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5. Health, a Vision of What Could Be

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer



  • December 29, 2017
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot. Org. Heavenly Father we thank you for this time to study your words to study science and the messages you've given us the prophetic message you've given us a prayer that your Holy Spirit would rain down that lives would be changed in Jesus' name amen. So now this first point is not actually part of this message but people generally as we've talked about the gut brain connection and anybody who's done any studies into the got brain connection they have multiple questions so I'm going to spend like two minutes talking about the got brain connection and they will spend some time at the end of this message but the rest of it's about health a vision of what could be but the first part of this is many people say if you read about the got brain connection you hear that having a good diversity of got bacteria is good for your mental state which is what science shows but many people then say well then maybe we should start eating the fermented foods because there's bacteria in there and so we should eat pickles and these kinds of things so the question is What about pickled food is that good for the GOT THIS is what all the the pop ideas of the Internet would say but we're not looking about what popular ideas on the Internet are we're looking at what is science show and what is God tell us right that's that's more interesting than just people's opinions on the Internet or people with blogs or opinions so let's look at this here is a study on pickled food and risk of gastric cancer a systematic review of men and men analysis of English and Chinese literature so not as exciting as a popular book blog but it's a scientific study right up a review of studies actually this is a review of sixty different studies so this is this is quite the review fifty case controlled in ten prospective studies that had been conducted and what did they discover is it good for our micro biome to give us more bacteria in our gut that's the question and let's find out what they discovered is that there was a fifty percent increased risk of gastric cancer for those who consumed pickled vegetables. Now does that sound like it would be good for your micro biome for the bacteria in your gut know right now this is contrary to what popular opinions on the Internet might say but this is the science instead of just you know like you know opinion or whatever so let's go farther Here's vegetables lower your chances of breast cancer pickled vegetables increases your chance of breast cancer so this is what they found a study reported in that in the journal nutrition and cancer showed that vegetable consumption lowers your risk of breast cancer fantastic while pickle vegetables increases your chances so once again this idea now you know maybe God could have just told us. That these things weren't good for us guess what he told us exactly this just over one hundred years ago I mean we're specifically told and now I realize somehow I had the slide I had something prepared I had found and I obviously it's let me see can I find it if I must have erased it or something because it's not there but it tells us specifically that these things not to consume these foods and it's not that God tries to keep us away from things to keep us from something we like the flavor of it's because he wants to enhance our health and he wants to enhance our happiness this is what he wants to do so this is this is very interesting but this is not the point of our message I didn't come here to talk about pickles but people wonder about that in the light of the got brain connection since we've talked about that but this is what I really wanted to start with here this was the plan of what to start with Luke Chapter nine verse two it says that he which is Jesus sent them who the disciples He sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the walk sick meaning Jesus had a twofold ministry for himself but then he also had a twofold ministry for his disciples right for his disciples and so what were those two things preaching and healing or you could say teaching and healing if you were to use just maybe secular terminology but he would want to teach and he would want to heal and that is them that is the same thing to all of us are called to do those two things. You think no no I'm not a Dr John I'm not a dietician or a I don't have a my master's in public health so I'm not called to do those things but did you know that all of us are called to do those same two things to teach people the truth of the Gospel the truth of the Kingdom of God The Jesus is coming again to prepare them for jesus and number two to help heal people that have various diseases and so this is what we're talking about here God has given us a vision of what could be Psalms one of the three Verse three speaks of God as the one who forgives all our sins and the one who heals all our walk diseases do you see that these two things are combined healing and the spiritual walk right healing people from their sins and healing feeble people of their diseases and so God wants to mingle these things together in our lives and also in our work this is from the preface to the book medical ministry violin why she didn't write this This is the compiler's wrote these words they said the promulgated of the health message was for fifty years a topic of major concern telling why you probably didn't know this she wrote more in the field of health than on any other single topic of council Why would God send a woman to give us more information I think she gave more information on Jesus than anything else but when you look at topics of counsel the one that she spoke on the most is what healthy Jesus is number one and number two right after that was the health work Jesus had a two fold ministry for his people and it was what teaching and healing right so we have these two things God gave these things to us L.-Y. spoke more about this than any other issue and she tells us soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines except medical missionary work soon there is going to be no work done in any line except for medical ministries now this must be important that right. And we all must then want to be a part of it if we're going to do ministry because all of us are meant to be ministers for Christ men women all of us are meant to minister and share the gospel right so why were we given the why are why did God give us the health message why did he give this to us this is from a book called counsels and how I've been trying to read the relevant everything else says on the subject of health because she she is the foundation if you this is the way I see it if you go and you read if I showed you the actual They did a study what they did is sign you're told that science is replicable and it is self verifiable studies are done and when studies are done somebody else can replicate the study and then prove whether the first study was true or not that's true that makes logical sense the reality is it is almost nobody replicates a study because why would you spend ten million dollars to prove the same thing someone else already proved so it's not that it never happens but it's very unlikely and it doesn't happen very often for somebody to replicate a study because number one you get no credit for that guy proved and you're just you're just like piggybacking off what he already said I mean what's the point right with somebody actually they actually a medical are not a medical scientific group actually somehow gained the funding to do like I think was around sixty different studies in psychology to see if they would if they replicated them and they turned out to be the same same results and it turned out somewhere about sixty percent of them when they were replicated did not turn out the same as the first study so that means sixty close to sixty percent of studies in psychology are probably not true so people are less psychology that's like funny science it's really not very solid you know it's not like it's not like real medical hardcore science right so then they actually went to the medical field and tested medical science what did they find actually I actually have the information I but I didn't put in this in the slides they found that it was actually worse for medical science it was actually about seventy percent of the studies did not turn out to be the same as they were in the original. Like Chad one then why do you even teaches about health who knows what is true in and and we're told and even I won't say where we're told that in this institution fifty percent of what we teach you is not true The trouble is we don't know of fifty percent that is wow here's the thing is that true we need to go through life not knowing what truth is we just have to walk about like like out of a ship out to sea with no compass. No we've been given the foundation we've been told beforehand what the science would