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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • December 31, 2017
    9:30 AM


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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot. Org. Gee why C.D.'s love Jesus. Are you sure you love Jesus. And why do you love Jesus. All together big car seat yes love me that reads and we. Love it. The latter she seeing the kids out the car she's a big car thief the sloth me how many of you that's why you are this morning. Amen. What a privilege it is to be here before. I dive head way into our message this morning. I first want to say. Hi Mom then want to say hello to my little four Brax the Lenos. Zenin Murari and my new baby girl Ava. They all prayed for me this morning before I came to preach and I told them when papa gets on T.V. I'll say hello to you. And of course my heart and my best friend my sunrise and my sunset my wife. So thank you for letting me be here if you want to see the minister from my Lord. It's a privilege I miss you to be but. Moving forward this morning. I've been titled My message. Here is your church back here's your church back would you by your hands with me as we pray. Mighty God. Everlasting Father. We are so grateful that in this moment we can be in the audience chamber of the most high. Father we are not worthy to hear from our Creator. But Lord as we gather about your feet we have not come to hear the words of a man but we've come to hear the Word of God. And so we pray that this man who is but dust in your sight that you would speak through him and you would speak to him. Father that Jesus would be lifted up in Jesus would be seen that we may leave this place Trent's Ford not the way that we came. For whatever level we came to G Y C May we finish this final meeting believing that we go home or to Korea to New York or to Carolina or to California to New Mexico having a reason. People find us higher than when we came. This is our prayer and we trust that you will help this to be our experience. For we offer this prayer. From our hearts in the mighty name of Jesus that all of God's people see Amen take your Bibles and turn to the Book of Joshua chapter one. Joshua chapter one when you're there you can see him in. Joshua chapter one. Are we there. The Bible says now after the death of Moses the servant of the Lord it came to pass that the Lord spake unto who until Joshua the son of Nun Moses is minister or Moses is assistant saying Moses My servant is dead now therefore arrives go over this Jordan thou and all this people unto the land which I do give to them even to the children of Israel you know it was January thirtieth two thousand and six. And Carette a Scott King had passed away. She was the widower of the civil rights pioneer Martin Luther King Jr. And at her funeral. There were politicians there were leaders there were community influencers that came to pay their respects to this great man's wife. And one of the comments that was made at her funeral was this. They said Corona took up her husband's work quietly. So that the world would not die from grief from losing him so soon. She recognized that she had to have the courage despite her four children having to help them go through the fact that your father died at the very hands of hatred she had to have the courage to carry on. Despite the fact that she had to deal with all the other leaders and the political jocking in the power struggles that were going to go on in the movement she had to have the courage to carry on. She recognized that the movement was greater than the man. In this was the moment that came to Joshua that Moses who was his hero. Moses who was his leader Moses is the one that changed Joshua was a name from whole Shaya to Joshua Moses was his deliverer from slavery in Egypt Moses was the one that has Joshua sat down at the bottom of the mountain as it shook in the glory of God He watched his mentor his hero go in and commune with the very creator of the universe. And come down with the Ten Commandments. Moses. Had died you see what do you do when you are called to follow greatness. It is easy for us to come to G. Y.C. him be spectators of greatness. We listen to people say Man God is really using this individual god is really using this ministry and all along in the background as Moses raised his hands in part of the Red Sea There was Joshua. And all along when Moses went into the temple and his prayers delivered thousands of people from the venom of snakes and serpents there was Joshua. All along he thought to himself Who could ever replace MOSIS. And surely Moses was God's chosen to lead us to the promised land but on this very morning after thirty days of mourning the loss of this great man God finally spoke to Joshua. And he said Joshua. Moses My servant is dead but the movement is not dead. Moses My servant is dead but guess what the promises are still waiting to be fulfilled you see this is always been the legacy of the people of God When Abraham died Isaac was there and he had to know that the promises still remained even though Abraham died someone had to have the courage to carry on and when Isaac died in blindness and Jacob was there in some foreign land a strange from his only other earthly relative in his brother. Jacob had to have the courage to carry on. When you come down to the Apostle Paul and he's writing to young Timothy and saying look I for a good fight I have kept the faith. But Timothy this is greater than me. You must have the courage to carry on I know the persecution is rough I know that the emperor of Rome is making it difficult for you to do evangelism but she must have the courage to carry on we believe that secularism in post modernism is causing us problems let's go back to ancient Rome. Where it