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4. It's How You Look at It

Sean Nebblett Natasha Dysinger



  • December 28, 2017
    4:00 PM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot. Org. So in this session the sessions title is how you look at it it's how you look at it and what we're going to be predominantly dealing with is kind of taking a step back and there's not a mention to kind of touch the perspective that we have when approaching God and how how significant that is in light of our total experience we had a couple questions come through two that are there but related so I'll try to address those still talk a bit more about perspective and then we'll move on from there so Question number on the back to my question it's one question read thusly. Is the parents several young boys one of whom is five years old and. It's a it's a full life for a mother. Yes only getting it out of sleep anyways there's no time I pray a lot through all the day I read the chapter the Bible most mornings I don't feel like I'm getting what I need from my devotional life is another one up here. What if you wake up too late to have devotions and another one how do you handle devotions in a hotel room. So these three I'll try to address kind of at once. So we've been laying the groundwork and really trying to we're trying to be specific as we can we're trying to be as practical as we can so we're kind of putting our finger on various elements of you know this this might help this might help if you have trouble with Paul this might help if you don't love the Bible the media fast might help but while we're doing that let's remember we don't want to lose track of the fact that in fact. What we're talking about again is not a specific set of actions per se as it is creating a dynamic in which affection for God can flourish and affection for the world is slowly or not so slowly diminished strangled out you know. So having said that and trying to step back and take in our whole experience in the big picture what happens when you wake up and it's you know you are supposed to get five and it's six thirty and now you legit have to run out the door to work or school and your hour has gone well now I'm under condemnation because I couldn't read my bible as morning because I overslept alarm I would you know and we would of course. Might suggest to ourselves well maybe we'll go to bed earlier next time so that we don't oversleep our alarm but more fundamentally than that Ethan is no you're not going under condemnation because in this morning you missed your fifty nine and a half minutes of Bible reading what do you do when you awakened an hour too early I'll ask another question what are going to do about breakfast you know on a morning like that you might not eat all or you might eat but you might have to eat in a hurry you're not going to have a sit down satisfying of this is wonderful type of breakfast but you're going to get something probably. And why are you going to get something because in the big picture of your day if you don't eat anything right now in three hours you can be at work and getting nothing done because you're so starving so we you know you make a little sacrifice based on this is what I need for my whole experience you can think of it in the same terms that I want to OK appetite for the Word of God really is even more important even more fundamental than our appetite for physical food and yaks. Yeah I'm just going to be right their appetite for scripture is more important more fundamental than appetite for physical food so on a day when you get up an hour too late just bear those two things in mind well what I do on a more OK well I don't have I literally don't have an hour and a half Well obviously I can either quit my job and stay home and read for my hour and a half or I can know what or what I would do in a situation like that I'm going to speak for me is number one I would put together put in place a plan to prevent this from happening again and I'm going to learn from this experience and I'm going to get what I can get so while I'm eating lunch Cheerios I've got my Bible open and I'm trying to do two things at once and know you're not going to have a rich devotional experience but you will have something you know. In the same way that you won't get a rich eating experience so probably some people just stuffed Cheerios in the morning and they're not the class anyways there's a lot more to food than Cheerios stuffed down in the morning let me just make that statement so as Cheerios is stuffed down in the morning are two real decent sit down meal you know so a rushed moment or two in your bible is you know to an actual time when you sit down and really so in soak in scripture so I would say What do you do while you do what you can now at all so we can be creative about our time with God So if for some reason because of the pressures of a specific day we are able to have you know classic time in the morning another question we often get is does it have to be in the morning came we do it some other time of day well the answer is no there's no rule you can say that says you must do it in the morning there is certainly Biblical precedent for doing it in the morning we talk about how Christ got up in the morning when prayer time told that Daniel aside three times a day morning and night there's a lot of different times in the Psalms evening and morning in a new life as there's actually a little precedent for doing it more often than just in the morning however we do have Biblical precedent for spending time with God in the morning but I would say let's be creative I know a physician lives in Great Britain he is a. Resident doctor on Good Morning Britain so he is a very demanding job very demanding practice plus he is recognized on the street wherever he goes Plus he works for several other governments around the world doing consulting so he's an extremely extremely busy man who is constantly undermanned the way he handles his devotions he was talking to us about he says when he wakes up he reads through on and I'm not going be able to tell you precisely exactly what he does but it's something like when he wakes up he reads through a song and then he goes into his day around ten thirty he has his alarm set he stops at work goes aside into his office closes his door and he reads through like a chapter in the Gospels and then he goes back into his day and around like two o'clock he has Islam set again and he stops and whole Read chapter in the proverbs and around five o'clock he'll