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5. Victory in the Final Conflict

Pavel Goia


Pavel Goia

Pastor of the Lexington, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • December 29, 2017
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources light then visit us online at W W W dot. Org. Well I hope you enjoy. Congress because I believe God's presence is here and moving. I hope you don't spend your time and money and go back home the way you came because if we don't make decisions every day listen folks every single small nonsense decision counts enough already definitely. Because moral decisions create hobbits hobbits makes character make character that is who we are and he's very difficult to change so the Bible says that the small foxes will be in big vine yards people pay attention to be given and they come twice you know life and people don't pay attention to daily small events and those create who we are anyway before we start let's bow our heads or have a prayer Father in Heaven again you humbleness. We pray that you come with your spirit. We are not worth it we are not able but we come in Jesus made and prayed A-Q. open the warranty and touch of the heart according to your grace and wisdom of love that we may be transformed and know you and sort of you love you. Please fork because you know exactly what everybody needs in Jesus precious name and military pay and thank you amen. And so I don't know if we have time before the start for a couple of questions if you want to raise your hands one or two questions and then you start because we have very little time today OK. Three. Zero. Zero. Zero zero. I just. Wanted to be how we to be to pray for two hundred people to have a long list well God bless you do that he'd God put it in your heart I myself tried and. I personally and I I'm not sure if I am right you don't have to take what I say you need to do your research study your Bible pray about it and see how God leads you I personally don't pay for two hundred people I take a few labor over them and then after a certain period of time I move to a few others because I don't feel good to pray over many and say a little about each one I would rather pray over a few and be. Very specific and very thorough if is the word in English. And you may have heard on the Internet the story of my son when he had the accident probably most of you don't know the story who knows the story most of you. I didn't pray for my son when the doctors told me here's four hours to live I didn't pray Lord hear my son and then move on. My wife and I prayed for nine hours. Nine hours straight and before that we had been praying for him for twenty years and I just don't believe that and any prayers would have results you want results you got to put your heart into it. You put your heart in your job even when you don't like it because you don't want to get fired. Why not put your heart in your relationship with God. And so personally I take time over each name and this is how you got you get it this way you actually get to love people you will never get to love them unless you invest in them and don't imagine that is so simple to pray for somebody nine hours you get to a point where you kind of and that's enough and then if you continue you start carrying and started laboring like Jacob that night and then you really want an answer and then you don't give up when you get to that point you start loving that person and so anyway that's what I do there was a hen there quick. We what happens how do you pray nine hours he told repeating I'm not saying that you got to pay nine hours I did when our son was dying and God turned it around but I'm not saying that you got to pray nine hours there is no place in the Bible to specify two or nine you pray as much as is needed but But what I am saying. We have a tendency to repeat the same again and again the same requests were only pray for a temporary need and let me explain that. You pray to sell a house you pay to get a job we keep repeating that prayer every day. For getting there the gods does care. We pray because we are not secure. And we are not secure because we don't know God. When you get to know him regardless what you go to you have peace. Those prayers you should not repeat for ever because if you say maybe you will be done you really need to make room for God's will to be done God may not want you to get a job or to sell that house God may have a different plan that you don't understand now therefore you put it in God's hands but then leave room for His will and accept it joyfully whatever that will may be. But when you pray for somebody's salvation I'm not saying for somebody is life when we prayed for our son after five hours of prayer I sense that God is not answering and I feature I'm praying for his life to accepting that he will die I'm praying for his eternal life does not you for a parent before you are a parent you don't know what I'm saying when I say Lord if you want to take his life I will accept it my wife started to scream Are you crazy. But I said am I God And so I fish to praying and I said I'm going to let his live go but I'm not going to let go and there yes I was repeating myself and I said I don't care if you kill me or if I go crazy but he doesn't a life I don't give up you can tell you might have an ally but not his. And my prayer and accepting that he will die God gave me peace instantly and said he will be saved he got he didn't say he will not die but half an hour later the doctor said miracle he has no born but there is no brain damage and so when I accepted to give up his life God gave his life back but I didn't get an answer when I kept asking for his life I got an answer and I kept asking for his eternity so we confused those prayers and is something petition prayer and something else intercessory prayer so those are that's the difference. Quick. So. Let me explain. Explain a little what you said so everybody can understand why we pray focusing on problems. Therefore we pray