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4. Now Is the Time

Pavel Goia


Pavel Goia

Pastor of the Lexington, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • December 28, 2017
    4:00 PM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources light this visit us online at W W W dot. Org. Somebody came to me and asked me we each one of the Titus was this sort of man neither I didn't those are sermons I didn't touch any of them. So don't look to those titles that was the intention but I didn't preach any of those sermons I always just filling stories. And I am debating right now to keep getting more stories or preach a sermon. And so I was in anybody from Kentucky here I don't see any hand. Where. Clothes are Kentucky then and so I was in a specific church in that area there. And so good church good people are good church Nevertheless things not happening. Because where there is no vision people perish we need to understand the depth of those wards where there is no vision people pain very simple if you don't know where you go you will not get there. Do you understand people who do church surviving from week to week they don't do church with the action. The church doesn't get together to pay M. plan and have a good action a vision this is the plan that God gave us specific they don't do that. And the Bible says that we should have a clear vision and when you pray God give you the blood. If you go to God with a good plan pray equal not happen unless the planning came from God. Therefore we have long board meetings and pray five minutes and talk to our son and we never grow and accomplish anything and have no success. Because we should pray three hours and talk five minutes. And so the church didn't have too many baptisms for the last seventy years or so I look in the conference books and the average of baptisms that was two three baptisms a year was mostly they own children basically somebody is born and somebody dies and they stay there and they don't grow and they don't go down they just revive specific to our churches coma they are dead they stink they need a barrier and so good people are smart loving God never the less nothing happening so I asked them I said for this board meeting I said What do you do for outreach evangelism or whatever and one of the board most important people said to me we don't believe in evangelism. We tried we had our own harvest son we spent forty four thousand nothing happened we had Kenneth Cox We spent thirty eight thousand nothing happened we have and they gave me big names they said nothing happened we don't believe in it you just take care of us I said yes change your diapers. You just take care of us come in time finish your ceremony in time. One of them told me you know Board meeting should not go over nine o'clock the holy spirit lives on nine o'clock. And so what do you do in a church that is the groups that they fight each other one group extremely liberal extremely extremely liberal one group extremely conservative and one group not believing in the Holy Spirit and in treaty What do you do with them and they fight each other and the church is down to one hundred ninety two one hundred attendance What do you do. You cannot just go and tell them what to do because they will not listen in fact one of the elders Stormie you bastards come and tell us what to do and as soon as you get a better call you move and you don't care for us. One of them came to me put his finger in my chest and said I don't trust you pastors I said Nice to meet your toe. So what do you do it will be a mistake to tell them how or what to do they will not listen anyway and if you try to manipulate you will not get any work and if you try to force it to start the war it doesn't make any sense so we started to pray my wife and I my wife fasted every Wednesday I fasted daily for hours at a time. I don't fast more than four hours but. I fast continually I eat every four hours and so my wife fast in every Wednesday she in fact she fast twice a year two to three weeks literally only water and she feels I have energy my memories back I see if I did for one day I would be shaking all over you know which. Anyway so we prayed two hours every morning and she fasted if you Wednesday after three months nothing happened guess what we did we didn't leave we doubled the prayer from two hours a morning to four hours a morning and instead of playing from five to seven we prayed from three am to seven am every morning do you think that's easy. It takes a bunch of commitment and sacrifice and then I did it one day a week every Monday I would go to church love myself inside the church unpaid the whole day from morning to night in the church over every pew and they're not easy and they said if God doesn't answer after three months we are going to double again and go. From four hours you're going to go to eight hours and you keep praying until Guterres us what is the plan in the fourth or fifth month of prayer I was a Can meeting I love committing and I hate committing. I love the communion with people I hate that tense full of spiders and more and. We are supposed to pitch tents for a whole week and then have committing for another week during that week I had to pray every morning you remember four hours that's not easy when you want the whole day and Pastor sometimes are not used to physical work you know and then Monday I prayed the whole day while preaching tense and the whole night twenty four hours prayer one day a week for the church and as I was praying by my bed Monday night I fell asleep with my head on the bed around two thirty am more or less God looked me up with a bunch of thoughts in my head and the thoughts were very clear this is what you do for us this is what you do second and this is how you do it and then this is what you do Third and this is how you do it and this is what you do for I was like This is crazies to much and they wrote down four pages and to me until four am to write down everything because you need to journal