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1. To Know Christ

Pavel Goia


Pavel Goia

Pastor of the Lexington, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • December 28, 2017
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot. Org. Morning. Can you hear me. Everybody came here in the back. Those that are in the very back make sure that you can hear me OK I cannot talk louder than this we need to start if I thought too fast wave I'm not going to see it I'm not going to see your hand anyway so it doesn't matter. As before you start let's have a prayer together. Father in humbleness we come in your presence want to thank you so much for the privilege to be with you sort of for Jesus Christ want to thank you for your blessings and father we prayed I know that you feel displaced with your spirit and in Jesus made each you touch every heart and transform us we pray that he may be for your glory and we pray that he may be all fixing or isone thank you so much Lord Jesus precious name we pray Amen. I don't feel good to get up there because I walk a lot and I'm afraid I'm going to fall. But if you don't see me I cannot help you just move forward get in the front. We will have some time for questions and answers but probably not right now. Hopefully we'll have some slides to but I'd never get to them for some reason and so let's see how the Holy Spirit leads can you hear me in the back now does good then I can say whatever. If you don't hear me I there is nothing I can do except in there that you will forewarned I cannot speak louder than this and I don't know if somebody can turn the mike louder but. There are some seats here in the floor not too many. There are some seats here it's up to you I will do my best but they cannot talk louder than this I just I was in Philippines and the plane was defective. We It took about fifty two hours instead of eighteen to get back home. The plane took off and as soon as we took off the pilot said so did the door didn't close properly. And yes he said we cannot pressurise the cabin so we cannot go higher than twelve thousand because we will have no oxygen and we cannot go back down because we are too heavy the wings would break so we had to fly around a very low altitude for a long time nobody could go to the bathroom by the way. And then we landed back after a few hours and we stayed one hour on the runway and then he stayed six hours a day a gate in the room closed with glass walls and they didn't let us go to the bathroom because they had us leave our stuff on the plane because it was going to be a half an hour quick fix and so we cannot go to the bathroom because you need our passports and tickets to get back in and you cannot go on the plane because they were fixing the plane imagine and then we got on the plane it was a long line of those bathrooms and then we got in five hours to talk ill and everybody lost all the connections and then after several hours they flew us to hone a little and we stayed ten hours and fifteen minutes for the next connection in Honolulu and so on and so forth and they got home two days later and stayed home one day and a half left to Dubai. Very moving in Dubai is Mena area you know what that is Middle East Northern Africa they have hard life they some of them pastors from I don't know Pakistan or Afghanistan or some of them are in danger of always losing their life for freedom some of them came and started to cry and. To thank me and they said for what we don't even know you guys listen we are we are listening to the sermon. And gives us things it was very humbling experience to know that God can use you. And then after meeting with the past extremely good experience a lot of stories. To baptize a person in that area it's a greater miracle them baptized a thousand here it's just dangerous to even talk to somebody you don't know who you talk with and then from Dubai got home state home two days and came here and so didn't recover my voice yet. And my wife is happy and I don't have a voice. So I'm blessed to be here with you guys but I cannot talk louder than this good to see are there. That was the best of my life. If you remember OK folks. Can you be sometimes that we sing because we are Adventists what is really good is God's people is wonderful it's a privilege and we think because we have the right doctor these what they are wonderful they are from the Bible can it be that gives us a far less security and while we know that we are sinners we still feel good because we keep some but need the awful. I mean to feel wonderful if it is the right answer around but I don't get me wrong I'm not ducking the suburb God forbid I believe the need to lower my heart is just can you give us a fall a sense of security like the ten villages you go to sleep when you sleep because you know that you are in the right direction. Sleeping sense of security can we be asleep the whole church I'm not talking about somebody I'm talking about me. Instead of working hard because we are not called for a comfortable life we are not called to be blessed or to be saved we are not called to be saved we are called to serve. Jesus didn't come to be served or to be saved he risked his salvation his eternity he came to serve and he called you and me to sort of and that's our mission and God doesn't need you you need God and the church doesn't need you you need a church and God can do the work using the donkey and using rocks he doesn't need you want to get involved we make a mess because you are so self-centered even when we think we are not it's all about ME ME ME ME ME WE PRAY FOR SELF we work for self we spend the whole day for self very rarely we spend time for others we say love God more than anything and love the neighbor as you love yourself and we never spend enough time