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Remnant Surrender

Wes Peppers
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Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • December 30, 2017
    10:45 AM


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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seven thousand conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at Deb you Deb you depute dot. Org. Good morning to you Y C. Happy Sabbath. It is a blast opportunity to join you today for worshipping our Lord and Savior amen the only place greater we can imagine being than here right now would be to be face to face before His throne in Heaven It's my prayer today that this will be the last G.Y. see that we have to celebrate here on earth amen but that the next he Y.C. might be before His throne on the pearly sea of glass Amen I'm of you have that fear as well this morning I want to thank you for being here thank those that are watching online around the world and I want to give a special greeting to my family who are watching my children and my father and mother and others are watching as well I appreciate that and this week I have not been feeling very well in fact just Monday night I was in the emergency room with vomiting and fever and flu and all kinds of things in throughout this week it's been up and down I gave five seminars just yesterday and Friday and I'll tell you friends that the power of God was present when I needed his strength the most it was there and I heard this morning that more than a thousand people gathered into the prayer room. And we're asking Gonz blessing to be poured out so I praise God today that all of you are here and I hope that you're prayed up because we're going to be studying the power of God's word this morning Amen Are you ready for a Sabbath blessing today amen the tide of our message this morning is run that surrender and that's what we need to experience in our lives as God's people living in the last days before we go any farther we're just going to ask the Lord's presence to be with us so I would like to invite you to buy your heads and I'm going to kneel this morning as we seek his blessing Father in heaven today we are so grateful to be in your presence today Lord we would hide behind the cross we would not yet see those stand its shadow but we would stand in its glorious light and truth and we pray today father that the Spirit of God would touch our hearts that he would move upon us and that Jesus would be seen and known that we would experience the power of your spirit changing our hearts bringing conviction bringing. A change a transformation that we so desperately need and we pray Father today that we would not be the same people when we leave as when we came board I am not worthy to stand on this platform today but by the power of your grace it shall be sold and I pray Lord that you would hide this man behind your grace and your son Lord Jesus that the people would see him today and not me that all have been would shine down all have and would look upon us this hour and have been would be gathered together in this place but not just in the room Lord but in our hearts and we ask your spirit now to come and speak to us through the Word of God which is the Lord Jesus and we ask it in his name but all God's people say amen. As Seventh Day Adventists we have a rich heritage a man as Seventh Day Adventists we have held to the great Protestant Reformation the theme of sola scriptura we have built upon the great faith of men and women who have given their lives who have given their hearts who have given their wealth who have given everything that they had to stand firm on a faith that we have cherished for centuries and the ages of darkness this very year we celebrated the five hundred year of the Protestant Reformation and there was a call given for many world leaders to actually put an end to that reformation but a Seventh Day Adventist we believe that the reformation will not come into an end I took the Lord Jesus comes in the pubs of heaven to take his people home. As an admin is people we have a specific biblical identity we are not just another Protestant denomination within that Protestant Reformation but we believe that we are the prophet movement of buy and of Bible prophecy that would bring a climax to that great reformation we believe a Seventh Day Adventist that we are just not another prophet movement but we are the remnant church of Bible prophecy we are the final piece to the long puzzle of the great controversy that God is seeking to put in place to make to compete to make the picture completes. We believe the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation we believe and have a strong understanding that the roots of our very existence are contained in Bible prophecy and fact in the Book of Revelation Chapter ten we find the origin of this movement brothers and sisters friends today the rise of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the course of human history is not a mere coincidence but it was predicted and revealed in prophecy thousands of years before it began we can be sure as a Seventh Day Adventists a day that we are God's movement for the last days for the Bible says so. And the prophecies. That we have preached is that dentist for the last hundred fifty years are coming true before our very eyes they are coming to pass like never before in earth's history and the last five years but especially in the last year more profitable than to have taken place in our time than any other course in history. We can be confident that what we have believed what we have purchased preached and what we have proclaimed is the truth because we see the bible coming alive before our eyes every day in the newspapers we see it our prophet message in many ways is no longer profit it truth but present truth what we have preached just ten years ago we see happening now I say all these