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2. Self Worth or Self Period?

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • December 28, 2017
    10:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at Deb you Deb you Deb you dot. Org. All right. You ready. I think most of you came back that's great and why have stragglers at all come in so that should filespec up. So I know that probably several of you had questions after that first session that questions what about this what about that why do you want to what do you think about this and this will probably answer those questions as we go and we're going to talk about like I said I'm is going to tell you this ahead of time that and then we'll come to it and will pack a little bit more. But as I said at the break we are not what I'm not doing is saying you should not do any kind of sport that makes sense. But but the balancing element is does it in my striving to to have dominance over someone else that's that's the issue and so I want to understand that before we keep going here but let's pray and then we'll will dive back in you're ready. Father in heaven we thank you so much for the opportunity to come back for part two and we just ask your special blessing to be with us now that the Holy Spirit would in lighten our minds in our hearts that you would give me energy and clarity of thought from being sick this week Lord I just pray that your presence would be in this room and more importantly in our hearts and in our minds we ask this in Jesus' name. Amen All right so in the first segment we talked about the idea of the concept that sports build ones character based upon science and evidence did we find that in most cases sports build character or do sports typically decline character competitive sports when I say that sports What does it typically do it typically declines and not necessarily building character but revealing character right so the second point that many people make is that sports will build self-esteem I mean you've heard this concept before that sports build self-esteem many people try to make that case but my question would be based on what building self-esteem based upon what So let's talk about this and this type of setting which in the setting of competitive sports self-worth is based on my own performance or my dominance of other people am I right or wrong. That's what my self-esteem is what does my self-esteem build I mean I'm of you've ever played football just raise your hands you played like high school football or college football or something does it build the often sublime in self esteem when the quarterback or the running back gets all the touchdowns and all the glory and all the girls so speak. Does it build his self-esteem no it doesn't right and so my point is does it build my self-esteem in competitive sports when others do well. Not typically but it only builds my self-esteem when who does well when I do well therefore in order for me to do well someone else must do worse I mean you you cannot escape that it's like a post be cool see I mean it's just going to be the natural effect if I'm going to do better someone else has to do worse I have to put someone down I remember the when I was in high school we were in a practice and there were two other guys that could even remotely come close to my level of playing and I'm not saying that again boastfully but I just was the biggest in the best on the team is just the way it was just the fact but these two guys came the close is the one guy was about this tall and he was about this wide he was a big boy and the other guy was actually taller than me but he wasn't as broad or as and I remember we were in a drill and I had to be the best and I remember both of them they were coming off and I had to come out and I had to hit them and one of the guys I caught him off guard and knocked him flat on his back so that everybody would know who is the best. Yes the other guy he was kind of like staggering like this because he lost his footing and what did I do I plowed him when he had lost his footing just so that everyone else would see how hard he would hit the ground and that everyone would know that he was nowhere close to me I mean like you might say Well that's extreme but the reality is when you truly think about it when you truly are honest with yourself that is the mindset of most team players they may it you may you may you may string them up on a rock before they would actually admit that but that is the mindset that I might be on a team but I'm going to be the best on the team so in that setting self-worth is based on my own performance or domination of others it comes from myself not from whom not from gone shall we find out who is the greatest the prettiest the best the strongest and the smartest bigger as you can see from this picture is not always want better bigger stronger is not always better I mean if I'm a big fish and I go in a same size bowls the other fish I'm in trouble right you ever heard big fish in a little pond that's what I was I was a big fish in a little pond but when I got to the big pond in college as I told you my first day of college football practice in the last session I found out that I was a little fish in a big pond right and there's always somebody no matter how big no matter how strong no matter how good you are there's always going to be somebody bigger stronger and better than you are right and we struggle with that we struggle with that as human beings second Corinthians ten verse twelve the Bible speaks very powerfully on this for we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves. With those who commend themselves but they measuring themselves by themselves and comparing themselves among themselves are not wise. So that whole concept of competitive sports where I'm going to be the best is that wise or unwise according to Scripture because what are we doing we're commending we're comparing ourselves to class in ourselves commending ourselves measuring ourselves that just leave home if you get stressed out we have to do that I mean with guys it's who's the biggest strongest and baddest