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3. Nature, Health, Country Living and the Cutting Edge

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer



  • December 28, 2017
    2:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot. Org. All right good afternoon thanks for joining us I hope you had a good lunch Did anyone get outside. Yes Good good for those that did. I actually did not get to go outside one told everybody to do that in the previous. Seminar So shame on me. But Chad did and he actually went running up and down the stairs so that's great for him. Anyway so we're going to be talking about nature and health and some science behind it and what a blessing we have been given in country living so. Oh yeah for those of you that don't know if this is your first time in our session My name is Fabio cruiser and this is Chad Cruz's sitting in the corner over here and we are a husband and wife team. We've been traveling around together for about sixteen years and. Yeah it's crazy to say that. And we travel around full time full time on the road in our minivan and we just kind of are at the mercy of peace people's friendliness right whoever puts us up wherever we're at but. What do we do why do we do that we are what you call anchor point films on how many of you have heard of Anchor Point films maybe you've more heard of the products than the film production company itself if any of you have seen scripture mysteries documentary series like them one on Daniel two Daniel nine theocracy all of these we're the ones this husband and wife team are the ones that put these. Documentaries together so that's partly why we're on the road full time between documentary work and speaking engagements this is like go go go all the time and with the speaking agents we do things on the gut brain connection overcoming habits addictions lack of forgiveness. We do prophecy series different things like that and the Lord has really blessed us. With the wonderful ministry you were so happy to be doing it. Just miracles miracles that we get to do or get to see I should say. The Lord does through us we were just in Maine in the fall in we did a prophecy meeting for the month before we did the prophecy meaning we decided the first weekend to do a health. Series and it was a gut brain connection and the Lord really blessed we had a Pentecostal pastor and his wife come and they liked it so much and they said we've never seen a health brought up from the Bible like this and they said you know we Pentecostals we know how to eat and and then they said and we're all sick you know and so they said can you come to our church and do this at our church and sure enough we did he got he got another Pentecostal pastor to open up his doors and we came and did the meeting there it was such a blessing and we had some of them come to our prophecy meetings because of it and they want us to come back up there sometime you know if if the church has come back up which they do they'll have a scum speak there as well but you know it's interesting in short order the husband and wife saw physical spiritual mental changes in their own lives in that short amount of time that they implemented these things and they were testifying we were at their church and they're in there raising their hand they're like I've been doing this my knee pain went away the doctor says I don't even have to have surgery anymore I had I had depression and it's lifted I my blood sugars I was a diabetic and I'm down so low now it's incredible I mean we're like Chaz and we couldn't pay them enough to say this stuff you know it was like a miracle before our eyes and. Then the lady was talking to a friend from another place and she says oh if you're sick you go find a local Avernus church and they'll heal you. I was like Wow And that's what the Lord wants Amen that's what the Lord wants is that we were a light to shine that makes people happy healthy and open to his word and that's what we're here to do we're not here to. Punish anybody hurt anybody cause them to feel you know negative in you understand has been talking about over and over the Lord wants us to be happy and happy is what draws people to his word and that doesn't mean. Happy where you're just always laughing and some of the we're not talking about that is just this content joy right. Paul had it right he says what ever condition I'm in I'm content that's what God wants for us so with that said I guess that was a long introduction but I just want to let you know the things that the Lord has been doing in our lives and it's been a real blessing so let's have a word of prayer together before we begin Father in heaven I just thank you so much for your wonderful ways your methods that heal and bring joy and happiness to our lives and Lord we take no. Self-glorification or anything in these things Lord we know that all things come of you and we have nothing of ourselves and so we thank you for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful work on this planet that you have sacrificed so much for and Lord we ask for your presence now to teach us to guide us to help us to live more full and abundant life we ask these things in the precious name of Jesus Amen. So as you can see Sorry I'm used to stepping away so this is the awkward. As you can see this is this is about nature health and Country Living OK and how science is backing up these things that we've been told for many years so what we're going to show you a few things beef between rural living and urban living says ninety five and ninety seven percent of the United States land is rural That's a lot of rural land isn't it we're blessed human not every country that has that. Nineteen point three percent of Americans live in rural areas that's a small percentage isn't it yes. Eighty point seven percent live in urban areas that's huge Do you know those numbers were flipped during the Great Depression during the Depression eighty percent lived in rural areas and twenty in the cities that's the only way they made it through was because. They could live off the land themselves and they didn't depend on the breadlines they called them we watched as one documentary An old man said. He was living in the country and he said during the Depression or he said before the Depression we worked hard we struggled. During the Depression we worked hard we struggled and after the Depression we work hard we struggled but we never went without a meal. He said but in the city then another guy comes and he tells a story when he was a child and he could see his neighbors their furniture is put outside the snow is falling this is in Ohio and he's like Mom and Dad what's going to happen to them they're like I don't know they're just sitting outside on top of their furniture while the snow is coming down on them and the kid just start the old man now he said I just started to cry and he starts crying even then and he says people in bread lines things are tough and he said I don't know what's going to happen if something like