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Moise Ratsara

Pastor, Hartford, Michigan



  • December 27, 2017
    6:00 PM


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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference or rice in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at Deb you Deb you depute dot she Y.C. web board. Load you are you see. Good evening. And you men thank you so much for that beautiful song what a privilege it is to be here with you and to have the keynote address I feel very humbled I have a few things before I begin but I got to tell you that. I am blessed to have a beautiful wife Amy and think you for that introduction I believe that my little boy as well is sleeping at this time so the little man hopefully will be blessed somehow I want to thank the G. Y.C. volunteers for all of the dedication and the labor of love that you have given for the movement a lot of the things that you see are done out of sacrifice and love for you I want to thank them also would like to think my family especially my wife and my parents for their love for their prayers and for their great sacrifice if it were not for them I would not be here today and I want to thank them also want to thank pathways in especially Leila Lewis I know she's here for showing the heart of Christ in Phoenix helping people receive free health care but also blessing them spiritually that they might be a blessing to the world thank you so much pathways and every volunteer of pathway that is here thank you so much for your service on behalf of G Y C We just want to thank you for giving your time to do the best work and that is sharing the love of Christ I also would like to think the Jackson and Bunker Hill Church. You are watching right now and I just want to thank you for all the things that you have done for bearing with me as I travel across the world to help this generation get a picture of Christ I just want to thank my local churches and I also would like to think above everything else God for His loving kindness and for being so patient with us let us have a word of prayer together their Heavenly Father what a privilege it is to be here as we have gathered from all four corners of the world in the thousands we have come because we believe father that you want to come soon that you want to come even more than we want to see you come and father this is your time but in men hide me behind your cross and may you speak in the name of Jesus we pray amen there were two more of young missionaries by the name of Joanne and David two young men Moreover in brethren's in hernot Germany in the seventeen hundreds these two men received the call to mission work and they were dedicated to go to the end of the earth to share the love of God. They got a call to go to an island in the West Indies saying Croix but the only way that they could go to that I learned was that either they were a slave owner or they were slaves as these two men were middle class young men in the prime of their life but they received the call to missions so they decided to sell themselves as slaves and go to the end of the earth as they went into the bow they looked at their families and the said that made the land that was slain receive the reward of his suffering and there they went as slaves Sue share the love of Jesus Christ to a people. Somewhere in the world these men knew where they were going. But I want to ask you the question today G Y C Do you know where you're going we know that our destination is for heaven everything that we do every ounce of G Y C is so that each and every one of us can be in the kingdom of God Together we know where we want to go but how do we get there and today by the grace of God I want to give a clear vision and a mission for where G Y C is going and where we must go number one where do we go we need to go back to God through the Bible and to the Spirit of Prophecy reading the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy turn your Bibles with me to John Chapter five and verse thirty nine thirty nine and we will see why John Chapter five and verse thirty nine in John Chapter five and verse thirty nine this is what the Bible says it's you search the scriptures for in them you think you have what my friends you have eternal life and these are they do what testify of me who is speaking it is Jesus Christ you see the Bible is not just another good book it is an encounter with God It is the mind and the heart of God made audible for men the Word of God is our only rule of faith and practice as a people by the Word of God we are to be judged without the Word of God My friends we are nothing and no we nothing without the Word of God. Our vision and life must be driven by the Word of God and by the Spirit of Prophecy every ounce of G Y C must exist to propel to inspire year this generation to have a deep abiding relationship with God If we are not leading people to Christ then we need to stop existing that is where we must go to the Word of God But what about the spirit of prophecy you might ask do we need to read the spirit of prophecy I want to tell you a story a couple weeks ago I was on my tour to the beautiful continent of Africa if you could tell that I have an X. and that's because I am an African and I went to that beautiful continent and I was coming back on a twenty eight hour journey or I wanted to see my wife and my beautiful little men but what was before me was four inches of snow very cold dark and fog I had my trusted little car my Honda Civic and if you have a Honda Civic you know it is reliable but unfortunately my Honda Civic was not heavy enough to face the snow but I wanted to be home though I had to travel for very from very far I wanted to be home my wife told me sweetheart No I know you're a dedicated guy but you could rent a no tailor stay in and hotel for the night till things are more safe but I wanted to be home so I went through the snow three or four inches of snow roads that weren't plowed from Detroit to Lansing driving driving at about thirty five miles an hour on the highway left and right there were cars on the ditches but I was heading home I knew the way home but it was so dark that I could not see properly but I was thankful for those two red lights in