your prayer life and your study life you need to journal hear me if you really want to go you need to journal you need to have a booklet you need to have a calendar that is like a booklet and has a page for every day don't write long episodes long stories just write three words I pray for this and then this you are God did because later on if you look back when you read that the whole story to come back to your memory the Bible says Bless the Lord Oh my soul and do not forget any of his benefits. God told Moses in Deuteronomy write this things read them to your children and grandchildren again and again Illinois says we have nothing to fear unless we shall forget how God has led us in the past a you'll read what God has done for you in the past give you strength in the trial you follow me and so my father used to say whatever you remember you forget whatever you write down you remember so as soon as God gives you an idea when you study as soon as God does a miracle regardless how small or how big you write it down because tomorrow you say man that was a powerful idea I just don't remember. You need to write it down and I do more than that I write it down and finally see answers to prayer miracles big or small all of them I write them down in my daily calendar and thoughts from the study I filed then I write them down under a subject if it's about forgiveness and the forgiveness and the F. if it's about. Let's say a prayer under P. and then I put them on alphabetical order and every time I get some powerful thought or impression or paragraph that is under a subject I put it in that folder and after two years I got a list what folder you look to its for any time you can take one folder and preach a whole subject about that some of you follow me a whole sermon about that subject if you go into my cell phone I have followed their phone forgiveness for their full mission for their phone prayer for their phone service for us and if you say OK Lizzie five paragraph phone service I open myself or I go to that folder and give the most powerful part of national service because when I study I filed the most I underline highlighted them and then I filed them and this way slowly you build up an archive of thoughts on every subject you follow me do you diligently did that you get something and so going back to the story as soon as God gave me the facts I wrote down everything. And then I said I don't do it this is crazy nobody has done it before the you would think that I lost my mind so I went back to prayer and they pray from four am to seven and I say a lot of if this is from you I need confirmation at seven am I start praying is breakfast breakfasts about family those are holy things you don't miss them and so. A seven when I start praying I was ready to go to breakfast my telephone started to ring it was Dr H. me tremendous power how are you doing I said OK. You remember that you asked me in February to come to your church yes I will never forget that you said no. In my mind call me to give a prayer say me out and you know my answer. You know we are supposed to help each other you know is where we are but you know you asked me in short time and then schedule two years in advance I said Me too. And I said What do you go what do you want he says well a mountain view conference somehow or I don't remember the gene or somewhere there they by mistake double booked me with back at the graduation and so they canceled my meeting and I have a sub out a veil over I can come to your church do you want me to come I said. Come I said What do you have in mind well we didn't induce a pilot project we never have done it before and this is how we do it and he started to tell me what God told me that morning to fifteen or to thirty. Word by word and I was speechless because I prayed three hours for confirmation. And I've been praying for months for direction. And I was I was and he said what so I told him that I've been praying and God gave me the facts and asked for confirmation and he told me the same words he's like Wall said. Oh. So I can after can you think I go to my board and they told him the whole story I've been praying for four months and they double my prayer time and they prayed every Monday and my wife asked if they were you Wednesday and God look me up and God told me and I rolled down and then I pay for confirmation and doctors meet called A He told me one by word what God told me and what I wrote on the paper and they said OK what did God tell you and they said nope I'm not going to tell you. They said tell us I said now if I tell you you will not do it you need to pay and you've got tells you what he told me then you are ready for it they said Na-Na Na-Na you do that you are the pastor to does the reason you have problems. I said I want you to make this church a praying church and when God will transform you he's going to tell you what he told me and then we go together and from now on we are going to be all about prayer and before you pray the way you should pray we do nothing and you better go for a pastor because I'm not kidding and I said this board meeting is cancelled you go home and the Treasurer said I'll be here for two years we never cancel a board meeting. He said If you cannot stay you can go we'll have a board meeting we told you I said I'm the pastor you back yourself and go home I just cancel the board meeting if you don't like it call a conference. I was in the honeymoon I could afford to do it you know. Still four months in the district before six months passed by you can get old well most anything you know and so. I said You go home I wanted them to get it I'm not kidding and they said next month if you need them pray we don't have a board meeting again where we need to sit in the parking Now you have been sitting in the parking for the last seventy years. And nothing happened you don't need to see the parking and pain the church you need to pray that's what you need make plans how to fix the walls how to. Going to book then you don't think