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Defeating Our Giants

Phillip Sizemore


Phillip Sizemore

Pastor of Personal/Public Evangelism at Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)




  • July 11, 2009
    7:00 PM
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he knew I wanted to clear something up I said they know if I think something that abandoned the work of God so we rebut something stupid on my own mouth is not working on electric things about accountability to be getting the message today I come almost slammed the older bungalow with but I I I I didn't get me to do that will make a point when I first got interviewed with the pastor of the church their global contacting the promised land they were it was full of older book and am going to younger potency and interview the church they said hey what motivated young people come to church and state church and I said nothing say I don't believe that that that that young people are the future the church unlike lists that very often myself how many people believe that Jesus is coming within the next ten years just to the viewing that I would have all my heart okay my last in this question they all handle up how may people here it is eight years old or older a lot handled a similar charge of multi how many people eighty years old or older platelet another ten years as a fugitive church everybody for living in different times and in the fourth and in his left happens in our churches and so there I was on message our church is oftentimes it's so focused on bringing young keeping young believe anything he denoted by the church of young people set on bringing the rock band and effect note that if you don't like to leave okay do it won't work for an event at church luckily we don't like the arthritis foundation is fair cost what you don't really read of a good and before you know it when you have a nightclub in August and established church his mother sister that happening mainline churches anything you quickly what happened there women of the church branding faster scared to death I know exactly how Solomon Bill you like to know how things go interesting passage in this right and in my house is outlined to stick with the Bible to spare prophecy and love the people I like the second set of the church and by the holders over dinner we had amount of any five or hundred in their health owner Michael White sheet under that way often the young time I have to be neglected hard drive but we really cared loving people and I'm never wavered on that promise that I'm not there for the young people never everybody increased messages from the Bible and is very promising in two years time and result in the church many of them I let anybody oversight and something about that anybody were fifty it wasn't because the proper film when the church about the world and the church is because we do stay faithful to the word of God and an education he written a book of Philip got been running it as once it began on Monday finished it and I said something like this want of proper man at a church for people who is a result professor of that night and I love old people what's a living person and God I let saying this is my church this might need two -year-old delver my head over God loves him as much as he loves any of us that he wants him anything about messing with my my thirteen -year-old daughter file that is so not the children are younger the priority converted people are the priority project kingdom if you figure in its economic and you wasted your time the list price and methods of folly Jennifer Blessing on the Sabbath music father brother women his afternoon service here that he has our client thank you for that file I thank you for every dedicated individual that is in us out of my voice right now I pray you are still containing four L&H one laryngeal for long agree to come give us your power to finish your work in Jesus name men closely restoring files and I never made alive for single seventeen talk about there's so much in a story like that right now is my most favorite story and all the Bible now Mike my last it is exactly invaluable they were coming to teach a Bible letter sent you that as long as they are one and a mechanism in the realm of spiritual revival present in chapter seventeen David and Elias and that one was a records Mister Fosse 's one thousand book of education and on-site management of the men's Olympic taking it apart people will go importantly then what ever they can to make a beginning and laboring in Christ lives the way will be open for them it's a energy is necessary to gain success and if anything is for unquestionably ebbing at the God commands every promises about the promise rich returns will be theirs that's the promise I would've all my heart was worth one percent of seventy in verse one of our events like now the Philistines gathered together their armies to battle and were gathered together at Shoko which belonged to Judah and instantly Shoko and has gotten epistemic install Internet of Israel were gathered together patient about it a lot exists in the battle in array against the Philistines in the buildings and on the mountain on one side and Israel's own amount on the other side in the Valley between them where was in the building preventing their dance in Judah data Imran about people and what we have here you have the ungodly nor on the territory in a benevolent people on terror going back to the Valley between them about getting raped in Sioux there's something very interesting about this battle hereby the agreement by the pickup I went to the notice of mercury the building salon on one side and Israel stood on on the other side Israel believed that we may not win enough people do not jerk they were standing their ground is where they are running a restraining the ground they had lately believed that it was lacking in faith and he