for girls it's who's the prettiest who's the skinniest who's the you know most fashionable or whatever I mean it goes Same thing with girls just as it does with guys right and the Bible says look what a wonderful thing that we can be free from that and not have to live that kind of a life that's what the Gospel offers to us understand it offers us freedom from that kind of anxiety and stress of always having to worry that I'm number one I think that's a great thing. And we think God is good to offer that to us because there's only one that's the best a man the one that died for your sins. First Corinthians thirteen forty six Love is patient love is kind and is not jealous love does not brag and is not arrogance does not act unbecomingly does not seek its own is not provoked does not take into account a wrong suffered Does that sound like you can incorporate that type of character trait into the competitive sports world yes or no I don't think so I don't think so at all I think it's very difficult to do that second Timothy Chapter two verse twenty three and twenty four That being said what is God's counsel to us now flee from youthful loss. And pursue what pursue righteousness faith love and peace with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart but refuse foolish and ignorant speculations knowing that they produce what. Everything that's good advice to flee youthful lusts water youthful lust who is the strongest the prettiest the richest and the smartest or at the best right don't worry about it why does competition appeal so much to the natural human heart Well Jane's tells us Chapter four verse thirteen eighteen he says who is among you is wise and understanding let him show by is good behavior is deeds and judge the gentleness of wisdom and what kind what is it gentleness of wisdom but if you have bitter jealousy is there better jealousy in comparative sports you know and selfish ambition is that you find that better sports. Do not be arrogant and so lie against the truth so to contain. Bitter. And selfish and Bishan to allow that to foster and develop and grow in my heart it doesn't have to be competitive sports could be any other avenue but to allow that to grow in our hearts don't miss this is doing what it is the lying against the truth that ought to hit you hard and on to hit us all. It's one gets the truth those characteristics a lie against the truth this wisdom is not that which comes down from above but is wasn't earthly natural demonic your allies demonic did Monis. Demons have various ways of. Revealing themselves does this not always the woman with her head spinning around I said woman could be man too not always the one I was thinking about that movie exorcise you know years and years ago I don't watch this stuff I promise you I don't watch any of that kind of how are they watch T.V. at all I watch a documentary or so often anyway you know demon possession isn't just somebody spinning with their head around spit nosepiece soup right I mean it can be it could be in various forms many of the mental illnesses we have today in society I think are demonic influence so it can so my saying that compares sports is demonic No OK I'm saying that can't have a negative influence on us yes and who brings about all negative influences Satan and his angels right all right so we're jealousy and selfish ambition exists there is this order and every evil thing so many people think that sports bring discipline but it actually ultimately in the long term brings disorder to the life and I can attest to that same way with caffeine you know people talk about caffeine and they say Well caffeine group gives me that short high but in the long term it creates greater problems for you yes or. Is it wrong dreams three thank you for that I appreciate James fifty three I have a typo that happens double check me. But the wisdom that is from above is first was pure then peaceable gentle reasonable full of mercy and good fruits unwavering without hypocrisy hum of you would like to have those characteristics in your life. And the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who do what make peace so why does Jane say or why are we drawn to competition James tells us because we naturally have those first things that our hearts the bitter jealousy the ambition the selfish ambition the arrogance those things as sinful human nature we had naturally. It just comes to us so it's no wonder that competitive sports is a draw for many people because it's a natural for your heart to crave those things make sense so I'm not saying that like I'm just saying that you can understand that the battle is going to be real because. In your natural flesh you're drawn to it but competitive sports build a competitive spirit not self-worth the role object is to win in the Supreme where should we get our self-esteem from where do you think our self-worth. From where from God go with me quickly to John Chapter seventeen. John Chapter seventeen this is one of the most beautiful passages I think in scripture John Chapter seventeen. And verse we're going to start in verse twenty one. And so many have a cough I left my contracts in my room terrible if you got one you would slip it up you would be great thank you very much I'll pay you back. I've got a whole bag in my room all right Jesus a certain verse twenty Jesus says I do not pray for these alone but also for those who will believe in Me through their word that they may all be one just as you just that they may all be one as you Father are in me and I knew and notice what he says here that they may also be one. In us that the world may believe that you sent me. On going to have a. Have a cough drop factory of here thank you guys so much I appreciate that but notice what Jesus says He says that I in you you in me that they may be one. In us. OK. Think about this for just a minute. Jesus is inviting you and I. Into such a relationship with him. That we are becoming one with him and one with the Father in other words there is this inner circle that that Jesus invites us into and the people in the circle are who the Father the Son and who else the Holy