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5. Separating the Saints and Splitting the Sanctuary

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • December 29, 2017
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Y.C. Web dot org. Well today we're going to take a little bit of a different approach in our last meeting some of you have been to all of the meetings of these meetings and I summon our All right several of you home of you this is your fairy first one all right so you you were in here yesterday when I gave the lecture about some of our hopping that we don't want to do some of our hopping right. But anyway I'm glad you're here and I want to encourage you to get the rest of the recordings in just a reminder that I think a little light studios did anybody go to the booth and look for the D.V.D. Did they have some they did OK so they do have some at the booth. I don't make money off of these they produce them and they take the money to the ministry but. It is this talk I have increased at this time but you can do that I also have here a. A sheet some of you may have signed up yesterday if you didn't and you would like to have my slides I'll be glad to give them to you I can e-mail them to you in a Dropbox format. And you can click on the link and download them so at the end of the seminar come write your name and your e-mail address and I'll get those out to you in the next couple weeks here OK. Let me see what else I want to say to you before we go. Before we move on. I'm not totally with it so you just have to bear with me human. Being sick All right so what we're going to talk about today is going to be slightly different Yesterday we looked at. Bible evidence peer to prophecy evidence and scientific evidence that reveals to us that competitive sports may not necessarily be or are not innocent or not I should say God's ideal for his people yes and fact they don't build character they typically cause a decline in character and we were here and we saw that today right and for those of you that were here for all four of those sessions how many of you when you saw all that evidence would agree with that statement I mean you find it even though it's a very ingrained thing in our culture it's very popular today it's un-American if you're not into sports but we're not interested in as much in American culture or Western culture as we are haven't sculpture Amen and we want to be prepared for heaven we don't want to be worried about popularity in our culture today because this culture is a very passing fad it's only temporary and we want to be prepared for HAVE AN AMEN and we want to be practicing God's ideal not just when we get to heaven but when but now and it was kind of quiet for much of the session just today I think because a lot of people had conviction and one brother that was sitting up here he said we don't want to it's I said you're so quiet he says he says we because we don't want to accept it and but I could sense that people's hearts were moved and that the Lord is calling us to something higher something better he's not calling us to what is good or better but what is what what is best and that's what he wants so we're going to do today is very different for the first. Ninety percent of the talk you're not going to hear me talk about compose for it's but we're going to talk about an experience that our church had and something called the eight hundred ninety three General Conference who heard of that or you've read about it you've studied about it and we're going to talk about a great revival that took place in the church a great outpouring of God's Spirit there were people who were confessing their sins they were repenting and they were rejoicing in the Lord and then something happened that deviated them from that and Satan sought to fill the void of what God had given them with something else and we're going to see what that something else was OK So I promise you by the time we get to the end it is going to be connected to compose sports OK so just bear with me all right we'll let's have paired together and. I'm hoping that the end of this will have some time for questions if not I'll be happy to stick around and chat with you personally and I'm always happy to do that I'll stay here as long as you need me to bless and prayer together and I will dive in OK Father in heaven we thank you so much for this opportunity to study together we ask your Holy Spirit to be with us now as we guide our guided and looked or looking at the history of our church and how competitive sports have had an impact on it and we ask your special blessing in Jesus' name amen and let me just say this that and our last sessions we've looked at the Bible we've looked at the Spirit of Prophecy we've looked at science so we're not actually going to even have a Bible in this one this is going to be basically recounting an experience of God's people of the emptiness people throughout history make sense all right so most Actually everything that I'm taking from this talk comes from this book wounded house of his friends you can buy this book here I think they're selling them down at the booths and I would highly recommend all of you to buy this book and read it there's another book called The Return of the Latter Rain and it's a blue book it's Ficker than this one and I would encourage you to buy that book and read it I think he's actually come out with a volume two excellent excellent material and when I was reading this book I mean my heart was just jumping out of my chest and I was just rejoicing and I was having a revival and it was just it's just a powerful experience it's an amazing book so I want to encourage you but primarily I'm going to be looking through Chapter seven to nine All right so the eight hundred ninety three general conference this was about four five years after something that some of you may know a lot of called the eight hundred eighty eight conference some of you're familiar with that if you're not familiar with that I want to encourage you to get yourself