the building to have a. Zero is the church is not the church the church is the people. Jesus didn't come to die on the cross for the building. And I'm not saying that the building is bad we need to have buildings you know and I should be pretty good looking but hey if you don't have people in them was the purpose to have a nice building. You know so I said You go home and you pray every morning for one or two hours and as God for the plan the next Sabbath I'm going to tell the church that I asked you to pray and if you don't pray will not have another board meeting and you pray and the church will not have communion until late three and if you don't like it called a conference and then I said next month when you have board meeting I'm going to ask for you and if you give them pay I'm going to cancel the board again and again and again and I said I'm not kidding and then I left. Oh they didn't like me. And I didn't care. But you know good people they are good people wonderful I love them to death I mean I love those people in a second I would go back there I could retire there I just love them and they love me and I people good people with good intentions they don't do it because they have to be easy so if you want to happen you need to follow up so what I did next morning I called everybody in the board and prayed with them and the next morning Monday I called everybody and prayed and the next morning Tuesday I called everybody and prayed and after a week I told him I'm going to call one a day not seventeen people a day but you keep praying they started to tell me after a week of praying with each one every day that we never had anybody to pray with us so much as you do after a week of calling each one of the board every day and playing with them they told me we never had anybody to pray so much after about a month of prayer I would call one a day and they told me our life has changed our families have changed we feel better than any time before in our whole life and we feel our church is getting better and they did nothing except playing with them I didn't know programs no nothing just praying with them. Next month we had board meeting I said confession time. Hands up who prayed for God's plan they all had their hands up hopefully they were honest I don't know but I said you've got to tell you anything to have them on the one to tell their names but specifically two of them said Yup and they meet in a very short way said what God told me I said that's it and then I told to the board the whole story because when you tell them what to do they will not do it but if they get it from God then they will support it. You follow me it was not me alone it was from among them no and so it was is is not on the basis of one testimony but it was four people it was me Edge meat and two of the world when you have four people testimony it infringes all the others. Moreover they are ready because they have been praying for a month they are not in the mood of the day or in the beginning you follow me and so they got excited let's do it and they started to do it long story short I'm not going to go to the story first year we had one baptisms the second year we had sixteen thirty year we had twenty three forty we had about thirty six fifty or we had fifty who are in an Anglo church the no baptisms for the last seventy years like two to year fifty one how many stayed in the church because in the NE D. average over seventy percent leave the church within three months after baptism one out of fifty one left Moreover all fifty baptized they started to work right away. In a church where eleven people were doing all the jobs in five years we had two hundred sixty five people doing all the jobs active in the church with conflicts we thought solving any conflict never addressed them never trying to babysit the Saints and bring peace between the same is that fight each other. There was no more conflict it didn't exist when people pray and work conflicts evaporate. We thought you were addressing them. I gathered them together two times a year of my house to have visioning session we got together and we ate together and then we prayed for several hours for God's plan for God's vision because where there is no vision people perish if you don't know where you go you will not get there and so we gather together at my house and we ate and then we prayed and then I told him go in the woods fifty acres forest you have room go in the woods pray for God's plan don't come to me with your plan if it's small each YOUR PLAN MY GOD IS BIG come with gigantic impossible crazy nonsense big plans what if we don't have the resources if from God We don't need the resources God has the resources he owns the world I said wait for God's Plan period and then you come back if God doesn't give you the plan don't come back go home. They came back in five minutes I said write three of the most important ideas on a piece of paper five minutes later they gave me. Paper with three ideas we need to start a church in time and finish in time like Jesus you know he finished in time preaching. We need like Paul you know he preached until the guy fell of the window and. We need to do this and that we need to fix the horse and paint and fix the parking we need to I said good give it to me I do it in the fireplace in the. You burned our plans I said does there isn't a choice go back in the forest come two hours later. They went they left after about one hour or half two hours they started to come heads down humbled and they started they said we want to have our television we want to have our radio tower we want to have under six seven eight seven hours a year we want to have canvassing every year to the whole city we want to I said Are you crazy. That's too much. Is too big we don't have the money we don't have the people are just too big they said didn't you tell us. To play big I said well yes I did but you know. And I discouraged them I said no no no let's pick up one or two that are doable and that's it and they were