Spirit. Who was not allowed to actually go into that circle. Who. Lucifer and that's part of the reason he rebelled. And he was ultimately cast out of heaven and yet God is inviting you and I sinful human beings into that circle of relationship the depth of relationship that the father and son have there is no greater bond in the universe than the Father the Son of the Holy Spirit yes no greater bond and God says just as we're one we want to be one with you and we're inviting you into that circle. How many think that that's like the most amazing mind blowing thing you've ever heard of. If Lucifer a sinless heavenly Angel in fact the highest of the highest of Ayn. Jools was not capable of entering into that circle and was kicked out of heaven because he tried to force himself into it then how is it that very soon full human beings like you and I are able to go into that circle relationship how is that even possible and I said is that is because Christ became who he became man. He didn't become an angel he became you and I are you with me and that bridge allows us to enter into such a relationship with him and the father that bind us to him and them as one. That ought to boost if you're self worth it if you came into the seminar if you came in G Y C saying Man I just feel I just feel low I just feel like God doesn't love me he doesn't accept me he doesn't want me I don't have any self-worth I just feel the lowest of the low that ought to that ought to boost your self-worth to a level that it can never come down from if you really believe that that we are invited into a circle that even the angels of heaven are not invited into because Christ became one of us and we are bonded to him we are connected to him through a bond that cannot be broken to the csa sages of eternity when Jesus took on humanity he didn't just simply take it on while he was on the earth he took it on and he kept it on and will keep it on throughout eternity. Jesus is a man forever he's falso fully God but he's fully Man are you with me now if you drop down to verse twenty three. John verse twenty three says I in them you in me that they may be made perfect in one and that the world may know that you have sent me and notice what he says here and have loved them as you have loved mean who's he talking to. He's talking to the Father and who's he talking about he's talking about us he's saying that the father has love you and I as much as he has loved Jesus himself I'm of you think if there was ever any love that could exist the universe would have to be God's love for his only son right amen I mean that like there's no there's not any there can't be possibly any greater love than that. And yet God says Jesus said that God the Father has loved us as he has loved Jesus with the same love for God so loved the world. He gave His only begotten Son and we can say mend of that was a little gospel sermon for you there but listen. The self-worth you can gain through Christ. Is infinitely greater than any self worth that you will ever accomplish through competitive sports competitive academics competitive fashions competitive anything. You will never gain enough self-worth to bring true joy to your life like you will when you give your life wholly to Christ and you enter into His service and you find that joy by a biding daily with him or you with me as I make sense. Some way on a set Amen. Amen. Amen now on the switch over to my other slide show here alright I just do. The end here. Here we go all right so this is just a review I'm going to slip past this because I normally would do this in a couple of ways have we have we been fair or do you think Man you guys are so quiet and it's quiet people I've ever heard alright. But you're with me I can tell it's good all right sports build self-esteem did we find that to be true and that really not as much as Christ can be Yes All right number three sports teach team work I mean you've heard that argument before and is it true yes to a degree. Well listen on every team there is always a star. I mean it doesn't matter like you could take the worst players of any sport of any team you could take of any sport you could take all the worst players of all the teams and you could bring them together and they're still going to be a best player on the team makes sense like even amongst the worst ones OK But here's the thing when you get a team of all stars together. Is that typically work well or not so low not so well. There in fact there is like increased fighting increased tension because they're all used to being number one they're all used to being the team leader of the team captain or whatever and so you have this concept that yeah there is it might build a team work but everyone is working in subjection to someone else's superiority U.K. And so that teamwork is not always so much teamwork so here's a question that we have to ask ourselves you say well you know I you know I'm might be the star of my team but I always encourage my players in that kind of a thing but we have to ask ourselves these questions even on my own team do I strive to be the best on the team do I dominate over other teammates so the I can be the best. No one would ever say this publicly but are we doing it internally are we internalizing it do I sacrifice what's best for the team so that I can look good. How many times that ever happen do you think. Maybe the team could've done better but I made myself look better so I got more points by. And may have even cost me the game it happens. You only find satisfaction when I am recognized or pointed out. Could I go a whole season with my best friend being the one that always gets the acknowledged the coach's son right coach's son always gets the recognition Yeah can I be the one that allows that even though I might be better than them. Do I blame others if things don't go right right true team work. Doesn't have that now there's this thing this concept I've named this concept I call it the circle of dominance OK and I'm going to share some share testimony with you but the circle of dominance is that. The answer to all those questions I showed you can be yes. As long