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2. When Church and State Unite

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 28, 2017
    10:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like visit us online at Deb you Deb you Deb you dot. Org. Couple things before we start this class that will pray. Some of you do not have a seat if you don't and you want to stay and that's perfectly OK nobody will be embarrassed if you are not if you sit on the floor that's fine if you want to do that just However you are most comfortable feel free to do that if there's not enough room in the back if others come and you want to come up and sit on the floors over here over here where However you are the most comfortable and get the most out of class does anybody have any seats by them that somebody may want to sit in and there's a seat here there's another seat over here so we do have some hands raised with some seats don't feel uncomfortable at all I'm sure more people will come in and so. Some have asked about questions what I want to try to do in this session is I will teach till about eleven fifteen eleven twenty and then give you a chance for some questions as well at the end until eleven thirty I think our time this particular second session is over eleven thirty let me tell you what we're going to do the south after noon tell a little bit about this class give a brief summary of where we were at the small inning how many of you were not here this morning at a let me know how much to summarize OK how many of you were here this morning all right so I'll give you a brief three or four minutes summary of the first class and so you kind of catch up to us where we. We are right now in the class period. The south after noon at. The first period I will talk about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain what's the difference between the early rain in the latter rain or the prerequisites of receiving the latter rain so we'll talk about that then the second section this afternoon I'm going to talk about the shaking and the sifting you know if you look down through history God has always purified his church by calling out a group of believe for it's if you look at the days of Abraham God called out Abraham from the larger body if you look at the Days of Israel God called out Israel from the pagan community if you look at the New Testament church God called out a group of believers if you look at Protestantism God called out Protestantism from Catholicism and if you look at Adventism God called out Adventism here is the essential question. In the last days of first history will God call out another movement out of the advantage church will there be a remnant of the remnant and what I'm going to show the scepter noone is theologically that's not true that all the idea of God calling out a nother movement but God does have a method and it's the shaking and so rather than calling out they'll be a shaking out and we're going to say what elements lead to the shaking what trends can we see in the advantage church today that are preparing for that great shaking some of going out today many more are going to go out in the future and many more are going to come in and we're going to see the mighty working of God in miraculous ways so the soft in the latter rain a loud cry What is the letter A and what is the loud cry How does that function from the. The Writings fill in white then the shaking we're going to look at that. Let's pray and then we're going to jump right into this session Father in heaven we thank you with all of our hearts for Jesus we sense that Jesus is the center of all prophecy prophecy without Jesus is like dry bones but we know that Jesus has substance and he teaches clarity of truth about the last day events and we've been told that we who know the truth should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise so grand to us our dear father eyes to see ears to hear hearts to experience and minds to comprehend we pray they in Christ's name Amen. As you look down through history God has always. Bed with his people in times of crisis was God with Moses during the days of Egypt was God with Israel even in the days of apostasy in forty days and forty years when they wandered in the wilderness he was think about Daniel faithful to God Yet a captive in Babylon and eventually thrown in the Lion stand where was God he was with Daniel think about Joseph in his bondage in Egypt where was God he was there think about the Apostle Paul what he was beaten with rods ship direct stone and cast into prison where was God he was there think about Peter in Acts Chapter twelve God was there I want to give you the absolute assurance that in the coming time of trouble God does not for sake is faithful God is they are often young people have come to me and they have said you know I can't possibly think about making it through the time of trouble because I'm just not strong enough and I know. I'm going to fall apart at that period of time let me assure you that nobody can make it through the time of trouble but let me also assure you that in Jesus and by Jesus and through Jesus you can make it I love the old song just when I need Him Jesus isn't here just when I falter just when I fear just what I needed most so when we study the events of the future Christ does not first sake his people at a time when we need the most Jesus is there in the early session in the morning we looked at the Book of Revelation and we've seen that there are three chapters in the Book of Revelation that describe the true church Revelation ten describes the prophetic riots of the true church that just as New Testament Christianity rose out of disappointment God would have a church of people a movement that would rise out of disappointment that just as the disciples failed to understand prophecy of thirty one A.D. and were bitterly disappointed when Christ was crucified so another band of believe hers in it eight hundred forty four would be bitterly disappointed but yet just as the New Testament church looked to the resurrected Christ in the sanctuary so God's people would look to Jesus in the heavenly sanctuary the heavenly temple there they would see Jesus as the great high priest they would see a manifestation of Christ in the law of God they would understand his the law and as the result of