stop and and so you see this man he's extremely busy but he takes the time and he prioritizes and he has his alarm set so he protects that time no he doesn't spend you know a hour I have in the morning before he goes but he does something that consistently reminds him of his dependence on God and consistently turns his mind back to God throughout the day now is that perfect for your schedule or for my schedule No but we can be creative in the in the questions that we read Personally I think that the mother is in the most difficult situation because she has children who are dependent on her and who can interrupt her virtually at any time of day so that is one of the most difficult situations probably and my wonderful wise mother is sitting here on the third row so if one of you wants to you want to mothers want to snatch her and after this meeting you feel free to do so love you mom and but but I'm just saying like we can be creative about if I wake up too late today maybe if I typically looking at social media throughout the day maybe I can say you know what today instead of taking those loose moments to do social media I'm going to take those loose moments to just get aside for a moment and pray and read a few verses just to redirect my mind to heaven is probably not a bad idea to do every day even if you did get your full devotions that morning but just be creative about connecting again it's not it's not a rule it's a connection with a person someone who we want a relationship with and love and back and therefore again like if I missed it this morning. You know I miss I mean this morning I did not have a significant amount of talks and with my wife either number one or two I see and two is going for this or three we have other people sitting in a room for crying out loud but that doesn't mean I don't love my wife any more or that we're having trouble today marital trouble because we didn't get it you know so on a morning that I miss you know my time of communion with God doesn't suddenly mean that the status has changed and now off well all the bets are off the man you have devotions this morning Soni No God No no God is the same as he always was but the trend of my life is every morning I'm missing it well that's going to cost me in my marriage or with God if that makes sense so again I would agree that the mother is the one in the situation that is the most difficult here and yet the grace of God is obviously stronger than even that situation I would just say that at a time of stress like that or a time of you know particular pressure where even even if you say I mean it's finals week for example you just you have more distractions now and even if you do religiously which I would suggest you do guard your time with the Bible in the morning time with prayer at noon or whatever you do even then probably you're not going to be able to slow down enough to really gain what you could gain at another time in the same amount of time. This is why this is at a. In that kind of scenario the relationship that you have with God is supposed to carry you through that makes sense so it's not all of this event was missed No this is why I had if I can't have it today it's why I had to go yesterday if my prayer time today is not super meaningful because I'm going straight from here to chemistry final and I'm just freaking out about chemistry final then that's why I prayed yesterday and it's why I'm praying tomorrow it's why I'm praying today too but it just doesn't feel really good today so again it's the whole trend we're talking about what we're trying to do is slowly. Going to say slowly I'm not brave enough what we're trying to do is you know the old Indian proverbs some Cherokee proverb where there's two wolves living inside the sky and one is good in the other one is better you know one is white and one is black one is good and one you know is evil and they ask of the old wise sage Indian chief or whoever it was well which one is stronger he's like the one I feed so what's our per What's our you know what's our objective here feed feed the right one. Keep creating put up the fences put up the you know the Bandys create an environment where love to God can flourish you guys love awakens love and God is and all we got is always an only love so literally if I meet God and I am and I'm my eyes open I will fall in love with him period end of discussion impossible not to our problem is just filters and things we've built up our cities around us and we can't even get out to see the sun once again that's the effort that we're investing here is in is in creating you know a place a safe place where God can be to us what he longs to be. All right so showing move on and then we'll come back to questions again at the end all right so when we're talking about Bible study as we're continuing on with just practical things we can do one thing that is to make the Bible so precious is just being familiar with it Biblical familiarity knowing where you can find what having a passage come to my and knowing where you can find it and what the context is and what sharing would say these things become so precious I'm going to do an illustration we were talking about topical studies and studies and especially doctrine when we're trying to ground ourselves in doctrine and we do illustration that talks about just I hope we can just drive home the importance of very deep and comprehensive Bible study so in six volunteers hands up please ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT OK come on all I need all of you up here and who I think I just said five somebody else just come up OK All right so when we are studying the Word of God It is so easy for us to say OK you know I want to study and what is you know what am I looking at and let me just all I found this verse and this must mean that and I get all excited about it how do we make sure that we are middle class grounded and familiar with the entirety of the Word of God All right so wonderful six volunteers thank you so much now I'm for the sake of this illustration these wonderful people who have just come up are going to be fence posts OK So sorry so we're all going to fence post OK So let's say I want to build a fence and I have six fence posts at my disposal All right so I'm going to come around and I'm going to say OK All right can I just have you step maybe the three of you stand here till I till I place the fence posts and then I'll have the three of you and I want you to get in front of the screen just maybe shift a little bit this way so I can build my fence