show right and so if you want to know the truth before everybody else you know even even Kellog himself people ask how is it that you don't get caught up in the in the you know pop science of the day that turns out in several years to not be true how is it that you're always accurate over and over and over and what did he say well I just read the spirit of prophecy and if it says if it goes against the spirit then I know that it's not true if it goes against it I know it's not true so I just avoid it but if it fits if the new science that comes out fits with the spirit prophecy well then it must be true and guess what it always works and it's worked until two thousand and seventeen and go right on into two thousand and eighteen it just continues because God gave us this message now this is interesting. She says let it ever be kept before the mind that the great object of hygenic reform is to secure the highest possible development of mind and soul and body but I love this next part notice what it says all the laws of nature which are the laws of God are designed for what our God we've already look to Deuteronomy six twenty fourth's for our good always obedience to them will promote our happiness in this life and will aid us in a preparation for the life to come and God gave us the health message partially to make us happy he wants you to be happy so all of heaven is working together to bring about we're told us all of heaven will work together to bring about your happiness What a strange thought that heaven is working for that but the thing is Heaven's trying to bring us true happiness happiness that we can only acquire through following God's principles of peace that passes understanding it's interesting when we look about look at happiness in children so closely is health related to our happiness that we cannot have the latter without the former a practical knowledge of the science of human life is necessary in order to glorify God in our bodies it is therefore of the highest importance that among the studies selected for childhood physiology should occupy the first place so when you're training your child you're like Son you've hit four years old it's time to study physiology and that's kind of interesting whoever would have guessed that right son of you ready to learn physiology All right so what does that mean well obviously there's deep intricacies of physiology that would be so deep a three or four or five a six or seven year old would never understand but as soon as they're three and four and as their mind is beginning to understand you can teach them very simple principles of truth that are genuinely true and they will begin to understand maybe why they feel so cranky. Maybe why they're hurting over this so that you can begin to teach them physiologist of the of first place in their studies outside of spiritual things should be physiology so physically spiritual things first obviously she's not negating now but it says here it says it should occupy occupy the first place physiology how few know anything about the structure and functions of their own bodies and of nature's laws many are drifting about without knowledge like a ship at sea without compass or anchor and what is more they are not interested to learn how to keep their bodies in a healthy condition and prevent disease so we can teach our children right from the beginning and so then our little children will be like little scientists they don't even need to learn to read right away you can just tell I'm asleep did you know that kids who learn to read later actually catch up to the kids who learn earlier and surpass them and told us that didn't see she said she said you know between the ages of should be more like the ages of seven to ten but we think it's like four or five and the kids who do that they look like little geniuses but then the kids who don't like Look look like little geniuses actually surpass them later on this is what the science is showing she's right again I mean it's unreal everything you read ends up turning to be true I love science and that's why I study these things and it just boggles my mind every time my wife and I when we study these things regularly we have this saying every day what does that mean that means like every day I find a new study that backs up something she said over a hundred years ago it's just I mean that's what I'm regularly studying It's absolutely amazing so do we really go OK this whole health message administering to do we really want the world to know us of as a people with a health message you know sometimes you hear in church like you know we don't want people to think like you know all of those are the guys that are into health and they're into you know plant based diet and we don't want to be known as those people right let's a good question let's find out Seventh Day Adventist are to be represented to the world by the Advanced principles of health reform which God has given us maybe we do want to be known as those people maybe we want to be the people that are on C.N.N. And Anderson Cooper is like I want to become more like that that's what he said about us he saw these old Adventists women who are like ninety seven and one hundred years old and he's like I totally don't live that lifestyle but I really want to start. Maybe that is the kind of people we want to be the kind of people that people look at are like that's amazing these people are old but they're still healthy they're still happy they still have their mind you know we don't want all the old I mean it's fine to be young right but the point is you could have the blessings of this message even in your youth right and you could take this all throughout your life God has given us that's going to show you another video clip from ancient health. Kind of that fits with what we just read right there as we look at the world to D. investigations have been done in the current society and looking for places where people live the longest and the healthiest something that caught my attention is something called the Blue Zones it's a book written by Dan Buettner from National Geographic magazine Blue Zones are places in the world where people not only live long lives but they're actually healthy at these advanced age is where you have people that are in the zone the blue zone they're living a long time so. The Okinawans the coastal regions or in America. The sum of they have a list he found five zones in the world and one of them is Loma Linda California which is a high concentration of seven they have a nest and one of the group of people that's been studied the most in modern science in this world are Seventh Day Adventists scientists have wondered why is it that these individuals have lived so much longer Seventh Day Adventists actually live significantly longer than any other group of people on the face of the earth there they only blue zone that is increasing in longevity so they've started doing studies to look at that and there's been a number of studies for instance done on Seventh Day Adventists here in America sponsored by the U.S. government and other groups to unlock that question the evidence mortality study so that evidence had death rates from all cancers that was sixty percent lower for and this man and seventy six percent lower forever this women. Lung cancer twenty one percent lower color rectal cancer sixty two percent lower breast cancer eighty five percent lower the basis for this longevity this quality of life is the lifestyle changes they have less heart disease less cancer from the time I was seventy five to love and ninety five I assisted cardiac surgeons in Los Angeles area and I quit assisting in cardiac surgery because I wanted to quit while I was still. Able to make that decision in other words my problems of my advanced years would not make me quit but the fact is I could do cardiac surgery today they actually have a higher quality of wife and if they follow the health principles that they know they will live on average fifteen years longer than people living next door to them so the evidence mortality study really won't people up this IT WOW that is nitpicking sixty seventy percent lower we do look even closer although the most likely to reach the age of one hundred and reach it with a healthy mind that still there and still be able to do a lot of things and we're finding that when people embrace this regardless of ethnicity genetic background we're finding that we're finding one jeopardy more years and more life in the years when we look at this population of administering note that they have eight lifestyle choices these eight lifestyle principles have been summed up in an acronym known as new start and when you talk about the diseases that threaten America you don't think about cholera or malaria or typhoid you think about breast cancer colon cancer strokes heart attacks these are the things that Americans fear and the scientific research clearly shows that the rich Western diet is at the heart of all these diseases let's look at two of the killer diseases in America today diabetes and high