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5. By Every Word

Sean Nebblett Natasha Dysinger



  • December 29, 2017
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot. Org. All right good morning friends. Already this morning did you sleep good and hard and long did anyone get a long night sleep. Oh no. I didn't either. Were going to be with you this morning though Grace God's grace is sufficient and you I see is the pact time so yeah by definition it's kind of hard to get along nicely and use you swapped microphones with me again. We'll dive right in we're going to try to address a couple more of the questions that came in yesterday then we'll dive into what we have for you this morning and hopefully finish up the rest of the questions at the and. But let's let's start first with a word prayer by its father heaven and what a privilege it is to come again to to sit at your table to seek you and to. To to receive you the bread of life we come it's morning it's Friday there are exciting things planned for today to be packed into today and we just want to start the morning on this note. Come together one last time to discuss how it is that we can meet you. In the mornings. As not just you know an event a moment a blip in our day but actually as a kind of a heartbeat a lifestyle. That helps to preserve spiritual life so bus in our last discussion this morning with your spirit be felt here in a powerful way in Jesus' name amen. All right couple of the couple of the Easter questions that came in yesterday. One was Will is lecture series be available on audio verse after G Y C anywhere else we can listen to the end definitely yes I do verse last year as the recordings but awfully odd of yours there's usually a couple we delay but it will be there another question what about family worship on Sabbath morning. Again we're taking a step back we're talking about creating an environment in which God can be seen and known to be who he is which is beautiful and loving and lovely. So. You know especially if you have you know a little ones that you are. Helping to to paint the picture of God for and you know that going to church is going to mean. But a frenzy in the morning and then Sabbath school and church by the end of which they'll be ready to be bizerk and then in the afternoon you know you have some other you know outreach activity or or whatever just bear in mind your your perspective the scope of the whole day obviously you can never have too much worship time as a family but the flipside of that would be your little ones that are already Sabbath is just a lot of worship time when you want to be sensitive in how you formatted that worship on Sabbath morning so that you're not just adding length to what they perceive as a very long day already that makes sense. Again it's not a highly technical answer but it's an answer based on what are we trying to accomplish with devotional time with family worship time or trying to accomplish. Coming face to face with God within a setting that that allows him to be revealed to us as you know exactly what he is so for us we have a family worship on Sabbath mornings but it's often a little bit more brief than a family worship on the rest of the days you might be eloquent devotional you know around the breakfast table or something along those lines. Is it is it not is it muted Is it completely powered down. And I see that it's well all the knobs and dials are up but I don't know where the. I don't know where the. I don't see the bass Oh it might be the receiver on the. On the on the front of the right here so. OK what I was going to say about that was often while we were growing up often we didn't have family worship on Sabbath mornings just because of how the day went out now again this is this this is not a lot of the Medes in the Persian sometimes if we if maybe if we had people over there morning with a little bit less pressured on Sabbath morning because we had quite a drive for church. Breaking the microphones I think so OK There we go to my working oh OK Wonderful I'll go I still well. So it wasn't so it wasn't a lot of mean pardons right it was it was flexible it was structured you can be creative about it if you want to have some time maybe on the way to church and you have a line of drive maybe you can do something then but again I think is as shine said. Create the atmosphere in which love for Christ and that's that's the purpose you know worshipping to God together obviously we always had our own personal devotions on Sabbath morning but as far as family worship was concerned another consideration would maybe be. How quality of an experience are the children having a church how meaningful is their status quo time those would be other considerations to bear in mind right then there was another question regarding you mentioned yesterday you're in Paul's work with with marks and what kind of program are you doing OK so Paul and I work for them so we live in Virginia and work at their evangelism school but as far as what programs are available they do do programs for. Many of their programs are for passes but they also do programs for lay people and for young people and there's a lot of information available for that so if you want to learn more information on the Phillies evangelism training school which is not like typical evangelism training schools in that most of them are longer like four months programs or three months programs or six months programs the families are much shorter because there are structured people who are living very busy lives already like pastors or young people who are in school or something like that so there is are very short there intensives that last maybe five days some of them seven days and you can come back for as many of those as you want he want more information about that you can go to living you can search Living Hope evangelism school. Come talk to us afterwards that's probably the most straightforward way also if in the future you have questions you can search. For a living hope Angeles school. On Google right so our topic for this morning last topic together is by every word. What is we've talked about you know the overarching purpose why it is that we have devotions Why it's you know why it's a good idea not just because of what we were created for and what motions you know a lifestyle of devotion does for us. But but also on a practical tangible level we talk about how to do that what to study what are the some of the things that you have to watch out for whatever stepping back and getting a wider perspective but ultimately there is one overarching element that makes scripture meaningful and significant to us especially as Christians and without this ingredient Bible study really fails to make a lot of sense. And not only does it fail to make a lot of sense it it it really has no. Oh I'm missing a word again what's the word I'm looking for it has no. Substance Thank you that's exactly the word it doesn't you know it's completely it's meaningless. It's as meaningless as it would be for a for a complete unbeliever to pick up the word and they're just like OK well you know it's another book it's more fine paper with a bunch of black words you know they don't understand what is this piece