familiar with it at the. That conference there were two gentlemen named a T. Jones and. E.J. Wagner who preached messages on the righteousness of Christ and our need to have that experience with him OK our need to have the righteousness of Christ in place of our own righteousness so that it is our only ticket to heaven you cannot obey God until you've received the righteousness of God of Christ you cannot do truly good works until you've received the righteousness of Christ yes and that we should look to him and so there were many people at that conference there were some who accepted those messages and that's the foundation of our faith is it not in the foundation of our faith is not just the Sabbath but the core of every doctrine and every belief that we have has to be the righteousness of Christ Amen yes and so some people accepted that message at the. Eight hundred eighty eight conference many people rejected it and some were undecisive and for several years after that there were many people who resisted that message and even fought against the message not just did they just say ah well I don't believe that they went on about their merry way but they actually countered and fought against the message OK well in eight hundred ninety three there was another general conference session where many of the same people were gathered together again and God essentially rebuked them for rejecting the message OK through and through others and eighty JONES Once again came and he was delivering a number of messages that were similar to the ones of of eight hundred eighty eight the difference was at this session virtually every person except those messages OK and there was a great revival that took place in fact is with the thirteenth session the general conference that took place in figure seventy nine hundred ninety three or beginning their one hundred twenty delegates from several countries and it was one of the greatest sessions ever held in our church and so I'm going to show you some of the statements that were made there. By eighty Jones and others and this comes straight out of the book but there were there was a great deal of powerful preaching that revealed the true condition and the true nature of the hearts of the people there and it was amazing and people's hearts were broken notice what he says here he says many who have a nominal connection with it is a quote from L.A. T. Jones with the truth did not fully appreciate it if they did there would be in a band and many of self a laying hold of divine power and a seeking for a living connection with God. That would take no denial we pray that this may be more and more impressed upon every heart this experience of what what is it abandonment of who of self and a laying hold of divine power seeking to have a living connection with the almighty a man how have you recognize that we are destitute unless we have that experience many of us I think even in the church today we dissed don't realize that we hear people say it and we're just like aw yeah yeah I fear that we have the same experience that they did or we're not accepting him then he goes on he says Brother I'm going to show you a lot of these statements brother and if Christ says dwelling in a man's heart he will find works to do don't be anxious about works find the Lord Jesus Christ and you will find work more than you can do amen and so are works important yes but not until you truly experience who until you truly experience crimes your works cannot save you but they can help save someone else then he says there's been a good one great trouble with us as individuals and it has been plainly set before us in the Laodicean message we have felt ourselves so rich and increased with goods that we have not realized our need to have gone to all that a sense of soul poverty might come to every heart that is the read deeming quality brother and he says that we need to have a sense of our own poverty and people will SCAF and they'll say well now you know I don't come to church to get beat up and to have the preacher tell me how bad I am and that's the attitude of today's culture when the reality is is that that's actually exactly what we need that's exactly what we need we need to they people say why I come to church to feel good well you can only feel good in Christ when you've first felt that right because you have to feel badly about your current condition and if you don't feel badly about your condition without Christ or without the fullness of His presence in your life then you're not going to ever fully be able to experience the peace of Christ that makes sense you have to recognize your true condition and the problem with many of the the reason that many struggle to me is a reason that many have such a difficult time is that they're unwilling to see their true condition we're unwilling to make a painful detachment from. Our own self dependence in our own self-righteousness but that's exactly what we need to know and second to turn on my clock here CARIO. Then he goes on he says our goodness our wisdom our ability our nothing but God can work and will work with a heart that is emptied of self a heart that is made no reserve or one that has yielded all to God and laid all upon his altar how you can say Amen. That is what God will do when we are willing to lay all down before him and we consider around we can we can we can scoff at that or we and we can we can find all kinds of reasons why that were were don't meet that condition but the reality is that we all are in that situation and we all need to have that experience he says he goes on what is our condition you well know enough that our efforts have not been and not accomplished munched Now listen to this see if this is not been your experience at one time everyone has tried to do his very best you know yourself that it was the most discouraging thing that you ever tried to do in this world you tried with all your heart to live right but guess what you failed you fail you try to all with all your strength to do what God wanted you to