that they would go out to proclaim that law and proclaim the living Christ and lead men and women back to all beating it's so we took a look at that we pointed out in Revelation Chapter ten especially that the angel says in Revelation ten in verse six that there would be time no longer the Greek word for time is Kronos. The chronology we get the word chronology from that the chronology of the Book of Daniel would run out at the end of the twenty three hundred year prophecy after eight hundred forty four so after eight hundred forty four there would never be a message again based on a specific definite time prophecy you find that in the seventh volume of the testimonies page. The let me check the reference again it's seven five of the first I think it's nine seventy one but I don't want to misquote it so I'll tell you exactly it's a seven five it's testimonies page nine seventy one it says After eight hundred forty two and eight hundred forty four there can be no definite prophetic time the longest time reckoning is to the autumn of eight hundred forty four so when you hear people say for example well we need to figure out the twenty five twenty prophecy or thirteen thirty five and this is going to come down to a specific time prophecy that's going to give us an advantage let us know when the national Sunday lot is when you see them look at for example revelation in the seventeenth chapter and they begin to talk about the. The seven heads and ten horns and they claim that the seven heads are seven and so called style totally out of the context of the prophecy and try to talk about time events you know immediately that they are there going in the wrong direction because since eight hundred forty four God is not waiting for time he's rather waiting for a people who love him enough to proclaim his message to the ends of the earth who reveal his loving character to a waiting world in a watching universe to reflect in their lives the obedience of Christ and so through Jesus and by Jesus Jesus will have a people that are totally in love with him so what we are looking at is great events that will take place but those events are not locked to a specific time period there rather they are intimately related to a group. People who are committed to the living Christ who reveal Jesus or a passionate about proclaiming his message the world as they proclaim that message it unleashes the forces of hell for the marvelous working of God from above in the latter rain power is called forth he calls forth the marvelous working of Satan so in the last day shift to things that are really taking place you have the marvelous working of God through His Holy Spirit but you also have you also have the marvelous working of Satan and you see both of those blended now to get a good idea of these last day events and we went to Revelation fourteen and we're going to go to Revelation fourteen again and look at what the text itself says somebody asked once can Seventh Day Adventists demonstrate from the Bible alone aged an outline of the last day events and the answer is yes Ellen whites writings help to confirm our position from Scripture but indeed. We can show from the Bible alone the outline of the last events so we're going there to Revelation the fourteenth chapter we're looking at verse six and seven In summary in these first few minutes for those of you the miss the first class and then we're going to jump right into the issues Revelation Chapter fourteen we're looking there first six and I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven this is the heart of the Adventism smell in the last generation and I saw another angel flying the angel fly as he goes urgently I saw another age of flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel the gospel the good news that Jesus grace redeemed us from the guilt of the past the penalty of the past and Jesus grace deliver us us from the power of the present what is the gospel the gospel is the message that God's. Grace justifies us but that same grace sanctifies us it's not that we are justified by grace in saying divide by works it's all by grace isn't it his grace justifies us His Grace sanctifies us but his grace is sufficient His grace is sufficient to deliver us from the penalty of sin and the power of sin His grace is sufficient to deliver us from the from the guilt of C.N.N. and from the grip of sin God's grace is not merely grace that delivers us from what we have done in the past but it's grace that enters our life in transforms our life so we live differently in the present we come to Christ just as we are but we don't remain just as we are because we are seeing. What is Grace do Grace do in a balance much more so here is a message that goes to the ends of the earth I saw another angel flying with the everlasting Gospel the Gospel is always everlasting The Gospel is never out of date the Gospel is always eternal just. About It actually was last week week before last Actually I was in one of the Muslim countries and we had four public meetings and I open the Bible and talked about Jesus very openly and in that country there are two million Syrian Muslim refugees there are Iraqi refugees and at the end of the meeting I said I'm not going to leave tonight I'm not going to go home tonight or neither am I going to go to the door back door but I want to come down and anybody who needs prayer I want you to come and I want to talk I want you to talk to me about your heart aches your longing so I want to pray with you muslim after Muslim came to the front and they said to me Pastor Finley would you pray for us would you pray for our health would you pray for our jobs who are refugees in this country the guy. Hospital is always everlasting it's always eternal it speaks to men and women of every generation it speaks to men and women of every background every culture the gospel the good news that Christ can deliver us from the guilt in grip of sin Notice it says and I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those that do well on the earth it's everlasting that is to say it's eternal and it's international it's universal to those that every nation kindred tongue and people the gospel is not the Parag it tive of a Western Civilization the Gospel comes from the Middle East and it's eternal and universal then it says saying with a loud voice fear