will get us out of this valley has no status Valley the image of God and they're talking got people that will fulfill networks out there went out a champion verse four they will champion the camp of the Philistines named Goliath again his height was sixty within a span nine feet tall and big if it is again a hell of brass upon his head and he is armed with a amount hardly reasoned intelligent pay close attention right of the tent and there is very much a key legal on in the message not at what Goliath is wearing is represented here by the image of God if anything is what he's using the battle gone with in the helmet of brass upon his head get a coat of arms is armed with a coat of mail that you have a coat who has outweighed lives thousands of the brass about a hundred and ten found this nine foot tall fellow walk around like me on his back and he comes down there on it it were or setting this up are you going to write in a helmet of brass upon his hand he was armed to go to mail his coat weighed five thousand central argument than enough and he had degrees of brass on his legs and find a rapid Swedish owners and as fast in his hand hemisphere with wood like a weaver 's beam and a spearhead weighed six hundred shekels of iron and then on top of this we may never notice the support there was a guy standing in front of him bearing shell not want to know why they went in energy and it was black with alarm or mayor I direct the story as an online the armor bearer with putting up a whip made it easily is like okay with a single at home are very good that David you know how the story progresses are more than double had little bit something strange about this guy birthday that any crimes of the armies of Israel is crying to God 's people and he said to them why you come down to set your router I am not Philistine annulus Arkansas one I like that how does the building euros are designed to remember the services all the children of Israel the evening and there are click on it one time stolen by the Philistines back in bartender by the thing of the same bound book that is written I don't think and I in a market that I literally got we got we had their God and putting a pillow and a table of Oregon what happened there God has been knocked off right because the drooling on as part of the things like that until this don't think I'm down there that story with the boldness of the network and begin to make an economic taunting I don't do certainly not as something times and so any student cried Israel consider them why you consider metal are a non- Filipinos are those all shoes you Amanda let them come down and find me come down to me and if he is able to fight with me until me then your service committee does not prevail and I kill him then you are an end to him they shall be our servant usually our services and serve a human can serve us working on this massive question of all the children are miserable the people who should go down and fight all why men are in the tank but all of it into his car I had in the last year in an birthing of chapter eight going on it we got instead is a little bit personal separate the Reverend John had been leading his people chapter by first identifying the hoping everything will me think about the buildings in the cabinet and I don't deliver enlightening on a vigilant it will deliver them out he is happening but it's on his kind heart is holding company they may want to trust in their own with little knowledge and they want to be like the rest of the charges the world is really versatile generators my thing children and families of the complaint and a wee one of the gains that can thank them as an alumni who don't want anything to me they were pointing and let the people refuse to obey the voice Nathaniel and I said I will have a king over us that we may also be like the other judges in the arcane may judge us and go out before us and fight our battles Senator Edwards the people here many of the Lord and Lord that Nathaniel given the given what they want there will be sorry make sure you tell how started on the given what they wanted to tell you how sorry loving and summer and chapter nine Google down your look with adversity and he had a son reasoning assault hence all the young men currently looking at and there was not among the children of Israel Hitler personally made from his shoulders he was taller than nobody else who were twenty one of the same chapter and Saul answered and said am I not a benzamide of the small tribes of Israel and my family believes that that was the driving management wherefore these estimates out this thing I comes on regularly and will will not run again something changed Samuel reinstall anything the violator to the Pentagon got a lot out of the video nonevent changed God raise up leaders to put them in position but if we don't remain humble and we let God lead things will change let us look at how a change in personal chapter fifteen what are the more care of true leadership for single chapter fifteen verse eleven at this point got told us Los Angeles else all got there and destroyed Amalekites not leave anything makes a awakening last chance for you settlers Lebanon will bring it up here same of salt annuity was told repeatedly that I have set up Saul became God 's visit Samuel for he is turned back from following me and is not for my commandments and it grieved Samuel and Cardinal Lord all night and in Santa Rosa relate to me saw the morning and was told that Samuel felt anything so came to Carmel and behold he said about the place is gone and now settlement November thirteenth Santos said to Saul Samuel came to Saul and sent and Saul said to him Blessed be thou the Lord I have perform the Lords Commandments at this point installed ministry they deleted that are not wanted in the second one I am okay to let oneself with a single September fourteenth to send them what the meaning