was illegal to be a Christian. Where it was illegal to do exactly what we are doing this morning. To show up was to guarantee certain death Don't tell me you got it hard because all your professors talk about evolution don't tell me you got it hard because well they're preaching all the boring sermons and nothing's really have and will invite people out to church you see Joshua learn something very very very special this day the Book of Joshua teaches us that leadership is important in fact it is more important than the leader himself or herself I remember Charles Spurgeon. Was talking to a minister and as Spurgeon was waxing eloquent about how the minister is a liability to the Gospel. He says because you are Minister because you are preacher because you are Pastor you are a liability to the work of God. God did not call you because you were stronger then your members God did not call you because you were wiser or more spiritual than your members any preacher who is honest with his or her heart knows that if they were not mounting pulpits they would be spiritually done. So Spurgeon said Let me give you an illustration of what I'm talking about he says there was a man on a ship and as it were sailing in the ocean across to America. All the sudden a storm came in. And everyone started panicking saying the ship is not going to make it. So as this man was running around on the ship we're going to die we're going to we're not going to make it. They said look man we need you to have some courage can you do something for us this could save the ship and he said Sure I'll do anything they said Look man you can be a hero right now this is what we need you to do he said Sure I'll do anything he said Take this rope and I want you to pull this rope and hold this rope and don't let go if you let go this may be the end of all of us so I need you to hold this rope with all your life so the man grabbed the rope and he wrapped it around his arm and as he held that rope and he wouldn't let go and people were doing things on the deck people were doing things below the captain was giving orders and finally to storm combed the ship was saved and everybody just went about their business as usual. He was still holding the rope. Then finally he thought Man it's sunny out here like nobody's coming say hey let go of the rope so finally he let go of the rope and he went into the captain's quarters and he said Captain you know I'm walking around and I was holding the rope and you know the ship is safe how come nobody's giving me thanks and he says What are you talking about well they told me to hold the rope and they said this would save the ship they said Brother we told you to hold the rope so you could stay out of the way so we could save the ship. This is the calling to preach. God needs the high Jew in the work so you don't get in a mess stuff up. In other words God doesn't need us God could finish the Gospel by speaking one word he calls us to preach as a privilege for ourselves we must take up the work that Jesus started that the world will not die from grief from losing him so soon. More than anything else the world needs a revelation of Jesus Christ not a discourse not a youtube video not a Facebook post not a snap chat the world needs a revelation of Jesus. To you and so Joshua. Being called to step up in this very moment you know the word arrives is kind of like a nice clinical word we need to arise it just sounds nice but when I started looking up synonyms I said you know I'm the kind of person that when I was growing up people say Sebastian you know you need to get in touch with your feminine side a little bit more you know tenderness compassion you know smile in a picture every once in a while I'm like well if it's a virtue to get in touch with your feminine side then it must be a virtue at some times to get in touch with your masculine side and I believe in so many different ways when we have moved the message forward we've neutered the message and just gone towards the nice tender compassion Jesus died for us as if Jesus died on the cross as a coward. No one has gone through what you're so many worse and no one had the courage to say you know what I'm a given my salvation for someone else. You know at some point in time it's Joshua was stepping up in his mind he had to recognize that guess what Joshua If time for you to be the next man up so instead of just saying let's arise what if we just use the phrase step up. Don't come to me and tell me about all the problems in your church it's time for you to step up. Don't tell me about oh my conference this is my conference that it's time for you to step up my young my youth group you know we're not really having a lot of evangelism and outreach then go out by yourself and step up you know it's so interesting everybody wants the reward but nobody wants to bear the cross. Everybody wants the results and to stand on stage E.G. Y.C. and say guess what look at all the souls we reach you go forth so we in tears that you may reap enjoy. This is why nobody likes to call portering because it's hard. And for boys it is for people who really love souls. And someone asked me they said Sebastian you know what would make you do canvassing for ten years I said you know to be honest. I don't even know what I was doing for ten years but I said when I look back at the years of service and canvasing I recognize what can be seen produced in me. When it's a hundred degrees hundred percent humidity no shade nothing but rejection your sin your thinking yourself What am I doing out here going to houses and I said Brother do you have money in that bag you should not be in this neighborhood. And you still not indoors when you roll up and somebody is dog is Russia now and you're like that dog does not have a leash. And I used to tell