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4. Disease Reversal and the Cutting Edge

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer



  • December 28, 2017
    4:00 PM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Y.C. Web dot org. All right. This next one is disease reversal and the cutting edge powerful things that the Lord has helped us to understand. But before we begin let's have another word of prayer together. Father in heaven thank you so much that you care about us Lord in such profound ways. You have given us the greatest gift of all in your son Matt he's come to this world and died for our sins and showed us a path of life and life more abundantly and we just want to thank you for these beautiful gifts and we also want to thank you. For the example that he gave us of healing and restoration and health Lord that we can have that here and now that we don't have to live in a life of. Pain and suffering and side effects all the time but we've already discussed more that you will be with us through it all but we thank you for these gifts and we pray that you be with us now we ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name we pray him on. It says here we have a more sure word of prophecy OK we have a more sure word of prophecy that comes from second Peter chapter one and in second Peter chapter one it talked about how Peter is explaining we had Jesus in the flesh with us but guess what we have we also have prophecy to prove these things right a more sure word of prophecy the prophets of old told us that a savior was coming and gave us signs of how this would happen and those that believed on his coming. Were blessed right those who believe to this day we live by that right we live by a fish or more sure word of prophecy we've not seen Jesus we've not seen these things but we are basing our faith on the Word of God and we've tested it ourselves right and we believe these things because someone else has told us because we believe that the things that we read in the Word of God are based on someone having an encounter with God right and we have tested these things and prophet after Prophet has come in and shown that these things are true and accurate and right and science backs these things up so we have a more sure word of prophecy. But science comes and goes right true science always backs up the word of God right but cult popular culture type science doesn't always back up with the Word of God says but isn't that interesting that at a time in the US when things were so contrary to what we understand is hell today that people believed a more sure word of prophecy and guess what those people back then in during the two. When when God gave Alan White the visions right those people that believe these things and follow them contrary to popular belief contrary to the science of the day to day are the longest living people on this planet. Is that powerful. And I just think that so profound that you know a lot of times we do things today because we see science is backing up these things back then some of these people didn't know it we our health documentary on. It's called ancient health we got to go and meet some centenarians and it was such a blessing. A centenarian is someone that lives to be a hundred plus years old OK so we went down to Loma Linda California and in Mind you this is not the only place that centenarians live but there is a concentration of them there and we went to one of the old folks' homes there that has several of them living there always felt like we had gone to heaven for the day I kid you not Chad and I were so blessed we came out of there that that evening hike and even invited us to stay with them and how does to be guests with them at dinner time and it was so beautiful when at one of the ladies that's in our documentary Her Name is Benita and she was so excited and she just wanted she's I just want to pinch your cheeks and take you home with me it was just so adorable the personalities of the blessings the things that they did before their time right they did before. Science told them that these things were so and another one those of you that have been through Loma Linda California through to university Dr where I am a doctor where I am he. He did open heart surgery he assisted OK He officially retired at seventy five but other day. Doctors would not allow him to retire at seventy five and from seventy five to ninety five he assisted in open heart surgery isn't that awesome and you might think well I don't want to ninety five year old working on me but the thing is if you are a surgeon you want someone with that kind of experience working with you and teaching you right and so he does it why did he say he says why did I stop at ninety five he said I when I was ninety I decided I got to stop sometime so when am I going to do it ninety five we recorded him at one hundred years old and he said you know what I could still do surgery today my eyes are good my hands are steady The only thing is I can't sit stand there all day right doing surgery but how beautiful and he said he said I read these things and I believe he said I have been a vegan for over fifty years of my life he said as soon as I saw things happening and I knew that I could live off of these things he said I did it. Before side fifty years and guess what in the one nine hundred sixty S. the avenue was studied by the U.S. government and you know why because they thought vegetarianism was a disease. And they thought we better studies people something might happen to him but guess what they discovered that we actually live longer than the regular population is that powerful and so because they thought at the time that meat was the best source of protein right that was the common science at the time and still is today I mean come on how many people do you meet that ask you if you're rich Tarion Where do you get your protein from right you know would be a good question ask people well where do you get your Feinberg from. Because you know there's more diseases caused by lack of fiber than by a lack of protein. So it's a very good question to turn around and ask somebody and not in a mean way right. Just to get people thinking outside the box so these people thought outside the box because God had spoken these words he had shared them for our good always right and they did it and they're the longest living people and they're a light to the world today people are intrigued by them I'm going I'm going to show you a clip from our documentary ancient health in just a moment. It's very interesting in and my specialty of diagnostic radiology we've had the ability to go back thirty five hundred years in time the Egyptian mummies taken back to three thousand five hundred years ago have been studied by autopsy where they cut into the mommy and they look at the various organs and arteries and also by C.T. scans we can look at C.T. scans we can look at them our eyes we can basically through these imaging devices begin to understand the diseases of the ancient Egyptians gave you pathologists are able to determine what types of diseases they had through X. rays and three different types of tests and we have the quality of the study of diseases of ancient man and they can look inside and what their discovery is actually fascinating the upper echelon of the Egyptian society suffered from the very same diseases that the upper echelon are middle class and upper class of of our Western culture deals with today in fact Rameses the Great is believed to have died from a heart attack and heart disease very common cause of death camps are very common cause of death gallbladder disease was rampant there with gall stones will be increased cholesterol gall stones are always associate are most often associated with very high fat diet again consistent with the same kind of diet we have and Western nations the famous queen had chaps that her mummy has been identified and the head chef so it was probably the most powerful female ruler that ever lived she actually ruled Egypt as king she wore the royal headdress with the cobra She even wore the beard that the pharaohs wore had ships it is believed to have died from obesity diabetes