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1. The Case for Reaching W3s

David Kim Cynthia Heidi



  • December 28, 2017
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot. Org. All right well let's let's start let's start with a word of prayer. Or God or Father we thank you so much for life for bringing us together for the opportunity to draw closer to you and Laura I want to thank you so much for each and every person who has come to this seminar each and every person who has and interest and a desire to reach one of these wealthy worldly and well educated people who are in their lives and so Lord as we present as we share this morning I pray for the Holy Spirit to be with us to be upon each and every individual as they receive the message and upon Cynthia and myself as we present we pray that every word would be from you and that you would be the one teaching us this morning we pray this and the powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Amen. Morning My name is David Camm like oh my ministry partner Yes And you know GMO we're going to do brief introductions because what I figured out in the program booklet as well as online is that our bios are actually not anywhere and so you might actually be wondering why are you here and why do we have anything to say about reaching the wealthy worldly and well educated and so without boring you with the details. With myself so I have my bachelor's I have a bachelor's and master's and cello performance I was in the Hong Kong Philharmonic and then I switched careers in the corporate America. I went to I did my M.B.A. at Stanford I worked at Bain and Company which actually Cynthia currently works at Bain and Company but that's purely coincidental we didn't meet through Bain but Bain and Company for those of you are not familiar with Bain it's a strategy consulting firm and you may remember Mitt Romney who ran for president he was our C.E.O. of a few years back after that I joined a financial services company called The Vanguard Group where I now run the Japan business which is why I live in Tokyo and so. I'm sorry. Is it on the is it on the up I can find it on the I don't have the apps OK So all right well. If you need more detail you can go to the. But what I will say is more relevant to the seminar is I was hard converted eight years ago and I realized before that I had never been a witness in any way shape or form fact maybe I had been an anti witness despite having grown up in the church but after eight years ago the Lord really led me on a journey of having a heart burden to reach my peers we have so many ways so many methods so many programs of me. Essentially witnessing to strangers in our church whether it's going to door to door whether it's doing public evangelism Those are all great but those are witnessing just strangers. And I had a burden for my peers and that's what has what you'll see today over the next five sessions is the culmination of the journey that the Lord has been leading on me on for the last eight years. Since I'm sure so good morning everyone thanks so much for coming I had a kind of a similar story to David I actually also was raised in the church but I wasn't really harking married until after my. Undergrad so I got my bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and then I had a very different experience being a pseudo christian in a public campus then I had a heart conversion experience and. I was to actually say before I had a heart committing experts I started as a management consultant which at the firm I'm currently at I left joined in capital which is a private equity fund and that's when I met David if we started thinking about how to build this ministry I had a heart conversion experience and then went to business school at Harvard and then came back about a year and a half ago and so I met back at my first so that's really what happened with me and I'll share a lot of examples of how I took the tools that I learned with David and use them in a place like the Harvard Business School and my career as well. Thanks and sorry if I am I don't know if it's here you. Need to. Make the bass in your voices to me. All right. So as we get going here I just want to say a couple other logistical things One is we welcome questions now some of the questions we may be able to answer right on the spot some of the questions we wanted to say hey we're going to talk about that in the future sessions so please hold your question other questions who I say come talk to us at the booth or or at a break or something like that but we do welcome questions and we'll do our best to manage the time sometimes people like to do like presentation and then Q. and A but we're happy to take questions as we go as long as you are OK with us either answering it or not depending on the circumstance. Speaking of the booth we do have a booth the naked human society is the name of our ministry we're at booth number three zero nine so we'd love for you to come by and also we would love for you to at some point maybe with your device or you could come to the booth sign up for our e-mail distribution list we won't spam you in fact we don't really send that many emails. Because as you just heard we both have full time jobs this is not what we do for a living but when we have programs or resources you will be able to be updated about that there's also a link to. Request the speaker because a lot of a lot of what we do is we go to church groups or college groups or just all to G Y C and we do seminars on how to reach the wealth and worldly and well educated and sometimes people ask can I get the slides and the answer is yes but you need to sign up for the e-mail link because we will after you I see is all said and done and we get a chance to breeze we will send out a link to the materials or a version of the materials through the. Through the e-mail distribution list so if you're interested getting the slides it's great you just need to be on the e-mail distribution list and so you can do that by going to our Web site which is new Kadima society. Argy you could be Mr society dot org Or you can come to the booth and sign up as well and actually e-mail is the excuse of the website is on that little postcard that you received earlier today. So let's get going here. This is not just a technical workshop we actually have some very specific objectives and aspirations for you and I know that there are so many great. Seminars here at U.I.C. and it's very tempting to want to jump around and you're welcome to jump around we will not lock the doors you're free to move in and jump around but what we will well we will say is this that all five of these sessions are cumulative they build of one upon the other so