why I mean prayers. Get you hear what I said. And the more we focus on the problems the more depressed and faith less we are. God works through faith we told faith the Bible says it's impossible to preach or to walk with God or because faith is the channel that we can receive the impossible the things that we cannot even understand. Unless we have faith in God cannot work therefore instead of praying focusing on the problems we need to focus on God's work God's power God's promises because the more we focus on those the more we nurture build feed develop faith and when we develop faith then God can work and we can receive he is and source therefore is not the promises or you praise God or repeat God's words because God needs to be flattened it is because you need to build faith and you look to Bible prayers Joseph that he was attacked by a great gigantic army a confidence between six different countries gigantic army he had no chance zero from a human strategy called perspective. He doesn't go. There then he doesn't do that he pays the letter from a son Harry B. who remember he goes into the temple put the letter down before the Lord and he says. Who are you you are a wonderful God I cannot forget you got us out of Egypt two great heads plagues you got us to the Red Sea you spring the sea. You. Gave us food in the wilderness and water in the wilderness food from heaven raining food you sprayed the rock you did that you did that you gave us Jericho you gave us an OG You gave us this and you gave us that when you turned the sun back ten hours and you did that what is this for you this is nothing this is a joke why do you think that he would tell God what God did in the past does God need to be refreshed because his memory showed. He didn't do it for God You cannot go to God ask something before you first understand who you are talking with. And by seeing who God is it helps you build strength and faith and then you can have confidence to ask you cannot trust before you have peace and confidence and faith only then you can ask disciples in the upper room Peter and Barnabas imprisoned disciples don't say Lord please please is that we've heard them from prison they say you are an amazing God and they start pointing what God has done in the past bless the Lord O. my soul and do not forget any of his benefits they point the miracles from the past and then they say it is safe to trust in you that you are deliver them we don't know how but we know what you have done in the past we know you. Therefore you point promises you point you point God's character you point across it builds faith to focus on God's character instead of focusing on the problem. When you keep your eyes on the problem you go down like Peter in the water when you keep your eyes on Jesus you can walk. You understand OK last for. So he says I said don't focus on results or answers focus on relationship however you said that we told vision people perish if you don't focus on results it means you don't have a vision Now those are two different things that I meant we should have a vision we should desire results we should. But if we keep looking for answers and sort of don't come most of the time I see people I talk to people every day people get depressed when they don't see an answer but if you keep looking for Jesus if you keep looking for an honest close relationship with God. You get to know him and you are not so depressed when the results don't come because you know here and you know that in his times you were better than you pray way better than you imagine. Way better than you can even dream or expect therefore it's in your interest to get to know him instead of waiting for an answer you should desire an answer if you don't use an answer why do you pray. Is just that if you keep your eyes on the answer if he doesn't come it's warm and I've been praying for six months and I think keep your eyes and Jesus and let him deal with the the tiny of or the way he would answer so don't get me wrong OK no more questions that's enough. So folks we do have a trust problem we don't trust anybody we don't trust certainly certainly don't trust God We just like to fool ourselves to say Oh I trust that that's baloney that's a bunch of words we don't trust God we don't feel secure to fully surrender everything before we deal with it we don't feel good. Why. If we would trust him we'll give it to him and we sell and jump up and down I give you an example I'm not I'm not saying that I'm a good driver though I believe I am but anyway I think. I'm not saying that I'm a good driver. But I have I've been I'm not a truck driver but I've been driving a lot. In my life in so many countries I cannot count I would say over fifty countries I could exaggerate it doesn't matter but I have been driving all my life when we had a business we owned a factory in clothing making clothing I drove twice a week I would say for several years roughly one thousand or more kilometers every time. I drove all over Europe I drove basically so much driving. And drove through snow and in no way when the ice and there's no was taller than homes literally if I show you pictures the road had snow left and right like two blocks the doorway the way and basically. There were cars in the D.H. I was just going like a bullet I could not care less and let me give you a story about driving we were driving to Tennessee for more than eighty years once a month and so many times too heavy extremely heavy rain that you cannot seem front of the car it was like poor in uncursed or parked on the right and we kept driving twice the flood took our car sideways floating like a boat. And I kept driving literally. We drove to a tornado the tornado came close and we passed by. We drove through snow I saw an eighteen wheeler coming down the hill and a car ahead of me lost control on the ice went and rolled over and killed them we our family watched the accident we kept driving we stopped called the police we looked there was nothing left over inside they were smashed