and liver cancer and the Egyptians did suffer from diseases that we suffer from today simply because they also had a very similar lifestyle to what we have today seventy percent of deaths in India. America are due to chronic diseases that are diet and lifestyle induced global events but sixty three percent and rising on the other hand just imagine you could reverse many of these diseases by making some simple lifestyle changes how we eat how we drink sleep how we love that means seventy percent of patients can be treated effectively through lifestyle medicine many of these disease especially when it comes to heart disease heart are disease is totally avoidable we know that if people chose to eat differently and if they chose to live active lives their risk of these diseases would be reduced probably ninety percent for diabetes eighty percent for heart disease seventy percent for cancers just by changing your diet and lifestyle one of the food products and major parts of the diet of the ancient Egyptians was definitely meat products that injections thrive if you will maybe thrive is too strong a word but they enjoy at least the wealthy did their rich foods their their fall their meat sources and the person of history knows who mummies were they were the priests the priests is the Kings the Queens they're also called pharaohs that was these are fluid folks that begin to develop the apple sclerosis and whatnot that we're seeing today they were obese they had as I mentioned artery disease all over the body they had diseases of rich people those that have a diet of over abundance maybe you know every breakfast lunch and dinner was kind of like Christmas Thanksgiving and New Years in terms of the diet and that was killing them and it's killing us however it's quite interesting when you look at some of the earlier dynasties in ancient Egypt and the paleo pathologist study the causes of death in those times they actually ate more of a plant based diet they didn't refer. In their day sugar they had more whole food plant foods and they did not have the level of diseases that the latter dynasties had when they ate all types of animal products and unhealthy food so as we look at the Egyptian woman is we see diseases that are facing us today and they're they're discovering a tremendous amount of information and we now know that if you choose that lifestyle doesn't matter if it was four thousand years ago you're going to have the same disease but why stop predicts the outcome there's lessons that we can learn today when when you look at the older culture which is more of a healthy diet lots of fruits and vegetables unrefined and refined the trigger of plant they had better health and you compare it to the later dynasties of age of Egypt where they ate more of a diet actually more like Western diets today they had all these types of diseases that we have today the heart disease or cancer or diabetes etc agent Egyptian mummies as we study them are a lock in questions we've had for millennia about health why people live why people died but we know why they were dying but they answer a question that's about the past but also that we have in the present what should we be eating now and really if we take that information they're helping us know what we should be even in the future. Wasn't that interesting. That's a small portion of a documentary that's now are now half long it's called ancient health that we produced this is life changing for us actually it was while we were. Doing this that our lives really changed in terms of health and so praise the Lord we really praise the Lord for this documentary as we are producing it. So. Speaking of the Egyptians Exodus fifteen twenty six says. And said if thou will diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God and will do that which is right in his sight and will give each year to his commandments and keep all his statutes I will put none of these diseases upon me which I have brought upon the Egyptians fry him the Lord that he with Me Isn't that interesting that what we're seeing in that documentary the diseases that the Egyptians died out you know for a long time we could have read this in like bull What would diseases with the Egyptians dying of right what was causing their death because it says they weren't diligently seeking the Lord right they didn't have the same lifestyle that the Jews did and or the children of Israel did. And now we see right through autopsies and C.T. scans and these types of things what the diseases of the ancient Egyptians were and it's no different than the Western culture today right the SAD diet the standard American diet that's causing all these diseases and causing. Issues in our health care right having enough money to pay for all these diseases and so on and so forth it's a really big problem. So what is disease OK we need to know what diseases and this is a definition from councils on health pay. 90 I really like this it says disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health in case of sickness the cause should be ascertained So the cause should be figured out right unhealthful conditions should be changed wrong habits corrected then nature is to be assisted in her effort to expel impurities and to reestablish the right conditions in the system this is powerful for you to understand disease for us to understand disease because a lot of times we just think I don't know where it came from right I have no clue why I got sick I don't know you know why this is happening but we're told here that it's disease is an effort of nature to free this system from conditions that result from violation of the laws of God right and are the laws of health and then we're supposed to figure out OK cause to a fact why is this happening what can I do and what can I remove that's causing the issue it could be an environmental issue right you could be in a house that's making you sick you know that happens more often than people realize some allergy issues you have could be the house you're in could be something in the area could be the food you're eating we don't know you don't know you have to ascertain what the cause is and then work about a situation where you free yourself of that so on and so forth and here are some diseases that are affected by inflammation OK And we talked about earlier that inflammation is marker for all kinds of lifestyle diseases and here we see Heart disease of B. city all Simers arthritis allergies asthma neurological diseases you know these are all diseases that when you have. Have these you have inflammation in the body. And. Yes and cancer diabetes depression. These are all issues and we talked about depression earlier sorry the slight was. Anyway these are all diseases that are affected by inflammation and we need to figure out what causes the inflammation to begin with right what is it that's making us inflamed and you should earlier about how meat products actually cause inflammation in the body right that's one source that's one source of inflammation but that we talked about there's a scientific study that showed that meat products cause inflammation in the body look at this next slide. Cancer inflammatory disease in inflammation it says cancers tumors in all inflammatory diseases are largely caused by meat eating. Isn't that interesting that we were told this a long time ago that these things are caused largely by meat eating now a lot of times you know we'll look at this and we think Oh man come on Ira I mean I grew up an ominous and I grew up eating meat because we didn't know all these things and I remember the first time one of my teachers showed me is like she's crazy that was my first reaction she's like I was like What is she talking about she's crazy and in I was just like whatever but the Holy Spirit didn't leave me there the conviction was there I heard it and once it was in there I started to see the patterns I started to understand these things and I started to realize its true you know and so the Lord help me through the whole process it wasn't like overnight boom I just gave up everything it wasn't I is a progression right. And we're told it's to be a progressive effort on our part right you're not