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5. Evolution and Last Day Events

Clifford Goldstein


Clifford Goldstein

Editor of the Adult Sabbath School Ministries Quarterly



  • December 29, 2017
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like visit us online at W.W.W. dot. Org. OK well we can get started by this like to pray. Father again I just thank you for the opportunity to share things that have helped to me and if inspired me and haven't helped increase my faith and I just pray that things I say will be able to do the same for others and if people are struggling in this area that the words spoken here will help them or maybe even help them to help somebody else who struggles with this so I ask for the presence and power of your holy spirit here in Jesus' name amen. I don't know how many some of you look like new faces. Faithful been here a while but I've. This seminar is basically it's based on this book. I just bought you get over the A.B.C. You can get one of the booths over there and I for one think Pacific press is selling it yeah and it's called baptizing the devil and the gist of it was. I had it well very quick about ten years ago but even years ago I wrote an article in the Avenues review. Called seventh day Darwinians. And I basically took the position that if you believe in evolution you really don't belong in the advantage church. Well you'd think it would be a fairly uncontroversial position. But it caused a firestorm and I'm not going to get in all the details of it but it but it shocked me it shocked me that I could state what would seem to me to be the most obvious thing I would state even the fact that while I repeat what I said yesterday because I think it's worth repeating. Because this is think some of the issue that we're dealing with and I'm going to frame it this way purposely. If the majority. Of some of the world's smartest people. The Ph D.'s The Nobel Laureates the post-docs the Rhodes Scholars the Ph D.'s in physics and chemistry and biology and paleontology in astronomy all these if the vast majority of them are right or right about what they believe about origins then I said we're not going to go to hell because there is no hell the scripture to me would be is noble and void and I deal with this book if they're right Christianity cannot possibly be true or at least the way it's depicted in the Bible OK that's the issues that are at stake and the thing is I don't it doesn't bother me I believe that the met with vast majority of them are wrong OK and it doesn't bother me at all what it doesn't bother me at all I guess there's always in your mind but I spent a fair amount of time studying. The philosophy of science I mean how is science done what do you have to was soon to do science what how what justifies a scientific. Explanation How do scientists are they justified in saying well we believe this is true and I know I spent years and as I said to. The research I've got hundreds and hundreds of references in here I spent years reading books on the philosophy of science as I was researching this book and I'll say this the vast majority ninety eight percent of the people whom I read. Were atheists and or evolutionists I think I referenced one philosophy of science by a Christian His name is Del Rach and I far as I know he might even be an evolutionist I don't really know he probably chances are he probably is OK and off so I'd say the vast of almost everything I learned I learned from reading atheists and or evolutionists and yet at the same time it was a month I have been liberated I have been freed from as I've said it numerous times yesterday from the moment they say but it's sunny and it's. And as I said and I'll repeat again when someone throws that moniker out to you but it's science then what is what are we all supposed to do we're supposed to submit and ballet down and surrender all the cow securing views because science is deemed the a pistol a logical King once they say but it's science than any other form of knowledge is generally used as suspect if it contradicts that that's the day and age we live in and as I said before I'll say it again every age has myths. And the great myth of our age is the moment they say put it science we have to surrender to it and I spent some four hours yesterday going through that and my last seminar Now I want to. I want to tie some of this in with what we believe is Adventists about last days at about the whole thing because this is not just I mean again I'll say the issue if all the vast majority of the scientists are right. If they're right I'm sorry if you were able to if you convince me that they were right I give up my faith I just could be you know some people seem to be able to harm and I have a whole section in the back of my book right show and I'll even show some of the same ad and pathetic attempts. By Christians because here here's a struggle that a lot of them have. Their bible believing Christian they claim the bible believing Christians say they love the Lord. But we live in a day and age where well it's some minds and they've been told the overwhelming data the overwhelming evidence in every field genetics paleontology but all in all the stuff the evidence overwhelmingly points to evolution. So they've got a problem. They want to believe the Bible but they're convinced evolution