to pray for the neighbor as much as you pray for self and spending enough money for the neighbor as much as you spend for yourself yet we safe we love the neighbor as we love so can it be that we will never be as Jesus unless we totally sacrifice. And that's more difficult than to keep us about or return tight or sing in the choir or eat broccoli or go to care meeting yes it's easy for me to keeps about I was born keeping sub it was a sin to smile or sub out or not to have a tie we didn't take the car or the bike to church because that you're done you're done you should not work we what we fasted every Sabbath. Quantities of food until he fell in a coma after so. It's easier to keep Sabbath but if you don't have the speed of the God of the Sabbath. The Sabbath to better than you and me. I was in Wisconsin and I was preaching in the church in B. Lloyd long ago we talked about fifteen years ago more or less in the previous century I was preaching on prayer and this I was preaching I said to them prayer has no value zero unless you meet the one that you pray with if you just say the prayer and you don't encounter his presence you don't physically realize that you talk to God but it has no value as church go to church and if you don't counter God's presence just the fact that you go to a building that you score church and you hear a sermon and he is the thousandth settlement and you never change it doesn't help. And I said make sure that whatever you do whatever you do make sure that you encounter God because only his presence can change us and use us we are powerless nonsense we thought God's presence the disciples did nothing before they received the Holy Spirit and does the most urgent need that the church has. We should eliminate says in the book prayer although in the first from the mount of blessings we should pray a lot more for the Holy Spirit we should be thirsty for the Holy Spirit because we have no power whatsoever with all the Holy Spirit and so I was teaching the church and below it and they said your first priority before you pray for health before you pray for healing for cancer before you prayed that God would save your family before you prayed that you don't leave your house before you pray for school or for a job for whatever you pray in a struggle for the last six months and you got no answer to your prayer or you think you got no answer before you pray for that chick yourself if you in that prayer put God first and your neighbor as much as you pray for you because otherwise God cannot answer your prayers there is a quotation in the book prayer in the last chapter that says no one prays or write listen carefully to the quotation no one place a right if he or she is asking for a blessing for self you can Google it go and enjoy page to find the power of one line no one place or write unless. They don't pray for self Wow no one prays are right if they seek a blessing for self we always seek blessings like Jacob and they never get it and then we pray for something that we can do and then we do it and then we say God did it or if you don't know that unless you pray that God would you raise you take everything from you your life your health your energy your money your house your job everything you have and save your soul that you see in heaven that prayer cannot go to heaven. We are afraid that if we don't pray I am in this trouble right now and I cannot sell my house and I am disappointed and if God doesn't help me sell the house I'm in trouble and that your problem your problem is not your problem your problem is relationship with God character like Christ that's our problem when we get that got takes care of the House or the job or the health. He said Seek first the Kingdom of God and He doesn't refer to eternal life I want to be in the kingdom in the first in deed to the prosperity of the kingdom seek that God's Kingdom would advance and God will take care of the other things and he keeps his promise but we are so busy seeking our own businesses that we don't trust that God will take your we don't feel secure and you don't you see killed because you don't know God enough and we don't know God you know because you don't spend enough time in prayer and study of the world we focus so much ourselves that have no time to focus on God because when you focus on God you get instant peace whatever you go through you know that he is there with you you can sense it there is a quotation in the book path from the mount of blessings that says those that walking continue are communion with God is the presence of an A seeing beings they hear the voice of God sitting behind the ear this is the way when they don't know what direction to go do you hear a voice in your head because if you don't you're not a good Christian Don't tell me am I crazy to hear voices yes you should be crazy to be a Christian you need to be crazy when God says start building an ark you must be crazy if it never rains when God says leave your family leave your country sacrifice your son you must be crazy to obey. But that's faith faith is not based on human logic faith is based on knowing your god when he says something you don't even think about arguing how am I going to do it you say Lord thank you and you go ahead and do it faith is not what you try to believe in order to manipulate God to answer your prayer faith is when you believe him regardless that you don't understand and so I was in Beloit talking about surrender full total surrender walking on your knees giving up your brain giving up your logics giving up your interest and basically making GOD FIRST me the last everything to the point that you forget totally self there is nothing about self. And I said to them before you get to that point God cannot work it is not safe for God to give us the