going to change everything overnight and nobody expects you to write God doesn't expect you to do that because if you don't see the benefits you're not going to stick to it OK if you don't see the things that change in your life you're not going to stick to it you've got to see these things so off for me it was just like I saw the benefits I saw it is like black and white for me and I was just like wow this is awesome Here is another quote comes on in diet and foods page three eighty seven the eating a flesh meets has made a poor quality of blood and flesh your systems are in a state of inflammation prepared to take on disease so over and over you're seeing this inflammation the animal products bring inflammation and then therefore the disease comes in when your body's in a state of inflammation disease commit and inflammation is really an allergic reaction your body is reacting to a foreign object being in in your system right and so that that's what happens and I just want to say once more. This is this is very important for us to understand and always step back that God said these things for our good always right these Adventists that believe these things because God just said it and they did it they had no science to back them up right and they did it and today they're the longest living people on the planet. And when they were told a long time ago these you can avoid these diseases of the Egyptians think about it the longest living people in the Bible were who. Those before the flood. Right the longest living people in the Bible where those that lived before the flood and what was the diet before the flood. The. Right and there the longest living people then. We just got ourselves into much trouble living that long right and so God had to cut our lives short and a lot has to start eating meat and it's now of all generations we need this message more than anybody because we have such a lot short lifespan we have so many issues we have so many problems of so many things bombarding us right environmentally I mean these. Objects that we put in our pocket I mean we are getting hit like no other generation has been hit before and yet we have been given a message like no other generation has been given before because we need it the most right and so if we view it in that way if we look at it is like wow God really cares about me and my well being he cares about my happiness and he wants me to thrive and if we look at it in that aspect then we won't have all the negative things that come with like oh I got a light go of this and I got a letter just think of it as a God wants to bless me with good things if you can share the verse about God satisfying your mouth with good things. Yes songs one of three Verse five says who satisfies your mouth with good things so that your youth is renewed like the Eagles and the nice that God wants to he wants to satisfy your mouth it doesn't sit with bitter things or harsh things or things you don't enjoy he wants to satisfy your miles with good things so that your youth is renewed like the Eagles and were talking about inflammation one of the diseases and one of the inflammatory diseases type two diabetes now what percentage of people are healed from type two diabetes by. Diabetes medication. I've never heard of one and zero is yeah yeah people are showing me the answer is zero nobody is cured from type two diabetes and it's interesting because the American Diabetic Association says there is no cure for type two diabetes they. Are lying it's been shown study after study I don't know how they could even say a major institution like that could just blatantly lie when they when if you look at the scientific studies you would know like Dr Dean Ornish who worked in the United States government doing a study comparing the American Diabetic Association diet to a vegan diet and he Some found they found it was three times better that people but then we see where it will look at I could go on and but so so diet type two diabetes what percentage of people are cured by the medication none none I mean it can help the disease salut you know progress more slowly or just keep you disease but it will not actually reverse the disease right so there's a cost to it now here's the thing there is something that people can end up getting they call it like a type one and a half diabetes which is actually more like Type one I don't have to I could if you want to talk about it I could talk to you more about that but on time for that right now so it's interesting Dean Ornish one of the top scientists the United States today he's you know one of the physicians who did this study on heart disease and reversing how you can actually physically reverse heart disease Dr Dean Ornish says that changing Diane lifestyle. By changing die and lifestyle ninety five percent of people can reverse their diabetes fully reverse their diabetes ninety five percent of people so there is there is a few percentage of people that actually can but I'm going to talk about this so the Bible says in Leviticus Chapter seventeen percent leaven for the life of the flesh is in the what blood L.-Y. talks about making good blood and when I was ignorant of science I used to read what she said like when I was first became an Adventist I read what she said I thought that sounds like weird archaic language and your food. Not me good blood brother F. you know and I thought that's and I'm just being honest with you but that was because I was ignorant that I thought it was nonscientific language because now that I know more about physiology I realized she was exactly like telling us what happened when you eat certain foods we're going to talk about in type two diabetes all for everybody for a healthy person you have this little thing right here and there it is shaking and it doesn't shake like that but I'm trying to help you see what it is that's called the pancreas now your pancreas which wouldn't sit right there it's actually your stomach would be in front of it for our illustration so you could see it I mean it wiggle and there's no stomach in the way but the pancreas when you eat food something happens the carbohydrates in the starches in the food that you eat begin to break down you begin to break down and then they begin to let go of glucose which is we can just say sugar into your bloodstream and as it begins to go into your bloodstream something very fascinating begins to happen as it goes through your blood sugar obviously begins to go up because of blood sugar is you know getting into the bloodstream so your blood sugar goes up your body senses that and so what God did is he made something called the pain Korea's to send out something called insulin which is a hormone so that it could it could help get that sugar into your cells because your cells Here's a picture of a cell you can imagine it's kind of giant here but so here's a cell in this cell your muscle cells in your liver cell their main source of fuel their main source of energy is glucose sugar right so we can just call it sugar but it's glucose and so imagine for illustration sake I put a little video together here this is this white ball is glucose this is sugar you've just eaten a meal so the sugar is increasing in your bloodstream and these are five point stars that we have for illustration or what we call insulin This is the hormone now think of insulin like a plume you cannot get in general you don't generally. Get the sugar there's one way to do it but you don't get sugar into the fuel into the fuel tank which is your cell you don't get in there unless you have a key to open up the the cell so I'll show you the video here so here's our key it's insulin and here's our sugar so notice our insulin makes its way and it attaches to the cell on what's called the insulin receptor and so that's like going into the keyhole once it connects it opens up the cell so that the glucose right here can make its way into your cell so that your cell can have fuel so you can have energy does that make sense so this is just the kind of lame lay version of how it works here's another picture a very simplistic picture of how insulin works here's your cell and here's your keyhole I mean obviously this