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2. Depression and the Cutting Edge

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer



  • December 28, 2017
    10:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Y.C. Web dot org. Right let's begin with the word of prayer. Father in heaven we just want to thank you so much Lord that you've given us all the opportunity to be here together at the Y.C. you've given us the privilege of having your word Lord in and having Jesus as our example. And Lord we just pray that you give us the strength to walk in the light as he is in the light and we ask for your presence for your Holy Spirit for we know that we can do nothing without you and so we pray for you to be with us here now he would guide our words guide our hearts in Jesus precious name Amen. So we're going to. Focus a little bit more on on the depression and the cutting edge science that comes with its own natural methods of overcoming as well. If anyone has an empty seat next and can you prove please raise your hand so those that can have an opportunity we may have to shut the door because we're not allowed to have. Extras Yeah OK All right let's continue this is a quote. And I'm not sure it's from heavenly places. In just that H.P. up there in heavenly places page one twenty six it's about faith and feelings it says the religion of Christ is not a religion of mere emotion you cannot depend on your feelings for an evidence of acceptance with God for feelings are variable you must plant your feet on the promises of God's word and learn to live by faith as soon as one begins to contemplate his feelings he is on dangerous ground if he feels happy and joyous then he is very confident and has very pleasing emotions the change will come there are circumstances that occur which bring depression and sad feelings then the mind will naturally begin to doubt whether the Lord is with him or not now the feelings must not be made to the test of a spiritual state of the spiritual state be they good or be they discouraging the Word of God is to be our evidence of our true standing before Him Many are bewildered on this point wow how many times do we actually ourselves feel like this right when we're down and discouraged we are tempted to think God must be so disappointed in me right now. I must be displeasing him when something goes wrong what's our kneejerk reaction to God What I do wrong and this is happening to me could you imagine of Paul thought like that all the time. Just think about his life and the trials he went through if we allowed ourselves to get discouraged all the time free time something comes up where would Paul have been he wouldn't have been walking with Jesus Anymore I can assure you that and guess what when Jesus called him guess what he told him right away. You will suffer a many things for my name sake Wow How many of us have been called like that. It's crazy isn't it most of us just think of the positive aspects of this walk right in like what a joy it is to serve the Lord and Paul and Jesus like Pa he going to suffer a lot for my name's sake but I'm calling you anyway how powerful but Paul so said something powerful he said I forget those things which are behind and I press forward towards the mark amen right and you look at Jesus and his example his wall of how he looks forward we're going to we're going to talk more about that but it's so true if we relied on our feelings where would any of us be if we continued that path right where would any of us be if Jesus relied on his feelings while he was on the cross. If he had given up because of how he felt you and I wouldn't be here today. But he didn't rely on his feelings he relied on his relationship with his father and the Word of God So it says here gratitude and well being associated with a life sadness and satisfaction in life OK what are the correlations between having gratitude and praise and having a well having well being in life satisfaction Several studies have been done on gratitude and life satisfaction they have repeatedly shown that not only are people who exhibit more gratitude happier. As an intervention teaching people to count their blessings can be used to enhance people's well being isn't that powerful and we're told over and over count your blessings right count them one by one and we think oh that's really nice. But why how many of us do it right we are so prone to thinking negative thoughts and we feel like we're being fake right or feel like we're being fake if we count our blessings if we think positively we think oh that's just I'm not being myself I'm not being real but the thing is. We don't not truly do that because we're sinful right and so we have to learn to teach ourselves to think differently and there's nothing wrong with that we think oh I can't do it has to come naturally has to just you know like I'm working too hard for this guess what we have to work hard fight the good fight of faith like Paul did right every day we need to die to self daily and allowed Jesus to come in. So there's seeing that gratitude and praise is good scientifically right but look at this here nothing tends more to promote health of body and of soul than does a spirit of gratitude and praise so it's not just for the spiritual as with before your health as well and it says it is a positive duty to resist melancholy discontented thoughts and feelings as much a duty as it is to what praying it is a duty for us to redirect the thoughts to happier and better thoughts right to gratitude and praise because if we don't it we're stuck in our feelings and we're stuck in our rut of like thinking over and over the negative negative and seeing the negative in others right we get in these routes but. It is we're told that it is a positive duty that we have. Not just the duty right it's positive duty praise the Lord for positive duties here in ministry viewing it says in page four ninety one we need a constant sense of the ennobling power of pure thoughts the only security for any soul is right thinking as a man thinks in his heart so is he that's what we're told in the Bible. The power of self-restraint strengthens by what exercise. That which at first seems difficult by constant repetition grows easy so what we thought we were being fake but as we keep trying it becomes easy and a part of us right until right thoughts and actions become habitual if we will we may turn away from all that is cheap inferior and rise to a higher standard we may be respected by men and beloved of God If we think pure good thoughts isn't that powerful we have to train ourselves this is good news it doesn't come naturally right it doesn't come naturally so don't think when you're struggling Oh it's just me this is who I am this is how my family was no we have to be trained to think different thoughts it's just a part of life proverbs twelve five says the thoughts of the righteous