things not boastfully but humbly because to put it plainly even though we have had these gifts of prophecy and truth and his church without any Could we have it without any credit to ourselves no man can boast in it but I fear that we fallen short in appreciating it and the way that we should I fear that we have not been broken in humility at the great weight of responsibility that Bart has laid upon us to warn the world I fear like that we are overindulged children we have been selfish and arrogance and the way that we have dealt with the blessings that God has given his regiment church. We have had a mission as a people of destiny specifically in Revelation Chapter ten verses Levon the Bible tells us that we are to rise and prophesied again after the great disappointment which is speaking to our generation today the Bible calls us to prophesied again to many people nations and tones we are called to carry a message to the whole world that will give the last great appeal for a broken world to receive Christ and prepare them for the second coming of Jesus this is the three angels message and we are commissioned to carry Christ of those who know him not and to carry the truth to others who know him well. We are called to call the world out of Babylon both in its pagan and its a POS state Christian forums we are challenged to call his run that people out of false movements into his run that church God has run the people in every church or a man but he only has it in every church but he only has one Roman Church and yet somehow we have failed in our mission somehow Currently we are failing in it this somehow is not a mystery today we are going to put our finger directly on it this morning part of it is that though we are called to call others out of Babylon Babylon is alive and well in our own hearts before we can call a people out of Babylon we have to allow God to remove Babylon out of our own lives and it is sad brothers and sisters very sad that the state of affairs in Babylon and the unity that they are experiencing is greater than that of God's remnant Church in fact they are also Babylon is also a prophet it movements and it is fulfilling its prophet it desperately destiny currently much better than God's own people. And it is rapidly fulfilling its destiny we are the remnant movements wine are are they fulfilling it because we are the remnant church run that movement we are not living remnant lives we are not fulfilling the fullness of our profit destiny they understand their destiny and they are moving in orchestrated unity to accomplish it in fact I believe that in many ways God has restrained them because his people are not ready. God is calling today his run it church to rise and shine Babylon may arise it may unite but it does not shine it does not shine with the Light of Heaven or the beauty of its truth but God's people are called to rise and shine by possessing his character his righteousness and his true for you but God's people however one thing that we have in common with Babylon is that we are not shining either. At least in the fullness of our potential This morning we're going to discover the one thing that we're doing poorly we're going to discover the one thing that is the answer to all of the things we're going to discover what it is that continues to play God's people and we're going to find a solution that will allow us to rise and shine like never before in the book of second Corinthians Chapter eleven verses two and three of the Bible says Brian jealous for you with a godly jealousy forever be trolled you to one husband that I may present to you as H. present you as I chase virgin to Christ but I fear lest somehow as the serpent the seed Eve bias craftiness So your minds may be corrupted. From the simplicity that is in Christ friends today the answer to our troubles the challenge to our weakness as that we have forgotten the simplicity that is in the Lord Jesus it seems that as a church though we have had a clear truth and a clear mission a clear purpose we have somehow missed the simplicity of the righteousness of Christ to transform and empower our daily lives because our bow we've known the truth as a people although we've had the doctor in spite of the last days we have not been transformed our hearts have not been changed by the power and the simplicity of the Word of God that reveals Christ as a person to us we have been a scripture base people since our existence a then. We have been a Sabbath keeping people. We have been a second coming proclaiming people but brothers and sisters today we have not been a surrendered living people we have not been called to simply preach the character and righteousness of Christ but we have been called those of people to possess it. We have failed in our mission because we have not been just called to carry Christ to the world but to actually reveal Christ to the world. Through our lives through our characters through our persons. We have not yet seen God's glory arise in Shi'a in us because we have not fully surrendered our hearts to receive His righteousness and character and yet guard it is mercy and they teach team text of our conference I say a sixty verse one says All Rise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you before this can happen though we must have an experience with the Spirit of God that transforms our lives goes me please to the book of second Timothy Chapter three second Timothy Chapter three. I'm going to take a look at a passage that I believe directly correlates with our theme this morning second Timothy Chapter three and it's a passage that I believe that most of you are probably very familiar with. It's a letter from the Apostle Paul to a young person named Timothy Now Timothy many of you can identify with because Timothy was a young man growing up in the church we know that he was at least a third generation Christian because poss speaks about his mother and his grandmother