you won't get the full methodology in less you stay for the five sessions so so that's. That's just the cob I would have to say you want to jump around they all build on each other. Over the course of this next five sessions there are a few specific aspirations we have for you One is that you would record. Your own heart condition we have a methodology for this and what you'll see that is one of the first steps is recognizing your heart condition and making sure that you are a heart convert itself they have been his Christian so recognize your heart condition go deeper with God as we talk and we would really encourage you to reflect on what is being shared and reflect on your own life this will be a challenging set of seminars in order to witness to the wealthy worldly and well educated you need to be at the top of your game. And I don't mean just athletically or intellectually or any of that but even spiritually as you will see this is the hardest group to reach. And so yes you will need to be like an Olympic level spiritual athlete in order to be able to be effective in this in this community so go deeper with God develop a heart burdened burden to reach the obvious reason I often get the question when I do the seminars why should we even care I get that i almost every time I do the seminar I get the question why should we even care about reaching the W three I thought Jesus was only about reaching the poor and the sick and the wretched and what you'll see is that in fact we are supposed to care but we're supposed to prioritize them first and so will walk you through all that. And then there's some real methodology here how to how to. How to attract and win souls amongst the W three C. and it is the most difficult group to reach will show you how to do it. And the bottom line is we want you to come out of here with a fully transformed life totally committed to Jesus Christ and our Gospel Mission and that's a tall order but by the Holy Spirit and by your engagement. We believe that we can have an impact not just in your head knowledge but in your heart conversion today so let's pray for that. So with that I will turn it over to Cynthia and she'll take us through the next section here. So we have a lot to cover like us like David was saying everything kind of builds on top of each other so please come back if you find this interesting and something that you'd like to actually put into practice this is our agenda this is not actually matching to each of the five sessions we're going to try to get as many of these topics covered as fast as possible so that we might have time to do things like role playing a few more live examples so this is the topics that we're going to be covering over the next five sessions but like I said it's in order but it's not necessarily cumulative it's not a good spot. So the we're going to start with the case for reaching W threes so this is a little bit about why is this so important why are we talking about this why are we here hard conversion David touched on this a little bit about how two things need to really happen for you to be fully prepared to share the gospel effectively with this group one is heart conversion and two his life transformation so we'll go a little bit through why that's important and what are some of the things we've learned from our experience to make that happen and then finally more practically you'll have two pieces which are attracting spiritual interest and studying with other you threes so this is literally how do you get from OK I'm interested I really feel burned I'm passion about doing this how do I do this in practice and how do you make this happen in a way that's supernatural That doesn't sound right actually very natural it is supernatural because the Holy Spirit is working with you but it's also a how did you get that to lead to actual Bible studies with this group of people so that's the agenda again it's not going to be like one segment per one subject person are going to try to get through these as fast as possible so we have more time for interactive exercises. So let's start with the case before we actually jump into the details I actually want to just get a little bit of information from you all so if you will take your phones out and go to mentee dot com. I'm actually going to flip the screen in a minute. So I'm going to ask you to take your phones out and answer this question How do you feel like right now you came here so there's you're clearly interested in this topic but right now how do you feel about sharing the gospel with this group we're calling the wealthy the worldly and the well educated so just please submit up to three words you don't have to submit all three if you don't have three but you can submit up to three words and let's see what what pops. It's two three zero zero three six. Zero interesting OK. So this is actually some really interesting words and not really surprising I think I hear listen a lot from other people you talk to so I see words like unsure intimidated nervous. Challenge tough but I also am encouraged to see words like excited it necessary. Passionate interested needed so I think that this is going this is probably not surprising to those of you in the audience that this is a very challenging group to reach but what I'm hoping you'll get out of this per the aspirations that David mentioned is that we're going to show you that this is extremely easy to do actually and it's going to be as natural and easy as talking about what you did last weekend. And you're going to be in a position where people are going to ask you for a Bible study you don't actually have to be like knocking on their door I mean like hey would you want to study with me they're actually going to ask you because that's a good great so let me flip back to our presentation on that. Bad bad OK. No feedback No OK just just on that point while she's flipping that back. When I was doing the methodology that we're going to share with you today I was literally at a place in my life where I had. More Bible studies than I could handle. So at my max I had four. At the same time which was too much I mean it's just too many to have a full time job and do that but But literally if you when you if you do this and you do it in a consistent way in your life you will get bible studies. Amongst the W. series so. It's good stuff let's get going. And actually to that point I had when I was in business school at Harvard I literally pray this prayer I was like Lord if you send me people I will just keep adding them to my calendar and I'm trusting you to manage my time and my. I guess the highest number of Bible studies I had at one time in a week with five with people and in my business school so anyway it's OK So