of the puzzle that they're missing that piece of the puzzle is faith. The Bible is significant to us and the Word of God is power to us because we have this thing called faith and so a discussion of Bible study would be. What we would be remiss if we concluded a discussion on Bible study the purposes of Bible study without putting our finger on this button what do I mean by that first of all maybe what is faith in many definitions for faith I myself have used a number of analogies over the years I want to draw your attention to Jesus' own definition this morning. Once upon a time when Jesus was doing what Jesus did best going from town to town city to city preaching and healing the story is really recorded in Matthew Chapter eight that a centurion at one point comes up to him. And Jerry and comes up to him and says. My servant. Is sick he live home sick of the palsy grevious Lee tormented Jesus says I will come and heal him and sin jury and says. That's not what is actually asking. You not to come to my house. Don't come to my house all you need to do speak the word. Jesus turned this interior and as it were looked at him and then looked at His disciples and said in essence did you hear what he just said. Did you catch what he just said it's ensuring a serving of the Roman Government did you catch what he just said. And then he told them I have never seen faith like this not even in Israel for Jesus the F. the for Jesus the of course then he turns to this injuring and says Go your way your faith has made your servant whole. For Jesus the essence of faith was the posture of this man coming to Jesus making a request and Jesus says I will respond immediately I'll come in here you don't need to come and that's unnecessary All you need to do is. Speak the word. The centurion had this confidence and this confidence was not it was incidentally. As far as we know not based on experience. The sin jury and there is no evidence that suggests that the week before Jesus healed the other the Centurions other servant in this manner there is also is not evidence that Jesus made a regular habit of healing Centurions servants telepathically So the centurion just seemingly out of nowhere comes up with this confidence that all Jesus needs to do is speak the word and his servant will be healed your word is enough for me that's the posture of this and cheery and this is the posture that makes scripture meaningful this is the posture that makes scripture significant And incidentally it's the posture that makes scripture powerful in the life of a Christian if we come to Jesus. With a heart full of doubt. Then Jesus will open his arms and take us in right with our with our heart full of doubt like he's ready to receive. But his power to do we severely limited in our experience if you can believe Jesus. What's that wait what's the rate limiting step what is the limiting factor in this equation it's it's me it's me and my belief he said if you can believe all things are all things are possible. If you can believe all things are possible the power that is in the Word of God is not only is created and specific but it's also reaches far beyond our. Power to even imagine. And the rate limiting step is if you can believe so when we when we approach the Word of God we stand to gain the most if we approach it with this posture of I already recognize and wait until she was saying yesterday I already recognize I'm down here scripture is up here the power of God is eternal and I simply. Believe. One more note I believe. So we have this infinite power and you know everybody knows that the power of God is infinite Right OK and then we have our experience. And there's sometimes a disconnect between the infinite power that we all say we know is available and the reality of my daily experience and why you know why that I mean if the power is really infinite. It's like it's not like the angels switch sides every thirty minutes and evil becomes omnipotent and no god is on the throne and God is always on the throne so you know we have this disconnect and where's Again where's the rate limiting step the rate limiting step is here but the simplicity of getting the power of God to be you know practical and tangible in my life is actually not that complicated. If you walk into any mainstream evangelical church these days and I want to give my heart to Jesus I want to be a Christian they would lead you through probably a very simple. A little prayer and and now you're saved and sometimes in our perspective we think God can't there is there's more to it than that obviously there's got to be more to it than that you remember time record in the book of Acts when when Paul was thrown into prison for healing this woman who had been once upon a time a soothsayer stone in the prison and. You know the house comes down at midnight he's singing he in Silas Marner I can remember the silence OK his eyelids are in there singing and. There's an earthquake the doors off I open chains fall off their wrists the jailer comes in he's about to kill himself don't do it we're all here and the jailer is like why are you all here comes in falls down before Paul and Silas were told any he he asked What must I do to be saved and Paul's response to him was to remember. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and say What's it mean to believe what does it mean to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ what does it mean to believe the word of infinite God. That's a choice I make in my head. It is simply to count something is true. Belief is like faith. But faith is belief plus experience so for example if I ask you a favor you're a perfect stranger on the street I ask you a favor and you say yeah I'll do that. I believe you will because you know I don't know what my favor was but anyway I believe you will I count your words true I have no experience with you know exposure to you but you look like a nice enough person and you don't look like a person who's you know out to just destroy me for fun so I ask you a favor and use that you know would you grab this from your throw this in the trash for me or whatever and you say you will and so I counted as done you said you would that's belief it's a choice I make in my mind and it really is not more complicated than that now faith is that plus experience so if I'm your for if you're my friend and I've asked you a favor one hundred days in a row and every you know every time over one hundred days you fulfilled now when someone suggests to me hey they probably won't do that for you yes they will now on hundred days in a row they've done it now it's just it's a choice I make in my brain plus a confidence I have borne of experiences that make sense so we got belief and faith but incidentally and encouraging Lee When Paul came when Paul spoke to the jailer he did not say have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and actually say why the jail had no exposure to Jesus Christ no relationship with Jesus Christ no history with Jesus Christ what was Paul asking the jailer to do make a choice with his brain a choice that says Jesus is true he really died he came for me he really rose and he's going to get. Is it really can it be that simple it can be that simple and I'll tell you