blood pressure adult onset diabetes we don't call it adult onset diabetes the more you know why because we're seeing it in children we call it type two diabetes now we've got an epidemic believe me you know I diabetes it's the number one cause amputation in number and cause of kidney disease and number one cause of blindness in the most recent data when they look at Seventh Day Adventists they find some are eating very similar to the general American population we would call them the Boers they're eating quite a bit of meat in milk eggs cheese they're the reference group if you will not. Going to live healthy so you have the ones that live healthy and the ones that don't so you can study them as a subgroup if you look then at those who start getting away from those animal products they're eating them very seldom you find that they only have maybe sixty percent of the risk of having high blood pressure or diabetes you move to those who have gotten rid of the poultry and the red meat there is just having fish and dairy products and vegetarian sources of nutrition they're cutting their risk roughly in half it continues to go down until you get to the V.A. Guinn's among the Seventh Day Adventists again totally related to what the eight victims had much less problems with blood pressure those individuals have only one fifth the likelihood of having diabetes and high blood pressure and it's quite interesting isn't it you know doctor where I'm the old doctor there he's like one hundred three Now we interviewed him at we we were at his hundred birthday party and we were cart recorded him just after that for this he was one hundred years old at that time and you know he quit he quit doing surgery assisting cardiac surgeries in Los Angeles area at age ninety five he told us when I wake up in the morning he says that on the documentary when I wake up in the morning I feel the same as I did when I was thirty five could you imagine being one hundred in feeling like I do you know and I I mean how nice with that I'm thirty seven but I feel I listen I would be happy to make it to one hundred if I felt this good right. And but he said I don't have my energy doesn't last as long through the day so it's not like he get you know run around all day long but still to be that good is quite phenomenal So here's the interesting thing so what what Don McIntosh said actually I think it was medically that said it he said if Adventists follow what they know to be true they'll live how long. Fifteen years fifteen years on average longer than their neighbors next door to them right but the key word there was if nobody is forced to and I don't think we should force anybody to eat healthy right God gives us a choice and as I've already said we should be able to sit down across the table from someone who is totally different than us and be kind and loving to them but even though I believe that I have a goal to see adman's lives changed and find the same benefit that I have right meaning not push them not for some and not put them down but just to say listen there's something so much better I've tasted it and you could try I'm going to show you the stats from the advent of self study so forty eight percent of badness are non-vegetarian. Six percent are semi vegetarian semi vegetarian means they're not vegetarian I mean they just don't eat meat as often right and them pesky vegetarian Tarion pesthole means fish vegetarian I don't know if you've ever seen but fish are not plants so pets go vegetarian is a little bit of an oxymoron there is no such thing as a fish vegetarian so if and then a lacto ovo vegetarians there twenty eight percent of admin is in eight percent now if you really put together these three on the left because all three of these groups are not vegetarians so if we would be totally honest with ourselves here we would see that sixty four percent of bad Venice are meat eating and so the the vast majority of Adventist nearly two thirds of Adventists and then you have the little twenty percent of that are veggie and the vegans but we already saw that vegetarian Adventists women have higher rates of cancer than mediating adman it's vegans have significantly less right and one told us the time would come no in her day it wasn't initially there it was still the animals were not as corrupted as they are today but because of our Because of what humanity has done it's caused more disease to come into these animals and the high levels of dairy and cheese consumption seem to be causing higher levels to the advent of vegetarian women and so it's probably because of the toxicity I'm guessing because the toxicity of these animals today but the one group that has significantly less cancer are the vegans very interesting so this is just I'm just sharing the stats from the advent of cell study so but here's the thing once again nobody should be forced into this element tells us something fascinating notice what she says here she says presenting the principles of temperance in their most attractive what form so not bash people over the head and tell them you're going to be lost if you don't do this right that is a way to do it but rather do it in the most beautiful way possible tell them. The benefits they could reap the mental the physical the spiritual benefits how a good way to get rid of their joint pain how you actually don't need to lose your gallbladder you can change your diet and have your goal stones disappear how your type two diabetes and ninety five plus percent of people can disappear with no drugs how your heart disease can disappear with no drugs how your life can be changed and you can reverse depression potentially with no drugs I mean and and this is what the science is showing and so we can present it in its most attractive form and why has this other strange statement that I for quite a while I couldn't find it when I found it again she said that if we print the present the principles of health reform she says if we present them in people receive it even from a selfish motive that God can still use that to bring them closer to him isn't it interesting that if somebody if your you're teaching people the public about the health message and they think man I have I have heart disease my doctor tells me I'm probably going to have a heart attack and they they change their diet change their lifestyle get exercise get out in the sun live out the laws of health and they do it just from a selfish motive their mind will begin to clear up and it will open them up to the Gospel message is not powerful God is so great that he he will allow even selfish motives to bring us closer to him now but. Should we do this as just a secular venture just sharing you know the facts of science notice what she says in medical ministry page two fifty nine the principles of health reform are found where in the Word of God The gospel of Health is to be firmly linked with the Ministry of the walk of the word so these things are to be firmly linked like I remember I imagine like two chains being hooked together right that sounds kind of bad chains about but meaning they're stuck together mixing the health with the Word of God These things have to be blended this is what we are told now I'll give you just a quick example now this is just one we talked about already how the benefits of sunshine and then we saw an ecclesiastical chapter eleven verse seven the Word of God says Truly the light is sweet and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun right that there's a benefit to have the sun hit the eyes not staring at the sun but have the sun hitting the eyes there is a eight joyous benefit to this the Bible told us this and my wife and I we have the opportunity to speak in Europe you know we are in Iceland and you speak to atheists in these situations and we mix the Bible and the health message and you know we have never had an Atheist get angry because we're not cooperative over the head we just share the same I mean I remember one young atheist lady she's like I don't believe in God but how can these things impact me but I could still talk to her about these but she didn't say an argumentative or a fighting way because we're not clobbering them or putting them down work we're giving them evidence over and over that what is in the Word of God is trustworthy and when you see the word of God mixed with science it has this like amazing effect of on the human mind like wow really that was in you know we showed you how the National Institutes of Health said that the Book of Daniel Chapter one is the first clinical trial in all of recorded history right we share these things and he was it really the Bible has the first scientific study in all of recorded history that mankind has been able to find That's pretty fascinating and you see. Point up their point of the Bible makes them with health and it does something very special So just another example we already looked at this this text what is disease disease is an effort of nature to free the system Listen if our scientists if our doctors use this as the as the foundation of all of their work