is more simplistic in reality the your insulin receptor and you have the key which is insulin the key comes it unlocks the cell so that your glucose the cell can get into the glucose channel that it can make it into the door of the cell and now your cell has energy now your cell is energy and when Weiss says something fascinating in healthy living page thirty she said perfect health depends upon perfect circulation that makes sense in order to have perfect tells you must have perfect circulation so what would happen if no key were there what if your pancreas didn't produce Keane's would that would be would the cell be able to get the sugar the fuel that it needs Yes or No No Because there's no key so then you would have to inject insulin and you would be what's called a type one diabetic because you don't have any key right you don't have any insulin and I'm going to show you what happens in a type two diabetic Here's our picture again do you notice anything different about this this cell here. It's a little lighter color that's I kind of made that color there but the reason I did that was because in this picture the your cell now is what scientists call it had it's a light pole toxic it's fat tux. What that means is that house fat within the cell they call intra mio cellular Liber that means fat within the cell and when it's in the cell it means the cell what what it was scientists call insulin resistant so you have a. Sorry behind my tie there you have the key you actually a type two diabetic produces plenty of insulin there there pancreas is a shoot now the insulin trying to get that in there but the trouble is your cell becomes insulin resistant This is your little video here the insulin goes in in this case it doesn't even connect sometimes it will even connect but the cells still will not be able to get the glucose the glucose can't make it in it's being blocked from getting in and this is what we call a type two diabetic your pancreas still produces the insulin but at this point you can't get it into the cell because there's fat there just like maybe putting a bunch of oil on something keeps you know water from penetrating so to it this the sugar the glucose is kept from getting into the cell now you have no energy so the type two diabetic is getting tired tired tired and because their cells are keeping the key it's like if somebody went to your house and they stuck you know maybe like glue or bubble gum in your in your keyhole when you got a good key and you got a good hole but what you can't what can't you do you can't get it in there you can't really turn the key right and so but if you could get all that gum or glue out of there you could then get your key in there and start working again is it possible to get the gum out of the cell get the fat out of the cell so that we can start using those keys again that's what we're going to look at so here's that here it is type two diabetic your pancreas behind your stomach that sends off you just ate and some you've eaten some food in your blood sugars increasing and so the pancreas is told to send out some some you know insulin and as it does that connects their to the insulin receptor and lets the glucose in so I'm going to show you now how can type two diabetes be reversed in one to. Five percent of people I'm going to show you something now one of the one of the side effects of type two diabetes is we have something called peripheral neuropathy pain of the outer extremities sometimes the face even in the few cases but like the feet feels like you're walking a razor blade I'm going to show you a video clip from a new series that we're working on the series isn't done but I'll show you a video clip from it here about type two diabetes this is quite fascinating one of the difficult areas of diabetes is that people get what we call peripheral neuropathy peripheral neuropathy is often a painful condition it's like a pens a needle sensation that can be significantly painful painful enough that people are seeking pain medicines to try to control it peripheral means out there at the ends and so you see it you see neuropathy it's a it's a path the of the nerves in other words a disease of the nerves it's a complication of diabetes where the the nerves actually loses its ability to send messages to the spinal cord and they can't feel it and there's numbness and later on pain the most common thing I hear from people with their up at the is when it's getting in it's advanced stages My feet feel like I'm walking on razor blades even when they're laying down and the most common reason and in the western world is diabetes and alcohol alcohol can also cause peripheral neuropathy. And that is a condition that has thought to previously not been able to be reversed now if you talk to most people who manage diabetes they'll say you know we're going to try to manage your peripheral neuropathy and we're really probably not we can reverse it but we're going to slow it down and we're going to try to make it not get worse if people stay on this program they can reverse their peripheral neuropathy The astonishing thing is you put people on a plant based diet using only plants first food sources and using them unrefined the. Of the two big issues there's other smaller issues you can talk about that might have small effects but if it's if the food source is plants and if it's a refined those are the two big big issues how you cook it whether you're cook it all kinds of other things you hear out there are very very minor issues in comparison is simply it comes from plants and it's all refined and these people ninety percent of them have complete relief from their neuropathy completely. And often in very short period of time in fact we get a group of thirty or forty people in our seminars we do these reversing diabetes seminars we find that almost everybody with their opportunity will say within two or three days it's getting better I really like the reversing diabetes programs because I can really see results really fast if I bring somebody and try to get them to lose two hundred pounds I'm not going to see much in two days I'm not going to see anything in two days probably but in a diabetic I can see dramatic changes in two days we have an eight hundred day program we're it's it's focused on lifestyle people with heart disease and stroke and perform bastards is that the disease and diabetes all of the diseases Western livestock we actually test their blood at the beginning of the program we test them at the end and the results are often starting I mean not like a forty percent reduction in triglycerides a thirty or forty percent drop in their cholesterol their blood pressure across the board and the blood pressure drops while on medication in fact it's not uncommon it will take a lot of people off their medications while in the program because they don't need it anymore and that's what's really amazing this thing is really a paper tiger It doesn't have to kill you it can save you yeah I can tell you some test we've been actually tomorrow about people we've just been working with in the last couple months and how it's been changing simple things that within within a week or two people can literally I mean if they stick with this program within a week or two some people just be able to they can literally get to be to their not a diabetic within a week or two some people not everybody some people it takes longer ninety five percent of people can do it within six months ninety five percent of people can do it within six months fully get rid of their type two diabetes you know all medication and not have high blood sugar so but he said there are two things that could make it happen. To our. Plant based diet. On the fine what is fine food. Processed food so me it would be like taking you know whole wheat and turning it into what we. You know. You. Might. Need. Right now. But the fastest way to get rid of these diseases is to have nothing refined you can very rapidly within days most people can start getting rid of the pain at least beginning to get rid of the pain now it's interesting because notice while we know I talked about inflammatory diseases notice what she says in ministry of healing