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4. God's Final Call

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 28, 2017
    4:00 PM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seven thousand conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at Deb you Deb you Deb you dot. Org. You recognize that in five sessions I'm just doing the highlights of last day events or coming events. Some of you have asked about this workbook that I've been quoting from a number of years ago I wrote a workbook with instructors lectures for a local churches on the last day events it was designed as a prayer meeting series seminars unlimited carries it so most of you are familiar you can google seminars unlimited thank you very much you can google seminars unlimited you can get their phone numbers etc But if you're interested in holding a seminar coming event seminar for your local church they've got all the material still lectures and their workbook makes it really simple because there is charts and diagrams and stuff to fill in I wanted to mention that to you somebody talk to me in the break about a book that I've written on the Holy Spirit called Revive us again is that person here do you have the book you could hold up revive us again on the Holy Spirit it was somebody here that had a copy of it she may have left now but it's called Revive us again you get it in the A.B.C. It's a book on the Holy Spirit and a lot of rain that is also can be a blessing for your prayer meetings somebody else asked me in the break about I mentioned our Living Hope School of evangelism and some of you have asked me to explain a little more about that I will do that we have many wonderful six months programs that are being conducted throughout the United States amazing fact school of evangelism is amazing arise really helps you to arise. A soul's West really helps you to win souls I recommend all of those programs Michigan has an excellent program we do not have anything like that to train Bible instructors what we do is very simple. I have a five to seven day training program for pastors and laypeople so pastors from all over America over the world come and we spend about five days with these pastors emerge seeing them in principles of evangelism principles of church growth the Bible the spirit of prophecy etc They see our little church we had a church of twenty five to thirty people and now every Sabbath will now have one hundred twenty members and every Sabbath when I preach there there's two hundred two hundred fifty people if I'm not there there's probably a hundred sixty so here's a church of that's gone from thirty thirty five people to one hundred twenty with an attendance of a hundred sixty we have all kind of professional people coming it's quite an amazing story of what God has done in our facility we have a church we have a media center in our media center we have we are broadcasting now streaming to one hundred ninety different countries in the world you know local church media center we have a large presence we are starting a national radio program across America doing a lot in television we have a health center where people are coming in we have a program called health to the max that they participate in natural lifestyle cooking. We do stress management courses all kind of health courses are Bible courses archaeology et cetera for the public and so in the last we are in a very upmarket community it's a gated community it had no Seventh Day Adventist Church three years ago and it is a community has two golf courses five club houses very very well to do community and in the last two years we've had about three hundred nine Adventists walk through our doors of our different programs and so we're working we're seeing God work some incredible miracles of His Grace what do we do for laypeople or students. There are times of the year where different organizations want to do a spiritual retreat so G Y C brought its leadership team to us and they did a spiritual retreat for five days with us there are local churches that bring pastors and lay people come and they'll come like on a Friday night to a Sabbath or a Sunday and we spend time with them but we have many times where I will teach courses on Lay evangelism teach courses with my wife on health of Vangelis them teach courses on the lay preaching and how people can be effective preachers. We teach courses on a variety of kinds of witness usually laypeople come for five to seven days they usually will come like on a Sunday and stated the following Sabbath we have class about six hours a day and then in the evening they go out to programs with us I have been an Adventist ministry now for fifty years and so we don't charge for our our tuition at all there it's people come they have to take be responsible for their own housing and usually they get breakfast in the hotel we charge eight dollars at our school for a meal and they. They they participate so the only charge we charge is eight dollars for the meal we don't charge any tuition charge wall and somebody says how do you exist well God just supplies are new it's the just supplies our needs and but if you have any interest in we are completely filled the first six months I don't like to take more than we can take up to twenty I mean I could take forty people if we wanted in the classrooms but I like to take about fifteen to twenty because we spend time personally together in the evening we talk to people about their own spiritual life we talk to them about witness we help pastors particularly. We have some time left in our July classes in our September and October we have about six sessions a year I am there about thirty five to forty percent of my time the rest of the time I'm travelling the world and we are holding evangelist meetings in different parts of the world I'm going to give you a couple things that you can check out if you have any interest in our classes or if you know your churches will you can call the General Conference my administrative assistant Her name is Joy Brando that joy and it's be our O.