kind of in this region All right so let me start with you as I'm going to put my one one fence post right here so you could come right over here thank you very much now wish direction is my fence going nobody knows which direction my fence is going OK All right OK first first fence post place are a second fence post let me just let me just move you slightly put here right here oh I wish direction is my friends going all right this this this general direction All right so when I'm done with my fence which direction is it going to be going. Anybody you know OK some are saying maybe in that direction OK OK Is it maybe a little bit early to call which direction the fence has been going at the end so third fence post if I could just had you come and stand me right right over here. Thank you OK so now which direction my fence going. All right so Sol with my remaining three friends was what is the best thing for me to do in my remaining three fenceposts OK to keep sending them that that away OK but what if I bring my next friends first to have you and what if I bring my own expenses and I put it right here now is direction is my friend's going all day there's a chorus so it's kind of in the shape of an L. right now so you know I could have a little bit of an area here but you know it OK so if I bring my next Friends First I can maybe get you to come and be right here and maybe I can get you to come and be right here and now what do I have if I have room if I have the whole fencepost if I have the fencing in between all this OK so I have a rectangle so I have a bit of a pen so I can put everything in here that I need to have contained it's not going to be running around it's not going to be getting away all right thank you very much thank you so much for help for your help now what happens if when I put my first fence post your lie all up I know where that's going it's going all the way that direction all of you said that when I placed my first fence post it was too early to call which direction that fence was going and even when the next fence post was placed you said well it's heading this direction but it's still too early to call the final conclusion of the direction of the fence even when I place this one it was like well there is a trend that says it's heading that direction but that's not necessarily the final picture because we still had three fenceposts left right and we saw that when it was over it was rectangular like a pen that can contain the word of God is exactly it works exactly in that same manner so if we have one verse that says we go into the Bible where it says I hope their room die if not their fire is not quenched surely that means that you will burn forever and ever and ever if you are not saved your worm will never die your fire never be quite sure eternity. And do you know what that is doing that is taking one fence post and saying this is going to continue in that direction indefinitely then we get another verse in real life sure enough it's going that way and then we have another only put up all sure enough and then we make ourselves a doctrine when there are still other fencepost out there in the Word of God we were just sharing this. To my husband I was just sharing this exact same example with the Bible so you contact that we have and when we got done the very professional very very intelligent people and we got done sharing it the matter house he was silent for a little bit and then he was like you know that sounds like it's going to entail very intense Bible study to know all the fenceposts so I'm not just putting down three and saying this is the way it's going No it actually makes a boundary to keep me safe inside but that does require intensive Bible so that's why we can't just pick this verse and this verse and this verse and say I know where this is going and that's all there is and I'm and I'm going to lose my teach ability because I've drawn already drawn a conclusion based on this verse and this verse and this verse the reason why requires intensive Bible study especially for doctrinal understanding but also for practical Christianity is because we need to know where all the fence posts are and what we are being kept safe by so when it comes to Bible study it is incredibly important to have a proper perspective to look at the Bible and say OK what I'm approaching this topic especially especially doctrine when I am approaching this topic I'm going to find all the fence posts and then draw a conclusion Now the flipside to that is when we do find all the fence posts and then we're like ah I know what this is it's a pen to keep me safe and then we fail to have the Spirit of God about the fence was like What do you guys think of it it's going straight it up then can't you see and we've got this spirit is abrasive towards others because they don't see the entire fence and they're thinking I must be going off straight let me give you a practical example when I was a bit younger. Some years back I encountered a number of people that held this kind of subset of beliefs and I was very because of the circumstances and how I was introduced to this and I was very burned by it and I was like I've studied this out in my Bible I've looked at all those fence posts and I know that this fence is not straight it curves around it makes a pen I know that's incorrect so I had studied it out but because of the circumstances in the individuals that were involved I became very burned by it I was like you just cannot handle that is error it is false I cannot take it I don't want to hear about it. You shouldn't believe it OK now I didn't really fully believe realize that that had developed within me so fast forward several years and I bumped into other people that held those same subset of beliefs which I had carefully studied and come to realize hey this is not this is not correct and because of the earlier experience I had I tell you my heart rose up in utter rebellion against this thinking and the fact that this thinking was in these people now that I'm interacting with it I was just feeling so I'm happy and negative inside because these people were holding this doctrine that I can't stand now thankfully I'm married to a very wonderful balanced man whose whose gift is mercy and so he was you know he was he was listening to me and I was touching them. And this is why it's wrong and this is why it's wrong and I guess it's just not Biblical and I just can't handle this and thankfully his spirit really called to my heart and I was like OK maybe it's not at the fence isn't correct. The fence