it will help transform the way they work with patients it's very very powerful diseases an effort of nature it's not a random chance but disease is a Rand is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health now that doesn't mean always you didn't get exercise so you've got the disease it could be that there's you know you're living too close to nuclear waste but it's still damaging the system right so it's not always your fault that's not what this is saying but sometimes it is disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions of result from a violation of the laws of health in case of sickness the cause should be ascertained unhealthful conditions should be changed wrong habits corrected the nature is to be assisted in her effort to expel impurities and to reestablish right conditions in the system so this is like the foundation of all true health science right here just like the books of mine character and personality are the two greatest books on the planet on psychology and psychiatry so too this is the foundation of what how health works in the human body and sometimes we're already affected and it's too late but in general if you're living a healthy life and then all the sun meaning your body's in decent health and then something goes wrong there's a reason there's an actual reason and so you want to discover the cause and we even see principles like this in Scripture Proverbs twenty six verse two as the bird by wandering as a swallow by flying so the curse causeless shall not come meaning bad things don't happen without a cause now the cause may not be your fault it may not be your own sin but something has happened something has happened within the physiology or external environmental factors of what a. It is but something is happening and if we can discover the cause and take away the cause in most cases we can actually reverse the disease that has been brought on by that cos so we can we can unite the Bible with the health principles so notice this this is from the Ministry of healing pay page one forty one it is the divine plan that we shall work as the disciples worked right they had two things they preached and they healed physical healing is bound up with the Gospel commission in the work of the Gospel teaching in healing our what never to be separated so we should never just do secular physical work do you see that. It is always to have a we are always to be a light to the world meaning it is not God's calling for us to just be doctors or nurses or dentists. But we had to be medical missionaries whatever we do now even if you're a plumber you're still called to be a medical missionary by the way right we're all called to be medical missionaries but even as a doctor a medical professional and what how powerful would it be if our schools trained medical professionals on how to witness when that be amazing God can do this once again God is going to use us what if we fulfilled the commission we've been given how powerful that would be when I mean it would be absolutely amazing but the good news is even if you've been trained you don't know how there's still options to learn how to get trained you know there's different schools there's things like you know Tina Finley's in the back you go talk with her you know she and her husband have a wonderful ministry where they train people how to witness right and so then you have you know like the Mission College in these different schools I know I know two doctors that are friends of mine who they've been doing medical work for years but they didn't know how to witness they took like two weeks at the Mission College three weeks my wife just Greg to me three weeks at the Mission College and these women you know they and then we were invited to a Bible study down in Southern California that they were doing it and here they have all these people coming to their Bible study and you too could have this regardless of what you are even if you don't know now you can find out God can help you to discover how to do it so that the ministry can be mixed with the health work the gospel ministry can be work worked out together so I noticed this she says nothing in new fields and nothing is as successful as as this the medical missionary work in new fields no work is so successful as medical missionary work if our ministers would work earnestly to obtain an education and medical missionary lines they would be far better fitted to do the work Christ did as a medical missionary by diligent study and practice they can become so well acquainted with the principles of health reform that wherever they go they will be a great blessing to the people they meet now. What what to I think about this I I just have a vision like this is a vision of what could be what if we did this what if our ministers were trained not only how to get bible studies and work with souls which is extra It's the most important thing that's the most important thing but what if they also had the ability to when they meet somebody with type two diabetes they can tell them the principles that ninety five percent of people can change it by a few simple things it's not that complex and they could pray with them they could talk with them they can work they call in a week later hey brother how's it going and and what if they do this and people like that Pastor help me reverse my disease that was killing me my dad went blind because of that disease and he has a leg cut off but that pastor helped me change so that I never had to to go through that don't you think that would be pretty intense and in these things are so simple I mean within four years of school we could easily teach this stuff it's so simple I mean it is so I mean. Yeah I could go on and I won't but so what if we actually did these things how powerful this is a vision of what God can do in our lives notice what she says everyone in our institutions in our health institutions everyone is to follow the message every single person is says No line is to be drawn between the genuine medical missionary work and the gospel ministry no lines the two must blend these two must blend they are not to stand apart as separate lines of work they are to be joined in an inseparable Union even as the hand is joined to the body those in our institutions are to give evidence so people who work in our institutions are to give evidence that they understand their part in the genuine gospel medical missionary work you see that all of our workers in our health institutions are to know that they are a part of the Gospel medical missionary work it is not just a secular Enterprise every worker in our institutions is to follow the three angels messages is that good news that God has given us this message how powerful and I believe we can get back to his message I hope we can get back to his message because I think about this and I think you know it seems there are some prophecies in the in the Old Testament that the Israelites never fulfilled not because they couldn't but because they chose not to. Does that make sense. Not the gods prophecy was in correct I mean Jonah said you know in forty days an interval will be destroyed was never destroyed in forty days now why because they didn't fulfill what would have caused them to be destroyed you follow so they chose to turn away from that and as a result they were not destroyed because the opposite happened that God said this could happen this wonderful thing could happen this wonderful thing could happen this wonderful thing could happen but if you say well no I'm not going to follow what you say could it be that the wonderful thing might not happen that you see but what if it did what if we just said hey you know what God said these things let's just try it let's just test what he said let's find all the benefits in our own life and then share with the world what Jesus has done for us because nothing so powerful as your personal testimony. And so let's do it like let's actually fulfill what God is calling us to do so she says a solemn dignity is to characterize genuine genuine medical missionaries there to be men who understand and know God and the power of His grace so just some quick examples I'm not even I'm not a doctor I've done I make a living as a documentary filmmaker and I travel around speaking and so but as we've just been able just the last couple months or so just just sharing some of these things just a few just a few things we had we had diabetic lady coming she was the diabetic and depressed in Maine she was coming with her pastor husband from the Pentecostal church and as she saw all these things within within eight days the first weekend we're presenting the Bible principles and they got brain connection and her husband said I've never seen them I've never seen these principles from the Bible before I see it it's right and I can't believe I've never seen these things and then so he invited me to the Pentecostal church my wife and I went to the Pentecostal church were preaching in the Met were teaching the health in the biblical principles and the pastor of that church was a