spirit if we are self-centered only want to give up self God for he spit on us and God is going to give us power because God never changed he did splits the sea he can do that again in fact we praise more prayers and then I says we offend God and he prays more prayer because we have no faith and I said he is waiting for us to have faith and to work again but we are asleep and after I preached I left and as I was driving my car I said Lord I have discover it's a Dodge Grand Caravan I really would like to sell the car priest help me and I started to pray and I declared six months of prayer that God will help me sell the car what was that about God or so what do you see yourself it took three months and the mission broke now I want to say that car was my pride in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine or in two thousand to have a car with a big screen T.V. inside right now is nothing but then it was a big deal would lights we sell some better when I would get to induce when I would go in front of the seminary I would get out of the car and leave the door open for a few more seconds and step aside so the classmates could take a peek inside the see the big screen T.V. and video games and I was like. Can you see it it's a look. And I was like waiting for any opportunity to mention that my car has a T.V. inside. I was stupid. And so the transmission broke and I prayed for healing and the transmission didn't get healed. And I had faith and I said I believe that you answer my prayer as we use faith to manipulate God used to diffusing faith that God money please us and God even faster I pray though I had faith and then I was persistent and they prayed for three months. If you trust God's arm he will answer and then I fasted what to use as hunger strike to convince got to do whatever we ask. And God didn't answer my prayer. And so I had no choice the new transmission was two thousand five hundred labor another two thousand who had that money so I went to the junkyard got it on mission for four hundred fifty dollars paid another five hundred or whatever I don't remember details one of my church elders was a mechanic to install the transmission and then I put the vent on Craigslist in front of them or in the afternoons in front of Walmart in the mornings big paper on the windows. Event big screen T.V. video games for this price nobody called they all knew the Dodge has a bad transmission. I lowered the price prayed again went to the auction people would buy cars over all me nobody even made an offer for my junk. I had no option but to start driving it again I was in the deep with my family in Washington D.C. visiting I don't remember what museum as soon as we left the transmission broke again I gave you the vent you got stuck in the second year. You do not do not change. I was on the interstate coming from Washington D.C. to we scan some driving in the second gear thirty modest but our people are here real and they were blowing the horn and showing me nice science with the fingers. I said live we are alone in the garbage. I got angry I got of the van kicks angry my wife said Honey somebody may drive by and know that you are a pastor calm down. I could not care less I was angry I went again to the junkyard I paid another five hundred I paid labor another five hundred I installed a new transmission I mean second hand transmission again and I said I'm not going to touch the junk. I said Lord please I beg you for already now six months help me sell the junk. Nobody called Did it ever happen to you that you pray and you get no answer well but the spirit of prophecy says quote to every onus on any every you know how old or how much that means. Is no ninety nine if one hundred percent to every own nest prayer answered will come but then the next sentence says it would be wrong to assume that God would answer the way you want in the time we want and then you flip the page it says God loves His children that he cannot do anything then to answer the best better than they ask he will not do anything that would harm them or not be for the eternal. Interest and that word eternal interest got into my mind and I said this is not eternal. Do following this is not eternal may be for my internal interest God wants me not to sell than but to learn something different and I say Lord and then if you keep reading it says if we knew the end from the beginning we would choose the same path do you remember that quotation powerful to every honest prayer but if it's for our eternal interest you will answer better than we ask before and then we ask the way he knows. And we don't like that we want him to answer the way we want we even tell him how to answer like he doesn't know. Yeah we tell him the story let me tell you what happened. And she says quote Our prayers are not to inform God but to submit until we understand he. Don't go to God with your plan asking for a blessing go to God asking for his plan and it's already blessed. And so we spend so much time convincing got to answer our prayers instead of staying in not trying to have a relationship and know Him and His ways and his plan and so as I was driving the van back home I said Lord please help me sell the junk and it came to my mind is this for your eternal interest and I said I don't know. And almost I don't care but then I said I do care and I said but I need to sell the van. Got it in my mind how do you know you need to sell the van I said if your junk. Is going to break again I hate it. Why would you give it to somebody else if it's a junk let them fix it. As that was very selfless and I said Lord please. Help me get rid of the van and God said OK give it doing I said How much do you pay for it. And God said to me through render it I said that's not difficulties non-matter say this. It's a