not very happy because they prayed long time until God inspired them and they said Lord give us the plan after I finished sending them home and discouraging them from the big impossible expensive plans next day I want to speak for the energy for the prayer conference and I went to South Carolina and spoke there and then I go to the hotel room as soon as I get into my room I put the cup of water on the desk and then. On the table and then I open my cellphone by then I open the laptop when I open the laptop I hit the cup by mistake and the cup spilled all over the cell phone it burned myself or oh I was so angry because in my whole life I've never broken anything I never lost the key I never lost a telephone my wife will not find the telephone and then find it in the refrigerator. She found one on the deck outside after a week of rain. Honey how do you break the force you changed your telephone you always broken says Oh you always play me don't you break anything no. I fix things I don't break things she is she she lost the car keys an issue my keys and she lost my keys and then she took the vein she said she was a month to the truckie so she was the one we had to play for a week and look in the grass and the leaders came over she found the keys in the grass in front of the house how I never lost a key in my life if you turn of the lights I know what word to take things from I'm picking difficult to live with myself you know. Now first time in my life I broke a telephone I gots pain in my stomach instantly I was angry not because of the telephone but for breaking it you know so I go to Jacobs and I said Richie can I use your phone see what happened to yours I broke. Through To give you her cell phone I called Donna Hey honey I love you I miss you how are you doing every night you know before going to sleep we talk all day go on Skype only talk until you fall asleep and she says hi Lutie I said no it's me she says why do you call me on the cell phone. I said the girl is not to go there. She's a no no no no let's go there. Says what happens your telephone Well I broke it praise the lord she said. Why did you Joyce finally now you cannot say anything about me now you broke one person but I broke one not one hundred she said it doesn't matter you are you are like a human being too I said yes I am I have other problems I don't pray things I eat I do other things you know. She said OK are you upset I said yes she has done to you or come to the club just forget. I said OK OK So we talked after we talked I go to sleep but before sleeping I go to prayer Well I cannot pray I try to pray and I had no peace and I said Lord if there is something between you and me please show me if I have to fix something and God said you asked them to pray for the vision I gave them the vision and your pose them in your post me. And I never want to be in God's way many times we in the church instead of being the ones used by God for his work we are in the weight limit in God's work like around the people that were around Jesus and the paralyzed guy could not get to Jesus because of Jesus people we are those limiting people that come to Jesus because of us and so I say Lord unsocial you are being in the way if you forgive me and if you somehow fix it all that I did wrong if you fix it I'll go before the church confess my sin and thus forgiveness publicly esle as I finish praying and believe me when I broke the telephone I prayed over the telephone in you didn't start I took the battery out dried it with a hair dryer and put it back it didn't start I put it in a bag with rice it didn't start it was dead it would not even turn on if you know as I finished paying my dead telephone started to ring. It was a lady not an Adventist and she says I am so and so I said OK she says I am the director of the local cable T.V. in Lexington and she says we try to put. Three hours four hours the most a week with some speech or programs to help our community and I went to several churches and they cannot find quality programs or money politics nothing preaching something healthy for the soul so she said I went online and listened to every church only sends to your church and they like what you preach and so she said it's sort of thousand an hour a couple hours and seven thousand an hour a day low time like two am it's seven thousand. Seven pm It's fourteen twelve to fourteen thousand an hour however I'm going to give you two for free three hours a week. If you allow us to put your sermons and she says it's going to cover an average of two hundred thousand households. That evangelism you get into two hundred thousand households through the television preaching the gospel praised all that was like I just finished paying Thank you Lord I got it for free. And as soon as she was I said yes no problem as soon as I come back home I'm going to have my people contact you and to do it and then I say my telephone worse I'm going to call Donna and when I look at the telephone is did not even on. So I am looking into a dead phone and he thousand. It was a man he says I am the member in that church twenty miles away from you and my church is more and they are they are not able to have a radio station but God inspired me to have a radio station so I'm going to donate a radio station to your church and she says I'm going to give you so much money in the room and the utilities and selling it on a paper and you just have the money to pay the fees and the installation and so on and so forth everything that I will post God gave it to me on a broken form within half an hour. After I closed the telephone in the conference we want to have a project a pilot we are going to send I can't any kids to a church to do canvassing every year for so many years would you accept if we send them to your church on our expense our books I said Bring it on. One after the after in half an hour everything that I will post everything came back. The telephone never got fixed I had to replace it. That was punishment for me brainy my wife you