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2. Encountering God

Pavel Goia


Pavel Goia

Pastor of the Lexington, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • December 28, 2017
    10:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot. Org. And so. Questions and answers are better than certain ones because they address your specific need. And so I think we should give more time to questions on and force and less time to preaching. Could be started questions or start to the doc and then stop or really I don't know you have a Korean. Duck OK so. People think that even if they try to sort of they have no success and they are absolutely wrong success is not measured in how many people who take to church or baptize Jesus according to that measurement Doc criteria never saved anybody he never baptized anybody never took anybody to church we measure success based on our pride and based on our criteria success is measured in relationship with God and people not you should not more need to or but he deserves you should not be concerned with results let God take it over results food don't worry about producing trees don't worry about producing foods he's never worn light never what he's about lighting you follow me some of the never worries about salty you just need to worry about elation or sheep and God will take care of the fruits. And so. When people say to me I cannot give a Bible study I don't know how to do it they say I'm selfish and proud because if they say I don't know how to do it there are only two options either they are too busy with. Job whatever Satan would give it to you to keep you in bondage or they are afraid they will not succeed who cares if you don't succeed if you carry me as you are proud don't look for yourselves if you lose or succeed just keep thought of being on leave it up to God. Oh what would people safe I don't preach right who cares what people say Do try to please people ought to follow only keeps sort of you know that what people say and the results up to God and so. Moreover people don't respond as they hear it for Stein when they see you see them responding that after the second or third or fourth time average they say they do Byron and all those or do research that after the first time like onion people I like onion onion you don't plant a neat onion you plant onion and you give you something that has many seeds you plant the seeds and you give us more onions and you plants more onions and third year you get a real onion you produce every three years you know that don't the world you need to run your culture. The same with the Gospel you do evangelist people hear it and do nothing and then they'd get some Bible studies and they do nothing and you think you failed but if you do evangelism as a lifestyle not as an event you keep doing it the Regardless of the despond or not because you don't eat for results you do it because that's what you do oh you keep breathing and you keep preaching and you keep believing it for a time they hear it they react so if you want them to have a chance you need to keep working with them you want to change your church you go nobody changes you get discouraged give up you need to keep doing it regardless because after about four years and a half five years average barrenness is a church would change you just need to keep working don't look for use of God called you to work results belong to him you just keep serving you follow me or my master is late I'm going to stop feeding him feeding me not your business when the matter comes your business is to feed the sort of. You follow me let God do his job and you do your job. And so I had somebody come to me and say that works in a middle society neighborhood but where I live there are only millionaires they don't need Christ do you agree millionaires need Christ poor people need Christ millionaires have kids that they drugs many owners have wives their lives their lives them millionaires cancer everybody needs Christ everybody has problems everybody needs salvation everybody needs relationship do you follow me in fact many times those people are more me more miserable than somebody in Cuba I was in Cuba story in the story I was in Cuba and the lady brought to evangelism you heard the story if you listen to my surmise every night one hundred fifty kids more or less I say What do you do Tretton then you killed or you have a gun how do you get into church one hundred fifty kids one hundred seventy one hundred eighty one night close to two hundred kids what do you do to bring so many kids to a church and she says it's not about what you do it's about who you are. I said OK Who are you that they come to church and they say what is not about who I am it's about who I have. I say Come on answer the question. How do these kids get to church oh come on watch you cannot explain it in words you must see it I said this lady is crazy. So I said OK I come when tomorrow two o'clock OK. Give me a break so I took the local pastor tomorrow afternoon two o'clock we went to her house we were to her house like fifteen minutes before two o'clock she had a little hollows one. That was as big as this stage or a smaller. Smaller than my Certainly my walk in closet and in that little house that was covered in some Broken Steel may need care to put one over the other one so it doesn't rain in the house in that little house there or in the left side a bunk bed that had three levels for her orders daughter middle daughter and youngest boy on the other side a bunk bed that had two levels for the parents and grandparents between the two beds if you are big I didn't say fat I said big if you were big you could not walk except sideways the beds were so close to each other and this one as you would get outside from the from in between the beds in the left side was a camping stove and in the right side a little round three legs handmade table I've seen that when I was a baby and my great grandmother's countryside she had a round table handmade with three legs it was funny to even see it you know anyway and that was all she had and she sure as happy can you believe that and I have to refute generators and you freezers packed