diabetic the wife was a diabetic of the of the other pastor and so she comes in this is eight days later after we had just started speaking at the other place and she tells the people she her blood sugars were one fifty to one seventy S and with a. Eight days now if you get two under one twenty six you're on non-diabetic you're a pre-diabetic actually but she within eight days was down to one twenty six she was a point to way from being a pre-diabetic in eight days eight days you know and in this she testifies in front of this church this Pentecostal church she's like these people these people you know she said Well first first she said my dad she told us about her pain was gone her diabetes was almost in the in the you know pre-diabetes range and that she also said her depression was gone in eight days eight days and my wife said it but she said to the other people there she said she said go to the church in your town she told a friend who is sick she said go find the admin to tell them what's wrong with you and they will heal you. Now you know what I hope she finds an adventure that can help her and you know I really I really but this is the think we could it's so simple every one of our high school students could come out knowing this stuff every one of our high school it's so simple and if we presented these principles to young people they would know that they would come out like little geniuses from high schools if we mix together they could all come out knowing how to give every Bible study already by the time they're done with high school and they could know how to do the simple lifestyle changes that could change the world and this set high school so no matter what they go on to do they are already transformed people in this world yes. Yes. We showed a chart by the British medical journal that shows for almost every kind of fruit it lowers your chances of having Type two diabetes. What's that. Yes but fruit is actually what was interesting too is that even dried fruit causes you to have like for instance dates strangely enough are eighty percent sugar by weight extremely high in sugar right I'm almost nothing that's more than Fruit Loops by the way but did you know did you know that dates are low glycaemic. Now yes and the question is why the question is why because God made them that way and so the fiber there gives a slow release of the glucose that's in it so I'm not saying to go eat a ton of days necessarily to a diabetic but meaning in fruit in general now there are a few like melons can actually cause some trouble to a diabetic but several especially like berries and these kind of things are phenomenal for type two diabetics. Yes. How about this bro I will talk more than I want to finish and then we can talk more afterward but I don't mind talking at all but I just don't want to go too far off the subject and keep everybody long so the second person just another person so this was just just after being in Maine we went to California and there was a woman there she had her blood sugars were two to three hundred so she was a serious she was in serious issues with diabetes remember one twenty six under twenty one twenty five and below you're in the pre-diabetic once you get down under one hundred you're in the safe zone and she or safe zone and this woman within a week and a half her blood sugars went to two diff from two to three hundred to one twenty seven week and a half so you're talking like ten days the point is this the changes can take place soul rapidly and people's lives and we're not we're not doctors we're just telling people these simple things we're not telling them like you can't take your drugs don't take drugs nothing like that we're just telling them listen keep working with these things but please work with your doctor because your drug blood sugars drop too low you need to be telling your doctor so that he can get you off of them because you don't want to go too far below because you could actually you know like go into a diabetic coma or something like that so you need to know some things but the the point is we want to work with their doctors we're not their doctors we're just telling them simple health principles that anybody could share right and how powerful for the first time I feel like I'm beginning to partake in Jesus' ministry of healing and teaching about Christ mixing those two things so simple so we had so then at the next church we went to in California just just a few weeks ago this this woman was coming with sleep apnea Filipino woman is coming and after seven days her husband came and he said my wife sleep apnea is gone in seven days these things are miraculous and it's no glory to us it's the simple principles that we were given in these old books right we were given these things and it's miraculous what is happening live to relieve miraculous we we had a doctor come to us we were teaching in another country and we were taking teaching to medical professionals and medical students and as we were teaching them I didn't know one of the doctors there was depressed as many doctors are when they're going through their residency and so forth and then we came back to that country a few months later and we flew back there and he put he wanted to be the one to pick us up from the airport and escort us to the venue where we were going to be speaking and and he said you know the reason I wanted to you know talk with you is because I wanted to share with you what's happening as you have taught us about the gut brain connection and has he as he had implemented the principles of the Bible spitter prophecy in the governing connection as he implemented them his depression began to go away and he was feeling so much better and it just it thrills my soul to see people's lives changed as a result of these things so we can be good to people in sharing them the three angels message was a necessity but we can help them with their physical life right at the same time we can mix these things together and we don't have to be doctors to do it but you could be a doctor can do a powerful work that many of us cannot do so a key to success in working with people in life says if we wish to do good to souls our success with these souls will be in proportion to their belief and our belief in and appreciation of them that's heavy like what does that mean if we want to if we want to be successful in working with people it's going to be in proportion to. Their belief they kind of like this let's say of this it's my success with you will it will be you will be similar to your belief in my belief in you meaning if you really believe that I believe you can do it you're more likely to do it does that make sense and so even as I was working with this kind of hostile pastor you know he's overweight he's unhealthy and I said Brother I know this can help you if you begin to implement you're going to find benefits and he said thank you and I could tell he just meaning when someone believes that you believe in them they're more likely to actually do something but if you act like they're not going to do it guess what they're probably not going to do it right and I know not everybody is going to do it but we're going to look at some fascinating things here you say well you know how many people are going to go on a fully planned pace that so few people are going to how you may have heard of Dr Esselstyn one of the top scientists the United States he also he did the second you know official study that clearly showed you could reverse heart disease the plaque in the arteries atherosclerosis and Dr Esselstyn is basically a secular individual he's done a wonderful work but he's a secular man he's not coming from a religious bandaged point so how much success was he able to get in getting his patients to be vegan and reversing their heart disease check this so he had eighty nine percent compliance and one hundred ninety nine patients with a plant based diet with no oil could you imagine almost a ninety percent success rate with your your patients most doctors just imagine right away what my patients will never do this they're not going to do it and you know what you're right they will never do it his patients will but if you believe they will never do it they will never do it does it make sense we have to believe in people that they are not just a bunch of slobs that can do anything right and even though many people are that way but what if we actually believe that through the power of Jesus Christ that yes they may be a drug addict yes they may be an alcoholic but God can change the drug addict he can change the call he can change the person who is is eating food like crazy and struggling with whatever all being overweight or diabetes or heart disease that if we really believe that there's a power in a hole in God in Jesus in the Holy Spirit that these things can happen friends God can do so and this secular guy gets ninety percent compliance almost what could happen with the Holy Spirit right so what are our centers to be like you're thinking you know massive centers know this what we're told we're