are right but the counsels of the wicked are deceit right the thoughts of the righteous are right and that's why they're called righteous. Here it says in New York Times behavior T.V. time linked to depression in future. The study published in the February issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry found a rising risk of depressive symptoms with increasing hours spent watching television to ever feel that deer or notice if you've ever been on T.V. different afterwards like yeah I just use my time so well I feel great just like so awesome you know who feels like that after watching hours and hours and to know so dejected and like Man I can't believe I wasted my time like in what was I thinking I feel like junk now and you've got hours and hours of like stupid stuff in your head. It just doesn't happen right and studies are showing up we know our own studies. We know how we feel after bingeing on these things this is another interesting one and it's a little scary. Graeme matters too much screen time damages brain it says reduce cortical thickness Haagen Hong and colleagues found reduce cortical that's the outermost part of the brain thickness in internet addicted teen boys. And they also reduce cortical thickness in the frontal lobe of on line gaming Addicks that's late hour listened males and females correlated with impairment to cognitive task so online gamers they're finding the frontal lobe is actually like shrinkage of the frontal lobe and what is the frontal lobe of the brain. This decision making right and it's the seat of spirituality your morality and your willpower. City you think that this is causing a spiritual decline in our society today yes because it's attacking a physical part of yours the spiritual part of your physical brain right this is how heaven communicates with us is through this frontal lobe right this is how having communicates with us and so if you wanted to destroy the relationship with Haven't you destroy the frontal lobe and we're seeing more and more that screen time is doing that it's shrinking our brains right and so we need to be careful in the specially the younger you are the earlier you get started on this stuff the more shrinkage there is the more addiction there is OK So yes so the question is is that on all types of computers and things there's different studies done this one in particular was on line gamers and that is the worse. Type of internet addiction and the damage that they're showing right now is the Internet because like let's say television if you go away from it for a bit your brain starts to come back to reality whereas the gamers it doesn't snap back you're in that alpha brain activity longer for it takes and they never stop and so they're just in it all the time so you're never really your frontal lobes not operative but they say Dr G. Amen He says that if you want to be balance in these things start being structured about it so let's say texting he says let's let's just go to a point where you're not constantly checking your phone right because they did a study and they showed that people who are constantly checking their phones and instant messages and all these kinds of things there while they're taking a test drop their I.Q. lower than someone who's on marijuana. Because you're constantly being distracted and what the frontal lobe does for you is it helps you to think deeply and intently right and so what are these things doing constantly they're taking away that deep thought you know it's just like this quick quick cheap cheap cheap type of thoughts right and she's like oh I got to see what all I want to see and so he says just have a structured way even at your e-mails all this stuff have a structured way say OK I'm going to focus on this one thing right now for like an hour I'm not going to have anything distract me I'm going to take the day off my phone right so I'm not constantly told here comes so take that dang off and say I'm going to spend this much time studying this and I'll come back to it. OK And so then when you come back to it you have decided you've made a choice with your frontal lobe that this is what you're going to do and you going to stick with it and that actually strengthens your mind so there's got to be a balance of how we do it but yes if you're sitting in front you know when Chad is working on a documentary it's so hard on him because he's like trying to meet a deadline he's working hard and so he is very cautious about how much like he doesn't spend any extra screen time when he's do working on the documentary he doesn't do anything else outside of that and so then his free time is walking running exercising reading a book a physical book Hill he'll do anything he can to stay away from screen time when he's working a lot on a so I hope that answers your question yes OK. All right let's keep going because we don't want to keep you guys too long all right next one it says this is this is a neat quote that goes along with this council's on health. There are many amusements that excite the mind but depression is sure to follow isn't that interesting and that's what we just saw in those studies that these exciting things they get you but then afterwards depression is sure to follow other modes of recreation are innocent and the healthful but useful labor that affords physical exercise will often have a more beneficial influence upon the mind while at the same time it will strengthen the muscles improve the circulation and improve the power power and prove a powerful agent in the recovery of health isn't that powerful but guess what a lot of us are doing today what kind of jobs do we have today we sit around the sit around quite a bit and it's actually affecting us and because we sit so much our blood is not being stimulated. Naturally right because God God put Adam in the garden and wanted him to to exercise and do all these things because then it would stimulate his blood naturally in a good way so because we sit around a lot what happens is we become depressed and down and so we look for artificial stimulation whether it be through the things we drink the things we eat through activities we do through stimulating amusements right because we want to feel alive somehow artificial stimulation Our best thing is to get out and exercise and you always feel good we are just visiting Chad's family and my family in Michigan and while there we you know it was cold and you know the winter and the snow and everything but we made a decided effort we're going to get out in it regardless and we would go out for a walk several times a day and guess how you feel afterwards you feel like you conquered something right self and laziness right but you also feeling vigor aided that winter air and you just like wow that was awesome I'm so glad I did it but those days that you just sit at home and you don't do anything and you decide it's just too cold