is correct as we have all the posts by maybe my spirit and my heart needs to be changed about this and so I spent actually several months working through my feelings that were rising up it rising up against the false doctrine but also against the people that held the false doctrine because they were wrong you see I am saying so one thing is understanding OK doctrinal integrity biblical integrity not concluding that faith is this or faith is that just because I found a verses sounds like that and I like that but understanding what is stated in the entirety of the biblical context not just thinking oh this is this doctrine that is that doctrine because I found a few text understanding what is this doctrine in in context of the entire Biblical message and being familiar enough with our words with the Word of God with our Bibles to be able to detect when error arises because as we know from the Word of God unformatted Matthew twenty four there are going to be such winds of doctrine such strong but subtle winds of doctrine that if it were possible by implication by the grace of God it won't be possible to deceive them but if it were possible even the elect would be deceived so we need to be so familiar with our Bibles that every passage of this book is just like our best friend we know what it says we know it articulates by the grace of God we can detect when something is is air but on the flip side of that also have the spirit of Jesus that says OK this individual maybe does not see all the fence posts and maybe they're here in fact equally declaring to me that this fence is going straight indefinitely and I see that that is not the case however I still maintain the heart and the spirit of Jesus toward the person even if I do go ahead and reject the idea that the fence continues straight indefinitely if you're picking up on the and the analogy All right so honey I want to invite. My hubby up talking about biblical familiarity should be giving him my maker. I think I'm OK talking about biblical familiarity we asked Paul here to just articulate. Another concept as we're wrapping up the more practical section of this another concept of how you can study the Bible and become highly familiar with it or begin to use a different one. How we can become highly familiar with the Word of God so that as we're going through because you know this is a big book one of the best ways incidentally to become extremely familiar with the Bible is to get bible studies Oftentimes we think are very intimidated giving Bible studies until we are deeply familiar with the Bible and it is true that we need to be familiar with the Bible before as we're teaching and Sherry's so that we're not teaching error and saying hey there's three fenceposts here this must mean it goes there we do need to be familiar with the bible however one of the best ways to become deeply familiar with the Bible because the Bible is. Difficult to learn is slow to learn is a lot of content slow to learn and quick to quick to forget so one the best way to get to the point where we know this Bible where we know the truth in this Bible is by teaching it and by sharing it with others and then when we hear from somebody all and they have this question we don't have to be experts the very first time we can tell them you know what I'll go home and study that and then we'll talk about it next time there's always a good we don't have to try to pretend we know something we don't however one of the best ways to learn and understand the Bible very clearly is to go out and share it with others now. Share with us another way that we can be come quickly familiar with the Bible OK Well first of all I just have to tell you all have a very wonderful way. And it's been a blessing as an it been just to think about Bible study and opening God's word and gaining richness from it so like Natasha just said I'm going to talk just very briefly with you all about biblical dexterity you know what the word dexterity means to be able to do something well with your fingers so biblical dexterity in my mind I get this this imagination of being able to under to know like Natasha's just been talking about where to find where to go in the Bible to find different types of things just like a knowledge where you can even still think about it with your fingers you know exactly where to flip the pages to write and have you ever been. Have you ever known someone that just seems to know their Bible so well that someone comes up with a question and they're like well here just go to this chapter in this verse and you know they've got an answer that's a little bit how we feel working with Pastor Mark because literally will go will sit in a bible study with him and he'll begin asking someone a question and they'll talk about how they are feeling this guilt in their life and he'll say Well it turns to such and such book and verse and then he'll take them through this Bible study just purely out of his mind and. Natasha and I are sitting there and thinking Man I wish that I knew my Bible well and like Natasha just mentioned Pastor Mark says one of the best keys is to give Bible studies and you will learn your Bible but there's another key that he has brought out to us as well and that is to take the Bible and the books and chapters of the Bible and to outline them for yourself so when you do this your and will do it really briefly together. And you basically take a book and and then you break it down into the chapters and then you like read a chapter and come up with the like to come up with a phrase theme of what that chapter is about and then you might even break that chapter down into several bullet points of what that chapter is about you know in the past I really well I should say I still love Bible memorize ation but in the past I was a little bit more into memorizing scripture right and so I would memorize chapters even memorize books to a certain extent and that is wonderful but something with the with the with outlining the Bible has stuck out to me even more and that is you know you know it's one thing to be able to well ultimately would be nice to have the whole Bible memorized right word for word but that can seem a little bit far away but what if you knew what was the key topic of every chapter in the New Testament would that be helpful to you. Do you know how much easier it would be to memorize the key topic of every chapter in the New Testament than to memorize the whole New Testament. This came full force in front of us when July Natasha and I were in a class with Pastor Mark and he