know for breaking things. Because she's so good in so many other things she's sometimes you drive me crazy how patient she can be I have no patience I was born with a very short temper you know. And when I don't pray you don't want to be around me. And so basically I went back to the church following Sabbath and I said remember when you came for visioning year and they told him what happened the whole story and they were all jumping up and down in the church screaming happy who have television who have read all of this and all that God gave us he provided we taught us as a nun Not yet not yet we got so much for the radio but they did somebody search we need another twenty seven thousand for the fees installation and so on and so forth. I said OK let's pray for it we prayed we went home we did no fundraising in a week or so we had fifty six thousand raised. When people feel that he's God's plan people give. And you don't need to pull teeth you know. And they got the radio and you got the regular You took twenty four seven radio and you got the revision and he got Internet and he got downloads like an average of two hundred eighty thousand downloads a month each month from over sixty countries worldwide and he basically in a small church one day said we don't want to do we want to reach the world it happened sixty countries when I lived there sixty countries two hundred eighty thousand downloads a month for the last three years each month reaching the world another just fifty sixty emails a day from all over the stories powerful stories life changed churches revived just listening from those sending us just just powerful impact it was humbling experience to see how God leads when you pray God changes the church that church became a different church people that came people who say is the most all of them no exception the most friendly the friendliest church we have ever seen in our lifetime that's what God does when you pray we doubt your effort we doubt you're trying to convince money prate fight you just spend quality time seeking God on his plan and he does everything else. That's the covenant the covenant is not as people think the Ten Commandments the Ten Commandments are part of the covenant but the covenant is bigger than that God says if you let me be all God I will give you the law I will put the law into your heart you cannot do it but I will give you a new heart take your stony heart and give you a fresh heart out right in your mind I'm going to give you homes that you didn't build I'm going to give you a garden that you didn't plant I'm going to give you a country with a big army that you have no power over I'm going to do follow me I'll go before you I'll give you health I would bless you I'll give you a victory I'll give you success just let me be your god where relationship with me focus on me and let me take care of the other things everything the law the success everything else does the government and what they said will do all of it and in forty days they failed and God you think give them a new covenant the title is The Old Covenant renewed right in the Bible does the title Old Covenant renewed God give them the same covenant says to Moses they are a stubborn nation tell them that I will do it for them out go before you our do this for you all do this for you just let me be your god. If we would understand what relationship means and if we would just see God more than anything else with all our heart all our mind all our strength all our power all all our time with all our energy to the point of giving up health giving up life giving up family giving up everything we have or doesn't hate mother and father and mother in law and son and daughter and everything and job and self is not worth it to be my disciple. If we could understand those words to give it all up surrender not only the bad but also the good everything whatever good you have surrendered it don't keep job don't keeps salvation give up salvation give up heaven why do you want Heaven to live forever without disease. My my father said If God was book he had no heaven no blessing no it or not life no health no nothing I can see him because I don't see him for heaven I see him because I love him I would stay with him until we both die suggest us don't suggest you follow me when you get Jesus blessings come along God doesn't ship U.P.S. blessings they come with him seek Him when He comes you get all of it in one package so we I was ready to start a sermon I have my people to me about six seven sermons but we keep telling stories what time is it. Ten more minutes let's take one more question and that's it. I'm at twenty five more minutes maybe we can go to half of the summer. It's simple uncomplicated I and the Father are one and John seventeen you need to be one just as the father and I perfect unique in the family perfect unity in the church to be one with each other is Father and Son are one and he says when you do that the world will know that you are my people how do you accomplish that you cannot but the closer you get to God The closer you get to each other is that the Harb and the will of the bicycle the closer you get to the hub the closer the spokes get to each other basically when you see God the more you know him the more you are transformed the more you become like Him the more people see you and they don't see you they see him the more compassion and love you have and mercy and you went and you love people you don't look for problems you look how to help them love covers everything love understands you are in a member and the more you love people we thought even trying to love people because you become more and more like him and that's when you become one. Is the same answer like all the others spend time in prayer spent time in the world because that's how you reflect how you contemplate how you meditate how you get to know God spend time with Him in prayer and in his world when you do that you get closer to him you get to know him and you are transformed we thought