of God we pointed out that the word there is for evil it's give reverential respect to God obey God it has to do with a respect that is so deep that you recognize the awesomeness of God and you obey Him fear God and give glory to him in what you watch what you eat what you drink and you for the our views judgment is come Seventh Day Adventists believe that it's no more business as usual it's no more pleasure as usual we do not believe that we are simply another denomination raised up to dot the landscape of denominations we believe passionately that we are living in the judgment of our just before the coming of Jesus and that we are here by divine design to prepare people for the coming of Christ so it says Fear God give glory for the obvious judgment is coming and worship Him who made heaven earth the sea and the fountains of waters worship the creator the Sabbath becomes significant Why is the Sabbath so significant in the turning point of god. There are really three reasons why the Sabbath is so significant reason number one the Sabbath leads us back to the fact that we did not evolve we're not a genetic accident we're not merely skin covering bones we're not merely accidental chromosomal arrangement the Sabbath reminds us that we were created by the living God It reminds us that we have worth and value in his sight we have worth in God's sight we have value in God's sight we're not animated mud we're not some genetic accident so the Sabbath takes us back to the one that made us the Sabbath takes us back to the one that created us so. In understanding God as our Creator gives us a sense a value it gives us a sense of worth but there's a second the value of the Sabbath practical value. You know there are some that would separate the Sabbath from its theological implications they would say sure we need the Sabbath Everybody needs a day of rest everybody needs a day of that with their family that's true that's very true but the Sabbath has deep theological significance not only does it remind us of our creator but on the Sabbath we rest from our labors so the Sabbath is a symbol of righteousness by faith not righteousness by works. If I accept the first day of the week that is the work of man because God never change the Sabbath right I may not understand it fully but if I accept the Sabbath and I rest on the Sabbath the truth the alogical significance of that is I'm resting in his grace resting in his love resting in his care resting in his justifying power so the Sabbath is not a symbol of work it's a symbol of what rest resting in the salvation that he. Provided on the cross the Sabbath also reminds us that Eden is going to come again that he's going to recreate a new heavens the new earth so what does the Sabbath do theologically the Sabbath and so significantly I'm important because it takes me from Genesis to Revelation it's the turtle sign that God created me it's the eternal sign that Christ redeemed me it's the turtle sign that he is coming again to make this earth over again do you see why the devil hates the Sabbath so much because for the Christian believe for the Sabbath becomes that sign of the Living Christ for creation read damn shouldn and the recreate that's coming so it's this worship the one that made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of waters worship the creator and you remember revelation four verse eleven that we looked at this morning that aren't worthy Oh lord to receive glory and honor in power why because you did what created all things so the worthiness of Christ to be worshiped is intimate and really related to creation. If he did not create us why do we worship Him If you are the devil remember we said this why what you do about your attack creation fiercely so he has. The second angels message to do in verse eight with Babylon is fallen is fall and because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. In the Bible wine represents false doctrine. And so just as wine affects the forebrain conscience reason in judgement so Babilon confused religion has fallen and she has passed around her wine cup of false doctrine and then the third angel follows. If anyone worships the beast Incidentally the reason that God is raised up the seventh they have a church. Is to proclaim the everlasting gospel so people will be sobered up so people will think clearly the reason God has raised up the oven a shirt is in the light of the gospel so men and women will fear or reverence God verse seven of Revelation fourteen so they will give glory to Him in everything they do physically mentally so they'll understand the judgement hour and so they worship him as creator so God has raced up the advantage church with the pure teaching of Scripture that in the light of the fall of Babylon does that mean that there are not Christ centered good Christians in other denominations not at all because scripture says in Revelation eighteen Babel has fallen come out of her my people and so we are told that most of God's people today are aware they are in Babylon and God is calling them out to the fullness of understanding of His truth now notice verse nine then a third angel followed them saying with a loud voice Incidentally if God pictures they his last day message as being carried by three angels in the middle of heaven do you think that messages is pretty important if God pictures that way must be incredibly important then a thirty inch will follow them saying if Anyone who worships the beast in his image and receives its mark on his forehead or in his hand now where is the seal of God received. Only in the forehead where is the mark of the beast received and or the forehead so the forehead symbolizes the forebrain So the seal of God What is that it's a settling into the truth so the it's both spiritually and intellectually so you can't be moved the Sabbath becomes the visible sense of the ceiling and. Who what is the who is the agent of the ceiling the Bible says and officials for that we are sealed by the Holy Spirit so what is the ceiling and how does that take place the ceiling is a process that begins at the time of your conversion and the. Holy Spirit begins revealing into our lives at the time of conversion the divine truth of God's word and as we accept those divine truth as the Holy Spirit the representative of the Living Christ writes them