I don't know how many people but they were killed all of them we stayed a little the police came and they said stop driving now we can drive. We drove you know Montana top of the mountain going down the brakes broke the van we had no brakes and he came down from the top of the mountain we told brakes and we kept driving. I pulled the wheel I put the wheel left in the curve and that's the wake of the car going slow. You understand me and we got down it was a friend of ours Mr Ralph and of shutting the car he was screaming all the way. I thought you need diapers changed or something. In all the steps we were driving you remain up to the snow to the storm to the rain to the ice to the other in all this trip my kids were playing games and talking. And one time Mr out in the shot we went to Tennessee and it was heavy rain and he says to them how can you play games when you drive through that and they look to each other a little to him they said you obviously don't know that. How could I know my wife doesn't think that I'm a good driver Surely if this is the break take a left she. She she feels the need to give me instructions. And in the beginning I was arguing and I realized the nobody's happy so I just kept quiet and I let her say it. But. Why would the kids trust me when I drive and we don't trust God where he drives. Because the kids are used with me but we are not used with God. Do you follow me thank you for another example. I was a cascade mountain we sconce a ski slope. It's a joke. Colorado his skis slopes Wisconsin when they call it Black Diamond probably is bunny hill but anyway. My kids they were crazy they went to the steepest most difficult they called the Black Diamond is not but anyway. Jumping getting speed from the top of the mountain mean I tried once on the second one and I fell and broke my thumb. I got so afraid like a chicken that I went to the bunny hill and I was like you know what I was not born in my legs so I'm just going to take my time and my kids or your chicken or come on here I said Now you go there after I finished my adventure. I just went to watch them and there was a lord please protect them they are crazy. And I was watching them I have pictures to the guy. Good guys keep coming down the mountain. And they keep they have one in the ME in the woods around glasses block that says on him blind skier. And they keep skinny and take a left straight take a right keep straight a little left too much keep straight. Step aside Bryansk here step step was a. What's wrong with you know. So when they got down I said that's that's a good joke you're not blind he says I'm blind but you do see a little knob nothing that so I did that to my head in front of his eyes can you can you see anything he said nope what's wrong with you. You could die when the guy says this to friends my buddies are ski instructor they are the best instructors that you can have and I know them since we were babies and I trust them with my life. People trust sometimes people here don't trust God. We trust our showers. You turn the water on and you believe you're going to come. We trust our cars you turn the key on and bring the car to stuff and you don't trust God. In that offending and hurting simple example. My kid and you know the story probably when he was three he said Dad I want a motorcycle like yours and I told him mine is big you are small. You cannot have one that's come on you've ducked in the church about persistence. I'm going to keep asking you to buy me a motorcycle that I can ride I said keep persisting until you are eighteen you don't get one. He said that that's a long time I am only three I said I fit exactly. He kept asking and asking Come on Dad come on even if he's not so being ugly so big I said that's taller than your son. I said I'm going to make a deal with you I'm going to get you a how to use two dollar bike that's it is no you cannot ride that that's a joke I need want to ride. I said Son Listen one like not the twins but one like this with a remote That's it he says OK this he lowered You know I said OK One lady says OK why this and you're negotiating a little from him a little from me until I said OK this is the deal I'm going to get your bike that he's a real bike but your size if you will not to plastic. Pedal is no engine. But one that you can actually get on a ride. He says so I can ride it yes can you make it blue I said OK. When are you going to get it for me to morrow when I come from work. Here. To morrow around five pm Do you worry this real bike pedals blue I said yes he. Started. To scream. Into the door this is real story. And he went in front of the building and started to scream and called all the kids from the neighborhood. They are all looking what happened to him and he says I have a bike it is so big. It has pedals and it is blue. And they said Can we see it he says it comes to morrow five pm. Why would he Joyce before he got it because he knew that if I give my word I would rather die than not to keep my word. Why don't we trust God do you think that God doesn't keep his word God would never keep anything good from his children he's too good if you gave Jesus is nonsense is brainless to think that God will not do it. What it's easier to give your son's life or to give a job if you just say it happens let there be no i let there be light let there be still let. Go it help us what it's easier to sacrifice your son or say have a job. You follow me but if we see what God says we should choose the same he chooses. And we go and push him for something instead of saying this is what I would like to ask maybe you'll be done I'm going to make a decision to trust you and people confuse faith with emotions oh I feel good I believe God answers Oh I don't feel good he didn't answer God's love has nothing to do with your chemist. Regardless how you feel he loves you just the same he loved you before you were born. Therefore we must fix our eyes on him and his promises not on our problems. For instance. And the problem we have