you ever done them you go to the to the home. You say you know here's your lessons how have you been enjoying everything is OK yes fine OK you had a chance to look at not too much have been kind of busy OK Well you know let us know you have any questions and you know it's kind of hard to figure out. How to make it an effective experience with a drop off study so when things are going to do to try to help that is with each study both with landmarks and with it is written We're going to have a Bible study review card that will basically you know you know be like a probably a pew card type of card that is slid inside of each lesson so you'll have one for less than the one one for Lesson two on for Lesson three and that card will just have maybe four distant estimates for multiple choice questions that are just asking simple questions that are on the main points of the study very easy for them to just check B C E D A That's it is like a little quiz so to speak but then after that I have a couple open questions one will be probably something like Did you share something or did you learn anything new if so share here and one that would say Do you have any questions after the study and so they when you go to the drop off you don't give them their next two until they give you their review cards they give you the review cards and you can look at it right there and see oh you had a question about such and you can write there at the door begin to interact with them if they didn't write any questions then you can look and see what new thing they learned say all that is an excellent you know point or whatever and have a little bit of a talking point with them and you can look at both cards and then you know move along but the idea is you have a little bit of something to have discussion if they don't put anything down they probably aren't filling out the card anyway they're probably not interested quite frankly say this is a way to try to the goal of a dropoff study which in this case is called personal study is to get them to a one on one study that's really the goal of it so you're interacting with them just a little bit even if it's just five or ten minutes at the door anough that as you do it each week they will get more comfortable with you and they're probably come a time where you end up just spending more time studying that. Yeah we'll have we're going to have a just so you know a training sheet for how to do a landmarks group. How to do a one on one study and how to conduct the personal study and we'll have recommendations on there it will likely be something like if they haven't done it the first time you go say well I'll be back next week if you could be sure and do that and don't give them the next ones would give them a chance to study that but I'll be back on such and such a date so be sure and take a look so that when I come back we can talk about it and I can bring the next lessons. And then if they do it it happens twice in a row then perhaps at that time two or three times we'll have to figure it out you will probably give them something like an online website or something where they can go and you know explore and study or what have you you've got their name but you're not going to continue. Another words we're not going to have endless We want to get different studies going OK So you're looking for ripe fruit. Ultimately that's our job is to identify ripe interest I don't know how many of you were there for Sean Boone Stroh's sermon on Sabbath morning. But he hit the nail on the head and he shared a quote in which Ellen White described how the Apostles would watch as Jesus taught they would watch to see who was interested and then they would follow up with those who were interested our job is to find people whom the Lord has prepared now it could be that he's used us to prepare them you know through friendship and service they become open to the truth that that is of course part of the process but in many cases he has prepared people through the workings of Providence or their life experiences or whatever and their openness and we need to identify those and be finding those Ellen White says that they are all over the place that there are many on the verge of the kingdom waiting only to be gathered in so we are to look for those and those are the ones that we want to make sure we're spending our time on not chasing after countless people who are not really interested or say I'm saying so and not that we leave them for lost or whatever but they're just not ready yet and Ellen White has a vision when she says don't go after the green berries don't be picking the green berries and we shouldn't be trying to hound the green berries we should find ways of keeping them in connect with us but without investing our time in the green berries you know we're going to run into the situation that many churches because we have about. Twenty seven different series of lessons and they haven't asked her how many churches are going to have sets of other lessons that they have stock of in their church or that they enjoy using what have you. The best I can tell you is that if you have people who sign up a Bible study offer dot com They're going to have these two options we can't we're not going to give them twelve options. When you go to follow up with them you might say you know it wasn't on the website but we have another series of lessons that we've been using that a lot of people have found to be even more appealing when it comes to prophecy or whatever I'd like to show them to you we'd be happy to use these but if you would like you know and then you can use it that way so you can modify when the time comes when you go to follow up that interest and use what you need to or for instance people have a bunch of the store calls a prophecy lessons in their church well these are the store goals is just that they match the D.V.D.'s there and they change the cover called Landmark so you might use them and say these are the same as what you had on there but they're under a different title and the people are going to care you know so I mean they're they're going to be interested to have what you have to offer and you can manage that when you actually follow up OK So that's just getting it set up so when you set it up you know you've got to find people in your church and that would include you are willing to host a group study which would mean. A few Adventists you know maybe three Adventists or more from your church and