effort you become more and more like him and the more you become a him the more you realize how bad you are and you need him more and then you seek Him more and you come even closer to him and then we don't realizing people say you are different that's a process it takes time you never ends. OK let's try to go to a sermon at least attempt to go to a sermon Let's see if we can connect to the project or somewhere there should be a connection I don't know. I suppose I'll find it. Maybe right here somewhere ya praise the Lord. Thank you you see by the way before you start does my mom and my dad. Are in a pretty. They look almost as good as I do. Does me and my wife thirty two years ago only got married. Our wedding and then our kids OK this is about fifteen years ago or more. This is about four years ago. It's the good looking guy that's me. Then my wife Gabriel our oldest son or our younger son Denise is Gabriel's wife Kayla it's obvious wife wonderful kids all of them we love them to death wonderful kids they call us too many times a day they tell us every day what they studied the paragraphs the testimonies the stories the miracles that God did for them they call us and say How you doing and pray with us they not only does call every day day visit us of least once a month is just it's absolutely they go with us in a vacation sometimes too much I said I want to be with mom now we want to come along. This is them. This is our granddaughter. She looks like me. And this is the other children. Gucci he sleeps around my head like a crown. Prada Ross. OK. You're like the pictures. It would be very sad it would be a major loss to go to a Christian life and not know God's plan for your life Ellen White says that God has a purpose for each life God has a purpose for each one God has a purpose for you isn't it sad that we are very much interested in our plans but never interested in God's plans. And God says I know the plans I have for you and he doesn't refer to the plan of salvation he refers to the daily plans it's proved or Jesus would pray every morning that God would give him the plan for the day why don't we do that and so I preached in my very first District twenty six twenty seven years ago about seeking God's plan for everyday life and this I was preaching about that I told him we have evangelism in four months we really need to pray a lot what God one whew to do the disco meet will be reached and I told him God has a plan for everyone I don't care if you are educated or not rich or poor young or old healthy or sick God can use you because he's not about you don't give me the I'm not trained I don't have time that's selfishness is not about you it is God's power in you God says go in the world and if you go I will be with you if you go God goes with you so I said Seek what plan got has for you and don't tell me that I'm busy that selfishness do what God says is God gave you a gift use it don't beat in my Bible the one who buried the gift was thrown outside those that use the gift war inside. There are two guys in my church you have may have heard the story how many of you know the story a few of you two guys in my church crazy mentally sick literally they heads a room but there was no furniture in sight. The elevator didn't go all the way up. They were had. And her have all the time we had visitors coming to church and they would go how are you doing and I said leave them alone the visitors will never come back you have told us to love people. But you don't pester them today if you say hi and you leave them alone. It takes patience. They came to me Pastor you said that God has a plan for everybody what do you want us to do I said oh my. How can I get rid of them. I said I know you go home and pray oh OK. They went home and they talked the two brothers he said that they should pray. He did. But he said that we have evangelists and the vengeance is for people not for us that means that we need to pay for people. But people don't know that we pray for people that means that we need to pray with people so they left and they went to the first house in the town small town the fifteen thousand households are very small everybody knew everybody in the town and the knock in the front of the. Pastor said that he should pray for you but we don't know what problems you have tell us how to pray for. And the guy says I'm broke I'm poor I have only a cow the cow is sick I went to the doctor and he said there is nothing he can do pray that God would heal Michael That's my single source of income Lord heal the cow by. Simple short prayer learn here the cow. This house what do you want to pray for. Pray for my kids or don't pray for my job pray for my in a month they pray for the entire city house to house door to door they came back to me we prayed what do you want us to do next. I said to myself it was quiet in the church for a month go back and pray more. They go home and their parents told me they talked for about two hours now we did pray for people who should do pray for well what is evangelists for people then we need to pray for people but we did oh maybe he wants us to pay more for people let's go back they went to the first house and the guy says then I says Who are you people might call God world God answers even the prayer of the foolish Can you imagine that. God doesn't look to you if you deserve it or not if you are smart or foolish if your indicate or not if you pray with only one keep praying God answers isn't that something. They went to the second house they went to the first house they came back after another month we prayed what do you want us to do next I said. They went back to the first house again they prayed the three times to put all the homes in the whole city. People who were hugging them are loving them and saying no church no pastor no family nobody pays for us you guys you don't come one time you keep coming you really care what he had eventually the whole church brought two people to church they brought forty four. Forty forty three out