it's just not the same feeling right you feel defeated and you know stand so it's so important to get out and get that fresh air. Speaking of you can improve your mood with negative ions and negative ions are found outside in the fresh air so while we're here at the convention center I know we're inside all the time but whenever you have an opportunity please get outside take the longer out if you have to go outside right do whatever you can get outside and get that fresh air it's a funny name it has negative ions but they're actually good for you and. So. We're going to show you a clip from one of our videos and I think the sound guys hooked it up ancient health. Secrets to ancient health so here we go. Let's talk a little bit about air air being one of you know the acronym a new star is for air and of course you're speaking about good fresh air what's surprising to many people in the urban environments in which the majority of the world's population lives is that many of us are deprived of this very important commodity there is actually good air and better we know that foul air in the cities will for example double heart attack rate which is a big problem if you go into a congested city environment you actually don't you kind of feel a little down your little gloomy errors is just not as fresh as compared to going along a mountain stream with this this there's a river that's cascading down the mountains and the birds are singing the sense that you have there and why is that in these environments there are negatively charged air I guess. We go out of the trails and just breathe in just good air good quality air the air around the waterfall Lakes ocean pine trees cedar trees mountains that niggly charge air is good for you it's actually positive for you Have you ever noticed how good you feel after a thunderstorm or after being by the oceans thirty the reason again is that these environments create and have the highest concentration of negative ions available these negatively charged ions have a mood elevating effect out there the light rain when the rain comes to have the negative bias go up all of that fresh air and any time you get out of the fresh air you're going to be better for it mentally and physically the brain needs oxygen the nerve cells need oxygen to function adequately and when you're not sitting up straight when you're not breathing deeply then your tissues are going to be lacking oxygen and you're going to start feeling tired and fatigued. When we have this you know oxygenation that is increased it really does improve our mental ability and you just fill much better I mean you feel like my mind is clear and so it's very important that we get that fresh air as we want to improve our mental health in our cognitive performance so getting enough fresh air is actually valuable in the hall up here there is also very important so my prescription for health would include getting out into nature get out after a thunderstorm and walk go by the ocean surf go to an area that has up in the mountains with lots of trees get the best out of the time that you exercise the thing is you can combine these things you know you're drinking water you're out in the sunshine and you're exercising out in nature and you're getting fresh air you don't have to think well I just got four or eight natural laws and I thought I was just walking out in nature. The battery is about to die on the computer so if you complain all right. Fascinating very fascinating now thinking about this if fresh air so good for us why didn't God tell us. He did check this out healthful living page one seventy seven air is the free blessing of Heaven calculated to what electrified the whole system what do we just find that air that is negatively charged is positive for us is not part we were told this over a hundred years ago very powerful and healthful living mental depression from poorly ventilated rooms the effects produced by living in close ill ventilated rooms are these the system becomes weak and unhealthy the circulation is depressed the blood moves sluggishly through the system because it is not purified and vitalized by the pure invigorating air of heaven the mind becomes depressed and gloomy while the whole system is enervated and fevers and acute diseases are liable to be generated so we want to get out in the fresh air. Or whenever we can so one of the things that's beneficial for us are negative ions getting out in the fresh air whenever you can talking about depression there seasonal depression we talked about that in the last message on the got brain connection six percent of people suffer with seasonal depression every every year and you know our seasonal affective disorder is what sad stands for the fall the winter months come along people end up getting this they become sluggish they come become depressed they gain weight and so forth well one of the things they found is that right now the standard treatment for this depression is light therapy and you can buy these by now if you live in Arizona you can just go outside but if you live in Michigan or some of the northern states Oregon and Washington and you know where I have you you you may have to buy one of these light boxes and you can buy on Amazon and they have to be ten thousand lux L.-U. X. That's the light power and and you want a full spectrum light possibly or one of the blue lights and actually there's a standard therapy for reversing seasonal depression you can just sit and read your Bible in the morning you put the light out you don't look at the light you put it off to the side and let it hit your eyes from an angle and it helps to reverse seasonal depression so getting out natural lights the best but when you're in a situation where you just can't get the natural light having one of these light boxes for half an hour in the morning or sometime during the day they call my energy lights because people feel just better after using a moment not terribly expensive but once again did God tell us about the benefits of light yes he did Ecclesiastes these eleven seven says Truly the light is sweet and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the watch sun we have the foundations of God's Word the number two is light therapy now the next one we looked at our last message but I know that several of you were not here for the last message just a quick review we saw that depending on how many pieces of fruits or vegetables you in a day depend will make you either happier or you know less happy today and tomorrow. This is a study from the British Journal of of health psychology this is many apples a day keep the blues away many apples a day keep the blues away and the next one I'm going to show you here is this is from the American Journal of Public Health This is how many pieces of fruit or vegetable you eat a day and how happy you are they found if you eat zero you're going to be the least