who taught him the Scriptures Timothy was a faithful young man most of you in this room can identify with Timothy he was a young person he was raised in the church and he strove to be faithful and true he would have loved G Y C and then he would have loved to have been here and fact if he was here today I would sit down and let him preach. Timothy was a wonderful young man and God spoke to him through the Apostle Paul Paul tells Timothy in verse ten he says of chapter three second Timothy three verse ten but you have carefully followed my doctrine my manner of life my purpose my faith my long suffering my love perseverance persecutions afflictions which happened to me at Antioch and I can only have been Lyster of what persecutions I endured and out of them the Lord delivered me the Bible tells us dear friends that it's Christians we are going to suffer persecution in the book great controversy we're told that the reason God's church today does not experience persecution is because it is not living the lives that God has called us to live and if we were to live that kind of a life like the early church lived that the purse or the persecution want to rise again but reason today that the unbelieving world will mock God's church and mock God's people is because there is no power of God in our lives because we are living a form of godliness but the night its power but Paul tells Timothy he goes on and he says in verse fourteen versus thirteen but evil men in impostors will grow worse and worse the see the end being see friends are we not seeing that in today's world are we not seeing that even in the church today. He goes on and says that despite all of these things despite the difficulties that God's Church may face despite the persecution that God's Church may face despite the deception and the apostasy that might creep in through individuals who are led astray he says this one thing and this must be the theme of our hearts today if God is going to call us to arise verse fourteen he says but you must continue you must do whatever one you must continue and the things which you have learned and been assured of knowing from whom you have learned them and that from childhood you have known the holy scriptures which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus Paul urges Timothy and the early days when he was about himself to depart from the earth when he understood through visions that the Lord had given him that things would creep in apostasy would come in after he was gone he urges Timothy to continue and the word which first sent him free and as a movement of people to day as God's Final people on whom he's going to rise and shine I'm appealing to you to day that we also must continue in that which he has given us at the beginning. The Word of God which reveals the truth and the person of Christ must be are encouraged in these last days verse fifteen he speaks in Sarah's got the Holy Scriptures are able to make you wise by the way he's speaking of which tests which of which Scriptures is he speaking about he's speaking about the Old Testament of course of flies to the New Testament as well but the beauty of the Old Testament is that if that's all we had you could find faith you could find wisdom you can find salvation and you can find Jesus and the Old Testament Scriptures say man we're not a New Testament church we're not an Old Testament church we're a Bible church a man we believe in the truth of God's word he continues on and says All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction. And instruction in righteousness we know that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and I'm going to say this because of the dangers that are creeping in to our church today if all scripture is given by inspiration of God and the Holy Spirit is not a person the first person of the Godhead. Then the Bible cannot be a living documents it cannot be truly the revelation of Christ but is just a book of an impersonal force that has no relevance for us today we believe in the three person Godhead as a search and that we believe in the truth of the Holy Spirit to reveal Christ to us and change our lives we believe that he's a real person or we believe that he is the revealer of truth and that he convicts our hearts no force can bring the personal conviction and comfort to our hearts unless he's truly a person of the Godhead in that. Verse seventeen I'm sorry he says sixteen all scripture is given by inspiration of God and profitable for doctrine you see friends the Word of God has the power to transform our lives yes or no it has the power to allow the righteousness of Christ to cover us I remember there was this man named John number of years ago I was doing a meeting in Alabama for my father in law's church and this man came to the meetings and he didn't know how to read but he knew what the Bible said because every night his wife would read to him the scripture she would speak to him and she would read chapter is at a time and he came in to me and he said the very first night of the meetings he said listen preacher I'm here to tell you something I said I'm listening and he said if I hear one thing come out of your mouth that is not in harmony with the Bible he says I'm telling you now that me and my family will get up and leave and I said Brother I hope you do and I hope you tell everyone else that they should leave to. That brother came the next night he came the next night and the next night he came every night throughout the series at the end of the meetings here and his wife were baptized later his son was baptized a little later his other son was baptized a little some time after that he began to learn to read by using the Bible it wasn't long before he was up on the platform doing the scripture reading and then several months after that he preached his first sermon the Bible taught the man how to read and now he reads fluently and he's a deacon in the church a