why. If we were to take that almost simple minded This is why and this is why faith is referred to as childlike if we would take that simple absolute OK fine well he said it therefore it must be true approach to Scripture scripture suddenly comes alive the power of God suddenly unleashed now warn you. The reason why I make this point this morning is that this is not popular. We live in an enlightened generation. A generation where we glorify doubt we glorify critical you know. Thinking in critical argument and critical XA Jesus and that always means that you have to be smarter than the last guy who gave the simple explanation and add another cab or dig deeper into the Greek to make it a little bit more complicated that's what we consider to be thank you that's what we consider to be intellectually robust. Let me just tell you the gospel is not written to be complicated in that way the gospel the Bible was not yet the Bible is found for all kinds of intellectually robust exploration and discussion Hala lujah. But faith is not meant to work that way. The faith that makes the Bible become power in our lives the faith that ultimately gets us into the kingdom of heaven friends simple simple radical and incidentally. Defining mark of what it means to be Christian. Journal which town it was where Christians got their name Christian. Disciples were called Christians first at Antioch the book of. Acts says anything about. Antioch was a hustling bustling flourishing city city of trade with the rich place it was America and in that place I can only imagine. This guy walking down the streets one day in his you know rough lap like ten remnant garments. And he has this story and the story is that there was this guy this guy came down this guy was God he was born as a man as a baby in a manger but then he grew up and he started he lived and he loved and he served me worked all these miracles he raised people from the dead you guys but then he died but then he rose again and then he suddenly got sucked up to heaven in the clouds. And if Antioch was anything like America. A good story. Clouds would go we've got a man of God a God man oh we have God Men Yeah but you can't kill a God OK it just didn't make sense OK this is just it's a tale it's a far fetched far flung tale stuff of weak minds you know and the learned and probably the teenagers too were a lot laughing at the idea but there were a few the believed there were a few that there was like did you hear did you hear him he walked through time telling about this guy who was a God who came lived the perfect life he was killed and then one of the whole the third day He rose up and then now he's sitting now he he literally lives at this palace in the clouds and he wants to take me up there too they believed it and you know they called him they called him Christians. Some people were brave enough to say that kind of crazy yet that's me sign me up I am that kind of crazy. Now these days of course Christianity is much more mainstream. But it's also true that radical faith is just as crazy now as it was back then if not more crazy because now everyone thinks I'm a Christian too and I believe in the God in the clouds too but along with that belief in the God in the clouds is just I don't know a complicated approach to Scripture and life in general that's that's that's relative and complicated and and has all this fine print that gives plenty of excuses for you know whatever I want to to do with my life it doesn't exactly fit within the pages of the Bible enough my friends enough let's approach the Bible with a simple perspective it just says it so I believe it and I'm going to do it that's enough for me. So having that kind of free is life changing but it is not easy does not come naturally to us to say OK you know I read this you know Christ two thousand years ago he was on earth but this is a living letter to me so it's just as relevant. I read this and it says you know what's every last good faith believing that you shall receive it and so therefore I believe even though my feelings are saying something different I believe that is the right kind of faith but it is not an easy kind of faith and to have a face so strong that we can stake our life on that. When prophecies being fulfilled and we're coming to the end of this world I tell you what this world cannot last much longer especially when you live forty five minutes from Washington D.C. like I do that becomes very clear it was not going to last much longer so we need to have a faith that is rooted and grounded on this word so strong that we cannot be moved so but however for human nature like we were saying in the very first session we are naturally inclined towards unbelief So how can we develop that faith we have three simple steps for you this morning I read them quickly and then we'll talk about each one first one spend more time beholding the word than this world. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God to continually state the realities of heaven to your own soul and three put God to test so let's talk about each of these first one spend more time beholding the word then the world what does this practically mean. We are bombarded by the messages of society of. Our peers of what is cool and what is not in this generation the way we're supposed to be we're bombarded by those messages constantly we're driving down the road you see the billboards I mean it is unavoidable to live in this world and not be confronted and bombarded by it so we have to hyper saturate ourselves with another world that means very practically sometimes when I'm up and say making breakfast for Paul and I before we go out into the day that means I turn on. I love Bible stories especially Old Testament or as a love the Old Testament a little Bible but I grew up when I was. Seven six seven eight I spent all my time reading first kings second. Kings verse I love those books so maybe I'll turn one of those on and just listen to Bible stories they're very interesting you can go to faith cometh by hearing and download one of their audio Bibles for free and listen to it listen to the Word of God what's that one that you listen to in songs that's really really beautiful. That audio bible will remember yeah of the promise word of promise beautiful if you want to hear the songs in a way that is up lift your mind to heaven saturate yourself with this if you are you know it at night instead of being on your device by the way the light that's coming from the device isn't good for our circadian rhythm so it's actually damaging our health in our brain healthy for you on our devices at night and looking at this and looking at that before we go to sleep so instead of doing that set it down and before you go to bed read the protests of the princes from Jussi talk about getting your blood pumping for just like you haven't read well but it's because it's good night time and. It's a good nighttime read. Write because the print is that's one of my very favorite chapters a great conjurors if you write it is that it's part of the entire drama let's go read it the chapters are among snares from desire of ages read it before you go to bed you know if you read your prey's through a paper a through a passage in the songs