people I'm not afraid of what the dog will do to me I'm afraid of what I'll do to their dark. But I member grabbing a young lady said and she was one of my canvassing students and his dog was coming. And it had like an idea was like a Billy's two inches lower than the other eye. And then I have pictures of the dog all around the yard big post that said Beware she said. Mobile one needs support. So I drive up. To this house. And as I'm driving up I see the posters and you see the dog going back and forth in this yard was at least an acre so these dogs running back and forth free. And she's like there's no way we can do this house I said would have this is their last chance to receive the Gospel she said I'm sorry I just I can't do it so I grabbed her by the hand I said Sister I know this may feel inappropriate. But we're going to go to this house. She says What are you doing I say let's go. She is a little Korean girl I pulled her. We started walking into the yard the dog started running to us the girl started screaming. She broke free and ran out of the yard. So I ran out and went and got her again. And we walked back into the grass again. And when we got to the door there was a young man there and after all of this he was like yeah my parents are not home and he was interested in some Bible study so we signed him up and we walked on she says nobody was even here we didn't even sell any books and I said Now you understand what it's like to go to the cross. You're not guaranteed results we don't go to the door for results we go because he commanded us to go. And guess what when I get to heaven this Bordeaux will put on immortality I can survive a dog bite if it's going to save us so how can we don't preach that how can we walk around and say well you know I'm not telling people to go do crazy stuff that's not the point. Don't put yourself in unnecessary harm but recognize if God called a seducer this work he called us to success and whether we see that success here or in heaven is irrelevant because it's time to step up. You know I have to tell you that when Joshua goes forward. Everyone is not called to be a Joshua everyone is not called to be a leader that's clear but everyone is called to cross the Jordan everyone's called to engage the battle on the other side of Jordan. And everyone is called to go in and possess the land. That God is giving to them. You know I go back. To the Bible and look in verse three. The Bible says that as God charges Joshua to arise and go over this Jordan he says in verse three every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon that have I given you as I said unto Moses. Now it's very interesting that people will take this verse and they start doing these you know ZIP code prayer walks we're going to walk around a zip code and we're going to claim this thing because Joshua one three says every place a soul your foot treads Well guess what we're not reading the whole text correctly. It says every place that the soul of your foot shall tread upon and then verse for says from the wilderness and this Lebannon even on to the great river the river Euphrates all the land of the Hittites and into the great sea toward the going down of the sun shall be your coast in other words Lebanon's in the north the wilderness is in the south the Euphrates is on the east and on the other side is the West this is your land. If you tread in any other land you will not have victory God doesn't just send people on like well I'm going to go and I'm going to claim this when you know God is giving you the land you need to focus on and I need to focus on what is God giving to me. So we go home we sometimes focus on this one so that we want to reach this one group of people that we want to reach or say oh you know we have a big homeless problem but what if God wants to give you the wealthy and the influential. But we got no ministry for them all those people are hard they have no need I say yes they do have they don't have Jesus they got everything. But they saw you have his and. You like Jesus you like everything I don't care how big your houses I don't care how much money you have in the brain. I don't care what kind of connections you have or political alliances you don't have Jesus you have nothing. And until we believe that it doesn't matter what color the suit the person is wearing how much money what kind of car he drives or she do you know the Lord or don't you. If you don't YOU GOT need this is the ministry. Joshua goes forward and God says this is the land and the territory that I'm going to give to you. And he outlines the boundaries. Then in verse five he tells him in Joshua chapter one he says there shall not any man be able to stand before you all the days of your work. Of your life as I was with Moses so I will be with who and God says I will not fail you. Know for seeking. You know the funny thing is God told Moses the same thing in Deuteronomy seven twenty four. This is why God is saying you thought that the success of the movement in the wilderness and all these things came about because a most is no it's because my promises were with Moses my presence was with Moses and I told Moses I will not fail so now that you are called to step up into a fresh position. You are now called to see fresh revelations of the faithfulness of God. You don't have to be afraid to step up because as he was with the great men and women before you he's going to be with you in the same way. Listen brothers and sisters we sometimes sit back and we're all afraid about the time of trouble do you want to live through the time of trouble. Do you are you afraid to go through the time of trouble and I said you know if you read the great controversy. And you look at John Wesley preaching on the plains of England and while he is preaching on