let's start with the first obvious religious define a few of these W's since we're calling this group the wealthy of the world in the well educated so with the. Worth to fighting this is roughly the top twenty five percent of the population in terms of annual income which is equivalent to about thirty one million households in the country or about eighty million people so this is a really large this is a really large pool of people to reach with the gospel right in fact it's about the size of the country of Turkey. So this is a really really big group that we have to reach the problem is that only seven percent of us are actually in this category so that is nine hundred twenty eight W. threes to one Adventist. Any quick thoughts on why that might be why do we only have one Adventists per one hundred twenty in this group. Yes. Yeah that's seventy true. Yes. Yes. So that that actually is true I'm going to talk about how do you manage sort of the differences in time doing but this is actually getting out why don't we have more Adventists who have access to this group meaning they're your neighbors they're your coworkers they're your friends why don't we have just more representation. Yes that's true. Yes OK Yes one more. Sure which actually. Was your. Original. Yeah. Yeah absolutely these are all really great examples of why that might what might be contributing to this another piece that nobody has touched on yet is just aging right the Adventist Church on average is older than the normal population so people who are at the peak of their earning years are not actually Adventists right there either they have left the church which is unfortunate like a lot of my peers that I grew up with who grew up Adventists they have since left the church so that that is a big piece of this is a lot of our average age is much much higher than the natural population so this means that if you have access if you're in this room and you have access to this group we really really need you to join the mission of trying to spread the gospel because we are out of the way and reach nine hundred twenty eight people yes. And then you're done. So the second W. the world day this is not just a demographic This is truly a mindset and I'm gathering that I'm I'm sure you probably have met people and it has nothing to do with what your income bracket is it's literally people that have the mindset of you know the year after pristine. You're after a power you're after money. It's very much a mindset of how can I become as powerful as possible in my sphere of influence and it's a mindset of just acquiring a lot of earthly goals etc so this probably is not a surprise to people if you have friends and colleagues in this group well educated so we're doing better Adventists in general do better in this bucket because I've been to are very commonly degreed and similarly thirty three percent so about a third of Americans over the age of twenty five have actually earned a bachelor's degree or above so we do a lot better I think it's around like one hundred twenty something. Well educated people to one Adventists So we do much better from this W. Now this is the thing is we talk about W three C. but this isn't exactly a new topic I'm a little bit surprised that we as a church have not done more in this area because W three have always been a part of God's people so if you think about all the different bible characters that are popping up on the screen these are all people that are about I would argue fit in this group and also you're going to see at the very end Demas who is sort of we've named this whole ministry after the naked demon after nakedness because you could see Miss was one of the W three S. that Jesus himself reached with his method and we're going to talk about what we can learn from Jesus about how he reached Mickey Demas So this is not a new topic and we should be redoubling our efforts to reach this group of people. But we also touched on I think several of you gave some examples of why this group has so few Adventists in it and the point is they are very difficult to reach in fact the Bible actually tells us in song nineteen a little bit about why that might be so saw mighty and says the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether more to be desired are they than gold and here's the keys sweeter Also than honey and the high. You comb so what this verse is saying is that God is sweeter than the honeycomb The problem is if you flip over to proverbs it says that the satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb. So people who have what they think are all their needs met I think one of you actually said that as people who have their needs met they don't have as much of an easy desire if you're if you are suffering if you are in pain you are more likely to turn to God in that time of crisis if you are satisfied at least with your earthly needs it's a little bit more challenging and we're going to give some examples now about in the Bible what are some of the stumbling blocks that you see these group the group of people go through let's look at the first example the rich young ruler Why did he have a problem with experiencing this is gift of salvation what was his stumbling block. Yes it was possessions right so as a clue as we go through this both David and I have been to business school and if you go to business school they have a lot of acronyms for things so we're going to call these the five P's So the first possessions the rich young ruler had a stumbling block and in this case it was his possessions Let's go to the next example King Herod so anybody remember King Herod the unfortunate gentleman who cut off the head of John the Baptist I think John the Baptist was the unfortunate. I think heard was just fine parrot unfortunately did it have salvation so that's why I called unfortunate but his P. is peers and prestige right so he actually if you read the story he actually didn't really want to kill John the Baptist he succumbed to peer pressure and he was worried about how he would look if he went back on his promise. Another example King Agrippa So this is the this is another king who came into into communication with Paul when Paul was on his way. To Rome and King Agrippa heard the Gospel straight from the very educated and. Well. Learned lips of Paul and unfortunately King Agrippa said wouldn't do what he said he said you almost convinced me to be a Christian. He probably thought he had more time etc But unfortunately he pushed it back and like you know it this is very compelling but I'm not going to believe it right now. Ultimately though all of these people stumble on this big block of pride because it's very humbling to have to admit when you are in a position of power