happy person today that you could be and then statistically anyway and then if you eat one you become a little the happier two three. Four five six seven and you get to choose to be significantly happier if you eat eight pieces of fruit or vegetable is not good news and it foretells how happy you'll be tomorrow so you get to choose how happy you're going to be tomorrow when you get to lunch and so very fascinating here now one of the things we're going to show you a video later on about this not in this message I don't think but they did a study looking at the restriction of meat chicken and fish and the effect on meant on your mental state and how happy you are this study divided meat eaters into three groups you had a control group and then you had they and they continued on the omnivorous diet so their eating you know different animal foods and plant foods and then there was a fish eating group that was eating fish and so they're getting more E.P.A. and D.H. and so many people think well they probably become happier then there was a third group that would avoid all fish chicken in meat lowering their E.P.A. D.H. A and their arachidonic intake and so many people think oh man if you're not getting those good things from the fish maybe you'd be less happy what is the result of this study let's find out well they found that mood scores remained the same for the horse and the fish eaters meaning there is no change they by switching to a fish diet instead of meant a mental state in this but the mood scores were significantly increased in depression and anxiety stress scale did. D.A.'s ass score so what they found is that it lowered levels of depression you can lower your level of depression in two weeks by fifty percent just by taking meat and fish out of your diet not amazing and one of the things they think is because arachidonic acid in last message we talked about inflammation and inflammation is often a marker of depression in the body and so arachidonic acid is found highly in things like chicken chicken has just it's one of the top sources of arachidonic acid so getting rid of the chicken eggs in these kind of things getting rid of the fish can lower levels of depression Now it's interesting here notice what it says here you know and once again I did you just think about this it is so simple what if God would have just told us. He told us right this is from eighth manuscript releases page three seventy two healthy growing youth need a nourishing diet especially when dispensing with meat which has an immediate stimulating influence to be followed by depression meeting in cannot be tolerated in the schools which talking about Unitas at an admin a school or whatever and so you know very very interesting that we're told beforehand that it had this depressive effect but yet people feel good afterward right afterwards so they think it's beneficial but then in the long run it has a negative inflammatory unfair effect on the human body so our Does what we've just seen we just look at powerful points on the governing connection in the last one but eating. So getting to a plant based diet Dr B. sold showed us lowers depression by fifty percent in two weeks and so how much for if you can be seven pieces of fruit a day or or eight vegetables is kind of or I don't think it's an do I think for most people they find hard to have that many of you know that fifteen pieces of fruit or vegetable on a day but you eat the more you eat the happier you will be especially if you get rid of the inflammatory foods like the animal products so this is fascinating moving on to our next point here this isn't a study that is called the smiles. Body which stands for the Stanford medical intervention and long term exercise trial the study here was a sixteen week trial with one hundred fifty six patients put into three different groups one of the groups was the Zoloft group that's a depression medication then there was an exercise a group in the third group was exercise in Zoloft Now if you were just look at this you'd probably think will probably the third one would do the best because they're putting two interventions into people's lives what was the result let's find out so what did they do while the exercise group was to exercise for thirty minutes to seventy to eighty five percent of their target heart rate what is that Google it figured out for yourself I can figure out for you what your target heart rate is based upon your age they got up to seventy to eighty five percent of their I don't have time to go into that we got so much to go into and they would do this three times a week so exercising for thirty minutes three times a week cardio exercise what was the result well they all had a drop in depression all three groups nearly half of each group was depression free by the end an additional thirteen percent at last symptoms but were not totally depression free Actually they should've gone for their sorry and six months later the exercise group was doing the. Best not the exercise and Zoloft group just exercising is more beneficial than taking Zoloft fifty five percent of the mixed group of those who did the off and the exercise was depressed six months later fifty percent two percent of the medication group was depressed six months later but only thirty percent of the only exercise in group so do you realize that natural methods are almost always in almost every case the best route to go in the long run for your health is not powerful so look any the mixed group did the worst in the long run it actually is more detrimental to the person to do that Strangely enough to mix exercise and than drug medication I mean who would have ever guessed that nobody would have guessed that at least actions and nobody but most of us would not have so. You know maybe God could've told us about the benefits of exercise he did right so physical exercise is a precious blessing for both mental and physical ailments exercise with cheerfulness would in many cases prove a most effective restorer to the complaining invalid God gave us all this information before hand so the next point we have is that exercise is beneficial for us of voiding high amounts of sugar is another thing that is beneficial one of the things that. They've simply found that people who eat more sugar have more mental disorders like depression and schizophrenia it's been discovered that people way more sugar were more depressed but the question remains was it the depression that caused people to eat or the or was it the more sugar more sure that they were eating cause them to be ripped depressed so that's the question so a study from the University College London looking at more than eight thousand adults followed them from the one nine hundred eighty S. discovered that men who ate the most sugar had a twenty three higher higher likely twenty three percent higher likelihood of becoming depressed within the