the plains of England he says two men in a crowd what big pieces of wood super strong man came looking for a while he was preaching. So as they come up proposing him he still preaching he's not backing down he's not running he's not doing anything he just keeps preaching and finally he finishes the sermon as he's walking out there cutting through the crowd to try to find him and finally they find him and he says the man punched him so hard in the face that blood immediately started coming out of his mouth just gushing out but he said it felt like someone had hit me with a straw. And he just kept walking. And you talk about you afraid of the time of trouble because as I was with John Wesley so I will be with you. If you learn to step up these promises do not apply to you if you don't arise the success and the victory does not apply to you if you do not arise if you don't step up if you leave this conference and go back to your regularly scheduled program you will not receive those promises you will not see the testimonies you saw on stage in your very life the spirit of God is not restricted by geography he's not restricted by well you know elder family is not in our area we don't have any big preachers in our area that does not matter these men preach these women preach because the Spirit uses them there is nothing in them so this call to arise is not just a nice little thing for us to talk about for five days the whole concept of a rise is to cause us to even greater dedication and service for God when we leave. G Y C is not a conclusion of the year it is the inauguration of the next one. This is where we need to take the movement. And now we've been around for over a decade year after year seminars after seminars of people saying well you know can G. Y.C. do this can G Y C do that there's you I see have this this is not the kingdom of heaven. This is a five day conference that God uses to inspire us but it's supposed to let us go and say gee why C. doesn't have it then I'm going to build it. You don't need the logo in order to make it official of got but in our minds if it's not under G Y C then. I guess it won't happen the way we said stay tuned. And I'll just wait to hear from overseas I'll wait to check the G. Y.C. blog or we could go home a step or. He says in verse five. There shall not any man be able to stand before you all the days of your life. Is talking about victory. You know it's interesting as God says I want you to go possess this land that I'm giving to you then all of a sudden he turns around and says oh don't worry no one is going to be able to stand before you in battle what it would mean that all of the you said you've given me the land Yeah I'm giving you the land but you gotta go possess it. Yeah I'm giving you the land but you got to go in caves in the battle and whoever and whatever whenever it stands against you it will not be able to say you will win. You know I love the fact that this statement The testimony is to stand in defense of truth and righteousness when the majority forsakes us to fight the battles of the Lord when champions are few this will be our test it is at this time at what time it is at this time that we must gather courage from the cowardice of others loyalty from their treason warmth from the coldness of others. People tell me the same Our church is cold hearted I want inviting bye to my church then you better gather warmth from the coldness of others listen I came into a church that was not perfect but there were some people in there that were living like Jesus all it takes is one. All it takes is one. He says no man shall be able to stand before you see that statement is so potent. Because if we say we're going to go fight the battles of the Lord the question becomes what are the battles of the Lord. When champions are few We're not talking about arguing in your board meeting we're not talking about posting on blogs super long comments that is not fighting the battles of the Lord the battles of the Lord are against three things how many things three things the first one is against error we preach against error we recognize that when Gyi see started the goal was to make sure people knew that there was an army of dumb people on a mission for the Lord that love the teachings and the pure doctrine of this church we are unashamed unashamed unabashedly Seventh Day Adventists. And people say well Sebastian you know you don't think that's a little exclusive you don't think that's a little bit arrogant to say those things I said the truth is the truth and number two. Someone comes in and say well you know this doctrinal purity is not just about doctoring it's true it's not just about doctrine but it sure includes sometimes we got people beating up on our doctrines and I used to tell people I said you know coming into the church from the world as an unbeliever it's interesting people say Sebastian Why do you think that people who are converted in the church are more dedicated quote unquote. More dedicated the people who are raised in the church they just don't come in as on fire and I say you know why. Because when you come into the church and someone says guess what this is the seventh day sabbath so all those Friday nights and that partying and all the stuff you like to do you've got to give that up. And I said in other words in order for me to follow the truth and to come to know Jesus into joining this church I had to give up things I liked it cost me something I didn't just receive it by osmosis Oh yeah I used to sing in these songs I know the drill we always keep the sad that's just how life is this is exactly what happens when we take people who are raised in the church and we do not call them to account so I love with Justin said. Countability. But you know why because we're afraid to offend