of forty four got baptized and I told them you don't even understand our Duffy's they said we do understand that you are a pain George. We are not a brain church those two guys who are praying. Can you understand what God does to anybody to anybody God can use literally anybody is not about you oh I cannot I am I don't have training who cares Yes we do need training but training we talk God's presence makes no difference and so I told the church God has a point purpose for you it would be sad to go through life and not know God's purpose and never fulfill it and you call yourself God's child shouldn't we search LORD What is your plan for my life shouldn't researching the LORD What is your plan for today do you have somebody the Nice to be blessed somebody they need to be helped somebody that missed to cry with somebody somebody needs to praise for somebody that needs to be listened to you may not have money but you can listen and care and pray somebody there needs a hand of help somebody or do you have somebody than is me today open my eyes just a should be in the world to you and me we should be the hands and the legs and the mouth and you follow me. We are His church shouldn't doing men and this is only the title. There are forty five slides. And so like. I was stuck into a guy maybe you know the story that into a guy and. Academy he was the pastor. And after that he started to pray every day that way and then he called me and he said a few months later since I do that God uses me almost every day I leave a different life I give gifts about before but I never experience this things before since I do that God is using me more and more and I am happy I feel blessed that God can use me to bless others and they see people happy and they see people coming to church because of me I told him you're going to see people in heaven that you don't even know the day was touched by you like like I was you know I was three Leah a guy comes to me and he hugs me and he says thank you I said I don't know you. I said yes you don't my son left the church left the family when I try to talk to him he told me every time if you talk again about God I'll change my email my Facebook my telephone my others you will never hear from me again I don't want to hear about God or the church I don't care for GOD LEAVE ME ALONE I don't believe in God I hate you and they hate the church so he said I didn't know what to do. And they listened to the prayer center and then I read your book and there was like I'm going to pray for him that's when they get in trouble and you start praying for them because God starts working and he said I started to pray and after a while God inspired me to tell him to read one page from your book and they said one page doesn't make any difference but hey I did it when we met I took him out we ate and then I said listen let's make a deal I will never ever talk about church or God again he said you cannot do that you cannot help he said No you read one page from this book you don't have to believe you don't have to like it you don't have to buy it just read it and then told it over and if you read one page I give you my word I will never talk about God again he says you cannot do that can you keep your divine in the page you leave me alone the church yes OK give me the book. That night he finished the book in the morning he called his father said I'm so sorry please forgive me he came back to church he got baptized when I suppose you can meeting the son was there you meet people in heaven that have been touched because you pray and you don't even know about them and so. The guy told me from the academy you remember a story from the academy he said after listening to play a seminar I started to do that and God is using me every day. And he said something happened yesterday I said tell me what happened he says we are in vacation the Academy is closed it's a boarding school nobody there and they prayed in the morning and I said Lord what is the plan that you have for me today. I made myself available use me today made me a blessing and then I left God didn't say anything but I kept praying driving the car and praying and he says as I was driving my wife and I went grocery shopping and then we went there and then we went there instantly God said to me go to the Academy so I told my wife Let's go to the Academy and she says why is closed is the case is the world got story she says No honey it's your mind he said no it's not my mind would have said let's go to all the garden if it was my money. He says let's go to school she says is that nobody there he said I don't know honey I cannot argue I know it's crazy but let's go to school they drive there in front of the closed gate there is a guy crying they stop the van and he says why are you here and the guy says twenty one years ago I was in the school I was exposed they called new drugs and then I was called to drugs by the police and put in jail and then I got out and I was called to drugs again and put in prison and then I got out and they started to sell drugs and do prostitution and they called me and they put me in prison for a long time I lost my family I lost my job I lost everything in prison somebody gave me some Bible studies and I had time to think reprint So today I got out of prison and I want to change my life and they need help and I don't know where to go and this is the place where I learnt about God so I came here and the doors are locked and they prayed Lord send somebody please. Now tell me why you are here is what I prayed that God would send me somewhere. Do you understand how God works. If we did a kid ourselves to service daily And so how do you know God's plan for you how do you know God called Israel so they would be not only the pastors but all of them a kinda of priests now remember Ellen Weiss says that when lay members will unite the efforts with the past you remember the quotation where lay members are going to unite the effort with the pastors then will finish the work basically she