strew After all it's science and all these very smart educated people. All believe it so they've got to try to find some way to mix to say OK I'm going to interpret Scripture through the evolutionary model and I won't have time to go into. That today I'm going to touch on one I touched on it yesterday I'll mention it again one of our own theologians or somebody you mentioned we left the attempt to try to harmonize I mean I've know if they're right our religion is a joke and I know people say me don't say that cliff because you know some people are going to maybe leave the church well if you believe in evolution sooner or later you're going to end up if you had a motive and I get people mad at me. Oh I have a tendency to do that. Online you know people don't mean I'm a real nice guy in person but something happens to me and I get online and I just you know I think the problem is is the fact I even got in legal trouble one time at the G.C. I got to church sued got my computer confiscated and the lawyers were ready to throw me off the roof as a G.C. for you know in fact even at one point Ted Wilson had told me Cliff get off probably better off not posting but I wanted to post so I basically I just sort of forgot he told me and I was supposed to but then I got in legal trouble and then I didn't forget then I don't forget that now I'm slowly getting back on but I get you know anger on that and I took stuff but I openly and unabashedly will challenge the intellectual integrity and moral honesty of anybody who takes the name Seventh Day Adventist. And who believes in evolution if you know if you're going to believe that have the house do you not have enough moral integrity to at least believe the name of. It take for yourself seventh day what does that stand for I mean is it too much to ask you I don't know I want to get off on that that's my that's my hot button that's my hot button I can. There I can just go through the roof on that one but anyway if it case you'd have noticed you know. But anyway I I dealt with that I know that going to with this book I did not write my book for Seventh Day Adventists per se I wrote the book for any serious Christian who takes Scripture seriously but who has been brainwashed and inundated by the vast propaganda machine which is Godless convinced Well it's science the science teachers evolution therefore evolution has got to be true and a lot of people a little more honestly have a real hard time harmonizing that with the Bible what good news you don't have to try because it's not true OK And despite the propaganda so I wrote that for any of those in the two times. One part I deal with I'm going to talk about Sabbath today but in the book when I talk about the fact that even people who don't believe in a literal six day creation we do believe that the author when he wrote that meant a literal six day creation with a literal seventh day Sabbath they meant that and that would have been a perfect jumping off point for me to get into the Sabbath but I won't do it I said regardless of where you think about the Sabbath Sunday controversy the fact is that these people believe it was meant literal because the people I'm trying to reach by bring the Sabbath to him I lose them lose I'm OK and then the other point I bring up is. Think about this too I'm not going to have time to get into it today. I said to people regardless of whatever you might think about what happens when people die and I just left it at that I said all serious Christians believe we really believe in the resurrection of the dead OK Now when you read scripture. How fast does the resurrection happen. Instantaneously So you've got somebody who got you know eaten thrown in you know burned at the stake five hundred years ago or some Christian who got thrown into the Mediterranean Sea And you know thousand years ago their body was eaten by crabs and shrimp or whatever they're going to be instantly resurrected Well if God can do it that quickly the second time why did it take them billions of years to create us the first time through I throw that question out as well but without getting into the specifics of the state of the dead because that's not what I was trying to do with this book I was just trying to free people from the myth. That but it's science than we have to surrender all beliefs to it but anyway that was sort of what I touched on and I want to try to pull it together a little bit with our belief a Seventh Day Adventist I don't know what I'm dealing with here I bear I don't touch on it here maybe just a little and. You know if you open your Bibles. And Genesis one one. Zero read it to you. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life oh it's John Oh I made a mistake let me try again. But God commanded his love toward us and that well we were yet sinners Christ died for us that's not Genesis one one more try here is the patience of the saints. Here of the night where you know commandments of God OK what's my point here what am I trying to say here. I'm very thirsty what's my point. Stephen just very thirsty my point is. The Word of God au-Prince. It opens not with the statement about atonement. Not with the statement about salvation not with the statement about the second coming not with the statement about the law and not with the statement about the state of the dead the sanctuary anything instead it opens with these words British. Mine. Are it it's in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth Now why do you think it begins with this. Well I think it's because none of these other teachings. But tone meant salvation the second coming the remnant the commandments of God none of these teachings make any real sense. Apart from the truth that we were created by God I mean what could any of these other teachings mean apart from the fact that God created all you know I anybody has ever known me or read me knows I like philosophy I read a lot of philosophy and as I said yesterday in some ways it's very helpful in some ways it can go mess your brain up and it could really get you off on some of the wildest stuff but but I remember. A lot of the stuff is nonsensical but every now and then it can be helpful. And I remember there was an American philosopher named Richard Wardy. And Rorty and Rorty was he died a couple years ago. And he made a statement he said I no longer try to understand reality all I want to do is learn how to cope with it. And I thought that was fascinating twenty five hundred years of the Western philosophical tradition twenty five hundred years and one of the leading lights comes to the conclusion look I give up we are trying to figure out reality for twenty five hundred years let's give it up already we can't for me I just want to learn how to cope with it and I thought that was a fascinating quote about how fruitless. Most philosophical speculation can be but at the same time you can find some gems. And I read something from Aristotle who lived. Free hundred years before Christ and Aristotle said something fascinating he said in order to understand something you needed to understand its causes you needed to understand its origin OK and if you know Aristotle he had a strain Mrs formal causes final cause a sufficient cause is material cause that's interesting in and of itself but no other words it's the idea what cause something how did it get here that's how you understand something and I thought you know. He they call them the philosopher and you know the philosopher here had a point I think he's right. It. And see that swi I think the Bible begin it's not with the statement about eschatology. The study of the last day things not with the statement about Sotirios E.G. the study of salvation not with the state of Christology the study of the nature and deeds of Jesus instead it begins with what they call proton. The study of first things of first causes of origins and in this case that Origins is found in the words in the beginning God created the heavens in the air I mean think about it for a minute think about it for a minute everything we believe everything we believe a Seventh Day Adventists has its origins in this teaching nothing we believe makes any sense I really apart from it how and how important is the doctrine of origins how important do you think the doctor the doctrine of origins is. Now your ravenous you should have you should know the answer to that. What evidence do we have. What evidence do we have about the importance of creation OK The fact this teaching is so crucial. Is so crucial that God gave us an interface reminder of. God demands one seventh he commands one seventh of our law. Every week. Without exception. To remind us of the second coming Well it's inherent in there to remind us of but at the foundation of everything God demands one seventh of our lives to remind us of the importance of his six day creation and that's Think about it every week without exception we keep the Sabbath because no other he did it for no other Christian teaching because really no other Christian teaching has any validity. Outside of this one this is the foundation upon which everything we believe read it's OK and that's why I like for any other doctrine of God for creation demands once right up there without shall not kill that I shall not steal that shall not commit adultery right of there with that remember the Sabbath to remember God as the creator in six days one seventh of our lives to remind us come on not of billions of years of evolutionary violence and survival of the fittest Come on no it's to remind us of the six day creation. Think about it salvation a tone meant the cross What do these things mean apart from God having created us what is Atonement without a creator from what are we saved from in a godless universe and if evolution explains us the cross is just another murder Jews. You know and I deal with this in my book fairly extensively how do you make sense of the fall. Apart from creation what have we fall in from to what are we restored to you know and it's painful for me to see what professed Christians who believe. In evolution try to do you know I you know I touched on this yesterday. I touched on this just we're going to touch on it again because it's worse thinking about if you go to Roman spy. I'm going to read here very quickly start Romans five to fifteen seventeen and nineteen and as I read this Fink of the direct tie. Between Adam. And Jesus OK fact seven times here you've got a direct tie from Adam to Jesus therefore through one man sin entered the world that's Adam and death through sin for of by one man's off often Adam's many died much more is by the grace of one man Jesus Christ abound to to us now do