it is a mistake to suppose that muscular strength depends upon the use of animal food the needs of the system can be better supplied and more vigorous health can be enjoyed without its use the grains notice what the grains with fruits nuts and vegetables contain all the nutritive properties necessary to make good what blood and what do you need to make you need to make good blood and if if your blood is running with all kinds of fat now what is the fat do it blocks the key from getting in the keyhole semi sense so you eat a low fat plant based diet and as you do you begin to your body begins to metabolize the fat within the. Cells and the keyhole begins to open back up now you can turn the key the sugar can get in and you don't have high blood sugar anymore this is how it works so Ellen White gave us this insight before it ever came to pass now we know I could go on and show you you know study after study on these different things but I don't have time because we're going to mock multiple things so the second disease that is an inflammatory disease that it is that you know heart disease this is the number one killer in the United States and so let's look at diet versus drugs these this is the scientific information that is that is currently available so the most cutting edge cholesterol lowering Staton drugs that people used to fight off heart disease lower your risk of dying from a heart attack over the next by three percent over the next six years so you taking Staton drugs to lower you know to lower your cholesterol lowers your chances of dying by three percent it's a pretty good. Three person and I'll bet most doctors don't even know that meaning like that meaning because when you're told this is what you give to your patients but it only lowers their chances of dying by three percent and that's on real right so you think is OK yes but what do you have what what do what is better I mean it's at least three percent three percent less chance of dying is three percent but you've got to understand there's all kind of side effects potentially too right and so I'm not saying you can't take them but it many people actually think that it's giving them like a seventy percent chance of living longer eighty percent chance of living on if most people knew you know and felt the side effects would they be willing to take those side effects for three percent benefit. You see what else is there let's find out so Dr Esselstyn was one of the people who did a study on this he he did his second study did the second study on patients with a stablish cardiovascular disease these people were they literally their arteries were nearly. Logged like maybe some of them ninety percent blockage or some of these people had already had bypass surgery they were basically to go home and wait to die they were one of almost all you know just just wait go home you know get a rocking chair and she's like What do you mean or you tell me to go home and wait to die and doctors again there's nothing else we can do for it what what ended up having these people were put on Dr Esselstyn program and they already had they it was shown that they had cardiovascular disease they put them on a low fat diet with nothing you know a low fat plant based diet. For all those who were fully compliant who actually followed stuck to the program they reduce their risk of major cardiac events by sixty percent out of one hundred seventy seven complaint Listen to this check this out one hundred seventy seven compliant test subjects one had a stroke that means ninety nine point four percent of those who stuck to the plant based diet with no fish meat dairy or oil avoid had a reoccurrence do you get that they actually of yeah they avoided recurrence meaning these people it was a ninety nine point four percent chance that they wouldn't have a heart attack or stroke do you realize how amazing the science the science not not like quackery in people's opinions the scientific studies that have already been done are nearly one hundred percent success rate you're going to see it and this is very fascinating ninety nine point four percent versus you know our you know which is a sixty percent increase versus three percent right but this is by lifestyle change but But what is what is easier let's be honest a pill right and that's why most of us want to but why do you think Check this out so we'll go on sorry so all the subjects of Dr Esselstyn had advance coronary artery disease most were acutely suffering from angina that's that terrible chest pain specially you get real bad in the winter you knew you got to shovel and this terrible pain in the chest it's horrible most of them were suffering from angina and most had one or more bypass or. Juries or angioplasty they'd already had them before they came into the study twenty three men and one woman and six dropped out so eight hundred stayed this was his first study and he put them on a ten to twelve percent fat diet calorie diet I'm sorry tenderest salt fat count in the reason it's fact calorie it's calories from fat I wish I had time I could show you how to actually discover that you can't tell by looking on the back of a package unless you do some math it doesn't work by just saying Oh it says it's ten percent fat that's not true that's not fat calories that's the calories are the fat by weight but on a time gone but has tended to twelve percent fat calorie diet with cholesterol lowering drugs for five years the average cholesterol went from two hundred forty six to one hundred thirty seven now they basically from the Alameda County Health study what they found is that anybody who got their cholesterol under one fifty was nearly heart attack proof so it's not between if you're you know one seventy year heart attack proof no you have a similar if you're one eighty you have a similar chance of a heart attack to someone who is like to twenty it's very similar but once you get below one fifty that's when you begin to have protective benefit from heart disease but of the eleven people sorry of the eleven participants that were able to have an angiogram after five years it was discovered that all of them had stopped any progress of heart disease and eight participants had ten to thirty percent reversal of their plaque in their arteries so it's actually reversing the disease in nine of the patients with who's who started off with angina all of them were drastically improved in the degree of pain and and two of them had completely reversed it in twelve years of those completely compliant all of those over twelve years who stuck to it one hundred percent not one of them had increased our disease so you can actually put a stop to it this is another study that was done most people don't know about this one Dr Richard Fleming did a study of reversing heart disease the twenty six people in a plant based editor in diet for a year some of them on their own switched to the popular low carb diet Have you heard the high. Fatter the high protein diets that are just everywhere you know the you know they're big on that in going to but the paleo eaters and many many people are not all paleo would be this way but it can be popular so that they switch to a high fat diet or a high protein diet whatever they were choosing to do after a year the vegetarian group with fifteen percent calorie diet decreased their atherosclerotic plaque the blockage of their arteries by twenty one to twenty two percent in one year those who switched to the low carb high protein diet increased their plaque by thirty nine to fifty two percent in one year could you imagine increasing the plaque in your arteries by fifty percent in a year would that be a wise move to transfer from a plant based whole plant based diet to a high fat diet seemingly from this study it could actually by nearly forty to fifty percent it could be increasing on a yearly basis the plaque in your arteries that's very very I mean these are drastic changes now what about the in China the chest pain in Dr Dean Ornish is first publication he showed how he put people on a nearly vegan diet without exercise now exercise even you know it's been official for you but just going on a totally plant based diet low fat plant