somebody and I'm not talking about these people who want to confuse rebuke would being rude. Some people are just plain rude. It's the truth all brothers they think if they pray with you and you know if we if we say hey brother can I talk for saying I just pray with you and as long as I'm quoting the spirit of prophecy in the Bible you know it's OK whatever I say to you however I say it to you it's not true. You're just trying to mask the fact that your judgment to a person. And you need the Lord in your heart. Walking around accusing the brethren. Doing the devil's work for himself. All in the guise of a more spiritual holier than thou you're not a rising because your light has come you're walking in the sparks of your own kindling we talk about stepping up against error. We need to learn to stand to be counted when it comes to the truth but you know for many of us it's about those worldly gains in respectable conventionality The second thing we fight the battles of the Lord against is hatred. You know if there's anything that we need to grow as a church and as a movement is the ability to love people we disagree with. I don't agree with you. But you need to love that person because I love my Says the most fatal deception. Fatal means deadly. The most fatal deception is that people think they're going to heaven without having Christ like love for their brother or you think you just going to live on the other side of the New Jerusalem Oh yeah her mansion it will be next to mine you won't be there. Many people will come to Jesus do we not prophesied in your name then we've got too many wonder what wonderful works in your name. Do we not tell other people about you but God is against hatred. Of all forms even if the other member across the table at the board meeting was your enemy the Bible says Love your enemy. Even if they were your enemy but you know it's all just a deception of the devil. To bring us back in forget the fact that we wrestle not against flesh and blood people are not our problem. Error hatred our problem in the last battle of the Lord that we must fight as illustrated by the book of Joshua is sin we are against sin. We fight against sin not sinners can you say amen. The only thing that we should have a problem with is sin. And people come in they are all shocked when you believe that this brother did X. Y. and Z. I'm like why are you shocked the Bible said the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked Why are you surprised that a sinner does what a sinner does. The point is we need to be against sin preaching against ours we are always told that the greatest one of the world is the one of what men men who do what call sin by its right name not justification you get to these people where they're like oh you know God knows my heart you're right he does know your heart your backslidden he doesn't know but we come in we want to justify and say well you know is it really wrong to have oral sex if you'd really want if you're kissing and making out you're not sleeping together really how close to the edge do you want to get. Are you willing to bet your salvation on. And find out in the judgment you were wrong because we don't have the humility to admit the fact that I got a lost problem and I need to go to Jesus because the Gospel is able to overcome every tendency to wrong. Not just the ones we want to come out of that bring the shame even the ones we enjoy but those aren't the sense that we want to rebuke because the battles of the Lord when champions are few people say I'm against sin. In all its forms. Small white lies. As well as gross and dark deception you know. The next verse. Verse six. He tells Joshua three times. To be strong. Enough a good courage. He says Joshua I want you to be strong and of a good courage. And he says For unto this people you shall divide for them a what. What is the word say in your Bible. And inheritance he says you're going to divide an inheritance unto this people so wait wait wait why does that require strength and courage. What kind of courage do you need to divide an inheritance among a group of people. See when I was a little kid six years old living in Chicago. You know I remember playing baseball. And this girl her name was Collette she has the same name as my mom but she was like the tough girl in the neighborhood of me she was known for beating boys down. And so when it came to play baseball of the game was close she just had ways of pitching the ball. That it was just either impossible to hit or she would almost hit you with the ball. And so there I was six years old Collette was like eight or nine she was bigger than me. And so she was pitching a ball this crazy thing and of course everyone else is like Sebastian and just let it go on like she's not supposed to do this and this is not how this is supposed to work so I catch the ball throw it back and she throws the same thing. Then I catch it and throw it back same thing third time I say you know what I'm going to throw this ball or. Everyone is open wide. After I threw the ball at her and almost hit or she started running at me I just held the bat in my head. And the whole neighborhood was gathered around they said Sebastian this is a girl what are you doing with the back I'm like she's not a girl there's a female tiger as well. Put the bear down Sebastian and one of my friends looked at me he said Sebastian Are you really going to hold a bat to fight a girl he says or you don't have the courage to fight her like a man. See that just gets you right there in your pride. So I put the bat down and I took my beating. And after I took my beating when in the house cry and. What happened you know we don't talk about it. But you know she never pits like that again you see brother sister sometimes we have to recognize that