front of me that were leading me all the way home the Spirit of Prophecy is still light. Though it is the lesser light it is still a light and according to Revelation Chapter nineteen and verse ten it is the faith of Jesus Christ we're living in a very dark world today the year two thousand and seventeen has been a year to be remembered as we're going through this life more than ever before young people just like you and I need to be in the Word of God reading as well the Spirit of Prophecy read it for yourself start with a great controversy read the desire of ages read patriarchs and prophets read ministry of healing it talks about Jesus Christ it has the same author the Holy Spirit read it this is where we most go as a movement to the Word of God Number two where do we go we must go to our local churches you know like this visual aid to go to the local church you might say Well movies why do we have to go to the local church the book Education Page two hundred sixty five to two hundred sixty six says this The Church is organized for service and in a life of service to Christ's connection with the church is one of the first steps loyalty to cries the men's the faithful performance of church duty. This is an important part of one's training and in a church imbued with a master's life it will lead directly to efforts through the world without the Seventh Day Adventist church my friend and I'm saying this from Love is a grassroots movement but it's the apple of God's eye more than ever before we need young people to be involved in their local church. To be involved in their local church not only be on the sign lines and be attendees but you are my friends participant you are G Y C You are this generation and G Y C must exists to equip to inspire this generation to be actively engaged in their local church it is the apple of God's eye and this is where we must go to our local church and be involved but someone might say well mohel my local church is not mission minded you don't understand my situation I have news for you my friend you are the church. You will be mission minded you will be focus you give Bible studies you will be involved start a small group start in ministry that supports the Seventh Day Adventist Church Daniel's church was in captivity because it was not mission minded but Daniel never used that is as in his cues not to be faithful to God though whatever was happening in his local church whatever it was Daniel purpose in his heart to be faithful and you be faithful This is your church somebody else might say well no you don't understand my situation in my local church on the only young person I can't relate to anybody I am there they are not you friendly a lot of their programs are not for young people my friend don't ask what the church can do for you but ask what you can do for your church this is your church or are is there politics in the church or yes is it right never but you fill yourself with the Holy Spirit every day be the change that used seek to see in the world the church is not perfect but God yes. And this is this church when people go alone my friend you are rice go to your local church bring and when as soul to Christ do not be satisfied with anything else but to expand the kingdom of God You might say Well Mo I don't know much about the Bible I'm a young person my life is messed up go talk to the woman at the well. Don't make excuses when God has called you go This leads me to my third point where are we going to the end of the earth mission mission mission that God gave us a great commission not a great option a love for God and a love for his church will lead us automatically to love his people I get very worried at times when people have to be encouraged to go to missions and they say they're Christians if you love God it will be automatic we need to love today for the love of man has grown cold but we need a love today that will lead us to go to the ends of the year that is not ruled by sensationalism or feelings but by choice principle and sacrifice it is a love that does not flinch in the face of hardship or worldly success or the pool of mediocrity fame power or money it is a love that calls a family to live the comforts of their home and come to an event called Pathways on Christmas and give up their resources that they can help somebody else it is a love that almost all not only seeks to feed the homeless but to save as well that homeless men know that homeless lady. It is a love that drives a man or woman in the cold of winter to knock on doors for couple of hours it is a love that propels a man or woman making six digit figures to go to the ends of the earth and be a volunteer and work on a stipend it is a love that is not ruled by social media the latest fads but drives a person as our reach is going they're making photocopies while nobody is watching so that people can have materials to go knocking on doors it is a love that drives a person to their knees when nobody's watching praying for their family member that has left the church it is a love that at times might not be seen by the naked eye but that is their praying praying praying what the world needs today is a love that will drive young people to the end of the earth such a love will drive you to sacrifice and pain but also to joy and peace and to choose to have this love is the only way I believe to finish the work in this generation there should be no more loving person on this earth than a Seventh Day Adventist especially the Y.C. or the Bible says you need to be known for your gentleness even in your social media platforms we need love today we need the Holy Spirit we need to have a vision of what God wants us to do we need a love that will drive young people to to be fully furnished to be willing to spend time in the Word of God and learning all things and love that will drive a person to have a biblical worldview and G Y C must exists that. Directly train an army of young people who will be disciples of Jesus Christ who are willing to carry the message of a crucified risen man soon coming savior to the end of the year every ounce of G. Y.C. must exist to further the mission of the Seventh Day Adventist Church God's church Jesus says if we want to accomplish this mission however we must deny