that hits again because now the numbers are flipped majority of the people live in the city and if you live in the country that was very sobering You know I grew up in the city I grew up in Chicago in the city not like a suburb of Chicago in the city and praise God I don't live in the city anymore and maybe I'll share more with you as we go along it says the majority of Americans live on three percent of the land so we're not really out there as much as we could be right that means there's a lot of land out there that we could live on right that we could utilize it. And it's a beautiful thing that God has given us the outdoors right it says here in Psalms one o one I mean one twenty one verse one in two I will lift up my knives and to the hills from whence cometh my help my help comes from the Lord which made heaven and earth there's something about when you look out into the hills in the mountains that kind of puts you in your place right whenever I'm out in the mountains I start to realize how small I am and yet how much God cares about me right it's so easy to get lost out there and and wonder you know where you know where we are in the vast universe and things like that it's just like wow you really feel your smallness but yet you look up and you see God in that a beautiful picture oh I guess it doesn't look as nice up there sorry. But yes we can lift up our eyes into the hills and that's where our help comes from. There's a study no I won't get to the study it sorry First I'll show you the Bible. If we look through the Bible we will see that people who spent time in nature. Well I'll just read about but with just a moment people who spent time in nature made big differences in our world right now the first one yeah they made a big difference but maybe that's not an example of what I just said but Adam and Eve everything began in the garden right that's where they were put and that's where the most enjoyment was Chad said in the first session that the Garden of Eden Eden means pleasure So God put them in the garden of pleasure and he gave them food that made them have pleasure right that makes you the happiest and so that's Adam and Eve Moses spent time in the country right he had to be deprogrammed of Egypt so he spent forty years out in the country with the sheep learning how to herd the sheep if you've ever watched some sheep man they are some crazy animals. They are very strange and it's so funny that God says that we're like sheep you know if you ever see one time or a sheep you're just like oh man that's a humbling to think that God saying I'm like that thing because we were. We were visiting some family that have some sheep and goats and. They actually are very mean to each other sometimes it's incredible there is a newborn and the mom was a new mom and she didn't know how to treat her baby she rejected it and so the others were just throwing it around and the owner wasn't around so he couldn't tell them and we were city folks and were ignorant and we didn't know what to do and I try getting a hold my mom who was brought up in the country and I couldn't get a hold of her I tried getting hold of all kinds of people I should have Googled it earlier right. We were supposed to separate the mom and the baby from the rest of them so that. Any way the baby came as a surprise and they are rejecting an AS Her sitting there viewing this and we see this innocent sheep What do you think our minds went to Jesus he came unto his own and His own received Him not in tears just started coming down our eyes were just like wow look at this she piece so innocent hell good and he just went to anybody looking for love and acceptance and his mommy right and he'd go to the big sheep in with his his horns he'd shove him across the thing and oh what's wrong with these guys are animals yes they are animals but you understand we were just but what do we do how do we do this and then I even came in there trying to protect him and he went between my legs and then he just lays head on on my foot and all it was so cute but immediately my mind went to spiritual things and he went to Jesus and that's what nature's supposed to do for us right. It's supposed to make us think of the spiritual things in bring us closer to God So Moses spent that time imagine these sheep in there hard to herd that gave him a way to learn how to deal with the children of Israel who were very hard to herd right and it gave me a lot of life lessons that I'm sure he appreciated while he was going through the desert with the children of Israel how about King David right King David spent a lot of time in the country with animals and working hard and so he learned the lessons of what it means to. Work hard and be a leader in Be courageous when things come at you you know he killed a bear in a lion and he was he was a strong man so that's another person that spent time in nature how about John the Baptist right he spent a lot of time out in nature and he even had people come out into nature to listen to him isn't that powerful because what are some of the excuses we give about. About not going to the country who's going to finish the work in the cities if we're all living in the country who's going to finish the work in the cities Well John the Baptist had people coming out to him to hear him that's how powerful was but it's because he had the Spirit of God He spent time out there that refresh him and the spirit was just in him that his words could make ten times the difference because of that who also is like that. You not spent time out walking with God right he spent time with God and communing with him and because of that he finally was translated right and so you see these examples but who all spent time in nature you got it Jesus and he's our example right he spent time in the quiet praying to his father and asking for strength especially when he had something important to do the next day right he spent time in prayer and in nature with the father and if we are sinful and in need of a savior do we need to do what he did you better believe it so these are some people and I'm sure we can think of more that spent time out in nature and who made big differences in our world. Do your duty are on to me six twenty four says and Chad quoted this before but it's a good one to remember and the Lord commanded us to do all these statutes to fear the Lord our God for what are a good all ways that he might preserve us alive as we are this day and so there's blessings there's a long devotee there's happiness in following God's methods. So now let's look at some science there's a study done about nature in memory OK spending time in nature and here it is it's it was in the University of Michigan and they gave people a memory test and they divided them into two groups one group went for a walk in an arboretum So it's more of a natural setting and the second the other group went for a walk in a city street and they repeated a memory test and those who walked in nature did twenty percent better than they did on the first