said hey guess what I've got good news for you all there's only going to be two questions on the final test for this class and all of the class clapped their hands because everyone thought two questions was a great idea and then he said OK Hey First let me tell you what the questions are number one the the first question is we're studying the book of Acts and he said the first question on the final test is going to be I want you to list everything in give me a summary of every chapter in the book of Acts from acceptor one to X. Chapter twenty eight and the second question is tell me what are the key principles that are in the book of Acts that can be applied into our allies and we're all sitting there like OK So two questions but we're going to have to know X. forwards and backwards you know we went home and memorized the key topics in each chapter in the book of Acts and by the end of that class like you know there is huge value in this all of a sudden now I know OK Paul went to Corinth that's an X. Chapter sixteen he while he was there he started building tents with a quill and Purcell of Crispus the ruler of the synagogue was converted and then Paul had a dream to stay even longer and the Jews got upset at him but. Galileo ended up defending Paul and from the Jews eventually Paul left he went on a trip and was. Strengthening the churches and at the end it talks about a Polish ministry OK And so when you have that kind of dexterity to know exactly where to go in the Bible it makes a huge difference and it actually makes the Bible feel more like a personal. Piece of literature and something that I know something that I know OK so let's talk about it in a in a very practical application Let's go to. And that was an X. Chapter sixteen that was X. chapter. That was. I have them memorized in fives so I know where X. Chapter fifteen is that was sixteen seventeen eighteen and I write eighteen OK So we've got to get that straight there. So let's go quickly together and you'll have your Bibles Let's go to. And we'll take this with if you just chapter one and. Do a quick little example of what is it like to take a chapter now with the Gospels and with acts that may be a little bit easier because there are stories. With the epistles Sometimes it takes a little bit more thought to come up with what is the key thought that is going on in this chapter right so it will take chapter one and go through it as an example of how would you do this so the first thing that I do when I'm coming to a chapter like this is I will literally read the chapter over and over again and so I'll just sit there and I'll read it if one Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God to the saints which are F.S.S. go through the whole chapter read it all the way to the end come back to the beginning Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God and I'm basically just bathing my mind with what is going on in this chapter and the second question that I asked myself is what are the main sections of this chapter All right what are the main sections of this chapter for the sake of time we're not going to go ahead and redo the whole thing together. And you know as you as you're doing it you may come up with a little bit different of a section than I do and that's perfectly OK but it's what are the sections that stand out to you sometimes you might have a Bible that already splits into sections and you kind of you know that can be helpful or you have a Bible that split up into paragraphs or sometimes it's nice to get a Bible that doesn't have any sections or paragraphs and just try and try and connect with it in that way and find those sections yourself so what are the main sections. Chapter one there are three main sections the first section is the first two verses and it's the greeting of Paul he's a he says he's apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God to the Saints ethicists and to the faithful in Christ Jesus does that include you. So the book of if he's ins for you amen great speed to you in peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ the second section in. Goes from verses three or at least this is how I split it up goes from Verse three through verse fourteen where Paul says bless and be the God of God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings and having only places in Christ Jesus colon and then he goes on to expand on those spiritual blessings and he goes on to talk about how you are we are chosen by God not only that but because God has chosen us he has accepted us he has forgiven us and he has adopted us as a son and not just adopted us as a son but he because we are sons we receive an inheritance of heavenly things and it is the seal of the Holy Spirit that seals that inheritance in our lives so he's talking about all of the spiritual blessings that are found in Christ us through verse fourteen and then fifteen to the end of the check chapter Paul talks Paul has a prayer he gives a prayer he says you know not only are you. Do we receive all of these spiritual blessings in Christ but because of that I want you to know him I want you to know Jesus and he brings out three specific things he says I want you to know the hope of his calling and what are the riches of the glory of the inheritance that we just talked about I want you to know that and I want you to know the exceeding greatness of His power that is towards us and then he expands on that power and he says now not just the power that the exceeding greatness of His power towards us that is so powerful that it raised Christ up out of the dead made him alive not just made him alive but raised him up into the heavenly places but not just raise them up into the heavenly places but this is the heaven of the heavenly place that is far above every principality and power and things on this earth and things in the universe he is the highest of all highest since that is your inheritance so Paul says listen I'm talking to you I'm talking to the faithful all of the spiritual breast blessings that you have are in Christ Jesus he is accepted you you are forgiven he is adopted you as a stone you have an inheritance. And because of that I want you to know him I want you to know him as your personal savior for you to know the hope of his calling. The glory of the riches of your inheritance and the expedient greatness of his power so basically I took if he's in chapter one put it into three sections and then when you get those three sections you say what is the main point in each of those sections All right what is the main