dud you can have it. There is like surrendering your mother in law that says. So so I said Lord you can have it but I do need to drive a car so give me something for it how much do you pay for it and God was quiet because we never fully surrender we doubt we we shake we are afraid we are unsecure to fully surrender we need to have some control some decision in our life and we don't fully surrender because we don't fully have peace in God and fully trust in God and it's all by faith you cannot trust somebody that you don't spend enough time with And God said to me Do you trust me I said Yes Lord I said then fulfilled and said no but I do need something to buy a car and God said again in my mind do you fully trust me I said yes then fully surrender and I had very hard time to fully surrender Can you believe that. Do you have any incident when God says give it up and used you kind of struggle does the reason we have arguments does the reason we have no peace there is that Islam is struggle because we don't fully surrender when you should render and give it to God including your life not only your health or job or whatever there is no struggle she says in the core Taishan in page in chapter twenty nine in the book prayer she says we struggle with our daily issues though he never gave us to struggle with them they belong to him and she says we take a burden that was never intended for us that is God's job and this way we make ourselves gods. And she says we will fail we are doomed to fail until we learn listen carefully by World War even for your things you take God's job it was never meant for you Don't let your hearts be troubled she says we take what is the don't belong to us and then she says quote God called us to serve when we get busy serving then he will take care of our very need that we prayed for good luck keep struggling because you'll never get it and if you solve it you make a mess make another ten problems for one and get ten as Abraham let me help God have a baby God doesn't need your help and so that's part of the earth we struggled because we take things that were not never meant for us and this way we make ourselves gods when we learn to serve God will take care of these things and she says he will go before you and you don't have to even touch or struggle with the problem you struggle with he will get there before you get there you just go to pick the spoil you don't have to fight the fight because the but better belongs to the Lord is not yours to begin with. And so I say Lord OK I surrender the van but I really need something to buy a car and God said do you trust me fully one hundred percent trust to the point that you can step away from it and weasel and jump up and down and think you for thank me for the answer because that's faith when you praise God for the answer two years in advance of having an answer do you follow me. It's like Anna The priest says Go in peace may God As for your prayer and she and her face and she is she is happy that she is pregnant but there is nothing moving in her tummy and you take several years until she gets pregnant according to the Hebrew but she's already joisting that's faith when you know God enough to Jason him when you have no answer and have no clue but you do it because you know him and you don't need to know the answer if you know him when you fix your eyes on him you have peace instant and so I said Lord OK I do trust you I do for the student or do whatever you want if you want it for free take it if you want to give me something whatever I don't care when finally and I tell you what to say that to give my car we talk about giving your life for Jesus we are unable to give a job or a car or a house for Jesus no more over life hell when I said OK you can have the car finally after six months of struggle I'm praying to sell a car that's a shame six months praying for something that God wants us to play all different Finally I had peace and in that moment I got a phone call and a lady called says one of my church members hey do you still have that van I said yes why on a buy from you know going to sell it to you why I would rather send it to a stranger you hate me and never come to church. She said why I said it's a junk. She said you should not sell it to begin with if it's a junk fix if I did but she's going to break again. She says How do you know I know it keeps breaking. And I know my brother fixed it for you her brother was the mechanic you know. And she said that there isn't I called you because the new venues thirty thousand a second have penned very nice ten thousand and I have only one thousand five hundred new US four thousand five hundred and I cannot give you forty five so would you take fifteen it's hurting my stomach. But I said OK it almost cried you know fifteen hundred you cannot buy a car fifteen hundred but I gave it to her and I said tell me why do you want it where you pleased that should nothing be about us in our life that we need to live like Jesus sort of love your neighbor God called you to save and she said I prayed God inspired me to drive people that have no car to a church children that have no car to our school and I need a van and she says I cannot afford to get a good one so I'm going to get your junk. God bless you have it she gave me fifteen hundred God bless me got that right away that's a car anyway and. Ten years later I met her I said How you doing good how you doing I said What happened to Devon Oh it's still working I said what. I hated it. Because whatever you keep you loose and what they would use for me you'd see who ever have saved his life you're going to lose it whoever you need to give it up we'll see what they will do keep discoursed only what you surrender he's blessed and. And they never get it and they always struggle. I