that we don't have faith is not only that we don't know God does number one number two is that we focus too much ourself. Spent too much time with self. God called you to sort of get busy helping others and then you and you don't get so depressed you get blessed. Did you hear what I said. People are selfish self-centered it's all about me and they think they are good Christians No Jesus did nothing for self he came to serve not to be served only do we expect everybody around us including in the family to sort of us including in the church I came to church to get a blessing you will never get a blessing don't go to church to get a blessing go to church to be a blessing. Stop looking for blessings when you learn to bless other people then you start getting blessings. And so people are extremely selfish sort of being served from morning to night or life. And does NOT Christ character that Satan's character if you don't like it that's OK I'll pray for now saying that for instance you know Jennifer a child have you read the story on the Internet OK Jennifer a child worked for a Christian radio station talking to people encouraging people when she was young after she got married and she was already pregnant she learned that she has already nonces be mentors I don't know if I saved right it's a NY disease it's a. Degenerate do degenerative disease there is no cure you to totally lose your sight cloth or darkness not even shades not even nothing and nothing can be done they're not of the optical nerves they die there is no cure no doctor can help you no surgery nothing. And so she learned that she will go blind in about two years she was totally blind and she prayed feeling if you or her. It's easy to listen to the story but not easy to go to the story if you are her what would you do she prayed shores are nineteen she fasted she even had faith nothing happened. Why would God not answer my prayers I've been praying that God doesn't love me she got depressed why do we get depressed we only pray and he doesn't seem to get an answer self in the center. Too much about me being healthy me having the job me having blessings me having a good life and comfortable life we focus on here instead of focusing on there this is transitory Listen to this tough statement God in His love will do whatever it takes take your vision. If that would help you have eternity. Because you are me focused on eighty miserable garbage years that yesterday you are young and today you are eighty six and tomorrow you are no more they go by that. Trust me just yesterday we had babies and now they are made. Yeah. God's focus is on eternity eternity and this is eighty years compared to for never never never never never never never never never eternity this eighty years are not worth it to even talk about they go and that's it it is mindless to lose eternity in order to have a good life eighty years is brainless it's stupidity foolishness. It's a mind a child's mind a child doesn't think about tomorrow he wants to play today he doesn't care future. We are like stupid children. We think a lot about this and we don't think about that we lose focus of heaven or. Focus of our mission we lose focus of our reason to exist we are not here to have a comfortable life we are here to love unsafe people and to prepare for Heaven does the reason we are here and do focus on that. God in His wisdom our love would do whatever it takes to save you forty Trinity because the glory dare cannot be compared to the best day here. My father just said the garbage there is better than the bait the best dream here and I told him there is no god to be there what's wrong with you. And so God says they don't get it they don't understand him and when they are going to see a glimpse of him you will see wow I was stupid. If we could just if God could just pull the curtain for a second and you'd see heaven for a second I mean imagine Adam and Eve before four when everything was perfect. And you are going back so she lost her sight and she was depressed God Do not answer her prayer and she was like why God doesn't answer he doesn't love me he doesn't care I've been praying for six months I've been praying for one year I've been praying for two years why God doesn't answer I'm blind I'm telling you need my life is ruined I'm good for nothing why believe I and then I killed myself and the more she talked about her problems the more depressed she got their more she lost her faith until her husband who was a military officer said to her honey stop focusing on your problems keep your eyes on Jesus and she says I have no ice he said your mind and your heart. On Jesus stop looking to your garbage is for you you are not blind he said no not easy I am your husband. And he said Stop focusing on self stop focusing on your problems stop focusing on your struggles put your eyes on Jesus don't be saying he is. Do that. Leave it alone you cannot change it. Don't let your heart be troubled have faith in God is it for you know you need to make a decision faith it's a mind decision is not an emotional decision is not a science is not a proof is not some that you can explain if you can explain it is science faith is when you don't understand you choose in your mind to trust in God regardless what you go through and you don't even let your mind wonder about your problem or think about your problem you say Get Behind Me Satan I'm going to focus on MY GOD. He died for me he is with me when you go to the waters he doesn't say if you go. It's when it's a matter of time you will go when you go to the waters. I will be with you when you go to the fire I will be with you are never alone I have described you're my palace I gave my life for you I will be with you I will get you through he says when you go through the valley of shadow he doesn't say when you go to when you go through I'm going to get you out. You go to all and you are going to get on the other side because I am with you you are never alone and he said to her focus on his promise is focused on