when you're position of you've been very successful at least in the earthly sphere of life it's very difficult to admit that there's something you can't do. Which is you cannot save yourself right you can't change your. Technically just selfish core everybody is selfish at their core and is always looking out for your own interests yes. Yes. Certainly yes we can you can you can include power here but effectively what all this is saying is that these people the reason why they are satisfied soul loads the honeycomb per Proverbs is because I argue that it is actually pride because if you're so used to the power you're so used to having you're taking care of yourself and earning your way to whatever and that objective was to be the king to be the president to be the C.E.O. you're used to using your own power and your own strength to get those things done so it's very difficult to be able to admit that you have to have somebody else to help you you need God to actually do something for you that you absolute can do for yourself yes. You do you also have a comment. Yes Have you read or have you read the slides already. We're going to get right to that glad you mentioned that so keep that but. I'm actually going to turn it over to David to talk about what Ellen White actually had to say about this thank you thinks of you so there when. When we start preparing for this. This presentation we do a lot of research into what the Spirit of Prophecy has to say about reaching the wealthy worldly and well educated and it was quite amazing actually quite stunning to see the one the volume of writings that she had and to the content of what she said so we're going to give you a very quick overview of what the Spirit of Prophecy has to say about reaching the wealthy worldly and well educated and we start with the word O'Berry vision does anyone know what a wardrobe areas. I didn't know what a world Berry is either they must have died out in the hundreds but they're there like a blueberry but instead of being white inside they're red inside so now you won't be wondering what a Wardle Berry is the whole time I'm talking through this quote. So the world will bury vision she wrote wrote it down in one thousand nine hundred six and let's just go through this I then took my berries and went to the way and so the context for this is that she is in vision going and she is with a group of believers and they're going to what could best be described as the suburbs it sounds like to a Wordle Berry orchard. OK And so they're going to pick berries that's that's what they're doing in this vision I then took my berries and went to the way and said I This is the nicest fruit that I have ever picked and I have picked it close by while you have wearied yourselves by searching at a distance without success then all came to look at my fruit said they these are high bush berries firm and good we did not think we could find anything on the high bush is so hunted only for low bush berries and we have found only a few of these. So what does she mean while fortunately she interprets it for us that we don't have to make it up I am sure that the dreams that I have had of late teach me lessons that there is a neglect to get the better classes to become interested. While the poor classes are not to be neglected neither should be higher and more intelligent classes be overlooked. I have been in dreams instructed that we overlook the field close by to us to labor in faraway fields and we pick very inferior berries when there are larger and a better quality of berries all ready to be gathered. And we are making a mistake. In this kind of labor she's not very subtle here issue. She's saying that we need to be looking for high bush berries and she is openly critical of the emphasis and focus on the low bush berries and she does say we are we are not to neglect the poor classes but the problem is we are neglecting the better classes or the W three C.. And we are making a mistake in this kind of labor I also want to make another point here she says We over and she was instructed right so injury and she was instructed to which means this is. God. We overlook the fields close by to us to labor in faraway fields if the only place that you are a witness or a missionary is somewhere that you need a passport. Then I hope you feel just a little bit rebuked by the statement. Yeah all the sources are here in the upper right corner in large print and you're getting it's in very small print This is from. Twenty one manuscript releases page three seventeen and again if you'd like to slides sign up for e-mail distribution list and we'll send a link to how to get those all right. But yet if the only place you're a missionary a somewhere you need a passport that's a big problem. And we ought not to be we not to be overlooking the fields close by. There's so much in the statement that will be covered later but we could actually do the whole seminar based on the statement. But let's keep going. The W three Tsar soul bird and they require personal effort to reach. This front six testimonies we talk and write much of the neglected poor. Should not some attention be given also to the neglected rich that's just very powerful language for me the neglected and rich Have you ever even conceived of such a thing. Many look upon this class as hopeless thousands of wealthy men and of course women have gone to their graves unworn because they have been judged by appearance and passed by as hopeless subjects and in this statement who is doing the judging. We are we are judging these people as hopeless. But indifferent as they may appear I have been show that most of this class are soul burdened there are thousands of rich men who are starving for spiritual food and many in official life feel their need of something which they have got a few among them go to church for they feel they receive no benefit. The teaching they hear does not touch the soul shall we make no personal effort on their behalf. So we're going to share a lot of. Personal stories as we've talked with reason in our lives and one that I'd like to share right now is I was talking with a. I was talking with a colleague of mine at work and she grew up in mainland China and she is an Ivy League Ph D. astrophysicist like she is literally a rocket scientist. And so very intelligent. You know just very accomplished. And we were. You know where actually we're at a funeral of one of our work colleagues and I was talking to another gentleman to my left and we're talking about. Well it started out by him saying to me well so David Kim what do you do on the weekends What do you do for fun and I said well most of my activities circle around family and faith and he said well I love family I love