of leadership on your minors and the lion got looking a lot better theaters the later is a responsible Lanier science in the later mandrel right place at saucepan and if the charges involve on them what they wanted negative they brought it since they have brought from the Amalekite wounded people ship spared the bed sheet and of the Auckland sacrifice of the Lord decided by the Lord my God I am harassed the rest we would enjoy it all the volatility and his father the leader here supposedly are these all the credit in financing language arts interrogation ideas so my stomach when I hear my character just going out and doing surveys and asking the entire nation what they wanted church and enhancing management then again it's okay the church was that we got to get to them not on model correctly will not remain in any book of Exodus chapter thirty two and an act of the people Dan Aronson on the development of an older cat is okay as I do want to make it for you in the leg and the world united for the people wanted a malignancy I think you their leadership position you need to be hitting from what God wants him a list of what God wanted and I read it is very popular are closely connected to the people when most of the ripping their comparative movement when he was given he was given and one for the people felt sorry for Erin because he is so mild and easily understood them this would write Moses was divinely the same thing as the regulars continue on your so-and-so speak of the leader of Israel this is a public pastor of Israel the General conference president and I don't want at one point compared to the and then Samuel said to Saul Bank and I will tell you what the Lord is that enemy and so it goes on and and he comes back and look at later verse eighteen the Lord sent you on a journey and then go and utterly destroy this interview Malachi confiding in them until they become so why not a bad voice of the Lord and you blew on the splendid evil desire Lord let him enter and saw that Nathaniel with the Lord and wanted I have gone the way which the Lord Sandman brought back a damaging amount of an analyte and I would destroy the Malachi feelings doing here white by the king back because that was a tradition of the pagan while the other children in my Congress on my eyeballing the Lysander and Michael Finneran is fitting for whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning that we impatiently cover the pictures might have told and what it was written before so we can learn from it the children and were talking about the church brothers and sisters anybody checked by saying what the world has nothing was only happening in the last night I is very profitable correctly I believe I do and on the people of the missing minorities are normally will look at it in the signal and Saul said to Samuel who made was where I'm going out with labelers and twenty one now the people in your intimate and think about it everything is negative it's your call and deposited it with my mailing in a positive that is not a leader that is not a leader and is going to take place gun removes them from the leadership is not argument some of the leadership of this view member David never one time considered harming Saul anyway because of the God sometimes we get a little zealous knowing in what can a pastor how language is not doing right we wanted we would become president or something we need to move them out of their living right David is not now if God 's business or to get a situation got it into what happened here Daniel said has lured such great like hours ago these are the people say the opposite that the sacrifice of her twenty two very powerful statement thing is sent at the Lords as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices of the language the Lord behold to obey is better than sacrifice and to hearken better than the fat of lambs rants it's better to obey and asked forgiveness and sometimes not Mary and Lauren are later adhered acetaminophen of aphorisms of the fourth floor window and got a man he goes on forty billion is the same San witchcraft have gotten the community things we are using milling and insulating isobutyl it doesn't get what I wanted to Bible says we're doing that were witches and stubbornness is obliquity because you have rejected the word of the Lord not rejecting you saw according to according to its annual like I said a thing of it I'm sorry you're no longer considered the king outside it rejected and not just the second time I will tell you the story of how elected my favorite my prayers were held liable for sales in seventeen ABY but for the second time I went there and what happened whenever software is able to walk away and try to walk away anything and fitness office lately no legal works in the meanwhile the elders why was he saying that because his concern was for their salvation and for God and his righteousness is concerned with what people thought of them will visit and we can't worry about what people think about it what do you think the ugly I worry about is not really that I criticize that old-time but I think I can get twice as much in one sermon at the magnet and a thrown into hard about the club without learning criticized that if you humble will continue on but is not what you think forgot things and everybody within your okay note of the story no we don't want something upon black-white and he's afraid because he knows it not now rejected him you can't go to battle for the Lord when you know they got the executive when you look like what I'm learning up and setting in the inanimate and I continue on the web however the the right are not as Saul knew that celebrating out he said I came to life anything imagine sitting there has been seven do people think spanking is a medium in the community and often rejected by daunting imagine that the rolling a lot of it now I met him from him at all the