that if you want you know you have to troll what is expired and where no one else well no oil and I'm not happy you know she was happy like a muppet for you know Muppets they have the mouth all the way to the ears. You know she was a happy and I was wondering why she's so happy you know she was touching positive all the time by the way Happiness is a choice is not how much you have is what you look for do you look for blessings you count your blessings all you count your troubles that's all you fix your eyes on Christ but if your eyes on giants That's happiness you look for giants Jerico never come down you look for Christ or through come down before you even touch them you don't have to fight the wars and so. As I was talking to her kids started to come and she said this kids none of their parents have a job I do they have no food I have and she said I make fourteen dollars a month. And she said I cannot give them everything but I can get rice and bananas and shows them to see down in front of the house on dirt a little fence that was from here to the door like square and then she said Do you have the papers signed by the parents and they showed the papers and they said what papers and I said well I need to make sure they listen because kids when there are many they talk they don't listen and they need to make sure they listen and they need to make sure the date tell the parents so I can also preach the Gospel to the parents so what they do I don't have a Bible story and I told them if you don't listen to more you don't need. Basically you need to remember the story when you go home to tell the story to your parents and have them sign on this paper that you knew the story and you have the people assigned you eat again tomorrow that's Bart. And they said well the Bible has said OK everybody sit down now we pray they ate rice and banana and while they were eating Nobody were stocking because if they can they don't hear the story if they don't hear the story the parents don't sign and so everybody listening she told them about I don't even remember Danielson the lion's den or whatever or whatever and and I said How do you feed one hundred fifty kids with fourteen dollars a month she said I am blessed I have fourteen dollars a month they don't do this yourself blessed she says when I complain alone right we offend God. How many times you complain by the way there is a quote with she says when you complain we complain against God when you complain against anybody your boss your spouse your kids whatever you complain against God let me tell you why because nothing nothing nothing nothing happens by chance but all all things work together job he lost everything. Including his kids and his health in one day and he didn't complain because nothing happens by chance God is not asleep God knows everything and if God says no it doesn't happen and if it happened it means God allowed it if God allowed you to you needed stop serving it when you asked God to solve it you ask him to remove what he said to begin with instead of trying to solve it one and going against God You should rather pray that you learn the lesson whatever reason he allowed you to for he allows strives for several reasons that we don't know and the instead of finding out the reason we try to solve the try and find out the reason why did he allow it you may need to learn faith you need to learn patience when you are humble as you may need to run through under whatever you miss that you can serve and save and be saved because as you save others only as you save others you grow if you don't say if you don't grow you are never ready for heaven only God doesn't need you but you need it because as you save others you grow and so if God allowed it you needed stop so early and back to her she said I am blessed I have no problem I said Don't tell me that you don't have promise everybody has problems and I says Honey that's when you look at problems when you look to Christ you have no problems they fade and she says Don't you know the song Keep your eyes of our Jesus what a listen because we do sing the song but we have no clue what we say when we say. We don't even think about awards and songs and it says our prayer oh we check our text messages on AC as in prayer you can send a text message crazy anyone. And so she said to me I'm happy and I said why I am blessed I said how she is don't you see them how happy they are when they need to be blessed when you can see others happy to measure blessings not as what happens to you but as how happy are those around you. Nobody Prays right asking a blessing for self you remember the cold God never intended to give you blessings for self when he told Abraham I would bless you he didn't say he carefully I will bless you do so and that sold that you can be a blessing for all nations God bless you so that you can use that blessing and become a channel of blessings and bless others not for you and to the extent that you bless others you are happy and blessed Do you follow and so she said I am happy I am blessed I said how I have no problem I said everybody does she says no it depends what you look people I saw in Jesus and keep your eyes on the blessings I say show me should look around you see how happy these kids are when they eat it makes me smile it just gets my heart I feel like rejoicing when you see that you can make an impact in somebody's life and save somebody or help somebody that gives you the joy because it's a greater blessing to president to be blessed to follow God called you to be blessings not to be blessed it is Satan scattered to focus on. It is God's character to sacrifice self and focus on some occasion for others and helping others and serving others we are called to sacrifice self we are not called to be blessed stop looking for a blessing you'll never get it in fact Jacob as long as you want the blessing he never dull his father said You are blessed he never was blessed never had peace until he was six years old when that night he was fighting a stranger we thought realized that he was fighting God and that's what we do we so many times fight we think we find enemies and if I got that sense that drive and when