indelibly upon our minds so we know them and he writes them indelibly in our hearts so we love them and so the ceiling is a process in the life of the believe her by the Holy Spirit where the person comes to the point in their life where they cannot be moved where they are anchored in Christ. And that takes place in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain and God pours his spirit out in the latter rain just before the coming of Jesus which we're going to study so what is the mark of the beast in the forehead or in the hand if the seal of God is only placed in the forehead God never uses force if the seal of God is the settling intellectually into the truth guided in molded by the Holy Spirit then the mark of the beast is the opposite of that the mark of the beast can take place in the Fort or in the hand what is the hand in the Bible to have a symbol of force it's a symbol of coercion it's a symbol of power so the devil says hey look I'm either going to intellectually convince you and deceive you or I'm going to force you one of those two but God never uses force because God only works through what I love so we go to now verse nine the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if anybody worships the beast in his image and receive his mark on his forehead or in his forehead on his forehead in that in the brain that person is you know obviously deceived they've drunk the wine of Babylon or in his he and they are forced they same show drink of the wine of the wrath of God Now we look to earlier what is the wine of the wrath of God revelation fifteen verse one when you look at the wrath of God wrath of God is not the anger of God It's not that God is saying the wrath of God. In the Bible has two of the judgments of God So it says the wrath of God What is the wrath of God revelation fifteen verse one then I saw another sign in heaven in great in marvelous seven angels having seven last plagues for in them is what the wrath of God is what complete So the wrath of God are the judgments of God upon this world in the seven last plagues. And says it's poured out verse ten of Revelation fourteen poured out full strength into the cup of his indignation and. So what do we see here Revelation ten God raises up the people that people go through disappointment God moves powerfully through them to proclaim his message the message of the three angels that message is being proclaimed men and women are being led back to worship the creator thousands are coming to Christ even at the same time Satan works to enforce something called the mark of the beast so you have worshiping the creator and notice verse nine and says If any man worships the what beast say of worshiping the creator worshipping the beast verse twelve here is the patience of the Saints Here are those that keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus so this matter of worshipping the creator or worshipping the Beast finds its focus in the Commandments of God So what is the sign of worshipping the creator that's the what Sabbath so the final conflict is one over worship you remember in the days of Daniel you had the conflict over worship it was the Second Commandment will you bow down and worship the great golden image Shadrach Meshach and Abednego refused to bow down to that image and so the test question was the second commandment the test question at the end of time will be the fourth commandment what everybody has had the opportunity to fly. Except Jesus way or the devil's way where everybody said the opportunity to receive the seal of God or the mark of the beast when they've made their final irrevocably decision when it can be written he that is righteous let him be righteous still and he that is filthy let him be filthy still when that could be written when everybody has made their decision now let me point out something that's quite critically important. Turned over to Revelation twenty two and we need to talk a little bit about the close of probation Revelation chapter twenty two verse eleven. He who is unjust let him be what unjust still he was filthy let him be what filthy still he was righteous let him be righteous still he was holy let him be holy still be old I'm coming quickly in my reward is with me when everybody has made their final irrevocably decision and we're the only two classes left on earth those who receive the seal of God and those who receive the mark of the beast previous to that time the Gospel goes to the ends of the earth previous to that time God's Holy Spirit has been poured out powerfully so that everybody who has desired to know Christ to know its truth has had that opportunity so everybody has made their final decision it's at that point that probation closes probation does not close because of some arbitrary act on the part of God where God says OK I'm going to shut the door of heaven anybody that wants to be saved after this Too bad you didn't make a decision soon enough the door shut that's not true at all what happens in heaven signals what has already happened on Earth. He that is righteous let him be what righteous still he that is filthy let him be what filthy still I've had young people come to me and tremble in that said Pastor Mark what what if probation has already closed what if what if God has come to my name already up there and I have an appropriation is cause there's no chance for me that simply is not true banish that thought from you or by if you want to be saved there is mercy and grace in Christ to save you. Now look. What about Ellen White's. Great controversy where she says soon none know how soon I'm quoting directly because this quote has been abused and I want to own abusive. Sunanda know how soon the judgement will pass from the dead to the living. She makes that statement and somebody says wait a minute what if it's already passed of the living. The judgment of the living takes place when men and women choose either to receive the mark of the beast or the seal of God That's exactly when the judgment of the living to exploits so they are then righteous or unrighteous So when she makes the statement soon no know how soon the probation will close she is talking about the Church of proclaiming the gospel so that men and women can make their final choice not some arbitrary act there in heaven where God said hey it's too late for you so I want