faithful man of God This is what the power of God's Word will do for our lives today and then I want to read a quote for you from the book Christian Education Page one eighteen the Bible is the only rule of faith and doctrine there is nothing more calculated to energize the mind and straight in the intellect then the study of the word of Gong no other book is so potent elevate the thoughts to give vigor to the faculties as the broad ennobling trues of the Bible if God's word were studied as it should be men would have a breadth of mind a nobility of character and a stability of purpose that is rarely seen in these times if you want those qualities today friends you need to spend time studying God's word Amen too often we are taking these little one page devotionals or watching these little two or three minute devotional videos and we are lacking a true experience in the Word of God we are lacking deep bible study in our lives we are lack that leads us to repentance and confession of our sin and our hearts are paying the price because of it because we go further and further away from God's ideal in our lives but if we will make it our work to draw near to him in the word he will transform us. He goes on in verse sixteen he says that the Word of God is profitable for watch for doctrine as seventy have been a suite have one creed and what is it friends we have the Bible is our creed we believe that the whole Bible is inspired We believe that our doctrine is true and fact Jesus gives rebuke to the churches and Revelation Chapter two and three many of them because of their doctrine but to The Last Church the Church of Laodicea he gives no doctrinal rebuke because our doctrines are true they are the remnant doctrines we have never had a problem with our doctrines recently we have a many people have problems with them but in of themselves they are pure and true a man but the doctrine of the some they have this church has not been the problem the great view to the Laodicean church is not for doctrine but because the condition of their hearts and our preaching and teaching of the power of Christ is not revealed to the doctrine it becomes dry as a bone the work of God's Spirit must transform us through the messages we preach you see friends it's possible to be a strict legal in and act like an abnormal. It's possible to eat very clean and act like a pig. And you can preach the Sabbath you can preach the second coming. You can preach the sakes you wary but if your heart is not connected to the Christ that gave the doctrine. But your life will be as filthy as a pig that you refrain from eating it's possible to be on the right your side of hell but on the wrong side of heaven. If the Christ who gave the doctrine isn't changing the heart to live above the carnal flash of our natural nature then we have made a great sin of separating Christ from his truth. We must defend the truth from apostasy but we must also be transformed by awful stolid love for those who disagree with us those who slander us or those who openly attack us whether you view yourself on the conservative side of Adventism or on the liberal side of advantages I'm. It doesn't really matter if we do not love as Christ's love while maintaining the truth it's all in vain. You see the world church still has a forty because the pureness of our doctrine the world church still has authority Satan lost his authority in heaven because he went contrary to God's word Adam and Eve lost Eden for the same reason the world was lost to the flood because it went contrary to the world of got word of gone Saul lost his kingdom today that because of the same reason in the book of Acts that the church had authority and powers because it remained faithful to God's word and its voted actions. The world church today the General Conference in session has not taken a vote that has gone directly contrary to the word of gone therefore it still has a spiritual and ecclesiastical forty as a body that God's people should submit to as long as it remains faithful to the word. We need to support our world church because of the doctrine that unites us is pure and true. He goes on and he says it is profitable for doctrine and for rebuke if you turn with me to the book of Hebrews Chapter four. Hebrews Chapter four. And the Bible speaks to us very loud and clear he says for the Word of God in verse twelve where the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword piercing even to the vision of Saul in spirit and the joint Samaritan and is a discerner of the thoughts and the intent of the heart when you open the Word of God and you read and understand the truth there when you open the Word of God you come face to face with a living Christ who begins to speak to your soul and as you see that which is true an ideal of God's Word it begins to reveal what is untrue and an ideal and your own life and the beauty of the Word of God is that it knows every excuse and knows every hour of motivation and knows every secret thing in your heart and it reveals it and it lays us bare before a living God who is holy just and righteous and we see ourselves as we really are we see him for who he really is and we realize the great depth of chasm that is between us and him but all dear friends the mercy of God to us today to give us a rebuke you see friends we don't need cool catchy phrases or entertaining preachers we just need the straight untainted naked truth to speak to our minds and our hearts to cause to repentance and transform our lives Isaiah sixty verse two says For behold the darkness shall cover the earth and deep darkness the people there's been a lot of darkness and the jury of our church there's a lot of darkness today in the church and I want to speak to some of that just now many of us instead of allowing the Word of God to cut our hearts out we have ourselves upon Atman a sculpture for many of us like Esau in the House of Isaac we've been raised in the truth but