something anything to have your mind continually faith cometh by hearing hearing by the Word of God repetition as much as the culture is bombarding us we also need to be bombarded by the Word of God It's very practical but instead of filling our minds with more of the culture at night in the morning and midday when we have a moment fill our minds with the Word of God simple thing but it makes a difference in your life and it turns our excitement from being all excited stimulated by the things of this world to be excited in stimulated by the things of heaven and that changes are lots of cases that's the first one. SPEND. Or time in the word than in the world and then the second one and this is one that. I have to say is one of my weak spots it is powerful when I do it but often forgets I need to write myself notes or something to remind myself continually state the realities of heaven to your soul I say what I mean by that that means. The in this generation of too much noise too many messages coming into our minds by the world by our own flesh and by the devil he is trying the Devils fulltime job is to try to get us to believe mistruths about God. So we need to be doing is counter acting that by stating truth to our own mind let me let me give you a primary practical example when I wake up in the morning I do not do this every morning I need to be doing it every morning so it was convicting to me again this morning when I was thinking about it when you wake up in the morning first thing you do before you even open your Bible state some of the truths of heaven to your own soul say OK. I am now about to go into the throne room of God. Through prayer and study of the word got that's what we're doing I'm about to go into the throne room of the God of the universe and I am his treasure sin will not have dominion over me because I am under grace sin may abound in my life but Grace much more abounds in my life I am in Christ and if I am in Christ that means that I can be emancipated from this world OK state the realities of heaven to your soul very plainly very clearly now incidentally about going into the throne room of. It was a minute too to wrap your minds around the reality that the monarch of the universe the one who's in control of everything one does but by His word and by power all things exist that one we have access to at any time that is not normal OK if we have a king or a president or someone who's very powerful you do not have instant access at any time not even you know the president's wife can just interrupt at any time you know he's in the middle of the G twenty meetings to just be like oh something happened today I'm sorry I'm sad about it I want your comfort you know maybe if there's a big terrorist attack at home you can interrupt him when he's in the middle of the G. twenty meetings but not otherwise because he's going in a vault and something to chew important at this time for me is just come in at any time interrupt and say hey I need love I need cover I need to encourage me right now you can't do that on this earth and incidentally I think that now I want to be careful here I'm not I'm not trying to tell you some doctrinal truth OK but I don't think it's even necessarily that in heaven you can just go barging into to throne room at any time because it says in great controversy that the angels that our commission to minister on to us are the ones that have access at any time to his presence which tells me that others can't just go in any time they want know that's what the covering Cherub is for former Lucifer now Gabriel there's actually a there's a sense of decorum this is the king of the universe you can't just go in there just any feel like I want to do this but we can't. We can't that is an incredible reality so it is foolishness of us foolishness of Natasha what I'm just kind of indifferent about TOG and indifferent about prayers like that other things to do right now big God while he's in the middle of the meeting with the sons of God They have assembled from all the known places in the universe will take time to listen to me on Earth saying such and such happened my dog died I'm sorry about this someone said something that was hurtful Can you give me some love and encouragement right now. And the middle of the quote unquote G. twenty meetings of Heaven God will take the time to do that for me for you we need to accept these realities into our own heart my little nephew one time as my sister in law was putting him to bed he was just entering the five four five years old and as she was talking to him into bed he looked up at her and he's like I'm your treasure and she said yes you are my treasure and you know we've adopted that thing in our marriage so I'll tell Paul and you know he's kissing me good now I'm your treasure Let's do that to God because it's the truth when we say sin will not live by also sin will not have dominion over you that's the truth if that doesn't sound true to you or to me that's because we have accepted a law in the place of truth if it doesn't sound true to look at God and say I am your treasure that's because we have accepted a lie instead of truth so. We need to counteract those lies by continually stating the truth to our own full time and OK so the third thing. The third thing. Put God to the test I was just reading again this morning the quote in great controversy that says in the trial before us we're talking about the events of Revelation thirteen and all this being fulfilled in reality on this play and that's not so far from happening as in the trial before us we are going to have need to have a faith that can withstand weariness delay a hunger a faith that will not think those severely tried so this morning I was thinking OK do I have that faith do I have a faith that can withstand weariness and delay and hunger a faith that will not faint though severely tried and you know what we're going to need that very soon and so the first thing we've been doing is establishing that so we need to be right now developing a rock solid confidence in a god's beneficence towards us his love for us that he will do all things well that even if we can't see his hand working that he is he's watching over us with an weary tenderness we need to be developing that confidence and we need to be developing the confidence that he stands behind his word so we need to be developing the confidence that all the promises of God are yes and Amen not just for somebody else but for me they are yes an Amen in my life I need to be developing that confidence so how do I do that I'm going to give you a very simple. Almost trivial example but I think it's one of the most practical ones that I can give OK about how to just put God to the test put his beneficence to the test put his willingness to be involved in our lives to the test yes we should be claiming all of his promises and saying OK this promise that you have said need to be fulfilled in my life we need to be putting him to the test in that sense but here's a very simple example OK. Around the time I think actually slightly before I got engaged before we got engaged. I read this article called Beautiful provision and it was written by a young woman who had. Had made the decision that she wanted to she