point in each of the sections so I'll tell you this is this is my three sections here number one verses one through one in two is Paul's greeting to the faithful Paul's greeting to the faithful So you want to just see if you can paraphrase that down into one phrase or write Paul's greeting to the faithful verses three to fourteen is spiritual blessings in Christ he says all spiritual blessings come in Christ and then verses fifteen through twenty three is Paul's prayer that you might know him and then you can go in and you can put some of you know bullets under that as well or you can just memorize those three things and say and immediately all already you have a better grasp of the seasons chapter one you go do that with Chapter two in chapter three and before you know it you'll have an overview of the chapter now I like to do like to have. It's nice to have a phrase for the whole chapter and I personally find it easier to get that phrase after I go through the chapter and have kind of outlined a little bit more so I came back and said you know what to me the greatest. Emphasis of a fusion is chapter one is that in Christ are all spiritual blessings in Christ are all spiritual blessings and we give you just a couple little pointers so you can write these in your notes that kind of help with coming up with you know what is the main point what is How do you outline it and stuff like that the first one is look for patterns in your reading this is a pattern that I found in the fusions Chapter one is over and over the phrase in Christ comes up in him in Christ. In Christ raised up to heavenly places in Christ over and over this phrase comes in chapter one and immediately as they OK Paul is trying to get us to understand what is in Christ. Another very clear example of that is in Romans Chapter six Paul talks about how Grace is much more graces much more over and over he'll say you. Were sent a bounded grace much more a balance right even though by one. All were made dead in trespasses and trespasses and sins much more by one Jesus Christ all are made alive there's that phrase that comes up over and over so look for patterns if you're not you will always find it not every chapter doesn't always have a pattern of something that is you know repeated over and over and over but often times there is so look for patterns second thing is look for the key sentence where is a key sentence in this section so if you're if you've kind of split it into a section and you're looking through that section to say is there a key sentence that kind of drives the hammer to the nail in this section for example in the second section here in verse three it says blessid be the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ who with blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus and then there's a colon and Paul goes on to expand on that one sentence and so that's kind of like an inker point it's a key saying there's all of these spiritual blessings and now here's what they are so look for the key sentence in your section and then like we. Are brother saw and have been talking about with our personal devotional lives don't just have this be something that is just a matter of trying to get to know the Bible for knowledge sake. We can you can you can know the Bible backwards and forwards the various These had the Old Testament memorized word for word I mean that's more than I'll probably ever have in my lifetime but did it do them very much good don't just do it just for knowledge sake the last one here is ask yourself how would I put it in my own words how would I put it in my own words and personalize it to yourself What is it speaking to me personally. And then I would go back once again to the point of read it over and over again and the more you read it the more will be drawn out out of it and. Yet as you do it you will be amazed at how much more personal the Bible comes to you as you gain that dexterity in the Word of God and you begin to feel like you actually know this book I meant Amen it is such a blessing such a blessing that's been one of the biggest get since we moved to Virginia and have been doing this every day working with people every day it's like I don't know the right answer for this but at the same time to say you know what we'll talk about next week and learning the answer to that and you can build and the more you understand and know the Word of God the more precious it becomes to you the more it becomes a friend and not a stranger as like what do I read today you know I know where to go to read because of what I'm struggling with right now I know where to find it I know where to find that encouragement I know where to find that challenge that I need today because I'm familiar with this book and all right so with the. Last couple minutes we have together tonight go through a couple of more of the questions that have come in this is a quick one will you be providing copies of your slides or handouts on everything you've discussed later we're happy to do that so we'll send you the slides the powerpoint whatever. Our notes just drop us an email to Ramon you were one of the people who wanted that email is not up there but it's just a pathway of promise the name of the ministry pathway of promise of G. Mail dot com So drop us an email and. We will be happy to send you slides slash co-leader hand out of sorts. See. You changed my perspective on devotions how can we translate this to family or church devotion within the time limitations. And then there's another question. See what if any is the difference between devotional Bible study devotional Bible reading and Bible study so a kind of address those at the same time. There is a there is a definite difference between I'll just say between devotional Bible reading a bible studies of Bible study as in the method we used to really come up with doctrine is extremely it's very robust and it's very factual so Part B. of the topical study we were talking about this morning when you really are going through proof texts. So to speak I don't really like that term but. That would be the the mode used in Bible study also in kind of sharing it now then I find a very effective. To especially with visual people if you're actually giving someone a Bible study on a certain topic then again that same advantage that you can win from having you know from from studying stories you can pass that on when you're sharing a star I mean people will come to the conclusion before you get there which is the whole point now you're teaching now you're happening helping