have not allowed the truth to transform us we have taken advantage of the benefits of that been a sculpture that God is blessed with we used it for our own selfish gratification similar to the cup of soup that symbolized the appetite in flesh of the world that Esau sold his birthright for some of us have sold our birthrights some of us are sold our blessing for much less than a cup of soup. Some of you today are going to medical school or nursing school or business school or some kind of professional at which you're going to be very influential in the world you're probably going to make a lot of money. And some have spoken to many young people and they said I'm going into this business because I want to make a lot of money I want to live that kind of a lifestyle but let me tell you friends God is not called you to that kind of a lifestyle if he has placed you and such a position he expects that you be a servant to his cause he has not called you to live within your means he has not called you to live a worldly luxury a slice style but he has called you to live within your needs and then to use your means to further his cause. At the end of the day we have to make an idolatry out of academics we have to get our degrees and make our money some of you got his called into missionary service all of us called it a missionary service some of you he's called into full time service and you run away from it because you're chasing the world and you're constantly looking over your shoulder to see if he's following and years following because he want you to turn your life around and he wants you to give yourself wholeheartedly to him. Some of you have told your parents you want to go and serve in a missionary service and when you told your parents that they had a fit and they said what are you talking about you need to get your degree if you get that job you need to make that money. But God has called you something more than that today but it's hard to do something greater than that we've adopted as we have progressed and rely upon admin to scull Ciar now it seems that coming into the church is the world's culture we relied upon to Avernus culture and our heritage until now the world is crept in and as we've become weaken the word we've been caught up in various social movements set of cause strife and contentious why because no social justice movement can change the human heart it's. Social justice movements have their place but they're certainly not the gospel only the Gospel can change your heart is social justice alone could solve the world's problems then Jesus would have allowed his disciples to crown him peeing. The gospel is the greatest solution friends to social injustice a transformed hearts you will never solve racism social or economical justice injustice without the purity of the Gospel changing the life. We've often through our culture become reliant upon the ever changing and degrading culture restaurant society private use and ideals we've rather than the timeless principles of God's word we've leaned upon personal narratives or momentary emotions about sensitive topics we think that if someone shares a story about their journey or about their experience that somehow becomes levelled with the same authority as the word of gone this is cause a lot of confusion among young people today but let me tell you what friends know biography a personal journey or experience should deviate our focus from the truth as God's word and change us no matter what your name we've had it doesn't matter how we were born we can be born again. I love that. I want to be born again and then. We must love we must be compassion we must sympathize but we must point people to the Savior who is able to transform the depths of their souls. It's not social culture that drives us with or be Western culture American culture or seven they haven't it's culture but it must be Heaven's culture and the pure ways of Heaven's culture are contained in the Bible and the spirit of prophecy today. The cultural mindset has led to a big change that's occurred in the church where we went from serving the church to wanting the church to serve us YOUR of the church so if you're waiting for the church to serve you you have entered into idolatry because you're worshipping yourself the popularity of American culture does not trump the Word of God collages to verse eight says beware lest anyone cheats you through philosophy it empty deceit according to the Christians of men according to the basic principles of the world and not according to Christ when men choose to have their own way without seeking counsel from gone this is from paycheck to profits point six zero five or an opposition to his revealed will he often grants their desires an order that through the bitter experience that follows He made they may be led to realize their folly and repent of their sin human pride and wisdom will prove a dangerous gone. That which the heart desires contrary to the will of God within the and be found a curse rather than a blessing and how often will too many of us when that happens we want to blame God himself for the problems we've gotten ourselves into if Jesus today's interceding twenty four seven for you then he expects us to be receiving his power twenty four seven and to be Christians twenty four seven how we respond to the trials of our faith say much more about our characters than it does his We've loved comforts we come to gee why seeing we get get addicted to the environments we like the nice hotels we like the good meals but if we slept in bars and had to have a bowl of rice per day as some do around the world we have such meetings how many of us would still come compromise to promote. Comfort decline spirituality we cannot afford to live comfortably at the expense of spirituality because God's calling our lives cannot be compromised by our comfort or our pleasure we need to stop trying to feel good. And rather choose good as