family activities. Which means way. He skipped over the face part right so we're where this is a part of the method you put out a little bread crumbs that people can respond to and so I saw which one he responded to so we talked about family activities what we do on the weekend and so forth and then after we had talked about that for some time I turned back and said So you know I I go to I go to church I you know faces a part of what I do how much you. Because it's a it's a very natural question right I had. And here's something and he didn't respond to it so I just asked a very simple question so what do you do you know do you have any sort of faith practice he said well I'm an I'm an atheist. And it mediately got very awkward and I stopped talking. Actually that's not what happened. So then I said oh why are you an atheist. Why should I assume that I know why he's an atheist. We always make assumptions about people so I just asked So why are you an atheist and he said well you know I really can't buy the whole creation thing and so we start talking about creation and why I believe in creation and why he doesn't believe in creation and then the the Chinese astrophysicist sitting listening to our right and she turned to us as and said hey guys what are you talking about. And I said oh you know we're talking about what we do on the weekend in the theory of origins. That's exactly what I said. And she said well I'm an atheist. Times now and surrounded by two atheists and I asked her well why are you an atheist. And this is actually a very simple methodology very simple I said why are you an atheist and she said well you know I'm a scientist and you know I believe in science and also I grew up in China and in China you know that you really don't have religion in China. And then she says she was explained to me and then she said something that just made my I mean I didn't visibly do this but my jaw dropped for. She said But you know I often wish that there were a god. So what did I say next I said Well there is a God let me tell you about him and there are twenty eight fundamental beliefs. Now I didn't do that. WHAT DID I DO WHAT DID I ask why do you wish there were going yes good the word why is your friend. Why do you wish there were God and I and she said Well. One. I'm an astrophysicist. And the universe is very hard to explain without some sort of governing power. Now this is the Ivy League Ph D. astrophysicist telling me. Why they're actually needs to be a god. So I like it when I have my atheist friends tell me that. But that's part of the method. So she's telling me why they're actually should be a god so I was reason one reason too was and. I often think that if there were a God I wouldn't feel so lonely. So these people all of our soul burdened. And actually I think you have an example here about this as well right I have many you have many Or did I did I jump the gun on you I'll save it for the next you'll save it going to say I'm going to keep us in suspense for the OK Next in the next example will keep you in suspense All right so but these people are so burdened and they need personal effort we're going to talk about with them. Alright worldliness is a great barrier for these people today God is seeking for souls among the high as well as the low there are many like Cornelius men whom he desires to connect with his church their sympathies are with the Lord's people but the ties that bind them to the world hold them firmly. It requires moral courage for these men to take their position with the lowly ones special effort should be made for these souls who are in so great danger because of their responsibilities and associations so here I can them I can actually bring up an example of good so I work at a firm again it's a management consulting firm the head of my office so this is super super senior director who's in charge of the entire office in Atlanta he he's currently the senior partner on my case literally with my case right now and this is a few weeks ago we were at a team dinner it's very common by the way when you start up a new case for my firm you just sort of it's a new group of people you all kind of exchange what's the best way to work with me and you kind of share a little bit about your working style and any personal preferences around working out or are you an early riser or do you like to work late in the evenings etc So whenever I do this I always share with people I do keep the Sabbath and it's a special rest day for me so I will not be reachable by e-mail or phone for work purposes between Friday and Saturday sunset so I did the same thing as usual monks all of the other things we talked about and a few weeks later we have this team dinner where my entire team goes out and he happens to sit next to me and he says he turns to me at dinner he's like you know Cynthia I was really interested in what you said during our you know team meeting and you had said you were you keep the Sabbath and it's a really big part of your life and he's like I don't know anybody in our office who takes any kind of faith seriously like that I would love to know more because I like I said I'm just really intrigued I don't know anybody who does this you know you just literally with is like. I would be very interested in understanding why you believe in God and why the how this influences the way you live your life so there's an example of people who literally you might be the only person in their sphere of influence who actually has anything to say about God and faith and be able to explain it in a way that will appeal to them. And they are listening and they are interested and they're noticing out certain other examples later on about what you'd be surprised what people notice when you're you don't think they're actually paying attention. So we just said that they're worldly and it's a big barrier but we should not let this worldliness deter us those who stand high in the world for their education wealth or calling are seldom addressed personally in we're a guard to the interest of the soul which is what we were just saying many Christian workers hesitate to approach these classes we just saw that in the world were cloud but this should not be. This should not be. If a man were drowning we would not stand by and see him perish because he was a lawyer or a merchant or a judge if we saw a person's rushing over a precipice we would not hesitate to urge them back whatever might be their position or calling Is that true very true. Neither should we hesitate to warn men of the peril of the soul none should be neglected because of their apparent. Apparent devotion to worldly things. She's saying we look at these people again we judge them and we say what they can possibly be