test that was in the city isn't that interesting so if you are a student and you want to do good on your tests you want to get twenty percent better on your test right you should go out in nature right there's just something about it we may not know all the science behind it but we know that it it makes a difference that if you spend time out in nature just going out for a walk in the city does not have the same effect as when you take time away in nature counsels on health page fifty two says this When the weather will permit those who are engaged in said sedentary occupations should if possible walk out in the open air every day summer and winter. The clothing should be suitable and the feet well protected walking is often more beneficial to health than all the medicine that can be prescribed for those who can endure it walking is pervs prefer bull to riding for it brings all the muscles into exercise the lungs also are forced into a healthy action since it is impossible to walk in the bracing air of a winter morning without inflating them so just like opens up your your lungs and you just breathe it in because that fresh winter air it's so invigorating we were just in Michigan visiting family and we told some of you before that we went out every day that we could didn't matter what the weather was if it was snowing whatever we just bundle up like she said get a get well you know suited up right and just get out in it and you feel like a champ afterwards I kid you not you feel like a champ because you've exercised you've got the good fresh air and you also overcame your laziness right don't we always feel good when we overcome like just I don't feel like going I don't feel like going but you always feel so good about it when you made the right choice so. In like we're seeing now studies show that it's better to go out for a walk and. Walking after a meal is important and I'm feeling it right now because I don't feel as like top notch right now because I didn't go walking after my meal he did though so we'll see how he does but. Anyway walking after a meal is so important Dr West Young Burke he's he's from Fallbrook California and this is what he says in his book Good bye diabetes he says for every one minute of light to moderate exercise someone can lower their blood sugar by one to three points after a meal so let's say after a meal you go walking for ten minutes you potentially can drop your blood sugar by anywhere from ten to thirty points is not powerful so you're not actually it's not vigorous exercise is just going out for a walk getting your digestion going and it actually lowers which if you do it after a meal you can't wait an hour after a meal because then you're blushing has already gone up in it has its effect so it has to be after a meal so you can lower your blood sugar and then. You see the benefits so what is councils on health say it says exercise will aid the work of digestion to walk out after a meal hold the head erect put back the shoulders and exercise moderately will be a great benefit the mind will be diverted from self to the beauties of nature the less the attention is called to the stomach after a meal the better if you are in constant fear of your food that your food will hurt you most assuredly will forget self and think of something cheerful not nice sometimes you may be worried too much about what goes in the stomach right we can you know like she says if you think something will make you sick it will make you sick you know so it's better to just get out walk and don't think about those things how about nature and relieving stress this is interesting. Students who are sent into a forest for two nights and they discovered that students who spent time in nature had lower levels of cortisol than students in the city and cortisol the stress hormone OK that. You release when you have so much stress it's a it's a hormone that is released another study showed students in nature had lower levels of cortisol and heart rate so their heart rate even came down as they spent time in nature. And. Nature lowering inflammation twenty four elderly people with hypertension were put into two groups one group went on a seven day seven night trip into an evergreen forest and the other group on a seven day seven night City trip OK and those who went to the city had little health effects but this is really interesting those who went forest bathing they call it lowered their blood pressure lowered their levels of inflammation increase their vigor Isn't that neat just a a walk in nature did all that for them and. So that's the lowering information the other one was lowering your stress levels because when you're stressed the cord is also released so being out in nature that that gets lowered but what about cancer can nature help cancer ha let's find out there are twelve males from large corporations in Japan and they were taken on a three day to night trip into the forest they spent time walking in the forest. Eleven out of the twelve had nearly fifty percent higher levels of natural killer cell activity. Natural killer cells are the cells that help kill cancer cells OK so they had a higher look fifty percent higher levels because they went out and walked in nature. What they call force bathing they also saw an increase in natural killer cells so not only this the natural seler Celt. Killer cell activity but also the production of them so that to be through the body in the production of natural killer cells. Yes. The change began within one day just one day and. One moment sorry eleven of the twelve men took the same length trip into the city and walked the same amount it was two point five kilometers so they did the same thing but they went into the city now and they saw no benefit to the natural killer cell activity in the city trip. And this is so neat and the forest bathing the benefit to it lasted for a month so that little time that they spent in the forest the effects of the natural killer cells lasted for a month isn't that powerful in they share that if it may be beneficial to take a monthly trip to the forests enhanced immune function isn't that powerful so if you want to if you can't live in the country then at least go out and campaign it once in a while right at least once a month is what they're telling us. Look at this here in my life today page one thirty five it says Nature is God's physician the pure air the glad sunshine the beautiful flowers and trees the orchid orchards and vineyards and outdoor exercise amid these surroundings our health giving the licks are of life is not powerful and we're seeing that in science today that being out in nature is what really brings health in rejuvenation to us all nature anxiety in depression a study was conducted to see if time in nature would benefit major depressive disorder twelve individuals had major depressive disorder and at the onset were tested in regard to their short term memory. They then were asked to think back on a problematic unresolved issue in their life what happened. Then