children of Israel must deliver in natural Spain and ability that said I live the armies of Israel this day in Atlanta we together and when saw it all in your word that the thing they were dismayed and greatly afraid hurting love casts out all fear it was not her lover got here they were all up right now it all starts with the brain of this nonbeliever I was afraid because it is an impossible task coming in it was impossible of the provided with this guy can be done English-speaking now have a flashback versus twelve the sixteenth explained why they were not there they lay back from being in the palace of the King working with general conference office in an active local church and veggie are you following me no private right he has done what he was told he has everything don't you know I is the way to go back there covered certain amount of time that convinces data I want to do good answer for your brothers there it at the mangled series at the battle to having their souls over fourteen David and any items in his arms armor fifteen David went and returned salt of easy to Bethlehem Mayor Bill finger near him whatever morning and evening presenting us over forty days for a number for that United everyday is getting worse and worse the path the mocking making fun of any imagine the persecution of Christians were under their hours ago are you better in the name of something now my brother and people that are scored in the pinching anything of love and run the campus rather and executives either than an element to get under the cap another valid and look down on your brethren that they prepare and take their place now Saul and they and all men of Israel were in the ballet Gala in LA now enjoyed by the building now they were not only gotten a trash talking right even just a little bit and I know a lot of fighting is the other way by the online and they are buying in the Bible November twenty David or the early morning and the way with exuberant misery the local turkey he took and went and engines and commanded him and he came to the trans- and the host is going forth divine and a shot of her battle for Israel to build things and put them out on her right arm and his army and they let us carry in a sleeper of the arm and keeper of the carries and really are maintainers when his brethren behind and accompany them behold they came up and a pot meal we can open the champion developing again the building of death my name they are availability and spoke according to the same word in my love life is worse and then I heard it is like I will have any amendment right now he is in uncircumcised the labor fragments aren't enough in your sending us e-mail addresses that even he is an impossible task and I live in the equipment like this guy to the mineral designated to be seen as minute surely the viability and it shall be the man that killed him again at the manager or anyone read and write written to honor you like about South Korean Israel and the Netherlands in one million and write anything I like God and think this philistine idea I become rich exactly why I am writing out all afternoon I get all the one of the things one another Alan is one that McManamon is something whining my thinking on this like Damon MacCallum that he is not little I think the owners right people in charge of hiring a faith in standing for what's right and doing what now and the new methyl ethyl in the old days that learned a long time ago and got no answer many are interested I can imagine a argument is a modern application a native of one or more pure characters and viable appellate name of getting the argument nickname was there about being in an estimated and forgot everything and your e-mail would think that Mel Cleaver himself and then click on anything like that but when it comes like the United because they forgot anything at him he brought the Andrew Mellon hiding one night and he was the National League and things like that the spacing is undermining of our economy and got been in the great work for him and he obeyed David here failure got anything on a recognizably to be done with the church 's London churches like it can be done all at instead of the any of the company and I remember we got just the thing for us have heard the stories about crossing processes and heard the story about the man hurt it will anymore sacrosanct for the effect of the chapters of the seven limit on the story here so I just found out it the ninety can be printed on work over the previous vanity grievant actually is a you why and a lot of money disrobing October twenty six is what some another man until the building of the latest reproach from Israel and as I was about as well yet now is eternal for God present this crew is this uncircumcised Philistines that he should defy the armies of the living God who is with a jealous for happy pride in that literature matter of fact his eldest brother Mohammed over the church said anything about the pride I know your heart not your judgment until close look at allegedly going on let us follow your twenty seven the people answered him again at the same matter saying social in the Manitobans of the down payment there began to Guillen you got made the night is when David was the king of Israel and chapter sixteen and anointed God anointed him king in Israel so David says everything that was going on here that you never know that there is a certain fellow there my thoughts and enjoy making a resilient work within the first while they were saying a look on it nothing I thought you got to meet a man take one for sure I don't know anybody found in looking at what I love out there and it will work but she's not quite some solvent still good-looking your day goes very he's a little guy becoming a man and alive Saul David anointed the next general conference president in front of him can you imagine a little jealousy rose up in his heart can you manually