as what. No one else in my circle is better than me. Right as long as I'm the best on my team as long as there's no one else there to threaten me I can be humble Yeah I can be I can be uplifting to my teammates I can be a good positive leader I can have good character as long as there's no one else in my circle of influence that challenges my authority as being the best. And this is true I mean you know what I'm talking about like like you know for instance. I'm just going to use a very simple example suppose you're a young man and you and you like a certain young lady. And she's had you know. Some male friends for her whole life and they've been friends for years but and as long as it's you and her with the lady friends all is well right I mean it's like yeah around a great time but the moment those male friends come into the picture what are you doing. What is she talking to him like that what is she putting your hand on the shoulder like. Why she laughingly she's never laugh like that would mean. What kind of kind of job is this guy God what kind of car is he driving what kind of clothing does he wear you know we're always comparing you know I'm saying and so I thought it's this facade that I can maintain a price like character but the truth is that when I'm in this kind of mindset I can only maintain that character as long as there's no other threat to me and I'll give you an example when I I had cancer in two thousand and nine almost died and that changes your perspective on a lot of things in life before that time I you know had done a lot of speaking and different places and whatnot spoken in G Y C and it cetera et cetera and I always used to think when I would see G Y C and maybe that year I didn't wasn't invited to speak and I would think to myself why did they invite him instead of me because I'm a better speaker than him I mean I've heard his sermons and I mean he's good but I'm better. I mean you laugh and I laugh about it now but the truth is that I used to think that. I used to think to myself I used to think about leaders who were the heads of ministries and I thought you know in ten years I could be doing then or whatever I mean I used to just compare myself and. I would love to have people come and gather around me but if there was I was at an event and there was a a speaker whom people were talking about their presentations more than mine I thought I would get jealous and I was but as long as I was in the spotlight I was fine I could I was call my was I was not bothered I was happy but the moment I had a challenge to that to that competitive disarray that dominance that's when my threat came and all you gentlemen in the room know exactly what I'm talking about. Is that a crisis like mentality yes or no Christ and His love for you would seek to set you free from that type of a lifestyle. And let me tell you what today I rejoice I don't seek in the Taishan to speak I don't know I'm not on that boasting and that but it's just a different mindset and so we need to have that experience doesn't doesn't mean that it doesn't mean that those thoughts wouldn't still pop into my mind but it's what I do with them right all right John Philippians Chapter two Philippians chapter two and I think most of you're probably familiar with this passage but it's a beautiful passage Philippians chapter two verse I'm going to start in verse. To fulfill my joy by being like minded having the same love being of one accord of one mind let nothing more serious powerful let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. I mean let me tell you that is true power. That is true. I mean. That is true greatness is to have that type of a mindset we're you're so dead to self that Christ can live and shine fully through you and you can see others as better than yourself rather than always trying to figure out how you're better than them I mean there would be people that I would think to myself well you know like yeah he can he can do that like he can he can play tennis really well but you know what I would crush that guy in football so I might there might be something that he is totally going to blow me away in but I find that one thing that I can beat him in and say yeah I'm good because he's going to touch me there. You know what I'm talking about right and so going on then verse five Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God did not considerate robbery to be equal with God you know what that text actually means this isn't the clearest translation of that text but when he says when he says he didn't consider it robbery to be equal with God You want that word robbery actually means it means that he didn't consider it something to be to hold on to or to maintain. In other words when Jesus was God I mean he's always been God But when being Divine was before he came to the earth and when man fell into sin when he looked at our. Condition of being fallen into sin he thought to himself what what greatness is it to be God if I cannot do something to save my people. And I'm willing to lay that down if necessary to be able to come and do something for them to make sense so Jesus was even willing to let go of the greatest of the greatest to be willing to come and do something for us that we couldn't do for ourselves I mean I think that's powerful I mean it doesn't get better than that and then all right so then he goes on he says but made himself of no reputation taking the form of a bondservant and coming in the likeness of men and being found in appearance as a man he himself and he came obedient to the point of death even the death of the cross and so if Jesus had of come as a perfect angel if Jesus had have lowered himself to just be an angel it would have been an infant insult to him and yet he lowered himself to become one of us and sinful human flesh therefore God has exalted him and given him the name which is above every name in the name of Jesus every knee would bow in heaven and those are earth and then every tongue would confess that he is the Lord so why is Christ so exalted. In heaven it's not just because he's strongest he's greatest He's the best that's not the only