his sacrifice focus on his mercy focus on what he has done in the past he didn't change you may not understand why now but he never changed. Just now I cannot do that and to miserable you are miserable because you focus on you know that's worshipping humans when you focus on you. Keep your shipping God think about you Joyce you are a Jerico it's mindless It's human pity from a human perspective to walk around the wars. You want to be safe stay away from the walls because they throw arrows they draw hut star they draw rocks they draw from the walls those state close the doors walk around the walls every day quiet no swards no weapons just walk around. Why would you a big God because that doesn't make any sense but just goes to pray before the war and the stranger comes. And he says are you with us or against us we always won got to be with us you know or can you be on my side again my husband. Can you be on my side against the Republicans or against the Democrats can you be on my side in the church against the pastor or. Are you with us are you with me God are you are my side God called you to be on his side not you call him to be on your side. You should not have a site and God says what did he say neither. Stop taking sides I'm here because you called me. He says probably what should we do who have this but we have no army we have if you don't force there are just big wars turf it stalled eight feet wide Jericho his Giants what you do go and God says OK we need to do some training take your army and do ten days of instruct that does he say that just take your shoes off. What is that take your shoes off when they were shipped in the tradition day to day issues often sign of respect God said you know what stop worrying about your Learn to worship me. Is not for you to fight your battle is for you to get to know me our fight your battles the battle we don't know the road. The battle belongs to the Lord I never called you to fight your battles I'm going to go before you our fight for you I'll give you victory I'll give you a country that is not yours I'll give you a home that you didn't build I'll give you bread like you sleep trust me do not really know your understanding you don't know the picture you think you know you know nothing Trust me what you need is not to fight what you need you or shoot me to get to know me to get to trust me that's what you need your problem is not what you see your problem is lack of relationship with me and when he took his shoes and started to worship God then God gave him the strategy and the strategy didn't make any sense. Because anytime you obey God It's craziness. Now going back his husband told her you are blind yes is difficult yes is not going to help you lose faith and lose life stop focusing on you when you go to trials start focusing on God and forget you. Do you do here folks because I'm not talking about her I'm talking about you and me. Stop focusing on self when you go to trial you will go you'll have a huge good days a few bad days there's life. Stop focusing on you learn to focus on God does the difference between us and the rest of the world we don't have we should not have a killer you have God we should have a real god. Our doctrines will never convince anybody people may we may close their mouth we may have strong argument that they are like you know but fear not gain their heart before God the day can see peace and faith and power and a sacrifice and love that would give the hearts. That what we need so he says to her to her to to Jennifer so his her so her husband says to her stop focusing on you. If you really want to be happy focus on God and focus on people start serving people she says I am blind how could I serve people. Has zero just as God how he's going to give you a way to serve people doesn't matter if you are blind or old or sick or poor or handicapped doesn't matter if you are foolish or smart if you are educated or not asked God to make your blessing where soon as you pray that prayer he can hardly wait to answer that prayer. I was preaching one time the Ten Commandments when I. Explained the fifty. About Children respecting the parents an old lady came to me after the sermon Can you talk to my kids to buy me a new car. Explain them this way they followed the fifth woman. That's what she got from the sermon when I said if I stop focusing on your needs I was very good to her Can you tell yourself to start loving your kids and not look for advantage. Stop focusing on your needs. Yes you do have needs you do have whatever cancer divorce losing a job you do and they are real but God does know. If he is God If not I don't I don't need torture people if he is real he is God He does know. You don't have a problem that you have you have a problem of trust you need to learn to trust your God. So her husband told her that says I cannot I am dying I cannot serve people he says Well you'll never be happy you'll be miserable and your salvation not over ice but your salvation and he says I'm not going to let you because I love you I'm not going to leave you alone leave me alone over there you don't love me because I love you I'm not going to leave you alone so starting today you start cooking again I cannot. This is the night this is the potatoes start peeling. You need to go for me or do it together. And. You know. But eventually they did. And then now we put the. Thing on the stove now we do this now they did cook and then they ate Ashes is good he says Well how did you feel you doing cooking Actually I felt good yeah because you do think about you you are thinking about cooking take your eyes off your problem and then he said Now we wash dishes together now we go shopping I cannot go on the house I can't go. He says yes you will we go together you are never alone I love you I am with you. They went shopping they got back home next day they were shopping next day they went you know eventually he got her moving again and he said Now I go to work I've been missing work for two months I lose my job but