was in Cuba two years ago with three teams we went to the evangelists we divide it in three different groups five people one hour south of Havana five people three hours. East of Havana and five people seven hours east of Havana in three locations that we played for about three months were to go in Mission people God strongly answered our prayer and we were blessed right away to raise the money and we went there to locations where there was no Adventist whatsoever to plant three churches. I was one hour from Havana Randy and his team was three hours Peter and his team was seven hours from Havana we got there Thursday Thursday night we started evangelism. I got about forty people coming around he got about seventy people coming Peter got sixteen people coming after the first night Thursday night the police came confiscate his room never gave him the money back that he paid for the rent of the room and said out if you do it again you'll be arrested all of you so Peter called me and said we lost though can we come to have fun and join you I said No I don't need anybody else God sent you there you better work there he said we don't have a room I said Why do you tell me my God to give you a room or what. He will wash I do I said great all we did we just finished I said how long he said well I don't know I said you don't know do you pray five ten minutes half an hour the whole night said oh no not a whole night probably around five minutes OK that was you know go back and pray. That was what we say we don't think in the every day prayer but then I says that prayer that the mind doesn't think about what you see it's an offense to God God cannot answer that prayer and she says unless we pray with all our spirit and we mean want to pray God is offended and although. Not only the three pray with all our mind in truth and it's relevant is real but the pain the Spirit inspired by the Spirit because you don't know what was and they said ask God what He wants you to pray for and then pray for it don't pray for what you assume that is the right thing because God's plans are far from your plans and your brain and I said pray while God tells you to pray and pray that for ever as God told Elijah to pray for rain and he prayed until the rain came to follow me and he said that is it for you you have all I said now is not easy for me because I am your pastor I will pray for you to go back to prayer don't call me back because I am no god. We needed action I said yeah and that should come from Jesus too much we are dependent on pastors battlefield should should they should teach us they should follow you follow me they should give us an example but we should not the pastor leaves and the church goes to sleep we should depend on Christ only last a ship not on people. Nobody I don't care WHO me or anybody else people disappoint you trust me you disappoint you every day and so I told Peter go back to prayer they prayed and prayed and prayed and then God inspired them to go to the police give us the room back they said no we don't give you don't or the money back please please please please please please he begged for two hours when he left a police officer came after him and said I'm going to tell you a secret we cannot give you the room back we lose our job or our freedom and you cannot get a room you need to have approval yes we did we had government approval Yes but you didn't have city approval OK but there is a rule that if you do eventually is in a church inside a church you don't need approval so go churches around who let you do evangelism and then doing in one of the local churches he said All pastor he called me again by the way I said Why do you call me I'm preaching I'm busy I just finished preaching I'm talking to people let me tell you God inspired us to go to other churches and then we can devalue I said God bless you go what do you want me to do to go for you just go. They do that we keep complaining as if it's going to get easier but when we complain we just showed that we don't trust God and we are weak complaining doesn't help you and doesn't help the wonder listens unless you go praising is not going to help anybody just makes you weak and it shows that you have feeble faith and no connection. And I said Why do you tell me go look forward to a church well they weren't all this about long from church to church in the whole city all churches on Bleecker Lutheran whatever all churches and everybody said no he called me back I thought God told me to go but now it doesn't work I said God told you to go and eat always doesn't work because if you turkey told you when God still see you then it doesn't work Satan adduction show me a problem chapter in the Bible one God told them to do something and it was easy God told them to leave educate and you have shells came after there the Red Sea was in front of them got dark Josep I'm going to put all your over your brothers and he got a slave in prison it never goes if you and God tells you to do something if it gets difficult then is God you can relax if it gets easy if you look he said then why should I do pray even more every crisis she says is not meant to break us but it's an opportunity to experience God a crisis it's an opportunity do you hear and so I said Pray and experience God in a special way I said that's in the Bible you see stories because when God told them to do it they did it Satan hated it Satan attacked them they prayed even more and God loves it Braverman are OK You are all about prayer and I said No I wish. And so here we if we knew how much Jesus prayed would be ashamed of so. And if Jesus she says our divine example prayed so much how much more we feeble human being she says you know the cold if you suspend She says the whole night in prayer how much more we need prayer