then at least two not evidence that you find to be willing to come over and be part of this now once you have that commitment then you might get people added. Because. The idea is that there may be some who signed up for group study through our efforts at getting the word out about jobs they offer dot com People might say I want to be part of group study and then you're going to have to plug them in well if you're halfway through the study what are you going to do that's why I recommend that you have four different studies at least planned for your church one to start each quarter. So that way if you're halfway through the quarter you can follow up and say you know where our next group study is starting on April whatever and you know here's where it is involved and you can then keep in touch with them from there but that way you can stagger home and have group studies available but but you don't want to just expect that people are going to sign up you want to have people are ready lined up who are not members who could be baptized from your meeting from your small group but it's not that hard to think about people in your church who are who have spouses who are not baptised and you just go and say hey would you guys like or our house we're going to have this little group you know whatever and OK we want to do that or maybe you connected with somebody and evangelists it meeting just for a night but you go and visit them person and say we're going to do this I mean you will be surprised it will not be as hard as you think to find two or three people to join in your home for group study. And then of course you've got to make sure you find who are willing to do one on one studies. So. You know everybody's going to school co-ordinator you're going to have to order all this stuff and get it ready this all happened in September of this year right after August Minister Ariel and we share with the pastors everything will be ready to go and we'll get everything set and going in September this is the Intro Pack be an envelope a card a sign up card and a number one D.V.D. number one lesson number one lesson so somebody can take that home like somebody who visits your church. And decide what they want to do they read through this explains each of the lessons they can look at they can watch the first D.V.D. and say you know I'd like to do that and then they check what they want and drop it off at the church or give it to whatever or go to the website to sign up right on the website. This yes for now I am opening the door to other conferences if. My life gets difficult. You know. You know I have a burden for. For those in other conferences other states what have you who feel that they're not had a lot of support evangelists sickly and that sort of thing so I tend to just open our arms and try to involve as many people as possible in fact. This could go around the country as far as them and it might. Yeah yeah. OK Hold on hold on hold on hold on I want to answer that question but before I do answer about other states or whatever I want to show you everything give me just doing it just a minute to do that OK So yes this this is something that I hope one of the things that we've tried to do in Michigan since I've been working in person Ministries is I know the importance that there is in having things ready and available for churches to get so that they don't have to come up with it themselves as many of them won't they just don't do that it's too difficult they don't know where to start they just feel overwhelmed by it whatever the case might be so rather than having you know you put all this together and you know print off this on labels and we just want to do all that for you that's kind of the goal now that we have is going to happen and we saw to work that out we want to have these packets together with envelopes and everything's if you just order the packets and boom there you go and it's between a dollar and a dollar fifty is what I mean. OK then recurrence rate train started leaders out what happened to happen in September and then the pre-determined baptism dates and you're me talking about that. I just really feel it's a good thing to have dates set for baptisms in your church monthly or bi monthly or quarterly at the. Least or greatest amount of interval. So that you are planning on decisions planning on Seoul's being one you know we can't go year after year with no baptisms I mean we are the church there are sound I'm saying this is we are we are getting you know. We've got to get our mind set right that's our whole purpose of K. if we're not doing that then we've we've got to stop the fire ourselves and say hey this whole baptistery back here that we're paying for. The water is going to no use this quarter but next quarter it's going to write mean we need something to help provoke us to do what we know that God has called us to do so I like the idea predetermining baptism dates filling the tank on that day that is all right now. I told you about this in the day right three ways good vibes that what are they. That's right as in the morning as you are asking the evening which is why what we say is just ask just ask and we're going to have a mission conference just ask initiative now entering into how are we now the bible school set up you know you've got your materials you've got your people who are ready to go now you've got the school ready how are we going to generate these bible studies Well the number one way to generate Bible studies is ask just ask so our just ask initiative in Michigan is going to look like this. One simple non-intimidating question will be asked of everyone who visits our church. Everyone who comes you know every guest who visits our church whether it's for worship service or for a concert or for vacation bible school or for a cooking school or for any event that we have in our church and that question is. Have you heard about our Bible school. So that with me have you heard about our Bible school is that a not intimidating question I mean you can't get more non-intimidating than that have you heard about our Bible School Well no I haven't Oh well I'd like to show you and then you show them what the Intro Pack So you got the intro packs ready at your church and let's say I encourage you to have a gift for visitors at least at worship service we always had gifts when I pastored oftentimes as a jar of jam maybe with the church name on it a couple go tracks in a little bag or you