says we all are called in God's vine yards when God said go and preach the gospel from Jerusalem today at some area to the end of the world he didn't address the past us here addressed everybody do you follow. But Israel became good their legion what they did they went to church kept some but ate clean returns tight all those Don't get me wrong are good things somebody came to me why do you speak against TOEFL I said I'm not speaking against awful. Awful is good we are supposed to be good stewards thinking of our bodies and saying that those good things we do with God have no value they have to go to gather you do this and you don't leave the others under you follow me. That's what I'm saying. Israel did. The doctrines we tout the relationship and we put out the love and if you say you love God but you don't love people then you don't love God because if you love me you treat my kids right and then I love you if you say you love me but you don't you mistreat my kids you don't love me because if you mistreat me I don't care but if you missed my kids you get in trouble me give her only God loves His children will you mistreat somebody or you don't care you don't love God because you don't love God's children he died for them all of them have value. And so Israel didn't care for love and didn't care for people they eyes already themself in the church and the church to themselves they prepare the programs then they watch their own programs and then they applauded them self's and that was it what purpose do you have to go to church prepare a program then you listen to your own kids getting the program then you say wonderful and then you go home why do you do it if you have a cow that gives milk and then brings the milk the cow why do you have a cow or. The church you don't do farming in the barn and you do farming in the field and bring the harvest in the bar the church should happen in the field you go Jesus didn't say stay until they come go to them and you go to them and Jesus doesn't say that the gates of hell would come to church he said you'll not have power over you that means that you'll go to the gates of he'll and you poor people from Satan skin them and bring them into God's kingdom you are supposed to go does the command the great commission not the great suggestion. And so. I told them an Israel lost their mission God did not call them to salvation God called them to sort of this god called everybody to salvation not only Israel God wants everyone to be saved and no one to perish and so they would be saved as long as they would fulfill their mission you're not called to salvation you're called to mission you're supposed to be in the good news the whole world to all nations and tell them how God is so those people have a chance to be saved but they eyes already themselves and the others for unclean dogs and they spent all their speech your life inside the walls the temple you follow me therefore God rejected them not because God doesn't love them they as individuals can be saved and God called you and mean the church and you second Peter in first Peter two nine the same bible verse is repeated God called us to be a kingdom of priests if we don't do it rocks will do it but you lose salvation because God told you to save others and so you're supposed to be a force of attraction to the fallen world to show the all God's love powerful quote Yes they didn't do it so Paul talking about it doesn't try to change them because they were dead long ago when Paul the Apostle is stocking he's trying to teach us how to do difference so we don't fall in the same trap the same mistake says today if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts is they did make sure that there is no heart of unbelief in you today to not have a second time your hearts they didn't enter in the Promised Land because of unbelief now trying to learn what time is it our time is up isn't it. Years our time is up is meal time we cannot miss a meal that. That's a no no. We just started we continue to by the way tomorrow morning I have a limited time I have to catch my flight so we'll just try to cover three more slides. And I'm even wondering if we should continue this or talk a little about end time events we'll see is the spirit leads folks you don't need a sermon or you need prayer. It's a privilege for me to be here. Make a decision don't lose your time here hotel money food don't lose time make a decision as the Lord to change you at any price say Lord if you have to kill me to punish me do it I give you freedom I give you permission I beg you do whatever it takes for cold water and ice for me when I sleep wake me up to pray give me a passion for prayer give me a passion for you give me a passion for people help me love people more than I love myself i love you with all my power my strength can be focused on you to the point that I forget self help me focus on you to the point that I forget my cancer help me focus on you to the point that I forget my divorce help me if I only pray this partly for a relationship with God and people when you do that he loves that prayer humor not only that he will answer that prayer but He will take it off your problems too because when you focus on God He focuses on you you are not called to solve your problems you will make a mess you are called to serve let God focus on your problems to do a better job let's pray and then to go and eat Father in heaven. Thank you so much for working with your spirit in our hearts sometimes you wonder how are you going to change but we know is not us changing us each you help us focus on YOU keep our eyes on you and keep trusting you when we understand and when we don't based on your grace and your power and your promises and your love to help us just keep seeking you for. We brain Jesus precious. God bless you two more. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C A supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot G. Y.C. Web dot org.


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