-N. Deo and I'll give you her direct line if you have any interest or your pastor a church does in our classes her number is three zero one six eight zero six six one nine that's three zero one six eight zero six six one nine. Also we are just redoing our website but our website is called Hope Lives three sixty five within the next two or three weeks it will be completely done but Hope Lives three sixty five we always publish our schedule there as well but the best most reliable way is to call Joy And if you have a lot of times youth groups will come to our church and we'll spend five days with them studying the Bible and they go away with really great spiritual renewal in their own lives. We are now going back and we're going to go back to taking a look at the Latter Rain loud cry and the whole issue of the shaking so let's pray and we've got a lot to cover in this class are you ready to go G Y C You're ready to go I mean I'm seventy three years old might have more enthusiasm than you got and so right let's pray Father in heaven thank you so much for Jesus and thank you for His love thank you for the promise of the Holy Spirit as we study about how to be filled with your spirit move upon our hearts in Jesus name in. Now we studied in our last session the law to rein in the loud cry we have shown both from the Bible in the writings of Ellen White that God is preparing to pour out His Spirit in abundant measure we've shown also that the devil wants to hinder this work so he wants to introduce a counterfeit revival we pointed out the difference between the genuine in the counterfeit in the genuine revival men and women are seeking His Spirit to be filled with His Spirit and we looked at the baptism of the spirit in the baptism of fire we've shown that fire in the Old Testament and the new rep it is a symbol of the abiding presence of Christ in the life it's a symbol of the IN feeling of the presence of God baptism is immersion baptism the baptism of the Spirit is immersion in the presence of God where the glory of God fills your life and changes your life in the genuine manifestation of the Holy Spirit men and women are on their knees seeking God and they make their major object to know Christ and to know the will of God in the counterfeit manifestation men and women are looking for any experience with God rather than knowing God from the standpoint of doing his will so any time any emotional external experience substitutes for heart repentance in a desire to reflect the image of Jesus we know are in danger any time signs and wonders in Miracles substitute for the desire to reflect the image of Jesus in living obedient life we know that that's the nights we know the run slippery ground one characteristic of false revivals is there's a great emphasis on the gifts of the spirit rather than the fruits of the Spirit God invites us to seek the fruits and he gives us the gifts the gifts are god's to give the fruits are ours to seek So we ask the question. What is holding back the coming revival what is holding back the outpouring of the Holy Spirit what is heaven waiting for why doesn't God just pour out His Spirit on the church today if God poured out His Spirit on lives in which there was known and cherished Seon that would simply contribute to pride and arrogance and so what is heaven waiting for Notice first selected messages page one twenty one a revival of true godliness notice the word true among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs to seek this should be our first work so the first work is to seek genuine authentic revival somebody says that's the problem with my church they need genuine revival No the problem is with my heart and yours that I need genuine revival The problem is not with the church who is the church the church is you and me so revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all of my needs to seek this should be my first work you know in Scotland it is claimed that there is forty million pounds the pound of course is the British Scottish currency it's price worth sixty million dollars of unclaimed deposits in other words people have died and they've left money to their relatives but the relatives have never claimed them I wonder if there's any of my old Finley's over there in Scotland you know that sixty million dollars of unclaimed deposits it kind of reminds me that the Holy Spirit is an unclaimed deposit by many god is promised his spirit do anything else to claim the unlimited resources that the Holy Spirit holds for us there is no way that as human beings we can see God's work finished unless the Holy Spirit is poured out in dramatic power the seeds that have been sown the bible studies given the literature given out the T.V. programs produced radio programs all of these seeds will come to harvest a lot of rain now one of the prerequisites for receiving the outer rain in our last session we pointed out the difference between the early and the latter rain. We pointed out that the early rain came at Pentecost historically and the latter rain will come out in time we pointed out that the early rain nurturers in the life of the believer the desire for Christ God fills our hearts with his spirits but to meet the challenge of Earth's final hour God promises to pour out in abundance of his spirit so the latter rain does not mean that there was no spirit manifest in the church before and it's not that we simply say hey I'm going to pray and wait for this a lot of rain to come then God's going to finish his work not at all where in prayer where in Bible study were involved in witness and the law to reign is like a crescendo were daily we are filled by the Holy Spirit remember Ellen White says daily Should his should believe verse plead for the baptism of the Holy Spirit so daily we plead for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the latter rain comes at the Final Crisis of Earth's history to empower the church to give the final witness to the ends of the earth so every human being on every planet on every continent of earth will Keir the final message of God Now what is the first prerequisite to receive God's Holy Spirit the first prerequisite may be simple it's to ask God Zachariah ten verse one let's read it