ourselves take up our cross daily and follow Christ not follow men follow Christ obedience is what God is calling us to not because we have to not because we're legal list but because we thirst for the glory of God because we are loyalist the Ten Commandments of God my friend are not a burden they're the best description of how to love God in your labor and your neighbor the best description of how to love. Love is not a burden the greatest man ever born of a woman that according to Jesus John the Baptist because he had the greatest test ever given to a men the task of preparing the people for the first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in the prime of his life John the Baptist face one of the greatest crisis of his public ministry his this Sipos lost their focus lost their mission and lost their vision turn your Bibles with me to John chapter three verse twenty two twenty six John chapter three verse twenty two twenty six in John chapter three verse twenty two twenty six John the Baptist is in countering something he has never seen before. In there it reads after these things Jesus and His disciples came into the land of Judea and there he remained with them and did what my friends and baptized now John also was baptizing in and on near Salim because there was much water there and they came and were what else my friends were baptized for John had not yet been thrown into prison then there were rows a dispute between some of John's disciples and the Jews about proof occasion and they came to John and said to him Rabbi who he was with you beyond the Jordan to whom you have testified be you hold he is doing what my friends baptizing and some people are coming to him Are you seeing from the word what did I say all people are going to him now who is telling this to John the Baptists are this some strangers they are the disciples of John the Baptist they have BIG been given a commission to prepare the people for what coming of the Lord Jesus Christ first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ but five things got in their way of accomplishing their mission number one the disciples of John the Baptist became jealous of who the ministry of Christ and Jesus Christ can you imagine that here there were one group was baptizing the other group was baptizing Now we know John tells us that Jesus himself was not baptizing but his disciples were baptizing two groups of people baptizing and there's a controversy the get involved in the controversy about prayer for cation and here they are saying to John the Baptist that everybody is going to Jesus and they are jealous of who the Son of God but whose work are they thinking they're doing the work of God How do they get to that point because they were majoring in minors number one to them they were more worried about their numbers public perception of the effectiveness of their ministry imperfect ation that they became jealous of the Son of God Himself majoring in miners. Number two how did they lose their mission the disciples had false litmus tests and silver bullets in their mind only they could baptize or probably had the true perfect ation after all John the Baptist was a voice in the wilderness revered and feared by the religious leaders and the rulers of the time Jesus Christ he did not look like the messiah he was a carpenter from Nazareth He did not look like the expectation of a King so since he did not look like a king he must be an impostor number three how did it lose their mission and their vision that they started to fall into the sin of what I call institutional rivalry if they're not under our brand hurt under our control then they are our enemy yes they might be doing a good work but they are not us they were so caught up in the waves that they were creating that they could not see that God was preparing a tsunami in the son of Jesus Christ that wanted to become the managers of the Holy Spirit so as a result they missed the Son of God It went to John the Baptist and they said that verse twenty six and it came to John and said Rabbi he who was with you be on the Jordan to whom you have testified be hold he has baptizing and all are coming to him now is that true that everybody was going to Jesus at this point in time probably not there were still some people that were going probably to John the Baptist but they were jealous and when we have a spirit of institutional rivalry my friend it leads to a spirit of in serve ordination The Bible doesn't tell us for sure that the disciples of John did not respect Christ but we know that some of John's disciples would have been present at Christ baptism because in verse twenty six what do they say. And they came to John and said to him Rabbi what he who was with you where beyond the Jordan. Them means that some of them were there and they witnessed what God was doing in acknowledging his son they also heard by the way before we get to this point in John Chapter three more than seven times John is telling them that he is not the Son of God He is not the Messiah but he acknowledged who was the one the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world to take away the sins of the world who was that Jesus were his disciples there probably yes because the said they knew he was with Jesus beyond the Jordan they knew that Christ was the Messiah. Or that John the Baptist acknowledged that he was the Messiah. But because there were so come by public pressure and cultural expectation by the Jews questioning the effectiveness of their ministry of purification they challenge the calling of the public ministry of Christ and in directly the voice of God Himself consequently number five the four God who they were they were called to be ushers in the first coming of God but here they were they were fighting the very Son of God such an event is not new to mankind Heaven knows about such an event but John the Baptist was not caught or swayed by this pressure though the Spirit of Prophecy tells us that at this point in time John the Baptist had more influence than Christ but he was not swayed by fame money or power he knew where he was going. So whatever old block was in front of him it did not matter because he knew where he was going do you know where you're going G Y C John the Baptist did not