do and you what failed not once not twice but many times and notice what he says here he says you have sat down and cried because you could not do well enough to risk the judgment I mean you had that kind of experience before where you just wept and you were just like I'm just not good enough and the reality is that though that's bad news it's good news if you recognize it a man is good news if you recognize it but you're not good enough he says we ourselves were able to see our nakedness when we had tried our best to cover ourselves now the Lord none listen to this now the Lord wants us to be covered so that the shame of our nakedness shall not appear he can see a man today and the Lord once us to be covered he doesn't want us to be naked he once us to have his perfect righteousness and character that will stand the test of the judgment let us accept it from him as the free blessid gift it is. In other words your righteousness being not good enough as not it's a bad thing but it's also a good thing if we're willing to open the heart most fully to receive his own righteousness if we if we recognize that our own works are not and have never been good enough you see friends we need not only repent of our bad works need not repent just simply of of losing your temper and over eating or or lying or whatever it is but we also need to repent of our attempts at good works done in our own strength why because Jesus could have done it a thousand times better infinitely better he would have done it with perfection and if we did anything it was our best ability and our own strength it still falls short of him and the reality is that's just the condition that we have that's just the truth now we can say why did you just make me feel bad or good we need to feel bad we need to recognize it and if if we keep trying to push that off then our eyes are being blinded by the enemy the Lord want no know so so. A T. Jones makes this appeal that look though you have this condition God doesn't want you to remain there and then he's willing to do something about it he's willing to make a change in your life he's willing to to transform your heart and give you something better something pure he's willing to cover you with his own righteousness that you can indeed stand pure before him. And you have to recent how do I receive on going to talk about it here is a little bit now Debbie Debbie Prescott which was another gentleman present there he also gave several talks and here is some things that he said Notice what he says the Lord wants us to receive his spirit right now he wants our hearts to open all the time to receive it he wants our hearts open how often all the time not just when I come to gee why I see not just when I'm in the meeting not just on church on Sabbath morning but how often does he want our hearts open to the Spirit of God all the time that means I have to make a conscious choice to open my heart to God all the time that he goes on he says the heart is open how is my heart open how do I keep my heart open to the Spirit of God It's opened by confession and repentance of our sins on a regular basis by a spirit of contrition what is contrition mean a broken US A recognizing of my need and then notice what he says here I love this phrase reference read this phrase I just got excited I jumped out of my chair and notice what he says and by a permanent sense of what unworldliness if you ever think yourself worthy You need only to take one glimpse at Jesus and you will recognize how unworthy we are and if I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus would I not have a permanent sense of my unworthiness but his worthiness that can make me worthy Amen Now we all are unworthy but we're worthy in him because his goodness his greatness his or righteousness can make us worthy Amen but in of ourselves we have nothing to recommend to him to ourselves or anyone else. Not by being lifted up when he gives us of His grace and power sometimes the Lord gives us a blessing and then we get ourselves look that up we become boastful in there and we are to receive the Spirit in the fullness and rejoice in the Lord all the time can you see like at this conference these were the sermons that were being preached how powerful they were and then how powerful they were and people's hearts began to be broken so heartfelt confessions began to take place it's very interesting that people began to recognize their brokenness they began to recognize their poor state of of standing before God and they began to break down and confess their sins and pray that God would cleanse them and give them purity of heart and cover them with the righteousness of Jesus and fill him them with his character and there was an interesting thing there are taken place there was a gentleman named elder idea Van Horn I would like to have a name right and and the beard to go with it right an elder horn at the eight hundred eighty eight message at the eight hundred eighty eight conference when those messages were being delivered he scoffed at them and rejected them then later in his room he was with a bunch of other people who had rejected those messages and they were beginning to make light of and they were making sarcastic jokes and all kinds of nasty comments about a T. Jones and others that were bearing those messages and they were just basically criticizing and gossiping and attacking right and so they were in a private setting in a room where no one else was around OK Ellen why later rites of letter to elder horn as she tells him everything that was said in the room because the Lord gave her a vision of what they were doing in that room and she was telling him how displeased God was that he and others had been making light of a message that was intended to save their souls this man was broken by that and in eighteen ninety three he came back and he heard these messages again and this was the confession that he made look what he says I am now heartily ashamed of the part that I took and the merriment satire sarcasm and wit that was indulged