know whatever but have something like that and say here we'd like to give you something and have you heard about our Bible school and I haven't oh we want. Make sure you have and then show them the entered Intro Pack pull it out say here basically what it is is that we have different courses that involve these two types of study lessons this one focuses mostly more on prophecy It's called Landmarks of prophecy it comes with a D.V.D. presentation this one is just really beautifully illustrated study guides on a wide array of topics you know one of the difficulties is when you want to study the Bible learn something a lot of times you just don't know where to start at least that's how a lot of people feel this brings all the texts on a certain topic and put them in one study for using really see what the Bible says so a lot of people really like these and you can have somebody lead you through these and have a personal you know one on one type of study or we have groups that watch the D.V.D. study or you can just study on your own and we can give to lessons to you a week but with any of this if you're interested you just check it off put your information here and there's a little basket right here to set a resource center you just drop that in the basket We'll follow up with you and make sure that we care for you so you can take a look at these you've got a sample of the first ones and if you want to bring it back next week or whatever you're not ready today that's fine you just tell me about your bible school right. How do you tell about about school. Everybody everybody I mean what why didn't we do this earlier right everybody who attends gets an offer for bible studies why not that's what we're about right we have a message we don't really have much else. We have a message so we have a Bible school meal and tell you about it and one of the other things I encourage especially if they start showing interest I say well you know if you do the the group study that's a twenty one week course if you decide to do this personal study which it sounds like you're leaning toward that would take you about if you used it as written so is it taking about twelve weeks so based on today you know most of the people who take this end up. Making it is. To be baptized when it's through now you may or may not decide to that's fine I just want you to be aware that the baptism they did that would lead to would be October twenty five would be when that would be so you might be thinking about that and then they say I don't think I'm ready for all that's fine you mean don't have to be baptized to go to do the class I'm just telling you that a lot of the people who go through it do and we have those dates scheduled It's kind of how many people graduate as they make a decision to be baptized because they're excited about what they're learning you know ultimately we want people to know that this is about following Christ making decisions it's not like you're telling them they're going to be baptized but you let them know that baptism you're planting it in their mind that's OK If there is one thing and I will talk about this in just a moment that lay. People struggle with when it comes to finding success in leading souls to Christ it's understanding that it is OK to lead people to decisions to follow Christ it's like we think that they have to come to that all on their own without us saying anything because we don't want to know you know there's if it was your son or your daughter. Wouldn't you be wanting them to make the decision and you would kindly you would not intimidatingly you would not with you know heavy oppression or pressure but you would encourage them to go ahead and do it when you but yet when we study with that stranger Oh I don't want to be you know we're very very standoffish and we'll well take people through you know seven sets of Bible studies Oh you've gotten through this one what we've got another one for you now and then you go through another one oh yes well there's another one for you now and we just never want to say you know what you've been through a full set of studies the Lord is calling you is really moving on your heart isn't it you know what I found is if you're going to really grow in your faith you've got to follow through and make that decision and those are the types of things that we need to become a little bit braver in doing as as study leaders and people really people rise so anyway. In January mission conference we're going to have a just ask prayer card how many of you with unlock revelation saw the operation Andrew Card and I'm talking about you know you wrote down the names of people that you were going to pray for and then invite to the meetings Well we're going to have a just ask prayer card where in January you're going to start praying for the people that you're thinking about offering Bible studies. And then come first Sabbath of February it's just ask Sabbath and every member of the Michigan conference will be called upon to offer Bible studies some. Now you know we may have low attendance that. Maybe like a communion set I don't know but I'm hopeful that leading up to it we can make it not intimidating enough that people say you know what I can do it I need to do it I ought to do it you know it could be inviting the somebody to a landmarks group somebody else is leading it you know it could be inviting someone to just take the lessons as a personal study you know they may not even be the ones quite yet who are ready to give all want to want to study whatever but everyone will offer the bible school options to someone and they've been praying about it and what have you and that will happen not necessarily on that particular sabbath because it could be a coworker or your brain or so but before the following Sabbath every body has asked someone that's just ask initiative and a sample campus would campus would be something like in my church as a new Bible school it offers D.V.D.'s and study guides are asking every member this week to find at least one person who would be willing to take one of the courses and I wanted to see if you would be interested in giving it a try. So basically you've got this week to do it the church is asking you to do it you're needing to find somebody that week to take one of the courses could you would you be that person for me it's very simple and it's in the line of Pastor Tony sure fire method. OK so the best way to get out of studies is to just ask but