you to see the setting will go back over here and I'm walking this way here's the timeline OK God raises up a church and any time people they look to the sanctuary God annoyance them with His Holy Spirit they go out to preach the Gospel to the world in the setting of the three Angelus messages as that gospel is being preached to the world what takes place as that gospel is being preached to the world they are preaching a message of obedience and faithfulness to God they're preaching the everlasting Gospel they're preaching the good news of Christ soon return the judgment the message of health the and their preaching about true worship on the Sabbath that riles up Satan and Satan becomes angry he begins working marvelously of then surely. The worship of the Creator in the worship of the beast come to a focal point and we're going to that's where we're going now in our study they come to a focal point where everybody's made their final irrevocably decision for or against Christ. The seven last plagues are poured out now look at Revelation fifteen again revelation fifteen verse eight. Can anybody enter the temple before the play you know when you give Bible studies you will meet many evangelical Christians who have the idea that we're raptured before the time of trouble right and they say we do not go through the tribulation they will link this to a seven year tribulation which there is not but they will link it to that but let me show you the evidence that God's people go through this period of time but they are protected by God revelation fifteen verse eight the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from his power no one was able to enter the temple to the seven plagues of the seven angels are completed Does anybody enter the temple before the play acts what does the Bible say not then it gives you Chapter sixteen the plagues are poured out and it. Look at Revelation Chapter sixteen and I have to quote most of this because most of my revelation is ripped out of my Bible so if I don't know it I don't know where the texts are. OK Saul revelation sixteen going to fire his would look around verse thirteen for which you behold I'm coming as a thief is that first thirteen or fifteen OK I'm two verses down and I get behold I'm coming as a thief and bless it is He who watches and keeps his garment and they walk naked in they want to see their shame no notice what he says after six plagues I am coming and so what thief if he says after six plagues he's coming as a thief What does that mean. He has not what come as a thief when before the plagues right so if revelation fifteen verse eight nobody can enter the temple till the plagues are what fulfilled and if in Revelation Chapter sixteen verse fifteen he is coming as a thief after what the plagues see the. It's an easygoing accommodating Christianity today in the easygoing continent comedy in Christianity is like a it's like a potato chip Christianity is like it's like a Christianity that like like socks and M. and M. I'm not against potato chips and M. and M's occasionally you know occasional OK Very occasionally OK I'd rather eat carob and. I've read that you read the D.V.D. carob any day and popcorn you know popcorn has good health no I can't get off the thing OK so. Look there is a there is an easy going cross Christianity and it says hey if you believe in Jesus you're going to be healthy wealthy and wise you're never going to go through any trouble and if you go through any trouble it's because you're off the map and not on the map and fact in the last days don't worry about Mark of the beast don't worry about Seal of God Don't worry about time a trouble he is going to come and whisk you away. See what that's preparing people for is it's a superficial Christianity that prepares them to collapse in the final crisis of this or it's history and what is God saying to you and me this is what he's saying look I was with Moses and I was with Daniel and I was with Joseph and I was with Paul and I was with Peter every single one of them went through crisis in their life but I never left them and I never forsake them and I want you to know Jesus is saying that in the crisis as you go through today I'm going to be with you in the heartache that you go through today I'm going to be there in the disappointment that you go through today I'm going to be with you and when the final crisis breaks never think I'm going to leave you or for sake you because I don't forsee my people he's with us always Matthew twenty eight verse twenty even to the ends of the world he says I will never leave you or for sake you Hebrews thirteen verse five and onward and so we see then the plagues poured out here and now let's go back and look at this class some of the events what is it that's going to lead up to the. Mark of the beast being inforced what are what are the events that are going to lead up to that how how is that going to take place and what I'm going to do for you. Is draw here and some of you in the back may not be able to see this as well so we're going to make this more vertical like this OK what is what about a minute little drawing for you and then. I'm going to go back to the Bible to prove it but I want to show you two things are going to happen simultaneously we'll put two boxes here. And these events are going to be happening simultaneously boy this is so slow I can see at the back at oh I can hardly see it from here. All right can you see the white lord back there all right I'm going to race those boxes there they're no good I got the best eraser possible. I'm going to try to write pretty big and we'll see what happens OK on this side you're going to see natural disasters Whoa that goes right we're going to forget that board we don't need it anyway thank you for picking it up all right I can do this with my hands better no no no I'm using this board right here OK on this side you're going to see famines and earthquakes and floods and natural disasters OK that's one side on this side you going to see chaos you're going to see natural strife on this side are going to see false revival. And when you see those two blends Now let me give you some evidence of this from the divine writings of Ellen White and let me give you just a couple references that are going to go a going to help us understand this even more even more clearly. One