together ask the Lord for rain in the time of the Latter Rain So ask the Lord for rain are we living in the time when God wants to pour out His Spirit in the latter rain are we living at that time are you asking God day by day for the outpouring of His Spirit in your life review and Herald August twenty five eight hundred ninety six can we read it together we should pray as earnestly for the descent of the Holy Spirit as the disciples prayed on the day of Pentecost. Are you praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life or you're praying that God will move through you and that he will fill you with the spirit are you seeking God daily for the baptism of the spirit the infilling of more and more of the Holy Spirit are you praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life do you have a prayer group that you're meeting with to seek God from the power of the law to reign. You know there are churches in North America that if you would go to that church at eight thirty on Sabbath morning you would be find groups of people praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit they would be praying for the Manifestation of God to come down on that church when we when our church was just a little church over and warrant in Virginia and that church had been there for probably thirty years maybe thirty five people came and there were a group of consecrated godly had been asleep people that would come to that church about eight thirty quarter of nine and Sabbath morning and they would kneeled down and begin to pray that the outpouring of the Spirit would take place that God would miraculously lead people to that church one Sabbath I was preaching and I noticed a lady came in who I had never seen before now when you only have thirty five people you notice new people pretty quickly and so I thought I'm going to go talk to this lady after the service so I went up to her and you know with all my ministry fifty years I never had anybody say this to me before I said what how did you happen to come to church this morning and this is her an exact quote she said I woke up and God kicked me in the payments and made me come. So that my never had God kick him in the pants before the make of God and I said you there must be a story behind that and she said I'm a pilot I'm an airline pilot I fly for one of the largest airlines in America I fly from Washington Dulles Airport to Los Angeles and she said Pastor Finley I had no idea that you were in this church I am a former Seventh Day Adventist but I've been spiritually nourished recently by listening to your sermons on the Internet what I get up this morning I felt a strong conviction a strong conviction that I had to be here in church this morning in the last six months in our new facility there have been at least four things amylase a professional people that felt impressed to come to our church I was preaching about two Sabbaths ago in our church one hundred twenty members there were two hundred thirty people there and as I was greeting at the door a man and woman came out I introduced myself to them and I said to him How did you learn about a church they told me that they had heard on Internet and they felt so impressed they drove an hour and a half to be there and I said my what you might do what your work he handed me his card United States government he's in the state department of the United States government God to lead him that Sabbath by the Holy Spirit we are praying that God will lead people to our congregation you would not believe psychiatry in town saw us on the Internet felt impressed by the Spirit God is leading people by the Holy Spirit today for a praying church God is working some miracles even among the Muslim community in the Middle East in one country that I was in Recently I was talking to a Muslim man who was there in church with about fifteen or twenty other Muslims in this country and I said to him Ha How did you learn about the I've been a shirt he said My story is an amazing one he said I am a refugee from Syria in this country and he said. As a refugee I had no work I got sick I couldn't feed my children and one day I went out on the balcony in this little apartment they were living and I shook my fist at God and I said God God where are you you're not here and he said I heard an automotive ways from heaven that said Lo I will be with you always even to the end of the earth trust me. I'm going to be with you he said the next day somebody was coming to the airport other refugees I wanted to go pick them up I had no way to get there I had no money my family hadn't eaten as I walked out a cab drove by me and stopped in the cab driver looked over and said hey I know you I used to know you in Syria how can I help you and he said I need a ride to the airport he said No problem I'll take you he said I was going to get in the car a man walked by and the man said to me Hey you asked me to borrow one hundred dollars last week I felt impress this morning I want to give it to you here's one hundred dollars he said I knew there was a god then and I began seeking and I discovered the Seventh Day Adventists the now he has about twenty or thirty Muslims coming and they were with us just a few weeks ago in that country but the church there is praying. My wife and I visited the largest Seventh Day Adventist Church in the world it's in Shan Yang China Shenyang China it had six thousand members now it has eight thousand members the story of that church is incredibly amazing it was started as a house church congregation and it is grown we talked to the pastor of the church in the pastor said this We said What is the secret of your growth the pastor said the outpouring of the Holy Spirit every morning we meet together at four thirty to pray there are one hundred church members sixty to one hundred every morning that pray we said why four thirty in the morning oh pastor said because I have lawyers and doctors and I have attorneys and I have professional university students so we pray from about four thirty to six thirty then sixty one hundred of us go on out on the streets every morning and we witness before work oh but Pastor