we also are going to turn this into a mailer. That is going to be sent and we're going to subsidize in the Michigan conference a good amount for churches to be able to send out thousands of mailers OK And it'll be like I said like that but on the back of a point to Bible study offer dot com When people go to Bob say offer dot. COM It's not developed yet but it will be it will be very mobile ready because most people go it will go there on their cellphone that's just how it is now so be mobile ready it will have the landmarks options it will have is written options there will be a check what they want they'll be able to put their information in there and and just easily submit to sign up for whichever option they choose there will also be a phone number that will have a live person answering from Adventist Information Ministry just like we did for unlock revelation for those of you who are here and they can sign them up on the Web site for them or people who maybe you know go get on the Internet. There is a spot place on here for an offer code and so there might be something like M I's zero seven eight M. Isaiah fifty whatever every church will have its own code. So if you're from if it could church and you send out a mailing have a hammock company will put your code on there then when they go to sign up it will say for fastest processing. You know put your offer code here they put in there are for code when they do that it will automatically put that interest in IF A Calista so that if you're the ethical Bible school coordinator you'll go to the website. That offer dot com forward slash log in something put in your offer code as a user id put in your password and boom you have the full list of anyone has who has signed up for ethical and any church that you are so if you're in Ohio you'll be Oh-H. zero zero two. And anybody who use send a mailing out or if you stamp your own cards and pass them out door to door or whatever and somebody signs up they'll put in zero eight zero zero two and you'll go in with your password and boom you'll know who to follow up with a. Pretty much we don't have to do much you have it all lined up and if you're using something that advertisement or something that doesn't have an offer code on it then and somebody signs up without the offer code then it will assign that interest to the church that is the closest as the crow flies just automatically so that at the conference office we don't have to be receiving terror you know all stacking them up finding out who this corner is what your address is but our stamp on mailing it to you three weeks later you get some cards that say you have some people as in Bible study and then you go through the process know this will be real time you check every day every couple days whatever to see if somebody has signed up and you follow up and. And when someone signs up with your out your church's offer code it will immediately send an e-mail to whoever's e-mail is in there so that it lets you know that here's someone who signed up for this kind of Bible study here's their name here's their address. So if you're not checking your email so it doesn't matter where you live that can be set up for you. We're also going to do in Michigan mass advertising as they often. So we're going to have glow tracks that we pass out Bob say offer dot com will basically be a card like this that is transformed into a glow tract you know offer everything and if you want to step in with your own local church that's fine if you want to send it out without an offer code on it that's OK too. We'll have business cards we'll have plastic. Presentation racks that you can put in doctors' offices dentist offices laundromats wherever we'll have car magnets and decals we'll have yard signs. We'll have T. shirts. And we'll have billboards so. Everybody is going to know about Bob say over dot com You're going to go door to door and say hey have you heard about say off. Let me tell you a little bit about what we're talking. Another And here's the nice thing about this this differ from a lock revelation it's not an event there's no expiration date. This is just an ongoing. Ministry that is constantly generating biases and whenever you want to pick it up then you blitz more advertising now we'll have to you know as time goes on freshen it up maybe do something different add a new offering whatever it is but we will manage this and it will be constantly the thing you have to remember though is if you're in the middle of an evangelistic meeting you can't say oh I'm going to shut off by would say offer dot com. If you get in a request for bible study in week two or evangelist meetings or week three even somebody's going to have to go follow up on that and get started with them. If it's in the middle of the holiday season you can't shut off for a month and a half and say oh no if somebody gets on Bob said over dot com once Bob said to you follow up and our hope is that we generate through asking and through mailing and through advertising so many Bibles that interest that we do not have room to receive it. That our members who have hesitated and resisted will understand that we need them. We need them we've got to there's people who are on the verge of the kingdom waiting only be gathered in and we need you now one of the things that we'll have to prepare everybody for is the fact that this. This will generate a lot of interests that are not strong interests just get ready you know you're looking for the jewels but it's better than a cold and you know it's a warm interest at least but you're going to have to following up to find those ripens it'll get us closer to finding the right points when it's. So resources just We'll have a study leader training sheets to help you with training we'll have the lessons that you can order at discounted prices and D.V.D.'s in fact with this we're going to be working directly with amazing facts to shave off that the preliminaries and everything and leave just the hour presentation that's all we want instead of four on a D.V.D. like in their set right now we want to own a D.V.D. We're going to work with them to get it and they're very open to working with us because they're great over there the Bible study review cards to help you with your drop off studies that you have something to use on that will be providing you'll have an access code to get into your local church the website will have an app to track interests that we're going to be using