of the things that we are going to see coming up. Great kind of first page five. Eighty nine and five ninety you got the reference what great what references it five eighty nine five ninety while appearing to the children of man as the great physician who can heal all their maladies he will bring disease and disaster until the populous cities are reduced to ruin and desolation while the populous cities are reduced to what ruin and what else desolation even now when. Even when its now now is now even now he is at work in accidents and calamities by sea and by land in great conflagrations What's a conflagration fire have it what's a come for southern California. In fierce tornadoes and terrific hail storms in Tempus floods psycho tidal waves and earthquakes in every place and in a thousand forms Satan is exercising his power he sweeps away the ripening harvest you look at northern Africa famine distress follow in parts to the air a deadly taint What's that air pollution thousands perish by the pestilence Now this next sentence these visitations are to become more and more frequent and disastrous So can we expect fewer or greater natural disasters few or Greater Greater do we find that also in the Bible Yeah you look at Matthew chapter twenty what for Luke Chapter twenty one So Matthew chapter twenty four. Matthew twenty four and again if you look at Matthew chapter twenty four. And let your eyes drop down to verse seven nation will rise against nation kingdom against kingdom they'll be famines pestilences earthquakes. In various places so you look at Luke Chapter twenty one. So natural disasters both the Bible and Ellen White predict will become more frequent Will we see more hurricanes will we see more earthquakes will we see more tomato tomato as we hope so they have lightly if they're good health. More more tornadoes yes I hope we see more tomatoes too they're good for your health. Good Chapter twenty one There we go Luke twenty one verse twenty five they'll be signs in the sun moon in the stars on earth distress of nations with perplexity the sea and waves roaring and men's hearts failing them for fear for the expectation of those things coming on the earth for the powers of heaven will be shaken notice. Natural disasters these natural disasters will become more and more frequent we can expect more of this as we look at scripture not only this but on the same side see the devil delights in war why because he wants two reasons Once he wants to sweep away people's lives who are unprepared for the coming of Christ but there is another reason why and that is he wants to create chaos in our people in society if he's able to create this notice great controversy page five ninety then the great deceiver will be swayed man that those who serve God are causing these evil see so what is the devil do he works to cause tornado earthquake famine flood he worse to court to to do natural disasters then it says the class that have provoked the displeasure of heaven will charge all their troubles upon those whose obedience to God's Commandments is a perpetual reproof to transgressors. It will be declared that men are offending God that by the violation of the Sunday Sabbath that this sin has brought calamities which will not cease until Sunday observance will be strictly enforced and that those who present the claims of the Fourth Commandment thus destroying reverence for Sunday are trouble words of the people preventing their restoration to divine favor in temporal prosperity So here's what happens in the last days of first history every seed goes to harvest and the last days of Earth's history the righteous who believe in Christ and who accept His love and grace in their lives they become more committed and more faithful the wicked who drift away from Christ unbelievers become more blatant in their unbelief as that begins to take place Satan begins to stir up and as far as God allows. Satan creates natural disasters as far as God allows that there are not simply natural phenomena but God withdraws his hand and as God withdraws his hand you remember Revelation seven says that he's holding back the winds of what holding back the winds of strife and so God allows those winds of strife to blow upon this earth as he does as he does disasters begin taking place they become more and more frequent and more and more disastrous the devil seeing that knowing that this is a signal of the coming of Christ wanting to trap him in his snake areas as many as he can the devil does something else what does he do Revelation Chapter thirteen Revelation Chapter thirteen. On the one hand you see conflict you see strife on the one. And you see natural disasters but there's something taking place on the other hand what do we see on the other hand there Revelation Chapter thirteen we're looking there at Revelation thirteen. And let your eyes drop down to. Verses thirteen fourteen. Notice what it says it says he makes fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men and. What is the devil doing the devil wants to work miracles for miracles and as what is this about he makes fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of man what's that talking about does anybody remember what fire symbol of fire is in the Bible. The Holy Spirit yes but even deeper than that. When when when the first time fires mentioned in the Bible. Before. Before even You've got it eaten remember the flaming sword of fire what did that represent the presence of God with what about Moses the sheer kind of glory above the tabernacle between the two angels What was that the presence of God What about the pillar of fire the presence of God so all through the Old Testament fire is a symbol of the presence of God Now what when do you read about fire in the New Testament the Holy Spirit comes down with like a dove on Jesus but he also comes down as tongues of fire in Acts chapter two so you have fire representing the presence of God through the Holy Spirit so fire always represents the presence of God through the Holy Spirit one way or the other the presence of God when you have tongues of when you have the fire coming down from heaven Satan calling that down what is that that's the false fire or the false presence of God in a false revival movements so that's what it's generally it's the full force revival movement to some of those false