was she did not have a lot of money but she really wanted to give to God more and so she was looking at her life and where did she spend her money and how could she cut back on that she could give more to the Cause of God and one of her conclusions was is I want to spend less on my wardrobe and give that money to the Cause of God and so she prayed and she's like Lord I know that you're a king. I know that kings do not dress their children poorly they do not dress their children in rags so I am your child and I am asking you to provide clothing for me and I know that when you provide clothing for me you will not provide shabby you know ill fitting your color combinations God is not that kind of God He loves beauty right so she's like I know that you're that kind of God Would you provide clothing for me in a way that I can spend less of my money and I can spend more of that on your cars so she made that clear and then she proceeded throughout the article to tell incident after incident where a guy had provided high quality beautiful models wonderful clothing for her at for nothing for pennies literally pennies or nothing at all brand new clothing brand new eighty dollars one hundred twenty dollars pair of shoes I forget in the exact details as some years ago that she had purchased for like a dollar or something like that brand new clothing and I read that article and. I felt so miffed because I was like Why have I not thought of this why has this not occurred to me this is unfair that God is doing this for her and not for me but I realize hey the reason my guy's doing it for her not for me is because. I haven't asked. I'm not depending on him I'm not saying Look would you provide this for me no I'm like well I need some storage but that's my mindset and that's why he's not providing for me in the same way he's providing for her so I was like OK from now on you're a kid you don't dress your kids in rags goofball prevision OK So this is in my mind now like a month or two after that we got engaged I forget exactly the timeline because couple years ago but we got engaged and I was thinking now about my wedding right now is thinking about my wedding dress and I was looking for wedding dresses and wedding dresses as many people and you know can be what they're expensive very expensive so I'm like. How that is my wedding you know it only happens one time in my life you know all this reasoning and I remember beautiful provision in the King provide a wedding dress for his daughter. Can he provide a wedding dress for his daughter that doesn't need to spend you know unnecessary money into the pocket of this company because he wants it can go to some other cause now incidentally if somebody in here has purchased an expensive wedding dress absolutely no kind of nation that's not why I'm telling the story OK what I'm just sharing is what God did in my heart and in my life to teach me about his beneficence towards me so I began to pray and he was like would you would you put that in my hand are you willing to put your wedding dress which is something that this is a once in a lifetime experience are you going to put your wedding dress in my hand allow me to have Bill provision for you and I was like OK Lord I am going beautiful provision What is the king going to provide for his daughter as a wedding dress can't get in all the details of story but I tell you God provided me my dream wedding dress for a hundred fifty dollars I loved that dress and I still love it yes and you know what when I look at pictures of that wedding dress it doesn't just remind me of my wonderful wedding day with my husband it reminds me of father they care about providing for his children they has been enough to sit intensions in the cares about hey. She wants awaiting dress for her wedding and she doesn't want to spend very much money on it because she wants to give her money to something else I'll provide that for. Our provide that for her in a way that she could never provide it for herself because we do these things for us and so we need to be we need to be asking hey beautiful provision Can you provide my clothes Hey this can you provide that not because I just want God to be my gumball machine but because I want to put his beneficence his love for me his care for me his provision for me to the tasks of the I develop that confidence so that when I am in a situation where I am facing weariness to lay and hunger my face will not faint those who tried because it is based on experience on or. So developing faith in our lives coming to the Word of God and not just reading it and being my goal that's really interesting are all that I was and that was a clever story or you know whatever that may be but reading it and say OK how can I now take this into my experience how can I remind myself how can I listen to the Word of God more than I listen to the culture how can I speak the realities of heaven to my own full more than I hear the lies of the devil to my own soul and how can I put God to test and understand the practicality of a relationship with God to be to bring forth real life results in this generation Jesus said He that is willing to do his will he shall know the doctrine so the the implication of that first being if you come to scripture even searching for an answer but you're not willing to do whatever it is God might require what. Chances are you're not going to find your answer but if you come to scripture with a posture of you are above I am below I immediately you are giving you our love and I need and whatever you ask is fine you can have it suddenly the Word of God comes to life now time fails us to. To share many other things elements of devotions who are excited about I will just touch one more among the ones we have sitting here and that is. Make it a point when you get to the and your devotional time you devotional hour or your thirty minutes or whatever it is don't get up from your from your knees or from your experience with out. Tweeting to your own brain. What it is you just read. By which I mean and for most of us this comes in the form of journaling. A journal is basically an ongoing letter to yourself reminding yourself of the you know what was powerful in your experience today I have. Found myself personally that when I mean I have a super powerful session in Scripture and literally get up from and by breakfast time if that superpower has just melted into the superpower of yesterday and the day before that and I have no idea actually what I read for you know for scripture this morning. I'm not suggesting that you actually tweeted although you could Twitter could use a lot more of that than everything else that is out there but I am suggesting that when you get to the end of your hour that you don't leave that place until you have boiled down into one paragraph into one sentence into one phrase the essence of the call of God to your heart that day so I'm going to tell you about journaling I mean I go on and on about journaling we. Journaling has been utterly massive In my experience and even now as I go back and read you know I mean the stack of journals on my shelf is is of you know the volumes now and as I go back the faithfulness of God you know you read about the faithfulness of God like the