it was said by the great seats virgin there are no crown wearers in having who are not cross bearers on earth. We live in a time when people want to take the way the cross that Christ has called us to bear rather than challenging people and encouraging them to carry it we often deal with the same to vacation I call it where when we come into the church we saw the beauty in the spirit of grace that transformed our lives and we were walking in the purity in the blessedness of fellowship with gone but as we ceased to watch and pray things began to shift in our lives of honest even realizing it and the things that were once precious to us the things I would want once important to us the truth is that we bore in our hearts began to slowly eroded away and before we know become indifferent to this thing and that thing we begin to compromise in our lives and the church becomes irrelevant to us and we think there are selves we need to leave it we've been in thrall We've been an hour with the peril of novelty we want what's new but God says you don't need what's new you need what is needed. And God is not going to give us anything new until we've done what he's already said hypocrisy many people talk about hypocrisy. You see pup ocracy is not a problem in the church it's a problem in our hearts and many people say well you know my parents they they did this and they did that and and they were faithful and and they would act one way at church and one way at home so therefore I'm going to leave the church I don't need the church while the rarity is this you understood enough truth to recognize that they were hypocritical and you leave the church because they're hypocritical the Met also makes you a hypocrite why because of you know the truth and reject it because someone else is not following it then that doesn't allow you to escape you are also a hypocrite if you know the truth live it in you know the truth surrender yourself to Christ and one other point of darkness is straight up worldliness that we have engaged in social media some of us post admin as lean go or church politics on Facebook's Like we didn't have any non administering non-Christian friends you think you're going to draw people into the church that way you're fooled. Others post things on there like they've never heard of Christ or Adventism even though we've suppose to have known him our whole lives some of us are caught up in sports or fashion or competition in various ways or false relationships relationships with a young man or young woman that we shouldn't find ourselves in all kinds of worldly nests and Jesus rebuked us for it all but he rebukes us because of his tender love for us and his desire for us to be saying you see there are two skylines of sin those that are acceptable and those that are unacceptable How do we know the difference the acceptable ones are mine the unacceptable ones are yours but aren't you thankful that God doesn't leave us there though he gives the rebuke in the same verse he says the Word of God is also profitable for correction for what everyone for correction you see God doesn't want to just rebuke us he wants to correct us. How we are thankful for that Isaiah sixty verse two he says but the Lord will rise over you and His glory will be seen upon you though we've been in sin he's going to arise us he's going to call us out I want to hear you share with you testimonies Volume two page four fifty three known are so low so corrupt and vile that they cannot find in Jesus who died for them strength purity and righteousness if they will put away their sins cease their course of iniquity and turn with full purpose of heart to the living God He is waiting to strip them of their garments stained and polluted by sin and put on them the white robes of righteousness and he bids them live and not die. In him they may flourish their branches will not wither or be fruitless of they abide in Him they can draw SAP and nourishment from him be imbued with his spirit walk as he walked overcame as he overcame and be exalted to his own right hand I'll tell you a story today two thousand and nine I had cancer I almost died some of you know that story God worked a miracle in my life I don't have time to tell that story today but he he basically resurrected me from the dead I've had cancer twice I've had a skin cancer I have had the other cancer a terrible blood infection but when Garman Rakhal slee saved me I was so grateful I was so happy and I thought to myself Surely God has raised me up and saved me because he wants me to preach His truth he wants me to preach his word his message and then one day I was sitting at home at my desk in my office and I came across this letter that Ellen White had written to a man and she said to him he had had a very similar experiences I he had laid on his death bed and she says God was merciful to you to raise you up from the dead she said Garda healed you she says but you have thought that God was Mercer for to you because of some righteousness that was found in you and then she tell told him that the true reason God made you well was because you were unprepared to die. She said to the man Satan stood by your birth side ready to take your life and guard in his abundant mercy rescued you to give you another chance to clean to him and him alone to make the false surrender of your life. She said Do not waste it do not waste it and friends let me tell you when I read that letter I wept and was broken before the Lord for more than two hours I cried at my desk recognizing that there was no good thing in me that I could recommend to him but I could only trust in His righteousness the eight hundred ninety three general conference session was one of the greatest sessions in the history of Adventism many appeals were made. And this is the correction that as a church in our pride and in our arrogance that we need eighteen Jones made the statements our goodness our wisdom our ability