we don't do that seven days a week we just do it six because on Sabbath we come at six o'clock in the morning and there we pray and we stay all day if in the United States of America what if we had people coming to the church on a Wednesday night what if there were thirty forty fifty that were praying in small groups for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit what if you lead you left this G Y C convention committed personally to start prayer groups in your church. What if there were groups coming at eight thirty quarter or nine on Sabbath mornings praying that God would lead people you know Ellen White says acts of the Apostles many are on the verge of the kingdom waiting only to be gathered in I wonder how many people in your community are listening to voice of prophecy I wonder how many in your community are watching it is written I wonder how many are watching three A.B.N. or the hope gentle I wonder how God is just waiting to do something amazing in your community once the Church is prepared to receive them God will bring them so do you have a prayer group that you're meeting with to seek God for the latter rain you know. I was teaching for the value of small groups and I had every excuse in the world not to start a small group in my home I said look I'm travelling all over the world I'm preaching in place I'm only home forty percent of my time I can't start a small group in my home and the Lord kept on pressing me start a small group in your home start a small group in your home so my wife and I were doing bible programs and health programs and so I said to many of the group the non Adventists that were there look I'm going to start a study verse by verse of the Book of Revelation it may take me a year it may take me two years if you want to come to the house come on a Monday night thirty people show up eighteen of them not Seventh Day Adventist then we built a twenty nine Adventist So for the last four or five months we have small group in our home I try not to travel on Monday nights I try to get back but often if we can't do it I just print to schedule we do it every other week or every third week and we have scores of people from our gated community that come to our home and it got so big that we had forty people at our house and my neighbors got concerned because we were blocking the streets in their cars all over so they said I want to be a good neighbor so I met with them and they said Pastor you know it's blocking the streets could you just move your group so we moved our Small Group now to our church and so on Monday nights we have our group but do you have a prayer group your meeting with the Sikh God in our. Group we pray I ask our group is there to are there people in our group that you have a need and people open up in that group and then we talk to them about the fact that what praises do you have we pray that God's Spirit will come down we study of the Word of God together do you have two or three prayer prot news that you've covenant with to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life and the life of your church one of the most successful evangelistic meetings that I had was down in San Antonio Texas we don't have an hundred nine Adventists come to that meeting but the pastor of the scenic Hill seven they're going to church pastor Rodney mills you know Pastor Rodney Yes my dear friend and you know we had a great time in San Antonio but you know Pastor Rodney every Thursday every Thursday morning at five thirty met with his elders and they prayed for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on that church many of the church members were not even aware of it but every Thursday morning five thirty in the morning he would pray do you have two or three per partners that you've committed to pray with for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life and the life of the church one of the most amazing revivals that ever took place in the latter part of this revival Satan took it over but at the beginning of this revival the Welsh revival is a young man by the name of Evan Roberts. Evern Roberts was sixteen years old in Wales during that time the churches were largely empty you might get a church that would seat three four hundred people and you get five old people that would be meeting in that church to pray Evan Roberts was sixteen and he looked at the Country of Wales and he found it spiritually pot he found spiritual poverty there and this sixteen year old young man said I'm going to pray for the country and he began praying he worked in the mines with his father and he said coal mining is not my destiny but he worked in the mines and Wales he prayed for six years saw a no visible manifestation of the outpouring of the Spirit and then one night he was at Mariah chapel in North or South Wales and he had about twenty young people with him and the Spirit of God came down touched their lives these young people began to go out to Wales and it's estimated that within nine months in that small country one hundred thousand people were converted by the prayer by the prayers and preaching of Evan Roberts and his young team churches were filled the mighty revival swept through Wales when a judge would try people the judge would stop and pray with the criminals in the criminal to be converted on the spot and he'd send them out to witness rather than sending them to jail many of the pubs or the alcoholic joints is closed down on Saturday nights and the reason they did is they weren't selling any alcohol and there is an interesting record of one pub owner that writes and it was published in the newspaper he said I have had to close my pub because I always sold like eighty seven cents worth of alcohol all night nobody is coming because everybody's going to the prayer meetings there is a mighty revival now there is a problem in the nation and here is what the problem was the pit ponies that pit. Pulled the coal car down in the pits had to be retrained because they no longer responded to the commands of the miners the miners were converted they weren't cursing at the horses any more so the horses wouldn't pull and so the revival even