reason that's not the main reason why is it that Jesus is exalted. Because he did what. Because he lowered himself you follow me see I'm saying Satan would tell you that he should be worship because he's the greatest He's the strongest he's the smartest he's the most brilliant whatever but Christ. Is exulted because he made himself lower than anyone else was ever willing to go or could go. It's mind blowing isn't it. Jesus watch the feet of his disciples to overthrow rival rivalry among disciples about who is going to be the greatest in the kingdom I love in the book desire of ages in that chapter where she talks about when Jesus washed the feet as a sign falls she says this phrase she says he would teach them a lesson that they would never forget about humility. That's the kind of mentality that Jesus is seeking for us. Whether this Christ had on one occasion sought to prepare the mind this is from the thirteenth manuscript when seventy six Christ said on one occasion sought to prepare the minds of the disciples for the scenes of suffering that were before him they did not comprehend what he was trying to teach them but a shadow as of so great sorrow fell upon them yet even in this time of sadness the spirit of on a holy rivalry found a place in their hearts listen Jesus was preparing himself to die Jesus was on the road to the garden preparing themselves to die and if you read those chapters of desire of ages it says that his body was even swaying back and forth that he was almost staggering and falling to the ground because he was actually already beginning to die and even as that dark shadows settled over the heart of Jesus the disciples still for how and it in their hearts to try to figure out who was the greatest among them. I mean it's mind blowing how selfless the human heart can be. And that's exactly the same condition that we're in unless we have a renewed heart from him and was HIS righteousness covers on righteousness Jesus read their thoughts he called the disciples and inquired in regard to their disputes by the way and he took a little child and setting him in the midst of them he said Verily I say to you I accept the be what converted and become as little children you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven wherever they are for show humble and self is this child the same as the greatest in the Keenum of heaven and then she says this lesson is for who is for us. Unselfish love. From mainstream twenty forty nine hundred six unselfish love among brother it says when the laborers have an abiding Christ in their own souls when all selfishness is what dead when there is no rivalry no strife for supremacy when one this exists then when they sanctify themselves so that love for one another is seen and felt the showers of grace of the Holy Spirit will just as surely come upon them as God's promise will never fail or one jot or tittle when the work of others is discounted and the workers may show their own superiority they prove that their own work does not bear the signature it should signature it should and God bless them in other words does this competitiveness bleed over into the church yes or no it does when talk about the little bit more humility isn't thinking less of ourselves but thinking of ourselves less often and we can say Amen amen. Not always having to be number one God wants us to have rulership over ourselves not each other you see there's nothing wrong with competing with yourself A then you want to compete with yourself you want to can speak with the struggles of sin in your life competition and that sense is very wonderful but competition with each other is a facade because I might be able to dominate you but if I can't dominate myself that I've done no good at all for me for you or for the rest of the world or for eternity. What about Paul's competition illustrations and you were wondering about that with Paul talks about competing right yeah where it is first Corinthians nine twenty four twenty seven do not know that in a race all the runners run but only one gets the prize run in such a ways to get the prize everyone who competes in the games goes against goes in District training they do it to get a crown that will not last but we do it to get a crown that will last so Paul here is making a distinction between the races of earth for a crown that perishes and the race of heaven for a crown that does not perish two different want races OK and some people say well yeah but he makes a comparison with the greater comparison to mean is that he's distinguishing the crown that perishes from the crown that is not is not so much the race itself he says Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly are or do not fight like a man beating the air no I beat my body and make it slaves so that I can after I have preached to others I myself will not be disqualified for the prize so he's saying that my running of my race. Is not just for me but it's for who. It's for who. Is for others now now now don't miss this point remember how many races is he talking about here two different races one for a crown that perishes the other for a crown that doesn't perish if I run the race for the crown that perish is what has to happen and I win the race what has to happen to my to my fellow racers they lose. Right. But if I run the race for the eternal race the race of Heaven what happens to my fellow racers. If I win. They also when. They make sense they also win two very different types of races. I don't know why this keeps doing this but it doesn't pull up all my Sloan's. All right there we go in squares scripture contradicting itself can Paul condemn robbery on one hand and then support the rabid competitive sports Well no the real answer is that to use the Olympic Games as a symbol of the discipline needed in the Christian's personal struggle against sin that's the issue that he's pointing out he's not talking about or promoting competitive athletics so here's the question we asked this before now we're going to look at it can we learn are there certain positive traits that can be learned competitive sports yes hard work discipline etc We talked