them study the Bible you're coaching them along but you don't have to tell them OK And now the bible says this. See you get it you know if it's a story they get it they'll get it before you do so I would say they are different they have slightly different purposes when we're when we are trying to help someone who for example has never been introduced to the gospel it's a completely foreign concept or they've they've lived all their lifes thinking that there is such a place is eternally burning hell and it's burning right now in Port Graham has been down there for you know however long. To help them out of that you're probably use more than just a list of scriptures that build on each other rather than a you know sweet story or two so both There's a purpose for both and they are different they should be different they are different however I would encourage you that the more you share with others both you know what we think of as classically in the doctrine category like you know what happens when you die how long does Hell Burn or the sort of subject what they do you worship on we take me Tippett We tend to think of those as more doctrinal topics but let me tell you as I have been spending a lot of time working with people and teaching the Word of God I have learned that what we typically think of as doctrine and what we think of as you know practical life do not lie as far apart as we sometimes think we do let me give you one of the most practical examples in my life currently the judgment I would have always all of that is you know that's his doctrine so you know for my morning devotions I'm not going to study that judgment I understand it works and so you know I can explain it correctly of how that you know how that runs but I don't need to study that the more as I have gone and been sharing with other people teaching them of the love of God and then as we progress through the series and teaching them about prophecy teaching them a second coming of Christ teaching them about the judgment the more it has changed my perspective to now and I'm interacting with people I am not as glib as I used to be good in the sense of. I used to interact with a person and not feel the need in my heart to talk to them about their soul and you know somehow God will communicate with them they probably don't want to hear it anyway now I have so much more of a burden for other people's hearts probably people do they know Christ to have a saving relationship with him I feel that because I understand I feel and understand the judgment not from a fear perspective because I know that we have a friend in court we have someone who is for us not against us for us but at the same time I understand that reality much more clearly in my own mind and it has changed my life in a practical way for the better so yes there there is some of the difference you know we don't need to spend all of our time studying prophecy in the Mark of the beast and how does this work when you know our faith walk with our walk of God in our faith is struggling to be studied about it but at the same time it needs to be both because they it is all a big picture of who Christ is and we want the entire Jesus we don't want just whatever pieces we feel like having And again even if you think about going back to the question if you think about the contrast between the purpose of Sabbath school and church there too I mean they come back to back but the purposes are fundamentally different which is why we have both of them so again church will never be a substitute and it'll never quite never really follow the format of you know your devotional hour in the morning however the two definitely are related and a vibrant devotional experience in the morning when you might be studying among other things for example your status will translate into a much more fiber and should translate into a much more private discussion when you're actually at school discussing with everyone else who hopefully also vibrantly studied their lessons next question how do you give a proper devotional to a non Seventh Day Adventist there is there is a beautiful i think I'm understanding this question the beautiful reality about the Word of God stories in the Word of God and the great themes and narratives anything you know again any time we've stepped away from just one or two fenceposts is that you really don't have to worry about tell the story or show not tell the story the you know you don't change your tactics it's for you know a believer or nonbeliever believe it's not unhappiness where you would have to be much more sensitive is again when we were talking about the if you're using for example a highly highly factual doctrinal approach to such a thing as a mark of the beast that again you wouldn't do that one first and yet if you were two and yet you could deal with quotes the mark of the beast first if you were dealing with it from a broad enough perspective that makes sense usually if we're having our classic you know thirteen night Evangel six or something there's a night focus on the mark of the beast and it doesn't come first in many places because you can just you can't possibly do justice in an hour do justice to the subject in a way that will leave everyone completely satisfied and not offended or freaking hour or whatever and so we lay some groundwork first that make sense the ground work is just really again it's all one gospel and as long as you're not literally sitting them down OK Now let me give you a devotional these three proof texts of the mark of the beast again only the story is fair game you're not going to change your tactics much time we always want to where we want to root in ground ourselves and others is in Christ Jesus so not just an intellectual assent to the truth. But in a heart relationship with him so if I am going to be interacting with someone that I don't know if I'm not sure that they know Christ or you know I don't know where they are answered That is the first thing that I want to pay attention to is do they understand how to rightly divide the Word of God How To Look For all the fence post not just one that topic and then who is your savior Do you understand how and do you have a relationship with and you know how he saves you do you know how he loves you those two topics if if someone has a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and they understand how to properly understand the Bible their feet are going to be on the path to understand the truth because all the truth is right here as long as we're looking for again all the