when we have the courage to do the right thing sometimes we don't win sometimes we do everything right and we still lose and too many of us we get discouraged when we did everything right and the result doesn't come as if God is a magic lamp while I fulfill this so you have to do this no he doesn't Joseph was faithful to part of her and to God He ended up in prison. Jesus lived a perfect life they crucified you. Paul preached the truth and even humbled himself to his brother request he ended up in prison the rest of his life brothers and sisters we have to come to accept that courage is not the absence of fear it is not presumption it is not just rushing to it blindly without thinking without plants courage is saying yes some afraid but I'm going to go anyway I'm not the best speaker but I'm going to go anyway that's courage. Courage is saying I'm going to go back home and even to say I always want you to the kid before you went to G Y C You was out partying you was day and this girl and that girl and now you want to come back on a spiritual totem or we need to have a Bible study please you need to go somewhere with that you need to have the courage to go forward anyway and say Yes I was that guy yes I was doing that but guess what I went to G Y C in Jesus found me Jesus transformed me and now I am ready to step up we've got to have courage. Three times he tells Josh. And guess what if a little girl came to me and she said you know brother Sebastian I hear your preaching on Sunday morning be strong enough courage you know if you like oh that's so cute. But if a Navy SEAL came to me. And he said Sebastian. You need to be strong. And of a good courage. This guy's a Navy SEAL. He's telling me to have courage that means there is some serious danger waiting over there. But how much more when God who fears nothing comes to you and says you need to be strong enough a good courage because it's going to be battles you have to fight or you're like I'm not sure I can win there's going to be dangers lurking for you when you go into that land to fight those battles of the Lord and it is no different you will see when we leave this place the devil is waiting on the other side of the doors of this convention center soon as you get on the plane soon as you get on the bus soon as you get in a car soon as you get back home the devil is waiting for you. And God says guess what I'm charging you to our rights to step up to go all over this Jordan to finish this work but there are dangers waiting for you on the other side and as my favorite preacher used to say when you give your life to Jesus if you want to do the right thing what do you expect the devil to do catch you on the back and wish you well there expand you chose Jesus good job have a good life know as soon as you decide at this conference when you came up for the appeal when you came up and said you know what I'm going to do something for God I'm going to go on a mission trip I'm going to go to the Middle East I'm going to go on this service project as soon as you decide. To do that you were put in the devil's crosshairs and please believe your life may go a right when you leave this place and then people come back and say maybe God doesn't want me to do it. That's the exact opposite. It is because we are doing the right thing that the devil is there to try to discourage us he will contest every inch every word every inch of ground that we make back to The Heavenly King in every inch. The devil's not just content trying to get you into sin he's also content about making it hard for you to wake up and study the Bible. Making it difficult you want to pray you know I love the fact that we're getting together in the prayer room our question is how many of us are going to be in the problem we get all. That's my favorite part of G Y C is outreach what outreach are you doing at home there's houses in Phoenix and there's houses in your neighborhood there's no difference between them the only difference is if you decided to step up. Stepping up in a crowd is easy. Stepping up when you're by yourself is not that takes courage you see I believe there's a lot of stepping up for us to do. You know if you're a preacher. Stepping up means that you know. I need to make sure that my sermons are biblically correct and not politically correct I need to mount the pulpit as the mighty proclaimer of truth that Jesus called me to be when I stepped into the ministry I need to make sure that the message and not the massage of my ego is the goal I need to make sure that I'm worrying about when God invites me to give an account for my sermon than if they're going to invite me back. Everybody wants to be popular nobody wants to be Jeremiah nobody wants to say the uncomfortable things but those are the sermons that change lives. But you see we can also step up as members. You know stop complaining about boring sermons and preach one that's fire stop worrying about my church is a dead church and start a prayer and Bible study group to revive it. No no no no no stop worrying about what's happening at the G.C. vote but you don't even show up to a church business meeting. And probably don't even know what a union constituency meeting is we're constantly looking for the next event as if it was cocaine when am I going to get my spiritual fix alters do I see affiliate meetings I'm a go to G. Y.C. Now Miller G Y She se in I'm a girl G Y C Western I'm a volunteer here a pathways which is looking for the next event that I'm going to carry you through the end time you've got to have your own personal experience with cheese. When all the lights are off you've got to have the courage to carry on but you know even as a G Y C Are we got to stand up and be counted. You know the beauty of the movement since I've been a part of it is that we all