revival movements use the gift of tongues they do but the idea of fire coming down from heaven is not some atomic blast that comes down from heaven the Bible has to be used to interpret itself it really has to do with the with a false manifestation of the presence of God not strictly limited to the gift of tongues but all false manifestations of emotion in the presence of God we're going to talk this afternoon a lot about the true and false manifestation of the Holy Spirit now let's continue to look here in Scripture Let's go over to Revelation. But I want you to go over the revelation of the sixteenth chapter revelation the actually let's go to Revelation nineteen Let's go to Revelation nineteen. Revelation nineteen. And notice this is talking about the battle of Armagh. Addon Revelation nineteen and you're going to look at verse nineteen and twenty Revelation nineteen verse nineteen and twenty and I saw the beast in the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to make war against Him who sat on the horse and against his army and the Beast was captured and with him the false prophet who works science in his presence or works in the King James sources work miracles in his presence by which he deceive those who receive the mark of the beast and those who worship his image how were those who received the mark of the beast deceived how were they deceived by the false miracles you got it that's what it says in the text isn't it then the beast was captured and with him the false prophet who works signs or miracles in his presence by which he deceive those the by which refers to the science of the miracles by which he received those who receive the mark of the beast go back to Revelation sixteen now and read verse fourteen revelation sixteen. And look at verse fourteen What is it that enables it says in Revelation sixteen fourteen These are the spirits of demons performing what performing miracles or signs which go out to the kings of the whole earth so you have two things that are happening on the one side natural disasters on the one side the arming and planning of war on the other side a false religious revival and the false religious revival with a false manifestation an understanding of what Christianity is all about Ellen White comments on that again in the book re conversely page five eighty eight she says. As spiritually some more closely imitates the nominal christianity of the day it is greater power to deceive and ensnare Satan himself is converted after the modern order of things he will appear in the character of an angel of light through the agency of spiritual. As miracles will be wrought the sick will be healed and many undeniable wonders will be performed so let me summarize it this way at a time when the economic bottom falls out of America at a time when there are calamities all over the earth at a time when there are uncertainty and political leaders do not understand the solution to the problems God begins to work through His Holy Spirit honest in heart or lead in to his true movement Satan works with a false religious revival and that false religious revival. Is one in which there are false miracles the sick will be healed apparently healed and there will be it'll be filled with emotion signs and wonders. It will then be proposed that the Vose who don't go along with this false religious revival of the cause of these natural disasters these wars in these calamities. Pressure will be put on politicians now we should never think that the beast power is going to rise from above. And enforce the mark of the beast that's not the way it's going to happen at all see many people say hey what's going on now in Congress is there some secret Sunday you out there is not the space the strategy of the devil is different Let me read to you great conversely five ninety to one ruler is an legislators whose that rule isn't legislators who is that could be Congress could be Senate in order to secure public favor what do they want to secure. What's public favor. Votes will yield to the popular demand what is the demand popular demand what what does it mean popular demand. Yeah popular demand that's the people right it's a movement among the people the popular demand for a law enforcing Sunday observance so notice that sentence carefully in the context of everything we've said what happens natural disasters war strife over the world false religious revival Apparently Satan begins to work and people think this is the working of God and then there is a popular demand there is a popular uprising among the people and what is the popular demand say it is those people that don't go along that are not worshipping on the true Bible on Sunday they are the cause of all these things therefore the legislators yield to the popular demand so how does this work how does this work. First we see these developments taking place in America but then as we do that we see as we show the SAF to noon Protestantism reaching across the Gulf no notice great conversely five eighty eight through two great errors how many errors to the immortality of the soul and Sunday sacredness Satan will bring people into his deceptions while the former lays the foundation for spiritual ism the latter creates a bond of sympathy with Rome the Protestants of the United States will be what the foremost in stretching their hands across the Gulf to grasp the hands of spiritualism they will reach over the abyss to clasp hands with the Roman power in under the influence of this threefold union that spiritualism which infiltrates Protestantism. In Catholicism this country will follow in the steps of Rome and trampling on the rights of conscience so what can we expect we can expect a false religious revival among Protestantism that leads Protestantism itself to downplay the authority of scripture and place emphasis on an emotional religion. As they place emphasis on emotional religion they will border on spiritual ism that is the God within you. So we would expect Protestantism to be entering into forms of meditation forms of religious experience that bypass scripture bypass the authority of scripture and place the self as the Supreme One of the dwelling place of God rather than worshipping the God who is they are outside of us rather than meditating upon the word in him so we should expect that we should expect