in by myself and others in Minneapolis it was very wrong and displeasing to the Lord who witnessed it all she told him that God has had an angel in the room was recording everything that they say. He was broken he says I see how much I have lost in these four years of darkness and unbelief So from eight to ninety eight to eight hundred ninety three he was basically in darkness and he didn't even realize it didn't even realize it. Could it be that some of us are times in darkness and we don't even realize it right and and and so he says I will now make haste and buy the gold the white Rayment and the ice sav that I may stand before my fellow men not in my own strength but with the righteousness of Christ I will walk softly before the Lord and will cherish his presence in my heart that I may have power from him who has all power to resist Satan shun his snares and gained a victory at last I can say Amen and this exciting this was one of many confessions of various people I mean I didn't put them all in here but in the book it talks about many more people who had experiences where they recognized that they were in a wrong way and because of these messages that were preached their hearts were broken and they began repenting they began confessing and testifying of the Lord's goodness what great mercy God had given to elder horn that he had been in such a way in eight hundred eighty eight for years the Lord bore with him and in great mercy gave that experience to him again an eight hundred ninety three a man is the Lord merciful today the Lord is kind as any He's good then he says this repentance and confession are the only ways out of sin and darkness and would say amen you know I don't know that as a church in modern times we have really had this kind of an experience. That is my fear maybe some individually but I know about others I know but as a whole notice this Prescott you guys are you guys doing OK I mean to me this is just powerful now we're going to get to the to the competitive competition here in just a little bit but bear with me here but when we receive the righteousness of Christ in its fullness right with that comes the fullness of the Spirit and there is the outpouring the Holy Spirit now it is of no use for us to pray and pray for the spirit apart from the righteousness and character of Christ another words let me make this point and this is the point that they made and we need to understand this that if you're praying for the Holy Spirit and you're not praying that your character be changed you're kind of wasting your time because of the Spirit of God is going to come into your hearts and your heart is going to be open there are going to be changes that will have to be made in your life and those changes will be changes that you have no power or strength to do for yourself but only changes that God himself can make in you are you with me and when those changes are made and you see that God transforms your heart you will have a testimony to bear to others of what God has done for you and then and there will be a power in your life that is continue as long as you maintain that surrender and that willingness for the heart to be open through confession and repentance Amen He says What can I say about this matter over Prescott goes on these things are as plain as a B. and C. that righteousness is the gift of God Amen that all in the world he asked us to do is submit to the receiving of it amen to open the door by confession and repentance and then closing every door to Satan see that's that's a problem where many of us stumble we say Oh yes Lord Jesus I want to open my heart to you but at the same time while we are trying to open the door to Christ we are not willing to close the door to Satan how do we close the door to Satan well resist the devil by submitting to God but we cut off we have to cut off the bridges to his world and our lives make sense if there's if you're if you've got some kind of addiction or some kind of problem that you're always going to you've got a problem with with with boys you've got a problem with girls. You've got to have that tension and affection that satisfies that heart thing for you and you know that it's not right what has to be done it has to be cut off and only the power of God can help you you've got a problem with pornography or the grace of God It has to be cut off you have to close the doors to Satan if I got a problem with panache graphy What do I need to do I need to maybe cut off my internet you need to get rid of my computer and I need to get rid of all the avenues that would link me to it and then replace it with good yeah and then plead with God moment by moment to give me the strength Yeah and it's not always a momentary thing to give up these things sometimes it is a process but yet the same time if we're going to open the heart to Christ we must close the door to who satan and then he says opening the door to Christ and accepting him in how simplicity you recognize that Jesus does not make things complicated we do in a stand that. It's very simple I'm going to talk about that a little bit on this but the simple Gospel is simple the promises of God are simple the promise of His power and strength are simple Amen and we need not make them complicated elder eighty Jones called after several days of preaching these kind of messages over Jones on the last day made called people to decision he said the danger is that there will be some here who have resisted this for years who will now fail to come to the Lord in a way to receive it and fail to receive it as the Lord gives it and will be passed by that is a very scary thing to think about what he's saying and is the Lord passing them by because he doesn't love them and the Lord passing them by because he doesn't want them or would have passed us by because he doesn't love us when he passes by because he doesn't care about us why would he passes by because we've rejected him and closed our hearts to Him That's the only reason he would ever pass us by let us be determined and the