impacted the horses schools would stop three times a day for prayer meetings largely the result of a young man who was seeking God in prayer now the real tragic story of this revival was Satan got involved in it and later it became emotionalism but it really illustrates what God can do through young people who are serious about praying for the Holy Spirit one of the greatest things that could happen in G Y C would be God would send you from this place with a real burden for prayer he would send you from this place with the desire to seek God powerfully in prayer and that you would start youth prayer groups and adult prayer groups in your local church now the second prerequisite for the outpouring of a lot of rain is an undivided heart see if we're not praying for the Holy Spirit it's not going to come but as we pray for it God fills us with the Spirit leads us empowers us by His Spirit does something through a witness that would be possible the second prerequisite for the experience an undivided heart when God is a group of people whose main desire is to please him they don't want glory for themselves they do not desire first place he will then pour out His Spirit in abundance. You remember what it says in Johnny first twenty nine let's read it together he who sent Me is with me the father has not left me alone for I always do those things that please him the great desire of Christ was to do what pleased the father now here is the problem that solves all problems there's one problem in the Christian life if you get it solved you'll solve every other problem here's a here's what it is it's the problem of the human will once you solve this problem the Christian life becomes much less complicated Remember what Jesus prayed in Matthew twenty six verse thirty nine he says if it is possible let this cup let the cross pass from me but not as I will but as what you will so here is the basic problem who has the will who has the will see if I have not surrendered my will to Christ I will battle with every new truth God reveals to me he reveals to me something that I've been watching in media that's not in harmony with his will so I going to fight him about it he reveals to me something in the article of diet or an article of dress or reveals to me something in my deep inner attitude of pride arrogance reveals lust if my will is not totally serenity I'm going to battle God and each thing I'm going to God Well that's not that bad and God Look this is what that other person is doing but if my will is totally surrendered to Christ all I see is God all you need to do is show me what you want me to do and I'll do it see I've already made the fundamental decision to surrender my life to you I've already made the fundamental decision to surrender my will to you all I want to know is what you want me to do let me share a practical application of this the names that I'm going to use are not real names I've made them up purposely and let's say there Jon and Kate Jon and Kate were a young married couple in their twenty's they were having marital difficulty arguing a lot largely over finances John and Kate couldn't control their credit card and so it seemed that when they wanted to go on vacation they had a credit card they used when they wanted to buy a new car they had a credit card and they used it when Kate wanted to go shopping she took the credit card and came back with a five hundred thirty dollar bill whatever it is they built up about fifteen to twenty thousand dollars in credit card bills they couldn't pay their bills effectively they didn't have the income coming in they were arguing fighting their marriage was going south they attended a seminar on the Holy Spirit and the first time in their life the one on. That the Holy Spirit was leading it made a critical decision and the decision was not to made any decision in their life unless they were any major decision unless they were certain it was God's will and so they covered it in fact Holy Spirit said all right I'm here to be used as husband and wife holding hands when they pray to press something like their spirit uses we feel conflicted by the Holy Spirit that all we want to share with you and we know it's not your will for us to go deeper in debt so we make a commitment that at last your spirit your prices and process we're not going to use our money. We are going to get out of debt we're not going to be using that credit card unless you're serious cost. High with all that they were doing extremely well they love to see it and one day after ski season was over they were in the mall and they noticed a big star on the SAC all see it but if the person had all they said this must be the last well. I said that's the way let's at least look playbook that Skete they had Steve They said they had these are much better the ones they had but then they said we're going to need new ski boots today and these are much better than what we have but what if we get new seeds and you see those we have all see jackets we need to see that it's still all right here you see all of us so they got everything oversized up to the east and they were making their quarter and as they were going out it was all going to be you know I don't know what it was five six I wasn't really a great car you know so they gave out John Travolta credit card with the only. Look at him. Go over. There before they could go sit sit you know you want to run the story. He's a you know. We haven't heard about. Shows that. He's recently you will know this through through. And they want to have a lot of the white scarf. And they said lord. Not. As a leader will but it can be. God we're not looking for our way to look at Britain or where we want to live i want to party hard all we want to do is we. Asked for a thing well the deep conviction that they should not move in here because. They were here and ripped out of the water totally We're sorry maybe we're not. Going to be paired with they said later that's the first time in their life the great never made a decision based on what God wants rather than what they want how can you go to the gym with your sleep you know where you are Oh and God will. You make