we've got two options that I've got to explore which one we're going to go we're going to have an app to track interest and you should be a lot more excited about that if you are a somebody who's been working with you know trying to track interests you would know the challenges we've had but this is going to be awesome we just have to get there we'll have our site up cards available for you to order intro packs to order mail or cards developed already for you display cards there will be a little bit different because you don't have to have a something for someone to fill out if it's a display and in a doctor's office it just needs to be a real big website and that's how they'll do it display rack will be easy for you to order a stamp will find the right kind of stamps that you can easily order a stay if you want something to stamp your cards with your churches offer code. We're going to develop a baptismal preparation guide that bridges these studies which do not fully prepare someone for baptism with the baptism OK So if somebody wants to be baptized they go through the series of studies and they make a decision during the study they want to be baptized then we'll have a. Lord of my life baptismal preparation guide and they will learn the practical things that they need briefly and be cleared and boom and we'll have a guide that will lead you from it is either the glow tracks we will develop for your new to or the business cards will develop all the other stuff that I showed you we will develop so that you will basically just have an order sheet when the time is right you order and we said and we just to roll this day is going to be rolling I mean was that. Yes we all do I did share this with the person ministries directors. And person ministries it were instant person ministries at my seminar Monday and Tuesday and we had people from Wisconsin and Illinois and whatever and they're like how can we do it how can we do it so I do not there's really nothing preventing doing this everywhere there's really nothing preventing it they just need a code and then they can advertise it as they'd like we've developed We'll have the materials developed of they want us to you know that pay shipping or whatever but why not you know it could use across a division we could have people all across the country who know what Bible study are not common you know something about it yes Joel Yeah. Well time will reveal all of that because we still have to develop the website we have a map in our mind of what we want one of things I want to do with a website is have an easy way for you to offer Bible studies by text. Where you can just shoot a text and say hey I learned about. That offer dot com Check it out and send somebody a text or mass text or whatever you know we're going to do Facebook and Internet advertising as well we're going to do radio advertising we're going to all of that will have banners and things you can share and all that kind of stuff but in terms of the of the Web site you will. You will go into the back and say offer dot com So what that means is there will be some other U.R.L. or probably by will say offer dot com forward slash user or Bob's they offer doc or slash log in like that you type it and it's a key to a log in page and you'll put in your user ID which will likely be your code Oh-H. zero zero whatever. Yes ultimately once this is rolling. We will have to assign you a code and set your church up as a site and then from there you just need to you know we'll send you a link so that you can set your password and then you'll be able to get in and see when anybody signs up. Yes. Well in Michigan we we develop the design was a Pam book and I will talk about it here in a little bit but. But come borrow this from. Yeah this is a discipleship am book and oh she put her name on Wise Woman. And this if you aren't familiar with it I might take a little bit maybe fifteen minutes at some point this is afternoon. To just share how this works so that you know this is not just a book you know and it's not just a book that you that you give to someone so that they can become a disciple this is actually the tool that a mentor uses when they are mentoring someone who has just been baptized so there's a mentors guide that tells the mentor exactly how to walk the person through with the desires of handbook it's a six month process it's it's a start it gets them involved in a devotional life it gets them active in the church and it integrates them into the church and in acquaints them with and reestablishes the reaffirms their positions of the church but besides all that. We are looking to develop we're not looking develop we're in the middle of developing a Bible study handbook that is. Going to be done by the end of two thousand and seventeen or dwelling. And that will be this is six months that will be this is called a resource for Seventh Avenue it's church members. That will be a resource to aid Seventh Day Adventist Church members in giving Bible study. So when somebody is concluded this they will immediately be more grounded in the doctrines but from the standpoint of helping. Them to learn how to share their faith with getting by most so that's being developed this is a really good start and I'll share more about it later give you a few more details but that is part and parcel of what we are doing with the mission so I think it's a. QUESTION OK And Max had his you know OK. Max where there is a will there's a way do you. You mean in German though right yeah so the big you know and this let me say this you know we have a a lot of Hispanic churches here in Michigan and we have some Korean and we have we have a whole host of ethnicities from refugees and what have you. But it's you know it's one thing to have find someone who can translate something it's another thing to have the leadership people who are driving something so like you know it's not just being able to translate it but I have somebody for instance who does all the graphic and web design and all that he doesn't know German. So you almost need somebody like that who is knows German so that you have to have different team members but once you establish the team members and they're in there bought in then no problem because everything's already been designed everything has already been developed you know you can use the same code it's just a matter of changing the language so yeah it's just you need a team members to make it a reality YOU KNOW YOU CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN NEXT century yes. Very true yes. Yes Now in terms of level of learning and that sort of thing the discipleship handbook can be used for a teenager and we we believe that it's simple enough for that if someone is ten or eleven and they're baptized then it's the best thing we have right now it's probably not you know absolute ideal but someone would probably need to use the same thing and sort of re word for them you know and help them understand it and what have you we did start down the process of developing something for younger baptismal canons but it's not it's been slow going it hasn't really developed so you have to keep in mind everything that we have developed here in Michigan has been done for the most part by pastors who are pastor in churches full time you know it's not like you know like the disciples of Handbook. Yes it's extracurricular I mean it's the disciples of handbook we did when I was still pastoring and so you know when I did much of the writing and. We just had to. Leave things to suffer for periods of time you know I mean it's so that's kind of what happened with the Children's one we found a pastor who we thought we wanted to give it a go and he started but it just you know the business of the actual job a pastor prevented the development of and that that happens sometimes now that I'm in the conference I'm able to drive some things a little bit more and faster which is why we're able to do some of the things we're doing. But the people that are working with me as a team are not pastors who are busy pastors this is. Yes The answer is yes answer the question is yes but you're talking the wrong person. I'm to say yes I mean to make every one of us aware that we need to be mentoring our children as well. OK I've got lots of hands going up let's keep them to questions rather than comments because we do have some things that we've got to we've got to get to but you have any questions over here I lost it OK. Thank you for that we do have that as part of the plan I haven't shared it yet but we in terms of maintaining district and local prayer emphases through this on a conference level we'll continue to have days of fasting and prayer called the campus all where we pull our workers together for fasting and prayer we really count on the local districts to organize those types of things local. No. Yeah. Well let me say something about that there's nothing wrong with him doing the Discover Bible school it is written bible school whatever I mean you more Bible schools the better. It doesn't mean you can't have both you get you get interest through different I mean some of you know if you're a person ministries leader that sometimes you'll get something from a mailing on steps people send out mailings of steps to Christ like the steps to Christ projects you get an interest but what do you do with it you know follow it up you get an interest from a final events D.V.D. mailing or something or what do I do with it you go follow it up if you have different. Avenues by which you're trying to get interest you're going to follow all of them and so there's nothing wrong with them doing it discover Bible school per se but. But this will be different this will be different. Yes but in terms of a priceless is just premature for that I did everything I could to get to the point where I am today so that I could share it can't me because I wanted the field I wanted the church to know where we were headed in fact what you're hearing right now is more than our pastors have heard. OK yeah feel privilege is right. We just to I mean everything is so packed here I can't pitch in can't meeting the best I got was fifteen minutes own is buzzing me fifteen minutes during camp pitch devotional time and because I didn't want them to be totally caught off guard and so I shared did I even have these cards yet I think I share the card. No I didn't I didn't share this card I shared a sheet that was basically the master plan not in this nice of a form but on a front back sheet and I just walked through real briefly what the idea of the concept was and that was it so our own pastors don't if you're a you know Michigan member go to your pastor and say oh and we they're like you know. When they come to August ministerial we will have details for them if you're outside of Michigan just stay in contact with me by e-mail that's the best I can say and as we develop and are ready we will give you full you know and you know the time on the timeline is. By mid August you can e-mail me and we'll probably be about ready to give you a code for the website and what have you the materials will be just about ready we are not going to do our official kickoff in Michigan until October October twenty eighth to be exact because we're looking for a reformation such as eight hundred forty. Yeah email is going to be like the other conference e-mails J. Howard that is. I do. I don't look at it all that often. And and if somebody wants to be my friend and they like are they are connected with two or three of my friends I sometimes hesitate and before so if I don't recognize you don't be mad at me if I don't I don't know sometimes that is go and accept them all say whatever my mom got all me one day she said James. They may know you from three B.N. when they saw you can't meaning or whatever and they're going to feel offended if you don't. And so I started accepting everybody Venice or getting some very strange people and whatever and so now I'm kind of backed off a little bit and Anyways I don't know what I'm doing to still be offended I will see what happens best to go through the e-mail bottom line. OK So let me just tell you you know what I was just referring to we're going to have a kickoff of the probably be here here in Michigan and then we're going to have some detailed training for person ministers leaders and other evangelism leaders November eleven to thirteen at campus all so that's going to be like really digging in for the person ministries leaders. And then Emanuel you know have a couple sessions and so that's we want to let everyone in the main artery know about that here at Cedar Lake Lansing and that's a it's a it's you know right now. This media was brought to you by audio force a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you force or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W dot audio verse or.


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