then we don't pay the bills so no you don't love me you know you are not alone just because of. He went to work he said you know the house you know the house you know your house you can close your eyes and go to the bathroom can you yes I know doubt then you will survive by. He went toward He came back next they went to work he was like you don't love me you go to work but eventually she gave it up after about two months he says it's time for you to go back to work she said What are you crazy I am blind stop whining stop focusing on you get busy blessing other people get busy sort of thing take your eyes off your problem go to work I cannot go with you she took her to work five steps to the elevator get in the elevator push the Lord button get out of the elevator five steps to the stairs five steps down three steps to the door open the door fifteen steps to the parking up sidewalk two steps of the sidewalk bus station wait people for bus number whatever when the bus comes get in the bus four stations get out of the bus four steps of the sidewalk sixteen states parking five steps up off his door and so on. She was counting with her next day again next day again next day again. And now he said Tomorrow I go with you but I'm not counting for you now you do the counting she learned you don't have to be smart if you repeat something many times you learn it. So they go together and she says what is next you do the account where the sixteen steps OK Do it OK she did it he was there next day she did it he said you don't even mean you can the just alone you are fine by yourself though don't leave me alone please please don't I'm afraid to face the other you are OK Stop focusing on your problem learn to trust your God. Tomorrow you go to work alone no you don't love me you abandon me you just don't love me. That's what we do with God on three we don't say it but that's how we feel. And so next day she went alone to work Monday. Unsecure unhappy grumbling commenting you don't love me or ban that Tuesday she went to work Wednesday she went to work Thursday as she gets in the bus the drive the driver says Ma'am you are the happiest most blessid woman most loved woman most love person I've seen in my whole life. And she says Are you crazy I'm blind. He says ma'am every time when you come to the bus it isn't me. Officer walking behind you. And he keeps his hands like this and he counts. And when you get in the bus he gets in the car and follows a bus when you get out of the bus he follows you to the office door when you get to that door he salute you and then he blows a kiss and put his hand on the heart and he says I love you my life can it be. That we are so blind that we blame God when He is always with us. You are never alone if you go to the waters can you be there to your friend and her to God because we focus on problems and self instead of focusing on God and getting to know God because life eternal is to know God. It's easy to praise him when you got an answer but faith and knowing God is to praise him when you don't have an hours before you get an answer that's when you know him to have peace and to have joy and to have faith crazy faith it must be crazy. If you really want to be a Christian you need to be crazy you need to hear voices in your head. Yes I'm not kidding. Speech or reason people talk to spirits and they are proud of it shouldn't we talk to our God and be proud of it. We need to hear God's voice the Bible says My sheep hear My voice he who is ears you hear a voice behind you it's all over the Bible I have as I said pages and pages of Bible verses and quote from different outsource the talk about having a close relationship with God as Abraham talked to God as Moses stuck to that you need to talk to God. Through them to talk to God through them to trust our God how can you really be successful in winning a soul for God's kingdom if you yourself don't know and don't trust God and wave and download How can you give what you don't have you need to have him and know him in order to help somebody else and have power do you follow me. Folks I keep telling stories and we don't have time we really need to go to the server. But we don't have time for the salmonella. It's forty five slides and these only three slide yesterday. And they have only five minutes left over. That's crazy. Folks what reason would you have to be a Christian unless you know the God of your faith. Leave it alone go home eat pizza watch movies. Don't go to church anymore stop going because you lose your time if you don't get to know God because to know God is life eternal you lose your time if we go to dislike and go to church and do the routine is the routine but don't get to know God and love God and trust God we use our time if you really want to have power power is when you know God power is when you walk with God's power when God becomes real when you hear him see him walk with him back with him trust. Whatever you go to you know that he is there remember who resisted you know the story you know what song she wrote. These to trust. Go on the internet or read a story they came as immigrants from Europe to America in the beginning of the century I don't remember the year. But before the war. And they came to America they had no job no apartment no food no money no nothing and they struggled for two months in the winter trying to survive and eventually her husband got a job and they started to make it. And after another four five years of heavy life difficult life hey view work they finally took for a vacation and they went down from whatever to New York down to South Carolina to go for five days to the beach vacation and they had their little daughter three years old girl and as they went there he saw a boy. Dying in the water the waves took a boy and thirty he jumps in the water to save the boy and they both drowned they both died so she lost her husband it was winter when she went back she had no job she lost her apartment and she had a little girl. And she paid for a job and