he forty three rendered and gave it all up then God blessed him and made him a blessing for all nations and then he didn't have to fight his brother that night God showed him a dream to his brother said Don't touch him because when you surrender God fight your fights your battles and so the lady said I am blessed. Because I can see them happy and blessed so I said to my church member you remember the first story millionaires he says I live in a reach neighborhood those people don't need Christ I said everybody is Christ poor rich everybody needs a blessing everybody is looking for help everybody is Jesus you just don't know what to do and I told him about that lady I said you need to know what to do she knew that she has to give them rice in order to teach them Bible stories you need to see what you need to give them that they need so they can answer because after you serve them they are really into answer nobody can save a stranger only a friend your goal is not to keep them doctor is your goal is to build relationships only after regain the trust they are willing to listen to you never lead a stranger to Christ you can lead only a friend trust Christ method alone he for served in a to them healed them spend time with them one did friendship and trust and then he said follow me minister of healing remember to go don't you and so I told him you need to win their friendship stop making them Adventist and they become just like you. Made them friends why are they don't need anything everybody needs something pray he said what to pray for us God got to pray for don't ask me. We never pray write because we pray what we think we need to pray for and we don't YOU GOT we need we need what we don't even know that we need Does the reason is that the Holy Spirit has to work because we don't even know what to pray but we don't know what was and then I says we should ask God what to ask before we ask it great for want to preach before you pray for you pray before what to pray before you prayed to follow pray for God want you to pray not for what you think that you should. You may find yourself thinking that you pray right actually that you pray wrong and so I told him pray that God tells you what to do for those people not that God makes them adventurist pray that you kill Sort of them he said OK How long should I pray I said very simple until you get an answer why are you told us in the church that we should not pressure got to death with our request Yes I did say that when you pray for a house or for a car you need to be able somewhat in the middle of the prayer to say nevertheless mate you know where when you keep Please give me to be pretty easy I need each other please please please it's your will when you see God will after you please in the need you don't say nevertheless do what you are not what I ask and help me accept you joyfully is a sit in the garden they get a cup nevertheless maybe you will and you need to mean it therefore after you see that you leave it alone. Because if you keep pushing it it means that if you will you follow me so I said yes you do present your needs but you are the leave room for God's will but when you pray for somebody salvation does different if intercessory prayer that has no limits you pray intercessory prayer for ever because a long as you pray for you give God opportunity to work do you understand how it works. When you pray peckish in prayer you probably mistreat when you pray intercessory prayer it has no limits it's a matter of the universe or justice God has no right to abuse somebody is choice otherwise Satan would have been right God would be a tyrant God gave you freedom of choice choose today and you have the freedom to choose good or evil that's all you have you don't have the power to do it you just have the freedom to choose and as you make continue choices you allow God to work based on your choices. Therefore you need to choose Christ not daily but momentarily every second you need to continually choose every small thing count there is nothing too small every small decision small foxes in big violence. Small things that you don't even think about small daily nonsense stupid stuff count for your salvation because as you make small decisions it forms a character that becomes who you are small decisions every little step you need don't take it lightly you need to pray Jesus says I do nothing of myself one is nothing he says I don't speak my own words only those of the father usually I don't do my own actions John five and John eight I don't do my own actions I do a lot of the Father and I says that you would pray in the morning until he would receive the plan for the day you don't do what you want you as god for the plan and you say Tell me what to say and when to say it and how to say it tell me what to do and when to do it and how to do it you don't act like name Maya goes before the king before answering he prays you don't act we've got telling you to act that there is only make of us because we depend on impulse or our wisdom and she says our wisdom cannot be relied upon Do not rely on your wisdom because you don't know the future you don't know the picture God knows the whole picture and so back to the story I told him praying for what God wants you to do pray as long as it takes because it's intercessory prayer intercessory prayer you pray all the time because if that person says no to God God cannot for that person but if you say Lord help that person know you God has to walk with that person to answer your prayer so you praying for that person gives God opportunity to keep working with somebody that doesn't need God and says leave me alone do I speak to fast now if I don't pray for the gift of tongues. I can have our trying to speak low. And so the problem we have is that we don't spend enough time in prayer to understand God's ways how he was. Time in prayer and time in the world the more you focus on that the more you understand God the more you understand God the more he can want to you do follow and so I told my friend asked God for what to do and prayed for ever because that intercessory prayer as long as you pray it gives God opportunity to walk he started to pray