major in minors because he has gone to the Word of God and had read the prophecy about the Messiah and understood the meaning behind a century service he knew he was the Lamb of God who take us away the sins of the world or so he did not major in minus John the Baptist did not fall for false litmus tests of silver bullets again he knew what mattered because he had studied the Word of God and he knew that though men may be baptized with water Jesus will baptize with fire the ultimate proof occasion and see was not swayed by institutional rivalry by self because he wanted the glory of God above his own a couple of months later we know what happens to John the Baptist he is beheaded alone in the dungeon but he knew where he was going number four John the Baptist's knew where he was going even towards the end of his life as he was about to face death and was tempted to question God If God If Jesus Christ was truly the Messiah because the pressures were getting more he was experiencing more pressure and more pressure and more pressure but he yielded to the voice of God because God said Jesus cross was the Messiah he accepted though his feelings maybe were not aligned but he chose obedience over feeling and lastly John the Baptist did not forget who he was. He did not forget who he was in the eyes of God and what God had called him to he knew that he was called to be a voice in the wilderness preparing the way for what my friend the first coming up through of Jesus Christ so when he heard the voice go with me to verse twenty nine this is what he says he who he will has the bride is the bridegroom but the friend of the bridegroom who stands in hears his voice read Joyce is greatly because of who my friend the bride groom's voice therefore there is joy of mine is what my friends is fulfilled and the famous verse he must increase but what my friends I must decrease G.Y. sees it your vision today. To go back to the Word of God to go back to the Bible to the Spirit of Prophecy to go back to the people of God and be active in your local church or to go to the ends of the earth and proclaim the three angels message. Not for the glory of men but for the glory of God I believe that this generation can be the greatest generation if they know where they're going Jesus has allowed us to be alive of such a time as this I am a church pastor and as a pastor some of you pastors know that you bury people most people call you. Either when they are getting married when they are burying a loved one on this day I had to bury a man who was ninety five years old this man was no ordinary an ordinary man he had a living memory of John Harvey Kellog I have the privilege of passing the oldest congregation in Adventism Jackson Michigan where Ellen G. White had some of her great controversy visions and where she was attacked by the devil my other church is called Bunker Hill. And this is where this man was and he had actually as his record he had the record of some of the pioneers typing how the Paid Time Off hand written copies of that this ninety five year old men longed to see Jesus come in his lifetime he had spent almost every ounce of his life trying to hasten the Lord's coming preaching being there almost at every board meeting he could resign Psalm ninety one by heart at ninety five years old he had trained his mind everything that he could do to hasten the Lord's coming but here I was bearing him he had the chance he longed for the moment and we today my friends can see Jesus come in our lifetime Amen are we going to rise to the OK Asian. Or are we going to play church we're going to play a religion we are going to be like John the Baptist disciples and fight against God more than any of us here today Jesus wants to come back and what he's waiting for is for people who are willing to see him come back more than anything else I want to make an appeal to you today my friend three appeals the first appeal. Is if you're willing to commit to read the Bible and the conflict of the ages series in two thousand and eighteen all of it. From patriarchs from prophets and kings one pitchforks and prophets prophets and kings desire of ages acts of the Apostle and great controversy. And the Word of God. If you're willing to make that commitment I will invite you to stand. To read the Word of God in one year. And the conflict of the ages. Appeal number two. It is if you are willing to commit. To win one soul to Christ. In two thousand and eighteen. If you said Lord I am committing to this I will invite you to come to the front. And make a public stand to say Lord I am committing to leading one soul to Christ in two thousand and eighteen. Amen. Amen appeal number two. Number three. If you have sense God's call to call you to be a missionary. To the end of the earth. And you know that God is calling you you might be a C.E.O. of a company you might be a lawyer you might be a doctor you might be a pastor but you know that your call is to go overseas. And you want to make that commitment today. Not harden your heart and go where God is calling you to. Invite you to come to the front. And a man. Lesley at every meeting. I always want to ask and give the oh poor Trinity. If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Please come to the front now I'll be down here and I like to meet with you. I like to pray with you. And I like to give you know fortunately to give your life to Christ. Let's pray together my friend. There have been a father. Today thousands of people. Have committed. To read your words. They have also committed father to win as soul for Christ. Some have also committed to go to the ends of the earth. To the end of the year. And give their life to you all the way. Others as well have committed to be baptized or to accept Jesus Christ for the first time as their personal savior. Lord I pray for them. I want each and every one of them. To be. Including myself. Save us Lord save us Lord and may we arise arise and arise for light has come in the name of Jesus we pray. Amen. And the Lord be with you my friend and may you feel you with this Holy Spirit. A man. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C I support the ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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