she looked for a job and she applied everywhere and it took three months and she didn't get any job. What would you do if you or her when you pray and you don't have a place to sleep and you go and sleep in Central Park on a bench in the winter and you are cold and you take your baby to warm up the baby and you are freezing What do you do she told a song she's so sweet to trust in Jesus to take him or his word. She didn't write a song where she had money she told the song where she had nothing and she was singing the song on a bench or in Central Park in the freezing cold and wind and snow and she was singing the song to try. And the stranger walks by and I said you must be very happy man if you sing in this type of winter and you are so peaceful Your face is afraid radiant. And he says What do you have that you are so happy I said well nothing. He says What do you or I don't have a job or what to do live I don't have a house where do you sleep on the bridge are you kidding you have a baby while I've been here on the bench for a while then why do you see. And she said because I know my Savior I know. And I know that he does what is best and if he needs to test my faith gold is puny fight to fire. And if I need to learn faith instead of being miserable I would rather learn faith and if I need to learn humbleness or dependence or whatever lesson he needs he knows that I need I would rather learned the lesson then complain because he has my best interest in his mind and I know him and I trust him and his job said I know my D.D. even if I die I know Him Our see him in my eyes I don't care what happens to me I know him and there are see him and she said who am I to complain Jesus died on the cross. And the father didn't come to save him from the cross where my to complain I know him and I trust him though I don't understand what is going on he knows he has a reason I got to trust him. And the guy next to her says you must be crazy. I said well to trust in an invisible power when you go to stuff you need to be a little crazy and he said Ma'am you can have a job in my business he's one of the. Five richest people in the history of the US He was the owner and the beginning of all the railroad tracks all over. And he hired her to clean around in his house and then he started to see how honest and how diligent she walks that she fears God and she does everything for God and so he put her over all his house I visited that big house that usual and then he put her over all his business is sure to do with tens of millions of dollars. And when she had everything she said I cannot live in this comfort there are people that have nothing give me a vacation I go to Africa and she took all the money that she saved and she went to Africa eleven orphanages if I remember right don't quote me on that and when she finished the money she came back what a few years and she went back to Africa and she did her life and she said I cannot live for whatever God gave me from God is not my work is God's blessing I got to use it for others because God didn't give it to me to be for me God gave it to me that I can give it to others can you invent a song when you sleep on the bench in the winter and say it is so sweet to trust that's faith. God The harder you are thirsty the more he wants to use you and bless you a little test it's a little result and a little water that you do detest think about Moses think about Daniel being Test think about Joseph we think about Abraham being just a big test that means that he has a big plan for you stop complaining when you go to the test he's preparing you for the award that he has for you. Stop focusing on the problems. You want to be used by God There is no other way you need to learn to trust him and you don't trusting him when everything is fine oh god please for my character his answering your prayer. Give me patience he's not going to give you patience you nobody bothers you he's going to send people to bother you because that's how you learn patience. You read patience and stop these people from giving me her time. Come on I just answer your prayer Now you played your other way around. Whatever you asked for does not you get in trouble for because that's how you get your answer do you understand what I'm trying to say. God help me be patient in my family your walk spouse your kids are going to bother you like never before you pay for it don't you not use that when you pay for something that goes towards. Because God is giving you what you asked or stop asking or learn the lesson because he is teaching you the lesson that you asked for. We have very limited vision. We don't understand the big picture and we think we are wise and smart. We need to learn humbleness and God needs to break us and then to teach us and then to make us again and then to grow us in order to use us and save us. And do you want to be saved and do you want to have power and do you want to be used but you don't want to learn the lesson. There is no way around just get through it learn it and then get over it stop running from it. Do you understand what I'm trying to say Stop running from triumphs there is no growth we thought fire there is no purity we don't fire. Period. You want to be in heaven get in the fire. It's we I was I was I was extremely to be them proud I was stubborn like a donkey I'm proud oh I have so much school so many degrees I have so much business I have so much money I know the prime minister of the country I know that you from the police I know the mayor of the city I have connections I was like you cannot get to me because I was too proud and there was pain Lord help me sort of you help me sort of you got to give anything from me brought us to this country we are told food we don't money we don't insurance we don't want permit. What I would talk to me because I didn't know any English and I used to talk to people from high society and now I'm in America and I know five hundred yes thank you bye you know. And no yes no by Thank you. And when Americans