they went on two separate occasions one week apart on a fifteen minute walk in nature and then one in the city the result the participants had a substantial increase in memory span after the nature walk compared to the city walk so that's huge right a substantial increase in memory span so it's going to enhance your memory again this goes back to the students if you want to have a good memory if you want to be sharp in school you need to spend time in the country you need of spend time in nature mood scores were also better after the nature walk so that also helps with having you in a peaceful mindset so that you're not nervous or or stressed out for tests for school for whatever it is or even for work says you're nothing so tends to restore health and happiness as living amid attractive country surroundings isn't that neat nothing so tends to restore health and happiness as living amid attractive country surroundings and not Chad's going to come up now and tell us about nature in theology. Now that's a beautiful Bonhomme that living out in nature being out there actually enhances our happiness once again all the things that God commanded us Deuteronomy Chapter six twenty four says that his commandments are for our good always right meaning he didn't tell you this to try to keep you away from living near target right you know people over there oh man if a you know I'll be too far from Walmart or whatever and he actually made these things to enhance your happiness not to detract from it and so as we look at this it's exciting to think that God gave us this information we've been looking at scientific study after scientific study yet God blessed us with this information over one hundred years ago telling us exactly what would come to pass in if we would have just done the studies ourselves we would have proved all these things with somebody you know all these other people have done this for us which is very powerful so think about this couldn't nature living out in the country actually affect your theology that's an interesting thought isn't it most people maybe would have never thought they are who cares you live in a country in the city check this up so this was something you may have heard of Barna this group that does these studies of questioning people what they did is participants were asked several different questions in a poll they said this is the quote one of the questions if your beliefs offend someone or hurt their feelings your beliefs are wrong would you agree with that if what you believe makes somebody else feel bad would you just say well then what I believe must then be incorrect because it makes someone feel bad well they didn't ask you right now as these people are so let's let's find. Those who reside in the city where six times more likely to agree with that statement do you understand how that affects your theology could that be that many young people who live in the city they can actually hold to a belief about what's going to happen in the end times because what they believe might be offensive to somebody else does that make sense so could it be this city living versus country living and I'm not I'm not condemning anybody I mean anybody can choose to do what they do I'm not putting anybody out we're just looking at the science behind these things but could it be that if you wanted your children to have the the best fighting chance to fight the good fight of faith you would want them in the best surroundings to make those decisions that's something to think about right now something to think about not the reason I asked before we started how many of you were here for the last message I'm going to show the same video clip it's a clip from an hour and a half documentary that we produce called ancient health we go an archaeologist historians this documentary is a mixture of archaeology history and cultures of longevity and the principles of living long and one of the points obviously is the negative ions in the area to show you the video clip again here I'll let you see it. Let's talk a little bit about air air being one of you know the acronym a new star is for air and of course for speaking about good fresh air what's surprising to many people in the urban environments in which the majority of the world's population lives is that many of us are deprived of this very important commodity there is actually good air and bad or we know that foul air in the cities will for example double heart attack rate which is a big problem if you go into a congested city environment you actually don't you kind of you know I'm down your little gloomy errors this is not as fresh as compared to going along a mountain stream with this or this this there's a river that's cascading down the mountains and the birds are singing the sense that you have there and why is that in these environments there are negatively charged here why. We go out of the trails just breathe in just good air good quality air the air around the waterfall Lakes ocean pine trees cedar trees mountains that niggly charred air is good for you it's actually positive for you Have you ever noticed how good you feel after a thunderstorm or after being by the oceans thirty the reason again is that these environments create and have the highest concentration of negative ions available these negatively charged. Well I'll just turn it off so what they say is that negative ions that are found in nature among the pine trees the cedar trees the waterfalls the oceans serve that these negative ions these negatively charged air that's in fresh air but by the way when we sit in a room like this for a long time we're creating positively charged air and that's why you're feeling more crummy than you did when you first came in. You know we have the good thing is we have ventilation and so in places like this but in general the that's what happens that's why it's good to have fresh air even at night having a window cracked even when you're in a cold we're just in Michigan you know a guy like ninety degrees or whatever and we'd still crack the window at night just to get that negatively charged air it's actually beneficial for your health plus you may be getting rained on to your floor and so it's just beneficial to diminish any negative air that's in a room so fresh air is very good and when we think about this you you may think like well maybe God could have just told us this. Well guess what we did was on our last presentation L.