a month to three months later he called me and said God inspired me that these people love food I still Americans love they worship. He says yes you are right I said I know I'm right I keep looking around. And he said My wife is Greek I know the inviting a couple of times over man she cooks that make it a reunion with Kalamata olives and unhealthy for touches all is good. I have water in my mouth. OK let's change the subject and so. He said I'm going to have my wife who Greek food and invite them over I said in my mind invite me to. He he told me oh by the way it's funny I went to visit him Crystal Lake close to Chicago X.. Neighborhood around the lake two three four five six million homes are you see them and you're like. Speech when you go to the dentist open mouth when I when I when I got to the gates to enter the neighborhood there was a guy let me inside and I was looking people came and met a say this Porsche and I was driving a theory Oh and my T.R.U. it was beaten all over because my father in law was hit by a school bus in the right side my friend backed off in a truck and bent the back it was all beaten and I knew that he plays the brakes and there was a nice change and the faster you go. You know and so when I when I when I got to the neighborhood. The guy was a kid he said you are in their own neighborhood I said no no no I'm here to visit my church member who is that I told him the name he courses there is a guy he says your pastor Yeah let him in he drives a Kia Rio. Imagine on those streets between those host a Kia Rio You know it's more like Mr bean curd you know. You keep your meat in your mouth and cheap driving between those millions dollars homes. It's funny but anyway and so he says to me God inspired me I'm going to invite them over and eat together and he said What should I tell them I said nothing you tell them your faith just when friendship but I had to tell you about God I said no as is the temptation. And it came in my mind and they told him the story from Cuba I said you don't need to tell you need to show that's what the lady told me is not about telling it's about showing leaving I said don't tell just show do follow me stop telling start showing only if you need would use it but just try to retreat all towards you lead your life should be good and so I told him and gain their trust gain the friendship and he said OK OK So he called me like a week later we DID IT WE DID IT WE DID IT I said Are you friends now not yet then you didn't do it. You need to do it again how long until you are friends oh these people have no friends fees that. You need to fix that he said I invited them over I saw a neighbor we never talked to each other we saved money morning and that's it I don't know them they don't know me I know nothing about the family or whatever problems we don't talk. That's the problem you know and I said they need relationship everybody that's the way we are create. And I said what happened. I told him a neighbor it's our university we have Greek food an ice cream come over let's eat together I don't know I don't have time come on is good for the let me tell you all my wife when he said God you spied me to kill him one my wife prepared he said God inspired me to tell him what you and I started my wife prepared this and this and that and cabbage and the Torah in a grape leaves that I don't know how to call them greybeards rolls. Crazy they are so good you can eat until you die anyway and so he said I told him I described while my wife prepared and this I was describing he left the car he said I'm coming. Not ised you know food food is like in like in cartoons you know. He said he came and I told him nobody eats in my house we don't pray or he says I don't believe in God I don't care just close your eyes wait for a second OK you go ahead and pray do I need to close my eyes well it's up to you but I would recommend that you do and then he says well you are me to pray for and the neighbor says I don't care I don't believe in prayer Well I need to pray for something and I don't want to pray for self Christians don't pray for self then you have to pray for what I don't believe in prayer but if you want to pray for something my wife just left me pray for my wife is OK He prayed and then the eight said let's play some games about it when you last time when you played again when I was young OK Come on let's play a game on each choice a little it's an hour I'm very sorry they played a little games and the guy says to him this is something that I have not done like in twenty years isn't it sad the way we live we work to have money to eat and we eat to have power to work doesn't make anything. To. Enjoy life enjoy a family enjoy it you know what God gave you Joy praise him for youth and enjoy it and share it anyway so he says he left and they said do it again he said well it was wonderful I said do it again. He called me a good following week I did it again I saw him the next Sunday said come over we have more food he says are you OK if I take my wife with me he said you said she left you she came back to pick up some stuff and she is here today and I told her about it and she said to me you are smiling I have not seen use mine in twenty years. Hello No wonder she left him I would have killed. I would have killed him. She said You are always stressed and busy busy business business business business you never have time for me you didn't have time for kids is first time when you see you smiling in turn yes they must have done something good to you. And he said you want to come with me she says OK what do we eat what do you eat and he says the neighbor told his wife what to eat and she came they both came. I said keep doing it next Sunday they brought the kids and they told him our kids never talk to us they are ashamed of us. And they saw that you came home happy what did you do that we ate and he played games and they said you crazy you played games. They brought next Sunday the kids and they all played games and it's the gospel brings parents and children together. Molokai you remember the hearts of the parents to the kids and the other way. And they said we always live in stress is the single