based diet. Within twenty four days they lowered their incidences of chest pain their angina by ninety percent C. Many people think man if I do this it's going to take months it's going to take years and you know take forever it can happen within days days that the pain begins to go away that's why so many people when they try it actually stick with it I love this one ten days when you hear the number ten days what do you think of Daniel Check this out what can happen in ten days this is Dr Esselstyn in one thousand nine hundred six Dr Esselstyn used the Daniel type diet to combat he's and he's not doing it from a Christian perspective but it's Daniel Tiger's was a plant based diet to combat the effects of an individual who had substantially poor circulation in a portion of their heart so that within ten days of a Daniel. Type Diet and cholesterol lowering meds the patient went from two forty eight cholesterol to one hundred in thirty seven within ten days he was basically in that realm that is considered basically heart attack free in only three weeks a repeat scan was done of the heart and the blood flow had been restored to that portion of the heart so do you see how fast the changes can take place if you go on a whole food plant based diet the changes are absolutely amazing that's why people within two weeks they lower their depression by fifty percent because perfect health is to prop dependent upon perfect circulation you get the blood flow you get the oxygenation to your brain into your bodily organs the pain starts to go away you feel so much better it's such an amazing experience Check this out this is something I found out just recently a relatively recently you know you'll see as I go forward what I mean so one of the main causes of plaque build up in your cells the plaque see it's you know filling up here and if it went all the way to there obviously the blood wouldn't be able flow at all one of the main reasons is what's called fat oxidization Now when you think of oxidization you might think of rust on your car right I'm from originally from Michigan and Michigan we salt the rose and as a salt gets on your car what happens it oxidizes it rusts right rust is oxidization and somewhat of a similar process obviously not exactly can happen within your you know your you know on your cells or it could have been specifically in your arteries or in your veins and so what happens is is facts it is ation So if you eat certain food certain food can oxidizing and explain this it's impossible to separate oxidization inflammation in the body if you have a lot of oxidization taking place you have a lot of inflammation taking place what they found is that blood in meat promotes oxidation right blood in me to promotes oxidation and so the blood that is left in there so you're eating your steak you're eating your. Or you're eating your chicken and it has blood left in it and what that is it gets in it is very quickly what happens now you say well how much blood is left well in about fifty percent of bloods scientists have found is left in beef and chickens have a problem approximately fifty to sixty five percent of their blood left in so as you eat that blood it goes in in the fat as it goes into your it begins to make its way through your body into your blood L. might says you need to make good blood and as it's going through it begins to oxidize it we can say it doesn't rust but in our illustration it begins to rust and it causes damage in your arteries does that make sense not rust but you get you get my point the illustration and so this is fascinating so after stomach acid when you eat when you eat animal fat helps to oxidize that fat within you so after humans ingest animal fat the acidity of the stomach promotes oxidation which may result in atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries plaque in the arteries. If eating blood and fat of animals is so bad why didn't God just tell us. He did check this out there's a few places the eating of flesh meets has made a poor quality of blood. And flash right you get bigger your systems are in a state of inflammation prepared to take on disease you are liable to acute attacks of disease and to sudden death because you do not possess the strength of constitution to rally and resist disease so it creates a poor quality of blood and it produces inflammation was what she said scientifically accurate yes or no is this not on how would a third grader know these things you understand if she was in the third grade she was a grown woman but how would someone have this knowledge to share with the world and yet how would it still you know something that was said in eight hundred wouldn't buy today it would be. Like old you know like come on I mean who would really trust something from the eight hundred yet over and over the messages have come down to us but you know it goes back even further than that doesn't it Leviticus chapter three verse seventeen says it should be a perpetual statue for your generations throughout all your dwellings that you neither what fat nor blood. This is one of the oldest parts of the Bible Leviticus right and yet God told us right from the beginning don't eat it it's not good for you and you say what Chad but that's the Old Testament you know we live in the New Testament times were freed from all that bondage of those health laws of the Old Testament what it was the book of Acts say X. fifteen verse twenty but this is what they decided for the Gentiles in the New Testament but that we write on to them that they abstain from pollutions of idols and from fornication and from things strangled and from one body it was a New Testament teaching also and so as a Christian now the Jews would actually try to get all the blood out of the meat as much as possible in the western society we don't do that I'll be super honest with you we can't just go buy a burger if you're going to follow the Bible if you're going to fall biblical parts I'm not judging anybody you can do whatever you want I'm just going to tell you from a biblical perspective they actually should have strained the meat they should have killed the animal in such a way that it would get out as much blood as possible but we don't do that in America right maybe if you get some kosher meat I don't know maybe they do at that point but in general it still has a good portion like we saw fifty to sixty five percent of the blood sign shows a still in them that's how we like it taste good right I mean I grew up in my poor can eat my beef and eaten shrimp and lobster and what have you eat all those things but the reality is if we see what the Bible actually says this isn't being judged mental it's just getting back to the New Testament church right the book of Acts what the Gentiles people like probably most of us here were actually called to do and so it's not just mental is just something to think about so isn't it amazing though that God told us all these things long before the science ever came out it's very powerful We're going to close with our last one it's it's not like. Ten seconds but where does our last one of the three we could go into disease after disease after disease we have time for three and what do we see here we see that looking at cancer I have I have quotes for each one of these things but we don't have time for them the American Institute for Cancer Research from the food nutrition and physical activity in the preferential of cancer a global perspective they wrote about the science of what makes it less likely for you to get cancer what makes it less likely for you to get cancer and these are eight of the things and Ellen White has information on every single one of these I don't have time to go through those because it would take way too long for me to do it so I'm going to look at them and you can take my word for and but I have all the quotes on my computer actually there in the slideshow but I shut him down so you can't see it so we went to exercise but so number one is seek to have the lowest weight in a healthy B.M.I. range the body mass index so having a healthy B.M.I. but you want your B.M.I. to be as low as possible within a healthy range you know we live in a time