thinking and bleaching instead of me all the writers on they are Alaska native the twenty fifth they printed the idea of the undulating he has been made already made a favorite I'm not thinking about all the things that stop in a pride on a thing about God when things are very artfully belies his elder brother sending him when he heard the state of the man and alliance anger was kindled against David why because this beer was exposed and he said why did you come here and listen you leave the suitable seat in the wilderness I know your pride under the knife of your heart for you come down that you may see the battle in the darkened ceiling that is not being there for any other reason that men tend to be proudly most of all the arrogant digital I know nothing more Emily comes from nothing was missing Berger Peter that he doesn't do anything other the money is among them I comes from an internal entity which are sometimes rather the sister that he wanted to stand for God to do something for him were going to the same thing you will be reminding you hear nothing more nothing on an apartment mechanic and not even that and consequently someplace felt the wrath of others and yet struggle no failures of proud and arrogant sophomores begin when people say that about you if you make a stand for God best arises in her heart even if never gone before right but notice the reaction of David and learn a lesson well David said what I'd done it or not call and turn from him toward another date in an argument over the church 's older brother the is this in itself is I think it's unfair that your heart only why she treated me that way what about himself to understand what I'm saying to you what about him and his pride and what will happen and feel about God when going to bring out and he was able to ignore his brother Lynn writer calls the greater call the planning and reserving letting it run down and run we don't have one record in running his brother down if you have one record of him ever the defendant in his own self he disdained for you I love it easily turns another respect the same manner and in the lantern again and as at the poor manners in LA with her three times this was never got another unknown elements are the only new and I was going to struggle here definitely a struggle with ominous never got served hot for me please can't lose can you lose we're starting to like it if you're going out and having forgotten his honor are you losing about on a data in your directory on Friday or you will fail now they do it anyway you want to get a dynamic enterprise are on the web getting anything at all but a recommended at one time right down the right thing he's getting out the Lord thank you for humbling me you probably wasn't David goes on the first thirty one and when the words were heard with David spoke they went on became not pictured himself a setting it in England automated blog finalize writing and put familiar to me and casinos however for the David said to Saul they become then I think there is made I like that you had any millionaire anything that might afraid whenever thirty two is the automatic part eleven only on your sermon to buy the building and saw that the Navin our method the company president to president now I'm not going to come and present incumbent president John and his right and I were comparing anything going on now by the time that maybe that maybe leadership is lacking in faith and yes it's okay for their leadership I can't think in my life had elected by the times right but as you can go for that whenever the whole Chargers any Silverlight moving toward the one man one man I ever got together to the game rather than the present theories and consultant David you can go by this building you can comply with him for your value system certification people and he's a man of work from as you know this point David example of the site will solve your account of life let me know that they got him so as to gain as he is leaving the Congress president right it turns out all right and interest in your heart you will ever know what you think it can get in writing and arming those are met me again after I got not anointed him and he knew it David said nothing they been done when it came down to it right here David done what you have to do the Bible says in Revelation chapter twelve verse eleven by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony they overcome daily target occasionally did the surest testimony that he can think we need to excitedly something Davidson is all recorded for your service to his father she entertained the line of bare naked Alanna on the block I went after him and I smote him and I delivered around his mouth and we are up against Mac and by the bearded Oslo in a slew him and you're seriously about the lion in the bear and uncircumcised the one of everything in the barnyard living on install blackfin henhouse is not getting on the bike in the barn I been reading out everything I like them to go in and experience with God this is going on it's hard to get people to do the leaders in my pants I'll bring engineer you are selling like were and what were doing everything in the north and wealth are leaving the target them out there and an annual Berlin Anthony W well you know I remember like I'm just our basement is like a guitar in the Bronx who is now the reason David and the young person to become a leader in the church can become the Internet had an experience with God make any and all personal later in a manager member of our pastor and I'm one of them is the in and heading straight about what reason I have to do that deal intimately hearing jars without putting in and got to run as it was a bad experience with him endlessly I know it will open the manual I even regulate online your something right for not starting the little things you most young people in the youngest of all right we gratefully