place where we have no stress when you come here to your house we have fun we love we would love to move here is another go back to your. We didn't say that and you're. And then this is the crazy stuff when you do what is right God works next Sunday the guy says I have my neighbor that we work together in the same business or to do some business and I told him about you he wants to come can I take the neighbor. Evidentially there were eleven millionaire families eating together and he was praying every Sunday for each one of them and they would share with him that he to pray the family comes together and they feel blessed and they started to believe in prayer and they ask him what she goes to and he said What should I tell him I said don't tell them what they mean I said tell them I don't want to tell you he said what I said. I said you are not that if you have no problem to do that are you there. To be rude it's easier I said What do you mean don't tell them if you tell them the thing that you proselytize tell them I don't I don't talk about religion he says really I said just refuse it just trust me they said tell us what you do I don't answer that I'll come on now you think that I'm trying to make you what I heard says forget it let's eat let's have fun or come on please we beg you where if. You're on the phone instead of them led them back for you. They will never appreciate it unless they are thirsty for. You said only convincing them after the big give it to them and move on let the Holy Spirit convince them you're never managed to convince them I told him when you give it to them bequeath short don't insist don't money don't try to call me don't push just this is it by we don't believe it I don't care. What is it is wrong well that's your choice does mine you know do whatever you want you do what you want I do what I want your life my life. God didn't ask me to. Give you freedom of choice I respect that freedom of choice by I told him just just. Tell him to leave you alone. OK. He called me back you know what I tried to talk to people and to convince them they argue what I told them that I don't care they kept asking questions. And he said they want to understand more about what happens to people when they die I said don't teach them why they will not believe they have been growing with different thoughts and they're not going to change in a second have a D.V.D. let them watch Why because they will argue with you but crazy people argue that if you normal people don't. Let them watch it. Let them watch it so they don't argue if they say oh you don't believe it. Your choice let the Holy Spirit communion not you. OK Is it a said yep gospel should be easy. Long story short two years later I baptized forty six millionaires. If it was wonderful to go to a millionaire's church eat good they drive you know to say this is just absolutely wonderful trust me. The Gospel should be preached to everybody when we are not preaching the gospel because you know they are not interested we are all God doesn't have a harvest problem God has a war goes problem. God said the harvest plentiful there are no wars you think around nobody to be saved you are wrong you follow me and so. Basically for instance for instance you think about his arts you see that God doesn't answer your prayers you focus on results that's selfishness you want to know that you are successful that's pride there is no honest prayer that goes without an answer but air force comes in a different way than the way we plan therefore we should not focus on the results or success we should focus on relationship and focus on service that's your job let the gods deal with the result for instance I was in two thousand and three in Spain in Madrid preaching I preached nine times in one Sabbath they killed me. I had no voice I was my my back was hurting I was like if somebody comes and talk to me again I'm going to kill them. I need to sit down I need to rest I need to close my eyes and be quiet for a second just leave me alone and I was I was collapsing and I prayed all night and all the Lord is I left home having so many problems at home my roof is leaking my car is broken my wife doesn't have a car to drive I have so many things at home please let me not come here for nothing is lived there believes odds and there is no result nobody came nobody said Oh it moved my heart nobody got baptized nobody it was like a cucumber us. And I was so disappointed and so discouraged God didn't answer my prayer or I was not successful. And they left home and they forgot and that was two thousand and three this year two thousand and seventeen how many years later can you believe it two thousand and three two thousand and seventeen this year in March I mean Prague in Chile public speaking to the leaders of the E.U. to the European division and the guy Paolo Bonine from the division says I'm going to put you on the spot I said hopefully good not bad he says just wait for it. Like you're my fingers you know crossed and he gets in front of everybody and he says we have explosion in Italy and that I'm in what type of explosion. And he says Italy is dead spiritually they are Catholics but they have no religion nobody goes to church churches are empty only people that come to visit to this they go to churches churches are empty it's like a museum where people go visit their leave and you see only an old lady starting a candle alight and that's it people don't go to church people don't like the Pope people don't like religion they are just secular Italy is dead church is dying we go in minus every year minus three minus three point four The church is dying we are dead and they said instantly a miracle happened in Milan of he said the Milan church had sixteen members and the history hundred fifty. From sixteen to three hundred fifty S. quite a jump in a secular society. Now he says we went there to see what happened that church exploded the churches you fire there were sixteen elderly all dying later. And right now it's it's it's a big high five. And he says. We went there and does them and they said Death lady and the point you two are like seventy six year old lady and they won't even tell