where if someone has a low B.M.I. that's healthy people think you're too skinny but it actually makes you less likely to come down with cancer because fat is inflammatory people who are obese are heavier and of having more inflammation within the body so less fat doesn't mean you want no fat I mean like you want to each are not so you wanna you know you can have an avocado or what have you so you know what olives you know you can eat you know and I'm not saying it's not judgment to like you can't eat you know you can't eat olive oil or whatever but it's the quickest way it seems to reverse some of these diseases if you get rid of the refined oil So number two get physical activity how often every day you know she talks about that right number three East sparingly of energy dense foods don't consume sugary drinks energy dense foods would be foods that are either refined or things like cheese or things like meat those are very energy dense foods and you need and but even nuts. What does Alawite say about nuts eat them sparingly meaning you you know like a handful is good you don't need you know ten or whatever I mean you can do it every day I'm just giving you the best science that's out there right now and she says that's exactly what she says so if you want to avoid energy dense foods and don't consume sugary drinks right that's something to avoid eat mainly plant foods and L.-Y. you know she said the exact same thing don't eat much red and or process meat oh my goes even further and just says you know the time is come to just let go of those things don't even more than eleven ounces a week but the interesting thing is this is about cancer but even eating that much meat in a week increases your chances of type two diabetes they did a study in Taiwan and even people who eat like like less like one tenth of what Americans eat it's still increases their chances for type two diabetes compared to the ones who eat no meat at all so even a very little bit in it may not increase your chances for cancers much but it increases your chance for diabetes number six limit alcohol intake might want to step further and said what no alcohol intake right even better because even if we already found out the science shows that what it negatively actually can shrink your brain if you want to moderate shrinkage drink it moderately if you want to large shrinkage of your brain drink more right that's what we saw so limit it be better just get rid of it the next one is limit all salt intake it's true right but if you're totally whole food plant based with no refined foods a little bit of salt is just fine make make sure your grains in the group lagoons are not moldy in certain countries of the world that can be a serious issue and can have some serious side effects specifically cancer so number eight and get your nutrients through food not supplements did you know that the science shows that for instance supplements like vitamin A in vitamin E. They noticed that people who took vitamin A are not took people with higher levels of vitamin in their body and higher levels of vitamin E. had lower levels of certain cancers like lung cancer so I thought this is fantastic Let's give people for. Edelman you know a for lung cancer and so they gave smokers vitamin A You know what happened it increased their chances of getting lung cancer but if you eat it in a sweet potato if you eat it in a carrot you get that vitamin E. It lowers your chances of getting it so the science shows get your nutrients through food not supplements supplements are generally not the best thing to be eating so what are we seeing now did L.-Y. tell us these things she tells us in grains fruits vegetables and nuts are to be found all the food elements that we need we saw what she said she said cancers tumors and and all inflammatory diseases are largely caused by meat eating I'm going to show you some stats in just a moment it's Dean Ornish this is fascinating in his study in two thousand and eight on cancer in epigenetics this is fascinating check this out thirty men with low level prostate cancer who chose not to have conventional therapy they're like oh it's so low maybe we should just not do anything they gave them a Dean Ornish gave them a three month lifestyle intervention gene they tested their genes and discovered that before the intervention four hundred fifty genes were that were disease promoting genes were turned on that's what we call epigenetics that certain genes can turn on and off based upon your lifestyle and there's an annoyance of the word theatre there but four hundred fifty three of the genes that were deep disease promoting were turned on in forty eight genes that were disease fighting that could have helped fight disease or turned off well when it up happening the intervention was a plant based diet with moderate exercise support groups and training in stress management he tries to throw every good thing the nose of at it to make sure hey let's try all the good things and who knows exactly which one it is it doesn't matter if you could reverse it that's all that matters right live a good lifestyle what happens the result is that after the. After the three months the four hundred fifty three disease producing genes were then turned off and the forty eight disease fighting genes were turned back on wouldn't you want want your genes that fight disease to be turned on all the way. Start exercising get on a healthy plant based diet a Whole Foods close you can get to a whole food plant based diet and you will fight cancer better than ever before now I'm going to show you this is from the Adventist the advent of the study done on Adventists here and this is interesting. That non-vegetarian Adventists have their the you know the would control I would call the control group but they're the they're the baseline that they have the highest levels of cancer and then if a someone even man this is this is just men if they become vegetarians it drops their chances of cancer by five percent if they become vegans it drops their chances by one thousand percent but most most of us as Adventist are not Whole Foods vegans either meaning these people who are real at the Pioneer centers of the health message you know outside of our faith they're more into getting back to whole plant based foods instead of like. Junk food you know I junk food or whatever it is you know and so what it what ended up happening is this now I have bad news for women. But I also have good news for women. I'll show you the bad news the bad news is that administers edge a Tarion women have a little higher cancer rates than mediating and been a swimmin. The good news is once they get rid of the cheese in the milk they've dropped their chances of cancer even more than the Adventist men who are begins in that kind of into and this is they have been studied so this is not like me you know Ragen on Adventists vegetarian women it just actually increased it just I mean it's such a slight amount I mean it's point four percent it's they're almost identical to the meat eaters but I'm guessing it's partly because many times we when we when we give up the meat we just increase intense amounts of cheese intense amounts of dairy and if you're in eating massive amounts of dairy and cheese you're probably going to be increasing your chances for cancer if you ate very small amounts of them it wouldn't have such a negative impact but you know cheese tastes so good. Yes or no. You don't want to admit it you're like we can't say that I do MT super good that would that's why it's so hard for me to you know overcome cheese I absolutely love cheese but it was I feel so much better without it that now I'm not even tempted by the stuff because I feel just yet so much better Oh and by the way why is it so addictive because in cheese there's something called K. so morphin What is this second part sound like morphine and what is morphine. I didn't dictate of drug right and so now you say well why would it be that way we'll think about it God made it for that calf to in essence be addicted to momma. Makes sense right he needs that from mama but what we need did is we made some process where it condenses it so that you have multiple