told about whole like health centers. It is that thirsting souls may be led to the living water that we plead for sanitariums not extensive massive scent mammoth sanitariums but whole like institutions in pleasant places what did we see yesterday we saw the science shows that when people are near nature and look out on greenery and deciduous trees that it actually causes them to have less time in the hospital a quarter amount of the drugs that they need and they just may have less depression as a result when they're when it's when they're looking out on nature versus looking out on you know brick walls and so forth so we saw this she said they should be in pleasant places this is what science shows medical ministry says this never never build mammoth institutions is that interesting never not not just never one time but never never build mammoth institutions let these institutions be small and let there be more of them that the work of winning souls to Christ what the what what the work of winning souls to Christ what do you mean this is a medical institute but what's the purpose winning people to Jesus Christ that the work of winning souls to Christ may be accomplished it meet often be necessary to start sanitarium work in the city this is interesting but never build a sanitarium in a city well then how would you started in the city rent a building and keep looking for a suitable place out of the city the sicker to be reached not by massive building but by the establishment of many small sanitariums which are to be as lights shining in a dark place in that interesting so they should be small homelike institution what she says is once they get big it's very hard to keep them spiritual it's not interesting do you think she was right about that. What you see in this seminar is that she was always right and it's not because she was anything she was a human but she was connected with God And when we connect with God We can be a great blessing to the world we can do a great work for Jesus so never never build math mammoth institutions so what's the purpose of these places if a sanitarium connected with the closing message fails to up to lift up Christ and the principles of the Gospel is developed in the third angel's message they need to be presenting this message it fails in its most important feature and contradicts the very object of its existence secular medical work we were not called to be a part of we were to yes we were to do surgeries and do wonderful works of healing Absolutely but it needs to be combined with the three angels message us so is it a secular work we've already answered that it would be a serious mistake for you to accept the worldly position. Well it would not be possible for you to do the medical missionary work that God desires you to do so from medical professionals God in love says listen if you can't share the gospel where you are God has another job that's better for you is that wonderful news that God has a place for you that me you know it may scare you but the good news is he has something better that's going to be way more fulfilling than you could ever imagine what if you could take five hundred people to heaven with you who never would have gone if it weren't for you went happy an amazing thing that every time they walk by in heaven they're like Brother Thank you I can't believe I'm here and I never would have made it if it weren't for you right I mean you know doctors have such an opportunity but we should never make the mistake of taking a job that we can spread the gospel and right you say would have that goes against ethics that we shouldn't share the gospel to patients that that's an ulterior motive now if let's say I was Bill Gates I'm not just in case you don't know but if if I were Bill Gates and I had like fifty billion dollars and I loved meeting people just so I could pay off their mortgage you'd be like that I can't believe you have such an ulterior motive when you meet people you know you be like I want to meet you too right. Now what if my all teary or motive was to help you to learn the way of eternal life where you get to walk on streets of gold and that's my old theory or motive and you think oh I can't believe you have such an ulterior motive no this is much better than paying off a mortgage yes or no we can share eternal life with people we can share about Jesus so there's nothing wrong the idea that that is ethically wrong is just not true I could say something else but I won't so the purpose of the health centers she says one of the things is educate away from drugs use them less and less and depend more upon hygenic principles hygenic agencies then Nature will respond to God's physicians pure air pure water proper exercise a clean conscience those who persist in the use of tea coffee and flesh meats will feel the need of drugs but many right recover without one grain of medicine if they would obey the laws of health drugs need seldom there is a key word seldom use not often right most of the time people don't ever have to take them right so now you think that that was when drugs were crazy and they were really like a meat major cause of death. I'm going to show you the latest information from a Johns Hopkins study. The third leading cause of death in the United States a study conducted by Johns Hopkins reveals that medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer. Over one hundred thousand people read it somewhere between one hundred two hundred fifty thousand people die every single year of medications prescribed accurately that's not the medical education that are prescribed inaccurately but overall we find that medical errors the third leading cause of death in the United States this is John Hopkins So there's this isn't some like quackery group trying to like put down the medical work in the United States they're just looking at the facts and so now this is interesting but you think well yeah but that's because there's not nothing really good in the natural world to help people what have we seen so far we've seen some amazing stats like statens help people live six years longer by an average of three percent they do almost nothing but we saw that changing to a whole food plant based diet drop your chances of having a heart attack or dying are having a heart attack or a case of you know stroke or heart attack by sixty percent that means ninety five ninety nine point four percent of people who stick to the diet have nothing happen to that ninety nine point four so the stats on natural things we think aren't natural methods quackery. Well that's a good question let's look into this well first of all some people that you know what herbs and I don't believe all herbs heal all things you know people believe certain things are healing that really aren't but but some maybe could be and they've done studies multiple studies but what do they say I'm going to share with you one thing this is from this is from herbs and supplements No I don't believe supplements in general are worthless actually very few of them do any benefits I'm not some guy thinking supplemental here all your diseases mainly the natural lifestyle but in the two thousand two thousand and thirteen annual report of the American Association of poison control centers the national poison Data Systems looked at data on dietary supplements and herbals and not one death was reported from the use of these substances not one death versus what is potentially one of the leading causes of death in the United States that's what I'm Why says about herbs are showing in a minute that basically they have very little side effects that's the benefits of them right not that they heal all diseases but some of them actually have been shown scientifically to benefit natural methods scientifically I'll give you just one example of a natural method that has been studied scientifically you were going to look at the difference between drug a drug in a fruit in combat in certain disease this is fascinating Now what kind of fruit is that does anybody have a guess you probably don't know what is it. No it's called Amla and we've been to India I've been in India and like the last fourteen months I spent two months there a month each time when we went and this is an actual study on a diabetes medication versus Amla and you don't know what it is but you can get Indian stores they sell it there not as a not as a drug if they sell it as a food they just eat it in India it's the Indian gooseberry and Indian gooseberry and so it but it's called Amla a M.L.A. and US This is a study in the International Journal of food sciences and nutrition the International Journal of food sciences nutrition looking at diabetic medication versus dried Amla fruit and what they found is they tested diet the diabetics and non-diabetics with either one two or three grams of dried animal powder with and also then they had to group the first group. I'm not a medical professional but it's something called a global income if you can if you can figure out to say it I'm not exactly sure you may know as a doctor but they so what they