next five years so it actually can be a causative factor in your depression it's not just because you're depressed you eat more sugar it actually can be that if you eat more sugar you're more likely to become depressed does that make sense so once again what is sugar it's a refined food and we saw in our last message that refining food is debilitating largely to the system so getting back to a whole food plan base that we talked about the fact that Oreos are vegan right you know the several kind of junk foods that are vegan you know soda you know Mountain Dew is vegan whiskey is vegan right but these are refined junk foods that are actually detrimental to your mental health so once again did God give us any light that sugar was not beneficial for us yes he did Sugar is not good for the stomach it wasn't fermentation and that in this class. Still what brain in brings peevishness into the disposition do you see what if we as Seventh Day Adventists instead of trying to come up with new studies we just did studies on stuff we're already told the scientific answer to we would be the most cutting edge people on the planet because everything we were told comes through everything we would be like people be like how do you people know this stuff and we're like you know I have this app it's like E.G. white writings you know it tells me everything that science ever told me right and it told me a hundred twenty some years ago or thirty or forty or whatever you know and so yeah so let's go forward so avoiding sugar is you know the next one but then avoiding Elka whole or any mind altering drugs this kind of to us today this goes without saying I mean you recognize this is negative to your you know mental state so alcohol what's interesting is we see that alcohol in brain shrinkage study in the British Medical Journal a thirty year study was done in five hundred fifty men and women looking at Elco whole consumption and its effect on the brain they wanted to know if L. call in any amount was beneficial maybe maybe a little would be good for you right or if it was detrimental M.R.I. scans revealed that even moderate drinkers you know like the you know the ones who are they're not drunks they're not alcoholics they just you know haven't you know they're just having moderate drinks if it M.R.I. scans revealed that even moderate drinking causes shrinkage in the right hippocampus which is a portion of the member of the memory port one of the memory portions of the brain so they discovered the more you drink the more you shrink and so you know a little bit shrinks it a little more shrinks it more so do you want to shrink it a little or a lot probably none and so once again did God give us insight into this also what do we read we read here is this for a time he may be elated by the stimulus of alcohol. But the elation is followed by a corresponding depression by a sluggish movements of the brain he's a years of taxing study our last what his study is lost that means it impacted is hippocampus it impacted his memory interesting we would have known that right it says for he has destroyed himself he's destroying his own body right by indulgence he has destroyed the harmonious action of the different parts of the being he has misused his physical and mental powers and the temple of the body is in ruins I was a heavy drinker I just I drank myself to sleep at night when I was younger and I'm so glad that God finally gave me victory when I learned about the health message and all these wonderful things some people look at it is a negative it's been one of the greatest experiences my entire life like I share with the last group that I had never had a salad by the time I was in college in my entire life never had lettuce once in my life up to that point here but I feel so much better today than I did back then that I'm so happy God To me this isn't legalism because you don't get to go to heaven because of what you eat or what you don't eat right but it can make your pathway to have an much easier and much happier right and make it easier to overcome Taishan all the way there so very powerful so we want to avoid alcohol and mind altering drugs another thing that's beneficial is sleeping early going to sleep early helps and it keeps one of the things is that they find is that early to bed especially for someone who struggles with depression it makes a very serious impact so going to bed early is something that is very very beneficial you know close to nine o'clock can be the best for someone who struggles with depression and you just find that you feel so much better something here that's you know from a study that was done A studies starting with over four thousand people ranging in age from eleven to seventeen concluding a year later only three thousand people they could study at the end so a thousand of them for whatever reason could make it part of the and it was a three thousand person study. Ultimately of the same young people revealed that those who slept less than or equal to six hours had a higher chances of either having or acquiring depression so if it's interesting too because you know we travel around we speak different places to you know medical students and these these kind of things and one of the things that I find is very common for a set especially during some of the years of medical school is many medical students become depressed because they get very very very little say I mean the whole system is just totally out of whack I mean you know if anybody doesn't see that then you just have a different opinion than me but meaning just the fact that you make people depressed and and you know it lowers their immune system while they're working with sick people obviously something's broken here our doctor should be happy and healthy and you know feeling good as they're going through God didn't mean for it to be this way but it is the way it is today. It is you know I'm but you know obviously it's not the whole world isn't designed the way it was designed by God but we've broken a few things so did God also have insight into these things and if so why didn't he tell us well guess what he did so we see it in the seven testimony to forty seven proper periods of sleep and rest and an abundance of physical exercise are essential to health of body and mind to rob nature of her hours for rest and recuperation by allowing one man to do the work of four or or of three people or even two will result in irreparable loss meaning there's a loss that takes place to your health as a result of this it can cause negative effects to the brain it says here it says you should labor with care and observe periods of rest by doing so you were attain your physical and mental vigor and render your body much more efficient brother after whoever that was you are a nervous man and move my. Much from impulse mental depression influences your labor very much you're And I as I've