me the story she was well in two thousand and three I went to Spain to visit my kids. And he told a story under a recent to a prayer seminar the father read there and you got to my heart and I realized that I am so self-centered us and she said I recorded the whole sinner went back home to Milan and typed it in a forty four page brochure the whole savior and then read it again and again and if you time I read I got deeper and deeper and they realized that I have to apply every word and they started to leave it and they started to pray for my church that was hopeless but I understood that if I surrender and praise God needs one that fully surrenders God can do to one what he can do to Amelia because he doesn't depend on numbers or O'Neal is not about you or I'm not trained who can ask God used a donkey God can use you. Never want to end use and which is good but God used to be more yes he can use you certainly. And she said the more I was listening the more I understood that God needs one he can save the whole country and he should not have smaller goals when he prays more often God God is big we should have big goals we should not pray for a soul we should pray for the whole country. I love those prayers God loves those prayers. God used one in Moses to save the whole nation. A big prayers like like Westley God give me the county what I die day my life if you want but give me the Kountry. And she said I started to pray not only for our church but for the country and I do the right in the eyes of God I am small but you are big and I know you told me to play big I'm not going to let you go and I did it Katie my life to pray for our church and for our city and for the country and she said I prayed for about three months and my life started to change. And I thought God doesn't answer and they read again your prayer sinner and you say that God does answer prayers but when he doesn't answer is because we are not ready and he has to prepare us because if you told us for a spray We prayed what to do build an ark say that's crazy you need to pray enough until you're ready to just say yes or if he says build an ark you don't say open why it doesn't rain or I don't have the money or I don't have to you don't argue when God says You do know and she said than the student I need to pray until I am ready to do whatever he says so I keep praying and God keeps changing me and this was changing me people started to notice and to all the ladies from the church I mean sure old I want to hold to you all the ladies came to me and said Honey something happened to you you know. You are not the same you will always argue with us and now you are so kind as well I've been praying we all prayed no you don't. She says now I understand one of our prayers and they had no clue like disciples watching Jesus they thought they know how to pray and they watched him how he would talk to their father and they said teach us how to pray the following and they said how do you pray that we pray different and she started to tell them a few words from the prayer center and she gave them the brochure and they started to pray with her and they prayed one day a week to get out of the church at five thirty am for one hour and every morning at home everybody for one Oh and another two three ladies joined them and another two three men eventually the whole church sixteen people joined prayer and they prayed one day a week together and then they prayed three days a week and then they play five days a week together at the church between five thirty and six thirty am you think that's easy that takes commitment and people don't do it because people are not committed people are committed to a job school but not a prayer and she says we prayed for three months and nothing happened and there we did it again and he says they're doing four years or so before the relationship so we said we don't we'll keep praying regardless that's what God wants prayer is not an event prayer is a lifestyle. Answer to prayer is not an event it's a process when you started to pray I started to work said Angela Gabriel to Daniel but now three weeks later I come and give the answer because answer to prayer it's a process God his to all people you're not ready people are already if you stop praying Oh I didn't even after God cannot continue to work you need to keep race I got to keep working. And she said we kept praying but every kept praying we stopped looking for these olds don't pray for a blessing don't pray for users don't pray for the feeling don't put a period as a lifestyle if you pray for dessert or for blessings or for answers and they don't come you get depressed and stop praying for the source and then you don't you don't get depressed or I didn't get an answer don't look for answers before Jesus and so she said we just keep praying and the more you prayed the movie says God's presence you know our families our church that are to be needed and she said you know what a few months later a neighbor came at five thirty. He says folks what's wrong with you you keep coming one day a week Saturday at eleven and now you come every day at five thirty What do you do here at five thirty and she said we pray what do you pray for we pray for God's presence and we pray for the sick and we pray for the neighborhood he said I don't believe in prayer but I guess I can use some. And he says my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the four stage metastases and she has probably a few months to live she was home free for me for comfort and the ladies. From the division we did pray for her but we had no faith it didn't cross our mind that she would be healed we prayed but almost me we had no faith we just said all please be with her give her comfort and we thought you were dying you were there we prayed. That's what we do we pray but don't you know. And she says Isn't it amazing that God and source even the prayers when they don't deserve it I said in my mind on Paula when he said Are you crazy we never deserved God always sort of based on Grace we he asked us even when we don't deserve it we never deserve it and then all of a nice said Next week the neighbor came back and said My wife just