you is that a figurative Adam. Because many evolutional say Adam was figurative because they really have no choice they can't get an Adam in there though I've mentioned a show you one way somebody tries so you got a figurative Adam and a literal Jesus unless you want to make Jesus figurative to you ready to do that for your precious science you're going to make Jesus figurative too for of one man's off Ince a literal Adam or a figurative rain through one much more those who receive an abundance of grace or the gift of righteousness will reign in life through one Jesus Christ figure it about a literal Jesus or is it a figurative Adam in a figurative Jesus or is it a literal Adam and a literal cheese and you go through therefore as through one man's offense judgement a figurative. Or literal Adam came to all men resulting in condemnation. Even so through one man's righteous act a literal Jesus OK now I could go on here but the point is Paul makes a. Clear one to one correspondence. Between Adam and Jesus Adam and Jesus and he does it about seven times but in an evolutionary model. How do you possibly come up with a sinless Adam OK I've got in my book this one woman teaches at fuller name Nancy Murphy and she basically John I've read others say too well we don't have to even worry about Adam is literal she even denies the existence of Adam she says which she just denies existence but she's forced to because well the overwhelming scientific evidence points to evolution the Ph D.'s the food they all that were there overwhelming evidence were told Well if evolution is true will you really can't have them so I well you can't be so we'll get rid of them we'll spiritualize them away OK but you have a Romans five here makes that fairly problematic because seven times Adam Jesus Adam Jesus Adam gene and then you just have to get rid of them so it's it does cause a problem for them you know so now anyway as I mentioned yesterday how many were here yesterday. OK We got a bunch of new ones I'm going to run through this again. Only because I think it's important because I think it shows you I want to do this to show you how utterly incompatible evolution is with Christine with the Bible I mean I'll say it if there if all the scientists are correct our religion is a joke is that Joe It can't possibly be true or certainly can't possibly be anything like what the Bible says and I you know I bring this up to another place I touch on in the book a little bit even if you were to say to me even if you were to convince me. That I don't have to read Genesis literally. I don't have to take it you know evening morning six day even if I were to accept it somewhat metaphorically some will say in fact I'm writing a column the plane coming over I was working I'm writing a column on this and the review. Sometimes they say they'll say that Genesis is like apparel it's symbolic of deeper truths. OK let's assume that. I don't but I will try to grant it in a debate with someone. I've always learned I try to grant the other side as much as I can just to see where it would wind up so let me see I'll green you. For argument's sake a power of the parabolic I know that's a word in geometry is that an adverb an adjective for a parable parabolic I know it's a word I know it's a word but I had I Well whatever it's a parable whatever I have to look it up it's I'm a writer sometimes we make up words OK but I want to use it right in fact it was so embarrassing I had just had a column in the review called the incredible prophetic feats of the Maccabean Daniel. And all the way through I meant the word predict predictive. And all the way through I had spelled it predicative completely different word and I had somebody pointed out the good thing about online stuff is you go in and you could fix it you have no idea all the nonsense I've had published in print of the mistakes that you can't but even if it's a parable when you study the parables of Jesus. Let's just let's go to Jesus since we believe Jesus is the creator Holy Spirit inspired Genesis. There's a certain correspondence between the story the parable and the point. You wanna make the story of the sowing of the sea. There's a correspondence there the story of the Prodigal Son there's a correspondence there to reality but how in the world. If evolution is true. And Genesis was meant to be a parable of it you know it's almost put it this way let me say it this way if I can interpret Genesis as a parable for evolution that makes about as much sense as saying the parable of the Prodigal Son means once you turn away from God. No matter how sincere your repentance is God will take you back OK Can you see my point here is see the point here the parable still stories that parallel the story but here you've got a parable of a literal create a six day creation everything was created distinctly after its own kind you know in six literal days distinctly carefully planned out to be a parable of something that occurred over billions of years by chance with a common ancestry in other words every single thing evolution teaches. Is completely contradictory to even a power of Balak account of the Book of Genesis Can you see what I'm saying here does that make sense and OK fine it's a parable Well don't give me it's a parable of evolution give me if you give me another creation story that in some way