the decision you got. If you only feel God's will when you want to do God's Will you're not doing God's will to do with your. What and where the tough decisions and you know in your heart this is what God wants you to do and you do that that you say oh I'm not Michael but you will be good yes adeptly Jon and Kate said that it was the best years here that they ever had to use their old equipment they'd only wed when they could afford it they boarded years events which was cheaper for them they saved the money didn't put it on their credit card and they said it was the it was the greatest year they said that decision changed their life what do you scar the waiting for he's waiting for the people that speak and write he's waiting for a group of people the same or thought you are we'll what God will bless you or will you just see each task is an opportunity to discover what's in our hearts every time God brings us to our task it's not the thing that. We're being tested on it's stuff heart that we are being tested on so every test is an opportunity to discover what God is in our hearts spiritual power because when you're connected to the source of our lives our spiritual power comes to you we have agreed to reveal our part when you are active the story about how what God wants to do through your life is really amazing stories I make my jeep there is no limit to how much of those steps right how much living is there no limit to the use of the psychological exam to start makes room for the Holy Spirit on the start and we are still a life fully consecrated guy there is no limit to the usefulness I was in South America yet a country of Brazil any Brazilians here Oh sure there are sort of Brazilians here OK you know Priscilla is an amazing country and I was in the country of Brazil and the company's president said I want to introduce you to the leading soul winner you know our conference this man is a simple godly man with an undivided heart totally committed to Christ you said Twelve hundred people to Christ Twelve hundred people and so I thought I said Man I can't wait to meet this man he must be a large strapping man had booming voice must be a lay preacher I can use a discourse ration I did he was a war a mission like the nice you know to to talk to eyeball to eyeball because I want to straight is that will be enough and so I said I understand you're greatly prefer pastor never preached to serve in my life but there goes a there's a reason he was because I was the pastor I never gave a bible study in my life I said what's your secret you lead twelve hundred people to Christ he said you got to be free things faster predict where you want the person. You are you ready to do right now are you sure because they are true to your first you have a smile to their great pride. Group if you are sitting. Where you are smile. Very kind of this and you got this very often what you are going privately let's do it how can you do this I don't know that this was theirs and theirs I said why are you talking to him we're told he said every place I go out for the parade and I smile that I get acquainted these people I say how about the White House for me to listen and there were like I said in the media like this that's pretty that's very that's really pushing the power button on the D.V.D. player and this is going to pass with the. Piece of. Insanity he said I smiling make friends I do this like this you do great cheap and good and we get small groups going with the Christ did that make you think when you started this that he would win Well I wasn't there is no limit to the what you saw God is going to help you you know what to do and that's where the protests really believes God is going to help you to know what to do to win people to him when we come to Christ and we say Jesus will be with your spirit we are serious about you call your spirit and when we come to Christ putting selfless are like longing to only please Him There is no limit to the usefulness I know Politi of a lady in India ensure not she was blind she in supply and she had her grandson her love her children read her the life she memorized all the texts like of the Second Coming of Christ she would have one of the church members leave her formal she would knock on the door with her Bible and say I'm applying the old woman could you help me read the Bible was sure that there is a want to study of the Second Coming of Christ I think there are some of the revolution more than seven hundred every I will see it one that's coming up the same every day I will see it and read it something the purse three it's really not going on or what I hear read I got all covered up the science war starts and once that happens only comes when you don't work for sustenance for mercy for the. War itself or come to shout the voice of the archangel trumpet got to press the rise first the second is there action. Oh no there's not really a sea of she has one soul after soul after Soul as a woman getting other people to read the Bible to her. As the water would be just right there is no one to let it do what you spoke of going to put itself aside play through the work of the spirit like the bird flu practice or whether Second of all it's a very sad story hard on with the word. Who inspired the Bible the only spirit when you read the Bible you are filled with the Spirit that inspired the Bible. See any so-called revival that bypasses five little study leaves leads us to a false emotional experience the same Holy Spirit that is why did God inspired us as we read it I notice someone trying to verse twenty five let's read together by slowly please into the dust revive me a warning you are worth the salt lead to the past as a symbol of free and what we are we bought it already through God's Word by small notes from helping us strengthen a quarter of what your your heard someone ninety one I still think for yourself they should try to hold the end of your word that the foundation of all through revival is the Living Word of God Spirit filled lives are guided by the word structed by word powered by the word psychic by private word transformed by the word a great shaking little