about that but the question is can we learn those things in a positive way without getting the bad stuff to that's the goal I mean if we got up I mean look I had chemotherapy when I had cancer you know what chemotherapy is they poison your whole body and here's the thing you have more good cells than cancer cells so they hope that imposing all the cells. You can ultimately kill off all the cancer cells in and you're killing off good cells too but because you have more of those you still can live that's essentially what they're doing I was kind of a joke but you guys are just but it's true like the if you're just like coming off lots of good and bad cells we just have more good ones and bad ones so so I mean but like would it be nice if we can get the good without the bad and then all right so I went to this Asian youth conference over in Malaysia by the way the food in Malaysia is some of the best food in the world by far I love it and it was so good. I went to this you Conference and it was at a nice resort kind of like this and it was all led by young people just like G Y C Very similar to the Y.C. and I was amazed at these young people many of them were just ages fifteen and up some of them were in the church fifteen years old I went to this one church over there and there was about one hundred twenty people in the church. And about one hundred of them were twenty five and under. And they all ran the church I mean the head deacon was like sixteen years old the head elder was like twenty and I mean they just ran their own church they preach and it was amazing and they would go out and they would do outreach into the community and they would bring in more young people so you had young people that were fourteen fifteen sixteen being baptized many of them were like their parents were dead they were orphans or living with relatives or something but these young people were very dedicated and they produce like three A.B.N. quality filming they edited it they filmed it they did all these things it was quite impressive I was just amazed but they had a game day and they had these co-operating gains very powerful and so like for instance here's one where we would get maybe ten or twelve people in a line one on each side and you would. You would get on each side of each other and you know you have to pull everyone has to pull up but you can't like touch the ground with your hands you have to pull with each other so you have to cooperate to get to the top and they have they had an element of competition but it wasn't competition with each other it was competition against the clock and against ourselves so it makes sense OK So that's the difference now they had other games I'm trying to remember some of them but. Where everybody has to get through the hoop without a touch of the. Around. And I was there I was a lot fatter than. I was that was actually a year after my chemo treatment and I was not in the best of health I wasn't very healthy there here's another one where everybody has a balloon in between them and you're a giant Caterpillar and you have to get a certain distance in a certain amount of time without popping a balloon you probably have to start over anyway I mean is just a lot of cool stuff here was one where you had a plastic bag and and I had holes in it and you had a ball that you had to work all the way down to the end and then back again without it going in the holes here was a thing and this is one of my favorites were they have this this pole and everybody has to get across the pole right and there are some people who can easily jump over that pole without any problem being tall skinny guys right girls they just come up they just jump over then you have other people who are bigger who can't jump so high and I was still six so I couldn't jump that high but the thing is everybody has to figure out how to get everybody else across that thing without touching it or knocking it off of the touch or knock it off everybody has to go back over and start again right and so if you get in a certain amount of time you get a prize you get they gave you can candy or something and so you can see what they were doing to me they actually picked me up and they got over so they had some of the guys that could easily jump it went over first and then all the middle guys that couldn't get over as much they had to go in the middle and there would be people on each end that would lift them over and then the and then the last guys would be guys it could get over easy again and they would jump over so you had to figure it out you had to think you had a group think and Team think that's true teamwork. Already say that's true teamwork and you might say well those games are boring they were boring. There were lots of fun this young guy right here was twenty two years old he had been an atheist he was converted at twenty years old he was a factory he was a manager at a factory and he oversaw more than one thousand workers he was a plant manager at twenty two years old and when he came there he made a decision to quit that job and he worked in China he was going to go into the ministry. You see God has great things planned for us amen God wants us to do great things but this is just an experience mean these are just things that there's endless amounts of things that can be substituted for that no to some of these scientific findings and says This is from a study that was done called more than just a game it says those who engage in organized competitive sports make Spirit States stress known as pre competitive anxiety while preparing for the event as well as emotional competitive anxiety during the game and we haven't experienced that yeah. Now why this think is doing this. Some sports such as karate ice hockey and others are associated with elevated systolic blood pressure anger and hostility I mean these are things I've already kind of talked about says this A study from the cooperate Learning Center did a study on fifty seven Olympic hockey players ages eighteen to twenty nine Here's what they found they examine the correlation between cooperation competition misspelled it and mental health