found is if you take this drug and you start off with a blood sugar just over one thirty so they're not super high but they're just within the diabetic range within a week they get under the diabetic range and then by the end there they're doing OK and that's three weeks though and then if you take this this is taking now Amla and this is. This is taking one gram and notice you're not doing quite as good but they started off a little higher anyway then the other group but what if you take two grams Well you do even better if you take three grams of dried Amla day you end up doing better than the drug medication within the same amount of time and this is fascinating so this Dr am a power you can buy it I mean I have some of this stuff you can it's not the best tasting stuff it's like a very sour ish It's not the best but you can just put it in your you know cereal or on your own mail or what have you and Indians they drink this on the street and it's just it's a common fruit in India and we've seen it right on the side of the street when we've been in India and give give you another one here so here's Amla versus cholesterol How does Amla do versus cholesterol. Here's the medication or no no this is not the medication this is actually just the this is what Amla does you start up at two twenty six. If you have high you have high cholesterol within three weeks you're down to one sixty eight this is crazy and this is a scientific study that was done here's another one Amla versus triglycerides What do you see three grams of Amla you start off it two eighty two and in three weeks you're down to one thirty four so now this is the thing. Most doctors are never happy they never have one class in nutrition so they they haven't actually studied the nutrition studies legitimate scientific studies that are done on these things so it's not that it's not that there aren't legitimate studies it's just that they're not really promoted within the standard medical system and so could it be that what we were told was actually true then you maybe think well who knows maybe Amla super expensive you just couldn't afford even a dose of the stuff right well I after buying some I did the actual measure you know I did the math to figure out how much it would cost for one daily dosage and what I found how much as a cost for a dose it's six cents per serving six cents per serving for something that's more successful than at least this now this isn't the most popular this is and. You know I'm taking metformin or something like that but the fact is it got them into the non-diabetic range in three weeks anyway right and then and I mean you know it's amazing what happened so. Yeah I mean and how nice is it to be able to teach people that even if they didn't have health care hey you got sick sense you know I mean you can do something to potentially help but listen I want to say this too drugs or even remedies are not as important as living a healthy lifestyle What's much better than an lot I'm not someone who thinks all Amla and well can actually does it does help significantly at least in the study but I would rather have people eat healthy so that they don't even need the animal right but if you need that for a while to just get it down with unhealthy zone but in general if you would just simply eat healthy within a few weeks to six months at most ninety five percent of people reversed their diabetes anyway so anyway so let's go but you need to be very careful if you take medications like insulin because it could push your blood sugars too low I'm just giving that as a side note to somebody doesn't hurt them but but that's just because you're taking the drug it could force your blood sugar to low and I don't know what happens after a longer term study that was only three weeks but let's go forward but they don't know of any side effects presently I've looked into that also so let's go into this so. This is what a cell might say about this if there are benefits in nature maybe God should have just told us right well what if he said The Lord has given us some simple herbs of the field that's not an herb but it's a natural plant some simple herbs of the field that at times are beneficial notice at times it doesn't mean every herb heals cancer or whatever like people say and if every family were educated in how to use these herbs in case of sickness much side suffering might be for vented and no doctor need be called these old fashioned simple herbs used intelligently would have recovered many sick who have died under drug medication you say Well that was back then nobody drives of drug medication today right oh OK well I guess it's still going on strangely today but let's go forward she says there are simple herbs and roots that every family may use for themselves and need not call in a physician any sooner than they would Cole a lawyer. She's kind of funny sometimes. I think she had a sense of humor and she probably had a smile on her face when she wrote that I imagine but meaning are there actual scientifically proven things that are beneficial. Yes right so maybe if we would attempt those we would be able to have people use much less and less drugs what she actually said this We should use lugs drugs unless unless until we use them no more now and you think well that's crazy what people would be sick what if we would have actually tried it and we would have found all the things that work and we would have come up with new discoveries of natural things and actually we would have bet it had better answers than the medical institutions what if we would have fulfilled what God had said not that we would just be crazy and not help people but instead we would because somebody had to figure these things out and we were told them beforehand so if we would have tried it we would have been the ones to figure it out right and I'm not trying to just be like selfish here but God has given us this message before it ever happened so let's go forward we're almost done should drugs never be used no there are certain cases you know and an acute disease and you know there are and you can do whatever you want if you want to take them all the time and that's your choice I'm not judging anybody but in general many of these drugs really don't help almost at all and some of them do some of them have benefits no question but many of them have side effects too that are lifelong and debilitating so you could use them much less if we were living by the health principles but yes I mean if somebody is dying and they need surgery you don't tell them you know just bite this stick and you know when they don't get you through you know I mean there's a time where you may need to do certain things we understand that we're not we're not going off the deep end here but medical missionaries we're almost done as as a means of overcoming prejudicing gaining access to mines medical missionary work must be done not in one or two places only but in many places where the truth has not been proclaimed we are to work as gospel medical missionaries to heal sin sick souls by giving them the message of salvation this work will break down prejudice as nothing else can. Now do you know I don't have time to read it but she says a doctor can do ten fold more than the medical then then then the pastor a pastor can do but but they can only do that if they share the gospel yes or no. Meaning just healing bodies atheists can do that right with with the normal drugs they can do the exact same thing any advantage stock they're going to if we're not sharing the gospel right we have to give them not only the physical life but eternal life right and some of the patients they're going to die anyway and I don't mean that to be funny but you could help save their soul in the process of going into the grave so you have that option now. Right two more things and we're finished Actually no just a few more so any time issues Ellen White tells us that it isn't as religious liberty becomes difficult in the world she says we need to use the health message and she says we need to learn for ourselves so we can take care of ourselves when difficult times come up on our nation so we want to do that on time to read it but one of the professors I was just talking with recently from one of our one of our colleges he said the young people the millennial Swope be helped by the health message they eat terrible our longevity will not continue. I hope to be a part of changing them friends we don't have to have this happen we can be a light to the world we can be change we can be transformed I know he's right if we just let things continue but if we are a witness if we share the light with each other if we take you know listen you may not have diseases because you're young people but in a few years many of you will if you continue on the standard American diet so by changing you could find all the benefits this is been a vision of what could be and check this out this is one of most powerful things we're going to close with the Victor Valley medium community Correctional Facility in Adelanto California is a