power and strength of God not to be passed by a man you know the song that says while another's You are calling Do not pass me by I meant he says a decision will be made by ourselves at this meeting on which side are you going to be found and I want to ask you the same question this morning which side are you going to be found if you can be found in the Lord's sign and when you want to be found and wards of the Mysterians this morning you know open your heart fully to Jesus you're going to close the door to Satan you're going to allow him to fully transform you going to lay all on the altar before Him Now here's what happened. And eight hundred ninety three at that convention the leaders of the church received these messages Well this was their experience this is a T. Jones again he's recounting his experience it's so powerful I was so wretched so completely a captive and in such bondage that nobody could deliver me but the Lord Himself never felt like that people who are. No one can do anything for you except the Lord so miserable was I that I could all I could ever do was have the Lord constantly to comfort me so poor as to bed from the Lord so blind that no one but the Lord could cause me to see so naked that no one could clothe me but the Lord himself you will find an experience with the Lord when you reach the place where there was nothing that anyone else can do for you except him your parents can't do anything for you your friends can't do anything for you your husband wife boyfriend girlfriend can't do anything for you when you wreckage when you reach that point you recognize that the righteousness of Christ is the only hope that you have when you realize that that's when you'll find it and then when you turn to Him with all your heart because no one else can do anything for you this is the experience that these people were having I mean this is powerful I know you have never heard of this before you should study the history of our church a man is that understand these things all the claim that I have is what Jesus has done for me he's a man but the Lord loved me what in my righteousness I cried he delivered to me what in my misery he comforted me all the way what in my poverty he gave me riches and in my blindness he let me see when I was naked he gave me this garment of righteousness and solo all I can present all I have to present that as that upon which I can enter heaven is just what he has done for me it's always about that if that will not pass me if that will not gain me entrance he saying then I am left out should be out justly and I have no complaint to make. In other words he says if I cannot get in by the righteousness of Christ and I am left out of heaven do I have anything to complain about why because it's my own responsibility it's my own fault right it's my own it's my own doing but oh Will this garment not entitle me to enter and possess the inheritance will it not what garment is he talking about. The righteousness of Christ and the wedding government and the parable Yeah. Well White wrote what about the rest of the church so the leaders at that meeting accepted the message but what about the rest of the church why did they accept it well they did for a time but notice what she writes The Lord has revealed to us that the Laodicean church applies to the church at this time if it applied to the church at this time in one thousand nine hundred three when it apply in two thousand and seventeen I think so because we haven't gotten any better than they have since that time have we we've got quite a bit almost exponentially worse right and how yet how few have made a practical application of it to themselves God has wrought for us we have no complaint to make of heaven for the richest blessings have been offered us but our people have been reluctant to accept them those who have been so stubborn and rebellious that they would not humble themselves to receive the light God has sent and mercy to their souls became so destitute of the Holy Spirit that the Lord could not use them unless they are converted they will never enter the mansions of the Blessed is she talking about us as well are we able to be rebellious and stubborn and they expect that God's going to take us to a place where no stubbornness or rebellion exists we can expect it we have to have a transformation heavenly agencies have long been awaiting for the human agents the members of the church to cooperate with them and the great work to be done they are waiting for who are waiting for you. Is that interesting this was the final appeal of Jones eighty Jones on the last Sabbath of the convention of the general conference session this is what he says righteousness of God upon his people is the one thing the only thing that can fit up God's people for receiving the promise of the Holy Spirit and the outpouring of it and when that message as received and accepted gladly God tells you and me a rise shine from the light is come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon the Isn't it interesting that the final appeal he made in eight hundred ninety three that brought great revival to the church is the same theme that we are having in two thousand and seventeen a G. Y.C. is that interesting. I find it very fascinating almost fell out of my chair when I read that paragraph I thought my goodness we are dealing with the same problem they did the same problem and when he says arise and shine for of a the light has come and the glory of God has risen upon the he's talking about receiving that message of the righteousness of Christ that our sins may be covered and me we may possess his character not just preach about it. So the joy of that message was received and there was a great revival I mean they had all kinds of of miracles that were happening in that session and after that session once the session ended and they dispersed over the next several months they had several can't meetings and that that experience continued in those can't meetings those messages began to be preached and the people began to