got my Wii sports arena in order we find it in our evening inside on that you learn to trust God a young age that was fatal he'll be out there taking care of the sheep in the cold at night and he would stay awake and with that I noted in the wake the Golden Mayor Michael mine for line and got this to them the police think the whole thing and God the Bible says if you're late lamented little guy will help you be fatal limited and even here even fatal mobile things in a God agreement of this anything only great thing is in their income and and and is a problem and there is a lot only thing in my testimony in my life and I got been using is in the Thessalonians on mounting let alone a call on your neighbors and moreover the Lord Mail and Outlook all the land held upon the bare and he will deliver me on the hand of developing and Saul said to David you know the Lord be with you than I thought I think they can handle the loincloth thing that little thing around this thing the investigator 's hand in and in and in like like like that little little Dennis the Menace Phillies want to live even with that slingshot his back pocket veto no point that God is alive as long as this is armored though I was ready to go to battle your thoughts he does he offers David the same equipment the beginning than they are using to find out what happens saw arm then with his armor to go to hell a raffle event is like a lion the art of the goat amount is like a lion regardless order and is our dislike anything well below covered president of your little or no I'll do it think of what happened like you want I never used this stuff before never used before and how to show me something wiggling his verb for many many many years worked just fine in a rare with it and got shown it works quickly what it is because I have improved the stuff of the reason they develop take negative about the salvation of the Sigma my slingshot MSJ I think I have and it felt Matthew if they were put on the armor of the case on given him and he will one the battle when I glory on our Sony armor they are inundated with able overcome fellow was because he had on the right armor are you filing that in a down there with a slingshot in my pocket and handed any field any why you are in a sort in a spirit always when I run them through the hard and a lot of them anyways as an image in the horrible thing about here in the things that will be delighted to hear that tenure is fine by Burton Brothers is coming out the world coming out hedonism incidents are analyzed in an unbalanced drain and a couple found out that my slingshot and rocks same with these eighteen sixty three and when they use back in years I think thirty one eighty thirty four eighteen thirty five on through that timeframe is playing rock and stone works today and that rockets though is when you take the word of God new project in Chittenden the message the word of God and the Spirit of God of the convicted something is true that the king can you imagine Alateen thinking and thinking are the church is never going to grow for forty one fax recording anything this afternoon fan picked up wisely so you know what it is like that for brothers to hear you got it in seconds and twenty one I had four brothers and it is advised of the okay they wanted something that is they said they would please note that liberals may put in a separate bag which he had even been in a script and it would be selling anything in any duty of the Philistines in the Lauren our Americans are probably Bartlett standing sale by the name and anyone had made marketability as I think I'm an anodyne but I think and finance and also nominate using the one what's going on out there the building came on David and Amanda there is still little for him behind his program and manipulative they can think of the guys and women as they looked around and saw they been in this same man or even but a year and good-looking running and it appeared that that that is the ready within the document of America with impunity it eventually got to imagine it's like me well I wear him out to alarm her the thought he disdained him and said that it goes on here is that Enberg forty three and abilities that intimidated and my dog the canal realist that in developing cars and light of God and I can picture David hare 's name on the back is that I got shall why the Johnson God 's passion is for God not a bride not arrogant if the candidate man's pride arrogance absolutely but as for God and I can imagine his brothers and I can't locally until dad so yet alive in those brother you can do it in any event against insolvency and candidate not have the enemy of God saying you can't do it again David has something to draw prominent experience with the Lord he could never fight this battle had he not had experience first I will talk about experience that in a classroom nothing wrong with that talk about it on your knees a lot experience hands-on of what God can do is like life that's the spirit of the Internet experience you are going to get through the time trouble is coming with her until David after hearing that take place in the Philistine the buildings in verse forty four and come to me and I'll get your rest of the words of their enemies that failed payment of interest on said playing the sort of spirit to shield when I get with you in the name of the Lord of host one hundred hours in Israel whom you need by same message in God are still uncertain God answers are not going to say something about how the strong partner for analyzing what we know we can do it for miles down the wrong I don't bring that in our churches and schools they made a stand for God and building standing on the beam to the biggest lesson learned and Davidson County here in the name of the Lord of recordings that would adversely think what was indignant that in July statement about the universe by David Goliath is able to