you see what I'm saying there in some way doesn't correspond to with opposite it's almost as if you saying OK whatever the parable was whatever the points take the opposite of it that's how it would work so see that doesn't work as well I can't fit it in fact I even wrote something a while back where I said something look why don't you people who claim to be evolutionists claim to be administering a revolution. Why don't you just come out and say what you really think. You could say. Why. We have great respect for scripture Thanks Tim because of modern science we now have to accept the fact that the first eleven chapters really teach us nothing accurate at all about human origins OK because if evolution were true then that's bracingly what you'd have to say it's nice story they're nice but when terms in light of modern science Come on folks it's science how can you deny science our cellphone works the planes work that fly over here we go to the Moon Well if you were here yesterday you would understand a little more that is ice said yesterday I'll say it again and I deal with it the fact that a theory works and the fact that you can make accurate predictions is a totally separate issue from whether the theory is correct or not OK totally separate issue whether you know the fact that your predictions are a dime a dozen You know we come our invisible Spiders from Mars remember that accurate predictions totally separate issue from whether it's true true or not but anyway if evolution is true that would be the honest thing to say and let me give you an example I touched on it yesterday let me touch again Desmond Ford Dr Ford has become now. As I said yesterday he's not a theistic evolutionist He's a progressive creationist and that's a little more sophisticated a version but it's the same thing and Desmond Ford realizes he realized rightly so and I don't have the quote here I put it in the book for the argued he said in many ways the whole Christian faith. Rests on. A literal understanding of the fall of Adam. He says You pretty much you know the fall of Adam is central to the whole Christian faith and again for one of the reasons we just read in Romans far have you got seven times linking Adam took to Jesus Adam to Jesus and that's not the only place when you understand you know and if what if there is no Adam and there is no fall the whole theology of the cross in Jesus coming to undo what Adam did falls apart for understands that and I agree with them one hundred percent but you see Ford has a problem. Because Ford said I said Yes Desmond Ford said we now live in an era dominated by modern sides that's the exact words he used dominated by modern science which means it's science says it you have to believe it that's the great myth of our age so Ford says What am I going to do because Ford is a perfect example believe scripture claims to but science is science they've got overwhelming data overwhelming evidence in every field. Old they claim to find evidence for it so you want both well as I said what Dr for did. And again for those of her this yesterday I do apologize though it might not hurt to be to remember it does to show you how Christians are a letter around by the nose by the world just another example of the world and all McChrystal who Christians I mean it's terrible the Christian church has been notorious for this as I said yesterday how do you think we got Sunday keeping How do you think we got all that it's Christians compromising with the world and as I said yesterday too when Darwin stuff first came out a lot of the scientists rejected it it was the Christians are the first ones to fall in line and claim that you know yeah we can accept that and as I said yesterday Ford argues well let me read you open your Bibles to Genesis three twenty four. I read it in the actually the Hebrew here I'm not to be getting all the details here but the Hebrew here is very insightful it destroys his argument. Even though he tries to make the argument from he Chen asis and he. Drove out the man and he made him do well from the east of the garden and he made well to the east of the Garden of Eden cherubim with a flaming sword spinning flaming sword to keep the way from the tree of life and he drove out at ha ha Dom He drove out the main OK and some will translate as any of your say Adam. And he drove out Adam and he translation or the man the man OK drove out. The man some might say haha Dom The man now Ford's argument listen to this I'm not kidding you I'll just quote it to you in a minute. His argument is that. At a dom. Dom The man is a completely different Adam separated by a hundred thousand years from the very next verse let's read the next verse Genesis four one vol ha ha ha Dum the man ya da East toad the man knew his wife Eve. And Doc let me read you here's Desmond Ford. Adam and Eve in Genesis one we're not the parents of Cain and Abel. The idea that there are two atoms separated by vast ages may confound those who think literally the atom of Genesis one through three. Is different from the Adam of chapter four the Adam of chapter one chapters one through three is prehistory were the Adam of chapter four on Word lives in a world of about ten thousand years ago the Adam of Chapter four is a different man. Now also notice and the man ha ha ha. Ha Vall anybody you know any who is Hava life