our Nothing and White says that if we are to praise brilliance of you're to praise the celebrity speakers of the brilliance of how someone delivers them as she says if we're to praise brilliance has a great virtue then we should give her our MS to Satan because he is the greatest brilliant mind outside of God Himself our goodness wisdom our ability our nothing but God can work and will work with a heart that is emptied of self a heart that has made no reserve and one that has yielded all to God and laid upon his altar we must repent of our works that we have attempted in our own strength bros and sisters not just our bad works not just the losing of our tempers not just the overindulgence has not just all the things the secret since that we've done but we must also repent of our good works that we have done in our own strength there are lots of people doing great things and their own strength but they are adding a loss of laying a hold of divine strain. And friends we must repent of even our good works because if Jesus had of done them through us they would have been a thousand times better infinitely better. A permanent sense of unworthiness by looking to Christ recognizing his goodness to make us worthy repentance and confession or the only way out of sin and darkness W.W. Prescott made the statement he said what can I say about this these things are as plain as a B. C. that right just this is the gift of gone that all in the world they ask us to do is submit to the receiving of it to open the door to confession repentance and closing every door to Satan by accepting him in his simplicity I find this interesting that at the greatest general conference session where the Latter Rain was almost beginning to be poured out that eighty Jones in his final appeal made this statement he said the righteousness of gone upon his people is the one thing the only thing that can fit up God's people for receiving the promise of the Holy Spirit and the outpouring of it and when that message is received then accepted gladly God tells you and me guess what friends all rise. For they live is come in the glory the Lord has risen upon the same appeal that was made very clear is made here today that the righteousness of Christ would be our only plea that only as we become like little children with genuine humility and sincere honesty about ourselves and our own failings individually and as a church can God truly bring healing to our lives I remember a couple of years ago I was with my son and he was about three years old at that time and there was a particular sin that I was wrestling with that I was tempted with and my son was in the room and I thought to myself it was very difficult for me to resist it was just one of those moments when you know we all have. And that over with that temptation was overwhelming and I thought to myself but but your son is right here he's going to see it and I thought to myself you know he won't see it it won't impact him and just as I was about to surrender my will to the enemy I was I was I was reaching out my hand to hand him my will and my little three year old son began to sing the song Jesus loves me beside No four The Bible tells me so little ones to Him belong they are weak but he is strong yes Jesus Loves Me Yes Jesus loves me he loves me for the Bible Tells Me So God's desire is to set us free from everything in our life that would hinder us from giving ourselves totally to him and a person will truly understand righteousness by faith when they realize that it's their only hope and for you and I today both individually and collectively as a church it is our only hope we must not only be safe from the penalty of sin but also the power of sin before we can be face to face face to face with God free from the presence of sin God is not a just in the business of redeeming us but he actually wants to restore his image and character in us. And in that way we will become complete and in Timothy verse seventeen back in seventy three seventeen he says all these things the instruction in righteousness the correction the reproof but the man of God may be what friends are perfect or complete and be fully equipped for every good work. In this final movements of Earth's history we must continue and the Word of God that reveals the Christ's righteousness of Christ to us and we must daily exercise our faith in Jesus. So that we can develop the faith of Jesus not just for a transformation for our own hearts but for the transformation of God's church. Isaiah sixty verse three when this takes place God's then says the Gentiles shall come to your lyings the keens to the brightness of your rising dear friends today I want to appeal with this quote in the number to tell you a story testimonies volume eight verse page two fifty unless the church which is now being love and with their own backsliding shall repaints and be converted she will eat of the fruit of her own doing until she shall of whore herself when she resists the evil and chooses the good when she seeks God with all human humility and reaches her highest calling and Christ standing on the platform of eternal truth by faith laying hold of the attainment prepared for her she will be healed. She will appear in her God given simplicity and purity of serpent from earthly entanglements showing that the truth has made her free indeed then her members will be the chosen of God His representatives we are told in a certain passage that you know very well if my people who are caught by my name will humble themselves pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive and heal their land forgive their sin and heal their land friends we have pondered it we have preached it we have prayed about it we have played with it but are we ready now to practice since. We have a run that people run that movement with a run that truth but we need a remnant surrender if we do not have this experience and we will die in the wilderness like