Lord delivered me delivered the line and I will kill you and I will take your head bringing back the night I was in reality nothing is that I know that God will deliver him a cigarette from not only on Monday that when I'm done with you I'm going give the carcasses of the house the Philippines as they convert the year ended the severe and that all there may know that there is a God in Israel while the part of the battle plan I found that even then it is like him and he's how angry people were allowed what a mistake people were automatically so angry anything and it is on-air tormenting off personal resentment on his image I know that there is a lot of safe house or despair for the battle the Lord and he will give you our hands were forty eight making up half of the building arose and came to an end game anger not even a haven and ran toward the Armenian developing the Armitage are the laborsaving Hitler thing around everything burned and when I die to have him here my car window is allowed by the running time is a member there and that is a powerful nevertheless obvious were all believers how many of you standing our ground as it is one thing the opinion that they will bring it up in the church were mostly die and then you bring them in my jerking going on recent souls of the big difference called Sony church in the moment dying they're so worried about may bring infant heresy mail about legal inheritance the church is standing his ground not moving border natives of the local church but if we don't move or run ceased existence in church Dana said that he will before I will want to know is what so David Navin put on it put his hand on his back into the stone baseline a Filipina doing and I don't slowly been aborted in Minnesota this post on the dinosaur had a belt on the place of baseball near nothing to stop right there so worth it the native rebel of the building and whistling of his own environment and regular negatives you rock and a sliding in how I is rising but God guided that stone and smote the Philistines saw him as a man of David carnivallike pillow thing David ran is that one ability to doubt the sword they state that Embassy in a pickup and and when the Philistines saw the champion was bed they ring here's the point of the entire message the men of Israel and Judah at this time shouted pursued until he came to the Valley and the data back on a random out of brothers and sisters God is looking for one man got looking for one woman one person in my way local carnation is the matter what your church is looking for one person to make a stand for him he's going to great things to that person he doesn't call to argue with the leadership he is called to try to try to remove people who we think are in our way in our own life self-righteous judging in deciding who is in the way to the territory the week difficulty that he called us to do what David did they would simply make a stand for God and God removing obstacles and maybe a little church somewhere in Kentucky I doubt any of you are there little jars were infected with ten members and answers on anything what's stopping you how perfectly they go they go something like this about site I am trying to get insurance and will I want one person in it and that's why and all I pursued to me that one person in their church one person to bring killed in the him him like a bit of your file no I feel that we be that one person not to go out and fight church the brothers this is when a fight for God to listen to the rest of the year Jersey now doesn't want in their zeal to be there I was saturated at churches I have to find that I was worshiping God on a little harsh for the last days God is raising up of people both young and old women who stand for him the move for them they are doing whatever they can make a beginning later price lines and promises the way will be open for them it will surely energy it is necessary in order to gain success in a faith that goes forth unquestioningly obedient to God 's command the promise is to you and to me which returns will be there and you are taking on part-time which can imagine walking up in the kingdom Sunday I sent about five years ago you come to my door and begin your book I read that book my heart was touched in the workings that give me hereunder each kingdom eternal life in the summary because you done something or God invites you to your seat if you want to be that one person owes the cost to get everybody little guilty pedal that's okay God knows your heart videos when you doing it because you really manager than other males going down come down and will have a prayer that God will help us to be that one part one both aware that wanting got a call that is working on a given sending down blessing on and really closer somehow I work for everybody if of your one minute manager praise the Lord is using an unknown thing on working hard if I felt like getting a compelling hill together my mother never knew seeing the commitment we made here tonight but this is not in the commitment by guilt with all my heart you spoken to we spoke an annual organist story nicely Amanda Stansbury unilateral what is going on though the heavens fall he stood for what is right note of who I was on the line and even Marilyn Bautista do what is right about anyone and saved by grace and grace please got every cell they had made a commitment directory delay in releasing going back to their charges going back to the sunlight of the day the heat of the day and then interconnect problems account along with regular everyday living Lori McMullen is a mountain of the Lord I pray he'll draw us to you and it will not give up in the faith you market our hearts this week father when you come may you see each one of us say well done thou good and faithful servant is my prayer earnestly eliminated in Jesus name I pray amen


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