prison this is a prison with five hundred inmates and the an Adventist businessman a very successful Adventist businessman started this place one of most powerful things you've ever heard you CAN THIS IS AMAZING So what happens is he he a very successful multimillionaire admin is business and starts this place and they they have two sides to the prison you can either choose to be on the new Star side of a vegan diet occupational training Bible studies in anger management classes or you could be on the standard prison diet on the other side but you couldn't actually live on both sides you actually to live on two separate places and one of the California Department of Corrections government officials said no way. These guys will never do this they would rather burn the place to the ground than do this do you know what percentage of they got to choose because Adventist believe God is a God of freedom a choice he doesn't make you become Deacon you get to choose right so they gave them the choice just guess what percentage chose to go totally. So he said eighty yet again she was eighty five percent of them you know what I say you know why all these criminals and gang bangers and and folks went vegan. Because these people are hardcore. These people are willing to be different right. They're like yeah I'm a vegan right me and my boys we're vegan you know. You go watch it on You Tube you P.M.I. United prison ministries internationally is two hundred nine nine zero two you look at that video you watch the videos these guys are changed so what happened. United Prison Ministries International you P.M.I. No two. It's on You Tube So check this out but this is so what is so eighty five percent of what we can what happened the receipt of is a rate in California at that time that means the statistical rate at which they went to prison once and then got out of prison and then went back to prison was ninety five percent California so if you commit a crime there is a ninety five percent chance that you'll be back in prison soon after that ninety five percent while the admin to swell running this institution the receipt of isn't rate from the people that went there dropped from ninety five percent to two percent. Check this out we just interviewed one of the guys who was the guys who started this we interviewed him to put him on one of our videos and you know what he said to us he said in California the government realized at first they were amazed they were excited because these people they were they were kind they were nice to know fighting in our prison there was not the did you know these guys to get baptized they had to bring three friends through a Bible study series before they could be baptized I was told that these men knew their Bibles better than our ministers because think about it these guys knew the message and and then check this out so here they are. The government of California realizes this is phenomenal what's happening but then they also realize if this changes that ninety ninety two percent of our people in California never go back to prison we're going to shut down the majority of the prisons in California and they realize that can't happen there's a lot of money in these institutions so they shut down this prison. Your heart just breaks right you realize what if what if this is a vision of what could be now this is the thing if changing people's diet could change criminals why didn't God just tell us. Check this out. Ministry of healing one forty six wrong habits of eating and the use of on healthful food are in no small degree responsible for the intemperance and crime and wretchedness that cursed the world. Do you realize everything I've just told you in these last five messages we were told over one hundred years ago by a lady with a third grade education how was she right every single time because she was in touch with something from beyond God gave her the testimony of Jesus the healing message of Jesus was communicated to us and if we as a people fulfill the calling that we were called to do and sharing the three angels messages not just health not just living out a healthy life not just teaching about health we're sharing in the context of the Gospel in the three messages changing people's health and their lives we could change the world we could have changed the whole planet's prison system do you see that. Friends you could be a part of it could still happen just because it got shot down in California you may be the one to help start it in you know New York or in Georgia or your little community in your town this isn't the only prison that begin to implement these things another prison begin to implement admin to Prince of Wales and rape way prison rape went way down. To see just just tanked in that prison and the lady the administrators got to go speak to Congress about what was happening in this prison God could use you we have the most progressive you know forward thinking message we could change the hood. Not we Jesus could with this message we can work with people in the ghetto we can work with the rich everybody needs this message God wants to use you and your all call to be medical missionaries how many of you want to be a part of God's medical missionary work Amen I'm going to close with this the Bible says Psalms one three five who satisfies your mouth with what good things not rotten nasty stuff you don't like with good things so that your youth is renewed like eagles now I'm going to have a few challenges in closing number one if you're not on a plant based diet move toward a whole food plant based diet and I don't mean that you all do it overnight but make progress begin to make changes in your life Number two I want to challenge you to try at least one time doing a thirty day whole food plant based diet just see what it feels like I mean this is a diet that reverses heart disease reverses diabetes I mean it's been proven in scientific studies so just see what it feels like for thirty days see how your mental state is better your emotional state your spiritual state Try thirty days to pick a time you don't need to start right now you can start a month from now or two months or whenever but try it one time how many of you want to say I want to try thirty days at some point I want to actually see what it would feel like man look this guy anybody else. Wow Now one more one more now I'm asking you a question are you called to be a medical missionary like Jesus in His disciples yes or no all of you are you don't have to be a doctor or a nurse which are all called what you could do that's a powerful work you can do ten times the work that I can write and so the last one actually I guess that was the last one so God has called you if you are a doctor or a medical professional and you don't know how to witness talk to any family talk to Mark family talk to a Pastor Louis Taurus talk to some of these people who train people and how to share the gospel so that you can learn and don't feel bad we just stop calling our schools missionary schools you know and so we do largely We just don't teach people how to share and I'm not putting anybody down it just it faded away at some point but let's get back to it let's get back to sharing the gospel and learning all of us I think one of the best things people can do is go to one of the short term schools like the families or or Mission College it's like three months or something like that I don't know what there is but like forty days or there's these really short schools and if you learn to do it you could be a light for the rest of your life in bring scores of people to heaven with you I've gone way too long that's close and pray. Heavenly Father I am Soul thankful for this message you've given us it's changed my life. Bringing Me Out of Depression achy joints migraines seemingly gall bladder issues all kinds of issues but I'm so glad I went through all those trials because on the other side it's such a blessing to learn of your healing power that you gave to us. Lord let us be kind to everyone we work with not us not be judge mental because somebody in our church doesn't eat the way we think they should help us to be loving in kind and promote it in the most attractive way possible not to go forth in fanatical ways but instead balanced loving human beings not putting other people down if I've said anything I should not say forgive me Lord I pray that we would promote things just as our beautiful loving Savior Jesus would thank you I pray that each one of us would be medical missionary works and this message that our schools would once again begin to present your health message in it's a it's a light in light of the Gospel that everyone will become a medical missionary work in our high schools in our colleges whatever we go into that even if we become a you know whatever we are pilot away at anything we do we will be a light for YOU THANK YOU LORD in the name of Jesus Amen. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C A supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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