fence posts and not just one or two and then concluding that the fence goes in definitely that direction Yes So next question someone asked what were the three questions to ask while reading and the answer that number one what is happening here in relation to a story number one what's happening here how would I feel if I were in the situation and three How does this apply to my life. How did your parents teach you to have devotions What about looks like at younger ages three to six Is there a difference between Bible study and type study can we answer that one already so again how did your parents teach you to have devotions devotions are going to look very different as we mentioned moments ago we were talking about the mother with the bunch of kids and devotions for her going to very different than what she might consider to be ideal. They're a little different for every age and stage for a child again what's that what's our overall objective for a child what would be what would the objective of a sacred time set apart the objective is to get this child. To carve out a space in time in the life of this child that can enable Christ to access their hearts in such a way this little child falls in love with Jesus. So obviously that's not going to be sit down OK Stop squirming. It's only forty five minutes. You know. And in my not even obvious to be ten minutes literally my parents in particular they did. When we were very young it was listen to scripture songs there was a whole kind of a little string of things that we would do in order to not be doing one thing for more than five minutes and we love that we love the scripture songs as we grew up and we're not tiniest little children anymore then they invested some of their. Own devotional time in in helping to lead and guide us in a you know maturing devotional process pursuit style so like I remember a time when my older sister and I. Would. You know we would have our little separate worship and then the dad would you know come and work with and mom would work with Jocelyn the Tosh or vice versa and we would do something to you know we would read either of the Gospels together and he would kind of help us to read at our pace and then then slow us down and kind of ask us these three questions help us to try to enter into the story itself and draw out some practical application about not slapping your brother or your sister or screaming or you know being foolish or being foolish or being foolish or any other number of things. So again objective is the same you know your child you know the child that you're trying to work with if you keep the objective in mind what we're trying to do is make the Bible exciting and make. Make Scripture inviting and make Jesus inviting as a person. Yeah. Just maybe we can conclude that So like when we were three maybe I was just listening to scripture songs or the creations and if you're familiar with that with scripture songs and go through beautiful devotions for a child then maybe I'm coloring as I'm listening to coloring a little of little story as a picture as a three year old made by the time I'm six I'm reading you know short portions of the scripture and maybe a section or two out of Child Guidance with a mind that I had that's what I do. But short again however in the flipside to this coin is if that three year old in that six year old is now also over stimulated with you know playing games on the i Pad or watching this or watching that they will not have the appetite to listen to scripture songs and become so then you have to go back to you know the more quiet and simple life of the child more free from artificial. Examine stimulation and then the more conducive it is to spiritual growth so I would look at that too because if a child is really struggling to find it is is the content age appropriate is it simple enough for them to understand and for them to enjoy and then are they also so full of white rice as John was talking about early that they can't enjoy enjoy the dinner I meant all right one last one we kind of have dealt with this but I'll just make one more comment on it again would you recommend these devotional methods for techniques for family worship or could it be used with you know a larger group etc absolutely positively especially. Again there's a whole spectrum there's a personal worship of Stanley worship saddest class there's church and the activities in the tone are different among those various things however like I mentioned would like the Sabbath school using these techniques in family Bible study not only is that it cannot be a powerful experience but actually would be a it would not only be a powerful experience theologically as in you know you could actually discover interesting things about you know the Bible if you powerful experience as far as family this is concerned family this is kind of a word we didn't call in but have fully adopted. In that you're doing it and I'm more intimate kind of a Bible study trying to you know reading a story than entering into that story as a parent with children or you know among your siblings I mean it was powerful for me to be standing up here listening to her getting into the throne room and thinking that's me you know that's me too so absolutely incorporate these these ideas these methods some of them will make more sense with a group and some less but all of them will most definitely enhance a family worship experience a family study experience all if there were more there more families studied the Bible together like this that entered into scripture like this I feel like we would have a bond with God and bond with each other that we simply do not see on planet earth today all right that is all for today we're not nearly done with the questions but we'll dive into those first thing tomorrow morning for those of you still interested in that and let's pray as we dismiss. Father having won a marathon what a long day and yet how full We are of the blessings that we've seen in the clips is that we've gotten even now of the power that you have. In. Available for our disposal we just we ask that again you would expand our might continue to expand our minds the possibilities and help us too. To fully enter in to the great gifts that you are to give us through your word thank you so much for being with us today blusterous or even as our prayer Jesus' name in. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G. Y.C. a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot G.Y. see Web dot org.


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