come to Adventists and men and women of this Mayan sort of Hearts are not encouraged by the Word of God will easily be shaken out now there are those who wonder about how God is a hero five years sure it is. When you look at salvation history God called a break out of the larger part and and he let Abraham to be faithful to him. God called Israel out of pagan apostasy eleven to be free from God called new cast and Christianity out of Judaism and God formed a new Israel a new movie God called after there was an apostasy in the Middle Ages God called Protestantism out of nominal superficial Catholicism in Christianity and as Protestantism didn't go far enough God Cole and didn't just have to be a remnant people out of the Protestant Reformation but here's the question if time goes on will the advantage church apostatized and will God call out a ramp there from the RAM that's the question. The Bible does not teach that there will be a calling out he just rather that there will be a shame because if you have a calling out when does that calling out ever sees so here it is the answer to every offshoot that ever was or ever will be and I want to spend a little time studying with you in the last few moments of class the shaky I invite you to take your Bible in turn to Hebrews the twelfth chapter Hebrews the twelfth chapter and you're looking there at Hebrews Chapter twelve verse twenty five and thirty Hebrews Chapter twelve verse twenty five and I. See that you do not refuse him to speak for if they did not escape peepers twelve verse twenty five for if they did not escape who refused him who spoke on earth much more shall we not escape if we turn away from him who speaks from have whose voice then shook the earth and now he has promised saying yes once more I shake not only the Earth but also have a way and God's way is for sure the earth spoke from Mount Sinai and what did God give his people on Mount Sinai the law of God Does God have an end time movement of whom it is written in Revelation Chapter twelve or seventeen the drug withdrawal of the woman and went to make war with one of those who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus Revelation twelve verse seventeen says here are they that keep the commandments of God If the faith of Jesus so God often in time looking ping people notice what it says verse twenty seven now of now this yet once more indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken what happens to those that are being shake they are walk removed that's why they are not the remnant because they are removed as those things that are made that the things that cannot be shaken or may remain what happens to the things that cannot be shifted they remain. Therefore since we're receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken let us have grace by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear so the Bible talks about the shaking and the sifting shaking in the sifting and let me illustrate it with a simple illustration let's suppose I have a big jar OK and that big jar has one not in the. Wall not like this B.. And you think you are on the top there are holes in the holes are big enough to let the beans through but too small to let the walnuts through your picture this in your mind he has big jar inside the jar what everybody wants in beads and the top of the jar has what. The holes big enough to let the beams through but not the wallet so let's suppose that I am shaking the jar if I shake that jar up right long enough that it was going to go to the bottom of the piece in a pot right so I have separated proof it was in the beam but if I turned over the job I just simply like this is it there yet what's going to be a good question so picture the chart is the church there will be a great shaking time now and right now within the church there will be people that are taking a stand within the church they'll be certain things that shake it but then in the great test that comes the beans are going to go out right so why are we not interested in an offshoot the reason we're not interested not shoot is because they shoot off they do not do what remains so the remnant remains faithful Now let me share with you a few powerful references to put this in perspective from the rights of the white on the whole idea of the shape that we're going to classes in addition. Second selected messages page three eight seconds left messages page three. Incidentally before I read that let me read to Isaiah forty one verse sixteen it says You shall we know them and the we shall carry them away so that Isaiah forty one sixteen you shall be all of them together we in shock carry them away another words the those their shape of life and shaft are carried away the wheat remain another good one is in Matthew three Verse twelve his shovel is ready in the hand and he on with all his threshing the wheat field gather into his grain of it so it's like a great picture we have brought the chaff up the wind blows it away the wheat stays it's heavier in the chapel now I wonder why second selected messages page three of the church may appear as about to fall what does this say the church may do of appear as about to fall but less but it does not for it remains what we call those that remain the randomness while the sinners inside will be watching that the shaft separated from the precious wheat This is a terrible ordeal but nevertheless it must take place so the remnant remain there is no Wren coming out of a ram according to the Bible or the writings of Ellen White what are some of the things that shake the church. There are down through the centuries we have I can look at all of these from the Bible with you but I'm just going to mention another to you every word to us about poor beings that classes that we should. First close to love the world. Like this in the final Testaments Maajid those who have step by step he will be the world leader male and comport to worldly custom will not find it a hard matter to heal to the powers that be rather than to subject themselves to diversion insult thread prison and death in this time the goal will be separate the dross ensures the notice it's