-Y. told us that it she said that the fresh air electrifies the system she said exactly what we now see today we were told us over one hundred years ago now this is interesting so looking at even just pictures of nature they were trying to figure out because you know you can't give an M.R.I. to someone when they're like you know out in nature because you're in a machine right so the closest they can do is either have to have you look at nature in some way and so then you show them pictures and so what do we find when the volunteers were looking at urban scenes the city their brains showed more blood flow in the A MacDill And that's what part of the brain that's the fear center of the brain which processes fear and anxiety in contrast the natural scenes lit up the interior singular in the insulin does that kind of love portion of the brain areas associated with empathy and all truism maybe nature makes us nicer as well as Colmar and I need a nature actually make shoe kinder more loving I mean that's a good thing to know right so we see this is very very interesting so you could actually benefit the happiness of yourself and happiness if you end up having children if you don't have them already you could benefit that by having them in lovely surroundings very powerful so can we improve our brain are there things in brain that can enhance our either happiness or or you know just enhanced our brain by being in nature imagine a therapy that had no side effects was readily available in it could improve your cognition functioning as zero cost the researchers wrote in their paper it exists in the and they continued and it's called Interacting with nature that powerful that like you can improve your cognition you can make yourself happier and it's absolutely free just by spending time and listen my wife and I we both grew up and sit. Right you know we lived in the city and so that's that's our background when I was some you know like country folk lived out there our whole lives not all we've you know we come from the city yet there's something special about it doesn't mean you can't be a Christian in the city you absolutely can and if we live in the city we should use the a best of our ability to be witnesses for Christ but there are there's an experience anybody who's maybe experience experience time in the country there's just an experience that you can have there that is that is not possible directly right downtown somewhere I mean just something even very simple I think about I went we were camping out at the in the mountain and right outside of Portland. Mountain HOOD Yeah we were up we are back there are now back we were camping at Mt Hood I was with a group of people and then everybody laughed and I chose to stay for I don't know a night or two by myself and while I went up into the you know woods there and I was walking around and you know one of the things I found is because we've lived in the Black Hills of South Dakota so one of the things I find US Did you remember the story of in the Bible you know Abraham you know he was out in the country but then lot when he was called to go out from Saddam do you remember what he said God said flee to the moment you know and you know at last said he said no no no a wild animal will attack me and I mean do you mean it actually he actually said to go read it he says no no no I can't go into the nature of the divine animal get me right I magine God like hey you should go spend time in nature and then all the sudden you're mauled by a bear right mean is that what God was going to do thought nobody was afraid I had the same thing like every time if I've been in the city for quite a while and I go to visit the Black Hills of South Dakota and I'm walking around I know there's a mountain lions out there and I'm walking on and every noise that I hear I'm like I'm looking you know but then after like two or three days I'm totally comfortable totally comfortable like it's like being at home right but we have that if we're not used to it it takes time to actually get used to it and that's why a lot was so terrified of it but you get a first that may be scary to you but in time to be such a blessing such a blessing to you and so you know thinking about this that we can spend that time we can be changed by being in this nature Now this is interesting who is happier city folk a country folk. It's a good question right you know you might think well you know people are richer in the city that's clear you know that a lot you know generally people make more money they're better jobs in the sea so obviously that would be the best way to find happiness right. That's fine and so the general the general social survey that has been conducted since one thousand nine hundred two to two thousand and twelve reveals that those who live in large American cities are statistically the least happy people in America that's interesting while it also reveals that those who live in small towns or rural areas are the happiest people in America statistically that is right obviously there's happy people in the city and you know unhappy people in the country but statistically if you're looking at it from a just a group perspective you find that people are happier that live in the country and remember we're told that God wants us true I thought we should have called it maybe isn't one of the messages but one of my favorite quotations Viola is that she says basically one of the reasons so God gave us the health message he gave us the health message to make us stronger mentally physically spiritually but then she tells us that following these principles will give us happiness meaning one of the reasons God gave us the health message was to make us happy right back meaning all God's commandments are for our good right I mean that's you know so let's look at this this isn't the actual chart now if you look at people who live in areas that have six hundred thousand to eight million people they are significantly more unhappy than everybody else so people coming from Chicago people coming from L.A. people coming from New York and this isn't putting anybody down is just just statistically that is the case if you're looking for happiness you don't want to live in those places but listen somebody has got to go witness we need we need to people to go into ministry in these places absolutely but if we're just looking at just a place to live happiness is best known elsewhere you know you you know then you're at towns that are one ninety to six hundred twenty two thousand they are you know more than twice as happy as those living in the major cities but then it continues to go up to you get to places that either have zero people or two thousand people you know I don't know how happy zero people can be but our. Misleading people who live in areas or very few in full become significantly happier than those who live in the major cities now this is a review of what we talked about the got brain connection we talked about this the surprising link between good germs and toddler stand germs and we discovered that children toddlers who have a greater diversity of gut bacteria are statistically happier more social and more outgoing children who have less diversity of gut bacteria are more antisocial more crabby and are just just have emotional problems with less diversity of got bacteria so we asked So how can you get greater diversity of God bacteria we looked at this from the this next thing from the Physicians Committee Committee for Responsible Medicine headed out by doc Dr Neal Barnard who's worked with the United States government he they have this article