receive experience revival and it is written that say ten at that time because revival Reformation and the beginning of the Latter Rain was being poured out I mean they were sprinkles of it they were they were starting to sense that God was about to pour out His Spirit it was written that Satan feared for his very existence because he saw that God's church was about to rise and become something great that God was about to shine His Glory down upon his people and so Satan as he always does went to work for strategies and these are covered in the book I'm not going to talk about all of them just one of them today but for strategies that Satan brought against the church following eight to ninety three to divert the revival that made him fear for his life the first one was fanatical criticism against the church this are covered in the book you can read the book and go through those second one is to come it was succumbing to worldliness in the churches and schools are familiar with that are we. Thirdly was the mistakes of the messengers and fourthly continued resistance by some of the eight hundred eight masses we're going to talk about number two and this is where we're going to get close to the competitive sports and I noticed this when that when he began to employ met those strategies he focused in on the education systems and the churches but he worked in the colleges to try to turn the revival around negative and he was actually very successful and notice a statement from the book and says that Battle Creek college there Advena negative reaction to the revival that had previously taken place so they had a revival of Battle Creek but then something shifted in changed i lack of unity and loyalty among some of the faculty had spread to the students the condition of among the students and the college from a religious standpoint was worse than it ever been now L. white when I mean look at that the religious the condition of the students in the college from a religious standpoint was worse than it had ever been that was I think Prescott said that isn't that sad I mean so they went from great revival to what. To a worse than they were before reminds you when Jesus tells the story of casting out the spirit and and the man's house was swept in empty and then seven came back right I mean they were worse How have you have had that kind of experience before we've had you come to G Y C You get a revival and then you go back home things start happening you're back in school and that revival just goes by the wayside and you seem to even decline in spirituality from what you were even before you went to that conference and had the revival I mean you've had that experience why was that the case with them and why is it does it become the case with us because when God does something to stir our hearts the enemy gets very threatened he gets very upset and he works diligently and overwhelmingly to turn us away from the experience that we had to get us to stop doing what we did to have the experience in the first place such as confession of repentance et cetera and asking for the Spirit of God in the character of God right so I noticed this L.-Y. pinpoints the reason that revival went sour OK you guys with me all right check this out during eight hundred ninety three this is oh why the grace and mercy of gone had abundantly been bestowed upon those and Battle Creek they had a great experience but while the youth were being moved upon by the Holy Spirit they might use the rich bussing as a right and progress to greater light nearly all of the educators of Battle Creek have lost their clear spiritual discernment because they why why this is same for them as it is for us to listen because they did not maintain the victory by determined what watchfulness Jesus says watch and pray when you have a revival experience in your life you have to be doubly on guard because the enemy is going to come overwhelmingly like a flood to try to turn that thing around because he wants you back in darkness so when you leave the Y.C. What do you have to do you have to be doubly watch and pray and if you sense yourself moving in that opposite direction you'll be able to identify what's happening and turn it back around you know. How easily we can grieve the Holy Spirit by walking contrary to it's an a blink sanctifying influence when the Spirit of God moves your heart to do this or that or to cease from this or that and we do not yield to that what do we do we grieve him and that experience of joy and surrender and and it cetera it begins to leave us. We have to maintain it through watchfulness and prayer Yes OK Now almost almost to the main point here. She had great concern now watch this great concern during the summer of the same year church leaders L.-Y. and others became anxious that the Revive an opera a spirit become stagnant and notice this as people fall back into worldliness with a lack of interest from missionary work around the world Check this out think about this when we leave the Spirit of God to engage in the world in this world in us of the world what happens to our interest in saving souls that just wanes we have no interest in fact we want to avoid thinking about it and so worldliness and missionary service are opposite enemies yes or no so if you are not having some kind of a passion for missionary service and and it doesn't mean that you have to be full time I mean you could be an engineer or a doctor and still be willing souls to this to the Lord but if you're not engaging in interested in some type of missionary service you might want to examine your own heart if you don't have a passion for souls you might want to check yourself or let the Lord check you amen she says if men and women every sin this is an appeal to you and I as well as men and women have received increased light what are they doing to warn men and women who did not know the Lord is coming how have you have received great light in your life from the Lord what are we doing to warn others of the truth that we know that Jesus is coming soon what