children of Israel in Scripture and that's powerful because anything more powerful is that personally in my experience not that my writing is more powerful in scripture please understand me but it's God's personal work God's personal and my struggle and then sixty pages later there's an answer and even sometimes when I wrote the answer I wasn't remembering the struggle but when I go back and read a journal from ten years ago and it only takes me five or six minutes to get from the struggle to the answer suddenly you see it's the ultimate in getting the snapshot of the big picture of your life and seeing the faithfulness of God Only since we have nothing to fear for the future except we forget how God has led us in past history well then. Why why do we forget oh maybe we like repeating grades I don't like repeating grades I mean God has already got has already proven in some good and merciful and all powerful in our lives let's take advantage of that remember it bear witness of it in your own life on paper on. You know if it's. If it's a journal great if it's a blog great if it's you know you name it I said one more going to give it to you I have found in my personal experience that it really helps me to have a. I study best when I am driving towards giving So asking to give basically would be the title of that chapter in Christ object lessons. So basically most of the time when I'm having devotions I'm running a sermon or I'm writing a book or I'm you know whether anyone ever hears that sermon is completely immaterial or anyone reads the book completely immaterial for me it's my notions right now and this is what I'm this is what keeps my brain engaged like my accountability to to keep seeking to keep searching to you know to to keep alive in myself the enthusiasm for chasing the truth down whatever rabbit hole it might appear to be so journaling. Sermon writing you name it basically the point I'm trying to express is you need to take the knowledge from just here. To either you know from here to here or from here to here or the knowledge needs to be it needs to morph from just this cloud of inspiration into something that's general that's genuinely deliverable and once it does that's the bit sticks you can remember and your neighbors and your friends also remember a powerful tweet or blog post but you're not going to remember unless you take the time right after I find unless I take the time right after my one hour or two hours whatever it is. To actually boil it down to one some of that statement then yeah it was inspiring it was just inspiring it was great and I twenty four hours from now I won't have anything more to give you than that all right we have a number of questions. I have a number of questions left over from yesterday but. First we're take a selfie. Good luck OK. You blinked. Very good OK All right number one. You know what let me deal with this one first because I'm not actually going to give you an answer I'm going to give you a resource. After my discussion yesterday about my brain just runs a million miles an hour and so I ask God to remind me question came through basically legitimately I have the same problem and sometimes praying is not enough what am I supposed to do when praying is not enough when literally God just can't get through to remind them not reading the exact question but my answer for that would be. If if you've got to the point as as I have also in my experience gotten to the point where. Literally I just cannot get a grip and I prayed and asked God and whatever probably there's something else going on. In our case it could very well be you know like again ten years ago there was no such thing as a straight screen addiction five years ago some people were guessing that there might become a screen addiction but nobody really knew a society is changing so rapidly that we have now problems that are way ahead of solutions that make sense and way ahead of definitions even so it's entirely possible for me to actually be to have a genuine addiction to a phone and that addiction to be reaching that level of that compromise to be reaching into every other part of my life and I don't realize it and no one has observed the process long enough to think OK well no you can't pray do you have a smartphone you know we haven't put those two things together yet. But this I will say I've done my my field is counseling and addictions and I have discovered that compromise in one area of life is cancer and it reaches to every other area of life legitimately if I don't fly out of bed in the morning when it's time to go you know basically that my first fifteen seconds my response to my alarm clock determines the trajectory of my day if I'm sluggish responding to my alarm clock I'll be sluggish responding to everything including the Holy Spirit the rest of I just hardwired my brain to be like. ALL DAY LONG Well it's like oh great you know because how many of us were like when the alarm clock went off this morning. So I'm not going to give you an answer I'm going to give you a resource the resources that some of your web address. Again if you're dealing with something beyond we have a cyclical pattern of sin or some other you just can't seem to overcome and simply praying about it is not helping Here's the resource W.W.W. dot for me. More than this dot com On that really that's our discipleship training portal and that there's a free five day discipleship like training class on overcoming overcoming sin in general overcoming addictions kind of in specific basically it's the Jumpstart it's not it's part theology and partner zero science of how to overcome temptation. And reset your brain to respond to the Holy Spirit as opposed to being sluggish. For more than this dot com for more than this. The idea that it will help you remember the idea is we were born. For more than. This more than this moment more than this kind of bondage more than this world we were born for more than this and it's God's idea he wants to give that to us so check out. For more than this dot com free training it takes five days to go through five videos but there are you know there dripped out so you know it'll take five days that would be the answer to that question bring is not enough All right Susan. One of the questions was where is a good place to start reading for a new Bible scholar and then ten but really no let me just answer that one alone so when the best places I think to start with a new Bible scholar this is partially by the influence of Pastor Americans while we always encourage people to start with praying through Psalms especially like some one some thirty two some thirty forty start with those and it's not how far you get through the song it's how much you pray about this verse OK so if you get four verses through the psalm that's fine pick up tomorrow in the next you know in verse five if you get all the way through that's fine you can go you can extend yourself as long as you want Additionally I would encourage you to start perhaps in the Gospel of John or in the Gospel of Matthew and take the three questions that I was mentioning earlier about you know what's happening here how would I feel if I was in this situation how does this apply to my life so start with those stories