and we are so you know under to just. Say our prayers and that's it and so I told Peter I said go back to prayer he prayed the whole team prayed some kids joined them in prayer and after they prayed God said in their mind go back to church so Lord but they said no go back to them. He went back second time to all churches half of the Sunday because the town was more Everybody said no he prayed again and God said Go back to churches he went some time to all the churches everybody said no except the Baptist pastor the all K. you came to tons let me tell you I cannot give you the room because there is no roof is broken either rains inside and his rainy season so you guys have to gather in a corner where he doesn't rain because in the middle of the rains by the way if you pay me to fix the roof I can let you do whatever you want in my church he says how much is to fix the roof two thousand five hundred he says it happens that all the money we have used two thousand five hundred and that is for sleep in a hotel I mean lodging for food to pay Bible workers to pay transportation every night to buses to transport people to vandalism back home because people have no cars that's for everything if I give you the two thousand five hundred I have nothing I don't eat I don't sleep I don't pay transportation I am I out of money he says well does the feel so bitter called me again Pastor I need two thousand five hundred I said if I had the money I would be in heaven already. I don't have two thousand five hundred if I give you can you share your money half with me because the Bible manipulating says that you should share I said now the Bible says that if I give you my oil we are both short of oil. We could go back and forth the Bible very minute too late in the Bible to get whatever you want you know. We do that on three we take the Bible to get our point across instead of taking our point down and get what the Bible says actually And so I told Peter I said go back to prayer how much should I pray until you die. Prayer is not when you have a need or a crisis and you pray prayer is the breath of the sword you don't pray only when you have any you pray all the time if you brief all the time. It's a lifestyle it is not an event those that all the time know God Those are no gods have no problems they do have problems but it's not a problem it's God's problem do you follow. They know that because they know God and they are in his hands and they daily surrender and they cast daily needs upon him and they live it with him and trust in him and move on in faith and focus on service that's prayer and so I told him go back to prayer but I need two thousand five hundred can I pray for money yes if you don't pray for money for you know they went back to prayer and they prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and then they called a Baptist pastor and gave him the money and he called me he said I don't like you I said you're not the first four and that's OK. He says I have no money what do we do today or do we sleep tonight I said pretty easy for you I said by. They paid a two thousand five hundred they had the sixteen people back in the room plus the Baptist pastors family they did eventually on Sunday night. In the corner of the church where he did. Monday they had one hundred forty plus sixteen and they say wow the church is for the rain stopped what is this people coming from and the Baptist pastor says well I came last night to my family to check you out I like what I hear so I invite you my whole church. Do you understand why God answers prayers differently because God cares for the people we care for things or for self God wanted those people God love those people govern loves every soul that we walk by and don't even see or hear God wants us to have a passion for people as Jesus was passionate about people and so one hundred forty plus sixteen. And then he's supposed to pay the boss is the transportation and he has no money and he talks to Dion and says to his wife Dion do you have any money I need three hundred to pay the buses and to pay the Bible workers and to pay the food and the lodging for tonight do you have anything pocket money she looks in the purse she says no but you didn't pay the Baptist pastor I have done going to the two thousand five hundred he says oh I gave you the best I know you forgot it here he looks beyond the rope that I'm going up with a two thousand five hundred is inside her he takes three hundred paces the people who are the Baptist pastor says I'm sorry I forgot to give you the I'm going up I spend three hundred I'll give you going to cover the Baptist pastor says you are crazy you gave me the envelope I have it in my hand. He says I have an envelope in my hand the Baptist pastor says I don't know that's not my business he called me did you give me by mistake two thousand five hundred more I said I never heard that type of mistake. He says I have two thousand two hundred I said God bless you. The next day they believe vengeance and then he looks you in the am going up he counts them to pay another three hundred tomorrow night and it's still two thousand five hundred he says Dion did you count them properly Yes honey I did why is two thousand five hundred I don't know he paced three hundred and then they are curious and counting the money still two thousand five hundred this is real story happening over two years ago I could give you the names of the people next day he pays three hundred to two thousand five hundred he calls me I keep spending money and you think two thousand five hundred I said Can I have that and a lot. He said you need to pray do I pray Illinois. When you forget self we think that God doesn't answer our prayers on the are so self centered and then light city and thoughts from the mount of