talked with medical students that sort of on the many many of them are suffering with depression during those years of medical school or when they're in space especially in residency many of them struggle with that because they just can't get a good night's sleep in so you know thinking about these things as we look at these and we review some of these things that either that either benefit or could negatively impact our mental state God has given us all of these things he gave us all of these things before science showed them to us in one of the things we're told in by this same author is that we should be the happiest people in the world we should be the happiest people in the world meaning God didn't give us prophecy to make us sad and unhappy people. Right you know you talk about plan B. And there's this there's this like the only where that's coming to mind there's like a meme and it's not a meme but there's like this this idea in society that you have these angry vegans. Are are you know I'm going to eat my keratin you know my spinach or whatever and I'm even if it kills me I'm going to be angry for the rest of my life but I'm not going to do that or whatever but statistically the opposite is actually true that the people who turn to a plant based diet are actually statistically happier is not fascinating that meaning God didn't give these things to us to keep us from happiness it's interesting in Deuteronomy Chapter six in verse twenty four it says this is in the Lord commanded us to do all these statutes to fear the Lord our God for our good always that he might preserve us alive as it is this day so Durani six twenty four tells us that God commanded us to do different things so God tells us to do this this this and not to do this this and this right and this is all His commandments are for our good that he might preserve us alive there's a long jeopardy benefit to the commandments of God One of the things that we also find is that people who have a spiritual relationship with God also end up living longer they're happier people right meaning God doesn't want us to live in an unhealthy or an unhappy state all the time and he wants to give us victory the last message I talked about how God gave me victory over depression through the through the gut brain connection through going off ten years of off and on with depression in the last two years of it were continual depression and God gave these principles that I found I found just a strange almost fanatical sounding quote in a spirit of prophecy but when I implemented it it reversed my depression and I struggled for ten years is one of the greatest experiences of my life and so I. So happy that we've been given I mean look just as a quick review Now here's the thing I was implementing virtually everything on this except for the one that I shared in the last meeting but I was I was a vegan I was doing all this but I would I would get out and get a lot of exercise because I was a runner or a biker or go hiking or whatever doing all these things in the light therapy I even tried that but you know work it but it wasn't enough for me but here's the thing I shared I was doing all these things most people don't most people don't so most people if you just implemented whatever's here your depression will go away most people if they just exercise your depression will go away the eighty percent you know are seventy percent of you the study showed seventy percent of people reversed just by exercise but what happens when you implement all of these things here you get you get an even higher benefit and I was seeking God with all my heart during this time period and you know basically the point is is that there is such a blessing in these things but it's a mixture of the physical and the spiritual because we are physically we're physical and spiritual beings God has given us all of this to us and as we implemented all it brings about a synergy meaning meaning that the the all of the things put together do even more than if you just seemingly add them up together they do something that you can't even comprehend they do something very powerful within the human body so you may think I'll go outside and get some fresh air and maybe I'll try the light therapy and you know you know I'll try this one or that or whatever but you but by implementing all of these things you may find you reap the best benefit and the most likely hood of getting rid of your depression and so we have the opportunity to implement to test some of these things I mean some of the little things some of the funny studies that they've they've tried that actually benefit like they did one study where they had people sniff south from you know saffron is like a super expensive a spice and they had people sniffs south from it but but the thing is they needed to do it would do it under control and so if you could smell it you might be like oh that's natural. But probably most of you don't know us from Saffron smells like anyway but so what they did is they made the scent so low that nobody could smell it and they had a control group and then they had the group and it was like super you know deluded in like some fluid like water or something was very very low you can even tell the difference but they actually noticed that the people who smelled the saffron versus the you know maybe just the water or whatever the solution they put it in that people who sniff the saffron actually made them happier than the ones you did you know and saffron comes from a flower. Maybe we should stop and. Smell the roses right like maybe the simple things that humans have done like God actually made it that we get some kind of joy and maybe it's actually giving some of the blessings that we that we're looking for we don't we think our guy who cares you know but simple things can make a bigger impact in your life than maybe you've ever realized and so we're going to look at something in the next message or just about done I'm going to read to you a quote but in the next message that we look out in the afternoon which is on it's on. How do we say it's on health science happiness and nature things in nature that bring happiness to people things that will blow your mind meaning in the sense that what I should say is they may not blow your mind but do you realize we were told that all of our health institutes were to be in the country right and guess what science is showing the benefits of what happens when people actually do this it actually helps their health beyond what they could ever find in the city and so and also we're going to talk about the mental state we're going to talk about how the country can actually change your theology living in a city or living in a country can change your theology so we're going to get the science of all these things how your life can be changed by the stuff that we just think once again I can pick and choose but what