are you doing with your life today. That is building up the kingdom of God and preparing those around you for the second coming of Jesus I'm not talking about being a fanatic can and turning your families off by handing them a piece three pieces of literature every day I'm not talking about being crazy and weird but having a true passion pleading with God for their souls and doing whatever you can to bring them she says who will leave pleasant homes and dear times of relationship and carry the precious light of truth to lands of far off would you answer that call today if the Lord calls you he calls all of us not to live in comfort but the live in the power of His Spirit and to be laboring self sacrificing only for others she says the worse feature of the nicotine of this day is a form of godliness without the power thereof those who profess to have great light are found among that careless and indifference and the cause of Christ is wounded and the house of his professed friends the Cause of God has been wounded by his own people what a heart breaking thought Now here's where we get to the main point we got ten minutes that's all I need once it's so you see the experience of the people of God had yes eighty ninety three they had great revival that's at the General Conference that spilled over to the colleges which then turned sour because they didn't can persist in the same thing that brought the revival in the first place OK and Satan worked as strategies to try to get them turned away you see that all that was necessary to point make this point once the darkness had taken root and the enemy was implementing his strategy what did he bring to the church to replace the experience of revival the Reformation the Holy Spirit and missionary service that God had desired for his people what do you think he brought. It what a fraud a false gospel but he brought competitive sports Let me show you this no I don't have slides for this but I want to show you I'm going to show you this and you can read about this in the book this is very very powerful Check this out. I'm sorry but the. An eight hundred sixty seven Princeton College was the first to establish rules for American football that's what came about. Princeton College you know in the Princeton College right as a sports programs developed in the schools of the world and also began to creep into the admin is college is primarily at Battle Creek in the summer of eight hundred ninety three for example when a Battle Creek college football team ended one of its games in a tie with a local high school team because of a last minute penalty assessed against them the combative spirit of the world was also readily around sed not willing to end in a tie the college team at its admin a supporter protested the call vehemently but to no avail a rematch was planned and students went back to their dorms discussing the injustice of the call to those who are unable to attend So what do you have American football game taking place at the college lots of administers students from the college were there in attendance when the game didn't go all the way that they hoped it would they went crazy and they lost themselves and they protested and the remaking fools of themselves over again are you with me now watch this local newspapers reported on the match and gave special attention to the fierce disagreement at the end the papers also reported on a special football competition between the American and British students of Battle Creek collars these are avin a speed full when the game was played it was attended by a large number of ADD then us and people from the community in Battle Creek after the British won the game it was tooted that the paper that the great international foot is the great international football game one of the brightest students in a copy of the newspaper's game coverage and the reports of boxing MacIt matches being held on campus home to his parents in Australia who had at great expense sent him to his this hallowed college for a Christian education but parents were troubled to say the least and showed the newspaper articles to Ellen wide brother better not show that Grandma. So look these parents had spent a great deal of money in a cheap to go to our schools spent a great deal of money sending their kids to this college and what do they find but that they're engaging in these football games and boxing matches on the admin a scamp this and he writes home about it and he's excited about it and they're like What in the world is going on listen when they had had this revival experience it's incredible that in a matter of us a very short time they went from having a massive revival to being sucked into beating the fire out of each other I mean think about it how how how quickly that degradation took place it with me and it wasn't long that she was moved to respond in she wrote a number of things she just read you a couple them here she says has not the playing of games and rewards in the using of boxing glove been educating and training after Satan's direction to lead to the possession of his attributes What if they could see Jesus the man of Cauvery looking upon them in sorrow as it was represented to me she saw Jesus looking with sorrow upon that condition things are certainly re receiving a wrong mold and are counteracting the work of the divine power which has been graciously be stowed the time is altogether too full of tokens of the coming conflict to be educating the youth in fun and games you guys still hang around with me got a little conviction here it pains my heart to read letters where these exercises are spoken about and where they write such expressions as oh we had so much fun and other such expressions Now listen to this as a rebuke right here Moses had gone up into the Mount to receive instruction from the Lord and the whole congregation should have been in a humble attitude before God but instead of that they ate and drank and rose up to play Has there been a similar experience in Battle Creek thus Satan and his angels are