results found that the more cooperative individuals were psychologically I'm sorry that the more cooperative individuals were psychologically and physically healthier than their more competitive colleagues at science science competition of a constant feeling that one has to work against something you know when you're in competitive sports you're always feeling that edge I have to I have even academics I mean you fill in the blanks some of you here may not be athletic you may be academic and that's fine or music we can be anything in life but if I constantly feel like I have to be the bass and I'm constantly competing it can give actually physical and mental anxiety and sickness so you know that I puked before a lot of football games I mean I know. Some evidence even concluded that cooperation and unselfish behaviors can produce a type of runner's high in other words when I when I when I cooperate and when I'm unselfish and when I'm self sacrificing towards others then guess what I experience a kind of they call it a runner's high but what do we call it we call it the joy of Jesus Amen that's what it is it's the Peace of God that comes into our hearts You see here's here's one of the greatest evidences against evolution All right think about this for just a minute. Survival of the fittest says what. Says that there's two people there's one piece of bread and there's two of us and there's nothing else to eat and only that one piece of bread is going to keep one of you alive who's going to get it right whoever gets it that's the survival of the fittest right correct Yes So if evolution is true and we're nothing but advanced animals then if I participate in survival of the fittest and let's say there is that one piece of bread and I have to kill you to get to it. Then if I kill you and I eat that bread how should I feel. How should I feel I should feel satisfied I should really feel happy I should be able to look at your dead body I mean I'm just being graphic here and think wow job well done right I mean like I took care of business I got what was needed for my survival too bad for him he was a nice guy but. I got to do what I got to do right and I should feel actually good about that So here's the thing according to Darwinian ism evolution survival if it is selfishness should make me feel good but all of you in this room whether no matter what your level of spirituality is I don't know what it's going to be is going to be higher for some of the over others probably but anyone in this room can answer this question Does selfishness make you feel better yes or no in the long term no it doesn't. And some of the most selfish people who are unwilling to turn to God are some of the most miserable people on the planet and some of the most unselfish giving people I've ever met who have nothing in their life are some of the happiest people I know so the other thing is that an unselfish act of Darwinism and all that is true and unselfish act should make me feel how bad it should make me feel bad because if evolution is true then if I do something self sacrificing for someone else that's not good because I need that for my own survival right but if I do something that is unselfish What's your response home that you are here for pathways to health. Most of you that were here probably spent a lot of money to be here it was a sacrifice you had to pay for your hotel room you had to pay for your travel here at cetera et cetera but when you saw the looks on those people's faces you may have been giving up your salary I mean you may have been having to take vacation days are not being paid at work but when you saw all the smiles people's faces what did it do to your heart it warms your heart See to me that's the greatest evidence that evolution is false. Think about it we find the peace of cries The study also found that like individuals who exercise regularly to release and orphans I'm sorry like individuals who exercise regularly release endorphins people who are co-operative and help others also experience a type of high described as calmness and sense of freedom from stress that sounds like the piece that Jesus offers to me about you very much so additionally and the visuals with a cooperative stance tend to feel more in control of their lives and do not live for approval from others. And then arresting. This is in sharp contrast to the constant intensity of the competitive individual how many of you if you've experienced both sides of the fence can testify that these things are true today. Amen many of you are raising your hand. There was another study done by the University of California in Berkeley found that children who engage in such high contact games as football or others develop moral standards more slowly. And then interesting are more aggressive off the playing field. And less mature in their oral reasoning. I never heard of the phrase dumb jock. Kind of where it comes from. Children who are placed and a co-operative rather than competitive the setting however tend to have a higher have higher levels of self-sufficiency if and she had meant then those who compete in an interesting. Cooperative games this is also from the study cooperative games result in better cooperation during free time free play time so in other words even when when people are not like when a teacher says OK come over here we're going to play this nice cooperating game you know everybody has to be co-operative but even when she sets them free to go off and play in the playground in an unstructured environment they're still what they're still more co-operative is that interesting. While competitive games result in increased aggression during unstructured play time so the kids that were involved in cooperation were less competitive when they weren't in that than those that were very powerful and lastly here co-operative problem solving increases intrinsic motivation more rapid problem solving positive interaction and higher belief in success this is a study done there's many studies like this that are done. We're going to. We're going to do this quote and then well we've got four minutes here I'm going to read this