ask those three questions as you go through the stories through the Gospel of John or the cost of Matthew Mark really any of the gospels but ask those three questions as you go through the stories and then praying through the Psalms that would be a really great place to begin now the short when do I need privacy for devotions short answer would be no. You don't need privacy to you know be close to your family you don't need privacy to be married you don't need privacy so you don't need privacy to have a you have a dynamic relationship with God either or to have dynamic communion with God longer answer would be which will still be a short answer that depending on your learning style depending on what really enlivens and enrich is devotions for you may need privacy so I already told you that reading out loud is almost a must for me which means that my emotions at home are much better than my diversions at G.I.C. in a hotel room when reading out loud would not work for all my mates so you know the answer is yes and no you don't it's not a requirement you don't need it but yes it does help sometimes if you're you know if your style. Let's itself to that OK is it OK to use devotional books other than my Bible for my devotions so. The Word of God is always the most powerful so we can if we want to have that as the foundation OK Word of God is where it's at in every other devotional book that we read we want that to be pointing us back to the Bible pointing us back continually pointing us back pointing us back so that ultimately our love for this book is what's being cultivated now when it comes to having other books I I do certainly read. The Spirit of Prophecy in my devotions. And not for the entirety of my devotions like I will read some of that and spend the rest of my time in the Word of God so other devotional books besides if the question was other devotional books besides the spirit of prophecy I would say certainly you know it's not inappropriate to read another devotional book but be sure that the devotional book is is cultivating your love and your appetite for the Word of God as opposed to I'm reading this because it's more interesting more relatable more whatever than the Bible so I get some inspiration out of this other book and it really gave me inspiration in the Bible so I'm reading this other book that then that's a problematic pattern so any other books should always be pointing us back to and cultivating a lot of them were God I would say the same thing applies to another question what you think about following study guides schools quarterly etc subsume quarterly is dynamite it's what you make of it like you can literally read the status quo quarterly and just be fill in the blank and done time you're done that was no inspiration or you can treat the Sabbath school quarterly like a springboard like a to the you know that's a discussion starter then drives you into deeper study of the book of Romans for example so study guides can be what you make of them I again wouldn't use the study guide to be my entire devotional spirits because that's kind of. It's outlined for you it's driven by somebody else and what we're trying to again step back they push what are we trying to accomplish or trying to accomplish intimacy between me and God and that's probably the best way may not be to follow someone else's blueprint for him to kiss someone else's intimacy to God is not going to be the same as my intimacy with God So I would say use it as a part of your study experience but perhaps not dominate the whole or if it does dominate the whole make sure that you are yourself you might do status quo lesson but then make sure you're doing plenty of extra curricular thinking and not just filling in the blanks and calling it done because your personal worship is over especially with the Sabbath school lesson the beauty about that is that something that a group is collectively studying so when I study that I am enriching not only my own mind on that topic like it's been on the subject of Romans but now when I go to the group I can contribute to a collective study so that's the beauty of the Sabbath school but then again it should be balanced with what I want to study for my own personal needs right now what techniques to use for my marking I think you're a better biomarker than I am I'll just tell you in in my Bible I am one of those that doesn't like a bunch of colors and chaos and notes and whatever else however I do very much value the idea of marking so I have just my little system and my little system is I use a fine pen and if I like it I underline it once and if I double like it I underline it twice and if I triple like it I underline it three times super technical I know and if it's a long passage and I don't like the Mass all over my page then I'll just. Put a line down the margin or two lines down the margin or three lines down the margin something for us so people so. Now they know what she did. That isn't what I do but I would say the principle of Bible marking and I was emphasizing by the marking of the day is really late to the passage you know express your your conclusion regarding the passage as you're going back and forth you know read it think about it and then relate with it and that's why marking it. Now again as I was saying the other day my method of marking my husband is quite different he my husband is is a perfectionist a little bit of a neat freak so his bible looks immaculate at all times now he does Mark you only uses two colors yellow and then if there's something really important he'll maybe use a very fine tip little red pen and it looks perfect at all times his Bible does mine is not quite so neat but that's because. That's part of my personality coming through so I express in my in my Bible the same in a way that I can then come back to that passage even three years later and understand at least the framework of how I was interacting with it three years ago so I do it by a color coded system the colors don't make that much difference just so it makes sense to you so I have a color color system that makes sense to me and by the colors that I use in different areas of the passage when I come back to that a year later I can at least understand the framework of how I was interacting with it a year ago and then can then build upon that same framework and express even more regarding the passage and just do whatever makes the word make sense to you so when I'm as I'm studying through Titus right now when I was talking to the day about the key word sober and sound I went through and I boxed all those on the page sober sound sober sound sober sound sober sound with a little blue blue color because in my marking system blue is like this needs to be in my personal life because the answer was in Titus it's expressing that sobriety and soundness are the answers to spiritual maturity so when I'm coming to this now when I slip to a couple years later I see sober and sound black box in blue and I say hey these are the things that I know need to be in called hated into my life I know that because of the color and it stands out to me from the page because they're all boxed so I understand I can do a quick recheck hey how much have these things I remember what I studied