blessing somewhat in the middle of the book the to be focused on self is to show Satan's character. Strong Jesus did not hold you or me to sort of self or even to save self. Moses said take my name of the book of life that's giving up not life but eternal life. They My name of the Book of Life saved them and Moses says later towards the end of his life God is going to send you a prophet like me isn't that privileged to say a prophet like me he would save his people your behavior to have Christ character is to be ready to sacrifice all including your eternity for saving a sword Paul says I would rather be a not a mother teen big means cut off from the book of life I would rather be cut off from the Book of Life if Israel could be saved when you get like Christ you give up not everything you have you give up your life and your eternal life for the sake of the saw when you get so focused so passionate about sitting a soul then God has no fear to give you all power there is a quotation that says quote In the seven testimonies volume page thirty listen carefully to everybody the truth is sure and there's we told you nothing think about the words to everybody. That fully student this week holding nothing. Unlimited heavenly power is provided for attainment of measureless results did you hear seven testimony space thirty two everyone the twenty two and those who told him nothing of it did heavenly power is provided for a payment of measure less results then if you flip to page two page thirty two. If we surrender as the disciples did end up a room after ten days of prayer if we do then that is the disciples did in the upper room who will get the same result that they got and then she says everything that they did every church member should do today every thing did their work his shadow would go over sick people a sick people would be here good people went to Tubby town said wake up and the dead or go up everything that they did every church member should. Why don't we have power we have only theory we thought power or engine power because power comes when the Holy Spirit comes Remember Jesus said don't go to work you misrepresent me stay in doubt to pray until you receive power when the Holy Spirit comes we seek power then you go we go to work without power and there can be nothing our work our most urgent need is to receive the Holy Spirit why don't we thirst why don't we pray why don't we struggle for the Holy Spirit why we pray for anything else but what we need your problem to struggle with is not your problem Satan is not after your car or your Job Satan doesn't need your car say things after your faith and here touch you to the job or health or family or car to make you focus there and be a slave to that so you never have time for prayer because when you pray he knows that you know God and he loses because the more you know God the more you become like him and the more you forget self when you become a him when his character is reproduced you knew then God can give you power do follow but we are not secure to surrender was going to happen to me who cares what happens to you you can die nobody cares. Yeah is it important who are you or me do you think that if we die the world stands still or the church now everything moves just fine people cry for two days and then they replace. Yes Am I right. Oh you are such a people in the church a week later nobody talks about you. Here nobody cares folks if we are not in Jesus we are nothing we have no value our single value is to be heathen in him to the point that people don't see us anymore but they see him unless we are immodest in Jesus to become a Jesus to the point that people see Jesus we have no success no reason to be in the church or life our mission is to save our. The way to save is to become a Christ that's the reason God called the church he called the church for a mission as long as we are about us we are not his church don't we may be his church do you follow him to be in the church and have a father sense of security that you are OK We thought becoming I Jesus is not going to save you all we are Abraham's children stinkers who cares that you are Abraham's children by the way what I need because I could tell stories for every. Oh we have about five more minutes. Don't do I don't know we don't let's let's let's take a break do you have questions questions about prayer. What happened to the twenty five hundred that's a simple question to answer there's no doctor in Swat there were you know. When they finished a venue and they still had twenty five hundred they left that location Saturday night to drive to have an hour they drove three hours and they stopped to a hotel to sleep as soon as they paid hotel from that money that money started to go down when they started to use it for something else then got to work when they got to have Ana they had spent about two hundred more or less or the money left over from all the teams we gathered and gave to the union to pay pastors because they have people willing to work but no money to pay and be paid so many pastors I don't remember their number for two years like twenty two pastors for two years we gave the union money in advance to pay so many pastors for two years its other Sunday its about fourteen fifteen dollars a month in Cuba and the way we gave it was about twenty dollars a month but battle and we and then we used the leftover because we still had left over we asked them what do you need and they said we have health worker said I want a hundred and he gave the money order for health or we gave everything that we had left over and then we spent one day in Havana visiting the next day we flew back to us. Those people from my team came totally changed new people not are agreeing in the church are being in the family always being