on their website diets lead to healthier intestinal bacteria because each fruit or vegetable that you eat has its own composition of bacteria with microbes on it and so as you eat a diversity of them you get a higher diversity of bacteria in your gut and it makes you happier and have less inflammation Now this is interesting so greater diversity of bacteria in your gut statistically makes you a happier healthier person and more outgoing and more social by the way which is wonderful which is one of the reasons God gave us the health message right and so this is interesting study has been done looking at bacteria unlike countertops in the city or in the country. That's kind of interesting So which one has more bacteria Well there's that good or bad will scientists look at the microbes in a city apartment and compared them to a country farm which had more bacteria neither they were similar they had similar number of bacteria and you said how does this fit with what you're talking about they had the similar number of bacteria in both of them. But one of them the farmhouse had greater diversity of bacteria now isn't that interesting that you can get a greater diversity by being in a country setting this is very interesting we're talking about the microbes we talk to in length about that in our first message so for those of you who aren't there you know you can just listen to it online but very interesting a diversity of got bacteria gives you lower levels of inflammation and higher levels of happiness and social skill I talked about how it totally changed my life I use I didn't mention this when I was talking about depression I went to depression for ten years and as I found these principles that we shared with you earlier about the governing connection it totally changed my life that I was doing ministry I was traveling around full time I was reading my Bible every day exercising eating a plant based diet doing all these things trying to make my heart right with the Lord still depressed but after I implemented the principles that we shared in the gut brain seminar one of the things that happen to us I use I've always had to be social because I've been in ministry but it used to make me so tired it just used to stress me out you know spend all this time with people but now it's totally not that way I can spend time with people all day and it's not a burden to me because this is change my life these principles are meant to enhance our app Enos and to make us a better benefit to those around us because is it very easy to you know constantly work with people when it wears you out all the time no but the closer we get to God's wonderful principles and makes it easier on us and a greater blessing to other people at the same time so this is interesting right now they're finding a young educated people are moving into farming this is interesting for the second time in the last hundred years more young people are getting into farming sixty nine percent of new farmers are college educated people isn't that interesting why would you want to go to college and then start a farm. Maybe you know it's so fasteners my parents in their generation my peers they're not Adventists you know none of my family's Adventists and I love them and just spent time with them before coming here had a fantastic time with them but you know Mike Mike Mike Mike my parents you know like my dad loves Michigan he's a super sports fan I never really cared for sports but my dad just loves sports and he loves the University of Michigan you know your football team or my nephews on their baseball team and and so he just loves sports and he loves the University of Michigan and they talk about Michigan State University and they say all that's an old farm school like they used to look down on that it used to be that you know my parents' generation looked down on like country living in farming but right now it's like cutting edge and cool right have you seen the video of the guy this guy was an N.F.L. player must've made all kinds of money he gave it up and you know he did it he moved into the country and he started a farm he's this brother probably from the hood and here he is moves to a farm he's driving a tractor and he's like This is the greatest experience of my life he said this is the most fulfilling thing I've ever done and they're like well how did you learn to do it and he said. You Tube you know. And this is the reality man like everything's there you don't need to go to school to do it you can just do it specially you know if you've got a few million dollars in your back pocket like he did you go buy a big farm start one but not all of us can start that big but but small things an interesting thing is country land is actually generally cheaper it's cheaper to build in the country very interesting me so but look at this so sixty nine percent of these young farmers are college educated so God has given us this message of country living that there's benefits to us psychological benefits physical benefits cancer fighting benefits Depression fighting benefits all of these things and here's the thing you know we have we were given this strange message that our hospitals are sanitariums our health centers should be based where in a country just like well who cares right now let's find out so Dr Roger all rich did a study he just noticed through his own observation as a medical professional to after surgeries that his patients that had a view outside of their window because some of the patients had a view outside of their window of a brick wall but other patients had a view out of their window of deciduous trees and when he started to notice and then he just noticed that by observation then he went on to actually do a study on it as he did a study and you know what he discovered he discovered that those who had the tree view that they were looking outside and looked at nature that they had lower levels of depression after their surgery number two they needed less amount of pain medication they needed a fourth less one quarter of what the other patients would need for pain medication that they would ask for one quarter for those who would be able to look outside at trees and they also found that that these people after surgeries that they would get out of the hospital about an entire day early How much does it cost to stay overnight at a hospital if I like ten grand So does that make a difference if you get out an extra day early this is significant so now could it be that having health centers in the country could actually benefit the health of those people who are coming to our institutions you see we were given these things not to be strange and straight laced and and you know awkward we were doing this because we were meant to be the most cutting edge people on the planet U.C. We were told all this long before these things came to pass notice what we read here the IT vantage of outdoor life must never be lost sight of this is councils on health page two thirty one out of the cities out of the cities