it's easy and the man knew his wife. So not only has the a separate Adam separated by a hundred thousand years coincidence. So of cool incidences. He happens to have a wife name. Now I bring this up. I don't do this to make fun of him. And I like to believe I've never been a dead Ford fan I got my start I say in Adventism thirty some years ago writing books against Desmond for. But on a personal level I've met him a few times were pleasant enough of a chap but and maybe the younger Desmond Ford when to done this. But you look at what. A brilliant brilliant man you could disagree with him OK but look at what a brilliant man who has bought unfortunately has bought in to the great myth of our age because again you've got to be a fool to think are we don't believe in myths every age in history is believed in myths what you think we don't is well I mean come on look what it's forced him to do. To try to make Scripture fit which side it's can you see the point here can you see that way to have to argue that the have to argue something like that even then when you read I'm not going to go to the whole thing he argues it doesn't make a whole lot of sense but he was forced to do it. Because he was in a conundrum. He believes the Bible but it evolution is science it's true therefore this is what he tries to do to make it work. Anyway the point is it doesn't work and I and it was good we come back to this teaching of orange juice. Six day creation because again if you don't have the six day creation. You don't have your sinless Adam. And without the sinless Adam there's a direct link from sinless Adam who fell to Jesus and when that falls apart for days at least smart enough to see that unfortunately this is what he tries to do now think about it to look at the Sabbath and the content. Of creation. You know in every religion people reveal something whole. You know their shrines holy shrines holy city holy people people kiss Holy Land and they listen to the words of holy men and they immerse themselves or whatever it sprinkled with holy water these are tangibles Untouchables things they can see feel they can see but in Genesis. What's the first thing that God declares holy What's the first thing that the first thing God declares hole as want to make time what time I have til. Ten fifty OK I'm going to move on this the first thing God The Claires holy is a block of time I am a seventh day sabbath OK And you know Sunday the creation dealt with the Heavens things of earth physical things. It was time not space that God first declared a whole. They make sense because time is the dimension in which all these things existed and also think about this too if God had made a hill whole Lee or a mountain holy. You'd have to go to it. But the Sabbath the memorial of creation is so important it's so sacred it's so important that guess what it comes to us every week without exception at a Fallows and models in our I got this real cool app it's called Living Earth. And it's a real time thing if you just watch this you know the got the planet. Slide out and you could see like but the bottom line is I could watch the Sabbath and sit there and stare but you could watch the Sabbath move right across the ocean and across the earth in such a Sabbath every week but the point you know just shows you where the day's beginning and ending but the point is the Sabbath is so sacred it's so important that we don't have to go to it it comes to us. That's how important remembering the creation story is God's not going to take a chance OK now I'm going to bring it to you OK So it comes holy cities can be burned holy people can be killed you know they can armies could sat cities and whatever but what human being can stop the Sabbath from coming you can no more stop the sabbath than you could stop the sunrise or the sunset OK And you can avoid holy things you could flee but you can't flee the Sabbath it comes to you know where wherever you go and again I believe that you know that's because that's how important it is now it's interesting to. Look. How you ever notice that remember the old days. I remember when I first became an Adventist. And I would meet other Christians. And that's all no Jesus change the Sabbath. Or Paul change the Sabbath you know but you know I don't hear that much anymore. Because the arguments are getting the arguments are getting much more sophisticated. And the argument you hear now is that our rest is found in Jesus Christ and His completed work of salvation for us that's the kind of argument you hear now I don't really hear oh Jesus change the Sabbath and so forth you know our rest is in Jesus and to keep the Sabbath is now a legal list stick work you know and so on and so forth Now maybe I'm missing something here. But somebody explain to me. How the one commandment the voted to rest. The one commandment that teaches to to rest that has suddenly become the new covenant symbol of salvation by works can you see the point here by resting by keeping the one Sabbath the one commandment to rest were accused of trying to work our way and earn our way to heaven the irony the irony is too good it's too good to pass up and I say to people Look anybody could say the resting in Jesus bit O. the anyone could say the resting in Christ but the Sabbath is a manifold is a overt expression of or way to show a tangible way to