could it do to your children how much more likely could it be that they would be in the kingdom as a result we're going to get some powerful stuff that you may never have thought about and could bring a happiness to your life that maybe you've never fully experienced so we'll share that the next message but I want to share with you something in closing in this message. Did Jesus ever have depression. Jesus was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief that's from a biblical standpoint but I want to read you a quotation here noticed this this is from the same author we've been reading from over and over here turning away here Jesus is getting to go we're getting ready to go to the cross he's going through the guest so many experience and what does it say turning away Jesus saw again his retreat and fell prostrate overcome by the horror of a great darkness. The humanity of the Son of God trembled in that trying hour. He prayed not now for his disciples that their faith may not fail. But for his own tempted agonizing agonize soul the awful moment it come. That moment which was to decide the destiny of the world the fate of humanity trembled in the balance Christ might even now refuse to drink the cup a pointed to guilty man it was not yet too late he might wipe the bloody sweat from his brow and leave men to perish in his iniquity he might say let the transgressor receive the penalty of his sin and I will go back to my father will the Son of God drink the bitter cup of humiliation and agony will the innocent suffer the consequences of the curse of sin to save the guilty. The words fall tremblingly from the pale lips of Jesus oh my father. If this cup may not pass away from me except I drink it that I will be done Angels' be hilled the Saviour's agony they saw their Lord enclosed by legions of say Tanach forces his nature way down with the shuddering mysterious dread there was no science there was silence in heaven no harp was stopped just couldn't mortals have viewed the amazement of the end Jellicoe host. As in silent grief they watched the father separating his beams of light love and glory from his beloved son they would better understand how offensive in his sight is sin. The world's unfallen and the heavenly angels had watched with intense interest as the conflict Drew to its close she goes on to say Christ agony did not cease but his depression and discouragement while left him to Jesus go through just depression he went through depression unlike anything we can even imagine. But he went forward the storm had in no wise abated but he. Who was its object was strengthened to meet its fury and he came forth coma and serene and heavenly peace rest upon his blood stained face he had borne that which no human being could ever bear for he had tasted the sufferings of death for every man. You know I was thinking about this what Jesus went through did Jesus know what it's like to feel lost. Jesus how do we know from the Bible that he knew it was like to be lost or feel like it was what it was like to be lost he cried out. My God my God why have you for saken me now if you fell for a say can of God Would you feel lost. Was Jesus lost but he felt like he was lost your feeling. Is no standard of truth. If you understand you could feel absolutely lost and still being in a saving relationship with Jesus. Though God wants to bring us forth from depression I know what it's like for struggling with ten years but I tell you I am so glad that I went through that experience because number one I never would have been willing to live the lifestyle I now live. I was so rebellious I was doing ministry and I was even in a plant based diet but but I wouldn't want to change my life to live the lifestyle that I now live because I would just say no I don't want to do that but as I did it gave me victory it gave me victory over depression it gave me victory over temptation that I struggled with in so many ways but if I had not gone through those ten years of sorrow and depression and struggling. I wouldn't have the experience that I now have. And I don't believe just because I was in the midst of the depression feeling absolutely lost feeling like every morning as I said in the first message I wake up every morning the very first on my mind was just take a deep dark a guilt for sin and then trying to make it right constantly over and over and over and over and over was suffering with the guilt and depression I was seeking the Lord I was asking for forgiveness I was trying to make the sins of my past right and yet still felt guilty but even in the very I remember the very darkest day of it all strangely enough I was in California the bright sunny weather at that point. In the bright sunny weather I'm doing ministry doing the work for Gone at the very darkest point of it all the thought came to my mind what if you have to live with this for the rest of your life. And you know what. The very next thought came to my mind was. Where would I go he has the words of life he has the answer. Or even if I have to live with this for the rest of my life I accept it I'll just go forward I'll just go for it because what if there is no I know there's not that Jesus is really the only true option and so I went forward anyway and then as I shared in the last message I saw that lesson quotation from the Spirit of Prophecy that showed me that there was an answer I tested it I tried it and it changed my life in two weeks though I have struggled with the years of depression two weeks it began to go away and as one of the greatest experiences of my life I mean to to be able to have a clear mind where it's not constantly going to sin and temptation and anger and depression and and all of these things but I wouldn't have tried it. I would've tried it if I would have gone through the Saros and elementals that beautiful story maybe you've heard about the the bird in the cage Have you heard that one she talks about this bird I don't like a canary or something and in this bird is in a cage and it is long as you leave a like a cover off the cage you know I can learn a little little song here a little you know tweet or a lot in the spring not a word but you know Twitter There you go Twitter there you know and so the bird if you can learn a few songs but when you cover that cage right she tells a story you cover that cage in the darkness as you whistle to that bird and you create a tune in the darkness that bird can sing a song that it never could have learned while in the light but then once you remove remove the blanket from that cage it can sing that song ever in the life it. Is not good news and the reality is is. When you follow God's principles when you see him you may still at times struggle with depression. By and large it will make things better it gets rid of most of your inflammation and can help your joints and can help out with reversing gall stones and all of