an interesting statement isn't it those who have done what step by step he'll do the worldly meds so do they yield to worldly demands all at once there is a little compromise here a little compromise there and just pretty soon they're watching this T.V. program absorbed with this on the Internet this article of diet consumes the they cherish criticism in their hearts cherished pride arrogance lust and so it can step by step on the path of the slippery slope now or it is a gradual kind of explicit by step and without them realize they are praying last they are studying the Word of God unless they are less committed to the witness and here is a venture when the test comes the majority forsake us walk because step by step they've been dealing with the worldly demands now there is another group that are shaking out the first group they're shaking out of the world but you know that with all of life sinners that sort of will be shaken out. But in a stream of good will be shaped and that's a very interesting state and what his conservatism. The liberals are going to be shaken out because they're to work the conservatives are going to shake it out why well here it is volume five page four sixty three the superficial conservative class whose influence is steadily retarded the progress of the work will renounce their day and take their say and when it's about energy. So here this group of conservatives are very superficial. They are conservative in their understanding of doctrine but their hearts are not broken with the living Christ their lives are not transformed by the grace of God the fruits of the Spirit are not manifest in their life so they have a superficial conservative experience but they are then surely are shaping out only those who have been diligent students of the Scriptures who receive the love of Christ so who's going out the world who's going out the superficial who's going out one war the Bible the tumult the Bible says therefore let anyone who thinks he stands to take heed lest the fall notice what on white sets those this is testimonies volume six page four hundred those who have had great light and precious privileges but have not improve their will under one pretext or another go out from among us those who have great like the one who thinks they're going to stand you know. Who Satan has opened door to the person says I am never going to leave you know what did Peter say he said I'll never do what I never did not. Do you don't have a sword aren't you just in Florida. I'm managing you for an hour and if I have never met your match in your heart I want to take you to the Disney your end of oranges you're ready to go your heart OK you're out there hanging in the Florida sun getting our lunch can be coming sweeter your becoming more are enjoying the time you were greedy that first and didn't look very healthy but now you're are you were very sweet at first but now you're sweet and you're hanging on to our industry that you're hanging there the papers rather pick you and they put you in large trucks if you ever travel farther you see these big trucks going down the street these are the our kids are growing up where else it's an air conditioned warehouse so your heart your profit you say this is great I'm broke to this where we are inches are put on a conveyor belt and you're just a rope pouncing all of the conveyor belt going together you say this is fantastic this is the historic or aren't there this is where I was on this and they are there this is a beautiful ride that. When they are just around the corner they come to a small samples the Super Bowl is bigger than all of the greats see our interest to go through but not big enough for the period you threw for us to go around the corner the homes are just too good to comment on the seasonal produce more and the sort there are a number of these say those two dollars would prove too bad for them around the corner you come and they're all big enough to let the world peace go through and they go through google go here and say that those guys we're going through here well you know right around the corner there's a hole really is going to be going on the Army right. Take heed. Where he lives and say. There is no way that any of us through the crisis ahead of. Our salvation is probably right. He is always. Right just like he is always or say like he is always the one who sustains in strengthens us. In Christ the weakest saint had to get through the times. Without Christ the strongest believe or will never make it through so who get shaken out free classes so far the worldly the superficial. The conservative the self-confident and fourthly the compromising. With compromise Well my server oil price may set a mighty shaking has come a bust and will go on to shake worse and worse and all will be shaken who are not willing to take a bold and healing stay on for the truth to sacrifice for a guy in his corner. So noticed. Volume five one thirty six just stand it defense and righteousness when the majority forsake us to fight the battles of the Lord when champions are few this will be our that the Syrian advance is righteousness like the proceeds going to sharks have you placed in your heart today that your only desirous of you go. Deep within your life and your personal life you know. Is he living within your heart do you saturate your mind with the words of God There is not one reason for any young person or any adult to be lost there's not one reason for us to be shaken out rather than read. Christ as the author of earthly needs to. Be confident that this may be here to work even. If I love Jesus he will change the world he started for the glory of his name I want a little fish don't you. MARY. Father in heaven thank you so much that we need off here what are White Papers. Thank you for all of us you are the world was the order of over three years thank you for all you are a righteous right that you will finish with your US. We open our hearts you. Are about an hour's. Drive. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C A supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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