don't agree. That's part of the beauty there are things we all agree on but there are things that we don't and the fact that we can come to unity on the mission and the message of what God is calling us to do that's what makes it beautiful that's what makes it unity in diversity. But you know even stepping up there reminds us of the fact that many of us we need to start worrying about being judged and we need to welcome accountability. We can't this phrase of saying Hey man you know before we say that we did something we know we should be doing to him and don't judge me. As if that's just going to give you excuse to do what you did you rather than being like you know what I know I was trippin I was backsliding I was while and now I was doing something I knew I shouldn't be doing and I'm welcoming the accountability don't judge me get on your knees with me and pray for me. And say if a brother be overtaken in a fault restart such a one. Considering yourself also with meekness in gentleness I got to hurry to my conclusion my time is out I want you to notice in verse nine the last question The only question that God asked Joshua when he charges. He says Joshua have not I. Commanded you be strong and of a good courage. You know I remember in the military they have this concept called the commander's intent. The commander's intent. The purpose of this concert is to say that most military plans and they are long you get a military briefings like forty pages long. Everything you can think of every possible contingency and they say here's your plan but the first thing they learn is that the plans become obsolete the moment you come in contact with the enemy you laid all these plans and you get out there you like to say don't work. So don't are right what do we do the soldiers are out there we told them to go forward we told him here's the mission and now the step by step nitty gritty instructions it doesn't work because they get the step five and I wait what we do is now here doesn't work. So they came up with a concept in the one nine hundred ninety S. called the commander's intent. And the purpose of the commander's intent is when you get your military briefing at the very top in very plain language is the very central objective of the mission it will say something like to neutralize the enemy in this city that's the intent so when you get out there and you're following the plans and everybody says oh man the point this is not working we learn to improvise. Because we remember what's the commander's intent so in the same sense when we go to G Y C Yes we can give you workbooks and step by step instructions of how to start a Bible study group but then you start going forward and guesswork plans fail immediately upon contact all we can do that all this is not working out well guess what we need to remember the commander's intent the goal is to leave this place to a right to step up in to go over this Jordan it is to finish this work. So if that means guess what the step by step plans are not working then so be it. I got improvise and go a different way so we say hey here here's your step by step plan of how to start your small group you like it's not working for me they say well but the intent is to start a small group of people who study and pray over the Bible so if I do it in my house if I'm going to do it at the park if I got to go to Barnes and Noble the national model. Because I know the commander's intent you know I want to end with this story about a man. Named Charles. Cator Brooks also known as C.T. bruise. So on June fifth last year that he passed away. At eighty five years old. They said that. C.T. Brooks probably brought somewhere around twenty thousand people to the church in his ministry and when he passed away last year you know as. A product of his ministry. Influenced by the fact that he was willing to preach the word with nerve with backbone. And unafraid of what people for and you think to yourself what do you do when you're called to follow greatness we lost this man God has been using for so many years and I thought to myself one of his signature sermons was titled I want my church back the Church was going arrive. As he says in the sermon Sabbath on the golf course. Picnicking theatregoing. And he said right before he got up to preach you don't know what the title his sermon and his friend slipped a note under is door and said Charles I want my church back so as he was preaching a sermon to other ministers. Eventually we had the privilege to have him come to G. Y.C.. And I had the privilege to pick him up and also to pick up his wife and I remember. Just talking to him in my mind you know I didn't even know how to behave I was a young Jew wifey volunteered you know you just just say nothing just be quiet. You don't want to mess this up. So I just said nothing and every single time united check on him make sure everything was fine you say everything's fine brother but eventually when I reflected on last year and I think about that sermon I realized that G Y C. Was supposed to be an answer to that question said those individuals who died spent their whole lives in ministry. Dating die for backslidden church. They didn't endure weeks in hours and days away from their wives and family for backslidden church that doesn't now want to step up to its identity and its mission. That doesn't want to surrender to its calling. They spent all these things and that's why when they saw where the church was going to court the statement was made I want my church back and so I decided. That you know what. It's time for us and for me to live a life that says to him here's your church back. I'm a show you that we are still holding to the old values that have always been since the very beginning we are still holding the truths we are still holding