about sobriety and soundness you know however however long go are those growing in my life have they been called Am I growing and maturing spiritually so if you. Colors I think they're awesome So grab some colors and go with your bible have a marking system that makes sense to you that you can connect with if you are very you know neat and everything has to look perfect and you don't like the bio page having much on it you can do it more my husband's method or Shawn's method something that is very simple and straightforward but at least gives you an interaction and an ability to continue to build on the framework of what you studied in the past All right last question and really we mean it how can one productively compare with or discuss a passage with someone who has a different interpretation of it this is not a two minute answer but I'll give you a two minute answer which will be a springboard to into future answers the bad news is that everyone comes to scripture I say bad news it's not all bad but everyone comes to scripture with glasses on you know with a particular bias which is colored It's partly a combination of worldview family culture just everything. The good news is the closer we get to Jesus. The less the more of those biases we shed. So it is a difficult thing and I would say actually in many ways an unproductive thing to go head to head with someone on a you know on a passage of Scripture that you interpret this way and they interpret this way that their seats were really good at that Paris isn't Sadducees where the others next constantly and obviously it's no productive and so what should our focus be I mean what we're doing if we engage in that kind of discussion is building a spirit of contention which is not the Spirit of Christ the alternative is. Also the alternative the alternative is to let those things be especially if the person that you're dealing with this for example compose convinced on some wind of doctrine that they also get from Scripture and if you ask them about it they're going to rattle you off a bunch of proof texts but you also have your same crew the same proof and they're going to show you all in one quotes and you also have the same million white quotes and you're obviously that at that point really the discussion is going to get nowhere. And the fruit will probably be mostly bad so there are out for that reason there are discussions or certain people with whom I simply won't have a logical discussion in which I know I'm going to disagree with them because if you're not coming with an open mind to change if if either person is not coming with an open mind to change but rather come to convince the other you're not going to have a productive discussion the good news is. That with more Bible study comes more maturity and with more maturity comes not just. Less risk for reacting to someone else's like Natasha was suggesting yesterday just kind of an upset why how can you even think that for crying out loud less reactive in this and more I don't mean lost a more convincing miss except the fruit of your life the more the more your life is infused with the Word of God the fruit of your life will line up with the word in such a way that will give you not just your words but your life a convincing power and testimony and basically that is your weapon to use against that is the best weapon we have to use against here is the influence the unconscience unconscious influence of a godly life will do more by far than all the theological arguments and proof texting we could come up with so long and short of that answer would be how do you productively converse discussion with a passage you know pass with someone with different or petition answer number one you sometimes don't answer number two go back to your Bible yourself falling your face yourself ask God to show you have more preconceptions yourself and as you do that your life will become less abrasive more convicting at the same time and your life will be an influence power for good just last thought on this it's always important we're talking about the fencepost principle and when working with other people it's always important to start talking to people to start how do we understand the Bible how do we say that by. So how do we how do we see the whole picture how is it when we do Bible studies of people that's always the first study we never study anything else until we studied how do we understand the Bible and go through a study on how the Bible explains We should understand the Bible if we have different hermeneutics we will never land on the same page because you're interpreting it one way the same passage and I'm interpreting it another so we have to always back up if I'm having a disagreement with you and say this passage and you think this way and I think that that way we need to back up and say how do I understand the Word of God How do we approach the scripture is it our body is it you know something that we can critique down here or is it over us etc All right that concludes our summit on this morning I have one more question for you though I mentioned discipleship training portal for more than this dot com part of the reason why we have started that which is a very infant stages there's just one course on there right now that I talked about the overcoming sin part of the reason why we've done that is because we want a way to have more direct you know access to people like you on the same journey as us with the same questions as us with the same interests as so just by a show of hands this is kind of a survey for our own input our own edification by a show of hands how many of you in this room would be interested in a. In a discipleship course that's a little bit more it's online so it's you know pace that your schedule but a little bit more hands on here you can look over my shoulder this is how to actually break down like the little thing we did with. Timothy you know one two three show of hands well interest OK good wonderful so check check out that portal in fact if you go to for more than this dot com There's a page where you can just leave your e-mail address and we won't spam your e-mail because I hate getting spam e-mail and I'm the one who writes the e-mails so I promise I won't spend your e-mail but we will do is you can give us feedback there this is what my interest is since it's brand new. You can be the pilot group and tell us what Send your answers will be given higher priority and then when we do release new free resources you'll be the first to know all right. By your head to lessen the pressure. Father in heaven thank you so much for just a wonderful rich time together we we are your presence has been here and we just ask that the Spirit would continue to push the conviction deeper into our souls buses now as we go from this place be trained to hit the streets to share your love with others may this be the fruit on the tree that is born from hearts that have sought you in Jesus' name and. This message was recorded at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona she wants to support the ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ entered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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