this has been my message for years we cannot expect the sick to recover rapidly when they are shut. In within four walls in some city with no outside view but houses houses houses nothing to animate nothing to enliven and yet how slow some are to realize that the crowded cities are not favorable places for sanitary more. Doesn't sound like a cutting edge scientific study to you. It wasn't it was old it was a little old lady with a third grade education how did she get all of these studies that were talking about there were no studies done yet she said that God had given her this message and every single thing she has said has turned out to be true and anything that hasn't been studied studies are coming out week after week as I studied out the study of the gut brain connection i Phone study after study after study and as they come out every single one is just buttressing just lifting up the message that we have been given God gave this message that we would be a light to the world and in many times what's happened is we wait to follow these messages until the world does them. That's when we end up doing it and they were like oh it's not cool you know you know that people are now it's like hip now you know it's hip to do these things but we were given this message long before it was hip you know before it was cool it was trendy for these college students did to become farmers right God gave us these things not to be strange but to be a blessing to watch us because he wants what's best for you that's what he told us in Deuteronomy six twenty four that it was for our good always check this out study study at the University of Sussex participants were asked to listen to either natural environments or artificial sounds so they had to listen to you know human made noises or nature sounds the nature the natural environmental sounds included things like wind in the cheeriness and another environmental son was listening to a brook you know a babbling brook you know a little creek flowing by and they did M.R.I. scans they were scanning their brains is this was being done and it's interesting L M I said when you're out in nature after after you eat she says you go off for a walk and then what did she tell us she says Your mind will turn away from an inward focus and you will begin to think outward on the beauties of nature and you will not be thinking about your self right that's what she told us interests and now check this out so M.R.I. scans were done what they discovered was that during the natural sound the brain had an outward. Focus isn't that in who would have guessed that right so that their brains would have an outward focus what ended up happening now as they did that during the artificial sounds the human made sounds of the brain how did in word focus is now a great one no no this is an inward focus similar to what is seen in people with depression anxiety and post-traumatic stress syndrome isn't that interesting when you're constantly thinking about self you're moral you're you're more likely to be depressed but when you have an outward focus and you're thinking of nature you're thinking about other people it actually changes you it changes you those who at the beginning of the study had the highest levels of stress had the most significant drop in their stress levels during the natural sounds right so this is what we find in element tells us that the spending in time and spending time in nature has a significant impact on those Now if listening to the sound of leaves on the trees was beneficial in listening to the sound of nature why didn't God just tell us guess what he did. Ace We sense of restfulness and refreshing comes over them as they listen to them or mooring breezes. The drooping spirits revived the waning strength is recruited recruited unconsciously the mind becomes peaceful the fever whole smore coma and regular didn't we find that it lowered the blood the blood level I mean your heart rate levels did we find out earlier that spending do you realize that every one of these things were already told to us we didn't have to gas we didn't have to wonder the science shows over and over we once again if we would go back to being the people of the book we would know all the things that we've already been given the science shows that these things are true you know we look at this this is from ministry of healing. Remember those who are weary those who are worn because of the city those who had the worst mental experience had the greatest benefit of being out there so you may think I don't need it but if you're struggling with stress anxiety depression we already saw that your natural killer cell activity can increase by fifty percent in just one day of being in the country and it can enhance that natural killer cell the amount of them just by being out there and then the benefit last for a month we can get out there every month we can we can be better able to fight off cancer you know many people say are easy any still got cancer I'm not saying just country living does it but each portion of the puzzle cancer is much more from multifaceted than heart disease or diabetes those things are relatively easy to overcome cancer is more difficult we're going to talk about those in the next all three of those things the next message and how we were given the message on how to not you know not get most of these things or reverse them if you already have them we were told all this beforehand with cutting edge science but what does this say to those who are brain weary and nervous because of continual labor and close confinement a visit to the country where they can live a simple carefree life coming in close contact with the things of nature will be the most helpful so those who are struggling the most get the most what benefit and that's just exactly what we just saw in the study right we knew all this beforehand it says roaming through the fields and the woods picking the flowers where he talked about how a certain smell of a certain plants could actually lower levels of depression a study has been some done on these things right is roaming through the fields in the woods picking the flowers listening to the songs of the birds will do more then far more than any other agency toward their recovery and that powerful it's interesting we could go on and on and on we're going to make a whole series on on scientific studies that back up the message this is one of the messages that will have soon coming out in a whole series but here's the thing when you think about this even things as simple as you know sheet. About the smell of the cedar and the pine and the fur and the first on one side of the fur that there is a health giving activity in these plants and one of them I found one study out specifically on the cypress that smelling Cypress can also increase your natural killer Selleck Tippett So time and time again we're seeing these things just as we are told and so thinking about this and we're going to close with this have you spent any time in nature in the last