talk to me they thought that if they scream maybe I understand better. So they would talk to me and they would raise their voice I said I don't understand the word and they would scream even louder and get close to my mom and I was like Come on guys how hard you scream Steve I don't get you because I don't know you. Because for stating it was humiliating. My classmates would drive to school I would walk. Not because he's healthy I just didn't have a car. Besides that. For me food is holy. We went several days without food I got dizzy I cannot walk because I didn't eat for so many days I prayed for food god didn't he didn't seem to care. I said why did you bring me to this country I never wanted to give up my business and leave my country I had a good position a lot of influence a lot of power a lot of money why did you bring me here to destroy me you want to ruin my life that's how our brain. I mean it I'm a little crazy so I did say it. We don't say but we feel that way and above everything I got an allergy that eleven months I was full of spots. On my body and each cheek and hot. And swellings and I could not sleep anymore I was scratching myself they gave me pennies and until they killed pennies on the nothing happened he didn't help I went every Thursday to the doctor eleven months and nobody could do him. And they prayed and nothing happened. Until one night when I just gave up I said you know what and I got a letter from the school that they would expect me because I didn't pay and I got a letter from the apartment building that I didn't pay and they will keep us out from the apartment and it was just rain with trouble. And one night I said Lord you know what killed me I don't care I surrender I don't care if I lose school I don't care if I lose life I don't care if I have allergies I just cannot take it anymore do whatever you want I give up. And as long as I keep fighting nothing happened that night when I played the whole night around five am in the morning I just call lapsed and I said you know what I should end there. Next morning our energy started to go away by itself. They called me from the school somebody placeholder and they didn't ask anybody I was too proud to ask I would always give never take a penny I was too proud I said no no no I don't I'm looking I am fine. In fact I was so stupid to take a toothpicks in my mouth when I did it and I would just shoot the toothpicks and keep it to people who see it so they thought that I am clean my feet and they ate can you really that somebody how stupid somebody can be or is it. And so I just said you know what kill me do whatever you want I surrender do whatever you want in my life my kids my wife and I just I just cannot fight this is bigger than me when I gave up things started to happen and my wife got three jobs and I got two jobs and I started to get straight A's in school do I didn't know English I don't know how but anyway. And the story is long you can read my book but God did so major So Major middle class they could blow everybody's mind that I would be and they would say my classmates Why would God do that for you and they said Are you crazy do you want to go to what I have been to. You are sponsored by the Conference you have a car you have an apartment be happy don't complain that God doesn't the miracles for you a miracle it's a response to a need do you wonder need. You ask for a miracle you don't know what you asked for you ask for trouble in order to break in order to have an answer to have a miracle stop asking for trouble. This understand that I'm trying to say. Oh why would God answer your prayers under such a major miracle because I had a major need. But God didn't work before he brought me. And told me to be humble and to be nothing and I don't pretend that I know it but you cannot be used before you go to that so stop trying to solve your problems if God allow did you need it. All things work together for the benefit of those who love the Lord God didn't take a vacation he's not sleeping he knows exactly what you go through or he loves you more than you'll ever even in heaven understand if God allowed it to learn the lesson if not you have to repeat the last. Do you want to repeat it again and again learned a lesson and go to the second grade. They understand what I'm trying to say. Our time is up long ago I got to catch a plane with some folks I'm so sorry that we didn't preach the sermon. Let's take one minute I'm paid privately and then I'll have a closing prayer it was a privilege for me to be with you don't take everything I say I don't pretend that I know it or I have the truth or anything like that I just see what the Holy Spirit when he inspired you and take what is appropriate for you what you have confidence that is from God That's what you need let's pray Father in heaven. Forgive us for so many times we don't know you we don't trust you when you love us with the love greater than the universe an infinite grace and mercy and kindness and love. Help us seek you more than anything else. More than jobs more than anything more than life. Help us thirst for you help us know you help us love you help us remain you. Neck shine walking with you depending on you trusting in you help us just spend time knowing you I'm being transformed more and more like you and your people would see your character in us your love your compassion your humbleness your kindness in us. Help us become like Jesus we can do that absolutely not back you can do anything. We don't need to understand how help us put our eyes on you and keep trusting that you will finish what you started not because of us but because of your grace. We brain Jesus maids and thank you for answering We love you and praise. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. She Y.C. supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download for purchase other resources like this visit us online and W W W dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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