interested in God. They have everything they need they have their four car garage they've got their nice house in the suburbs or or whatever they got they couldn't possibly be interested they have the world is their oyster so to speak. So I have another example of this idea in business school if you go to Harvard it's one of the most impressed this is from a perspective of everybody there are super smart very successful right they've there's a reason why the they went and. When I when I first went everybody does a great job of having a facade of having everything under control they are always going to parties taking lots of pictures it's literally so yes there's lots and lots of pictures being posted on Facebook and social media all the time and people are always talking about the job offers they're getting and everyone is obsessed with getting the most influential position or the highest paid position etc But what's what I didn't realize until later is that a lot of these people I found out were going to the psychologist on campus they were taking drugs to manage the stress and the pressure and they were not particularly happy frankly when I got to know people on campus and one person in particular she was a Jewish Jewish by culture but she's actually atheist she was part of a small group that I was in for one of my classes we had like six people and she was one of them and we got to know each other a little bit and she came up to me a few sessions after we were meeting and she said you know since the I've noticed that when we all talk about our goals in life and we talk about the jobs we're trying to find while we're here you don't seem to have the same priority priorities as the rest of us and I don't understand why you're not particularly stressed about the job search or what you're going to do next and and she was like I don't understand why why or why are you not stressed about this stuff and. And I was able to share a little bit with her because she is Jewish by background and she was intrigued when I told her that a lot of what helps me keep the stress down is the fact that every week every I have twenty four hour period where I reset my priorities I remember what's important in life and I spend time with God and my family and my and my faith and she was very intrigued by that because she never had talked to somebody who kept the Sabbath that way and so we had a lot of successive conversations around this point and I remember she is atheist so she doesn't believe that there is a God but she was very intrigued by. The ability of something like that to help you manage your stress and help you think about your priorities a little bit differently so example of these people really do they do seem like they have all their goals they have their all their careers in line and they are extremely worldly right this is their entire mindset but that doesn't mean that they don't actually need God and they don't actually need the gift of peace that God offers each one of us all share another example there was a colleague of mine work he was relatively new to the company and I joined made career as he had and so I you know just to see how he's doing checking in I asked him. To lunch and so we grabbed lunch in the in the cafeteria of the company cafeteria and so we're chit chatting Hey how's it going in and you know how's how's life how is how's work treating you you're relatively new and he had been having some challenges at work. You know. Whenever you can move to a new company can be very challenging especially if the culture is very strong and there's a certain way of doing things and and he had come from a very different place and so. I had I was I was talking with him about this and he asked me because we both came from a very similar backer and he came from strategy consulting he came from the top and. School and so he said So David you know you've joined relatively recently how have you been able to be successful here. And I gave him three pieces of advice the first two were sort of more normal kind of. You know typical types of advice like oh you should be a really good listener you know that kind of thing but then the third thing I said was You should be a good listener I don't mean to diminish that but then the sense of but the third thing and I think is actually the most important thing has been my prayer life. And I had no idea where this guy's coming from I mean I knew his background but I had no idea if you had faith and off a for anything like that I said no but them the most important thing that's been helpful to me is my prayer life period stop wait see what he asked say. So I was sitting there looking at him he was looking at me and. We're not just kidding nothing ever gets awkward. And. He looks at me and says Tell me more about that guy talk about my devotional life and what I do while I get up early etc etc and we got into a very very deep conversation about faith and religion and Christianity and then as a certain point of conversation I turned it back to him I said So you know I've been talking a lot but what about you do you know do you come from a certain faith background or anything like that and he said well I'm an atheist. Lot of atheists so I'm an atheist. But what you've described I need. Like that's just like that what you got I need that and so that actually led to like three years of bible studies and. Over the course of those three years of bible studies the Lord took him from being an atheist no I don't mean one of these intellectually lazy atheists people who say they're atheist because they think it's cool to say you're an atheist like he was raised atheist the way some of us might have been raised some day Adventist he was raised atheist like his father would have him read atheist books. Growing up as a child. So the Lord took him from that through our Bible studies took him from that to at our last Bible study before I moved to Japan we're talking about so you know how are you feeling how are you thinking what do you think about all this stuff we've been talking about and he said you know what I knowledge. That consistency in the logic of what you're presenting he said knowledge the plausibility of it and I acknowledge that this is the better way to live. So he got went from being a hardcore atheist to actually I would say I thought I would say he was an aspirational Christian. He actually said I would love to buy into this he had one problem which was creation which we'll talk about later but. We should not be neglecting these people like I had no idea he would say what you have I need but there are people in your world in your sphere of influence who are thinking the exact same thing if only someone would give them an opportunity yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. OK Rancho Santa Fe All right. Yeah. Yeah frustrating right to try to reach these people. So for the benefit of the recording Let me summarize what you've said so you know some very wealthy Chinese families in the San Diego area and you feel frustrated because you know that there's a need you know that there are people who actually express that need to you and as you're seeing these slides it's really impacting you as to you know not only is this something you're experiencing and I had this same you know when I've been sensing this and then when I did this research I felt such a sense of gratification actually because. In a spirit of prophecy is talking about these things that I've been experiencing and it just really reaffirms this experience. So we're going to talk in detail in the next sessions about how to work with people like you're describing So thank you very much for that. Let's keep going just because we have a few minutes left here why are we neglecting them this is really important we are there are intelligent men and women who we are afraid to work for fearing repulse So she's saying we're scared hats is what she's saying we're afraid of being rejected but earnest efforts should be made for the higher classes coming close to their hearts visiting them and using special wisdom that means be really sharp using special wisdom to win them to the truth this is a really important point there should be no pushing no sharp contention but leading their minds out to investigate. So you remember the methodology it's all about asking why oh why do you think that what do you think about that why do you think that and then you can get atheist astrophysicists telling you that the universe actually needs a God and that is a much better way to share the gospel then to be perceived as thumping the Bible and trying to cram things quote unquote down people's throats so never never never no pushing no sharp contention leading their minds out to investigate and we see this in Jesus's example as well he was always using questions and leading people to the right conclusions not cramming things down people's throats. One of the reasons why efforts have not here to four been made for the higher classes as I have presented before you is a lack of faith. And a lack of real courage in God. God can save anyone I mean God has that power now of course that person has to choose but you're not the Holy Spirit. And so there are many times where I have to tell myself I'm sure there are times when you have to tell yourself it's like you know this is not about David being super compelling I have to do my part but it's about the Holy Spirit and giving the Holy Spirit venue in which to do what the Holy Spirit does upon this person's heart. R E W three evangelism should be prioritised those who belong to the higher ranks of society are to be sought out with tender affection and brotherly regard men in business life in high positions of trust men with large inventive faculties and scientific insight men of genius teachers of the Gospels whose minds have not been called out for the special truths of the time these should be the first. To hear the call. These should be the first to hear the call to then the invitation must be given these people are supposed to be prioritized first and we have not even prior ties them at all. At the church and this is a rebuke to that. Now why the Lord desires that moneyed men Someone made this point earlier the Lord desires that moneyed men shall be converted and act is helping hand and reaching others he desires that those who can help in the work of reform and restoration shall see the precious light of truth and be transformed in character and lead to use their intrusted capital in his service he would have them invest the means that he has lent them in doing good in opening the way for the Gospel to be preached to all classes not far off and just as a small example of this who is the richest man in the world. Yes it's Bill Gates he got the he got the C. back Yeah Jeff had it for like a little bit but Bill is back. Bill is back and Bill has a net worth of eighty nine million dollars billion eighty nine billion dollars. So he alone based on that net worth could fund the world church the whole world church for thirty years. Now you don't have to be Bill Gates though in order to be someone who is investing the means that the Lord has lent them. You know your systematic giving your ties and offerings could be hundreds of thousands or even the millions over a lifetime. And so this is one reason why Ellen White said that we should be prioritizing reaching the wealthy worldly and well educated. But it's not just about money it's also about their talents the greatest men of this earth are not beyond the power of a wonder working God God will convert men who occupy responsible positions and intellect and influence through the power of the Holy Spirit many will accept the divine principle. Converted to the truth they will become agencies in the hand of God to communicate the light they will have a special burden for other souls of this neglected class time and money will be consecrated to the work of the Lord and new efficiency and power will be added to the church there is a very practical reason why the Spirit of Prophecy tells us we should be sharing the gospel with the wealthy worldly and well educated and we have been overlooking these people. However they require a different approach the intelligent the refined are altogether too much passed by the hook is not baited to catch this class and I just love that language the hook is not baited to catch this class and ways and methods are not prayerfully devised to reach them with truth that is able to make them wise and to salvation which is why you're here because you want ways and methods prayerfully devised to reach them with this truth. But the traditional ways that we do church the traditional ways that we do evangelism tend not to work well not always there are exceptions. But they tend not to work well and so we need to be doing something special for this group invest what we're going to be talking about. Most generally the fashionable the wealthy the proud understand by experience that happiness is not to be secured by the amount of money that they possess or by costly edifices in order mental pictures they want something they have not but this class are attracted towards each other and it's hard to find access to the rich left alone without any effort to save them become shut up more and more to their own ideas their own train of thoughts and associations lose eternity out of their reckoning they grow more proud and selfish hard hearted and unimpressive all