unhappy but they came quiet and happy and dedicated because when you experience God you are never the same. We don't we say we experience God No we don't when you encounter God See he you cannot be this his presence sanctifies and changes you. Other question that was a simple one give me a difficult. No more questions that's good when people have no question of the evil got everything organized. Good question that's a tough one that one takes about one hour to answer but I'm going to probably try to address the next time I'm going to just give a quick answer she says you said that we should not pray for self but God wants us to talk about all our needs Yes Jesus is Cast all your needs upon him and then I says that there is nothing too big or too small we should talk to God openly about all. It's something to talk to God about it and give it to God those who endure it and something else to talk to God and take it back and try to solve it the word is to cast to cast that into as they should means to throw is the word used when they would casts tones to kill somebody and the translation means to throw something with power far that you cannot reach it or take it back to cast your needs upon the Lord means not that you talk about it and then keep Barry carrying them in means that you draw them at him give it to him and move on and cast that he is able to deal with it he loves you enough if you gave Jesus' life does the toughest want to give he can give you a job Romans chapter eight if you give a Jesus how will he not although in Jesus give us all things to throw it at him and say this is what I'm struggling with I know you I know that you love me more than anything else listen the spirit of prophecy says that he loves us as much as he loves Jesus can you imagine the thought. Say I know that you love me with the love that I'll never fully understand I know that you can I know that you want so I'm giving it to you and I make a decision faith is not a feeling who I feel L.M.I. says when we depend our faith on emotions we go into Satan's ground emotions are chemistry today you feel good tomorrow bad God doesn't depend on your chemistry God is the same when you feel good and when you feel bad and he knew your life before you lived and he knew you were seen before you committed and he decided to love you regardless it doesn't matter how you feel faith should not become dependent on emotions faith should be dependent on what he says on his promise on his word on his character he can't be depended on he doesn't like he keeps his word so faith is not an emotion it's a mind decision you say I decide to trust in you that's faith and then you don't allow your mind don't let your heart of people you don't allow your mind to deal with doubt when doubt comes you say Get behind me says Satan because without faith it's impossible to please God. Doubt makes you weak makes you discouraged a fully discouraged Christian is a Christian listen carefully my father used to say Birds fly over your head you cannot stop them but just don't let them make a nest on your head downwards temptations can fly over your head don't lead they make a nest when they come to keep them away Illinois says don't. Duck doubt. And she says Pray faith speak faith think faith because the way you tuck it in phrase though you think and the way you act nurture faith. Back about faith she says Praise the Lord as you have already received what you pray for each Joyce it do follow. You make a decision before you know what happened to praise him like a dose of Jerico they go around the walls and day seven day after seventy three start shouting but the Hebrew shout happened after you got the victory but they start shouting before they get the victory that's faith when you shout of victory before you got the victory do you understand that faith God loves that you see them they trust me those are my two cents. And so you give your problem to God you throw it at him you live it to theme you make of this unit trust him and after you talk to him about it you don't take it back you leave it there when you take it back you say I don't trust you you leave it there because you trust that he loves you and he is fully able and he promised if you see me first I will take care of all your other needs you trust in Him You make a decision to trust you move on and then you focus on him and his people and service and as you do that you say I trust that you take care of it test. And then you see how it works he cannot work because we after talking about our problems we keep trying to solve our problem by Jacob I am isa God doesn't need your help. You make a mess. Don't try to find solutions to help God get business serving let him work he knows what to do. OK our time is up that question takes about one hour and a half to talk about how to do it how you really live it there and move on but let's have prayer because we talk about prayer less have prayer and closes session starts in ten minutes again. Father in heaven we don't talk here the ology and doctrines that are extremely important to understand so we are sorry don't the Bible but we talk here relationship. To know Jesus what he's done in their life to know him enough to have peace in him what they will be go to to know that when they go to the waters when they go to the fire you are right there with us only have no reason to doubt or to shake to have joy in your Joyce always Father help us focus on you to the point out we forget what happens around us and focus on others to the point that we have a passion for people as Jesus said we pray in Jesus' precious name and thank you and that. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C A supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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