show that we indeed are resting in the work that Jesus had finished for us on on the cross now I'm think about this for a minute I want to think about this in terms of last day events. Every dot everything we believe. Everything we believe all our teachings really are grounded in the fact that God created us everything comes I mean if God didn't create us and we're here by chance or whatever it doesn't mean anything but all our doctrines the foundation teaching. The fun problem which everything rests. Is the fact that God had created us OK again I can't think of anything we believe that makes sense apart from that that's the foundation of everything we believe God created us and what is the foundational the prime foundational symbol the bottom line symbol. Of of it it's the seventh day sabbath so you've got the most foundational symbol. Of the most foundational teaching upon which everything else rests and goes right back to the church the first week of creation itself the seven days Sabbaths I'm. OK then to usurp that simple. You see what I'm saying to you sir that symbol to try to usurp the foundational teaching the you know is the thing upon which God created everything with is an attempt to usurp the authority of God at the most foundational level possible and almost things to go any deeper you have to usurp God Himself OK but you only serve God himself you can't do that you can try. But the most of the tangible some. The foundational the seventh day sabbath so to attempt to usurp the Sabbath and replace it is an attempt to. Get behind everything gotten up rooted at its core does that make sense to you it's this for you further only think you further would be to God himself now of course we understand in the last days. That you know the issue was going to be faithfulness to God and love for God but according to my my bible that love is expressed in obedience to the coming and is. And the Sabbath alone among the commandments get spa hind everything else because it points to God as the creator. OK And what is the issue in the last day who are you going to worship you're going to warship the Creator the one who created everything who's created should is symbolized at the most foundational level possible by the seventh day sabbath are you going to worship the beast power the power that actually it usurped the Sabbath and change the Sabbath it's right to change the Sabbath to Sunday OK Can you see my point here the seven The found a you're going to worship the creator or you're going to worship the beast the power that tempted to change it so you see it's. Theologically theologically the Sabbath as of Mark as the final distinguishing point in the last days it makes so much sense to me via the issue who you're going to worship you're forced to worship the creator. It's this is the bottom line symbol you can't get any deeper than that or you're going to worship the beast and it's in its image so theologically that makes absolute perfect sense to me now how you know is Iran going to get you know the mark of the beast and all that I don't know all those out but we tell you a quick story. I joined the church. I got converted in one nine hundred eighty I joined seventy nine it took me about six months. And I got converted to join the church because in the avenues for intense just intense people I was very difficult for me. I am tell people now I've been in the church now thirty some years it's still not a great fit. But I tell the Aves you're stuck with me I can't be anything else but a Seventh Day Adventists no matter how you know you're stuck with me it's never been a great fit but that's another story that's on culturally very secular Jew from Miami Beach seven by our conservative Protestant church police but I remember. When I got my first Bible studies about America in prophecy This was in one nine hundred seventy nine. And I thought how in the world could America ever fill its prophetic role I mean we barely got out of Vietnam with our tail between our legs the Communists were taken over not just in Vietnam in Cambodia in the last house communists the Santa nieces were going to power in Nicaragua Fiedel Castro was sending troops to end goal and we couldn't kick that tinpot dictator out of Cuba because of the Soviet military might the Soviet Union was firmly ensconced in Eastern Europe OK and other words the whole world there was this massive cold war we couldn't do anything practically because of the Rue ski's this was one nine hundred seventy nine thousand nine hundred eighty and I remember thinking to myself. How could this possibly do that those of you are old enough to remember the Cold War I mean we the Russians they had new set of scout of the good they thought they still do but that's another. But you know now they greet the Russian Orthodox churches and Krentz Corrado about influence in Russia I could see Russian Sunday keeping. Easier than here but anyway the point member thinking to myself how could prophecy be fulfilled and I was a new believer and I struggled with that. And then I really felt impressed by the Holy Spirit the Lord took my mind to Daniel to. And I said Alright Lord the nations came in with it just as you predicted so you're in control I just took a deep breath uttered a prayer and said Lord I'm going to trust you even though what the Soviet Union was going to