suspicious that everyone wants money access is a really important point and the best person to access these people is you in your day to day life and we're going to talk more about that in the next session. Some will ask this is a. Really important Some will ask can we not reach them with publications. There are many who cannot be reached in this way. It is a personal effort that they need so you can't just do a where they call it a hit and run evangelism with these people. You know when you like run up to someone hand him a glow track and run away. They need personal effort personal relationship and not that some people could be. Richer publications but I will say that. Over the eight some years I've been sharing my faith every single time I've shared a publication whether it's a pamphlet or a book or a D.V.D. or something and website it has never worked and often times it is actually shut down the conversation and the reason for that is that when someone is watching a D.V.D. when someone is in a live Bible study with me and they have a question or they have an objection I'm there to take down that objection immediately in the moment. But when someone is watching a D.V.D. or reading a book and they see something they don't agree with they just say ah I don't buy this and then they turn it off and so this is a really important point we cannot just expect the traditional kind of evangelism mess that's to work with these people it is by no casual accidental touch that wealthy world loving world worshipping souls can be drawn to Christ these people are often the most difficult of access personal effort must be put forth what happened. On this. I think Power Point told me that we ran out of time actually I think that's what just happen. Here. OK. They're often the most difficult to access personal effort must be put forth for them by men and women imbued with a missionary spirit those will not fail or be discouraged we're running out of times I'm going to go very quickly here I love this quote and you're going to see it a couple times because we love it so much while he ministered to the poor Jesus studied also ways also to find ways of reaching the rich he studied it. He sought the acquaintance of the wealthy and cultured Pharisee the Jewish nobleman and the Roman ruler he excepted their invitations. He attended their feasts and made himself a mill year with their interests and occupations. Why so he can enjoy a good time know that he might gain access to their hearts and reveal to them the imperishable riches. We're running out time so I'll save this example for later but this is such an important point there is so much that makes us different from the W three S our world view the things we do the things we even the way we eat can be very different. We have to find ways that we can have common ground with them which is why we need to accept their invitations attend their feast and make ourselves familiar with their interests and occupations so that we can gain access to their hearts and reveal to them the imperishable riches. And I'll close with this it requires more grace more stern discipline of character to work for God in the capacity of mechanic merchant lawyer or farmer carrying the precepts of Christianity into the ordinary business of life then to labor as an acknowledged missionary in the open field we always make a big deal about give up a year of your life where you know you know don't go into this lucrative career but you know go into Bible work and hey. You know those are really important and different people have different callings. But if there are any of you in this room and I suspect there are many of you in this room. Who are already in careers or on a track to do something with your life that is not being a pastor is not being a Bible worker is not being a a divisional employee. You should be doing this this is your mission field don't overlook the fields close by to you and by the way she's saying it is more difficult to do this why it requires a strong spiritual nerve to bring religion into the workshop the business office sanctifying the details of everyday life and ordering every transaction according to the standard God's word. But this is what the Lord requires. I am the. I think I mentioned the head of the Japan business for my company and my employees are watching every single thing I do and say. And so regularly during the day I have to be asking myself OK I'm about to make a decision I'm about to send an email I'm about to say something. How is this going to make Jesus look. That's hard it's very hard. But this is what the Lord requires of us. And so that's why we think of ourselves as global mission pioneers do you know what global mission pioneers are you guys know that it's a it's an initiative at the G. C. level pioneers or lay people who volunteer at least a year to establish a congregation in an uninsured area within their own culture. Now we understand the W three S. have their own culture right they have the advantage of knowing the culture speaking the language the lending with the local people and being far less expensive than overseas missionaries I always say that the Lord has made me a Bible worker and he uses my company to pay me. So everyone wins and by the way who's paying the salaries of all these denominational workers it's the laity it's us paying our ties and offerings and so if everyone went in to pay denominational work who's going to pay for the nominal denominational workers so we need global mission pioneers who will reach the W three C. and will close and asking. Will you take up this challenge. And so if you will take up this challenge please stay for the next session because this is all about why we should be reaching these people we haven't even touched on how to reach these people so you really need to stay for that and with the let's close the session off with a word of prayer and then we'll take a break. We're gonna Father we thank you at the Holy Spirit has been here that has been touching people's hearts I can see it as we as we hear the comments and as as we look out on the faces of people you are moving in this room Lord and I pray that you will continue to be with us and you continue to bless us and drive this conviction that we need to be global mission pioneers to the wealthy worldly and well educated Lord we thank you for your many blessings and we pray that you continue to be with us through the break we pray this in Jesus' name. This message was recorded at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. Supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible beast Christ centered and so winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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