all the generations before us and as my wife my precious wife comes to sing I'm going to tell a story and then I'm going to make an appeal to you this morning my good friend John. When I was that amazing facts he was one of our after Coast students he was a wonderful guy one of the nicest guys will ever meet I just talked to him last night John was caught up in gangs and drugs and alcohol and a terrible life he was always carrying a gun fearing that he may have to kill that any time just to save themselves but God delivered him out of than it and brought him to a wonderful experience with himself following that he came to ask oh and then he went to be a bible worker but as it would happen John began to fall away from Jesus and he began to go back to his own lifestyle he began to go back into drugs he got back involved with a gang and he was a he just bought a gun to begin selling drugs again this happened just last year when he was at a party he met this guy had never met him before and this guy invited him out back to do drugs with him so he went out back and John told the man he said just wait right here for a minute he said I'm going to go over here and he needed to use a bathroom he says and I'll be right back when John went over to this other spot it was dark a gang came out of the shadows and they began to confront John and they began to beat him on. The other man saw what was happening and ran over to try to help John what he did they turned their wrath upon him and they began to beat him down to the ground and they stabbed him more than twenty times and the man died. And then they left John was left in mercy alive. Later when John recovered from it he recognized that the man. Who had taken his place his name was Jesus has Seuss and he realized that because of money sin. Because of my falling away because of my backsliding this man had to die and he took my place and all of a sudden the reality of what Jesus had done for him became alive for him like never before and it broke his heart and he came back to the church and he was just baptized last month rebaptized Do you realize today friends what it really means for Jesus to take your place do you really mean and understand the price that was paid for your eternal salvation do you realize the price that was paid do you recognize today the condition of your heart and that it is a heart of stone if you recognize today that we need a new heart we got no problems with the doctrine we got no problems with the truth but we got a problem with our own heart and Jesus points are to it today and he says it must be change if you are not to die in the wilderness today I'm going to make an appeal and we must rise but in the righteousness of Christ alone and as my wife seeings today I'm going to make three appeals number one. There may be those of you who have not been here all week. But God but you've been here today and God is speaking to your heart he wants to transform your life and you've never been baptized or you've been baptized you've been falling away and you've fallen away and you recognize that you need the right since of Christ you're tired of relying upon yourself and you must depend upon him and him alone if it's your desire to be baptized then you just come right up here to the to my left your right and they're going to speak to you and scan your bad so that they can know who you are and follow up with that my second appeal is this. That there are those of you who have run away from the call of God all your life you've run away from his call to missionary service either full time or or or part time. And God is calling you to day to stop running away and start running towards him and you say God Today I answered the call to service I want those good works of Christ to be done in me not my own strength but his. Today you want to repaint of those works from the past and your own strength and you want the renewed strength of God in your life. I'm going to bite you to come up to my right and your left and there will be folks here that will speak to you a mighty bird of pealed today is for voce who say Lord God I need a new heart. I need renewed by the Spirit of God I need to transform the life in God I can't do it on my own. I can only do it through you. I don't want to give all I want to lay on the altar I want a true experience and understanding that Jesus paid it all. I want the church to be transformed I want the church to be alive in a starts with me in a vet's you you could come down to the center I were gray three appeals back to some to my left. Ministry to my right transformed lives and hearts to the Sutter as my dear wife sings. We. Find in me. Seized. The moment to head. To. Use to. Walk. Home My God. Come. On. She would be to God. Had a crew. Here a lot still to. Go in. The home. Care and she gave. Up. And. Still. She. Was. Home. Was still. It's to. Come meet. Her all these. Homes. Had seen. Her. Oh my. Oh my. Just. Father in heaven. Save us from ourselves in spite of ourselves. May the glory of the Lord shine upon us they here arise in our hearts and May our lives take on the righteousness and the character of Jesus that we might shine for you that the glory of your presence may fill the earth. That your people may be ready for the call that you have upon their lives to speak your word to a world that's dying and perishing that needs to know of the God who loves them so. Father. Rai's come now point your people but your spirit fall. May we be changed oh lord. For eternity. Now and forever. We plead with you. That the glory of our own so this may be laid in the dust of the glory of God would be supreme in our hearts today. This is our prayer now we ask it in the precious sweet name of Jesus. On this. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G. Y.C. supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us. Online at W.W.W. dot G. Y.C. Web dot org.


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