spiritualistic nuances to flow through Protestantism we should expect as well natural disasters we should expect nations to be arming for nuclear war we should expect at this same time great calamities this should drive us to our knees to know Christ in ways that we have not known him before for a deep longing manifestation to have Christ in our life it should give us a passion to witness we should expect the outpouring of the genuine Holy Spirit to counteract the outpouring of the spirits of demons and we should believe that God is going to raise up a people to prepare the world for the coming of Jesus that's the first two now I'll take five six minutes of questions on anything we've covered so far not in the future and we're going to go into this much more deeply this afternoon on the different steps see the mark of the beast isn't going to be enforced all at once there will be steps and we'll take a look at those this afternoon but some question Jess. It I think it's pretty obvious when I look at scripture this way. That when probation closes it is an individual thing I think it is and it's not. Probation will close not because of God saying it's just closed for you but it rather is closing because of the decisions that that person has made in their own lives so when the national Sunday was cool is passed I'm sure that there will be people that will make final irrevocably decisions to compromise or receive the mark of the beast so to whom much is given much is required yes OK yes ma'am yes sure. Sure I will should her quote is this soon no know how soon the judge will pass from the dead to the living some have use that to say has the judgement already taken place for the living now that's what they've done her quote is there are two explanations for it number one is this her quote is true and nobody knows when the national Sunday will be passed so nobody knows when that probation will close nobody knows when the seal of God The mark of the beast will be enforced so you can look at it in that context you can look at it also in this context you know there are a number of statements in the writings of Illinois where she says Christ could have come ere this so had had the church risen to its destiny and done the work that Christ had proclaimed it to do the coming of Jesus would have been sooner and the judgment of the living namely when men and women make their final year revokable decisions for or against Christ would have taken place sooner OK so you can look at it from two standpoints number one the standpoint of. The fact that nobody does know when these events are going to take place the stand point number not that it already has taken place it's number two in the context of conditional prophecy OK yes. Sure. The the Revelation twenty two verse eleven says he that is unjust let him be unjust still he that is righteous let him be righteous still he that is holy let him be right still the way I see it is this when he says it is finished that's there there are in the Book of Revelation there are there is one place that it says it is finished another place as it is done Revelation twenty one says it's done that's at the end of the thousand years but the place it says it is finished is at the end of the sixth plague so that is talking about what has taken place at the end it says it is finished it's talking about probation has closed at the beginning of those plates so it's referring you back to the beginning of those plagues so that the it is finished eight minutes at the end of the closing of probation not at the beginning OK so when it says He that is righteous let him be righteous still he that is holy let him be holy still that is a continuous present in other words this is a fact that is is has happened so what are the way I would look at it is is very simple that the statement it is finished does not refer to the beginning of the close of probation but to the end of it. Because if you take the other position I think it puts you in a very awkward place and the place that it puts you in is that does everybody make their decision to receive the mark of the beast of the seal of God at the same time see does everybody make that decision at the same time and if probation closes before a person receives the mark of the beast what sense would it make for them to receive the mark of the beast at that time I mean what what or how would you figure that out so to me it's much more biblical in harmony with the spirit of prophecy and logic to say that when the national Sunday was passed people begin to make their. Decisions as they make their decisions probation closes for them and the statement that is finished announces that everybody has already made their decision that's the way I would say yes. Yeah. OK. I would not put the idea of the false prophet in the Book of Revelation is a much broader term some of those may fit under that term I let God judge them I look at their fruits you have a chance let me let me answer your question let me live it. Yes let me. OK let me answer. Let me answer your question the term false prophet is in harmony it says the dragon the base of the false prophet the dragon represents Satan of course the beast represents the papacy of the false prophet is a general term to describe religious confusion particularly Protestantism OK I'll take one more question yes ma'am I want to be sure I hear you OK The question is he it they ate the little book it was bitter in the stomach Why was a bitter. The Honey in the mouth was sweet when they studied the book of Daniel it was sweet in their mouth they believed he is going to come the reason it was bitter is they were so bitterly disappointed when Jesus did not go so his bitter because they were so bitterly disappointed you will be bitterly disappointed if you don't eat lunch on time so it's eleven thirty one so I'm going to let you out now and. And now to say after noon What time is our class. What time. Two forty five for class we're going to go to the graphics I hope this afternoon we're going to look at where to look at the latter A OK. This message was recorded at the D Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. Do you want to support the ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christian to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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