month and this isn't being judgment on not know like oh you work in person no it's it's not meaning spend that time specially if you have kids how powerful is it to get there and spend some time if you live in the city got to go out spend the weekend spend a Sabbath afternoon right spend some hours out in nature find the benefits that God has for you he wants you to be happy he wants what's best for you we talked about depression already but God wants you to to have joy in peace and yes even in the midst of sorrow we can keep our eyes on Christ and trust Him even if we are depressed I talked about that but mixing the things that God has given us together can enhance our spirituality can enhance our physiology can enhance our mental state actually helping us I mean think about this if you can enhance your memory by twenty five percent in fifteen minutes That's amazing isn't it twenty percent in fifteen minutes just by walking in an arboretum own nature very powerful that you can use these things to be a benefit in your life and a benefit for those around you right you can invite people just like you know that you can invite friends hey let's go for a I mean and think about it are for many of us some of our best memories are in the country unless you've never spent time there I know some folks who've lived and I was in Fort Pierce Florida doing ministry you had these little ghetto kids and and we were minister into them and these these little kids we were we were two miles from the ocean and I asked the kids as they hey you ever go to the beach ever go to the ocean he said No we've never been there. They've grown up never you could walk they've never made it that far away they've never seen nature in their entire life friends of mine doing ministry right in right in New York in the city in New York they were minister into a man there and he was baptized into the church and the church decided to have a country picnic and you know in New York City if you're going to take a country picnic that's not like being here in Phoenix you drive ten minutes or pry out of the city you're in New York it might be like a two hour drive right it's a serious issue they invited this guy and they say brother let's go let's go out of the country he said no thanks and he said No no come on bro you got to come with us he said Nona that's OK And finally they kind of don't like brought us up while you know come in he said and he's fifty five years old he said I've never been out of the city and I don't want to find out what I've missed. Fifty five years old he never want to find out what was I was sitting that come outside of that concrete jungle in New York City Friends call it has so much out there for us planting you know it you know be having your little kid plant an apple tree having your little child dig up a carrot out of the soil in bite into it was some dirt right on it. And not even caring that they do right and it'll actually benefit them there's benefits in the soil all of these things God has given us the simple things now we're all terrified of them right you know we're terrified and you're terrified a mountain lion or a bear or something will attack us one one of my friends who grew up in British Columbia living in British Columbia I mean this he was in the while and he was playing in the in a sandbox in the backyard and he wasn't he his his mom looked outside and there was a bear right next to him right next to him and he's playing in the sandbox and he saw the bear but he just kept plan and his mom said well come Bill wasn't Bill Bill get over here. There's a bear right there and he said mom it's a nice bear. God will be with you. God will take care of you he's not calling you to this to kill you he wants it to be a blessing to you that you find the health the happiness the joy the spiritual experience it can even change your theology get a home country maybe you'll see God in His word in a way that you never had before one last thing I began the story in a muscle lost my train of thought so I was out on Mount Hood and as I'm walking along all along I hear right behind me and I'm all alone I mean your body I'm way out in the mountains I mean way outta nowhere and also I hear like just right by me and you know it freaks you out because you're city guy you know on the freaks our city people are so so I turn around and what was it it was just a bird and it was every beat of its wings sounded like this just thunderously loud noise right behind me in the city the bird flies right by and you don't hear any of it right but when you're out in CA in the country you may even hear the sound of the butterfly flapping its wings you hear things that you could never hear in the city and could it be that at times in the country you hear the voice of God speaking to you in a way that you cannot hear when you're in the city and I say this not saying people in the city are lost that's not we're saying we're not saying that you can't have a devotional experience in a city that's not what we're saying but we're saying there's something deeper in what people call God's country something moved in experience that is beyond what we are it doesn't mean you can ever live in a city and spend time with people in a minister in the city but it means that God is calling us to something higher to something holy or and in the last days God's people more and more are going to move toward the country and find the benefits physically scientifically spiritually and emotionally that God wants them to have so consider what God's calling is in your life one last thing L.-Y. said Do not make any rash moves she said before you move know what you're doing make sure you got a job or at least that's something that you don't just run off like a crazy person she's clear you need to do it with wisdom and thought Don't go do some crazy All right let's close a prayer Heavenly Father. I thank you so much that you love us with an everlasting laugh but you didn't give us these things to keep us away from happiness you gave them to us to increase our happiness that you want to give us a joy that we will be the people to share your message the three angels messages with planet Earth Lord I pray that each one of us would gain the blessings that you have for us. And Lord if we can't move to the country any time soon I pray that each one of us would make effort to go spend time in nature maybe go spend a few hours on a Sabbath afternoon a few hours on nature and begin to reap some of the benefits that you have a maybe the first summer I feel awkward to feel strange or feel unnatural but in time they'll begin to reap the full benefits in the name of Jesus Amen next message is going to be about disease reversal in the cutting edge message we've been giving so that all stern like I don't know just less than fifty yet for Klein thank you. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C I support the ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot G Y C Web dot org.


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