these different things just God's principles but even if you like Jesus suffered with depression at a time. Your depression is no standard of whether you are saved or lost. God can give us what we're told Ellen White tells us many people think of the one quotation where own Wise says you know no sanctified tongue will be found saying I am saved so that many people come to the conclusion you can never know that you're in a saving relationship with Christ that's because they only read that quote and they don't read all the other quotes where she sent says things like you can know today if you are in a saving relationship with God going to heaven or not you could know she says you can know that by the evidence of God's word she tells us very clearly we can have an experience where we know God with all of our heart but here's the thing even in the midst even if you're at a point where you're depressed and you don't feel that and you're trying to make your heart right with God but you feel that you're you're not you're feeling is not a standard Now we should make our hearts right with God no question we need to that's a necessity giving our license to God asking for forgiveness of sins we may need to make sins right and all of these things but but the reality is we do not we do not make our feelings a standard. For salvation because feelings are changeable and the devil himself may be able to put certain feelings upon you right but that does not give the standard so friends I would challenge you God gave us all of these things these are just some of them there's more that we could go into but these are these are what we have time for today but God will be with you God loves you I mean the Bible says that God has loved you with an ever lasting love therefore the loving kindness has each drawn you in Jeremiah Wright he's loved you with an everlasting love he cares for you he wants you to be saved when the devil consumes says no you're too great of a sinner listen Jesus is too great of a savior. He can help you overcome anything and you can trust but even when you can't feel it I know from personal experience even when you when you can't feel that love just go for Jesus went forward even when he couldn't feel that there was I mean we're told Jesus could not see through the portals of the tomb. I mean he couldn't see that he would ever have eternal life and even in the midst of your darkness if you have the same experience you don't don't give up Jesus still love you even if you at the moment don't feel it he loves you. Go forward. Go for. Friends I want to see each and every one of you in the kingdom. And I want you to be the happiest people in the world also I would love that that we could become happier and happier because we become more in line with God's Word we find the blessings of all he wants to be still upon us I'll leave the you know seven ten or eight whatever things we have just just there but we're going to close some to say what's on. Yeah I was think it think about think about what is prophecy say at the end of time with three minutes two minutes prophecy says at the end of time now what are we going to go through the time of trouble and part of the time of trouble is this sense of almost a sense of lost ness if you can say that right the friends you may go through trials now but don't give up now just continue to go forth we should be making our hearts right with God absolutely but even in the midst of the darkness that doesn't mean that you you just accept all it's dark and I'm not going to do anything to try to fix it do everything you can try to make your heart right with the Lord but even even if you've done that if you sought to do that and you still feel terrible in the end of time there's going to be an experience similar to that. And so some of us who've gone through this already it's part of that preparation probably right and the reality is at the end of time most of us will probably go through something similar to that so find strings from Jesus go forward do not give up our next messages just as a review before we pray the next one is on the science of nature and making us happier and healthier powerful stuff we're going to be doing a whole series on that this is a preliminary one message on that meaning my wife and I are you know going to be producing a series on on Science and Nature and health and happiness and how your life can be changed by and then we're also going to talk about in the last message we're going to talk about part of the brain connection one of most powerful things that most of you have never seen That's the fifth message on how what's it called it's called The last one is a vision basically of what could be. A vision of what could be a vision of what could be something along those lines and in that message we're going to talk about something with a governing connection on how we were changing the world we were doing something to change the world and it was literally it was doing some of the most amazing things in a God cut off like in the eighty's or ninety's and we're going to see what could happen how it could change your life and how it was chain. Prisons prisons as a result of it one of those powerful things you've ever heard we're going to see in the last message so and we're going to talk about the reversing of disease and how God showed us how to do this because many of us are going to does it die of diseases that we don't have to die from and when God told us what over a hundred years ago exactly what to do so that we could just never have these happenings happen and that's that will be our not the next message but the one after that so before we close let us by our heads for a word of prayer. Heavenly Father. I thank You that are perfect example Jesus knows what it's like to go to depression he knew what it was like to feel absolutely lost. But father I prayed like him as he went forward with no hope of eternal life he went forward faithfully with no hope of eternal life Father I pray that we would have the same mindset that even would be if we felt like you know what I could be lost that we would follow you anywhere. That we would walk forward in the darkness and that we would learn a song that we can ever sing in the light. I think you that you love each and one of these people here so much that even someone who's struggling with depression right now that though they may feel weak though they may feel like giving up someone may even feel like committing suicide may you right now fill their heart with a sense that you love. Not because they feel it. But because they know you promised that you loved even them with an ever lasting laugh Father I pray that you would draw each one of us nearer to you. In the name of Jesus. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C A supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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