went to the doctor for the next check and the doctor said by the way you are cancer free what have you done and she says nothing and she came home jubilant jumping floating flying. And she says either they are wrong or the miracle happened I'm cancer free. But her husband said I don't get it what have you taken she says nothing he said well I cannot connect except those crazy people who pray every morning. Let's go back to them he went to them and said listen my wife is cancer free we were like really. And they said to praise the Lord and they started to pray and the guy started to cry and he says this is the single church that I believe and they said you don't even know what to believe in is one I don't care. All I know is that you have God's presence and that's what I am what I need. People don't look for doctors people look for God If you don't have God's presence anything else will not convince them doctors are good but they work when you have the God of the doctors along you need to have the doctrines with the God of the doctors you cannot have God we told the doctors it's ward and you cannot have the doctors we told the God of the world you need to have both. And you need to see God because if you see Dr means you'll never fully leave then you leave the letter of the law we told the love and the spirit of the law you need to have the God of the doctors when he comes they come naturally you follow and so the neighbor said I want to be a part of this church this is the single church that is real because you have God and what we keep suddenly I don't care watch day you keep. He told his best friend next neighbor that guy came pray for me my kids left home they never came back they started to pray after about three months kids came home the next neighbor next neighbor the whole neighborhood for blocks came and there was a line and they were praying for everybody in the neighborhood and that's the church that they should have if your church called is does the neighborhood care or even knows. We should be house of prayer where the power is present and the people come there because they know that we have God and we care and we pray for them the whole neighborhood was there and they were praying what a church they were praying for everybody all the time and money says I saw them in the church everybody was hugging and playing with everybody there was nobody that was not praise for and he said three hundred fifty people got baptized and then other church learned and they do it six other churches now we need to do the same and they are growing and they said to myself in two thousand and three I was discouraged that God didn't answer my P.T. prayer and in two thousand and seventeen I understand that God are bigger than I thought to pray for Stop looking for answers just keep praying and ships are doing that's not your business just love God do what he does and you do what he called you to do I remember another guy from Michigan have you heard the story now good. He told me I don't know I don't know how I don't know how to pray I don't know how to pray for others I don't know what to do for others I did I said Pray for it how I said Make yourself available in the morning you still spending so much time praying for self and be miserable after you present your needs give it to God and then move on and spend time praying for others the more you pray for others the more you have for your needs I said pray for others he said What should I say God be with the others I said does more only. Oh God be with the poor made the gospel be preached the whole the Gospel doesn't preach itself you got to preach you got told you to pray you. Those he made the gospel be preached say Lord made me a sermon today. I made myself available here I am used me opened my eyes to see people in need or put my ears to hear your voice inspired me I made myself available use me today and help me forget serve and focus on others don't prayed that prayer because if you pray God you can answer it. And so he said OK and what happens next I say just keep praying that prayer and what if God doesn't talk God will talk he doesn't talk when you want him to talk he talks when there is a need he doesn't have the will we. Talk a lot of say Nothing talk a lot of say nothing you know he talks when there is a need when he talks you better listen so I say keep listening keep praying only seven he called me like two months later he says I did that and eventually after about a month got started to talk and though since the voice inspiring me kind of an impression saying this and that and every time I listen God blesses and every time I don't listen things go wrong I said that's it that's the beginning keep doing it. And he says God talks to me through the study got asked me to what happens I said That's it keep doing it a month later he calls me again we have got started to happen I said Give me one said OK one with up on the let me give you one I said OK I'm listening. He says I'm driving on Interstate ninety four it was a holy cause knowing day or night we hear snow Michigan snow you know they go together the snow slick nine months a year you know summer comes you know Thursday. If you leave where then come Friday in the summer you know. And so he he says it was knowing I'm driving on the interstate it's all white around the whole field and then I'm driving my S.U.V. I keep praying Lord made me useful made me a blessing not blessed me make me a blessing opened my face if there is somebody that I need to serve today here I am please open my eyes help me so help me be like Jesus and he says as I am praying I hear a voice in my head saying look to the Right now he said I turn my head and I said to my wife Honey there is a bump white on the field he says yeah I need a few of these bumping and here's why because it's knowing the whole field is bumpy and it's white is no no there was a specific bump unusual bump he says I paid them got Dormy he said yeah. He went to the no you don't he turned around. He went to the previous exit turned around drove again slow sure enough he saw the bump he stopped on the shoulder with the House of lights he walked in there way far in the field