times the amount of K. so more fins that even the cow gets in cheese because it's concentrated right and so you eat it it's just like. This is amazing the pizza or earth you know whatever it is if it tastes so good that it's hard to give up right. Now I'm not even telling you have to do it I'm just giving you the science that I mean this is I mean just that just at least Yeah I mean the serious stuff there so notice what Ellen White says progressive This is not something that people have to change overnight but she says the diet reform should be progressive as disease in animals increases the use of milk and eggs will become more and more unsafe Could it be that the use of milk and eggs has become more and more safe so much so that vegetarian advents are getting more cancer could it be that this word has been fulfilled that once again she was right once again she was I mean this is just. Amazing over and over she just nails it every time has disease in animals increase the use of milk milk and eggs will become more and more unsafe and effort should be made to supply their place with other things that are healthful and inexpensive the people everywhere should be taught how to cook without milk and eggs so far as possible and yet have their food wholesome and palatable right this isn't being judge mental I sat down I sit down with my dad and he I mean just just that you know Christmas with the family they're eating their pork I sit down my Dad he says you know octopus and whatever and I love my dad I don't fight with him and stick my finger out and I sit there and I enjoy my sweet potato. And he enjoys octopus and we sit there and and my poor wife that really gross a circus she was raised an Adventist you know and she's just like the whole grows you know and I understand I understand the poor thing it's like she didn't grow up with a stinky octopus in her house you know but you get like that's my bag and we don't have to be mean to each other we can love each other even in the church listen we don't all have to eat exactly like the let's be loving to each other yes or no we don't have to be judge mental but we Isn't it good at least to know the best science that's out there so at least you know what is the best way to go you don't have to choose it but God gave this to us to be a blessing I love this one this is the Boyd or cohort. Study this is a sixty five year study on the results of high dairy intake as a child in it causes nearly three times the odds of Koehler rectal cancer later in life so high dairy high colorectal cancer right so that's years but that I actually when I said this is a great one I don't love that one I love I love one that's going why would I love that a bunch of milk gives colon cancer color after cancer No I don't love that that I love the next one actually I thought this was going to be the next one this one I love this is same same study sixty year follow up starting from with four hundred four thousand nine hundred ninety nine people found a thirty eight percent decrease in cancer risk for those who ate the highest intake of fruit. They did not find a benefit for other forms of nutrition so if you want your children to have the best fighting chance of not having cancer later in life this is what they found for the children who ate the most fruit later on in life they had a thirty eight percent less chance of getting cancer and that powerful what a god given the very beginning right eat that fruit is so good for you and God told us he gave us this message he's the one who satisfies our mouth with good things so that our youth is renewed like the Eagles ninety ninety percent ninety five percent of people can reverse type two diabetes almost everybody can reverse the artery blockage if they really stick to whole foods plant based not you know tons of people could change that we could reverse these diseases or never have them in the first place how much better is that and to never get it in the first place by eating the diet God gave us from the very beginning cancer we can lower it but there's other aspects like we saw a country living could lower your chances we looked at the science that country living can give you more cancer fighting natural killer cells in your body this is what the latest cutting edge science shows so we have all of the science that God has given us but I'm going to close with this what if we actually followed everything we were given. WOULD NOT BE AMAZING we'd be the happiest people in the world we'd be the healthiest people no. We kind of are the healthiest people in the world but we could be a whole lot healthier I and you know we could be you know living so much better we could find a benefit and so God could use us in a more powerful way to transform the world if we actually shrive more and more of these things not as a curse but as a blasting so that you can live longer you know when you're young I know you don't care as much what you do as you get older I'm only thirty seven but I feel I feel better now at thirty seven than I did when I was sixteen or eighteen years old I can I can run more than I could back then I tried it just like me like last year or something I thought you know in high school I was a terrible runner I thought I could run like a mile like nine minutes terrible mile in zero and then just like a year ago I thought I want to how fast I can run a mile now and I ran a mile in like five minutes and fifty two seconds or fifty six seconds I could never do something like that in the past and I had joint pain my joint pain went away I had migraines my migraines went away I had hypoglycemia my hypoglycemia when it went away and it's not because of me it's just because of what we were told and as I implemented it it's not judge mental To me this is one of the greatest experiences of my life outside of giving my life to Jesus outside of getting married but this is like right up there it's been such a great experience that I just say listen I would love more people to experience what I have experienced. Think about if God is calling you to maybe a higher experience with this and it also lowers the pressure to make you happy so give it a test give it a test the last message I'm going to challenge people to at some point maybe decide to try to take a one month challenge one month just one month of a whole food diet nothing nothing refined a whole food diet maybe you won't be here the next it would anybody like to say you don't have to start next week or tomorrow you probably can't get the food here is not a whole food but you know you could start at some point say I'd like to try even if it's a month from now or two months enough is there anybody would like to say I'd like to feel what it's like to try a whole total whole food you doesn't have to be raw you can cook stuff but a whole food diet for one month is there anybody that would say yeah I would give it a trial to see how it's. Fantastic Well let's close with a word of prayer. Heavenly Father. We're so thankful for your words we know we could go on a disease after disease that is that plant based lifestyle can change. Many allergies many difficulties can be reversed if we simply stick to your diet. We don't go to heaven because of what we eat you don't say after ten years of the can is I'm well done my good and faithful servant. But could it be that our bodies would feel better our spiritual life would be enhanced that it would be easier not to last and get angry and be a curmudgeon or fall into some old sin that maybe our minds would open up to in areas we had never even imagined. Father I thank you for this great and grand message you've given us help us to live it out not as not as a stern harsh duty not become an angry vegan but become the happy people that you created us to be that we would bless the world with your truth and as we share it people say wow what's going on in your life I want to experience some of that and that it would draw others nearer to your blessid Son Jesus. As Christ we. And his name Amen. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G. Y.C. a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot G Y C Web dot org.


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