and then we're going to take a break here just a minute but I want you to notice the difference between God's plan and the world's plan notice they're both in capsulated in this paragraph watch this in God's plan there is no place for selfish rivalry those who measure them. Cells by themselves in presence of the most are not wise to read that text early or whatever we do has to be done as of the ability which God give this. Do you realize that. Brilliancy. Is not. Spirituality What do I mean by that. There are some brilliant speakers in the administrators. Are you with me. And many times we like to compare speakers amongst themselves I like him because he stimulates my mind or he brings out these cool points or he's very animated or he's whatever. But L. White says that a brilliancy is a thing to be considered to be worship than we ought to or all means to Satan because other than God he's the most brilliant being that there is. Brilliancy is not spirituality I would rather be filled with the spirit of gone than to be brilliant or with me I would rather be filled to the Spirit of God then to be the best of whatever it is this life has to offer the best businessman the best piano player the best violin player the best sports player I'd rather be filled with the spirit of gone because it's not so much about what you can do but what God does for you and through you that's what makes you great one our conference president always says bless it is the man that works for God but more blessed is the man who can get God to work for him he with me that's the great thing is God working in your life and his God working for you Well what would he be doing if he's working for me is he drawing people to you to point them to him because that's the ultimate purpose in life is to know God and to make him known Amen. Precious the service done and the education gained in carrying out these precious principles but how widely different is much of the education now given from the child's earliest years it is an appeal to emulation and what rivalry is this true do we do it even now like from first grade are we taught in kindergarten are we taught to compete with each other what he thing or taught it it's built into our structure from the child who is yours emulation rivalry it fosters selfishness the root of all evil we need to restructure in our thinking no way so was God trying to take away our fun from US Are you sure. Or does the Bible say it saw many for love a no good thing will he withhold from those who walk uprightly you can bet your life on this. That if there's anything in this world or this universe that is truly good for you God will give it to you. I meant. And if God says No even though you may not understand there must be something about of that he knows that you don't know how many of you when your parents said you know I don't want you to do this or I want you to you're like oh I'm Are you kidding me right and you're just like give me a break you know I want there's no harm in doing this but then the older you got you kept doing that and you realize that it became a problem you thought you know what maybe my parents knew someone didn't I'm with you I mean if you could confess at least one thing or that was the case I mean secret the older you get the more experiences you'll have with that OK it's a no no why they were telling me not to not to you know swing from the. From the ceiling fans and that kind of a thing right and so and so here's the thing God knows a lot of stuff that you and I don't know. God know. Where every path and every road leads to you and I don't and the only way for you to actually explain it to to know is one of two ways either go down the road yourself and then it's too late and there's big consequences at the end or just very simply believe what God says and do that and the on the path and let me tell you you stay on the path that God has for you you're not going to be bored you're not going to be without something to do you can have the greatest adventures of your life when you're walking and dance paths. I can promise you that those have been my adventures the greatest adventures of ever had in my life have been since I became a Christian and then all right now what about Ball Can we play ball or to talk about that after lunch what kind of ball can we play How do I know where to cross the line. How do I know where to draw the line I meant to say and how do I know if I'm crossing the line how do I know if I'm becoming too competitive what's OK What's not OK. We're going to talk about that after months of coming back all right very good let's stand pray and then we're going to break. Father in heaven we thank you so much for the opportunities that we've had here together we pray your Holy Spirit would draw us close to you again thank you Lord that you've spoken to our hearts and I pray Father then as we reflect upon these things that in our own hearts we would recognise that some things may need to change in our lives that we may need to make decisions that will reflect more of your glory in our lives and less of our own that you would help us Lord to bring out the best in us and not the beast in us and we want to pray Father that your spirit would take control of our hearts and lead us down the upward path that you want us to walk and Lord that we would seek the best not just what is good or better OK but we would seek the best that you have to offer us so we praise you we thank you Father for your kindness and goodness to us Lord and I pray for someone here even right now needs to make a surrender in their life of whatever magnitude they will make that decision just now or maybe they want to give up competitive sports competitive academics competitive music whatever may be they want that element of competition to be gone from the thing that they love and so we pray Father that you put that in our hearts today and we ask it in Jesus' name. This message was recorded at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C A supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot G. Y.C. Web dot org.


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