laying their snares for your souls. And he is working in a certain way upon teachers and him and pupils to induce them to engage and exercises and amusements which have become intensely absorbing but which are of a character to strengthen the lower powers and create appetites and passions that will take the lead and counter act most decidedly the operations and working of the Holy Spirit of God upon the human heart Whoa that's like overwhelming it's overwhelming. And so I mean I could read more but I think you get the point in the soon anything else I want to saying let me say this here's one more quote and then on going to be the last one she wrote this. A period of great light and the outpouring of the spirit is quite generally followed by a time of great darkness this is what I just told you why because Satan had come in with all his to see the energies to make of none effect the deep movings of the Spirit of God She writes again when the students of the school went to their match games and football playing when they became absorbed in the amusement question Satan saw a good time to step in and make of none effect the Holy Spirit of God molding and using the human subject and listen to this had these students are allowed the Holy Spirit to use them they would have a rouse as the living missionaries to work in Christ lines. You with me they could not have considered their individual responsibility they could not have but consider their individual responsibility to work and every way possible in harmony with Christ their pattern to save souls ready to perish Instead they threw wide open the gates and invited the enemy to come in what did say to news dear friends to counter act the power of the Spirit of God to bring revival to God's people and the early days he's competitive sports are used I'm not saying that's the only thing he used there was other distractions. But that's what the subject of the seminar is and Buddy boy did it really do a number on God's people so a question can it be could it be that the very same thing the very same distraction the very same attempt by the enemy that hindered them and the fullness of the Spirit as also hindering us today from revival and reformation What do you think today if I could say anything to you today about this subject it is this if you don't need it there was more missionary work for you to do in either in the jungles of the Congo or as a as a high fluent a fission physician and some big city in America no matter what your profession is no matter what you do in life whether you're a physician or or a full time missionary or a greeter at Walmart there's enough mission work for you to do to keep your life more than busy until either you die or Jesus comes and the reality is those things these competitive sports all these things you don't need them you do not need them and they will destroy your experience with the Holy Spirit of God they will destroy it so today Don is calling you to a deeper experience with him or do you think today he's calling us to have the experience that they have an even greater the good experience that they had and even greater he's calling us to recognize a sense of our brokenness and our own worthiness that we may empty ourselves of ourself and be filled with those fullness are you willing to lay down today everything that God caused you to give up and to surrender in this life. So that you can follow him. And the path he has for you Are you willing to do that today are you willing to allow him to make that change and you maybe say to yourself yeah like Intellectually I know that that's what I need to do but my heart's not there ask God to take your heart there ask God to give that desire for you and He will it will be a process you could but you make that decision every day and God will do it for you I mean you want to have that rich experience of the fullness of Christ's righteousness that alone can save us and alone can bring the greatest depth of joy and fellowship with him like nothing else can competitive sports will never give you that Joy competitive sports will never bring that deep satisfaction to your heart but serving God self sacrificing only self serving God and your fellow man on selfishly will do just that. And having a rich relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus meant you want that experience today I meant how do you want that I'm of you willing to lay whatever god cause you to lay down to have it Amen amen let's pray Father in heaven we would have that experience oh Lord we would have that rich and beautiful experience that our early church brother and I had that was a flash and it didn't last long but Lord it was rich while it lasted and Lord we would have that experience without going backwards. Without being distracted by the worldliness and the things that the enemy is laying in our path the most popular things in the world Lord today are the most unpopular with heaven and we pray today lord that the Spirit of God would touch our lives that we would have every day lessening desire to chase after them and more of a hunger and thirst for righteousness and I pray today father that we would find joy in the things that you find joy in the things that you have for your people that Lord were not to be boring humble unhappy Christians were to be joyful father and there are so many things in this world you've given us that can bring joy to the life but Lord most more than anything we want Jesus to do well with and to the fullest and the greatest death that is humanly possible we want to have the faith of Jesus today please give us your righteousness as a gift as we open our hearts to you and we close the door to Satan and we confess our sins and seek to have your character and righteousness as our prayer today in Jesus' name in. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. She was supporting ministry and the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so many Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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