disappear. Well amazingly So my point on all this is. From a political standpoint from you know of the world situation I don't see right now how it could happen OK but massive changes could happen very very quickly but again theologically warship the beast warship The Creator at the bill's basic level possible the Sabbath Sunday thing makes absolute perfect sense in fact I can't I can't see it being over anything else considering what the things are so now all that being said then. All that being said can you see why. With evolution. Evolution and. And it's so predominant among so many Christian churches I mean we're in a minority of churches that officially believe in a six day creation if you buy into billions of years of evolution. How serious are you going to take a day that was formulated on the idea of six literal days you know and then you've got the seventh day sabbath is directly tied. To the six day creation you know day one two after six comes seven Lisa got that math right and. So I Can you see the point here that's why it seems to me the issue here is so foundational is so foundational big and if we're going to ultimately have to take a stand on this I mean I can't imagine anyone who believes in evolution. Going to risk you know their lives or livelihood everything for the seventh day sabbath if evolution is correct and so that's and I guess I said I don't touch on that in my book that's not where I wanted to go with this but for us as Adventists if with if. The seventh day sabbath directly tied to the six day creation and if you overly destroy the six day creation. What happens to the seventh day sabbath and I have a friend of mine. Who's an avenues to so adamant on evolution. And he wrote me once he said why I don't want to write till after the Sabbath. And it was a way of kind of push and I guess. I look back now I'm sorry I did it. But I wrote him back and I said he was raised in the church I said Look man get passed on call Arthur to see my point you know long call Arthur for though yes some of you are the Uncle Arthur who here knows Uncle Arthur are yes if you were raised in the Avenue Church These are the kids stories and I said you were raised on your Uncle Arthur kid story because that made about as much sense to me so you're keeping the Sabbath because you remember Uncle Arthur you know the kid stories you weren't keeping it because of any logical you know Phyllis see a logical reason for it so anyway Well that's were just I that's about I've run out of time here but. You know if you are struggling now I just in one sense my wife said well you know coming to G Y C You're preaching to the choir. Terms of creation evolution and said Yeah in many cases but maybe not and maybe some of you right now maybe you haven't been exposed to it but you get the secular college. You not only you're going to be exposed to it. It's going to be assumed see this is the fascinating thing I read a lot. And I read they assume it for those of you who were here yesterday and we looked at the power of dime. The paradigm is not question it's a soon. And whoa if you step out of that and I remember. I remember before I was a believer. I met this guy. And he told me he believes in Adam and Eve. And I'm telling you I want to punch him in the mouth. OK And I think it was because I just felt like how could somebody in the twentieth century. Be that ignorant It was almost I thought it was a woeful willful ignorance that anybody in this day and age we like somebody told me he an adult telling me he really believed in Santa Claus and I think you know the reason I think and I reason I bring that story up only is because. That's the kind of antipathy. That a lot of people feel towards the views that we hold you take a literal six day creation view you are put in the same category as flat earth or holocaust deniers and pyramid ologists them and all the rest I mean there's an incredible amount of to tip a theory there so to stand firm in this day in a cage with that I know and again you know I was very funny when it came to the flood. Ellen White said something fascinating she said that some of the people who mock you know them. She said These people weren't all overt idolators many of them were professed believers in God. And she said this class harangued know the modes. And I think we would find too that in the Christian world today some of the biggest foes we would have. Against the six day creation and the seventh day sabbath are going to be Christians from other denominations as well and I guess in our understanding of last day of events that makes perfect sense as well well anyway time's run out thank you for coming and if you are you know if you want to learn more. You can get the book but if you want to give me more royalties order the downloaded version I get better lollies download it and it's cheaper for you and let me close with a prayer let me close with her I. Want to close OK Father I thank you for the truce that you've given us and help us as a people that claim to these truths and the same time to have a good answer to give to those who ask of the hope that's in Jesus name a. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ entered and so many Christians to download were purchased other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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