the mission we are still pushing things forward. So that Martin Luther who died for the truth. Who was persecuted for the truth John Hirst's because he was persecuted for the truth the Apostles who died for the truth. As they stand in the halls of the champions who have run the Christian race before us that which now it's time for us to step up to the starting line and to tell Peter here's your church back. We are still here there is a remnant that the dragon could not squash out of the earth. And we're going to hold on and we're going to run this race with patients. Because no man shall be able to stand before us all the days of our life because God is not going to fail us so my appeal is very simple you want to say. To those great men and women who have gone before us. You want to say. Here's your church. And I'm coming to represent as the song says though no one join me still I will find. It found the only one that's holding on to true admin is value found the only one moving forward in the mission then let it be me as Athanasius said contra Munda me against the world of that's what it takes enormous ten because me and God is a majority and no man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life you want to come up front and you say this morning Sebastian. I want to say to the face of our fathers Here's your church back. I'm a stand and be counted. I'm going to leave this conference and I'm a be strong enough of good coverage. And I'm a make sure. That when the devil thinks he has squashed this little remnant group of people off the earth there is still one like God told him in job he says have you considered my servant job. That there is none like him in the earth. Everyone else. Had gone but Joe said I'm still going to stand and be counted and when he lost his children when he lost his wealth when he lost his health he didn't go back in discouragement to say God I was faithful Why did you forsaken me he bowed down and he worshipped. And he says even when I lose everything even when I feel like I'm discouraged even when I want to give well. You're still worth. Of all that I am and all that I have. I'm still going to stand and be counted even when his wife comes and says curse God die. I'm still going to stand and be counted you want to frustrate the devil. You got to learn to rise. And step. Be strong. Enough for good courage. Because when we leave this conference. I've been in this moving a long time I know to struggle as you face because I've counseled many of you. I know the losses you've had and my wife knows the truth. Pray for you all the. Brothers and Sisters we're almost home this is not the time to go back. We want to let the Apostles and the reformers and the angels of heaven. Here's a church back and one day the Church of this earth is going to be united with the Church of heaven. And Gabriel's going to say you stood exactly the way I would have stood because you were strong. Enough a good courage brothers and sisters. Jesus is coming. We may lose more great men but do not be discouraged. Just step up you see another one is down and I'm going to stand to be counted in his place. A mother of the church dies you stuff. And I'm going to take her place. Now because you're better now because you're worthy now because your intent. But because the Lord has charged you in Joshua. She died ministering to the people in your church. Now it's time to rise and take these people over this Jordan. As a representation. Of the old guard of the Y.C. We were the Moses movement. We were the mob in the wilderness. But it's now time for you guys as Josh. To organize and go in and possess this land. Let us know together as we pray. Our father the world lost Jesus too soon but Lord you're calling us. In twenty eighteen to give the world a fresh revelation of Jesus Christ and so Father we have come here not to see the Brooks. Not just to those who have gone before us. In this Christian heritage but even to Jesus himself and say here's your church back. That you've built on this rock. The rock of Christ Jesus Father when we leave this place we know the devil is waiting for us. We know that his imps. And the spirits that work under his command are going to try to trip us up. But Lord we are going forward in your charge to be strong and of a good courage we're not going to give up. We're going to keep getting up and moving forward and remembering the commander's intent it is to preach this gospel of the kingdom to all the world as a witness and then the end shall come. Lord it may not go the way we want it to go it may not move as fast as we wanted to move but we will keep moving and so father this moment is a moment of consecration there are Jordan's in obstacles in our lives that we must cross to receive the inheritance that Jesus has for us. In Seoul this morning as we dedicate ourselves to Christ. We prayed that the angel of the Lord would encamp around about us because we fear you that you would deliver us the Lord that while the young lions lack and suffer hunger we shall not suffer the lack of any good thing because we seek the Lord. May we show that as we step up we are kneeling down and there is no greater arising then when we kneel in the audience chamber of the most high this is the true place of victory and so Lord when we get tired. When we get weary and when worse tempted to be discouraged help us to go back to those who have run the race before us. To read their stories again. And to believe and trust. That God will finish this work father we love you and we thank you for each and every one of these cues. And we offer this prayer from our hearts in Jesus to. Him in. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. Supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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