and there was a gentleman old man gray hair white robe ins no snow to over come. He took them in and he saw that here he had something that said his name and then out as I was. The guy was in a nursing home he left to go home he forgot how to get home and he froze he took him to the closest hospital and the doctor said a couple of minutes late would have been too late you just saved his life. And the doctor called the doctor of the man the doctor came A says the doctor told me that he was in a field covered with snow. How did you see him oh a long story fight and you will not believe just tell me Oh you think I'm crazy. He said I hear voices in my head. New Agers hear voices and they are proud shouldn't we hear God's voice. He who has ears to hear my sheep hear my your ears and hear behind you the voice it's all over the Bible but we never listen to busy. And he says if I tell you think I'm crazy she says just tell me how you did it well I prayed every morning this is how I prayed that God would open my eyes to be a blessing for others she says who does that in our society everybody is so busy with said nobody cares about anybody who ARE YOU GUYS SO who are the nicest. And what happened so God told me look to the right so I looked and they saw he got stuck for you know that's only in the Bible folks that's not the real world it's real she says I want to join your church but we worship southerly I don't care if you are shipped here that. Is but we don't eat pork do you chicken. Some of us OK. And he says Pastor would you believe he's come into a church or the whole family and ask why and she says because you have God's presence real do you see what works do you see how things happen what if everybody in our churches would leave that type of life what would happen to our families what would happen to all the churches what would happen to our neighborhoods to our cities Jesus should have come long ago but we are asleep because we are sleeping spiritually and self-centered practical do you follow me what would happen if we all did our life to relationship with God and people and to sort of this in total children into sacrificing life without worrying about self for getting self at any price and trusting that God who told you to do that. Promised that he would provide trusting that he is able and he keeps his word and he will provide what would happen what a light what an example when Christ character with would be fully reproduced in his children remember the quotation. Then Jesus will come why is user not coming. That's what we need I'm not saying that you should not go to church you should but unless we do this. Nothing will ever change and God will come and he will finish his work but will be outside oh I want Adventists Yes the five villages were Adventist and your villages they were dressed in white they kept the somebody had the lights you know the ward they day had everything they'd eaten Steiff an aide vocally is serious didn't save them because they had no relationship and no Holy Spirit and no service you know why the light was for it was the tradition in that time if you read the young boys and girls because three to No names stayed for like. Chaotic when they had their way the book the wedding happened in the night it started late after sunset and the last several days people that came from a different city would get lost so they had the young people have lights and they on the streets and showed the light the way light the way to the way the whole. God told you to show you don't weigh God even told you to just go to church and be good and be. That selfishness God called you to show the way to care to passionately disparate to pray for people anyway our time is up and I'm hungry. And I'm tired I just came as I told you in the beginning from Dubai folks let's have prayer together but this is how we pray you pray privately quiet for two minutes and ask that this is not another set of our listeners but this is something that will become Dorce. Don't look for a change change is not an event change if you cation it's a process it takes a life to grow to dust fullness of start of Christ children don't grow zip. It takes time don't be concerned with your change because with a relationship or service let God deal with change because he's the one changing you if you monitor your change you'll get discouraged because you'll never see their growth because children you don't see children growing Don't look to have a change no you have not looked to Christ. He works in the way that you don't understand anyway so stop trying to understand just keep praying let's change lead that up to him he will finish what he started he is able who cares he didn't die for you for nothing don't look for change just start start praying and keep doing it regardless if you live or die who cares just keep doing it five years down the road you look back and you say God has been walking you will not say today about today but do follow me you don't see the wind working but nevertheless the wind works OK So that's how the Holy Spirit works so listen let's have two minutes that we pray that God would help us starting today not tomorrow who help us to be doors and leave what we heard and then I will have a closing prayer. Father in heaven what a privilege to be able to talk with you come before the God of the universe our Father and Creator and Savior and open our hearts thank you so much for calling us thank you so much for being patient and working with us thank you for the privilege of service to work with Jesus and engines that's amazing Father we want you more than life please put in us a thirst for you a hunger for you that is greater than anything else you know lives and help us know you focus on your love you and allow you to work. Help us and for us to fully joy. Use us Father we brain Jesus precious name and we believe that you are already after and you have been waiting and you are answered in the spirit. You are working on we trust you your. We are not in your praise think. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C A supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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